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In the graphic you can see the results of a recent opinion poll run by the Bangkok Post.



To the question, “Do you agree with the opinion piece that having armed soldiers on Bangkok streets conveys the wrong message?  The soldiers are there as part of the government plans to keep Bangkok safer,” 76.8% of respondents said YES they agreed that it sent the wrong message.

Here are some key excerpts from the opinion piece published last week:

“Security authorities from the government on down have taken many wrong steps in their effort to make Bangkok safer. Seeing armed soldiers on seemingly every street corner and public place is not at all reassuring for Bangkokians or visitors. The troops convey almost every wrong image, while failing to address the problem of the continuing bomb and grenade attacks.

Creating an armed camp in the capital will heighten fear without affecting the odious group behind the serial bomb attacks.

One must credit Deputy PM Suthep Thaugsuban and his military-controlled Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES) with one thing: when they said last week they would keep 464 Bangkok locations under 24-hour military surveillance, they were entirely truthful. By Saturday, Bangkok was figuratively a sea of green. Groups of soldiers in combat gear, rifles unshouldered and ready, were seemingly everywhere. Head for the skytrain station, walk warily past heavily armed troops. Go to the mall, edge by the soldiers.

The reason for this overkill (pardon the expression), is to divert attention. The unnecessary CRES and the long outdated state of emergency have failed to prevent bomb explosions and grenade attacks. They have also failed to identify any suspects in these deadly incidents.

This is the reasoning of the public statements by the army, police, CRES and Mr Suthep, who is in charge of all security matters: since the military-directed state of emergency and curtailing civil rights have failed to prevent violence, it is necessary to increase military control and further erode public confidence.

Clearly, this goes against common sense. Soldiers on every corner, ready to fire, is the worst possible image this country and its capital can send abroad. It inhibits public movement and harms business. It may even send the wrong message to the terrorist group behind the bombs and grenade attacks, daring them to defy the massive security with yet more explosives. Furthermore, the past attacks have all been standoff assaults, not the sort of offence which directly challenges any guards _military or otherwise.

Mr Suthep, the CRES and the army also have failed to think through this unprecedented show of military force on an almost entirely peaceful capital. If there is another attack such as the one at NBT television station last week, what next? A curfew? A checkpoint on every corner, demanding identity papers?

In case you don’t know the background here, let me touch on a few key points.  Back in April, May and June there were large scale protests by the anti-government “red shirts” who eventually took over control of the Ratchaprasong commercial shopping area of Bangkok.  The two-month long protest ended in a bloody dispersal, with act of arson and vandalism that caused massive damage to the area; the most notable being the destruction by fire of Central World Shopping Center.

During the protests the government instituted a State of Emergency in Bangkok and nearly two dozen other provinces, which creates special rules for control of civil order.   For a short time curfews were in effect in the capital city, though they were lifted rather quickly.

The state of emergency decree, however, has not been lifted, although relative calm has been restored (many people would say that you don’t need the word “relative” – that, in fact, things have returned to normal).

Some people argue that the State of Emergency is no longer needed; that the current government is behaving in an oppressive manner by not lifting it.  The government defends itself, saying that the powers of civil control that are allowed under the Emergency decree are the reason for the generally good order in Bangkok, that threats to the security and peace of Thailand generally and Bangkok specificially are still very real, and that maintaining order in the near future means continuing the 5-month old state of emergency.

Here are a few of the key issues that relate to the Emergency Decree:

1.        Some Normal Civil Rights are suspended

Several red shirt leaders (newspapers commonly estimate about 100 people) are being detained (jailed or imprisoned) indefinitely.  Without the State of Emergency decree, this would be illegal, but under the special rules for maintaining civil order the police are allowed to hold suspects without the normal requirements of evidence, charge or arraignment.

Anti-government critics say that the government is extending the State of Emergency to facilitate the suppression of its political opposition.

2.       Recent bombings and attempted bombings

Over the past several weeks there have been at least three bombs or rocket launched grenades which have exploded in the streets of Bangkok, with the focal point of the attacks being the Victory Monument area, which is always a hotspot for political activity.  Two men, a garbage collector and a security guard, have been seriously wounded, and one person has died.

There was a recent explosion that resulted in minor property damage but no injuries outside of a Thai TV station.

Last week the news was full of reports that three bombs, all made by the same source, had been discovered and defused.  One was in a central area of Bangkok, while the other two were in the nearby province of Nonthaburi.

The government says that the bombings make it clear that the state of emergency is necessary to maintaining civil order.  Critics point to the bombings as evidence that the state of emergency, having been in place for so long, is ineffective.  There are even voices that suggest that the attacks are part of a program backed by pro-government or pro-army elements designed to demonstrate a lack of stability in order to justify the continuing state of emergency.

The government was very clear that it believed that the most recent bomb plot was foiled due to the powers provided under the emergency decree.

3.       Soldiers in the streets

On Saturday the 5th of September soldiers appeared in a number of key areas around Bangkok, on the streets and, notably, at many BTS stations.  The government said that, following the bombing incidents, it was stepping up security in key areas.

The editorial and poll at the top of this blog appeared in response to the deployment of armed soldiers in full combat fatigues around Bangkok.

I have to say, it doesn’t quite look like an armed state.  On Monday this week we saw about a dozen soldier – primarily bored looking conscripts with rifles – standing in small groups at the Victory Monument BTS station.  It was mildly unnerving, but not overly so.

By Wednesday the soldiers had a table at one end of the station, topped with a green, black and brown camouflage table cloth, and they were sitting on plastic chairs looking very relaxed, and not much like they were ready to instantly stop any act of terrorism.

Personally it seems to me that armed soldiers on the streets and in train stations aren’t the most effective way to combat terrorism.  It seems more like a PR measure; and especially in a country that has been battling a series of obstacles in the tourism industry from the closure of the airport to riots in the streets to a dramatically strengthened baht, armed soldiers in the streets doesn’t do much to reinforce the image of the Land of Smiles.  A group of better trained and lower profile professionals seems to be a superior option.

4.       September 19

If you work in Thailand or you are planning a vacation in Thailand, you may want to be aware that Sunday, 19 September, will mark the fourth anniversary of the military coup that ousted the then-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

The government is warning that anti-government groups will try to cause disruptions on that day.  They warn of possible protests, bombs or other acts of violence, and say that the State of Emergency is necessary to maintain order in the face of these anticipated protests.

They may be right.  The red-shirts are angry.  They are angry about the suppression of their protests in April, May and June, and they remain angry about the military coup of 2006.  They are angry that, having prevailed in the elections of 2007, they saw two successive Prime Ministers removed from office, to be replaced by K. Abhisit, whom they see as a puppet of the military.  They are angry at what they call “double standards” – the imprisonment of red-shirt leaders for protests this year while no action has been taken against the yellow shirt leaders for the airport closure two years ago, as well as their allegations of widespread corruption in the current government, and the seeming protection and privilege offered to the wealthy upper class in contrast to the oppression of the working class.

The red shirts are angry about a lot of things, so September 19th may, indeed, prove to be a flashpoint for that anger.

So, should the State of Emergency remain in place?

My opinion doesn’t really matter at this point.    The Prime Minister has made it clear that it will remain in place for the time being, and that Bangkok will be the last province where it is lifted.

For now, circle September 19th on your calendars. The simmering discontent in Thailand may not boil over on that day, but if it does, you may want to be close to home.

