The Death Throes of The Mango Empire-UPDATE Version 2.1

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June 2014 update.

This is what the Big Mango looks like today. The interior has been gutted. The center bar has been ripped out. The pool tables are gone. The upstairs is dark. The awnings and patio have been torn down. These pictures were taken about 9PM on a weekday and you can see that the bar has zero customers.

I guess the plans to covert the upper floors into upscale serviced apartments for affluent business travellers are still pending.



P10101523/4/2013. Update on the end of The Big Mango Bar. A BBK reader sent me an email noting an announcement by the owners of The Big Mango Bar.

The owners of the The Big Mango announced on their blog the closing of The Big Mango Bar.

The bar has been sold to Thai investors, the name will be changed, and the upper floors will be converted into serviced apartments catering to the businesses flourishing on Sukhumvit Soi 4.

The closing of the Big Mango follows the closing last year, of The Duke of Wellington, a British pub on Silom that was also owned my Michael Francis Smith, Graham Jones, and Nicholas Dattoma. The Duke of Wellington was reopened with a new owner and is now called The Pintsman.

No announcement has been made about whether the bar has been sold or whether Michael Francis Smith, Graham Jones, and Nicholas Dattoma will retain an ownership interest in the new venue.

Good luck to the new owners in starting a successful business at the location of The Big Mango Bar. I sincerly hope they have more succcess than the current owners.



The following account of the end of The Big Mango Bar was posted anonymously in the comments by a reader who uses the alias Mangostorian.

I will tell what I know about the “Mango Investors.”

When the Mango got kicked out of Nana Plaza, Michael Smith, Nicholas Dattoma, and whoever else had an ownership interest (I will only deal with known facts here), didn’t have the capital to rebuild or reopen the bar in another location. Nana Plaza was obviously out (they had just gotten kicked out) and there were no suitable locations either on Soi 4, Patpong, or Cowboy.

Desperate to stay in business, they approached selected customers and expats for financing to build a new bar. A hotel conference room was rented, people were invited, free food was provided, and Nick and Michael pitched a new bar to potential investors. Points in the bar were offered for $25,000 dollars each. In exchange, point owners would get a proportionate share of the net profits each month.

The presentation was slick. The bar was pitched as a “new concept” that would draw customers from a young tech savvy demographic that would find the bar through the blog and a companion sites they were starting called and Nick and Michael pitched themselves as “celebrity endorsers” for the bar who would interface with the new breed of customers and serve as “ambassadors” who would show newbies around the Bangkok sex scene. They saw the bar and its companion sites as part of an “empire” that would dominate the Bangkok sex market. was used an example of what they were creating.

For those not tech savvy, is a review site for local businesses. Patrons of the businesses write reviews and post them. The reviewers are normal Joe’s who don’t get paid for their reviews. Over time, the reviews pile up and create a massive database with reviews on almost every business in town. The beauty of the model is that the owners don’t write or do anything. As long as they can get customers to write free reviews of local businesses, the site slowly builds up a database of valuable reviews, the valuable reviews draw in more traffic, the traffic generates more reviews, and the site snowballs.

I declined to invest but others did. They raised over $100,000 dollars which paid for the current location. In case you forget, the current location started out as a shell and was completely gutted and built from scratch. This was expensive and consumed most of the investor’s money.

There was a 6 month period when the old bar had closed and the new bar hadn’t opened yet. Rather than keep their service girls (sex workers) on payroll to tide them over, Nick and Michael made the cold hearted decision to just cut them loose without notice or severance pay. Many of the girls were forced onto the streets. If you walked down Soi 4, you could see ex-Mango girls standing in Nana Parking lot searching for customers to pay rent and feed themselves. Others could be seen standing half naked on the sidewalk in front of small Soi 4 bars where they got paid to entice pedestrians into the bars ala Pattaya Soi 6.  A couple of the better looking ones got jobs as GoGo dancers in Cowboy and Nana and some just disappeared, never to be heard from again.

When the new bar opened, Nick and Michael tried populating it with new girls. They tried to get freelancers to hang out in the bar by giving out discount “membership” cards but failed to attract any. Because there were not many customers, many of the girls employed at their old location refused to work for the new bar. The ones who did return couldn’t find enough customers to make their monthly drink and sex quota and claim their full salaries. Eventually most of the girls left after Nick and Michael refused to lower quotas or increase salaries.

The out of the way location and lack of girls doomed the new bar. The world financial meltdown and the various bombings, riots, and political turmoil in Thailand killed the tourist industry and the bar started losing money. Over time, the customer base shrank, the bar declined to its current state, and Graham has announced its closing.

At one point, there was a meeting called where Nick and Michael laid out the state of the business and made it clear the investors had lost their money. There were a lot of angry words exchanged at that meeting. Threats were made. One of the investors blamed Nick for running afoul of Kenny and blamed the Kenny/Mango feud and all the bad press for driving new customers away from the Mango “brand”. That particular investor argued for issuing a public apology to Kenny but I don’t know what happened to that plan. The meeting broke up with no resolution but several of the investors to this day think they were sold a bill of goods and still want their money returned.

The end game was never for Michael and Nicholas to grow old running a bar in the Bangkok nightlife district. Veterans of the bust, they had watched numerous people start up and sell internet businesses and get rich. In those years, traffic was king and sites with a large numbers of “clicks” were selling for millions. The end game was to start a site like that reviews local bars, hotels, and businesses, build up traffic, sell adds ala Facebook, and eventually sell it for millions to Yahoo or some other large internet site looking for a foothold in Thailand.

