The True Untold Story of the Feud with The Big Mango, the Daily News story, and the Death of

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I have been vacationing in Thailand for 4 years. Summers and Winter break, I rent an apartment, lease a car, own a motorcycle kept in Bangkok and enjoy living in Thailand.

I have attended language school and am functional in spoken Thai. Thailand is a great place and I wholeheartedly recommended it to anyone looking for adventure and an easygoing good time. If you take the time to get beyond the tourists hangouts and activities, Thailand is a ton of fun and will expand your world view.

For the first couple of years, I patronized a Bangkok bar owned by two Americans, Nicholas Louis Dattoma and Michael Francis Smith and an Englishman–Graham H. Jones. Nick was working for BEA Systems/ Oracle in India and now works at WebLogic as an Engineering Manager , Michael recently worked for Yahoo in Singapore and is now employed by, and Graham is an Engineering Consultant in the oil industry who in the past has worked a consultant for Saudi ARAMCO.

For those not familiar with Bangkok, many bars, including the Big Mango Bar, are actually brothels. They employ girls who are paid a small monthly salary and get most of their pay from commissions on drinks customers buy them and from what are referred to as barfines in Bangkok. A barfine is a fee paid to the bar that frees the girl from working for the rest of the day and allows the girl to go out with the customers. Sometimes customers take girls dancing and to dinner but most of the time they take the girl home for sex. There are quotas and girls who don’t get barfined enough or induce enough men to buy them drinks get their salary proportionately reduced.

It sounds worse than it is because the girls are all over 20, are free to quit whenever they want, go home with whomever they please, and, in the end, many actually end up marrying and/or girlfriending men they meet at the bar. Legions of Thai girls from poor, uneducated, impoverished backgrounds have found opportunity and a better life by working in Bangkok bars and meeting foreign men over the years.

The whole system sounds a bit unsavory to Western sensibilities but the system is ubiquitous in Bangkok among foreigners and native Thais and a form of the same system is prevalent in most Asian countries–Communist China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Vietnam. It is even rumored that the wives of several high Thai government officials and politicians started out as a hostesses in similar clubs. Before was turned off, you could have read through the many posts on the site for more information. Now that has been turned off, I’m not sure if an equivalent source exists.

The Big Mango Bar advertised itself with a blog. Most of the entries were written by Michael and Nick and they cataloged their experiences navigating The Thailand Girl Scene. The blog was humorous, provocative, eye opening, great reading, and I was an occasional and popular contributor under the screen name BigBabyKenny.

The feud started over an article I wrote entitled Fresh Produce Shopping Part 2C-Buddha and Babes by BigBabyKenny

The gist of the article was advice to guys looking for long term relationships to leave the bars (referred to as The Reservation) and look for potential girlfriends and wives among the universe of normal Thai women. The article specifically recommended hanging out at a popular shrine in downtown Bangkok where women with romantic problems go to make offerings and ask the shrines’ god to deliver themselves from bad relationships or help them find a good husband.

My suggestion was to dress nicely, politely approach women who were leaving the shrine after asking the shrine’s god for relationship relief, introduce themselves, strike up a conversation and ask them to share a cup of coffee at the nearby mall. That way they could meet normal Thai women instead of Thai girls who worked in bars, who make a living on drink commissions and barfines, and, frequently, are specialists at scamming foreign men out of their money.

Nick and Michael originally published the article and then decided it was too disrespectful of Thai Culture and religion. The feud started because after censoring my article, they made some disparaging remarks about me on their blog and refused me the opportunity to respond to them. It really got me going that guys who owned and supported themselves by running a brothel/bar would get on their moral high horse and excoriate me for disrespecting Thai culture. What they were doing seemed far worse.

There was a lot of interest in the Bangkok Expat community about exactly what was in the article but Nick and Michael deleted all discussion and comments about the episode from their blog and continued disparaging me in print.

A couple of months later, I started so that my original article could see the light of day and to defend myself against the things Nick and Michael had written about me.

The spirit of was to allow anyone and everyone to say what they wanted, when they wanted, and how they wanted. Rather than deleting and censoring argument, would encourage open debate where anyone could say anything about everything—- No Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, and No Bullshit was chosen as the sites byline.

In the first few months, debate was animated, spirited and intense, Nick and Michael took a lot of heat and criticism and they didn’t like it. They felt the adverse reaction was affecting their business —driving customers away from their bar.

Shortly thereafter, I began receiving threatening anonymous emails. These emails were very straightforward. If I didn’t turn off my blog I would be beaten and possibly murdered. The address of my Bangkok apartment was noted and the anonymous emailers threatened to wait on the street outside my apartment building, ambush me when I returned home on my motorcycle, and beat me up or kill me . The emails also threatened that if I was seen in public they would call a group of Big Mango supporters and they would beat me up.

I also received emails directly from Graham threatening to out me as a sex tourist if the blog was not turned off. These were sent to my university email address. In one memorable one, Graham threatened to hire people to stand in front of the university library handing out fliers identifying me as a sex tourist and pedophile—- if I didn’t take down my site.

The university where I work also received a series of anonymous emails pointing out the existence of my site, which was anonymous and had no university affiliation. Anonymous pages were put up on where the site was mischaracterized and my character was attacked.

I had several email exchanges with university administrators over the summer and they confirmed what I already knew. In the U.S., people have freedom of speech. As a prof., I was free to say what I wanted about anything I wanted. America is a great country, isn’t it?

At this time, I also made a decision to dig in and not be pushed around. The threats of violence, the anonymous emails to the university, and the open threats from Graham were nasty and just not right. Giving in to them, although it was the easy thing to do, was just wrong. Come what may I was going to face them down.

Nick, Michael, and Graham could threaten all they wanted but I had done nothing wrong and I wasn’t going to let them silence me or push me around. Whatever happened, I was not going to let them prevail.

Things heated up in the Fall when Nick, Michael and Graham put a restaurant they owned, The Duke of Wellington, on the market. They hired a business broker in Bangkok and the bar was publicly advertised on the internet. Certain claims were made about how much revenue the bar was generating and that the bar was profitable. These claims were discussed openly on

Nick felt the open public discussion of their claims was preventing them from unloading the restaurant and this time Nick wrote the university president under his own name asking the university to force me to turn off my blog. The letter was very facetious because it conveniently glossed over the brothel aspect of their business. Nick claimed I was hurting the continued livelihood of his employees but conveniently omitted mentioning that he, Michael, and Graham were making a living renting the girls they employed for sex with customers. The university gave the same response that in the United States people are free to say what they want. had no university affiliation and I was free to write what I wanted.

In the following months the university was pelted with anonymous emails about my site. The emailers got public email addresses off the internet, bulk emailed faculty in an attempt to embarrass me, and they wrote the university HR department claiming the site was hosted on university computers—which it isn’t .

A campaign was also started where local newspapers were anonymously emailed.and asked to investigate. The campus newspaper, the Los Angeles Times and the Daily News were written. Others newspapers that I am unaware of might have also been anonymously contacted.

The interesting thing about is that as time went on, more people found the site, interesting and provocative posts continued to be published, the readership expanded and the site became one of the most popular, widely read, influential, and famous Bangkok Nightlife sites/forums.

The unedited exclusive pictures of nightclubs, bars, Thai clubs, and girls inhabiting the Thailand Girl Scene stand as groundbreaking photojournalism. You couldn’t find anything like it on the internet or in the mainstream press and the photography was one of the most popular features of

Open debate and a free uncensored internet worked for a time. .

Most of you are here reading this today because of an article written in the Daily News about That article is the direct result of this anonymous email campaign.

The byline of this site has always been No Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, and No Bullshit. continued true this ideal to the very end. Every post and comment ever written and posted was preserved — unedited, undeleted, and uncensored. Everyone had a seat at the table and could write what they wanted, how they wanted, and when they wanted. accepted and published posts from anyone and everyone about anything having to do with life in Thailand and The Thailand Girl Scene. Any interested reader could go back and read everything and anything that had ever been written there. History was not censored, redacted, or altered in any way. Everything that had been said and done was recorded and preserved..