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  1. FatPrick says:

    What happened to your website?

  2. Pol Pot says:

    Who fucking cares?

  3. ronru says:

    In *normal* democracies the police, and not the military, is used to quell civil unrest but I suppose Thailand is different. Who gives a shit about this boring stuff.

    Werewolf, I’m much more interested in you disclosing further locations where one can find – well, how shall I put it so BBK doesn’t “reduct” my comment – 33kg spinners ? 

    There was wealth of information in your blog archive. Nudge nudge wink wink..

  4. ronru says:

    WW, in November last year you wrote “I haven’t checked the ID of every go go dancer I’ve ever bar fined.”
    Unfortunately I’m very restricted in what I can write because certain topics in this blog are now subject to heavy censorship but seeing that you like them “light weight” shouldn’t you have checked their I.D’s ?

  5. SBODTWAT says:

    Werewolf, did Snitch end up telling your ugly girlfriend about the blog ?

  6. EvilElvis says:

    September 19 hey…

    By my calculations, a little civil unrest, another airport closure, a smattering of frogshit between warring factions and everything should be hunky dory by the time I arrive on the night of the 20th.

    Ah crap…

  7. Dumbass roustabout says:

    F-U-C-K me arse if I miss your blog punk.

  8. Gordon Brown says:


    It is Nick, Michael, Graham and the rest of the Big Mango crew who not long ago encouraged and cheered low-lives who referred to you (BBK and Prufrock) as Nazis and threatened to kill you ! 
    To this day they continue engaging in other nasty shit—all while cowardly hiding behind anonymous screen names and anonymous websites.

    I believe every man should be free to choose his friends, his associates, and where and on what he spends his money.
    If Nick, Daywalker and the rest of the Big Mango crew are the kind of people you want to support, associate with, and give your money to, who am I to tell you otherwise.

  9. Let me tell you says:

    The answer as to the reason for the disappearance of Werewolf’s blog and the elimination of his entire archive is buried deep in one of Martin Scoreseasili recent comments:
    “Travel concerns, perhaps ?  (Too many comments in praise of “33kg  spinners”) left him feeling a little exposed in today’s Thailand in particular and the airports of the world in general ?”

    Snitch was just the icing on the cake.

  10. BBK says:


    Governments every where and every time always claim public safety and maintaining order to justify the suspension of civil rights, the rule of law (such as it is in Thailand), and the imposition of a dictatorship.

    And once they have done it and gotten away with it, giving up those powers is never easy.

    The current Thai government is no different.

    They have imprisoned without trial their political competitors and confiscated their competitor’s money without having to provide any justification or answer to anyone including the voters and citizens of their own country.

    From their point of view, where is the downside to continuing to declare an “emergency.”

    What the poll should have asked is “would you mind a little civil disturbance if it meant transitioning over to a truly democratic system.”



  11. Greg says:

    So what if WW has deleted his blog ? It is only a blog, not a piece of classic literature to be preserved for all time in Project Gutenberg.

  12. NYBB says:

    Werewolf, I hope your arthritis ridden back, joints and ankle are getting better.

  13. Duck Dunn says:

    It is obvious Werewolf is covering his ass. This crock of shit just stinks.

  14. NY Times Review of Blog Submissions says:


    In December last year number of posts were published in your now defunct blog with regard to a trip you took to the Philippines.

    At the time I wrote the comment bellow and which you chose to ignore.

    For the benefit of any reader who might contemplate following your steps and travel to the Philippines would you care to reply now ?

    NY Times Review of Blog Submissions
    January 1, 2010 at 6:57 am


    Did you actually check the I.D cards of the girls you barfined (and the one who gave you a BJ) to verify they are NOT minors and made sure the ID is NOT a fake ??

    The Irish “Sunday Tribune” reported from the Philippines: “It is estimated that roughly 50% of girls working as prostitutes in sex bars are minors. In many bars, this percentage is far greater. Girls under the age of 18 are told by bar owners to use fake birth certificates in order to work in the bar. One girl who offered the Sunday Tribune sex in a bar in Olongapo admitted to being just 16 years of age, while other girls said that the use of fake ID is widespread.”

    In the Philippines, the consensual age of 12 applies to males and females alike but sex with a person under 18 is an offense if the minor consents to the act for money, gain or any other remuneration or as the result of an influence of any adult person.

    Within the last 2 years there have been several internationally reported cases of men being charged with, being found guilty of, and sentenced to life imprisonment for sex with underage boys or girls. In one case the man was sentenced to death.

    How would you like to spend the rest of your life locked up in an inhuman Philippino prison ?


    So, I have read this thread and from what I understand WW was worried about his comfy life in Thailand and felt it best that he not have words to the effect that he may have been fucking (raping, although only statutory rape) Thai children.  Is that how other see this?

  16. Riff Raff says:

    Hey fatso, why don’t you reply to the comments ?

  17. red shirt protests says:

    Here’s a link to an article talking about protest actions starting today:

  18. Inciter says:

    What has Werewolf done to merit all this hatred, and envy from those posting in this manner in this thread?
    The guy ran an arguably moderately popular blog – certainly more popular and more visited than this one, and unlike his detractors in these threads, he actually *did* something and maintained and nurtured his project. That’s more than can be said of the balloon chasers and truly dedicated detractors posting frequent hate-filled comments about Werewolf on this blog.

  19. Mr Cheesecake says:

    Who is this Werewolf ? Never read a word of his in my life until this popped up. You see I could not betray Kenny. Why go for high school drop-out when you can have post-grad?

    I think WW is Prufrock without all the swearing. Speaking of which I’d like to hear his views on the moon landings before I delve into the 9/11 truther files

    Cheesecake of the day – pidgeon and parsnip

  20. Riff Raff says:

    Hey Fartwolf, the thief’s cap blazons his guilt ?

  21. Big Black Gulliver says:

    If Kenny and Werewolf are friends then why would he let these comments get posted?  There was a falling out and calls were made and Werewolf was outed by the owner of this blog.
    End of story.

  22. The buck stops here says:

    That weiredwolf dude is a sell-out. Those burga boys got to him and he is now chicken shit cos of the authorities even though his blog ain’t served in los.
    Its cos he lives here in BKK and he dun wanna get in the shit!!!

  23. Dr Love says:

    Visit Austria

    if you like to drop the soap

    H Zink  said so

  24. The One That Knows says:

    Big Black Gulliver

    You are a snide cocksucking cockroach.

    None of your comments are heeded smitty.

  25. I tell you what says:

    One that knows, you’re right, that square faced IT nerd is indeed a cunt.

    However, his pal PMMP is alright, just a little mis-guided.

  26. naam says:

    I can’t believe these comments.
    Never knew there were so many lowlives living in BKK. Werewolf stands miles above these dumb asses.

  27. Prufrock says:

    No one is anywhere near as much of an asshole in real life or in a face to face meeting as they make out to be on the internet or in a chat room. It’s about 20 to one. I’m not referring to some assignation arranged on any of the social network sites, I am talking about the actual personalities of actual people I have encountered in face to face meetings after arguing with them for months.
    There would be exceptions to this generalization I suppose but I haven’t found any.
    BTW the, um, plural of “lowlife”  is “lowlifes” (Yeah, yeah the plural of life is lives but,
    so well  . . . . so we know one thing for sure;  its obvious that Werewolf is not  naam.