This is the same business model (Michael’s current employer) is following today. Clone the U.S. streaming video sites like NetFlix but for Indian movies and then when a company like NetFlix decides to enter the Indian market sell, to Netlflix for millions.

That was why the crew of “Mangotards” was cultivated. Michael and Nicholas needed people to write reviews for Durian Seed so that others would have a reason to click there. The reason The Big Mango became the preferred hangout for the gang of misfits and losers was they needed the “Mangotards” to fill their site up with content. People were needed to actually write entertaining and informative reviews of bars and restaurants to seed the site. Otherwise, the site would just be a URL no one visited.

Once a big enough library of reviews was written, the site would start generating traffic, and the traffic itself would provide a continuous supply of new reviews. Crucial was getting the “Mangotards” to write the intial slug of reviews.  Durian Seed was chosen as the name of the site because the “Mangotards” were meant to provide the “seed” from which a big juicy fruit would grow.

Pants Elk, Bangkok Bad Boy, The Pattaya Ghost, Werewolf, Young Penfold, Daffy Duck and others were “friended” and given insider status so they would continue to grind out articles and reviews for Durian Seed and its companion site. Bangkok Bad Boy was convinced to close his popular blog and give his valuable content to Nick and Michael. Pattaya Ghost was allowed to advertise his diving business on the bar blog. Werewolf was extended credit so he could drink when he was broke. Young Penfold was allowed to deal drugs on the “down low” to people whom he met through the blog. Etc.  The comment section of the Blog was filled with Michael and Nicholas stroking the egos of their “pets” to keep them typing away generating free content.

Anyone who knows these people knows they are the sorriest crowd of social misfits (think of the bar scene from Star Wars) and anyone who thought twice must have wondered why Michael and Nick, the self-professed “cool cats” would surround themselves with such people but those in the know knew and now you know too.

Michael and Nick were scamming everyone. They had gotten the investors to fund the new bar but hadn’t given them any ownership rights in the new websites. In the end, they planned to sell the websites and their traffic to a big site looking for a foothold in the Thailand market and people who put up the money for their venture would be left with points in the bar but no ownership of the websites and their valuable traffic. Nick and Michael would own the website with all the hits and would cash the big check. The plan was always to leave the investors out in the cold. The ultimate Fuck You.

I suppose it was a good plan but it got torpedoed by the tanking of the Thailand tourist market. When the bar started losing money it became unsustainable. There were too many mouths to feed and insufficient income. Nicholas and Michael were drawing living expenses from the bar receipts, the full time manager had to be paid, and the investors wanted to get paid too. After financially struggling for months, Nicholas and Michael were forced to seek outside employment or end up homeless. And that is what they did. They did a runner and left Thailand.

Today, Michael and Nicholas tell everyone they no longer officially have an “interest” in The Big Mango and Graham owns the bar. Many of the investors believe this is a smoke screen to prevent them from trying to recover their money from Michael and Nicholas. If the bar was really “sold” to Graham they should be entitled to a share of the money but no money has been forthcoming and the terms of the “sale” to Graham have been kept under wraps.

The Big Mango and the lease on its location is actually owned by an Amity Corporation that lists Michael and Nick as the primary shareholders and managing directors.  Ownership is a matter of public record and anyone can go down to the appropriate government office and see the paperwork. Rumor has it that this was done recently and no ownership change has been registered with the Thai government. Again the terms of the sale, if there actually is one, of the Mango to Thai owners is being kept under wraps. Graham is bragging about buying a new Mercedes and moving to a condo with an indoor pool and the investors still haven’t seen any returns or refund.

So that is where things stand today. The bar is closing, the investors’ money is gone, and there is a lot of hate toward Nicholas, Michael, and Graham.

I know the “official line” is that all the negative comments are from Kenny and his sockpuppets but, honestly, it more likely comes from the investors who got financially screwed by the Mango owners.



This is the original post from 2011.

The confirmed rumor on the street is that The Big Mango Bar has been listed for sale.

With the previous closing of the Duke of Wellington, the alleged attempted disposal of The Big Mango Bar officially ends Tricycle and Pmmp’s dream of establishing a Bangkok nightlife entertainment empire.

Rising rents in Nana Entertainment Plaza closed the first iteration of The Big Mango and the collapse of the Thai tourist industry due to the worldwide recession and internal political upheaval combined with an out of the way location doomed the current iteration.

The listing claims an annual net profit of 3,500,000 THB or $9722 USD per month.

If true, that would be a truly outstanding performance given the current state of the Thai nightlife industry and the widespread bankruptcies and closings that have rocked the bars and clubs of The Reservation.

If true, Tricycle and Pmmp deserve accolades for an exemplary effort marketing and running the bar.

If the advertised financials are accurate, the asking price of 6,000,000 THB or $200,000 is a truly stunning opportunity —– allowing a potential buyer to earn a 50% return on investment and recoup his money in only 2 years.

At this price, its amazing that bar hasn’t already been snapped up by a savvy investor.


The listing from Sunbelt Asia is given below.


Bangkok Sports Bar

Business Type
Business Started
Annual revenue:
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment included in the Investment Price:
Your Total Investment to own this business:
Your Initial Cash Investment Needed:
Inventory included in the Investment Price:



(UPDATE! The asking price has been reduced from 7,500,000 baht to 6,000,000 baht.)