Unfortunately, BigBabyKenny got too good for it’s own good.

The articles were too good at laying bare the economic underpinnings, the inter-personal dynamics, the nuts and bolts, and even the humorous side of The Thailand Girl Scene.

The discussion of The Thailand Girl Scene was too interesting and too revealing about the realites of life in a third world country where the usual ways women advance themselves socially and economically in The World are blocked off.

The photography was too good at documenting the nitty gritty nature of the various nooks and crannies of the Thailand nightlife industry.

The realities of life, love, dating, marriage, and sex in Southeast Asia and the politically correct western centric view of the world clashed.

Better to live in a make believe fairy tale western fantasy version of Southeast Asian culture and society than deal with an accurate, well documented truth.

Unfortunately, because I am a professor at a big public university, the popularity and publicity surrounding the ideas, the subjects and questions discussed and debated, and, of course, the ground breaking photography at became so great that the site had to be turned off.

Here is the official statement from the University on the matter.

When principles and reality clash sometimes reality wins.


Note (4/4/2013): An account of the closing of The Big Mango Bar was recently posted by a reader.

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  1. Graham Jones, Fucktard says:

    Yes it’s true, a complete incompetent lazy English piece of trash fucktard

    Want to invest in one of his businesses?


  2. Real Graham says:

    I’ m rich.

    You fucking sockpuppets can suck my big dick.


  3. Fuck Sex Niggers Whores Graham Jones Thai China Pedo Sex Hookers Tourism Under Traffic Age Sex Ass Jizz Homo Sex Hetero Hater Michael Francis Smith Yahoo Evangalist says:

    Graham  Sucks Dick In Auditorium Fantasy Student Butt Fuck Ladyboy Bunghole Dick Lick Fuck It All Cali Gay Sex Score Michael Francis Smith

  4. Mymy says:

    You have issues Kenny.

    Seek help.

  5. Harry Zink Was Fisting Graham Smith in the Back Room of the Big Mango Bar says:

    I needed to vomit from the poor quality of the food at the Big Mango Bar. 

    I looked for the toilet but instead found Harry Zink (aka Daffy Duck) with his arm way deep within Graham Smith’s ass.  Harry Zink also had a circle of shit around his mouth.  He was thrusting his arm up Graham Smith’s ass and said “Graham why is your ass so loose?”  Graham replied “Because I was fucked by my father so many times when I was a child”  These are direct quotes.  I then vomited on the floor because of the poor quality of the food at the Big  Mango Bar. 

    I looked again and Graham Smith was beating off as Harry Zink has his fist up his ass.  Graham has a very small penis.  At this point Graham shot cum into Harry Zink’s eyes, and Harry ZInk said “This reminds me of my days in the gloy holes of the Castro District Graham”  That is a direct quote. 

    I went back to use the free wifi.  20 minutes later Harry Zink and Graham Smith returned to the front of the Bing Mango Bar.   Graham then said “That was fun Harry Zink, it reminded me of the five years when I was continually sexually abused by my father, he would fuck me up the arse day after day, and I just loved it” 

    Harry Zink then said something so disturbing about children that I can not type it out.  I must say though that Harry Zink of Tuluca Lake, CA is a sick perverted individual who gives western people in Thailand a bad name by the horrors they inflist on the innocent.

  6. John Lennon to Harry Zink Was Fisting Graham Smith in the Back Room of the Big Mango Bar says:

    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today…

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man

    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world…
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us

    And the world will live as one

  7. Bisquick says:

    I’m just a wondering if Kenny’s going to go back to blogging about Thai whores once he get a teaching job in Thailand since the word on the street is he will be losing his current job soon.

  8. Bisquick says:

    Imagine what it’s like trying to find a job in a university when it’s known you once ran a sex tourisms blog.

    Some people don’t need to imagine.

  9. Come on Kenny just start posting your whore and fuck stories you've been holding back for the last couple years says:

    You’re going to get fired and nobody is going to hire you with that sex history hanging over your head.

  10. Graham Sucked Harold Zink's Penis and Served the Ejaculatory Material to Customers And Gave Them AIDS says:

    Michael Smith of is a pimp and a human trafficker.

  11. Letter to Graham Jones, Michael Francis Smith, Nicholas Dattoma, and Harry Zink says:

    To the men who come to Thailand to buy sex, the number of Thai women who truly desire to have sex with you for money has got to be infinitesimal.

    The number of you who will say this not to be true tells me that you’re subsisting on some type of delusion. I would like to dispel some of the myths about who these women are that you have come to Thailand to enjoy.

    To them, you have become either an enforced burden or an economic necessary evil, but either way, they have to pretend to enjoy your company.

    I don’t say these things to change your mind because your mind is made up, I just want to point out how truly heinous your actions are.

    I have heard from some of you that sex workers need work and that you believe you are helping them to support their families.

    If you are so concerned with the welfare of Thailand’s women, I invite you to support any number of the microfinance institutions that provide loans to women and families to help themselves get out of poverty.

    Having women rent out their vagina has never been a path to economic prosperity for any individual or a collective nation.

    Sex work is illegal, anyhow, so profits go untaxed and Thailand as a whole doesn’t benefit (though taxes do exist in the form of bribes that go to already wealthy and unscrupulous individuals).

    Graham Jones, Michael Francis Smith, Nicholas Dattoma, and Harry Zink, owners of a Thailand sex business, you are the scum of the Earth. 

  12. Not So Frequent Mango Customer says:

    I find it hard to buy that everyone posting here are Kenny sockpuppets. Look at the writing styles and opinions. There are lots, well maybe not lots, but there a numerous people posting here and expressing their opinions. 

  13. Information Corrector says:

    Stop it Kenny. You are fooling nobody.

    Everyone is well aware it’s you posting the comments.

    When you and Ronru post more stories about where to find under aged sex workers then you’ll see your like minded mentally disturbed readers come back.

  14. Mr MoRonru to you says:

    Information Corrector = Michael Francis Smith of

  15. Information Corrector says:

    You really are a clown Kenny. I suppose in your eye it could only be one of the Big Mango guys.

  16. Information Corrector says:

    Now go run along and write another inaccurate article about Thailand in your continued effort to re-invent yourself as something other than a sex tourist.

  17. Protonic says:

    Am I the only one who finds it incredible that Kenny writes a moronic account of visiting a lake in Southern Thailand and The Mango Crowd goes apeshit .

    Correct me if I’m wrong but there is nothing about the Mango bar in Kenny’s account. Why do they give a fuck?


  18. Hahaha+Hehehe+Hohoho says:

    Did it occur to you that people visit this blog because we know Kenny from his work and think he’s a complete moron and disgrace?

    Naaaa, probably never crossed your mind.

  19. RealDaffyDuck says:

    Again I’d like to point out there have been *ZERO* posts to this pathetic blog in the last 3 weeks, Bwahahaha Kenny’s blog is *DEAD*. I mean look for yourself, nobodies posting 

    If you choose to come over to my blog then you can see so much activity, just the other day Graham posted how he cleaned a pint glass. Then I chimed in with a post about an iOS patch for my iPad. It’s all happening over there, really


    Harry Zink

  20. Protonic says:

    There might not be many good comments but I don’t think your point is sustainable. There are at least a dozen regular commenters, including yourself,  and more occasional people who are chiming in. Look at the hit counter at the top of each post or Google and it’s evident this blog has a wide audience. Personally, I come here because it is funny in its own way.  Reminds me to be very careful making friends or giving out my personal information when travelling overseas especially in Bangkok.

  21. Pop Quiz says:

    “Reminds me to be very careful making friends or giving out my personal information when travelling overseas especially in Bangkok”

    Too late for Kenny I guess!