  28. ronru says:

    Werewolf, what was on your mind when writing the following comment ?
    BTW,your silence is deafening !
    Werewolf says: 
    Nov-07 at 9:45 pm
    Reporting on the age of girls in the bar that you drink with, and even reporting the standard prices quoted by the girls for on or off premises activities, is not the same as having sex with them.

  29. Prufrock says:

    @on topic
    Bangkok Post is taking a relatively anti-military tone.

    And the Post takes its cue from local print media. Print media in this jurisdiction entertains no particular threat from the internet. Print is subject to the traditional economics of that medium. Advertisers use local newspapers that reach their market.

    Bottom line? The Post, gleans from “local print” reportage. Local print reportage reflects a surprisingly realistic assessment of the Thai real-politic.

    Outcome? Forces for irresistible change encounter intransigence from established institutions.

    In a jurisdiction that can’t even get a 3G package together to play catch-up with a 4G world I’m afraid we’ll not see all that much negotiation between these two forces.

    “I’m learning to be more of a spectator.”  George Carlin

  30. BBK says:

    On Topic,

    What the government is doing to the Red Shirt leaders and movement is nothing new for them.

    The government went after the insurgents and communists in the areas near the Laos, Cambodian, and Burmese borders the same way.

    They ignored the rule of law and brutally suppressed them using the same counter insurgency tactics that were used by right wing governments to defeat the insurgents in Chile, Peru, and Argentina.

    They are following the same game plan with the Red Shirts except in a milder form and largely without the killing.

    The State of Emergency allows the government to detain people and, more importantly, go after their money without having to appear before a judge or court where their actions would be made public and subject to public scrutiny.

    The people who the government goes after have no right to defend themselves, have the charges aired in public, and are denied any public forum to argue their case.

    So it’s no surprise that they exaggerate the threat to public order to justify the suspension of law and the extension of their extraordinary powers.

    It’s also not surprising that the newspapers, as far as they can, are against the extension. After all, they are one of the institutions that are being suppressed.


  31. Prufrock says:

    There was cautious TV coverage of the run-up to yesterday’s demonstration.
    Up until lunchtime we got  shots of “starggling” numbers and we got hints from the media that this would be a thinly observed demonstration.
    The truth?  There were thousands of demonstrators in Racgaprasong yesterday.
    Thousands. And all in the face of the kind of repression to which you allude.
    You can’t hide THOUSANDS with mere denial.
    So then you do the next best thing; you describe them as something gnarly and threatening.   You describe them as “the Red Tide.”
    We should used to this kind of manipulation  . . . . we’ve had decades of it.
    I am concerned that after years of pretending that there’s no elephant in the room,  that this thing could run out of control very quickly.

  32. on topic says:

    Here’s a really good article about the history and future of the current political standoff in Thailand:

  33. on topic says:

    Here’s another Bangkok Post opinion piece that summarizes the atmosphere of censorship and the gap between thought and speech (or thought and reporting) in the Kingdom.  If you’re more interested in Thailand than in 9/11 then have a read:

  34. BBK says:

    On Topic,

    Both of these are excellent articles which really identify the roots of the present conflicts and lays out the roots of the Reds discontent.

    The author makes the core point, that the Reds are not revolutionaries.

    What they want is an open economic and political system where there is fair competition in the market for goods and political power.

    They are not asking for a pre-determined outcome, just a fair game where everyone can play.

    Of course, this likely means the end of the decades old economic and political dominance of the old guard that has made themselves rich and powerful by limiting competition in the marketplace through corruption of the police, government bureaucracy, and military and preventing competition in politics by corruption of elections and rigging electoral rules.

    In a fair economic and political competition, the old guard sees themselves as eventual losers—hence the current fight to the death.

    Thanks for the links.


  35. on topic says:

    The chief of the Army retires today.  The Bangkok Post was not really kind to him, setting the tone of the article with the first sentence: “Gen Anupong Paojinda bids farewell to military life today without any true sense of achievement.”

    And they continued the theme: “After taking up his post on Oct 1, 2007, Gen Anupong said the army’s top priorities would be to find a solution to the southern unrest and to maintain national security. After three years in the job, with the sounds of bombs still echoing in the South and in Bangkok, it is evident that he has been unsuccessful on both fronts.”

  36. tosh says:

    @ Kenny – impressive that even you, with your inspiring powers of self delusion, can cast the Reds as Thomas ‘Somchai’ Paine. Thaksin was hardly a guy who wanted an even playing field for all, having won his cell phone monopoly in a corrupt auction and then tried desperately to avoid paying taxes on the eventual sale of his holdings. His electoral practices also would not have won great praise from Ralph Nader.

    This is a clash of oligarchs, not a clash of holders and levelers. It’s Putin vs. Berezhovsky, a competition for the biggest slice of the pie. To cast it in these moral terms shows intellectual infancy.

  37. Inciter says:

    Nice to see people moving on (pushing onwards) past Prufrock’s continued cowardly droning ons…
    Tosh : “To cast it in these moral terms shows intellectual infancy.”
    This surprises you?

  38. Nobodys Moved On says:

    our comments just aren’t getting posted

    can you say “we see whats going on and can differentiate it from the dis-information” kids?

  39. Yo Kenny says:

    why haven’t you posted all the stuff from this IP for last few days?

    someone leanin’ on ya fella?

  40. Inciter says:

    Nobody’s Moved On — of course, John. Is that you admitting to commenting under yet another new identity, along with your multiple other ones?
    Of course you see what’s going on — we’ve seen you ‘over there’, you know…. the place you claim you never ever would visit.
    Lies work, John, when they are credible. You need to learn that.

  41. Not John says:

    Oi Inciter you spastic.

    I’m not John.

    I’m younger stronger and madder (No disrespect brother J 😉 )

    And yes – I can confirm that you are daffy duck (or adman the faggot)

    fuck you – fuck your site – 911 was a set-up (but that illuminati project stuff on utube is some dangerous disinformation)

    go post some cheesecake bitch

  42. BBK says:


    The Reds are not angels but neither are Nancy Pelosi, Henry Reid, and Andrew Cuomo.

    What the Reds are fighting for is an actual democracy. Where there is a fair vote and the winner runs the government.

    This doesn’t mean that if the Reds controlled parliament and held the levers of power, they would do a better job running the country than the current administration. They would probably be just as big fuck ups as the generals.

    What has their panties in a bunch is that they have won several elections and have been cheated out of their turn at bat.

    Let them run the place and when they fuck up as bad as the generals and the Yellows let them get kicked out in the next election—-just like what is happening to the democrats in the U.S. and what happened to the republicans a few years ago.

    That is how democracy is supposed to work and how it doesn’t work in Thailand.


  43. Inciter says:

    “And yes – I can confirm absolutely 100%  that you are daffy duck”

    “….(or adman the faggot)”

    “….(or Big Black Gulliver)”

    “….(or Daywalker)”

    “….(or Steve)”

    “….(or Mike)”

    “….(or Gumby)”

    yeah, I can tell how absolutely certain you are (yawn)

  44. on topic says:

    General Prayuth took over control of the army yesterday.
    How should we feel about that?   How does he see the army’s role in Thai society?  Is it the servant of the people, and by extension, the civilian government?  Is he a hard-liner, a liberal reformer or a moderate?