Well established after nine years of profitable trade, this Bangkok Sports Bar sits in a well patronised soi in the lower Sukhumvit region of the city.  Live television coverage of all major sporting events has made the establishment popular with the expatriate community, and tourists are also known to visit when in town.  A website keeps sports fans aware of all upcoming events and local sports clubs have built up an affiliation.

Housed within a four storey property, the bar enjoys annual net profits of approximately 3,500,000 baht after all overheads have been deducted from annual receipts that total roughly 8,500,000 baht.  The main expenses are monthly rent, set at 65,000 baht, and monthly salaries that total 150,000 baht for 20 full time employees (there are also five part time staff used when necessary).  Although the lease expires in early 2010 there is a provision to extend it for a further six years.

The bar utilises the first two floors, with the upper floors used for an office, a kitchen, a spare room, maid’s quarters and living accommodation for up to four people.  Assets valued at 1,000,000 baht will be passed on, and these include seven televisions and a pool table.  The owner has a regular day job and has grown tired of running the bar in his evenings; he will therefore countenance a sale to provide himself with more spare time.  Although the sale is not urgent, an attractive asking price that equates to roughly two times earnings has been set.


New asking price: 6,000,000 baht.

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  1. Yabba Dabba says:

    Don’t forget the local businessmen and the men just looking for something on the side. There are more places on Ratchada and Petchaburi Roads that cater to Thai men than Cowboy, Nana and Patpong put together.

  2. Doo Doo says:

    Then there’s Kenny (the whore monger) and the moral outcry of his followers against the Big Mango.

    Now I see why people laugh at so many of his comments. Certainly worthy of a Haha Hehe Hoho

  3. Editor at Large says:

    Doo Doo and Yabba Dabba have demonstrated what is known as a stream of consciousness.

    Some good points were made.

  4. Korski says:

    Editor at Large tell me which of these is wrong.

    1. Smith, Dattoma, and Jones started a commercial sex business in Bangkok. 
    2. They hired young girls from poor impoverished circumstances.
    3. They intended to profit from prostituting said young girls.
    4. None of the three is poor themselves and their goal was not to help these girls but to put money in their own pocket.
    5. If 1 to 4 are true then they have blood on their hands same as the nazi guards at Buchenwald. 

    Right back at you. 

  5. Graham Eats His Own Shit. HAHA!-Reposted from the Mango blog says:

    It’s no secret, I am growing tired of assholes in Bangkok. But what type of person comes under ‘asshole’?

    – The Indian / Pakistani tourist on a tight budget who doesn’t wash and wants to play pool for free in a bar.  They have also been known to bring their own drinks!

    – The sweaty, wet Arabs walking three abreast down Sukhumvit road and then stop for no reason, blocking all pedestrians.

    – Rude guys that after having one or two drinks, get loud and abusive to staff.

    – The internet trolls (cowards) who are scared to say things to my face.

    – People who only visit a bar when there is a freebie on offer (and balloon chasers)

    – Nigerians on the street saying ‘alright man’ when I walk past.

    – People who will mess around with the girls in a bar and then not tip them

    Basically, YOU know if you’re an asshole.  You’ll be the one walking down soi cowboy or wherever on your own.  Your only companion is someone you pay, and you always have a separate bin at a bar because you’re too cheap to buy a drink for anyone and no one is going to buy you one.
    But lets not leave this as negative.  The reason that the Big Mango doors are open today is because of the cool people I have met.  There are too many to name here, but YOU know who you are.

    We have some great English Teachers in our stable.  One little Irish fella who is a blast and is always generous to the staff.  We have the usual I.T bods, always happy to assist with our I.T problems.  We have people living all over the globe that offer us a place to stay should we happen upon their neighborhood.  We have people who ‘get’ what I am trying to achieve with the Mango and have bought me a bottle of booze!  To get a bottle of booze off someone, when you have a bar shows that the bar was not a consideration when purchasing it.  In other words, these guys are genuine, and the Mango Bar is not the only reason we hang out.  Some of the guys, are just really nice people who don’t have a nasty word to say about anyone.

    The Mango has been good to me.  I’ve made some great friends and I’ll remain in contact with long after the Mango has gone.

    But for now.. it’s business as usual…

  6. Graham Eats His Own Shit. HAHA!-Reposted from the Mango blog says:

    I tried to respond to this on the Mango blog but my comment went to moderation and never came out. Guess if you’re not kissing Graham’s ass you can’t post.

    What I wanted to say is that the Graham’s attitude is why the bar is failing? Who wants to be part of someone’s “stable”. Isn’t that kind of insulting? Order a beer at a bar and the owner claims you as some kind of domesticated animal? Do I really need Graham’s condescendingly declaring me a “nice guy” to be a decent human being. The whole thrust of Graham’s attitude is that he is a rock star and everyone should beg to be his groupie. Honestly I would be embarrassed to tell anyone I was in his “circle of friends” because they would think I was a suck ass.

    That is what I tried to post on the Mango blog but I guess Graham doesn’t like anyone criticizing him.  

  7. Fact Corrector says:

    For an object lesson in what happens when a blog administrator abandons all responsibility for managing comments refer to the BigBabyKenny blog.” -Werewolf

  8. English Teacher says:

    Hey Graham.

    How much do you mark up a bottle? 200% is about average for most bars.

    So if we buy a bottle for 3000 and you pocket 2000 we can be your friend?

    What kind of bullshit is that?

    Take your friendship and shove it. FUCKER. 