  22. Letter to Graham Jones, Michael Francis Smith, Nicholas Dattoma, and Harry Zink says:

    I have heard from some of you that sex workers need work and that you believe you are helping them to support their families.

    If you are so concerned with the welfare of Thailand’s women, I invite you to support any number of the micro finance institutions that provide loans to women and families to help themselves get out of poverty.

    Having women rent out their vagina’s has never been a path to economic prosperity for any individual or a collective nation. sex work is illegal, anyhow, so profits go untaxed and Thailand as a whole doesn’t benefit (though taxes do exist in the form of bribes that go to already wealthy and unscrupulous individuals).

    Graham Jones, Michael Francis Smith, Nicholas Dattoma, and Harry Zink, owners of a Thailand sex business, you should be ashamed of what you are doing. 

  23. Open letter to DNOMMAH TNEK of Ronru underaged sex tourism fame says:

    Do you still go with kenny on underaged sex tours? Why is it you’ve become Kenny’s #1 fanboy? Do you lack any other friends with the same interests as you?

  24. Open letter to DNOMMAH TNEK of Ronru underaged sex tourism fame says:

    Perhaps you’re a creep with such extreme perverted fetishes that only Kenny will hang with you, aye?

  25. Letter to Graham Jones, Michael Francis Smith, Nicholas Dattoma, and Harry Zink says:

    Michael, Nick, Graham, and Harry,

    Now there’s the issue of women choosing prostitution and working in your bar of their own volition so you should be held morally blameless. 

    You assert that the women are there of their own free will so it is OK what you are doing to these young girls. 

    Thais believe that prostitutes and bar girls are simply victims of their own karma. in this line of thinking, women either chose to be there or deserve to be there, so what’s the big deal, right?

        1. Sex workers are often immigrants, be they Laotian, Burmese or Cambodian, essentially economic refugees.
        2. Almost all are poor and uneducated. you don’t go from college to sex work in this country.
        3. Many are children. an estimated third of Thailand sex industry is underage.
        4. In one study, 40% of prostitutes had been physically abused as a child
        5. In that same study, 48% had been sexually assaulted

    Immigrants, poor women, victims of sexual assault and children don’t exactly make up an empowered citizen class.

    I would argue that for these women this work is against their will.

    Even for those girls who willfully enter prostitution, that’s not to say that they would still like to remain in the lifestyle.

     Michael Smith , Nick Dattoma,  Graham Jones , and Harry Zink you should be ashamed of your business and how you make a living.

  26. Same Old Same Old says:

    You boys (Kenny and Ken with a T) really should grow at least one pair of balls between the two of you and take your issues up with the Big Mango guys in person.

  27. Same Old Same Old says:

    I for one would be quite interested in knowing why you girls continue to include Michael and Nick in your grudge match when you guys are well aware that they haven’t had any financial interest in the bar for over 2 years.

  28. Information Corrector says:

    Nicholas Dattoma and Michael Francis Smith are still majority shareholders in the corporation that owns the bar and they are still on the lease responsible for paying monthly rent and receiving their security deposit when the lease expires.

    They might have made some kind of profit sharing agreement in exchange for not having to manage the bar on a day to day basis but they are still the legal owners and get the residual income as owners. 

    You can go out to Chaeng Wattana and check the corporation registration. They are public records. 

    The point holders who financed the construction of the current location have not been refunded their money and they are still underwater on their investment. No effort has been made to make them whole. 

  29. Old News says:

    Looks like someone got themselves old information which needs to be corrected.


    Do not confuse the dumbasses with the facts. It’ll make their heads explode.

    Especially Kenny.

  31. Search Engines Love Ronru says:

    How are things my sexual deviant friend? Get any visits to your home yet?

  32. Information Corrector says:

    Tell where I am wrong.

    Have the point holders gotten their money back?

    Or did it disappear when the principles allegedly sold out their interests? 

  33. Ronru or Kenny posting as Information Corrector says:

    Whoever you are, you’re an idiot. First, youre wrong because your response fails to support your claim that Michael and Nick are not involved with the bar. Youre an idiot because your questions out you as one.

    The only owner of the bar is now Graham according to comments that have been made on several websites. It would have been Michael and Nick, along with any other investors, who would have gotten their money back.

    What’s ironic, and further outs you as an imbecile, in your effort to malign them by insinuating point holders have not gotten any money back, is you are effectively accusing them of not paying themselves any money for cashing out of the business.

    So Kenny Ronru, asking dumb, dumb questions further exposes the obvious. Years have passed since this website was started and you’re still filled with anger and hatred against them. Isn’t it time to get over it?

  34. Misinformation Corrector says:

    Ignore anything Information Corrector posts. It’s nonsense.


  35. Look it up. says:

    Australia’s Criminal Code Stalking Amendment Act 1999

    359B. “Unlawful stalking” is conduct
       a.  intentionally directed at a person (the “stalked person”); and
        b. engaged in on any 1 occasion if the conduct is protracted or on more than 1 occasion; and
        c. consisting of 1 or more acts of the following, or a similar, type-
            i. following, loitering near, watching or approaching a person;
            ii. contacting a person in any way, including, for example, by telephone, mail, fax, e-mail or through the use of any technology;
            iii. loitering near, watching, approaching or entering a place where a person lives, works or visits;
            iv. leaving offensive material where it will be found by, given to or brought to the attention of, a person;
            v. giving offensive material to a person, directly or indirectly;
            vi. an intimidating, harassing or threatening act against a person, whether or not involving violence or a threat of violence;
            vii. an act of violence, or a threat of violence, against, or against property of, anyone, including the defendant; and    that-
            d. would cause the stalked person apprehension or fear, reasonably arising in all the circumstances, of violence to, or against property of, the stalked person or another person; or
            e. causes detriment, reasonably arising in all the circumstances,to the stalked person or another person.

  36. Harry Zink of Tuluca Lake, CA Sucks Cocks says:

    I paid a visit to to The Big Mango bar in Bangkok.  I used the toilet.  While in the toilet Harry Zink of Tuluca Lake, CA  asked if he could suck my dick. I let him as he held a knife to my throat.  I came in Harry Zink’s mouth and he swallowed my semen.  Harry Zink of tuluca Lake, CA then told me that he was raped by his father over a period if seven years.  Harry Zink is a victim of rape.  I felt sorry for him and then fucked him up the ass.

  37. I am a business GENIUS says:

    Great new marketing plan for the Big Mango.

    Let’s post pictures of our customers, identify them by name, post where they live and cyber stalk them.

    Every customer will want to patronize our bar so they can be cyberstalked too. 

  38. No. I am the Real business Genius says:

    Let’s break Australian laws and make ourselves  criminals.

    That way when our Australian customers return home they can be arrested and questioned by the Australian police.

    Good business plan.  

  39. Potential Mango Customer says:

    Honestly, why would I ever become a Mango customer?

    I want pictures of me in a sex business posted on the internet and a crowd of yahoos blackmailing me.

    Does the Mango have any customers these days?

    Hard to believe given what the owners, their friends and customers, and blog contributors do to people who support the bar.

  40. Protonic says:

    It’s always amazed me that the Mango supporters have never accepted that there are a large group of people who hate them. Maybe it’s because they lorded it over “lesser mortals” bragging about pussy they were banging that others couldn’t get or because they tried to beat up harmless Kenny for the sin of disagreeing with them about where to meet girls but their arrogance was anything but endearing. Surely they can’t believe their own press to the extent they are blind to why they are just not liked by many people.


    Is it any mystery why there are a large group of people who hate The Mango Crew? 

    Here they are outing their customers. Posting pictures of them on the internet, publishing their names, and emailing their families and friends back in their home country.

    Is it any mystery why the bar has no customers?

    What normal person would go near the place?

    Even if you are an Expat working in Bangkok, do you want your Thai employer to find his name and his employees name associated with a sex business? 