    We won’t absolutely know the answer to these questions until we look back, post-2014, at his time in command, but we can look at what he had to say in his formal speech at yesterday’s handover ceremony for clues:
    “Army insiders believe that with Gen Prayuth as chief, anything _ even a coup _ is possible if the army feels it may lose control over politics and be at a disadvantage against its enemies.
    No one would want a coup if the nation is peaceful and free of unrest,” Gen Prayuth said recently.
    Although he expressed a wish to bring his soldiers back to the barracks and stay away from politics, Gen Prayuth realises this will be difficult.
    I will try to step back from politics, be clear of it and leave it with the government so that soldiers can do their military work. But if the nation has not returned to order, the military as a mechanism of the government must help build order first,” he said.
    Sounds like, if you have any red tee shirts you may want to keep them in the closet for a while longer, since they resemble that little circle in the middle of the bullseye.
    Feel free to look at the entire article from the Bangkok Post and count the number of references to General Prayuth’s dedication to the “royal institution”, his love for the monarchy and the defense of the crown.

    This is a scary guy to have running around with a gun in his hands (or a battalion of tanks).

  45. Inciter says:

    “This is a scary guy to have running around with a gun in his hands (or a battalion of tanks).”
    Only if you’re a Red Shirted troublemaker and terrorist.

  46. Mark says:

    Inciter my little house bitch…. you spread the word like a good little buffalo.

    Next year (during the corporate re-shuffle) you will definately be promoted to chief cocksucker.

    well done – you do your tribe proud!

  47. turnip green says:

    Nigel, Big Mango’s night manager is leaving / left Mango and is going to manage the old Cathouse Bar in Nana (new name and new renovation).  Cathouse is upstairs at the front of  Nana opposite where the original Mango bar used to be.  It’s going to be a proper girly bar, like Mango used to be.  So sounds like the original manager and original successful Mango concept will be reborn.
    Nigel was a fairly good chap, much friendlier than Graham, who only had friends when he was dropping money on them.  So do you think anyone will bother to go to Mango any more?  I’m sure many of the clique will go to the new bar to chat with Nigel and Mango will be completely empty with only a few balloon chasers on 20 baht beer nights.

  48. Albanian Gypsy says:

    @ Turnip Head.

    Is the mango bar still open?

    thought it shut a few months back.

  49. Crystal Ball Gazer says:

    @ albanian pikey.

    not yet, but your premonitions are valid.

    now baldys gone (both of them) its only a matter of time.

  50. หัวผักกาด says:

    Turnip Brain:  Nigel wasn’t the original manager; he was hired when the new location was opened.  The original bar was managed by the owners full time until they hired a night manager at the Nana location, whose name is Jonah.
    Interesting to see you write about Nigel and Graham in the past tense, as though they are both dead.
    I’ve never seen anyone get so much wrong in only two paragraphs.
    Fuck, you’re as thick as two short planks!

  51. Dr Love says:

    God Dammit. The *only* reliable source around here was Daffy Duck. Then that idiot and true *fucktard* RealDaffyDuck showed up with his peanut brain and ladyboy man boobs

    Next time he shows up at the Big Mango Bar be sure to restrict his portion to 5 burgers + fries + 2 galons coke + 1 large tub ice cream + coffee + pretzels + after dinner mint

    Dont forget the after dinner mint otherwise he screams like a he-bitch

  52. Somchai Gottalottaporn says:

    Living the life of a recluse in Bangkok allowed me to write my diaries however MI6 have banned the book from been published for 99 years. In need of some white meat I ventured back to the US and begged Karen Carpenter to take me back. Thankfully she did. She was quite the squirter, so much so I was thinking of having her mounted on my car as a windscreen washer
    Richard always used to call her fat but but his girlfriend was a 43kg girl from Laos so Karen always found it hard to live up to his expectations
    I demanded some artistic input on what happened to be tbeir last album. If you listen closely you can hear my triangle on the last track at around the 1:24 mark. Yes something I’m proud of. It was an electric triangle so I could plug it straight into the amp but of course touching it gave anyone an electric shock so I had to wear leather gloves when using it
    Times were good. Money was no longer an issue and I never had to refill the windscreen wiper water container under the hood at the gas station. I didn’t realise Karen was soon to be taken away from me…

  53. Prufrock says:

    Re: scary guy(s)  running around with guns in their hands
    Been there.  . . . . . Done that.
    This time’s gonna be different I’m afraid.

    Widen your perspective.
    Routine arrest procedure in “hostile” American urban environments, “crowd control” tactics at the  2010 G20/G8 Summit , tapping, surveillance, mind control.
    Patriot Act, Homeland Security, Threat Levels, Cass Sunstien’s thought police.  Activist-types can busy themselves with the massively non-anthropogenic non-issue of Climate Change (the ooga-booga formerly known as Global Warming.

    The TOTAL is getting installed into “Totalitarianism”
    and it will not be pretty.
    Well, it will be more like “Sara Palin” pretty. Which holds the promise of being pretty or of once having been pretty but waking up to it would definitely not be pretty.

    Even here, poodles, even here.
    It’s not pretty.

    But hey, WTF: It’s new. It’s world-wide. And it seems quite orderly.

    Let’s try it out and see if anyone doesn’t like it.
    We can always take a poke at the reset.

  54. Ronroo says:

    Damnit Prufrock, quit posting while you’re drunk. The gibberish you dish out is quite annoying and reminds me of the so called deep meaningful discussions my roommates in college thought they were having while high on ‘shrooms. Do you ever bother going back and reading this junk when you’re sober?

  55. Prufrock says:

    Damnit (sp)  Prufrock, quit posting while you’re drunk (erroneous assumption critical to establishing some (ANY) credibility for a fatuous reflexive shart-blurt of an assumption. . . . followed by a moron-post slurry of innuendo and opinion worthy of the drunken trailer-park ninnies one finds raving away on American Daytime TV
    My good man: . . . . .  One man’s existential innovations and inquiries outside the cocoon of received wisdom, actually WOULD come across as gibberish to a fool whose principle contribution to the world was a hint he posted on a message board informing the blogosphere that a double-wrapping of Saran or Cellophane would prevent those annoying “short-outs” caused by his drool and other more intimate body fluids.

    Just don’t try top sell your brand of idiocy as anything of note simply because you’ve wrapped it  in some folksy fantasy that has you actually having attended anything beyond night courses in some backwoods penitentiary.

    (What) you dish out is quite annoying (to anyone who wishes to hide from the truth and the relevant issues of the day that affect absolutely every aspect of his life  . . .  from his exchange rate and precisely just why it is so completely fucked these days to his old man’s tears about never being able to return to Thailand or better yet never even having been here  🙂   . . . . . . 😉

    . . . .and reminds me of the so called deep meaningful discussions my roommates in college (Really? did it?)   (couldn’t get into a proper university so obviously Colonel Sanders “Collage” of Chicken Knowledge had to do.

    Had you explored the opportunities available in a legitimate institution of higher learning, you might have had a choice between (your DRUGS) which clearly paved the way to your present alcohol-fuelled hours before the keyboard and a life with meaning.

    Naaaw Ronroo; dead sober here, as always.