  9. Editor at Large says:

    Korski, perhaps you should contact Barry Bisquick on some lessons in debate analogies that are in proper context.  Until you do…

    Right back at you.

  10. Korski says:

    Which one of the 4 is wrong?

    1. Smith, Dattoma, and Jones started a commercial sex business in Bangkok. 
    2. They hired young girls from poor impoverished circumstances.
    3. They intended to profit from prostituting said young girls.
    4. None of the three is poor themselves and their goal was not to help these girls but to put money in their own pocket.
    5. If 1 to 4 are true then they have blood on their hands same as the nazi guards at Buchenwald. 
    Right back at you. 

  11. Ronru says:

    Hey English Teacher.

    Don’t forget about buying “Graham’s Girls” a round of drinks.

    In “Graham’s World” the young girls he forces into a life of prostitution are “his” girls. Sounds a little like slavery doesn’t?

    And don’t forget that every time you buy a round of drinks most of the money goes into Graham’s pocket  and the girls get only credit toward making their monthly drink quota.

    Wonder what happens when one of “Graham’s Girls” doesn’t make her monthly quota? Whatever it is, I’m sure its ugly. 

  12. Rhetorical Question says:

    How can anyone say anything to your face when you send our comments to moderation and delete them?

  13. As Real As It Gets says:

    It’s obvious that Kenny and his cast of sock puppets are behind the comments. Him and Ronru.

    The facts about Ronru’s fetish for under age Thai girls and Kenny’s whore chasing don’t get discussed at all. All they can do is talk about the Big Mango.

  14. Editor at Large says:

    Ronu, having recently dined at the Mango during happy hour, I can say unequivocally, that there were no girls there available for take out.  Maybe it was my appearance, but I could not score.

  15. Bangkok Diaries dot com says:

    Many Expats have followed the Kenny/Mango Feud and I am one of them. As time goes by a few things become abundantly clear.

    1. Graham, Nicholas, and Michael are distasteful people. Graham recent racist diatribe against “niggers, Indians,  Arabs, and English teachers” is about as low class, uneducated, and hateful as it gets. You can click over to the Mango blog and read their own words. They are actually proud of hating whole countries, religions, and cultures. I guess it’s no mystery why their bar has no patrons. 

    2. The Mangostorian’s account makes it clear why they went after Kenny. He was never one of the “Mangotards” that were being used to create content for Graham, Nicholas, and Michael’s web businesses. He was just a guy writing interesting stuff about being a tourist in Thailand.

    When he started telling people to knock off the whores and go find a nice normal Thai girl that threatened the whole narrative Nicholas and Michael were selling. When Kenny’s whole lexicon (remember The Thailand Girl Scene, The Reservation, Self Professed Masters of the Universe, Below the Line, Night  Crawlers, etc.) started becoming wildly popular and was being adopted on all the Bangkok blogs and when Kenny’s whole ideology of “getting off The Reservation” was the topic of discussion, it threatened the whole Mango model of Thailand as a mongers heaven. Who needs the Nicholas, Michael, and Graham to be ambassadors to the Bangkok Sex Scene when, according to Kenny, anyone can walk down to “The Greatest Starbucks in the World” or the Murati shrine and just walk up to a nice girl and get her number?

    It always puzzled me why they really went after Kenny. The death threats, threatened beatings, and writing newspapers and his university about his activities and writings seemed totally out of scale to what Kenny was writing about but after reading the Mangostorian’s account it cleared things up. Kenny’s writing and popularity was actually threatening Nicholas, Michael, and Graham’s plan to build a web business and sell it for millions. Looking back they were “a bit optimistic” (what I really mean to say is stupid) to think this was ever a possibility but in their own minds I am sure they thought Kenny’s writing was keeping them from becoming “rich beyond their wildest dreams”.

    3. Which returns us to point 1 above. The greatest sin Nicholas, Michael, and Graham are guilty of is being willing to totally destroy (or at least put their best effort into it) Kenny just because he had an opinion that differed from theirs and that got in the way of their silly little get rich scheme. 

    As Kenny used to say Nicholas, Michael, and Graham through their actions and words have revealed themselves as real life “haters” and I, for one, think the expat community will be better off now that they have left “The Reservation.”

    Kenny. If I ever run into you the drinks are on me.


  16. Fact Corrector says:

    ^ How about that, Kenny — Werewolf is going to buy you drinks, next time you’re in town! Such a pal!

    For an object lesson in what happens when a blog administrator abandons all responsibility for managing comments refer to the BigBabyKenny blog.” -Werewolf

  17. Just a note concerning the comment(s) by Bangkok Diaries dot com.  This person is not associated with BangkokDiaries in any way.  I have no idea why s/he chose to use the name of my site to post under.  Should be a good indication of their integrity though.  


  18. Bangkok Diaries dot com says:

    My apologies to The Real BankgokDiaries.

    My intention was more of a tribute to the intellectual quality of the contributors on Not an attempt to claim my writing represents the views of the owner of

    I am a regular contributor on your site but my views are my own and do not represent yours. 

    I realize the rough and tumble, open debate, anyone can write anything, nature of the BBK style commentary is  world’s apart from the moderated, English drawing room, stuffy upper class style of Personally, I like both and think both approaches have their pros and cons. 

  19. harry zink wants to suck your cock says:

    What a great idea to put actual content on a blog.  Maybe I should try that on mine.

  20. harry zink walks in school zones with an erect penis says:

    why does harry zink defend the big mango all the time is what I wonder?  Possibly it is because he is engaging in sex with very young looking girls.

