Where is John Galt? – A BigBabyKenny.com Exclusive! – Version 1.1

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There has been speculation about what happened to John Galt–notorious Stickman stalker.

Driving to work this morning, I think I spotted him. While driving north on the I-5 right before the junction with the 118, I noticed the car in front of me had some writing stenciled on the trunk lid.

I took these two pictures using my cellphone camera.

If you want to look at the original full resolution version click on the pictures.

It is a bit hard to read in the photos, but the white stenciling says “Where is John Galt?”.

I tried to get in front and get a picture of the driver, but my turn off came before I could zip around to the front.

In any case, who else would write that on his trunk except the real John Galt?

So there you have it, John Galt is in Los Angeles driving around in a blue late model Japanese sedan with the Nevada license plate 871-UFP.

Another scoop for BigBabyKenny.com—-Thailand’s no. 1 blog.



These pictures were sent in by Ronru.

They were taken in Tel Aviv.

Since I doubt The Galt was in Tel Aviv, William Mahanakorn must be right.

The bumper sticker in Los Angeles and the graffiti in Tel Aviv are about the fictional character and have nothing to do with John Galt the Stickman Stalker.



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  1. William Mahanakorn says:

    Have you ever gotten anything right?   In your life?  We know you haven’t in your career.

  2. William Mahanakorn says:

    Oh Yeah. I took care of my erectile dysfunction using a combination of testoterone pills and Kamagra so Little Wee Wee Mahanakorn can get erect again.
    Look out Baccara Upstairs Girls. Here comes Mahanakorn (Get the clever play on the double meaning of the word “come”? Who says I have no sense of humor?)

  3. William Mahanakorn says:

    Oh Yeah. In case you were wondering, I don’t sit 24/7 in front of my computer waiting for the next Kenny post. It’s a total coincidence that Kenny posts something and I am write here 10 minutes later commenting (Get the clever play on the double meaning of the word “write”? Who says I have no sense of humor?).

  4. Daffy Duck says:


    I was wondering what I was going to do this weekend.

    Kenny made a mistake so I have some fantasy masturbation material for the next couple of days.


  5. Mr Cheesecake says:

    Obviously a tounge-in-cheek take on this loser

    Its just too easy to “pick a loser” and take the mickey out of them and expose them for what they are are on the net. Be it Harry Zink, John Galt, or BBG, losers always slip up at the end of the day and end up being canon fodder for the quick witted and intelligent writers as seen on this site

  6. Mr Cheesecake says:

    By the way, that lilac ’74 Ford Pinto going in the opposite direction blowing out blue smoke wasn’t Harry Zink going to pick up Unemployment was it?

  7. Daffy Ass Burglar says:

    I think I shoved my happy stick up his ass one time too many.


    9-1-1 was an inside job.

  8. NotMe says:

    NotKeithSummers site was ordered to remove Russell Keith Summers name. They are calling him The Galt.
    So if you want to see what Russell Keith Summers from asian signals, asian cycle, solidstatelighting.com, with 2 criminal convictions in the USA, 2 convictions in Thailand, outstanding arrest warrant in Thailand, go to the notkeithsummerswebsite. Thanks for stopping by people..

  9. Is This Kenny Guy Really This Stupid? says:


  10. leon panetta says:

    john who ?

  11. Prufrock says:

    “daffy’s way”
    lurk on a site
    post innoffensivle on that new site
    suck up to “the board”
    center out anyone who’s ideas might be “non-consensus” or “non-majority”
    attack that person
    smear that person
    ridicule that person
    team-buils with the board’s light-weights
    get into the “everyboby” and the “we” mode
    speak for this imaginary cabal
    when the duck-bully’s victim has had enough and responds with a thorough beating, daffy’s rejoinder is to
    smear him, diminish him and attempt to isolate him
    if the board turns on daffy “bans”(ignores?)  those who would call him out by invoking an “ignore” option
    in some cases he can do it with the web tools at hand
    in other more extreme cases and when he’s getting the shit kicked out of himself he runs away and makes his own site
    so in the end we get a feather-frazzled duck, posting from his own fetid pond of lies, delusion and desparation
    to seven or eleven posters
    unable to handle the thought of sharing his brilliant mind with the 7/11 crowd daffy has to sneak back on here
    and post.
    As it is, I’m quite happy to squash him flat anytime I see him.

  12. Daywalker says:

    You all cuntwhores. The Big Mango is not a brothel. You can barfine our girls and fuck them but I only keep their barfine. The rest of the money they keep. There is no short time room unless you go into the toilet and get a blow job. I am richer than all you bastards so kiss my ass and shove these cheap shots where the sun doesn’t shine.

  13. SBDOTKU says:

    Nobody’s listening to you Prufrock.

    You’re irrelevant.

    Stoopid dumbass.

  14. BigDummyKenny says:

    So, I sucked up to Werewolf – who ignored me.
    So, I suck up to the Mango crew — who ignore me.
    So, I suck up to Pattaya Ghost — who ignores me.
    So, I suck up to Stickman — who ignores me.
    So, I suck up to BangkokBuddy — who ignores me.

    All ignore me.

    Desperate times.

    Desperate measures.

    All done for a higher purpose.

    To elicit responses and traffic on my website.

  15. Alle says:

    I AGREE nailed it when he said SBDOTKU nails it when he said:

    Nobody’s listening to you Prufrock.
    You’re irrelevant.

  16. SBDOTKU says:

    Nobody is listening to Prufrock. 

    He’s an irrelevant imbecile.

  17. RealDaffyDuck says:

    Prufrock is the king of the conspiracy theories, right ? Shouldn’t he be chasing after a new one with the Japan nuclear disaster ?

    I think the 9-1-1 bit is about played out.

  18. bigblackgulliver says:

    ROTFLOL. so true, so true.

  19. mr nice says:

    The Dirty Keith site is down.
    Did Keith get it blocked?
    Where is everybody going now for info?
    Thanks guys

  20. bigblackgulliver says:

    @mr nice
    Second only to bbk.com !!!!!

  21. Let me tell you says:


  22. Prufrock says:

    Uh, daffy , sorry . No. The 9/11 issue as you categorize it will not be “played out”
    Nobody’s “playing” here.
    Well you are but that’s to be expected from a person suffereing from your mental disorders.
    Interesting to see you re-appear (in the flesh so to speak) . .  .this would  be a prelude to your finally
    posting your “answer” here???
    ‘Cause you just KNOW that NOBODY is reading it over there , right??
    Bring it, your goofiness.. 🙂
    In other news, I see you’re right in there with the silly-ass environmentalists and the James Lovelock
    pro-nucleartards and  all these idiots who’d have us bellieve that the US government was responsible for the
    Fukishima meltdowns. Some kind of HAARP project ??
    Nope it’s really just an horrific natural disaster with a generous graft of GE palming off an inferior reactor
    design on anyone who’ll buy it. The corrupt politicians of Japan (and every other state) bought it.
    Asian politicians will buy anything but lets face it: politicians anywhere will buy anything.
    We do not need the risks of nuclear power generation.
    Nuclear power, the power that was going to be too cheap to meter is just not  a good idea,
    We build a one-billion-dollar facility
    We “slow-cook” uranium or plutonium or thorium in the reactor core’s fuel rods and then after
    about six years we change the rods. But we can not “turn off” these old rods.  This is where the hubris comes in. We are finished with them but THAY ARE NOT FINISHED WITH US>
    They are still s hot as stove-top.
    They’re still hot so they have to be stored.
    In Japan, in this model of reactor they are stored in cooling pools ON THE bloody ROOF of the facility.
    “Spent” rods take another fifty years to really cool down but they are STILL radio-active.
    There was also a separate building storing “spent” fuel rods.
    Tens od THOUSANDS of them.
    The cooling pools were demolished by the tsunami. The rods heated up.
    And this, I’m afraid  is going to be terrible.
    It’s so terrible and so horrific and so inevitable that I understand the attampt to control the information.
    It’s almost too big to deal with.
    The information will be managed and is being managed.
    There’s NOTHING new about that.
    The one thing common to ALL this shit is the “mamngement ” of infornation.
    So yeah, we use the rods but we don’t know how to handle the waste effectively
    We are actually THAT stoopid.
    That’s it. We trade a thousand years of storing/ juggling radio-active fuel rods for fifty years of “cheap” electricity.
    The electricity is cheap if you don’t factor in the costs of  building and then decommissionsing it.
    There’s a lot of money in this business.
    so what was your intemded smear, then daffy? Seeking to distract my 9/11 focus?
    You are truly one humdinger of an asshole.
    No you can’t draw me into your smear pot with this one. But tht won’t stop you from trying.
    We were just stoopid enough to get into this kind of energy without thinking things through.
    I guess when people are this fucking stoopid you can’t really blame the 9/11 plotteres for betting that idiots like you and a (happily) decreasing number of peolle would buy their conspiracy theory involving 19 bacon gobbling “jihadi’ arab
    loser patsies.
    Daffy, you are a splendid example of a total moral coward.