  56. Inciter says:

    Ronroo, claiming he were a drunk would be so easy — but you see, he doesn’t drink (anymore), so he doesn’t have that excuse. He’s like that sober, day in and day out.
    Reason to worry…

  57. British Invader says:

    We’re only making plans for Nigel
    We only want what’s best for him
    We’re only making plans for Nigel
    Nigel just needs this helping hand
    And if young Nigel says he’s happy
    He must be happy
    He must be happy in his work
    We’re only making plans for Nigel
    He has his future in a British steel
    We’re only making plans for Nigel
    Nigel’s whole future is as good as sealed
    And if young Nigel says he’s happy
    He must be happy
    He must be happy in his work
    Nigel is not outspoken
    But he likes to speak
    And loves to be spoken to
    Nigel is happy in his work
    We’re only making plans for Nigel

  58. Prufrock says:

    It’s pretty well all guess work now isn’t it, Inciter.

    Talking thru your fucking hat.

    Anything you have said about me has been extrapolated thru your sick mind into the kind of filth one must endure if one choses to enjoy freedom of speech. I’ve met a few like you Inciter. We all have. In university you’re the guy who throws out gainsay based on someone else’s insights. You’re the guy who sucks up what he can, waits in the bushes and peddles his borrowed info as insight. You’re the guy who nobody has time for.

    So, now, here you are.

    Taking pitiful shots into the darkness of your own empty douchebag of a mind.

    There one thing you’ll never change Inciter; and that’s just how fucking barking stoopid you are.

    But to switch gears for a moment; how’r you diggin’ that 30 baht US peso? Sure eating into that sanitation department pension you figured was going to set you up for living the dream on soi 6. You and all the losers like you are well and truly fucked now you asinine peckerwood.

    Next step for you when you finally get chopped out of the visa eligibility route will be to return to the podunk shit-hole  that spawned you and bore the ass of folks who’ll soon get tired of what a cocksman you were back in Pattaya.

    It’s only a matter if a year or so.

    Fuck you, “Inciter”  and the three-bit sex tour you rode in on.

  59. If I Were Prufrock I'd Kill Myself says:

    “Fuck you, “Inciter” and the three-bit sex tour you rode in on.”

    That would be the BigBabyKenny 3-bit …., sponsored by BigBabyKenny.Com V1.0

  60. Prufrock says:

    BroadBandBully rides again   😉

    The fat shit crouches heroically behind what he desperately hopes is his anonymity. He’ll swear by all that is meaningful to him that he is not the re-monikering of this perverse sicko who had the honour of being the *ONLY* goof   *EVER* banned from the old Mangosauce site. (Remember : even obsessive nut-job Keith Summers was permitted to continue posting long after he’d begun his obsessive campaign against the owner of that site.)
    You, on the other hand, were banned.
    (You really should get up to speed on what is available in regards to my nailing your fat ass once again.)
    (For the sixth time, by my count.) ;-)))
    Maybe your buddies over there on the imbecile site can help you understand what’s available these days.

    Well, maybe not. Nobody goes there so daffy needs you as his bitch. To post on this site so that his bizarre accusations and smears can at least see the light of day. (what a fucking self-important putz by the way)
    Look, BigBellydaffyBitch:  (I explained this before to you but apparently your were asleep)

    Some people out themselves through their diction, others through their history, others through their psychoses, and others like you through all three plus the unfortunate  *fact* that you are now technically *highly* visible.
    BTW: Switch to Ibuprofen. Those Paracetamols are gonna kill your liver and kidneys

  61. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    This is why your crazy John you see spooks when there aren’t any.  Inciter isn’t me and I’m not the Broadband Bully.  I don’t know any sick old man that you talk of and I’ve never posted on the Mango Sauce site.  Your fucking crazy John. …….  Why, cause I want to be just like you.

  62. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Wow John the nutcase wishing the Dollar would go down more.  I guess we really know who the “hater” really is.

  63. Inciter says:

    Ah, but PW, we all know that you’re really the duck dude…. and so am I… and so is Big Black Gulliver…. and Daywalker….
    I mean, John knows it, because he can tell by the ‘tells’, so who are we to disbelieve him?
    Just being a certifiable nutcase should not be held against him.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Personally, I am enjoying the Prufrock vs. the Haters contest.

    More entertaining than reading Young Penfold on the mango blog bragging about his made up sexual conquests and bragging about big his dick is.

  65. Inciter says:

    Nigel was let go at The Mango because with the current level of business, the expense of a full time manager couldn’t be justified.
    Nick and Michael wanted to keep him but the bar isn’t generating enough money to pay his salary.
    When there is no party, the place is empty most nights with 2 or 3 customers and no girls at all.

  66. Inciter says:

    ^ I am glad to see that I have hit The Big Time — joining such luminaries as daffy duck, big black gulliver, daywalker, and others to be impersonated by the same low-life on this blog.
    Since BBK prides himself on editing comments and redacting personal information, as well as correcting impersonations of himself and his friends, I will assume he will apply the same to me being impersonated, as I am pointing it out, here.
    Thus, BBK, the above comment (October 5, 2010 at 12:08 pm) was not posted by me, but by the usual guy impersonating other posters (for a change, not John). Please correctly identify this as such.

  67. Inciter says:

    I am finally part of the cool group now.


    Come on down to the Mango tonight. Pretend to be my friend and I’ll buy you all the free beer you can drink and all the hamburgers you can eat.

    I’ll be the pathetic overweight fat ass sitting alone at the end of the bar with no friends and no girl.

    If you still can’t recoginize me just ask for Harry Zink or Daffy Duck.

  68. Prufrock says:

    Hi  there, patticake warrior

    Your cheaper and cheaper dollar is just the most obvious of all of the full range of ass-reamings that Western political and banking institutions have “panelled” you poor guys with over the course of the last ten years.
    I took the hint years ago and got into other wealth storage mechanisms. Left you with your asinine beliefs and your stoopid superstitions.
    patticake? It’s YOU who decided that living in the dark and developing neat-o recipes for the bullshit they were feeding you was the way you wanted to go. Well doofus; here the fuck you are 😉

    You had my sympathy up until you declared by your desperately obscene and perversely pro-mushroom blurbs that if it meant that you could ridicule ME that you liked what was happening to you.

    Well I suppose it’s like the GAY thing I guess.

    But, you know?  I just don’t get it.

    Sure; You like what you like.  . . . . . . . And in your case that’s losing money and freedoms hand over fist and blaming and hating people who don’t dress the same as you and buying into your government’s hate campaign that all your fucking troubles are to to some religious fanatic living in a god damned cave.

    You buy all that shit. And as we can all see, you pathetic ignoramus, you are paying the price. I hope it’s worht it becasue as I said a few weeks ago there’s plenty more in store.

    You prefer to stay ignorant and to buy all that shit they feed you. Good. Suck it up.

    If your reward for that fine fare is your soap box to ridicule people who ARE NOT in your worn our shoes then you must really love it.

    Your ignorance and your wallowing in that ignorance repulses me and loads of other folks who see what’s happened to a once splendid western society. . . . the fact that you still don’t fucking get it and that you compensate for your desperate predicament by ridiculing those of us who saw through the bullshit ages ago is worthy of little more than disdain.

    I hold you in profound disdain.

    Hate is too unfocussed.

    You absolutely know (and of course, after Prufrock’s countless “pro-people” and “wake up” posts that  earned me your stalker’s devotion we all know you know : -)  I’m actually sympathetic to the plight of benighted fools such as yourself.

    Up to a point.

    The sympathy stops when they refuse to see what’s happened to them and why it’s happened. People who cower to feverishly  masturbate in the weak light of received wisdom and politically correct groupthink actually deserve the fate you’re suffering.  (BTW notice the spelling of the elided “you’re”)
    I don’t hate people who have been victimized to the extent you must now endure, patticake
    I pity them.
    Have another of those soi 6 Changs and (what the fuck) hammer back a handfull of “para” the bar-girl’s wonder-drug. 