    Maybe the bar should be renamed the The Big Mango Private Club-Members Only

    Personally, I would never go near the Big Mango. Too dangerous associating or having anything to do with what’s goes on there. 


  41. Knowing the history of Kenny and his buddies says:

    That’s a good thing that you don’t like to visit there. All the sexual deviants have been run off leaving the freaks like you that want to hang with kenny looking for new places to go.

    P.S. Ronru, find any new places to take your under aged tarts?

  42. Ronru says:


    Lets make some more hate posts on this thread about Mango customers dropping in for a beer and ending up with their names and photos posted on the internet by Harry Zink,


  43. Rhetorical Question says:

    What customers?

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  45. Willie says:

    Based upon what has been said on this blog, running people like Keith, Ronru and Kenny off from the Big Mango is a good thing. Who wants guys that have the single purpose of traveling to Thailand in search of cheap sex with under age girls in their place of business?

    It is well documented that you’ve gone to the rural parts of Thailand and engaged under age girls in karaoke bars, night clubs and at private homes where parents were pimping out their daughters for sex. You guys are a sick lot that need counseling.

  46. Willie says:

    P.S. – Your hosting service is terrible. Took almost 2 minutes for this page to load.

  47. Fat Fuck says:

    Do thai girls go for fat fucks?

  48. The Answer says:

    As long as you have money thai girls will go for fat fucks.

  49. Hate and Vindictive says:

    If you’re an angry person and generally hate life is thailand a good vacation spot?

  50. The Answer says:

    No. Thailand is the land of smiles. The people there don’t like angry.

  51. Under Aged Whoremonger says:

    How easy is it to find under age girls in Thailand?

  52. The Answer says:

    It is very easy to find. There are archived posts with GPS coordinates from this blog that will tell you where to go

  53. A Better Answer says:

    Why not just ask Kenny or Ronru.

  54. NEWSFLASH says:

    Nothing but Kenny sockpuppets posting here. 


  55. MORE NEWSFLASH says:

    Graham Jones brothel owner doesn’t read this blog. 



    Michael Francis Smith got fired from for being a human trafficker.


  57. Whole Lotta Nothin says:

    So this is what’s left of the sex tourism website. What a let down.

  58. Whole Lotta Nothin says:

    What is your day job? Janitor? Garbage collector?

  59. Whole Lotta Nothin says:

    Now I see it. Child molesting sex tourist.

  60. Whole Lotta Nothin says:

    You guys are sick sick sick sick sick. Get help.

  61. Whole Lotta Nothin says:

    This guy said it best

    Willie says:
    December 21, 2012 at 6:01 am

    Based upon what has been said on this blog, running people like Keith, Ronru and Kenny off from the Big Mango is a good thing. Who wants guys that have the single purpose of traveling to Thailand in search of cheap sex with under age girls in their place of business?

    It is well documented that you’ve gone to the rural parts of Thailand and engaged under age girls in karaoke bars, night clubs and at private homes where parents were pimping out their daughters for sex. You guys are a sick lot that need counseling.

  62. Protonic says:

    More like they have run off potential customers. 

    What happened to the feel good vibe? 

  63. Truth Corrector says:

    Kenny’s advice was always to go off “The Reservation” and date normal girls that had nothing to do with bars and prostitution. 

    That was what angered The Big Mango owners. They were promoting prostitution and giving customers tours of sex businesses, while Kenny was saying find normal girls at the malls and Starbucks .


  64. I wanna know says:

    Didn’t Kenny instruct people on how to pick up hookers at Thermae in one post?

    Why yes, yes he did.

  65. Factoid - SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores for Prostitution says:

    His stories with GPS coordinates were about where to find underage girls.

  66. Truth Corrector says:

    Graham Jones boasts on the Mango Blog that he will give sex tours to customers. He will take newbies to Nana and Cowboy and mentor them about what to pay and will take them to the big whorehouses on Rachada like Poisedon. 

  67. The Piedog says:

    Judgemental nonsense.  Inaccurate rubbish.  Bitter garbage.  The idea of going to a  Buddhist Shrine to pick up distressed women, many of whom may well be sex workers shows how low,  sly, dishonest, crass, underhand and grotesque actually BBK is.  I would like to say was. But he is still is.   The guys at Big Mango Bar were correct to censor this nasty comment by BBK.   As for the rest of BBKs narcissistic, egotistical rambling:  You need help pal.  You are nothing but a poacher turned gamekeeper. What a hypocrite.  What a vile betrayer.  What a big girl!

  68. Moronru says:

    Can you tell me what this  means?

    I am sure I’m not the only one puzzled by this literary reference.

    You are nothing but a poacher turned gamekeeper. 

  69. Truth Corrector says:

    It means Piedog is a drunk Mango Boy high on Methampehtine sitting at his keyboard typing nonsense. 

  70. Ronru says:

    Hey DUMBASS!

    You call Kenny  “low,  sly, dishonest, crass, underhand and grotesque” for advising men to give up on prostitutes and try to meet educated Thai women of good breeding. 

    What do you call Nicholas Dattoma, Harry Zink of Fizbin Consulting, Graham Jones, and Michael Francis Smith of who decided to make a living by opening a bar that features in-house prostitutes they sell to their customers for cash?

    Outstanding humanitarians?


  71. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for SexTourists says:

    Well …… without those guys, where would kenny go for his hooker fix?

    Oh that’s right, he’s got turned down because the girls aren’t required to go with customers so he took his limp dick down to the SWSM.


  72. Ronru says:

    Hey DUMBASS.

    Putting a _ between letters means the search engines won’t reference it.

    BTW, the Iphone sucks. 


  73. Michael Smith of says:

    The girls we rent for sex like it.

    Nobody forces them to sell their vaginas.

    They want the money.

    The part we let them keep that is.

    Michael Smith, Chief Product Office of 

  74. Sudesh Iyer, CEO of says:

    I don’t feel having a known human trafficker as the public face of our company tarnishes our brand name.


  75. Harold Zink of Toluca Lake, CA was fucked by Graham Smith of the Big Mango Bar, Bangkok Thailand. Harry Zink suffered a ruptured rectum. When Harold Zink asked Graham Smith to pay the cost of fixing his ruptured anus, Graham Smith repsonded with "FUCK YOU says:

    That was a direct quote from Graham Smith of the Big Mango Bar.  I saw him fucking Harry Zink int he back room and several days later I heard him refuse to pay the cost to fix Harry Zink’s ass.  the odd thing is that Harry Zink of Toluca Lake, CA lets Graham fuck him up the ass, and then defends him here with an army of soc puppets.  
    Further I know that Graham Smith is a motherfucker, as he has admitted that he had sex with his mother several times.  He further stated that his mother gives a very good blow job.  Graham Smith also was raped by his father everyday for a seven year period.  Maybe rape is too strong of word as Graham did enjoy it.  That is why Graham Smith of the Big Mango Bar has sex with Thai men of questionable age.
    I am typing this using the wifi of the Big Mango Bar in Bangkok Thailand.  Graham is such a fucking idiot.  But thanks to his idiocy I can do this.

  76. What he really said says:

    Hey there Ronru, search engines really love your name and sex tourist from Melbourne.

  77. What he really said says:

    Now why was my comment about sex tourism and Ronru moderated?

  78. What he really said says:

    So much for no censorship. For more about Ronru, his under aged antics and sex tourist travels visit the Big Dummy Kenny site. That’s what I did.

    Unlike this website, it’s informative and there’s no censorship.

  79. What he really said says:

    For more about Ronru visit the Big-Dummy Kenny website. That’s what I did.

    Unlike this website, it’s informative and there’s no censorship.

  80. What he really said says:

    Interesting Kenny. You hate the BDK website so much any comment with the full name in it is moderated. That’s some funny shit!

  81. Voice of Reason says:

    Who did Graham ever hurt?

  82. Steady Mango Customer says:

    I love the Mango.

    When I want some peace and quiet and get away from noisy crowds, I get a beer at The Mango.