  23. Prufrock says:

    actually, daffy didn’t write that shit up there.
    the logic is too puerile even for him and the grammar is atrocious
    nice troll though 🙂

  24. Prufrock says:

    I see Keith Summers and stalker Kenny sharing a bubble tea somewhere in china or cambodia.
    Something just so-o-o-o “right” about that. 😉

  25. Prufrock says:

    Not so sure about the BBG post though.
    It’d be right up that BBG asshole’s alley to get on here and “ROTLOFOFO”or whatever it is these guys to when
    they want to suck one another’s seed and in the same post talk about the human and societal tragedy
    unfoldong in present-day Japan .
    daffy and big blackgobblyalater  . . . .  the blogosphere’s super-goofs

  26. HAHAHEHEHOHO says:

    I know Prufrock insists 9/11 was an inside job, but I’m Prufrock’s inside job.

    I am what he does.


  27. SBDOTKU says:


    Nobody’s listening to you Prufrock.
    You’re irrelevant.
    Get a life retard.

  28. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Who is married to a hooker ?

  29. Bill Hicks says:

    Little White Cocksucker!!!
    Missed you bitch! – Whwere you been?!!
    I tried to marry your mum – but she was so full of come my best friends advised me against it!!!
    So fuck man – I couldn’t manage it!
    But sure you can! 🙂
    Just be yourself 😉

  30. gordon strachan says:

    You sir – are a bit of arse fetter
    (Google is your friend)

  31. RealDaffyDuck says:


  32. charles bukowski says:

    nuff said

  33. A fairly frequent customer says:

    Let me get this right… moRonru sent his pal Kenny some pics and Kenny published some innocent persons details on his hate site.
    After being corrected (again) he actually wrote that he’d made a mistake – well, blamed his idiot friend.
    Tell us Kenny…  when are you going to enter your ‘oops’ on the rest of your posts that have been found to be incorrect.
    Seriously, you really have become the laughing stock of the blog world.
    How much more public beating are you going to take before you hang up your gloves?

  34. LatProw says:

    I am what he does.

    hahhahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha



  35. Just Saying says:

    I have never been a fan of the Gookamonkey but this needs to be said.

    Graham, Nick and, maybe Michael thought nothing of writing Kenny’s university and his hometown newspapers trying to get him fired from his job over a juvenile internet spat.

    What they did was like dropping a nuclear bomb on a guy caught shoplifting. The harm they cavaierly tried to inflict on Fucktard Kenny was totally out of proportion to anything Kenny had done to them.

    Their actions really reveal what kind of total assholes they are and, personally, I believe they showed themselves to be some of the lowest most despicable scum on earth.

    Now, they are getting beaten up everyday here.

    I don’t mean the juvenile name calling and other harmless verbal sparring.

    Graham, Nick and Michael all live in the real world. Graham relies on getting contract work from big oil companies and Nick and Michael have to get gigs working for large multi-national corporations.

    They aren’t mailmen with lifetime employment, union job protection, and government pensions.

    They flit from job to job doing contract work never more than a few months away from unemployment.

    When one contract runs out, they must find another one or starve.

    Hard core mongers know that the Mango is not a brothel.

    Anyone who hangs around the Thai nightlife scene understands the difference between a GoGo bar and a bar like the Mango.

    The problem is that once you leave Bangkok, the Big Mango IS a brothel, the girls that work there ARE prostitutes, and Graham, Nick, and Michael own the brothel.

    By the legal and ethical standards of the United States, England or any Western company they are pimps who run a string of whores.

    What they do might not be illegal in Thailand but tell that to the polically correct fags and feminists in corporate America.

    Anyone or any corporation considering hiring them is not going to listen to any explanation about the girls working the Mango are not prostitutes and the barfines they are pocketing don’t make them pimps who make a living whoring out poor Thai girls to old white fucks for profit.

    The constant posting of their real names and current and past employers on BBK.com have effected Google.

    If you doubt this put Nicholas Datomma, Michael Francis Smith, or Graham H. Jones into the google search box and see what comes up.

    What you see is exactly what the HR departments at large IT corporations and multi-national oil firms are going to see.

    And by this time, the Thailand Expat community is aware of the daily verbal sparring going on everday in the BBK.com comments and this is exactly the kind of shit that these loser Expats live for.

    Whatever Harry Zink says about readership, you can be sure that by this point the whole Bangkok blogging community is checking this site everday or every week and being entertained by the insults and Prufrock vs. Daffy BS.

    I’ll admit it. I read the BBK comments every couple of days just like I read The Nation, the Bangkok Post, and the Telegraph.

    There seems to be no end in sight for the Mango trio.

    This site seems to go on effortlessly with a constant stream of stupid, juvenile, but somehow compelling stream of daily comments that will continue to captivate Expats into the foreseeable future.

    It seems like it will never end.

    Graham, Nick, and Michael have become the Prometheus of the Bangkok bar scene.

    As Michael is so fond of saying there is nothing the three of them can do but:


  36. Prufrock says:

    Well, actually no. “Alle again” (daffy)

    You see daffy, post all the disinfo you want but you and I both know that your ego was so incredibly seared by my reply to William Mahanakorn  . . . a post that advised him that you suck hard and tenderly when you feel you have traction with a new poster on a new site . . . . I believe that I mentioned a list of people with whom you tried to foster you version of cyber-sex.
    And, as you know, ignored you. The phrasing I used in that comment obviously impressed you. Now how do I know this seared you?
    Well, you took my parallel mention of all your suckee’s or shall I say your attempted suckee’s and then you redacted my parallel construction to fit your own private blog comments of a few days ago. I copied nothing from you daffy.     au (fucking) contraire. And you know that. Just as you know that I never go to your stoopid site.

    It is you who remains the copy/paste poster-girl and undiputedly one of the most reviled blogoshpere players from here to Burbank.You know it.I know it . . . . .   and pretty well everyone else knows it. Just look at all the times your patheticly needy “hey guys” posts on all these websites are simply ignored.Everyone knows that to respond to any comment from you is to invite an onslaught of your silly-ass garden-variety copy/paste solopsisms.

    Why? You are well-reputed as a tiresomely unprincipled bore.And as well, you’re one of the most sneaky-assed liars I have ever personally encountered. On top of that,  you are absolutely, barking-mad crazy. So yea (sp?) you’re never going to get any kind of real substantial conversational exchange with anyone because  everything about you screams that you desparately truly hunger for much more.
    And that, my fat feathered tranny-felcher is what keeps folks away. No, sorry, daffy; to offer up your own aping of a remark that *I* framed in the paralleled “you sucked up to  . .  and he . . . ignored you”  form as some kind of tortured “proof” of me having visited your site isnot only indicative of desparate mendacity. It is more importantly an indication of how considerable your contempt remains for others and their intelligence. You, as an obsessive, are sorely burdened with this psycho’s curse.And because of the internet’s endless arena of forums and blogs you will always have your audience. But for what?

