Topless Thai Painter on Talent Show Stirs Debate

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This story is hitting the newspapers in the United States.

There is a Thai knockoff of American style talent shows like America’s Got Talent and American Idol. Its’ called Thailand’s Got Talent.

This woman’s (Duangjai Jansaunoi) act,  was to strip off her shirt, cover her nude torso with paint, and paint by squirming up against a blank canvas.

Her breasts were greyed out during the telecast so no nudity was actually shown.

Miss Jansaunoi is from Northeastern Thailand.


This is the reaction of one of the female judges (Pornchita Na Songkhla) who voted against advancing the contestant to the next round.

She expressed shock at the contestant’s inappropriate behavior.

Turns out the judge is a model and recently posed for nude pictures where she stripped topless and was photographed covered only in chocolate.


The male judges liked the painting and advanced her to the next round.

The Culture Minister, Sonthaya, Sukumol, has summoned the show’s directors for a meeting.

Mrs, Sukumol is described in the Bangkok Post as (

Wife of well-known politician Sonthaya, Sukumol is better known among reporters as Nong Beer, and is a first-time MP under the banner of newly founded Palang Chon Party. At 35, she is the youngest minister in the Yingluck Shinawatra administration and the country’s youngest female minister.

Like Yingluck, Sukumol has been scorned by the media and political pundits as a puppet, a political proxy.

Until the July 3 general elections, Sukumol was a full-time housewife who had never been in the political limelight. She stood for election because her husband, Sonthaya, son of Chon Buri strongman Kamnan Poh, is serving out a five-year ban from politics after the Constitution Court ordered dissolution of the political party of which he was a member.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree from Assumption Business Administration College (ABAC), the minister concedes she lacks experience in cultural management.

How many ways does this whole affair capture the contradictions inherent in modern Thai culture and show the inexorable influence of western culture on traditional Thai values?

And how many ways is this just sooooooo funny.



Topless Thai Painter on Talent Show Stirs Debate

BANGKOK –  An episode of “Thailand’s Got Talent” has stirred a morality debate after a contestant painted a canvas using her bare breasts, drawing a rebuke from the culture minister who called it “very shocking.”

Culture Minister Sukumol Kunplome said Monday that nudity on television is not considered appropriate in Thai society. She said the show’s producers have been summoned to explain why the segment was broadcast and the ministry will then decide whether to take action.

“This program is intended to showcase the talent of Thai people and it usually encourages youths to show their special skills,” the minister told reporters. “Still, there have to be some limits.”

The show, broadcast Sunday on Thailand’s Channel 3, featured 23-year-old Duangjai Jansaunoi, who walked onstage barefoot in jeans and a baggy men’s button-down shirt. She introduced herself as an independent artist from northern Thailand.

She then turned to a large canvas and painted a yellow outline of a person. She then removed her shirt, unhooked a black bra and doused herself with several tins of paint before turning to the audience with a broad smile to display her multicolored torso. The area around her breasts was blurred out by censors.

As dance music played, the contestant used her body as a paintbrush to fill in the outline.

Some in the audience gasped with hands over their mouths, while others cheered her on.

“If I paint in a normal way, then it would be too ordinary,” Duangjai told the judges after being handed a towel to cover up.

The judges then debated whether her act could be considered art.

“I’m not saying this is not good, but it’s not appropriate,” said the panel’s only female judge, actress Pornchita Na Songkhla. “Within the Thai cultural context, I don’t support this.”

As online chatter soared, some called Pornchita a hypocrite and posted photos from a 2010 fashion shoot in which her naked torso was covered with melted chocolate.

The panel’s two male judges advanced Duangjai to the next round.

“This is an art form. If we were in Italy, like Florence or Milan, or the Czech Republic, say Prague, this would be OK,” said singer Jirayut Wattanasin. The audience roared in support, many flashing “V for victory” signs.

Thailand’s Got Talent issued an apology late Monday.

Panya Nirandkul, the head of Workpoint Entertainment, which produces the show, was quoted by the Thairath newspaper as saying he was not aware the contestant would be topless and denied the act was staged to boost ratings. He vowed not to let the mistake happen again, Thairath reported.

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country which remains largely conservative, despite its freewheeling image and a flourishing sex industry. Censors in Thailand regularly target a range of social offenses, blurring out cigarettes, alcohol and nudity on television and in movies.


Associated Press writer Jocelyn Gecker contributed to this report.

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  1. One who watches says:

    “Turns out the judge is a model and recently posed for nude pictures where she stripped topless and was photographed covered only in chocolate”

    Wrong again Kenny!  Benz actually wore a bra when she posed for the pictures above.

    Do you get anything right? 

  2. Ronru says:

    Hey DUMBASS!

    Your so full of shit.

    Do humanity a favor and crawl back to your sewer knows as The Big Mango Brothel.

    Go ahead. Continue to fuck yourselves up with your methaphetamine fueled whorefests.


  3. Big Black Michael Francis Smith Sideshow Bob says:

    The place was rammed with pussy.

  4. Sideshow Bob's Big Black Gulliver Presents says:

    Hatred, 90210 style.