  69. Inciter says:

    Once again, the comment dated “October 6, 2010 at 8:52 am” above was not posted by me.

  70. Prufrock says:

    Oh yeah . . . . . and hi daffy
    Takes a few hundred times but sooner or later you’ll understand that no one (and I mean NO ONE) could give a shit about whether you were duplicated or someone else posted under your name.
    The only person with a stake in that is you. And, well, by all you swear and say you never come to this site.

    But you HAVE to now don’t you.

    No one speaks to you on yours because you’ve LIED to everyone about whose site it was and why it was put up.
    In fact, you bizarre canker on the fat ass of the IT industry,  no one (NOOOOO-body) cares whether you accept as truth or wish to make anything up about what you think is said.
    This is really hard for you to take.

    Nobody cares about you and what you fell or what you think or what you understand or about what you deem is right or wrong.

    You are that irrelevant . . . .  well, irrelevant to EVERYONE       but your  odious self
    Just look at yourself up there, busy posting away as Inciter claiming to have been misrepresented.
    The diction of your demands (as always) implies that f your orders are not followed “right this instant” that something simply awful will surely befall us sinners.

    You are apparently such a thoroughly wound up schmuck that you actually believe it.
    No one really has time for you except for your mate, patticake warrior,
    Now there’s a guy who always has an hour r two to waste with another sick, twisted, X-Box hero.
    You two make a lovely couple.

  71. Kelvinator says:

    Posted as a comment on CSUN Sundial website.

    “October 6, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    Kenneth Ng,

    Your backtracking here is a pathetic attempt to save yourself! I have one question for you, did you write this or not? Along with GPS coordinates where sex tourists could travel there?

    ‘The difference between this street and a normal residential area is that the business is girls.

    Walk up to any of the houses and inquire or just walk down the street and each house’s residents will politely approach you. It is all very friendly and doesn’t resemble in any way the high pressure sales tactics of Reservation GoGo greeters.

    Each house has 3-6 girls who will happily sit down with you, drink with you, entertain you, go home with you or go inside to a short time room (more like a short time mat in the communal bedroom) with you.

    If you want a beer or whisky, they get it out of the family cooler (none of the houses I stopped at had a refrigerator) or, if you want something exotic like an imported beer, younger brother is given the money and runs to the nearest 7-11 and hoofs it back.

    It’s actually kind of creepy because while you are sitting out with the girls, mom, grandma, dad, brother, baby sister, second cousin, third cousin twice removed, and the family dogs are all sitting nearby surreptitiously watching and hoping little sister will come up with family get drunk money for the night. Needless to say, there is a lot of pressure for the girls to close the deal.'”

    The Dept of Asian American Studies also held a forum this past week.

  72. Big Black Gulliver says:

    Funny, Prufrock the guy who writes novels of nothing on internet for YEARS talks about other people wasting cycles.
    What a dickhead!

  73. Big Black Gulliver says:

    Prufrock, If you don’t care or nobody else does why do you keep addressing this and keeping the stupidity going???????

  74. Dr Love says:

    Quote from : Inciter

    “Nigel was let go at The Mango because with the current level of business, the expense of a full time manager couldn’t be justified.

    Nick and Michael wanted to keep him but the bar isn’t generating enough money to pay his salary.
    When there is no party, the place is empty most nights with 2 or 3 customers and no girls at all”

    Hmmmm interesting, at least you are being honest Inciter 🙂 I didn’t think you had it in you

    Always thought you were a bitch for the Anti-Kenny site  

  75. Dr Love says:

    The only victims I can see so far from the human trafficking and sex tourism lobby are the ladyboys from the Anti-Kenny site 

    What a bunch of hypocrite poofters. You have no problem when having a good time and the center of attention,  you call the Womans Studies office when you lose the headlines and the bitchy-girl jealousy sets in

  76. Prufrock says:

    Hi Gull-ed

    Your comment regarding my punch back at those who’d take free shots reminds me of an old Bill Hicks vignette. The one  where he describes some big-haired fat-assed truck-stop waitress stumpin’ up to him while he’s having a smoke, waiting for his crew to finish their pie n’ ice cream  to ask  . . . .  . “Hey, watch chew readin’ fer, anyway?”   😉
    When the free shots stop hitting back.

    I mean how could that be ANY fucking clearer  ??
    Hey gull, the truth is never stupid.

    It wasn’t stupid when I was in University and it’s not stupid now.
    You know that but you’re constantly coming onto this site and  stuff like what you just said ,anyway.

    I suppose you’re driven by the belief that ANYthing you can do to marginalize your opponent is worth getting in to.

    Now that’s really stupid.
    And so sad.

    You standing up for something you know is dumb.  . . . . . that even comes right out and says it’s dumb.
    (But hey; We’ll just, um, “leave it up there as a ‘monument'”  to your stupidity and best of all that massive fucking ego over which, apparently, you have little long-term  control.
    One thing all you hater guys whoever the fuck you are, do have in common is a  hate-on for (besides people who won’t take your silly free shots) is anyone who can string a series of logical steps and cogent facts together.
    I say “WHOEVER THE FUCK YOU ARE BECAUSE my friend Graham has repeatedly assured me that neither he nor ANYONE associated with him in any way is responsible for the shit  that you and your shit-breath homies post.

    I believe Graham.

    So what we’re getting from you and your buddies is, well, “albatross farts.”

    That dumb-ass daffy site quacks away in its own like a turd that just won’t flush.

    You and your wannabe buddies apparently caught up in the swirl and excitement.  Pre-sewer pipe excitement and anticipation of a little open klong travel have really got the better of you.

    Your posts are re-active.


    Hey, try this sometime gull-ed ; get on the side of “righteous” . . . . . . .  you know, ant-war, ant-internet bully, anti-stoopidity, anti abuse of power, anti-dollar devaluation, anti-Donald Rumsfeld, pro-Kenneth O’Keefe, pro Jesse Ventursa, Pro David Ray Griffin, pro-TRUTH.
    Then cut that cumbersome hipper-than-thou, overlord   overload down by a few magnitudes of 10 and get with a decent  fucking program.
    Because you, poor soul, as you are, appear to be a major fucking douche bag.
    As in Club Douche Bag 🙂      🙂

  77. Big Black Gulliver says:

    A telltale sign a Blog is dead……when the owner of the Blog doesn’t even post there anymore.

  78. Big Black Gulliver says:

    @ Dr. Love
    No, we call the Women’s Whatever Association when we want to stick it to you buddy! Again!

  79. Big Black Gulliver says:

    So Proofie……..
    I say “WHOEVER THE FUCK YOU ARE BECAUSE my friend Graham has repeatedly assured me that neither he nor ANYONE associated with him in any way is responsible for the shit that you and your shit-breath homies post.  I believe Graham.
    What your saying is that nobody from The Big Mango Bar is associated with the postings here at BigBabyKenny????????????????????
    Kinda goes against what your alter-ego ronru says???????  Kinda goes against what Kenny says??????
    So your coaching Kenny that he may have been incorrectt for a long time and the only hate spread between he and that bar has been by BBK only??????
    Yea John, didn’t think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Dr Love says:

    Daffy thought he was Falco

    But ended up being Daffy Dumpling

  81. Dr Love says:

    “That dumb-ass daffy site quacks away in its own like a turd that just won’t flush”

    Thats funny lololol

  82. Prufrock says:

    Hi gull-ed.