    What do you actually stand for except to rattle on about how fucking clever you are? (You still have never answered that simle question.) Clearly, you are desparate for “play” of any kind over there (Aside from what appears to be the odd Daywalker comment in response to issues from this site) your only real responders are the half assed nit-wit mutton-heads you claim to have so dispised on other sites, right? BKKtonite?)  . .
    You’re so desparate for play and real engagement that you land up here on Kenny’s site every day, under a new aka and jabber away like a two-bit anti Islamic hater. I repeat dickhead; I have not visited your moronic site in way over a year and I certainly have no intention of wasting the time doing it.  Your taunts for me to do this are yet another copy/paste of my own clear honest heartfelt invitation to you to debate 9/11 here.
    But you knew that this debate would send the numbers for this site through the roof.
    You waddled away.   We got the odd duck fart out of your aka’s but you “stayed waddled” and seeing that without your posting on this site your own dummy efforts would wither and die for lack of hits.
    An egomaniac of your extreme caliber could not sit still for that so here youo are, every day, cap in hand, looking for people to bother, looking for salads to toss and in your own pathetic estimation, laying the groundwork for your very own cast of trolling nitwits.
    So, as we all plainly can see, you will not be denied your fantasies.
    Especially when these fantasies and lies are your linch-pin to a desparately cobbled rationalization you need to hold your pathetic cosmos together. The fact that your moronic stupidities and your sophomoric style are as easy to spot as a dead rat in the lobby bar of a five star hotel is one reason you can’t post secretly here. But there are many others . . . . . . no hits on your dummy site, of course  . . . no brains, and no joy. Your expectations that twhat few posters you have will actually believe your prattlings are concrete proof that you have nothing but contempt for your own respondants. If your dummy site were Bkktonite you’d have had these imbeciles on “ignore”. But they are to use your term, “useful idiots”

    And BTW,we all know that on your dummy site,  material critical of your ravings is always censored.I have had personal accounts of this from former “antagonists”. Once again, daffy:   . . the truth hurts.
    And as it applies to you, it hurts excruciatingly. So you come here for the salve of rebuttal.

    And the truth here is that you are lying fool of a tech-snob whose Apple shares may help get him into his dotage but who is, in spite of all his efforts to combat a chronic mental illness, that for his remaining days, to remain a spectacularly annoying and repellant internet forum pest.

  37. Prufrock says:

    yea, (sp) hi daffy
    just re-posted the above with corrections to the spelling and the phrasing
    there may in fact be new ones but since I am not a thoroughly anal arse-wipe
    who has to lope around the boards correcting people’s spelling, I’ll let this ride.
    Do let’s have another round of you or some stooge of your’s  splendid hehehehohohohohhahhahhah rheyoric.

  38. A fairly frequent customer says:

    @just sayin (or are you really Kenny?)
    You are talking out of your rear once more.
    Having asked questions myself in the Mango I ask of you just to consider this….
    A lot of what Kenny did was never out in the open.  When his original piece on the blog was scrapped, he went after the Mango big time. Acusing them of many things that we just not true.  He posted pictures of their girlfriends and opened discussions on whether they were ladyboys.  Kenny was even approached by Nick with an olive branch about coming to some kind of truce.  Whilst all this was going on, the Big Mango Blog still carried Kennys back catalogue.  Kenny continued his hate campaign.  Whatever followed was his own wrong doing.
    I’d also like you to acknowlege that Kenny (Where is John Galt) makes many mistkes.  You should not believe everything he says.
    You aslo mention Graham H Jones. Having been to the Mango Bar this month and knowing Graham, you are also contrinuting to the nonsense here.  The guy (and his colleagues) that are mentioned here are not the person you think.  They share the same Chrisitian and Surname, but not the same age or nationality!
    Which has even been pointed out by Prufrock.   Why is it you just add fuel to the fire?
    Having spoken breifly with Graham (who seems very approachable) I find that he has entertained many of his Peers in the Bangkok environment.  The oil industry being prodomantly a male environement, his colleagues are most interested in his goings on with more jeasouly than distain.
    It’s only us by-standers that are keeping this going.  Nick, Michael and Graham regard Kenny as something that one would find on the bottom of their shoe.   He is insignificant and not worth bothering with.  If Kenny had a pair of balls he’d meet with them head on.  He doesn’t.  He’s scared.
    I will also say that the Mango seems to be going through some change, new staff are appearing and the place seems to be a lot more colorful than before.
    As you say, they contunue to do what they do.  The people that are pained by this only spur them on.

  39. Matching DW $ 4 $ says:

    What about Nick and Michael? The oil industry may not care but what about Oracle and Yahoo? Surely, they are not going to hire people who own a brothel and employ prostitutes.

  40. Ex-Mango Customer says:

    Graham. Can’t you just post under your own name? Don’t be a Daffy. You are better than that.

  41. Ex-Mango Customer says:

    Oh Yeah. Did it ever occur to you that the reason they didn’t take Kenny’s posts down was because it was a huge draw to the site and they were making a ton of money from them?

  42. Bill Hicks says:

    Fairly Frequent Customer,
    You are a fucking idiot. Don’t you realize that every time you post here it drives Kenny’s traffic up? That’s what Just Saying was saying. Every Expat and monger is watching the daily food fight and now your contributing to it.

  43. A fairly frequent customer says:

    Sorry,  I don’t know Nick and Michael.
    I can only talk about what I know and have seen.
    But – as you fail to understand, a small back street little bar is insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  Large corporations that pay large salaries to these guys obviously want their skills and association to a small bar would not be a deal breaker.
    Maybe because you are not in that employment bracket you’d not grasp that concept.
    I do believe one of the trio had the interview for his current position in the Mango.
    So suck it up guys, you are just not able to penetrate this tight circle.
    As for me being Graham,  no I’m not.  But will certainly mention it to him over the next few days if I see him.  I am sure he’ll be most flattered that you guys constantly write about he and his friends on a daily basis.  After all, it’s not like there is anything else going on in the world that is more important to you guys is there?

  44. A fairly frequent customer says:

    @Bill Hicks.
    Whilst I don’t agree with your name calling (a BBK commenter attribute), I do see your point.
    The guys that thrive of this stuff are sad indivduals it must be said.
    So Bill, I shall take on board what you say and will not bother to fall for Kennys ploy to get people to contribute to his traffic.

  45. charles bukowski says:

    fake fucking bill hicks – scum

  46. Daywalker Defender says:

    Yahoo is paying Michael 1 million dollars a year!
    BEA is paying Nick 2 million dollars a year!
    The money the mango loses every month is peanuts to them.
    Believe it.

  47. john mcenroe says:

    Nobody’s listening to you or the last 10 or more sock puppet comments Prufrock.

    You’re irrelevant dumbass. This site goes days without a comment and now there’s a stream of bullshit from the same 2 ip’s during the last 2 hours.

    Get a life retard.

  48. john mcenroe says:

    “Just Saying says:
    April 1, 2011 at 12:37 am”

    Nobody’s listening to you or your sock puppets, Prufrock.

    You’re irrelevant.

  49. Bubba says:

    Keith Summers left?
    I went to Dirty Keith sight but could not access. Any info appreciated.
    Please do not delete this message. Thanks

  50. YEAH says:

    I love Sundays.

    Stickman and then THE Galt.

    Bring it on Keith.

    YEAH !!!!!


  51. ronru says:

    I scrutinized everything that John Galt has written and it more honest and real that the stickman site.

    What are Marc Holt and Clayton Wade are trying to prove by publishing their crap and trying to destroy a man’s life when he was only seeking the truth.


  52. Martin says:

    To put the stickman site in context in my opinion it is disrespectful to Thailand and it’s culture for a foreigner to publish a website that promotes prostitution.
    Galt exposed the hypocrisy of a teacher involved in the seedy side of nightlife.I’m sure that the Australian or New Zealand governments would be none to happy if a Thai was promoting sex tourism in Brisbane or Auckland.
    Who wants to end up a sad lonely figure like Bernard Trink. In my opinion Paul Owen has probably got a lot more opportunity in NZ than trawling the low life of Pattaya and Patpong.

  53. Ex-Mango Customer says:

    YEAH. You are the kind of low life expat that Just Saying and A fairly frequent customer are talking about. You make me want to puke. Go crawl back to rawhide and barfine some prostitutes.

  54. Ex-Mango Customer says:

    Martin. Thais disrespect Thai culture. Not Stickman. How does writing the truth disrespect anything. If Thais don’t like the bar industry then make it illegal. That is what every city in the USA does. Its not Stickmans fault Thai choose to make prostitution legal.

  55. Ronru says:

    I scrutinized everything John Galt has written and it’s more honest and real than the stickman site.
    What are Marc Holt and Clayton Wade are trying to prove by publishing their crap and trying to destroy a man’s life when he was only seeking the truth ?

  56. YEAH says:

    Stickman has got away with his bullshit for far too long.


  57. Prufrock says:

    @ daffymacenroe
    or some  peckerheaded stooge of his like the splendidly wrong-headed and demented  bigblackgobblyalater says:
    >>Nobody’s listening to you or the last 10 or more sock puppet comments Prufrock<<
    How would you know that?
    I’ve just come off commenting on my 9/11 sites to find you here spouting pure opinion.
    Only daffy could possibly believe what you just said.