  21. Fact Enhancer says:

    The Mango has nothing to do with underage sex and I doubt Zink does either. 

  22. Fact Searcher says:

    What about drug dealing and human trafficking? Anything to do with those?

  23. End of Story says:

    Everybody knows the Mango Boys plus Zink are human scum who exploit poor young girls.

    They’re shit businessmen and they’re are crooks who stole people’s money.

    Everyone accepts this after everything that has been written and their failure to offer one word in their defense.

    Can we move on now? 

  24. The True Untold Rest of the Story says:

    Everybody knows Kenny plus Ronru are human scum who fuck poor young girls for money.

    The younger the girls are the better they like them.

    Kenny’s sex tourism content which he removed even provided GPS directions on where to find them.

    Can we move on now?

  25. Pattaya Joe says:

    Honestly. If they are of legal age doesn’t every guy like fucking young girls?

    No crime in that.  

  26. The business plan says:

    “We have people who ‘get’ what I am trying to achieve with the Mango and have bought me a bottle of booze! ”

    Yes I can confidently say what Graham is trying to “achieve” here is to drive away new customers, ignore creditors he owes money to, run the bar into the ground, & high-tail it out of Bangkok before the creditors catch up with him. Quite sad behavior really

  27. Morris says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Larry the owner Larry’s Dive on Soi 22. The place closed and I heard he skipped town owing people. 

  28. Korski says:

    Coercion vs. Consent. Men, even old ones, who go to 3rd world countries and meet younger women are doing nothing wrong because they are looking for loving relationships between consenting adults. Human traffickers and pimps, such as owners of sex businesses, are forcing girls to have sex with men whom they don’t want to have sex with. This causes untold emotional damage to the girls and the money that goes into the owners pocket is blood money. The traffickers and pimps will burn in hell one day. That’s my opinion. 

  29. These are the facts and they are undisputed says:

    They weren’t of legal age with some as young as 15 according to the various comments and posts on v1.0 of BBK.COM

    Kenny wrote articles of where to find underage girls, complete with GPS locations. Karaoke bars, night clubs and parents homes in Essan were all on Kenny’s ‘radar’.

    Ronru wrote about where to take underage girls to the upstairs rooms that some of the gogo bars maintain for “entertainment”.

    Many viewed v1.0 as a guide for sex tourists.

    These are the facts, and they are undisputed.

  30. Dr Phil says:

    Ok ok. Kenny is considered to be an idiot that couldn’t get his facts straight yet now he is considered to be factual?  Damn.  I can’t keep score if y’all gonna keep moving the goal posts.

  31. New York Times Critic says:

    Ironic. The mango crowd went on a rampage because Kenny with his “get off the whore, leave The Reservation, and have a real relationship with non-prostitutes” mantra was killing the Mango Empire and now he is an expert on finding prostitutes. Consistency mango boys. That’s the key to credibility.

  32. Pattaya Joe says:

    Do youreally need to be an expert to find a prostitute in Bangkok?
    Walk out the front door of The Landmark Hotel and turn right, or turn left, or cross street. For that matter stay in the hotel and head down to the cocktail lounge.
    Your problem won’t finding a prostitute. It will be avoiding them. 

  33. Harry Zink says:

    Kenny, is it ok if I shut down my BigDummyKenny site 
    now? (sigh)  It always ends this way. A pathetic friendless
    duck swimming in the darkness of a bitterly cold winter’s night.
    paddling madly in circles to keep my legs from freezing into the
    ice. I am nothing if not a visionary duck. (Hey, guys. Is that a
    cruise boat I see ?)

  34. I find relationships with prostitutes in Thailand much easier to deal with than the crazy office workers who all want me to have babies, the whores don’t want babies, i’m safe.

  35. New York Times Critic says:

    PM. Think about what you just wrote. If your just at troll then fine. It’s BS. If your feelings are heartfelt you are a sick person. 

  36. Hairy Skink says:

    Your not really that safe Pattaya Monger. Just ask Michael Francis Smith, aka Smitty, aka Sideshow Bob, aka BigBlackGulliver. Some two-bit soi 6 whore from Patts has captured the man of his dreams.

    The once profligate Sideshow has now committed to awarding his whole self to one woman.
    Fucked over by a two-bit whore with less than a grade 8 education.

    Could this be another trend-setting move by one of the biggest assholes ever to have washed up in Thailand ? 

  37. The Zinkster says:

    I’m having a gay ‘ol time talking to myself over on my dummy site. Even Graham has deserted me to let me furiously fap away on my own. I need a friend, will anyone be my friend? Kenny? 

  38. Two Bit Whore Lover says:

    Hey Skink, Im a two bit whore lover but what separates me from Michael Smith Jr.( owner or former owner of a house of prostitution) is that I haven’t knocked up any of my whores. He has. Doh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And furthermore, he lives way out in the sticks of Chonburi. Doh!!!!!!!!!

    I wondered why he retired from commenting on daffy’s site. Maybe ‘cuz of the kid?

  39. redirection says:

    This thread. Not Galt’s.

  40. Death Throes of Kenny's Career says:

    All you do is bitch and moan about those guys using made up names because your career is shit Kenny.

    Own up to your own actions instead of blaming others.

    How’s the job hunt?

  41. Death Throes of Kenny's Career says:

    By the way, how did your last “pussy hunt” for under-age girls in rural Esan go? You don’t write much about the stuff anymore 😉

  42. redirection says:

    Keep all posts to this site directed to this thread.