    It’s always empty and tranquil. I always have the place to myself.  🙂

  83. The Real Daffy Duck says:

    I find the claims and disparaging remarks that are made about me, to be despicable.  We may have our differences but the language and statements here are beyond the pale. 
    I just want to clear things up.  First, I will end the constant posts that I made against you, Kenny, and this page.  We will have a ‘truce’ so to speak.  I do this as I am tired of what has gone on, and yes much of it is my fault, and I hope you, Kenny, will agree with me and just move on.
    Second, ‘what he really said’ is a little off on the censorship issue at my website.  I have never claimed that there is no censorship, and will censor posts if they in any way impugn either Graham or myself.  It is my website and I feel this is fair.
    I know in the past on other websites I have been a troll.  Yes, I have made many posts here using ‘sock puppets’ and in the future I will not, at least here.  
    I know that I am not an easy person to get to know, and at times I come off very abrasive.  I will not be posting here so that will no longer be an issue here.  In the words of Rodney King, can’t we all get along?

  84. Graham says:

    Daffy and I have spoken of this issue and we are both in agreement that all this internet fun and games has got to come to an end.  In that regard I will no longer use my sock puppets to post on this site.  Also I will not interfere in Kenny’s professional life in the future.  I hope there is reciprocity from the users of this site. As with Daffy, I can be an annoying cunt at times, and I apologize for that.  I’ll be working on that, and hope that we can all prosper in the new year if we get off on the right foot.

  85. Raul Villegas says:

    I was at the Big Mango on my big trip to Thailand.  I had been dreaming of this trip for a long long time.  I went to the Big Mango Bar and had a burger.  It did not taste very good.  I got sick that night but felt better the next night.  I went back to the Big Mango and I met Graham.  He is different that I expected from reading this webpage.  He is not vile but rather he is a little bit effeminate.  Perhaps though this is because he is from England.  I think Harold Zink was there also as there was a rather horrible person that was leering at the young ladies.  When he stood up it was clear that he had an erection.  Yes, a small one but an erection none the less. 
    I asked graham why he allowed such things as that in his bar.  Graham got upset with me, and said that Harry Zink was his friend.  He started to get angry with me, and we ended up going out front to ‘settle the score’ as Graham said.  I am from Panama as you know and I kicked Graham’s ass with little problem.  People like him talk a good game but in real life they are rather effeminate and as we say in panama ‘bitches’. 
    Someone mentioned censorship at harry zink’s website.  I know for a fact that there is.  He will not let the truth of Graham’s effeminate nature to be told there.  He changed the words of a post that I made, and I would have made an issue out of it, but I was using the wifi at the Big Mango and unlike Graham I have dignity.

  86. Smurf Daddy says:

    Good to see Ronru still using Graham, RealDaffyDuck and the Raul Villegas names.

  87. Smurf Daddy says:

    I wonder how Ronru likes his real name associated with under aged sex on web searches.

  88. English Professor says:

    Mr. Villegas,

    I think you meant Beeeeeches  not bitches.

  89. Profesor Johnston T. Hayes, says:

    That’s funny smurf daddy.  I read your post and it is written in the exact same manner of Graham Smith, owner of the Big Mango Bar in Bangkok.  Further, lets look at the name Smurf Daddy.  It is a well know fact that Graham Smith was molested my his father for a 7 year period.  He has spoken of this episode often.  That is where the Daddy comes from.  Smurf is most likely derived when a man, such as Harry Zink, has a mouth full of semen, and say “spoofed” as in “Fuck Graham, you just spoofed in my mouth.”  In this case, where Harry Zink has a mouth full of semen, it would come out sounding thus: “frrrkkk grrammmm uuuu jjssstt smurfed nnnnmmmiiii  moooottttthhh.”
    Thus, through analyzing the patterns of your writing it has been established that you are a troll, and your name is Graham Smith.

  90. Ronru Posting as Another Sockpuppet Professor says:

    Whole lotta bullshit going on here.

  91. Bill says:

    Interesting development Ronru. You’ve got your head so far up Kenny’s butt you now think you’re qualified to comment as a Professor? Well, if Bullshit is a qualification I can’t disagree.

  92. Ronru says:


    There is no bullshit here. Can’t you read the byline. No Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, No Bullshit.


  93. Mordu says:

    Has The Mango closed yet? Heard a rumor it was being converted into a short time hotel. 

  94. The Rumor Mongerers at BigBabyKenny says:

    Interesting. I heard a rumor that the mango was expanding and opening another location.

  95. Real Mordu says:

    Graham is opening a big sports bar.  He will  be bigger than ever and there will be no prostitutes employed by the bar. He is going legitimate. 

  96. The Judge says:

    Most of what you read here is bullshit and window dressing.

    The Judge

  97. Echelon 2012 Press Release. says:

    Michael is responsible for driving the product and technology that will bring premium online video content to Spuul customers across the globe. Michael has worked in the consumer internet space with Yahoo!, the enterprise software space with Weblogic/BEA and has been actively involved in the Asian startup community for over 10 years.
    Prior to Spuul, Michael worked with the Yahoo Developer Network in Asia Pacific. This entailed working with startups across Southeast Asia to build or partner with Yahoo. Michael also led the acquisition of Koprol which formed the foundation for Yahoo’s Indonesian engineering site.
    Michael has been living in Thailand and Singapore, working with technology startups across Southeast Asia and consulting with various companies across the region on their social media strategies.

    While in Thailand, Michael started The Big Mango Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 4. The Mango was built into one of the premier Bangkok brothels featuring many young girls who could be hired for sex by foreigners and resident foreigners. The brothel was promoted through it’s popular blog at While not playing an active management role, Michael is still a owner of the bar. 

    Before moving to Thailand, Michael worked for BEA Systems, Inc. in Hong Kong while managing their developer marketing strategies for Asia Pacific.
    Michael also previously served as a Junior CTO at BEA Systems in the Americas and worked at WebLogic – a company that was acquired by BEA Systems.

  98. Watcher says:

    Ken with a ‘t’ and Ken with a ‘ny’ –  when are you two going to be in Bangkok again as I hear Graham is wanting to see you pussies.

    I’ll pay money To see that showdown 

  99. Michael Smith, Chief Product Officer says:

    Spuul brings Bollywood and other Indian movies to Facebook with fully functional, elegant app

    by Jon Russel
    Spuul, the company that provides a streaming service for India movies and TV, has expanded its online presence with a Facebook app aimed at reaching new audiences and providing a more convenient user experience.

    The company has close to 500 movies and, after launching this year, it began gathering speed when it released its iOS app in May. Now it allows users to watch free and premium Indian video content via the world’s largest social network, but you’d be hard pressed to know that you weren’t in a dedicated video site or player, such is the experience. Spuul’s Facebook app is well designed and quick, allowing users to play videos in full-screen mode or within the regular Facebook site.

    The responsive design is elegant and Michael Smith, chief product officer and formerly with Yahoo in Asia, says that the layout will be standardized and rolling out to It is already used within Spuul’s updated iOS app, which now also includes subtitles like the Facebook app.

    Michael Smith originally moved from the United States to Bangkok where he opened a bar brothel called The Big Mango in the heart of the Thailand commercial sex district. The Big Mango features prostitutes on staff and helps newbies navigate the sex businesses of Thailand by offering advice and conducting free tours of the local sex businesses. The Big Mango acquires young girls from all over Southeast Asia and employs them as prostitutes. As part of their service, Big Mango girls are required to have sex with multiple customers per month and must entice customers to buy drinks. Girls not meeting quota are fined and docked a percentage of their salary. Michael is currently an owner but takes no part in day to day management of the bar brothel.

  100. Graham Eats His Own Shit. HAHA! says:

    People said it and I didn’t believe them.   Friends, Family, they all said it would come.  “You’ll get bored of life in Bangkok one day” they said.

    – I fear the day has come where they are right.