    On the other hand we KNOW that Alexa has effectively declared that dummy site of daffy’s. The one that tried to lure some of this site’s new posters into their “salon”  . . . . we know from Alexa that daffy’s site has no activity whatsoever to report.
    Do have a go at spinning this daffy: . . . . . Ah, “no data to report ” would mean “what” exactly ??
    What would be your personally concocted, maniacally twisted, sick-ass interpretive spin on that be
    you hall monitor minded nitwit   ;-?
    Got it: Alexa is one of the infamous sock puppets that horrify you to the extent that you feel compelled to waddle into our midst to quacl quack your specious desparate, sorry-ass accusations and smears.
    daffy?  . . . . . you need a girlfriend  😉

  58. SBDOTKU says:

    Nobody’s listening to you Prufrock.

    You’re irrelevant.

    Go and fuck yourself.

  59. Bill Hicks says:

    The same thing I said to fairly frequent customer applies to you too.
    Don’t you realize that every time you post here it drives Kenny’s traffic up?
    If nobody is listening why are you here telling everyone that No One is Listening.
    Everyone IS listening that is why the Mango crew are over here posting away like motherfuckers.
    You are making the situation worse for the Mango.

  60. Kristin says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    Prufrock got a …….?
    A …….. says a lot.

  61. Kristin says:


    No wonder you-know-who’s ex wife restrains him from seeing his daughter.
    She must be a good woman.

  62. Dana White says:

    You-know-who got a restraining order against him from seeing his own daughter?
    A judge granting such a request says a lot.

  63. charles bukowski says:

    Keep On Rockin P
    You gettin to these mothafuckers

  64. Frank B says:

    Over the Border

    Its the enthusiam, the smiles. the extra effort from over the border that makes you wonder, should we make the move? Those xenophobic yelow Nips wouldn’t even know the difference and the average Bangkokian treats them like trash, until they pass 1 or 2 1000 Baht notes over the counter

    You would think this be one of the issues the Womans Studies undergrads would be focusing on if their studies meant anything



  65. Mr Cheesecake says:

    God Dammit Martin

    Don’t come to Bangkok cause you will be eaten up inside 24 hours with your stoopid newbie thinkings

    The fact is the Stickman blog is dying. It’s pretty obvious. And please don’t believe anything you read there. The only thing of value there are the photos

    If you think this site promots prostitution then piss off back to NZ and stay there you sheep fucker

    The girls hunt you, plain and simple. Thats how losers like Daffy can get laid 

  66. Luther says:

    Should I take a whore with me to Koh Samui?

    Think I will as she has the “right” attitude – quite hard to find these days

    I’ll treat her to a 2-star Hotel, these country girls appreciate anything with a matress

  67. Just Saying says:

    Fairly Frequent Customer,

    I suspect you haven’t worked in a large corporation in some time.

    Nowadays, the sexual harassemnt and gender protection laws are quite severe and strictly enforced.

    Most employees are required when they start work to attend or do an online sexual harassment training course.

    People routinely get fired, disciplined, or warned about seemingly innocous things like having a picture of your girlfriend in a swimsuit displayed at their desk, reading the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Edition or persuing men’ magazines such as Maxim during breaks, and any type of gender related humor or speech such as calling a female employee honey, baby, sheila, etc.

    Hugging or touching women colleagues is dangerous to your career and if you get involved romantically with a co-worker and the relationship goes bad, you make  yourself very vulnerable to retaliaiton with real consequences that is based on an unproved and unsubstantiated charge.

    Just being accused is enough to get you fired or permanently dim your chances for advancement.

    Firms are litigation averse, and if it comes down to making sure justice is done and charges are proved and tossing an employee under the bus to avoid an expensive lawsuit, the firm usually goes with the cheapest alternative. 

    Enter the Mango boys who publically acknowledge their ownership of the Mango, and publically acknowledge that the girls there have sex with customers for money from which they get a percentage.

    Do you think the HR department that vets new hires and thinks reading Maxim and excessive hugging are disciplinary matters and grounds for termination are going to give the owners of the Mango a pass when their employment contract comes across their desk?

  68. Mr Cheesecake says:

    Being a pimp The Big Mango Bar –  a whorehouse/pub – is hard work. You have to be up by 7pm – no mean feat. Turing on the lights may strain your finger and then there’s the menu. It’s so small you have trouble finding one amongst all the happy customers – shit who am I kidding – amongst the 2 losers Daffy and BBG who now feel obliged to go there because it’s  just too awward to mention to the owners the place is a shithole

  69. Luther says:

    Saw some Niggers on the street today, looking as though they owned the place – needed a damn good whipping tp put them in their place. This song cheered me up after that unpleasant encounter,

    Mama’s got a squeeze box,
    Daddy never sleeps at night

    He goes in and out and in and out
    and in and out and in and out

  70. Luther says:

    Biggest problem America has today – Niggers. Ship them all back to Africa so they can grunt their way around there fighting each other instead of filling up the jails here, those fucking primitive monkeys. It’s easy to see they have more genes from the baboon than human beings

  71. Squeegy Kid says:

    I agree with Just Saying.

    Mongering is something that will get you in trouble where you work.

    Some things are legal in Thailand and Illegal in America but if you admit you do it in Thailand people back home will class you as a criminal.

    No way some big publically owned company like Exxon or Britich Petroleum is going to hire a known whorehose owner or anyone who has anything to do with prostitution and organized crime.

    They are not going to bother to look at it from a legal point of view.

    You run a string of prostitutes. Thats all they need to hear. End of story.

  72. Keithy says:

    Searching for keith summers?Go to notkeithsummers for current info;Thank you. keywords: Russell Keith Summers John Galt notstickman notkeithsummers johngaltasia dirtykeith asiansignals asian cycle asiancycle clayton wade court  stickman  pedophile sex tourist man tour mantour  cocaine thailand johngaltasia stalker criminal
    if you see him, tell him clayton wade says hello

  73. YEAH says:


    I had a look at the website you mentioned and found it boring, inaccurate, full of lies, waste of time and I shall not return.

    The only thing of interest was to finally see a picture of Stickman in the water buffalo’s ass.

    ROTFLOL !!

    Anyone who wants to see what the loser looks like:


  74. GT says:

    Do you guys have anything better to do?

    Apparently not.

  75. Squeegy Kid says:

    Fairly Frequent Customer.

    Can you answer a question?

    You wrote, “So suck it up guys, you are just not able to penetrate this tight circle.”

    Are Daffy Duck and Big Black Gulliver in the “tight circle.”

    Just curious after all that has written about them.


    Seems like the should be after all the support they have given  you.

    Thanks in advance.

  76. F7 says:

    The parking lot was dead last night.

  77. Selby P says:

    Cant wait for the next stickman article. Is he still publishing at 6PM on Sundays?
    Thanks guys.

  78. von gottenstein says:

    yep. stickman still publishes at 6 on sunday but why waiton that when you can get censored bullshit here 24/7? 😉


  79. Da Brain says:

    Hi.  I met my past girlfriend in the nana parking lot.  Ask Bangkok Buddy about hit.  He thinks she’s beautiful.

  80. The Neighbor says:

    So bangkokbuddy and I had a little falling out of sorts.  Call it a misunderstanding.  I needed to let it be known that I don’t swing that way, so a little break was in order.  Is that so wrong?  God O’mighty!