  43. Fact Corrector says:

    Death Throes of Kenny’s Career is obviously a Kenny sockpuppet.

  44. Me thinks says:


    I don’t know what Fact Corrector is talking about. Seems to have a few “facts” twisted, but I will say this Michael Smith Jr. aka Big Black Gulliver, aka Smitty aka Side Show Bob, aka Michael Francis Smith Jr. once was owner of the Big Mango Bar.

    Yes, Michael Smith Jr of nokpis (look it up) was once (or still is) the owner of a bar in the Nana Plaza that employed prostitutes.

    Me thinks Michael Smith jr. knocked up a slut with bad teeth from Pattaya.

    Me thinks that Michael Smth jr thought all would pass since he retired Big Black Gulliver. Nope.

    Me thinks if I were to consider letting Michael Smith Jr. into my new start up, i should really rethink that position.

    Me thinks that Michael Francis Smith jr. aka Michael Smith jr. shortened his name so that Google searches would not come up with his name connected with allegations of his involvement in his questionable investment packages connected to the Big Mang bar.

    Me thinks Michael Smith jr. should never have put his family on YouTube, but his ego is in control.

    Me thinks Michael Smith jr should remove videos of his family from YouTube.

    Me thinks his brother Christopher Smith (such lame names dontcha think?) will be dragged into this bog of never ending crap.

    Me thinks Harry Zink’s dog Vladimir will prove to be his last true love.

    Me thinks that Death Throes of Kenny’s Career is Michael Smith jr. aka Michael Francis Smith Jr.

    Me thinks i don’t know this Graham guy but I feel sorry for him because he was suckered by the Mango boys. it’s fortunate that he’s got enough money to stave off the hemorrhaging.

    Me thinks if I keep posting the name Michael Smth jr,, potential investors or partners will think twice before going into business with him.

    Me thinks Michael Smth jr should keep a low internet profile.

    Me thinks Michael Smth jr should repent for all his sins.

    Me thinks I’ve said enough for now.

    Me thinks I’ll be back.

  45. Fact Corrector says:

    Me Thinks is obviously internet troll Harry Zink trying to stir the pot. 

  46. Me thinks says:

    Me thinks Fact Corrector exhibits weaknesses in cognitive reasoning. Yes, me thinks so.

  47. Fact VERIFIER says:

    Everyone commenting is just Ronru the Kenny Sockpuppet.

  48. redirection says:

    All posts directed to this thread please.

  49. A bad idea says:

    Due to the noise in the area & the predicted dismal quality of the completed rooms, the only customers booking rooms at the Big Mango Bar will be short time customers or the low end sex tourist with little money such as Harry Zink, Indians, & drunks, something Graham probably hasn’t anticipated

    Quality purpose built 4 or 5 star accomodation is so close & affordable around Nana, why is Graham building  a 2-star hovel catering to  fat drunken singlet clad low life sex tourists that hang out in Big Dogs from 11 in the morning till midnight?

    I can only put it down to his poor business acumen & general incompetence in the hospitality trade 

  50. Can't you read? says:

    The serviced apartments will be high class and offer an affordable alternative for high flying tech executives to the over priced first class hotels like the Landmark and Marriot down the street.

    Why pay hundreds a night when you can get the same room in a BOUTIQUE hotel right down the street?

  51. A good idea says:

    A bad idea couldn’t be more wrong. He knows nothing about boutique hotels and their successes.

  52. Time To Stir The Pot says:

    Kenny, how’s that job hunt going? I hear you’re not having any luck.

    Going to try an English teaching career in Bangkok?

    Do you think they’ll ever find out about this blog and how you like the young girls of questionable age?

    No chance of that since nobody reads this blog except you and ronru.

  53. Ronru says:


    You are not fooling anyone. You befriend the Mango Boys get some personal information about them and you come on here using the information to stir the pot and screw your friends as Me Thinks. 

    Where have we seen this act before?

    You are like a serial killer who commits the same murder over and over again.

    How many Thailand Monger sites have banned you already from after doing the same dance routine you are trying again here? 

    In your sick mind, your having a party because you are doing your act again but this time to the Mango Boys.

    Well guess what?

    I am calling you on it. So FUCK YOU! 

  54. Real Daffy Duck says:

    Duck Diary
    Aspergers under control, I think although I still can’t make friends, people say I come across as too needy or a complete fuckwit. I don’t understand what they mean – confused
    I talked to a girl. Rather excited about this as its the first time a female didn’t slap me in the face. I think I’m getting this social interaction thing
    I wish I was Kenny. He has the lifestyle I can only dream about. Uber jealous
    Harry signing off, Toodles diary 

  55. Real Daffy Duck says:

    Duck Diary
    Can’t get out of bed. Too depressed that I don’t have a job. Glad Obama won election so I’ll have medical insurance when I am old.
    Highlight of the day. Stroking one out while thinking about Justin Bieber’s dick up my ass.
    Harry signing off. Toodles diary. 

  56. Real Daffy Duck says:

    Duck Diary
    Jacked off to some 98 degrees videos.
    Posted some hate on
    Time for an enema.  
    Harry signing off. Toodles diary.

  57. Frequent Mango Customer says:

    The Mango business plan was grounded in reality. If you question that read this article about the purchase of Whatsapp by Google.

    Google could write its own messaging app but it is cheaper to buy Whatsapp with its database of  existing users. The users are what makes Whatsapp valuable and the founders of Whatsapp will bank over 100 million dollars.