    Do you absolutely have to reframe everything that anybody posts in order to have  even a ghost of a chance of making any sort of cogent reply?

    Can’t you fucking READ Asshole???

    The adults in the room got together and gassed your bony ass.  . . . .  you are done.

    All your nonsense about coaching anyone is just more of your usual paranoid crap.
    You should have caught on by now NOBODY COACHES KENNY

    I think the one thing we cal all agree on is that right or wrong it would be a waste of breath.
    Terrible typos notwithstanding, my simple statement read; When the free shots stop, I stop defending myself against them.

    What a fucking concept, eh?

    Now, YOU as you lay sprawled on the side of the information highway (if I may revive a bit of nostalgic terminology, YOU are road kill.

    Dickhead; I have a confirmation that

    ANYONE posting as you do, posts as  wannabe bar owner of sorts or as some clown wishing to appear relevant.  People slagging me, as you and daffy do are just that. You have NOTHING whatever to do with the Mango and you know about fuck all regarding this situation.

    I haven’t a clue who ronru is.  . . . . .  and he really doesn’t give a rats ass about what I post. He’s into the bar thing.
    Or are you too goddamned thick and illiterate to suss that out.


    Your last line is a huge “tell” BTW  . . . .  .  🙂

    YOU and your silly antagonist blabbing have effectively just  FIRED yourselves selves, cuntface.    🙂


    MMMMwwahahahahahaa.    :-))))))


    well what am I saying; you’ll just post as big stoopid easily gulled something or other and get it all wrong again.

    FUCK ME, as well as being easily gulled and painfully superficial,  “YOUR”  painfully  STOOPID

    Yep, STOOPID. But that’s OK,(To quote Kathleen Turner regarding gulled dope Ned Racine in “body Heat”:

    ” I kinda like that in a keyboard opponent.”

  83. Jacob T. says:

    hey bbk this is jake from cerritos used to be an old time reader of youre blogs jus wanted to ask what happend to the “thailand girl scene?” was googlin other sex sites but didnt find and am flyin to thailand for the first time this thanksgivin and have savd up money to spend hopefuly on some good girls i just remembrd reading thos articles here that gave the best locations and. for prices too. and i gotta make sure i get the best suckysucky from thos thai girls for as cheap as i can get them lol but u kno. i was wonderin if you could repost them so i and others visitin thailand could use them as a information guideit would really be appreciated thanks

  84. Josh Bricker says:

    Long time lurker first time commentor.

    Off and on customer of the Mango.

    Nigel is a nice guy but he was really a zero. Sure he would come over and say hello but he isn’t really a people person. Real nice but  you never felt like you made a connection with him.

    Back in the day, Nick at the old Nana Mango was a much better manager. He was more fun to talk to and you felt more like he was your buddy.

    After all the nasty shit Nick has done over the past year, the buddy vibe was 100% bulshit but you still got more of a connection with Nick

    Can’t see what Nigel is going to bring to the table at any bar that employs him.

  85. Tommy Tosspot says:

    Nigel is a gobshite… of lifes perpetual underachievers.As far as I could make out in occasional visits to the Mango he identified his role as being backslapper in chief and nonsense talker in residence.In short,a glorified greeter who thought he was someone but was as dull as dishwater and an irritation to those who visited the premises.One of lifes mysteries why he was employed in the first place,and an even bigger mystery why he is shifting to the Cathouse site. The personality of a lettuce. Bald tosser supreme.

  86. adman says:

    Jacob T.

    You mean the articles with GPS coordinates of places where hookers would hang out and how to negotiate with them?

    BBK removed all his sex tourist type material because he was getting pressure from his employer. He decided personal interests and the pressure from other groups outweighed freedom of speech and deleted everything.

    What did he say when other websites did that?

    Oh, yes. Here it is. “The ultimate form of censorship.” 😉

    If you look around you can still find many of the articles in google cache. Who can forget his classic advice for “preying” on vulnerable girls while they were praying at the Murati Shrine. How about negotiating prices with hookers at The Thermae or going upcountry to karaoke bars to find underage girls?

    Ronru provided everything you need to know about the underage girl scene in his “Under-Aged Sex in Thailand” article.

    Use any search engine and you’ll be sure to dig up these v1.0 timeless classics.

  87. Jacob T says:

    to adman well i agree i dont think the free speech should be censored especially if its helpin me get some asian whores oh but did you say i can still google the articles whats a google cache could you send a link to them to my email thank you appreciate it

  88. Big Black Gulliver says:

    Nothing you say ever makes sense.  You lack discipline to say what you need to say in a concise manner.
    Nothing you have written bothers me in the least bit.  Your boring!
    However, something I have written bothered you enough that you actually went to Graham and asked him if it was someone associated with his bar.
    BBG =1
    John, the brokedick teacher with the restraining order against him = 0
    Have a nice day Asstard!

  89. Prufrock says:

    @ Dr. Love

    Many thanks:  I was rather proud of what happened after the hard to flush swirly-turd took on actual persona and got all excited about “a pre-klong ‘big pipe'” commute to be followed immediately by its exciting stretch of wide-open klong” blackwater-surfing.

    Gratifying that you appreciate my tropes for their literal merit as opposed to having them mired dormant in the mental sludge of poor dull gull’s denotative doldrum world.

    It’s no wonder the dope finds himself bored.  . . . . . with none other than himself to pose and then to answer stoopid questions of his own desparate framing he leads a pretty hermetic existence, I’d say.
    Let’s look in on him:   (Prufrock opens the Star Wars-style hatch door to gull’s small claustrophobic room.

    There are no windows and no books.

    There’s a computer, of course. gull’s floor is hidden by a thick layer of crumpled tissue.  . . . .  . .  a  musty chlorine odour  fills the air and, as if someone had been trying to mask the olfactory tells of gull’s role in the scheme of things, a hint of nam pla.
    “hi gull-ed”   😉       🙂
    Look, um, gull, . . . . . . (yo)    Baby-cakes.

    Would THIS be clear enough for you?   (ahem):    Nobody at that bar even (fucking)  knows you.

    Got it?   Like I said NOOOOOOOObody
    Loved your rebut, though.

    Straight from the “sticks and stones’ school of oratory, wasn’t it?  Except there were more than just names thrown your (sp) way.

    There were those icky realities you now have to deal with.  (Nice try on the table-turn, fuck-face)
    But the absolute strongest part of your  post was your limp-wristed  declaration that since you’re too fucking stoopid to read and understand my post that it had no meaning and I have no ) what was it?) “discipline?”

    That was a real  fucking hoot.
    I observe that you can’t even fucking read . . . . . . . .  You, um, respond that you, ah, “can’t read”.

    Now there’s rapier wit if I ever encountered it.

    But I STILL give you a few minutes of my time because I have learned to expect even more pitiful turns of wit and rhetoric from you.
    Bring it.
    Stop making stuff up though. . . . . you might find yourself getting called (poker term, sorry)
    As for Graham? Well, actually  he and I manage to have a drink  or two, two or three  times a year.

    That’s all you have to know. It’s been going on for a few years now.
    Don’t try to reframe that. It’s true.   So your idea about “having to” or being “obliged to” go to him was (as usual) a wrong guess.