  5. Bangers Bill says:

    Don’t see any bra in the picture.

  6. O,R.G. says:

    Thai’s caught being liars and hipocrites. What’s the big news? Behind that stupid shit eating grin there trying to get their hand in your pocket most times.
    Some high society thai woman putting her nose in the air pretending other thai women are giving her a band name and she is doing the  same shit on the side. Who is surprised by that?

    The culture minister feigning shock at a topless issan girl when he visits the apatnuet on rachada twice a weak to fuck a girl just like her. The only news is that this time they have all be exposed.

  7. Prof. Bully-Blob Whorgun says:

    So how did you second-raters find out that Michael Francis Smith was actually BigBlackGulliver ?

    I hope that ur not going to try and tell me that with the help of some seriously “capable” chaps, Kenny’s recent server downtime and relaunch triggered an interesting series of links traceable to Harry Zink’s web-registrant ID in Belgium and ultimately to Sideshow aka Smitty aka Michael Francis Smith.

    I hope that your not going to try and convince me that just because they’re getting old, child egomaniacs like Michael Francis Smith are voluntarily going to give up and walk away from enterprises in which they’d  invested serious personal currency.

    Michael Francis Smith = BigBlackGulliver you say? Never. Michael is much too busy.

  8. Prof. Bully-Blob Whorgun says:

    Here’s another Benz Pornchita outrage.

    This show has a history of this stuff.
    Thailand’s “Got Talent” franchise pulls these stunts for ratings.

    Hypocrisy ? Nope. Benz’s acting has improved since this cock show which she supported.

    Later Benz and friends and intimates enjoy a good laugh over a case of  Amarone.  

    Probably great fun groove on how easy it is to increase ratings and creds by being ‘outraged’ in the name of Thai culture (whatever that is)

    If you want to see a really cruel show re Thai culture tune into Bonus Game.

    A TV crew of hi-so Thais (with a picnic basket full of Au Bon Pain sandwiches and chilled Chablis)  cruise the hinterland in a convoy os SUV’s hunting for impoverished peasants the entice to “compete”
    to win s paltry sum of local currency.  

    Great fun  for the Chinese Thais and massive humiliation for the contestants.

    Ranks right up there with making the family pay for the bullet.


  9. Professor Sex Slut says:

    Who cares about paint, as long as all BBK’s 1.0 sex stories are still available.

  10. Bangkok Billy says:

    Yeah. How about an article about how to get fuck Benz. Anyone can fuck some Big Mango whore. How do we fuck some hiso chick like Benz? That’s what your reader’s want to know. 

  11. Prufrocks Son says:

    Kenny has never talked to a Hi-So Bangkok girl so what advice could he give you on nailing her!  

  12. Angelfarts says:

    Anyone in the West who proved actually maladroit enough to refer to themselves as upper class, ruling class, equestrian class, high society or any other such label would be laughed out of the room and into the cartoon section.


    End of story.

    The truly elite occasionally do with great embarrassment endure such embarrassingly infantile accolades from the ranks of money-worshipping psychophants. But they never apply the term to themselves. Doing so is as ridiculous as a woman calling herself beautiful or a man claiming to be exceptionally witty and intelligent or as some of America’s dreadfully over-protective mothers do, referring to their children as “gifted”. 
    The label, “hi-so” is for classless dopes. They apply their troglodyte metrics to things like  leased Lamborghinis, live-in servants and  private islands.

    True aristocrats never apply the term to themselves.

    It just isn’t done.

    These things are for other people to say. Stupid people. Ignorant people of limited sensibility.

    The elite spend a lot of their time and energy hiding from these parvenu goofs.

    case in point

    Bumped into a former acquaintance  in the J Avenue complex a week or so ago. During the “catching up”
    he actually had the vulgarity to say that he’d found himself and subsequently impregnated  (twice) a “little hi-so girl”.  By implication he was saying that he was now “hi-so”. He went on  about the size of their apartment and the building they lived in now.   The tone of his boasting  as if he’d “made it” as a self-made entrepreneur and wanted me to know; as if he’d just made ten million marketing his own software or a brilliant commercial venture.

    I let him go on.  Transfixed by the the vulgarity and stupidity of it all I began to wonder what drug he was on at this point in his life’s erratic trajectory.

    Only the plebeian and pedestrian in their ignorance and pretence refer to themselves and their consorts as “hi-so.”

    This guy’s “success story” rang as pathetic as five years ago when  in a raving coke-fuelled  fit, he banged on my door whispering that  his enemies in the next apartment had stashed corpses in the dropped ceiling of his room and fluids from their rotting bodies were now staining the drywall.

    “Hi-so”, would you like to know who fits that label best?

    Try “damaged goods” merchant class chic that opened her legs a few years ago for a Thai boy who then shot off his mouth to everyone in “his year” or whose family blew off the marriage claim and paid  off her family. Sometimes nubile precocious little Sriporn is shipped off to Australian degree mill to work on her English. She gets married there or she comes back here after she’s what the Japanese call “kadismoos-kagi”.

    She’s damaged goods or over thirty.