    If and had taken off, it could be The Mango Boys pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars.


  58. In Summary says:

    What is the point of this site?
    The information is incorrect.
    The posts are pathetic
    The comments are idiotic
    and the web-owner never makes any comments.
    Kenny has a ‘god-complex’.  When will he ever learn?

  59. Never been a Frequent Mango Customer says:

    In Summary. Does anyone really believe everything written on the internet. Take it for what it is. Entertainment. Honestly, The Mango Boys, in particular a certain unnamed meth head, should cool off. Going nuts every time some moron posts something in the comments is ridiculous.  Well. Its kind of funny to watch but it doesn’t accomplish anything. End of Story.

  60. Real Daffy Duck says:

    Duck Diary

    Exciting news diary! My agent (Mommy) called today with several items to discuss. She was contacted by a circus manager wanting me to join a freak show travelling across America. I was to be the star attraction

    Oh hahahaha yes good one *TARD*! No doubt someone with the mental capacity of Prufrock

    Secondly Mommys washer has broken and theres now a backlog of my home squeezed man juice encrusted on the sheets to be washed. I was asked to stop spanking the monkey until further notice. I said to Mommy I can’t just turn off my homo-erotic dreams like a tap! Oh yeeeeah, how I dream of Kenny & I naked, walking along the beach together. This thought keeps me going through the tough days

    Harry Zink signing off. Toodles

  61. New York Times Critic says:

    Frequent Mango Customer.

    Tongue in cheek?

    Grounded in reality?

    If you read the monger blogs, the expat contributors act as if the Thai economy is dependent on the commercial sex industry and it is a multi-billion dollar industry whose collapse would send Thailand back to the stone age but, in fact, the commercial sex business is a wart on the ass of a elephant. The government could close all the bars on Cowboy, in Nana and Patpong and the Thai economy wouldn’t even feel it. 

    The idea that a business which reviews less than a hundred dingy little bars and a couple of hundred happy ending massage shops could be worth a hundred million dollars is pure fantasy. and never had a chance of being worth anything.  

    Michael Smith’s fantasy of a Thai tech startup being sucessful was a pipe dream.

    Or should we say a dreampipe dream.

    Haha as Ronru says.  

  62. Round up says:

    So where are we with all this?
    Michael Smith is working a in India
    Nicholas Dattoma is working foe Cisco also in India
    Graham Jones is in the Mango Bar
    Harry Zink is working in Cali
    Ronru has been exposed as the creep he is.
    Kenny is now looking for a job
    BigDummyKenny has no traffic
    Bigmangoblog continues with no mention of Kenny
    BBK site has plunged into a deeper cess pool
    WW has gone off radar as his only friend is Kenny who is as much a loser as he is.
    BigBlackGulliver – if you read his stories on the BDK site, you will see it is not Michael Smith of spuul.  
    So what have we learned?  
    We’ve learned that the Mangoboys have managed to move on.  It’s all well and good, the likes of NYTimes Creep to talk trash about the Mangoboys business, but he fails to mention that the bar business is/was not their forte.  They are I.T guys who are (it would appear) to be fairly successful in their field.
    The guys on here throwing rocks don’t  come forward and reveal what they do to make the dollars.  Why is that? 
    And what of Kenny?  Still in his lame ass teaching role that, if reports are to be believed is on his way out of the door next semester.
    If this site was not polluting the airwaves, the BDK would have no reason to continue.   The Mangoblog pays no attention and everyone (apart from Kenny) has moved on.
    The winners here are the people who are in a better position now, than they were  4 years ago when the bar was opened.
    Who can claim that?

  63. Harry Zink Was Seen Sucking Graham's Erect Penis says:

    It needs to be said that it is very hard even to find the Big Mango, no wonder the people that actually found the place defend it with such gusto.  But with such a poor location building any sort of a larger customer base was not in the cards.  Even if it was found having Graham and his constant unpleasant ranting is not something to bring, and keep, new visitors there.  Further, probably the death knell of the Big Mango was Graham latching his wagon to the website of Harry Zink.  Graham appears to have some people that do not detest him, but I have never heard of a single person that does not hate Harry Zink.  I am not sure what Graham was thinking with that decision but it backfired horribly. 
    I have read Harry Zink’s website and find that after doing so I cannot help but wish the worst for the big mango.  Harry Zink is not only on the largest internet trolls on Thailand based websites, he is also a tremendous asshole.

  64. Round up says:

    Why was my last comment deleted?  
    I thought this was a no-censorship site?

  65. redirection says:

    Please post only here please.

  66. Round up says:

    Editors note: U.S. laws must be obeyed.

    Whats the point.  Kenny keeps deleting the comments.  
    The non-censorship line is bullshit.
    No credibility.

  67. The Big G says:

    Every now and then I get an email from a reader on my bar blog asking me about relationships with Thai women. Just because I run a bar, pimp bargirls, & have a prostitute as a girlfriend readers think I know it all but in reality if I can’t buy a nights worth of loving then I’m completely lost. Don’t bother asking Harry Zink either, he bats for the other side

    That reminds me I must get Harry over here soon, I find his shiny bald head perfect for polishing the cutlery in my bar 


  68. Mother Theresa says:

    Please show some mercy for Little G.

    He has had two business failures and the attempts to spin failure into success on The Mango Blog are pathetic. 

    Graham is so rich he is going to move to Hua Hin and buy a penthouse condo with an infinity pool. What idiots are buying that line?