  81. A fairly frequent customer says:

    I said I would not bother responding again but your continual drivel has forced me. (sorry Bill)
    You state that I may not have worked for a large corporation for a long time.  You are most incorrect.  Along with most of the other things you write. Whilst I agree that there are some industries that might not agree with the Mango boys side-line business – I seriously doubt it is significant enough to have any impact on their main lines of work.  We all know what they do, we know they are paid very well and have been for some time.  The crap on here has been high-lighted many times, their employers know all about it I am sure.
    After all, if Kenny can have a site that promotes prostitution and provides GPS coordinates to venues that have underage girl available for sex – yet when brought to the attention of the PUBLIC University that he teaches at receives nothing more than a ‘talking to’, you have to realize that all this feuding and name calling (in the grand scheme of things) really is only important to those of you wanting to shout the loudest or be recognized in their own little cyberworld amoungst their armchair warrior heros.
    Please, stop with this nonsence.  It’s embarrassing.  Really.
    Answer me this please ‘Just Sayin’…  Why is it you (Kenny) have not retracted the information you have published about Graham?  The wrong person was named along with colleagues and a picture of his grop published.  You all talk about how being in the bar/sex trade business is harmful, yet you are supporting and contributing to (if you are right in what you’re saying) getting innocent people in trouble with their employers.  At least the Mango guys are open about what they’re doing. You are doing it from behind your monitor and targetting people (like this original post on John Galt) who have nothing to do with all these arguments.
    Squeegy KID (appropriate name)
    You may know someone who works for an Oil Producer in Nigeria?  If you do, ask them about the people who work there and what kind of backgrounds they have.  You need to join the real world.
    When I talk of the tight circle, I refer to the ‘normal’ people who are involved in all this rubbish.  Those that don’t subscribe to this web of hate.  You will not see the Mango trio break and go on the offensive using thier own website, or come and blog on other websites with their side of things.  This must really anger Kenny (et all) because they are not getting any recognition.  Which only gets them more angry and prompts them to make up even more garbage.
    Reading The BigDummySite I am lead to believe that Daffy and Gulliver do not post on here.  Yes, we see their names on here daily and it is my guessing that the mentally impaired here want to believe its them.
    I read somewhere that these guys don’t even go to the Mango Bar.  Again, you and other all seem to assume that anyone who corrects Kenny or doesn’t bash the Mango is in some way conntected to the bar.
    I realize I have done exactly what I said I wouldn’t by responding here – as it drives up traffic.  However, if the new traffic reads this rubbish and see the published errors and naming/exposing innocent people then  maybe the site owner will think about the repoccusions of his actions?

  82. Young Gun says:

    @the neighbor.  really?  Bangkok buddy and I had a similar incident a few months ago.  I notice a disturbing trend here . . .

  83. Herman Munster says:

    You fucking goat cocksucker!
    P.S fuck your mum you shill
    Chok dee na Khrap! 🙂

  84. Bill Hicks says:

    Stupid stupid stupid. Stop posting here. You just make Kenny happy. Please stop posting here. I go so crazy see you so stupid to make Kenny happy. Stop please.

  85. A fairly frequent customer says:

    You just confirmed everything I say about the type of uneducated people here.  Oops, what am I saying, we know for a fact that Kenny is highly educated.  So it begs the question ‘how would one describe the mental state of your average BBK supporter’?
    That’s a rhetorical question Herman (which means I don’t need an answer)

  86. A Former Wise Pontificator says:

    Good words, Frequent Customer.  I think the war has escalated far beyond anyone’s imagination.  The fervent supporters on both sides have taken this feud to a new level.
    I would prefer to read Kenny’s post’s and then wait for the responses, telling him what an idiot  he is or other discussion.  But now we have to listen to recycled rubbish, that it’s really hard to sort through for any good comments or humour.
    The 911 tripe and the continuing crossfire from that dispute is quite tiresome. Perhaps Kenny can provide them their own section to argue back and forth.
    With out moderation, it’s hard to control what people say, but Kenny could move comments to designated forums (maybe a Hate forum) and leave them intact. Would that be construed as moderation? I would call it word management.  Whatever you call it, it involves time and effort.

  87. Herman Munster says:

    @ a fairly frequent faggot.
    Your goaty shit is beneath me.
    When you understand Zen, Quantum Physics, Anthropology and Just Is
    You may still have a chance
    Until then, Daffy is your friend 😉

  88. Proppa Nuff Said says:

    Nuff Said 😉

  89. A fairly frequent customer says:

    I certainly agree that Prufrock should have his own ‘section’.  I guess he and Kenny are friends?
    Herman – actually no, I shall not bother engaging.  You really are insignifcant and consistant with the BBK ‘crew’

  90. Birmingham Steve says:

    A Fairly Frequent Customer.

    Do you have a problem with “uneducated people”?

    You fucking upper class educated snobs are the bastards who have driven England into the ground.

    So your mum and dad had money and you got to go to college.

    Big fucking deal.

    I worked as a pipe layer for 30 years and put food on the table for me family and now you upper class willy dillies come on here putting down “uneducated people”?

    It’s the so called smarties that cause all the wars and scandals in the world. Not good working class blokes.

    Look in any newspaper and you’ll see what I mean.

    I may not have a lot of money like you, Graham, and the rest of the Mango boys but I wouldn’t want to be you.

    What have you ever done to be looking down on others except be born with a silver spoon in your mouth?

  91. Proppa Nuff Said says:

    Birmingham Steve – Spot on Fella.
    AFFC – Fuck you, fuck your mum, and fuck your children (devil’s spawn)

  92. Proppa Nuff Said says:

    You former wise pontififaggot.
    Nuff said.

  93. New Bangkok Bad Boy says:

    Read the Mango blog.
    They fuck the most beautiful Thai girls and have the most wonderful lives going out getting drunk and letting the all these sexy girls beg to be taken back to their palaces in the Bentley and get fucked for free.
    That why we all idolize them and wish we were them.

    Oh yeah. I forgot. Grahams girlfriend is a prostitute and he lost 300,000 dollars trying to open a restaurant. Nicholas Dattoma is working some shithole job in India and Michael Smith is selling ad space for Yahoo in Singapore because their Bar is losing money every month and couldn’t support a life in Bangkok.

    We all want to be in that “tight circle” of failures and losers.


  94. A fairly frequent customer says:

    Please don’t miss-understand me.  I was referring to the idiots that continually post comments such as ‘you are a goat’ and the like.  They contribute nothing but hate and discontent.  I did actually state that it wasn’t down to education by acknowledging Kennys as being highly educated.  There is no denying that being a Professor is a magnificent achievement and righteously deserves respect.
    As a pipe-layer (skilled worker), you are hardly uneducated.   So tell me Steve, would you, do you post comments like ‘you are a goat’ or ‘ive shagged your girlfriend’ type thing.

  95. Proppa Nuff Said says:

    At a fairly frequent fuckup
    You may not know it yet, but you are 😉

  96. Proppa Nuff Said says:

    You goat ass kisser

    B.SPlease don’t miss-understand me.  I was referring to the idiots that continually post comments such as ‘you are a goat’ and the like.  They contribute nothing but hate and discontent.  I did actually state that it wasn’t down to education by acknowledging Kennys as being highly educated.  There is no denying that being a Professor is a magnificent achievement and righteously deserves respect.As a pipe-layer (skilled worker), you are hardly uneducated.   So tell me Steve, would you, do you post comments like ‘you are a goat’ or ‘ive shagged your girlfriend’ type thing.

    you ass kissing goat fucking pussy hole shill.


  97. Always Something There To Remind You says:

    Prufrock says

    Sept 22, 2009 at 2:32 pm – Tuesday.

    I have never had any reservations about posting under other names. (…) I’ve done it on many sites. It’s a trademark of mine. I love doing it. I think it’s fun.

    my (admittedly) sadistic prodding of daffy from his septic sludge-pond correspond to WEEKENDS.

    Prufrock says:
    March 30, 2011 at 11:07 pm – Wednesday
    Prufrock says:
    March 31, 2011 at 4:44 am – Thursday
    Prufrock says:
    March 31, 2011 at 5:51 am – Thursday

    Everyone can see the sock puppets and impersonations are sandwiched between your comments you dope.

    Nobody’s listening to you Prufrock.

    Everyone except your sockpuppets are ridiculing you.

    You’re irrelevant. Retard.

    Prufrock says

    Sept 22, 2009 at 2:32 pm – Tuesday.

    I have never had any reservations about posting under other names. (…) I’ve done it on many sites. It’s a trademark of mine. I love doing it. I think it’s fun.
    my (admittedly) sadistic prodding of daffy from his septic sludge-pond correspond to WEEKENDS.

    Prufrock says:
    March 30, 2011 at 11:07 pm – Wednesday
    Prufrock says:
    March 31, 2011 at 4:44 am – Thursday
    Prufrock says:
    March 31, 2011 at 5:51 am – Thursday

    Everyone can see the sock puppets and impersonations are sandwiched between your comments you dope.

    Nobody’s listening to you Prufrock.

    Everyone except your sockpuppets are ridiculing you.

    You’re irrelevant. Retard.

    Prufrock says

    Sept 22, 2009 at 2:32 pm – Tuesday.

    I have never had any reservations about posting under other names. (…) I’ve done it on many sites. It’s a trademark of mine. I love doing it. I think it’s fun.

    my (admittedly) sadistic prodding of daffy from his septic sludge-pond correspond to WEEKENDS.
    Prufrock says:
    March 30, 2011 at 11:07 pm – Wednesday
    Prufrock says:
    March 31, 2011 at 4:44 am – Thursday
    Prufrock says:
    March 31, 2011 at 5:51 am – Thursday

    Everyone can see the sock puppets and impersonations are sandwiched between your comments you dope.