    I’ve always maintained that I’ll do what I do, whilst it’s fun.  And when it’s no longer fun, I’ll move on.

    For the past 2 months I’ve been in Bangkok.  I’ve made the odd trip here and there, but mainly, I’ve spent most of my time in Bangkok.  Bangkok is/was a place I loved.  I loved the buzz of the place.  The smells stopped me thinking I was somewhere else, the heat told me I was nowhere else but there.  The people were interesting and entertaining.

    But this has now passed.   People change.  Ideals change. Priorities change.  Most of all, Bangkok has changed.
    I used to look forward to walking down Sukhumvit Road at night.  I used to get excited about visiting gogo’s.  I used to enjoy buying dancers drinks.  I used to find it fun.

    Sukhumvit Road now makes me angry each time I walk down it.  The people hovering around there piss me off and I now deliberately bump into the ‘people’ so as to provoke some kind of retaliation so that I can vent my frustrations out on them for walking so slowly, stopping for no reason or for just being a B.O smelling M.F.

    Now when I hit the Plaza/Cowboy, I first have to plan my route because there are various gogos I want to avoid.  There are girls that I have known for many years and used to buy drinks for.  But now, many of them just piss me off now because they think they have some claim on me.  I don’t want to buy them drinks.  I want to buy a drink for someone I WANT to buy a drink for.  Not because some bint stands in front of me gesturing that the throat is sore.

    The bars have changed.  They have no soul.  No atmosphere.  No interest for me anymore.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not on a complete downer.  The only reason I am still in Bangkok now is because of the people in my ‘circle’ that keeps me returning.    We have people that come in the Mango that I don’t see as customers – but pals.  I look forward to seeing them and like spending time with them. (be that in the Mango or somewhere else)

    Bangkok has changed.  The visitors have changed.  The people I consider ‘friends’ are the only reason I am there.

    But, for every good person there is, there are a dozen arseholes.  We all know who they are.  These are the less popular people who have nothing better to do than talk shit about people.  I’ve no time for them.

    So what’s my little rant for?  Well, I am thinking this is my last year in Bangkok.  Not my last year in Thailand, but my last in Bangkok.   As much as Bangkok has changed, I guess I have too. Time to move on.

    I want a nice place near the beach with a private swimming pool.  Somewhere I can relax and not have to endure assholes each day. That rules out Pattaya.

    My top ten hates are still much as they were a while back.  All that’s changed is their place on the list.

    1) Arrogant Arabs walking down Suk
    2) Smelly cheap ass Indians – everywhere
    3) Sidewalks being blocked by beggars, vendors and assholes
    4) Crap service staff
    5) Taxi drivers not taking you where you want to go.
    6) Tuk Tuks
    7) Assholes
    8) Cheap Charlie mother fuckers
    9) Nigerians
    10) Certain English Teachers

    The thing is, I like Cities.  I’ve always lived in a City.  I am hoping that I’ll not get bored sitting by my pool everyday with a cold beer??  So I guess I better keep a place in Bangkok for the weekends?

    Carry on…..

  101. Graham Eats His Own Shit. HAHA! says:

    I tried to comment on this on the Mango Blog but my comment went to moderation. I waited a hole day and it never appeared so I am guessing it got censored. 

    What I wanted to say is that the Mango Boys are trying to spin their defeat into a victory.

    All three of them have lost their shirts trying to make money in Bangkok and are scurrying out of the country with their tails between their legs.

    Does this remind anyone else of Keith Summers and his exit from Thailand?  Or am I the only one?

  102. Fact Corrector says:

    You’re the only one.

  103. Correct Me If I am Wrong says:

    The Big Mango Brand was always based on a bar that had prostitutes working as hostesses and service staff.

    I guess the competition from the other brothels was too intense and The Big Mango got out competed by the other prostitution outlets.

    Honestly, it is difficult for a bar that pays taxes, the police, and obeys Thai labor laws to compete with the freelance prostitutes that are allowed to stand on the street and in the Nana parking lot and charge less.

    Toss in the shit location and the personality of the owners and it is no surprise the Mango is closing.  

  104. Graham Eats His Own Shit. HAHA! says:

     I posted another comment on the Mango Blog which was also censored about who owns the bar.

    Can someone give me a straight answer.

    Of the original 3 owners, who is still an owner. Obviously Graham Jones is a current owner but what about Michael Smith and Nicholas Dattoma? If the last two sold their interest who bought it? Are there new shadow owners?

    My other question that got censored, is “what happened to the point holders in The Big Mango.” Did the point holders ever get their money back or did they take a total loss?

    Thanks for any information in advance.  

  105. Interesting... says:

    Graham, since the business is falling apart & you’ve decided to do a runner to save face can I suggest you return home to that cold shithole you come from? I don’t want to see your fat pommie ass anywhere near me next time I roll into Bangkok. To show you its not all bad memories I’ll walk around to the boarded up Mango bar and have a laugh at you & your business partners outside as I observe the business for sale sign and have a piss on the door


  106. Friendly Advice says:

    Graham. Did it ever occur to you that writing in your blog that you hate most of your customers is not good for business.

    There are scores of bars that are making a profit on Soi 4. Yours is not one of them.

    You have no one to blame but yourself.

    You don’t know how to create a warm welcoming non threatening atmosphere where people will be comfortable and enjoy themselves.

    Instead you created a private club where the “in group” terrorizes the “out group”.

    Are you really puzzled about why your bar failed? 

  107. Rhetorical Question says:


    Don’t you ever get sick of throwing money into failing businesses?

  108. Sandeep Gupta says:

    Dearest Graham

    Myself and 9 of my closest friends will be jetting our way from Delhi to the exciting city of Bangkok very soon. We have heard nothing but good things about your bar and as such we wish to visit the Big Mango where you may entertain my posse of friends with your cheap liquor and loose whores

    Please note as this is a party of 10 then we expect to pay no more than 40% of your standard asking price for a bottle of beer and 33% for spirits. Roti’s are to be provided for free by your kitchen

    We also want a special price for your whores, lets say a 30 baht barfine for you the pimp, and 500 baht for 1 of your whores to have sex with all 10 of us the entire night

    This is a very fair financial arrangement I think you can see & I am looking forward to your positive reply Mr Graham

    May Krishna provide you and your girlfriend intimate relations that are disease free

  109. Graham says:

    Indians and Black people are not welcome at The Big Mango.

    When I walk down Sukhumvit, smell the B.O. smelling MF or run into a filthy black fucking nigger, I want to punch them in the face.

    Thank God I am not in America where I have to serve everyone.

    No niggers at The Big Mango. Period.  

  110. Pattaya Joe says:

    Graham. I can see how it’s “not fun” to add up the receipts every month and realize that you have to dump a couple of thousand into The Big Mango to keep it running.

    Was it fun to dump a fortune into The Duke of Wellington only to be forced to dump in thousands every month to pay suppliers and make payroll?

    How fun was it when all the expensive furnishings were ripped out and sold for scrap?

    You are a sane person. Of course, it’s not fun.

  111. Nondongo Dike says:

    Yo nigga Graham

    I is your favorite fan & as it be turns out I am not far from yous brother. I am down soi 3 ways, so close my honky friend. I wants to give yous some of my finest golden triangle oil my nigerian associate haff supplied me wiff. To you free if I can come wiff my blood gang & hang in yor pub. We be quiet & only want to sell your custumas drugs & pimp my bitchiz. Yous will give us drinks for free for our service to you

    Yous are now my blood frend Graham. I want to hang out wiff yous always

  112. A sad state of affairs says:

    Isn’t it interesting racist & bigot Graham H Jones, proprietor of the Big Mango Bar on Suk Soi4 Bangkok calls running his bar a “hobby” rather than a business. This is proof he makes no money from the bar whatsoever, & as with every “hobby” money has to put into it from ones own pocket

    I feel like walking down there & punching Graham Jones, that filthy english prick in the face but knowing the coward he’s likely got 4 or 5 goons waiting in the wings to jump me for his so called “one-on-one”


  113. Sister Suzy says:

    Graham. Losing your money is has turned you into a bitter hating person. Close the bar. Admit defeat. Leave Bangkok and move on with your life. Hopefully you will find happiness and peace in another place doing other things. Peace brother. 