    If she flunks out and comes back early she’s encouraged to find a foreigner with money or an acceptable job.


  13. Hi There! says:

    Well, hello there, Prufrock – it’s nice to see that you are still around and lending your pal Kenny a hand. Lord knows, he needs all the help he can get. 

    How’s your 9/11 inside job obsession coming along? Secret missiles? Nano-Termites? Any more Werewolves on Wall Street? How’re the wifey and kid? Hope all’s well on Soi Cowboy. See you around Tilac’s, or maybe at that bar waaaaaaaay down Soi 4.


  14. Mr. Gee says:

    Prufrock always did have the same tell, so it’s easy to spot his comments.

    I hear that it’s 100% true that BigBlackGulliver put wood to your daughter ZeroPruf.

    You lost.

    You’re irrelevant.

    Live and learn.

  15. Hi There! says:

    He doesn’t care about that – having to face that 9/11 wasn’t anything having to do with “inside job” is far higher on his obsessiveness scale.

  16. Welch says:


    When you going to pay up on the bet you lost? You loser, miserable fuck-no-nothing coward.

    Enjoying your time with your new found friend? Dickhead. You’re all talk and got zero to back up anything your say. Just go and fuck right off to your Saturday Night Live reruns and cheap 99 baht Sukhumwit CSI Season 1-x DVDs.

    How’s that retirement fund shitwad. Word is you’re close to broke.

  17. Narcissistic Hasbeen says:

    Don’t feel sorry for Poofster.

    I’ve got it  even worse then that. I got “exit-interviewed” from my last job and nobody buys the cover that “I decided to pursue other options”. They seem to know my options.

    My “investments” dealt with arcane web issues or, as I am discovering on a monthly basis, they involve entry level skills that just about any nerd now has. They were right, I should have retrained. There isn’t any money in bullying people on the internet.

    All I can do now is bully 19-year-old Uni girls and their mothers. But there’s no money in that. 

    And, of course, my old fallback, denial.

    I’m well and truly fucked but there’s an upside:  I have passed the painful insertion phase and Harry is right there to lick up the santorum.

    I feel whole with Harry.


  18. Angelfarts says:

    I’m just figuring this out.

    These people seem more uncomfortable with undeveloped argument and what appears to be some  internet bullying campaign against the owner of this site than anything else.

    Looks like anyone except the owner who posts more than a couple of lines on this site gets called “Prufrock”. 

    And what’s a Harry Zink?



  19. Truth Corrector says:

    Michael Smith was not fired from Yahoo Singapore.

    He left because Yahoo is a crap company that doesn’t give exceptional people with Michael Smith’s immense talent and creativity the responsibility and freedom to create new products that will revolutionize the IT industry and create billions of dollars of value for his employer.

    When becomes the next Facebook, Yahoo Singapore will really have egg on its face.

    His participation in human trafficking as owner of a Bangkok bar openly employing prostitutes was not the reason his name was taken off the site of his current employer

    His name was taken off because ………. uh…………. wait for it………… uh. It was just taken off. the reason is none of anyone’s business.


  20. Had enough says:

    Drop it all of you.  Complaining like little school girls.

  21. Ms. Manners says:

    I certainly agree with that.

    If anyone wishes to see the “absolute quint” in a school girl’s  obsession
    with her former mentor and teacher take a look at Saphan Loy’s latest
    If you can get throughHarry Zink’s latest Saphan Loy  stalker horror without falling asleep you’re
    a better lady than I. 

    Poor Harry felt some desperate compulsion to start a web site to attack people he has never met.
    In this fortnight’s famously content starved edition, fat badly aging fag, Saphan Troll continues
    to parse old material from Kenny’s site.


  22. Bung Hoe says:

    This whole site is a yawn. Anyone have a classroom sex fantasy story to share?

  23. Free Beer Teddy says:

    For sexual fantasy at its best get yourself on over to BigManGoBar.
    The place is rammed with carpal tunnel victims.

  24. Fake Prufrock says:

    I have never had any reservations about posting under other names. I think I referred to a relevant Karl Rove post a while back.  I’ve done it on many sites. It’s a trademark of mine.  I love doing it.

    I think it’s fun.

    This is the internet you pathetic nonce.

    There’s the serious stuff and there’s the fun stuff and it’s only sick lying bastards like you that ever mix this stuff.


  25. Fake Prufrock says:

    So what are you now? Just because you have your own thread are you the hall monitor???  Enforcing rules that don’t even exist.
    Can’t you even fucking read??
    Do you just read your own posts, skim mine and mentally block out all the dreadfully embarrassing mistakes you make in your flaying posts?
    Are you so frigging desperate now that you have to take shots in the dark?
    Look, strike-out king.  You complain about …. so hey let’s have some of  your pics.
    And let’s have some responses to my “Powers That Be” reply to your umpteenth fucking stoopid challenge,  A challenge in which you, once again were as right about that situation as you ever are about anything  😉

  26. Fake Prufrock says:



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  28. fishsticks says:

    I think this is a fine story and promotes Thai Culture in it’s proper light.

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