    Nobody’s listening to you Prufrock.

    Everyone except your sockpuppets are ridiculing you.

    You’re irrelevant. Retard.

    Prufrock says
    Sept 22, 2009 at 2:32 pm – Tuesday.

    I have never had any reservations about posting under other names. (…) I’ve done it on many sites. It’s a trademark of mine. I love doing it. I think it’s fun.


    my (admittedly) sadistic prodding of daffy from his septic sludge-pond correspond to WEEKENDS.

    Prufrock says:
    March 30, 2011 at 11:07 pm – Wednesday
    Prufrock says:
    March 31, 2011 at 4:44 am – Thursday
    Prufrock says:
    March 31, 2011 at 5:51 am – Thursday

    Everyone can see the sock puppets and impersonations are sandwiched between your comments you dope.

    Nobody’s listening to you Prufrock.

    Everyone except your sockpuppets are ridiculing you.

    You’re irrelevant. Retard.

  98. New BigMango Menu says:

    Your kind of fucked Prufrock. Now people know your shit so better lay low for a while

    It’s low season so get a discounted mango whore and take her to the shortime room

  99. Correction guy says:

    @Always Something There To Remind You,
    you obviously read/listen to Prufrock. So much so you cut and paste his comments.
    Do you realize the irony?

  100. Squeegy Kid says:

    Fairly Frequent Customer.
    Where I work that is how it is. You can disagree with me ok.
    Thank you for letting me know about Daffy Duck and Big Black Gulliver.
    Like you say they not educated like the Mango owners and are not very polite.
    It makes me feel better they not part of the Mango.
    Why do you look up to the people from the Big Mango?
    They are not bad people but they not like priests or really good people.
    I won’t judge them but they just drink and go out with lots of young girls and tell everyone.
    So what. Not to be proud of.
    Is that what you like about them?
    I don’t get it.

  101. A fairly frequent customer says:

    Like I have stated… I don’t know Nick and Michael.  I’ve spoken and had a drink with Graham on a number of occasions and he’s always come across as down to earth.
    The flamboyancy and  story telling is all part of the positions they hold.  As a Manager/Owner of the bar there is some what of an obligation to entertain the customers.  That’s the way I see it and am lead to believe. It certainly makes sense.
    I have witnessed Graham spend time with a newbie who was asking all sorts of questions.  I have to admit the tale that Graham told this new guy sounded far fetched but was certainly entertaining.
    I don’t ‘look upto’ the Mango people.  I have met one of them and found him to not be the person portrayed on this site.  I take people as I find them.
    They have local knowledge of the ‘Reservation’ which many find valuable.  Like it or not, they are on the scene and are more on the ball that most people here.
    Knowing what I do, reading what I have and speaking to the persons being attacked I draw my own conclusions to the attackers (Kenny) – most certainly when there has been blatant lies spread and even admitted errors which have not been address when exposed.

  102. Purple Galt says:

    Lost it.

  103. Peter says:

    Keith put up a new article guys.
    Check it out.
    Man, that guy is a douchbag.

  104. Daily Dose of Hate Junkie says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, yes.

  105. Double Daily Dose of Hate says:

    Fuck the Mango. Fuck the Mango. Fuck the Mango.

    Ahhhhhhhh, now I feel better.

  106. jaques cousteau says:

    Question: who do you believe ?

     Stickman who wrote his current favorite Dollhouse Go-Go on Soi Cowboy being packed to the rafters every night of the week or blogger Sukhumvit Psycho who couple of days later reported that he visited the bar and it was empty.

  107. Prufrock says:

    So predictible.
    daffy, the silly bugger goes back through the last posts (knowing that no one else will
    give a fiddler’s fuck or could be arsed to) and isolates all the Prufrock weekday posts.
    He then posits that because he suspects all other posters are either Kenny or me that he has a winner.
    Can anything he’s done be more indicative of his narcissistic tomfoolery than that?

    All I can say is that you have become far too accustomed to that  level of stupidity that
    appeals to the hand-job club you have diddling themselves over there on your website.
    Your transparency is childlike
    Obviously someone’s gone to you with the obvious truth that I seldom post about anything other than politics.
    Clearly, or << “As everyone can see”>> (and I will add “anyone who actually gives a rat’s ass”
    you are fearful that since  I am seen as only posting 9/11 material,  your attacks on me will
    be rightly perceived as the unprovoked attacks of a lunatic.
    So to avoid this you have to manufacture this sock-puppet nonsense.
    Kind of your own private cartoon-character world. A kind os masturbatory second life for
    >>”Everyone can see”<<
    daffy (really, who else can you cadge into going along with your obsessive
    copmpulsive nonsense?)  . . . . . .  daffy grabs my posts and
    with his facile, casually tossed off  >>”Everyone can see”<<
    fabricates yet another of his duck-fart, lying, crimes against logic.

    It’s getting so bad that daffy now lives & breathes and as if
    his  >>”Everyone can see”<< is all the proof
    anyone would need.

    Daffy, when everyone else was learning Basic Rhetorics & Debating Skills in
    high school English class, what the fuck were you doing??

    Your weird opinions as to who posts here and what they post
    are just that . . . . . .  the obsessive cobblings of the truly insane, a stalker, a

    I repeat; you now are as close as it is humanly possible to being that fucking
    lunatic Krazy Keith Summers as a man can possibly be without shape-shifting.

    You are insane, barking mad and I can see that it’s only going to get worse.

    Attempt the impossible: get yourself a girlfriend.
    If anyone ever needed a girlfriend it would be you.

  108. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Give it up Prufrock. You are a LOSER and always will be.

  109. RealDaffyDuck says:

    Deep breaths, Prufie, deep breaths…

  110. John Galt says:


    Nobody’s listening to you Prufrock.

    You’re irrelevant.

    Stoopid fucking dumbass.

  111. Prufrock says:

    doofy . . . . . you’re embarrassing yourself  and I’m beginning to feel sorry for you now.
    You’re so thin on any real hard proof you have to actually repeat one out-of-context, 20-month-old post
    twice and then hammer out your so-called “evidence” (what was it?  . . . three or four times? . . . .
    can’t be arsed to go back there into your madness to count the times). . . . . . . . and all the while you
    obviously know  (let’s face it) that my high traffic/weekend observation is right, isn’t it?
    . . . . You’re s-o-o-o shy of anything resembling the stats-based trend
    you desparately need to counter my all-too-clear and  “casual” mention
    oh-so-obvious that you  hammered out the same three dates  . . .  three times???)
    And then you expected people to conclude you had some kind of statistic.
    I can’t believe you actually did that.  It shows a complete lack of respect
    for even your most cretinous acolytes although a few do creep through to
    bolster Kenny’s weekday hits.
    I hope your fans and supporters are not here in Bangkok . . . it’s a dangerous place for the “se beu.”
    Keep paddling over there.

  112. RealDaffyDuck says:

    You really should refill your meds Prufie.

  113. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Could we start a collection so Prufie can get his meds refilled ?

    Please ?

  114. Prufrock says:

    >> Can anything he’s done be more indicative of his narcissistic tomfoolery than that?<<
    asked an honestly incredulous albeit, wise and superbly schooled Prufrock.

    Well, apparently so. three times for each “example” and nary a mention of the heavy wekend traffic and all the supportive fan mail which you never see as well as the on-line kudos and (I have to say it, generous contributions to the site’s numbers by duck-ponders fairly frothing with hatred.

    It’s all good  😉

    9/11 was an inside job.
    April Gallop goes to court tomorrow.
    Whatever the outcome 9/11 skeptics will NEVER let this go.

    Go fuck yerself daffy 😉
    You’re on the wrong side of everything but as appealing as your ass-backward gibberish would be to self described “hottie” Ann Coulter, I suspect that even she (of straw-like hair and boney ass) wouldn’t do ya.

    doofster . . . . .  . . . . . . . get  . . . a . . . . girlfriend

  115. uhhhh huh says:

    Here we go again. The 9-1-1 conspiracy show, Act II. I am curious about something.  Just when is it ‘all going to come out’?
    Seriously, It has been over NINE years now.

  116. Keith says:

    Nobody’s listening to you Prufrock.

    You’re irrelevant.

    Stoopid dumbass.