    (But WTF, that’s all you had  . . . .  so you went with it . . . . . . . . . sigh . . . . .  ;)

    (We’ve known each other for a few years now actually. There’s never been a problem. If you knew anything about ANYTHING instead of just guessing aboutr EVERYTHING you post and just making stuff up you’d understand that.

    But you’e just guessing away at everything here and I’m just humouring you.

    No shit.
    (It’s probably gonna turn out to be some kind of fucking merit-making exercise. . . . after you kill yourself it will be for sure.)

    We’d been trying to get together for months now. I say “we HAD been”  to stress that we had been trying to set this up before you materialized as a critic and slanderer of me and mine. (BTW, that’s way more info than your entitled to and it’s all you’re getting 😉

    So you’re just as wrong about why we got together as you are about all the guesses you make about my private life. But like I said in that post you couldn’t read because it had compound sentences in it and allegory, trope and syllogism as well.  .. . . .  and occasional forays into “speak” and “voice” and , well, stuff that in your literalist world (and I DID use that word “literalist” right) all is rough seas.

    Rough seas and doldrums.

    The life of a troll-surfer.
    G and I agree on most things  but there’s one thing that we really agree on and that was a point that GRAHAM actually brought up . . . and that was that namely that  goofs (like you) posting against me  and my 9/11 stuff on this site have nothing to do with anyone in his bar. We suspect that they are  just the usual  hangers -on.   . . . .  “a pack of wing-nut  trolls and wannabes” who probably have little else to do with their lives or their computers.

    They’d probably have to just fuck off and die if they couldn’t guess away and troll away about shit of which they are completely and utterly IGNORANT .
    I’m trying to give you good info here so you won’t have to keep making stuff up

    Fuck gull-ed: Geez  man, ya rolled around with a freshly ripped scrotum for  two fucking days and that shit up there all you could come up with?
    But I’m betting this won’t stop you.  . . . . .  Like I said gull; you’re road-kill, now. You’ve been stripped and

    Well, I’ll say this much for you, you ninny-ass cry-baby. When it comes to being stoopid and obtuse; you’re consistent.

    I’ll just buy the misspelling of your  “you’re” , back there as your attempt a  ironic rebuttal rather than more consistency.
    Now, fuck off for a while.

    The adults in the room have to prepare for a full week’s work . . . . . . you know, solving managerial issues, placing money, making money, getting permits approved, arranging shipping, doing a little finance juggling based on what’s coming up after the IMF finishes its current session and 14 trillion dollars (before derivatives) in US debt gets re-monetized  . . . . after monetization failed to pole-vault the empire into anything resembling  sustained recovery.

    Maybe make some money off that.
    Shit like that.
    You get back to your fucking porn sites and whatever else it is you do when you’re not trolling the web for some kind of relevance .
    You asinine klong surfing douche.

  90. Big Black Gulliver says:

    Look, um, gull, . . . . . . (yo)    Baby-cakes.
    Would THIS be clear enough for you?   (ahem):    Nobody at that bar even (fucking)  knows you.
    Got it?   Like I said NOOOOOOOObody
    The above is true sooooooooo could you explain why you and your buddy Kenny have accusing me of being one of the owners for the last year???????????????????
    Thanks in advance.

  91. Prufrock says:

    Well at least you didn’t write ” down” use your standard  “I’m too stupid to understand ” defence even though, in your case it IS by far the most appropriate tactic.
    your done you fucking loser tool.  . . . see jack-ass . . . .anyone can do that
    your nothing   . . . . . .  . oops  did it again
    Why should I bother trying to determine if the  last rotten  farts from a dying albatross (um, tha’ be you, gull) . . . . why should I try to figure out if that last fart is from the creature’s rotting guts or a Reuben he ate too fast?
    It’s his last fart.
    He’s dead meat.
    He’s irrelevant.

  92. Prufrock says:

    I’m feeling discouraged.
    No one took me up on my 100,000 THB    9/11 bet last year.
    (And it wasn’t because they didn’t need the cash  😉
    daffy’ still hiding over there on his samisdat site,     blabbing away behind about seven identities.
    When he wants to talk to someone  (other than himself) he has to come over here and stir up some shit and then “report about it” on his silly dead-as-a-fucking -doornail web site..
    I challenged your to a debate here on
    fair and square
    and you backed down
    you slinked away,
    you hid,
    put it ANY way your want; you fucking pussied out. . . . . your a coward (there’s that spelling issue a gain.
    Damn; and me without my eraser.
    By showing the world that you are such a bare-faced coward you have ALSO shown the world that you believe you wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell debating me on the subject of 9/11.  You know it, I know it, my Truther buddies know it.
    PUSSY duck chickened out.

    So I am moving to the next stage.
    I am withdrawing my debate challenge and I am unilaterally declaring that even though you were terrified of the professional consequences of showing yourself as an implicit  9/11 researcher and truther, by your default you have made a de facto declaration of support for the continuation of 9/11 research and the eventual re-opening of the case and a proper investigation of the most horrific crime in human history.
    thanks daffy
    (for the second time, BTW)
    thanks for your support for 9/11 truth   🙂

  93. uhhhh-huh says:

    “The thing about truly crazy people is they don’t know they are crazy, me if I started hearing voices I get to the doctor, Prufrock heads for his keyboard.”

    Pretty much sums it up

  94. Prufrock says:

    naaaw  . . . . .  actually daffy when you just can’t take the pain of being so fucking wrong about just about every personal choice you’e ever made in your life, (especially that 9/11 slip-up) and  so obsessively reactive about every humiliation you’ve had to pretend yourself out of and about all the bullshit you have to deal with just to get out of fucking bed every day  . . . . . .  (if you’re presently in the states I use that word figuratively BTW)  . . .  . .  . whenever you just can’t take that searing pain you come over here and you post your limp-dick, numb-nuts comments.
    like I’ve said so many times already  . . . . . . . .  you have to come over here to harass, stalk and bother people . . . . if you didn’t you’d have nobody to talk to. . . . . . . . . now, that’s it,  run back there to your stoopid albatross website and fuck away  at its carcass until you’re convinced you’ve had some meaningful activity. . . . . . . .

    Really, what a fucking complete asshole you turned out to be.
    But hey don’t take my word for it; eleven websites (banning you) and gawd knows how many others simply ignoring you your record speaks for itself.
    You’re so despised I understand that the very mention of your existence rouses a chorus of “Oh, th–a-a-a-a-at guy . . . . shit man, don’t get me started.”
    You’re quite the player, there Appleman.

  95. Prufrock says:

    The smell of rotting albatross wafts into the blogosphere yet again.

    Can’t you take a fucking hint?
    You’re done.    Oh yeah, right . . . . . . .  “Your done”


  96. turnip green says:

    ….  naw, cant be bothered ….

  97. Inciter says:

    ^ ROTFLOL!

  98. Dr Love says:

    My pal Daffy whipped his winky into quite a lather last nite when he saw BBK was taken off line for maintenance. So excited his panty sniffing frenzy was only interrupted by the need to find more tissues and to tell the world the exciting news on his blog
    Alas his good fortune was short lived. Finding out Kenny was back he sulked around his room cleaning up the sticky tissues, re-stacked his smart phones, and began back-tracking on his blog, trying to avoid looking a fool *YET* again

  99. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

    Agreed, I haven’t seen Winky Whipping ….went out to go Rollerblading…………..

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