  114. Graham says:

    Back home I was sick of the fucking Paki’s those muslim terrorist cunts. Then there were the West Indians, fucking Niggers, god they are ugly. Bangkok was the change I needed, a place where I could calm my internal racist rage & belittle the locals without fear of them understanding my racist put-downs

    Now look what has happened! Real Niggers from Africa  are invading my space, & now the fucking smelly curry munchers from India have decided they want to hang around my Soi too. This is a fucking bridge too far. Let me reitierate there”ll be no Niggers or curry munchers in my bar! 

    Graham aka Daywalker
    Big Mango Bar 

  115. Michael Smith, Chief Product Officer and Big Mango Bar Owner says:

    In Thailand, we are not subject to U.S. anti-racism laws. 

    We are free to deny service to Blacks and Indians.

    That being said, we only discriminate against Africans. American blacks are free to patronize our bar.

    I won’t say they are welcome with open arms but we won’t deny service. They can sit anywhere they want including the outside patio where people walking by can see them.

    Indians, even from America, are not welcome.

     Letting American blacks drink at our bar costs us money but we are not racists so we have to stand by our principles even though it reduces profit.

    Owner, Big Mango Bar

  116. Nicholas Dattoma, BEA Systems/Oracle India and Co-Owner of Big Mango Bar says:


    Let me amend your statement.

    Blacks can drink at the bar but they are not allowed to barfine or fuck any of our girls. 

    Management will be happy to show all Black customers the places on Soi4 where they can find prostitutes willing to have sex with them but we will not allow our girls to spread their legs for Black men.

    If we allowed it, none of our white customers would want anything to do with our girls and it would cost us too  much.

    Let me assure everyone we are not racists or bigots. It is a simply a money decision.

    Owner, Big Mango Bar 

  117. Warrren Buffet says:

    If anybody on my team so much as hinted the Big Mango Bar was a good investment then I would fire them on the spot

    As a case study on “How to screw up a business in 5 easy steps” then Graham, Nicholas, & Michael are your go-to men


  118. Yabba Dabba says:

    So another comment by Ken or Ronru hiding behind another name.


  119. Doo Doo says:

    Day after day, they have nothing better to do with their time. They have no real friends. What do you expect?

  120. Yabba Dabba says:

    I’m sure they have better things to do but they can’t afford to do it.

    Hahahaha Hehehehe Hohoho

  121. Doo Doo says:


    Nice one.

    I guess that when you’re a failure in life all you do is sit behind the keyboard and troll.

  122. Yabba Dabba says:

    Correct. Look at the Summers thread. Over 95% of all the comments come from a handful of IP addresses….and they aren’t in China or Thailand so cross Summers Wade and Stickman off your list.

    They’re trolling for an identity. Pathetic really. Self-importance and identity through an internet web site.

  123. Doo Doo says:

    Haha. You’re right. It’s quite a statement about their pathetic lives.

    Hi Kenny. Hi Ronru. What’s your plan for the weekend? What’s that? More BigBabyKenny trolling? I should have known.

  124. Yabba Dabba says:

    No, Kenny isn’t trolling. He does have something better to do. Look for a new job. How is that job search going Kenny?

    I bet it’s tough when your name is associated with sex tourism.

  125. Doo Doo says:

    Look, there are plenty of closet sex tourists in higher education. Maybe if Kenny played it up a bit more he’d find some fanboys that would be sympathetic and hire him.

  126. Yabba Dabba says:

    Maybe his best friend Ronru will hook Kenny up with something. Then they will be together and explore that homosexual relationship they’ve been having fantasies about.

    At the very least he’ll be closer to his favorite sex tourist destination.

  127. Doo Doo says:

    However you look at it one words sums it all up: Pathetic.

  128. Yabba Dabba says:

    I would add one word to that.

    Pathetic Losers.

  129. Venture Capitalist says:

    Interesting. Michael pitches himself nowadays as a Southeast Asian Start Up guru at tech conferences. 

    Reading Mangostorian gives some insight into his skillset and actual experience.

    He originally got his job at Yahoo pitching his experience starting web business in Thailand. Only speculation but most likely he didn’t tell them the true story of and Did he tell Yahoo executives about the commercial sex business which was used to seed these sites with reviews  Or the Fuck You ownership structure that left the venture capitalists with worthless investments and the upside financials in his and Nicholas Dattoma’s pocket? I doubt it. If he did he most likely would never have been hired. 

    Well he was eventually let go at Yahoo. One can only speculate as to reason. He spun his termination as bad management at Yahoo which stifled the innovation and creativity of young visionaries in an interview. My opinion is that if you want to label yourself as a young visionary you should have at least one success under your belt so my question for Michael Smith is where is your one successful tech start up? 

    At, Michael pitched himself as one of the original owners in an interview at a tech news site. The real owners read the article, contacted the authors, and made them print a retraction. Again Michael tried to pitch himself as a Southeast Asian Tech Start Up Guru and ended up being publicly embarrassed. Obviously, he has no equity interest in and, despite the grand title of Chief Product Officer, is most likely a paid by the hour programmer. 

    Why am I wasting my time writing this comment? No one reads this site. Right?


  130. Yabaa Dabaa says:

    Give Michael a break. He is only a community college graduate and his parents are white trailer trash. I think he is doing well for himself.

  131. Harry Zink Cyber Stalker says:

    I on the other hand went to high school in France and spent 8 years trying to get a B.A. in philosphy at UC Riverside. 

    Hard to understand why I am unemployed.

    Why doesn’t anyone want to hire me? 

  132. It's Dead Jim says:

    Harry I thought you would be flat out with your new chat feature talking to those 1000’s, ok 100’s, well maybe 10’s?, shit only 2 other people! Your  site is just picking up readers so darn fast!

    There’s not much 3 intellectual light-weights can talk about is there Harry. Yourself, Graham, & BBG. So with all that spare time you’ve come over here thinking you’re Fred Flintstone? Tut tut Harry. You’re daffyduck remember!

  133. Real Daffy Duck says:

    I have friends. Really I do. Yup. Lots of them. 

  134. hitty says:

    Only low life under educated or a scammer can move to a low life country like Thailand.
    And fat old man as well…..Thailand is made for low life….so please stay not come back to WEST…..low life .left the West to meat low life stay there.
    AIDS meets fat bastard=DEAD….thank you Mcdonald for time.NOW we get fat Thai FAT men will die from gagging the fat arse of the THAI GO GO issan village girl  KFC

  135. hitty says:

    Real Daffy Duck, you are my friend, let me take you to China, they love a duck and a fuck with a small prick

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  138. Bangkok Bhuddy says:

    Guys you can come with me to ogle, drink beer, & then ogle some more. But if anyone rubs my leg, pats my bottom, or sticks their hand down my pants, they will be subjected to a delisting from my blog, evil stares and sulking from yours truely, and zero invites to Pattaya

  139. Downtown John Brown says:

    I was always a dick in the BM. What better place to be a dick than in Bangkok. Am I right? Anyone?

  140. Steven Frank says:

    Kenny, the previous comment was not me.

    Please delete it. Thanks in advance.

    Your Pal,
    Steven Frank

  141. Slappy says:

    BBK loves the big mango

  142. Slappy says:

    Do you ever dream of how it would feel to be normal?

    Kenny does.

  143. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for ball massage bangkok thailand

  144. John Brown says:

    Big Black Gulliver. Who is he? Can someone post his real name and country.

    Please help me give him what he deserves.

    I know he has fucked with people and there must be someone who wants to out him.