  117. Always Something There To Remind You says:

    Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho.
    Would you look at that.
    Once again we witness Prufie posting on a weekday.  Once again the sock puppets representing Daffy and Big Black Gulliver also appearing.
    PLEASE PROFIE.  You ARE an embarrassment.  You ARE irrelevant.  Just stop already.  You are only fooling yourself.
    You ARE irrelevant.
    You ARE irrelevant.
    You ARE irrelevant.
    You ARE irrelevant.
    You ARE irrelevant.
    You ARE irrelevant.

  118. Bored To Tears says:

    “You’re on the wrong side of everything”

    You should talk about other people being on the wrong side of everything dickhead. Most of us are tired of your non-stop moronic comments. Yes ASSHOLE, I speak for everyone who’s tired of reading your boring crap. I know it’s most of us because I took a fucking poll and it’s u-fucking-namous.

    Like Kenny, you don’t know when to shut the fuck up, instead insisting on digging yourself into an even deeper hole with each new comment you make. Yes ASSHOLE, you should heed these four simple words: SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    Your latest, “it’s not me because i only post on weekends” is one more idiotic comment on top of the pile of idiotic comments you’ve “contributed”. Get a fucking hobby. Even if you aren’t an idiot, you make yourself to be an idiot with your endless stream of nonsense, drivel and outright lies.

    Again, the prudent thing for you to do would be: SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    But you won’t, because you actually believe some of us are persuaded by your stream of semi-conscious thought you undoubtedly believe is clever, witty and oh so intelligent.

    Hint: Were not.
    Suggestion: SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  119. SEO Consultant says:

    Harry Zink, I fucked “Nick Allder’s wife” Burbank, CA
    Nick Allder, Visual Effects Supervisor , The Alien Legacy
    David C.Fein, Producer , The Alien Legacy
     Michael Matessino, Producer , The Alien Legacy
    Douglas Trumbull, John Dykstra, Richard Yuricich, Lindsley Parsons, Robert Swarthe, Joe Jennings, Leon Harris, John Vallone, Lee Cole.
    Nicholas Dattoma “Yes I own the brothel in Bangkok”, Director of Engineering at BEA systems and Oracle.
    Michael Francis Smith “I run a whorehouse in Bangkok”, Yahoo Evangalist, Singapore and Indonesia.
    Graham H. Jones, Oil Field Roustabout, Algeria
    Harry Zink, IT consultant Burbank CA
    BigBlackGulliver, homosexual with a small dick.
    Graham H. Jones, Process and Control Systems (P&CSD) Saudi ARAMACO and owner of the The Big Mango Bar Brothel in Bangkok.  
    Saleh A. Al-Zaid, Manager, Process and Control Systems (P&CSD)
    Taher M. Al-Nemer, supervisor of P&CSD’s Pipelines and Simulation Unit
    Omar S. Bazuhair, chief engineer from Engineering;
    Ahmed A. Metwalli, assistant to executive head of E&P Planning;
    Saleh A. Al-Zaid, P&CSD manager; Isam A. Al-Bayat, vice president of Engineering Services

  120. NotKeithSummers says:

    He took notkeithsummers down again.
    No problem. Back up again.
    See Keithy? You cannot stop us.
    Take your site down and we will do the same.

  121. Prufrock says:

    Hi Bored to Tears
    Loved your opinion and your rant about . . . . . well . . . .  nothing of any significance whatsoever. . . . . just an opinion from somebody with nothing but opinions and no information and nothing to contribute. Obviously your weary of the sturm und drang over there on
    Dumpster.com.   (your use of the “royal we” and the the vote” was especially indicative of a lone vigilante (hall monitor) as  commenter , BTW
    Easy to see that you’re completely haunted by the fact that the US government’s
    9/11 false-flagger is just a monstrous sack of bullshit,
    Easy to see you’re embarrassed by your own feckless existance.
    Easy to see that you’ll stay with that Rumsfeld-Zelikow-Rice branded
    bullshit and that for some reason, you kind of love paying for it.
    Easy to see how the thought-control indistry has boiled your fucking brain in chicken fat.
    (S-s-s-s-ok  . . . truth be known it wasn’t much of a brain anyway, right?
    BTW . . . When I do the visuals on you there Bored to Tears (I’m betting not so much as bored, so much as (you know) shit scared and guilt-ridden? . . .since boredom suggests that you’d have loftier pursuits on your dance card than adding to the numbers on Kenny’s site,)
    I’m when I channel you, Bored, getting “the fat black Oprah audience momma. . . . that’s working for you, I see.
    Gotta either be that or thanks to some perverse affirmative action program you ended up wit’ the big audiience mama as a debating coach.
    I am sorry for you and your lack of verbal skills  but there is no need to be so bitter.
    You could be of some use here and thereby secure a sense of worth from participating here on BBK.com (aside from adding to the traffic count)
    My question:
    guys who (like) shave their heads?
    would you be kind enough to enquire among the hipster alopecia-as-a-conscious-option crowd as to the following ??
    “Doesa it make life easier for you  if you gel-up with KY and shove your had up your ass to keep
    from facing the truth??   (( That 9/11 (thanks to the dumbing down of Amerika) continues to be an inside job (even though the cowardice torch is proudly carried by goofs of your caliber))
    I’m betting your bored to tears with that hasty  non-lubed, rough-rider option.
    Or do you just feel more comfortable that way.
    I’m betting on the shaved head + KY thing . . . . . . . . after you get out of Aunt Jemimah Phatblabby’s rhetorics 101
    class  . . . . .and you’re (like) just sitting arouinf with time on your hands.

  122. Crikey says:

    Apparently interesting enough that you felt the need to pound out a yet another long winded reply that said even less in more words.

    Yep, on a bender. Lay off the drugs fly boy.

  123. Prufrock says:

    @@@H crickster my boy:
    opinion (“interesting enough”) + projection (“I felt the need?”)
    + “long-winded” (opinion  . . .  here motivated by grudging admiration and envy)
    + “said less in more words” (illiterary skills) + “yep” (false self-serving “conclusion” )
    + “on a bender” (false self-serving conjecture)
    + “Lay off the drugs” (a bogus begging of the question.)
    +fly-boy  (another drug reference, thanx, this will be helpful)
    You really are completely bereft of any language ability to speak of , aren’t you , Crickey.
    I suppose that’s why you find it easier  sleep along side the 9/11 DENIERS
    . . . . . rather than use you own brain and muster up any courage that might still be
    clotted in the recesses of your tortured soul.

  124. Harald Zink says:

    Let it be known I am a cowardly loser. As such I don’t want any sock puppets taking the piss out out of me by posting under my name. Therefore I’ve told Kenny legal action will be taken unless he deletes any post that uses my real name

    To repeat my main point again….yes, I am a coward

    Daffy Duck  

  125. Bobbyy says:

    Searching for keith summers?Go to notkeithsummers for current info;
    Thank you.

    keywords: Russell Keith Summers John Galt notstickman notkeithsummers johngaltasia dirtykeith asiansignals asian cycle asiancycle clayton wade court  stickman  pedophile sex tourist man tour mantour  cocaine thailand johngaltasia stalker criminal solidstatelighting
    wade court clayton stickman notstickman


  126. Barry the Bore says:

     I got to the Mango at nigh on opening time – 7pm – I wish it opened sooner, say 6pm, then I’d being able to play my Neil Diamond Best Of Hits album out loud on my ghetto-blaster and nobody would be disturded apart from the bar-man and the Mango prostitutes loitering around the place

    Needn’t to worry, there was only 1 other patron and he was an 80 year old deaf farang. He yelled at me “where are the sexy whores?”. I could only offer my honest opinion and told him “Hell I don’t know!” but said he should meet me at the carpark later in the evening

    Damn, I fell asleep at the bar after a hard days blogging and woke up to find the ‘ol geezer had left

    I went back to my apartment for a nap. MazyDazy had left a message but I was just too tired to answer 

  127. Listen Here says:

    You got a nice collection of maligned fruit nuts here Kenny.
    Give us goats!

  128. Jim says:

    A freind of mine buys motorcycle lights from Keith and said he is in Vietnam.
    The pictures he is posting are a smoke-screen.
    He said he can backtrack the shipment to the shipping address.
    Stay tuned.

  129. Barry the Bore says:

    went to the mango. ate some chicken. it was tasty. too expensive. i like the free buffets. called a friend. no answer. called another friend. no answer either. it was 1pm and i just woke up an hour ago. maybe i should have gone back home for more sleep. stupid me i didnt. song kran coming and all the insanity. i can’t stand it. like a broken fucking record of prufrocks 911 shilling. wish that it was over already. parking lot was quiet tonight. b52, the gent and rapid fire went home early. now almost 12 hours later im still awake. i cant handle this. being awake more than 10 hours a day is killing me. may stop by the pharma tomorrow and get some meds to take care of that.

  130. Galvanized Goat says:

    More goat stories please.

    BTW Prufrock. You’re full of shit (as usual)

    9-1-1 was committed by a group of Jew holocaust survivors who needed to cash in on their insurance policies.

  131. Herbert Smith says:

    @ Barry the Galvanised Shill.
    You cocksuckers will be the first to hang from the tree.
    And we will supply the rope.
    Enjoy you’re last few days you pussy hole shill maggots.

  132. 911 Was an Inside Job says:

    Why the fuck is there no video footage from the airports where mohammed atta and his (CIA mind controlled buddies/shills) friends entered said airports?
    Why is there not one single mother fucker that can confirm this?
    Tell you why..
    Cos 911 was an inside job.
    Designed to rape and pillage the 3rd world and scare so much fuck out of the 1st world bods that they never raised a question.
    Nuff Said???

  133. Carefull says:

    I tell you why you cunt.
    Because we are THE LAW.
    FBI, CIA – Don’t fuck with us! – UNDERSTAND??????
    We will do what we want, kill whoever has an issue with it, and simply buy out any mother fucker on the fence.
    You are a dead man walking

  134. 911 Was an Inside Job says:

    Fuck you you cunt.
    I’ll hack of your dads head with a machete.
    YOU are a dead man walking.

  135. Bronze Goat says:

    Editor’s note: When you post the exact same message as a comment in multiple posts, it is flagged as spam. If you want people to read what you write, I suggest you write something interesting, entertaining, or funny and post it once instead of trying to fill up the recent comments space on the front page.

    Deleting messages again Kenny…tisk tisk. Guess that’s a censorship thing.

  136. Gomer Pyle says:

    Those were Jewish fighter pilots I was told by a pilot friend. No way, those saudis could crash those big jets so accurately. Impossible. Only an experience pilot could pull that off.
    Also saw Bin Laden at Foodland a while ago, in a Burkha outfit. 6 foot 4 inches, big hairy hands in the produce department.

  137. David Shaylor says:

    Actually they were missiles surrounded by holograms

  138. Rhetorical Question says:

    If the message goes into moderation and then it don’t post then it technically wasn’t ever deleted. As I understand it, there’s a bunch of words that will automatically cause the message to be moderated.

    Isn’t that right Kenny?

    Rhetorical Question

  139. Bill B says:

    Keith went to the Great wall? Right.
    He is in Vietnam.

  140. Goat with the Most says:

    Lamb chops? How about goat chops?

    Anyone want goat chops?

  141. Tim says:

    Guys, did you see, notstickman changed his site again. He took down the Clayton Wade slander piece.
    Did Clayton get to him again?

  142. Grotius says:

    William Mahanakorn is an idiot not mention a trolling bore.

  143. Barry K says:

    Will notstickman be talking about 8 year old girls again this week?
    That’s weird.
    Some body should look into this to see if what we suspect is true. No?

  144. Fake Russell Keith Summers says:

    Editor’s Note: Personal information redacted.

    I am in Heaven! The legal age of consent here is 15 years old.
    The best part is, the 15 year olds looks ….. Very undeveloped.
    Now off to slay some virgins.

  145. Fake John G. says:

    Hey people. The Great One here… I am getting over 200 hits on my website.
    Never mind, they all think I am some wacko fugitive pervert banging underage girls.
    It’s the hits that count.
    Stay tuned for my weekly attack on the Great Stickman.

  146. Prufrock says:

    Hi Keith
    Does the MSM not report this because of a) calculation error ?
    b) a plot to whitewash TEPCO and GE ?
    c) a plot to downplay the tsunami of radiation that is about to wash over the entire planet ?
    d) they don’t want to dampen spirits so close to the Royal Wedding ?
    e) nobody knows what a becquerel is so why bother ?
    f) Lindsay Lohan got out of jail ?
    g) There is actually nothing to be done about the release of radiation nobody could have handled  such horrific information and any official disclosure the Truth. Release of such information would have sent millions of people into the street scrambling for their lives. To paraphrase Jack        “People can rarely, if ever, handle the truth  . . . . . so they rarely if ever get it”.
    To be honest? I (reluctantly)  agree with the government, TEPCO’s “slow info release”  This is a disaster of such magnitude that there is
    really nothing to be done and there is absolutely no point in pushing the panic button. It’s that bad.
    So, um, “g”
    Keith?    Go back to Florida.  There’ll  be something for you there.
    There’s nothing for you here.
    “Get back to where you once belonged.”

  147. Pedophiles Suck Naughty Nipples says:

    That’s the stuff of Bangkok that most don’t want to know about is fucking those teenagers that are barely legal. No pussy hair there because it’s shaved clean for a showtime creampie. Those Thailand perverts don’t know what to do until they see the tight little pussy on the bulging cock. Nothing like a hard fuck in a tight little pussy and showing Asian girls big whitey’s king kong dong.

    Now fuck fuck fuck away all. Those teen pussies are ripe for the picking so lick the lips and give the man in the boat a tickle. Kenny knows it. The best place in the countryside to find poor thai girls to fuck and everything better.

  148. Nuff Said says:

    Prufrock’s a coward and dumbass cockelsucker.

    Nuff said

  149. Taking the high road says:

    Keith Summers alias John Galt is in Shanghai waiting for the Chinese police to introduce themselves.

    Knock Knock!

    Who’s there?

  150. John Galt says:

    Hello Shanghai Police, come right in…. let me tell you about the shady dealing of the Premiere RE guy who would be King of Thailand if he could bribe enough government officials to do it… you’ll find this very interesting….

    What — Not in Shanghai? — might want to try Macau.  Great place for foreigners….

  151. Real Daffy Duck says:

    Wow. Uh-huh, OK.
    And then what happens, Keith ?

  152. John Galt says:

    Well, (nose pick, ear scratch…)  They will likely ask me to teach their kids some English…. cause they sure don’t give a flip about Thailand. 

  153. Flash Gordon says:

    Yeah.  As usual, great leverage play.
    Yep. Boy-oh-boy, (heh heh) Golly, no flies on you, Keith.
    No sirree, Bob !
    But then if these Chinese cops don’t (as you say)  “give a flip about Thailand”
    why would they find your issues with Wade
    or Stickman even mildly of interest let alone,
    as you predict (they’ll) find this very interesting ?
    Do you have a an answer or are we to just stay tuned
    till you figure it out.
    Or, oh I know, you are teaching English to the children
    of the Grand Imperial Pooh-Bah of China, right ?

  154. John Galt says:

    Interesting in only an amusing way…   They probably wouldn’t give damn about any of it.

    I don’t teach English.    That would  be a waste of much of my education.

  155. Flash Gordon says:

    So then you’re fucked, right?
    “QED”, and all that ?

  156. John Galt says:

    Yes, screwed – washed up – due to be thrown in jail…. or so they have been telling me for the past 4 years….. Didn’t you get the memo on that before?  You must be out of the loop.

  157. Flash Gordon says:

    Hey Keith, just to touch base with reality for  moment.
    It’s just you isn’t it.
    There is no “staff” sending memos.
    There’s just you and that “charger” that contains a fast-dwindling wad
    of local currency du jour.
    You have to fish out of your butt at least once a day, right?
    Stop it.   You’re making everybody jealous.

  158. John Galt says:

    If you were thinking that I’m screwed up — then I guess you would be needing touching base with realty at some point.

    Whoever is dishing out the gossip had given out “the memos” on my demise years ago.

    So, who are you listening to?  Do they have a name or a face?   I may be the only one on this page willing to my name and face to what I claim….

  159. Taking the high road says:

    Real name!
    Real face!
    False and deceptive claims!

    Pardon me, but I am going back to The Novel!

  160. Jim smithers says:

    Fact: William Mahanakorn is into ladyboys.  That’s why he dumps so much on the hetero sex scene.

  161. king of conspiracy says:

    john galt is at guantanamo

    i am prufrock

  162. Who Cares says:

    Another stupid post by BBK.

  163. read more says:

    health care questionnaire sample

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