  145. Insider says:

    John Brown aka Steven Frank in Phuket – originally from Hawaai. – YOU are the asshole in the room.

    It’s YOU that is to get what’s deserved.

    We love BBG. He is short and bald did you know? 😉

  146. Outer says:

    Steven Frank aka John Brown aka Willie Brown?

    Bay Area Batty Boyz.

  147. Jason Lloyd says:

    Big Black Gulliver is:

    Name: Michael Francis Smith
    Hometown: Sacramento
    Education: Sierra Community College
    Degree: AA Computer Science
    Current Residence: Chon Buri, Thailand
    Status: Cohabiting with ex-prostitute. One mixed raced daughter born out of wedlock.

  148. Insider says:

    Jason Lloyd – you are wrong, dick head.

    Not even close.

  149. Fact Corrector says:

    His name’s not ‘dickhead’ – his name’s Steven Frank @ ginsudpo @


  150. Jason Lloyd says:

    Cmon somebody.

    You don’t think BigBlackGulliver deserves a little legal whup ass?

    Somebody knows his real name.

    Give it up. Pleeeeeeeeease.

  151. Steven Frank Is DONE says:

    Dead meat boy.

  152. Jason Lloyd Legal Team says:

    That’s right Big Black Gulliver. There is a cease and desist order waiting for you too.

    Somebody please give up Big Blacks name and address so the process server can serve the papers.

    Do you know what a default judgement is?

    That’s when you get served and don’t show up in court.

    It’s the same as admitting fault in a civil proceeding.

    After you’ve been served and don’t appear in court the judge awards damages just like you actually spent thousands of dollars and hired a lawyer and defended yourself.

  153. Insider says:

    @ Jason. You dick head. Do you actually think that anyone here who knows who BBG is, actually supports anyone here other than BBG himself?

    You are a moron if you think otherwise.

    It’s hilarious to see the assholes here get a taste of their own medicine.

  154. Phunny Phucker says:

    Stupid fuck lawyer wannabes are showing up. Now this is funny. I’m sure BBG is shaking. Please someone out Gully because so many people have been wronged by him.

    BBK – The blog by fuckwits for fuckwits.

  155. Jason Lloyd says:

    Somebody knows BigBlackGullivers legal name and address.

    Please post it. He deserves what he gets.

  156. Cease and Desist says:

    Hey Dumbass, nobody need to go to court and default damages aren’t awarded for cease and desist orders.

    What does he need to cease and desist? Outing you as fools? You guys already do a great job of that yourselves.

  157. The Truth Hurts says:

    Is BBG’s prostitute girlfriend screwing the local baht bus drivers? You bet

    Nothing like aiming high but accepting the lowest of the low. Nice 1 Gully

    A hahahaha, a lttle Hehehehe, & a mighty Hohohoho

  158. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Just to make it clear to you fuck ups.

    Anyone who posts my name or any personal information is going to get a beating from yours truly.

    So think carefully before you type.

  159. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Just to make it clear, isn’t it great that anyone can use anybody’s screen name on Bigbabykenny?

  160. Thanks forr sharing your thhoughts on Mayfair Bangkok Marfriott Executive Apartments

  161. Cluster Fucker says:

    Dear real Cluster Fucker. Sorry I am stealing you screen name. I just like it too much. So for all the regulars here, I will be Cluster Fucker in the future and don’t confuse me with the real Cluster Fucker.

    Now on to what I have to say.

    Kenny. Thanks for producing the most entertaining Thailand website on the internet. Reading the moronic banter among Thai expat losers boxing it out here everyday trying to land punches that no one and I mean absolutely no one cares about is funnier and in a weird alternative world way so so soooooo oddly compelling.
    If anyone doubts the class of people who populate the internet boards 10 minutes reading the BigBabyKenny comments leaves no doubt. Midget wrestling. Retard Jeopardy. Choose you won description.

    There is no new content but a weekly peruse of the comments always produces a chuckle. Keep up the good work.

    Cluster Fuck is an accurate description of

  162. Real Cluster Fucker says:

    No worries CF. As someone wrote, the real difficulty of commenting on BBK.COM is deciding what screen name to steal.


    P.S. Kenny, youte a miserable fuck. Stop deleting comments. Especially mine you fat fuck.

  163. Nicholas Dattoma says:

    Still stranded in India making minimum wage while living in a 10×10 1 room sweatbox.

    Fuck I’d like to get a job in Silicon Valley but with my human trafficking on record no way that is going to happen.

    Like sucks. Really

  164. Michael Francis Smith. says:

    Look at me. Hahahahahaha.

  165. Proud to be gay says:

    Oh yeah, Michael looks a hunk & thankfully gay, I can tell by the ear-ring and the sparkle in his eye he’s had at least 1 up the khyber pass

    I’m going to send him a photo of my erection. I want that ass lubed up and ready before Xmas

  166. Plump Butt says:

    I’ve pumped ken in the ass. just like sticking my tool in a warm peach pie

  167. Peach Pie says:

    Leave us out of it

  168. Killing Time says:

    Is there a time limit on posting stupid articles? I see there must not be going on the content.

  169. Cousin of Cluster Fucker says:

    How you doing boys?

  170. Real Cluster Fucker says:

    How is the enrollment this fall? I hear its low. you’re a fraud and peiple are catching on.

  171. Real Cluster Fucker says:

    P.S. Did you thunk you could hide behind that stupid grading curve forever?


  172. Information Correctir says:

    Deleting comments is censorship you fucking retard.

  173. Thanksgiving Cum Gobblers says:

    Gobble this while you contemplate what a giant FAIL your life is.

  174. Michael Francis Smith. says:

    I am a human trafficker who makes money pimping young Thai girls.


  175. Serious Question says:

    Does this remind you of anything?

  176. Barry Obama says:

    How’s your healthcare? Whhhhheeeeeeeeee.

  177. Barry Obama says:

    Phunny Phucker,

    Not funny.

  178. Jason Lloyd says:

    I know there is someone who knows Big Black Gulliver’s real name.

    Please post it here so Legal Team can go after him.

    His DOB and the town where he went to high school would also be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

  179. Where's Waldo says:

    Still cant find him can ya numbnuts?

  180. Jason Lloyd says:

    Big Black Gulliver has been a dick to so many people.

    Only a matter of time before someone gives up his name, DOB, and hometown so the lawyers can get to work.

    If you are a humanitarian and would like to see him run to ground please do the world a service and post the information here.

  181. Real Cluster Fucker says:

    Who has BBG been a dick to, your mom? I was a dick to her too, about 10 inches worth! Hahahas

  182. Peanut gallery says:

    Since when is being a dick a reason you need to get lawyers involved? You must be a yank.

  183. Cluster Fucker says:

    Unlike the other fucktards on this site, I, Cluster Fucker, admits when I am wrong.

    I meant a Monumental Penis who has fucked with too many people for too long.

    Let’s bring this Monumental Penis to ground. Yeah Baby!

  184. I gotta say says:

    Timber. It’s going down

  185. Its Dead Jim says:

    Nicholas Dattoma left India and moved back to the San Francisco. He took a job at Evault as Director of Engineering, Cloud Systems, and Solutions in February 2014.

  186. Crapola says:

    Who’s the owner of this website?

    Reads like a collection of drunk college student short stories

  187. fishsticks says:

    I enjoy reading the escapades of this wacky bunch of go-getters. If I were to write a fiction novel it would be much better than this.

  188. fishsticks says:

    Then again this sounds like a poorly written fiction short story.

  189. Too Funny says:

    Hard to believe you still paying the domain fees you numpty. That’s too funny.

  190. Graciela says:

    Sorry for teasing you with this Martini Chau But your fidrnes will love it, and I know you will too eventually!!! I think we’ll be having some of these tonight for NYE!!!

  191. Kingston says:

    It’s good to see fools waste money.

  192. Graciela's Revenge says:

    Marker these words.

    I will fine you Graciela

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