    Let him slip quietly into oblivion and move on with his life.  


  69. Mother of all denials says:

    I am not a short bald failure.

  70. Round up says:

    I think you’ll find that Big G is indeed living in Hua Hin.
    Which means you are the failures in all this.

  71. Methinks says:

    Most happy people just go about their lives being happy.

    Most rich people try to hide their wealth from others.

    Graham is constantly advertising how happy and wealthy he is.

    Draw your own conclusions.  

  72. Wethinks says:

    Why do we care what Graham does or where he lives?
    Is it not just feeding his ego by talking about him?  Harry also come to that.
    This site is so far detached from where it started out from

  73. Fucktard Nation says:

    Graham obviously cares because he posts incessantly on the mang0blog about where he lives, what he does, how rich he is, and how he hates English teachers, blacks and Indians.

    Ironic how a short bald troll-like man whose has double failed businesses on his resume, spends his time informing the world how happy and successful he is.  


  74. Fact Corrector says:

    Fucktard Nation says: “Graham obviously cares because he posts incessantly on the mang0blog about where he lives, what he does, how rich he is, and how he hates English teachers, blacks and Indians.”

    Yes, it’s called “blogging” – have you heard of it? 

    I’m not surprised you’d be unfamiliar with the concept – it’s not as if this site demonstrates how it’s done.

  75. Fucktard Nation says:

    A certain bald troll should go into rehab and get off the methamphetamine.  

  76. Blog reader says:

    The Mango blog has new content added weekly or more.  Same drivel and mutual backslapping, but at least it’s fresh.  This site is stale and repetitive. 

  77. Fucktard Nation says:

    The English Teacher Graham is ranting against is Werewolf. 

  78. How many grammar errors can you find? Hahahaha! says:

    Big G from the Mango Blog

    Got a call the other day from an irate punter. He was in the Mango and wanted to complain that a girl told him to fuck off?!?! He then went off to call her a cnut. And called her that many, many times. Of course, this needed chasing up. We made some calls. Apparently the guy is always a problem. He kept hassling the girl – wanting some interaction from her. She was not interested and wanted to eat her dinner so went outside. He followed her and demanded she smile at him!! Shouting at her calling her a cnut. She then told him to just fuck off.

    Whilst Miss Tim was getting this report from the staff, I received another call from a stranger who was also in the bar. He called to say that he saw/heard everything and felt he should call up to tell me that the girl did nothing wrong. Jolly decent of him.

    When I got back to the bar, the girl in question was a little worried. I called her to one side and told her.. “if you are getting verbally abused or hassled in the future, you do NOT tell a customer to fuck off. Unless you follow it up with an uppercut and a kick in the balls’.

    It is VERY RARE to get a complaint about a girl at the Mango. There is only 4 girls and they’re all great. If we get one complaint, there is 30 compliments to drown them out.

    The girls do not get paid enough to be abused. Don’t be an arsehole.

  79. Factoid says:

    “cnut” should be spelled “cunt. 

    Ironic that a person who is a cunt can’t spell it.


  80. Factoid says:

    “Of course, this needed chasing up”

    Honestly, is English Graham’s native language?

    The phrase “chasing up” doesn’t exist.

    “This needed to be chased down” is correct IMHO.


  81. Loser boss says:

     “The girls do not get paid enough to be abused” 

    Hey Big G, why don’t you pay them a little more then you tight cunt. Did you notice how that was spelt? You stupid English simpleton

    Thank goodness this site found you out for what you are, slimeball



  82. English Professor says:

    “There is only 4 girls and they’re all great. If we get one complaint, there is 30 compliments to drown them out.”

    Graham. Girls and complaints are plural. You should use the plural form of is, i.e are

    There are only four girls and they are all great. For each complaint there are 30 compliments to drown out each complaint.  
    The grammar in your essay wouldn’t get a passing grade in a 6th grade class.  

  83. Me Thinks says:

    Graham’s post is so poorly written, it reads like something Young Penfold wrote. 

  84. Spell Checker says:

    This blog is now focusing on the spelling and grammar of another blog.
    Is it only me that finds this a bit lame?
    And what’s with all the English Teachers?  Are these all official certified Teachers or dumb kids pointing at a picture of a cow and saying “cow”?
    Hope to see a new posting soon.  At this rate I’ll have to read about Keith Summers, whoever he is?

  85. Factoid says:

    Don’t you read Stickman?

    English teachers are a highly respected profession in Bangkok.

    Good English teachers make 150,000 THB in Thailand.


  86. Fucktard Nation says:

    Cmon. Even if Graham is your best friend, you have to laugh at his English proficiency.

    He was in the Mango and wanted to complain that a girl told him to fuck off?!?! 

     What school teaches that ?!?! is proper punctuation?

  87. Not an English Teacher says:

    150,000 per month?  That is seen as good right?  I know ugly hookers who make more than that.

  88. English Teacher and PROUD OF IT says:

    There used to be a lot of people teaching in Bangkok who had no teaching background or any formal teacher training whatsoever.  There are still people here like that, but they tend to work in poorly paid positions.  Some believe that just because they can speak the language, they can teach it.  There is no correlation between speaking English and being able to teach it.  Further, a lot of other skills such as being able to write or edit, or being a good public speaker don’t mean you will be a good teacher!  Many of these skills will be useful, but it should be noted that English teaching requires its own unique skill set!  Understand that the ability to teach is far more important than the ability to simply speak the language well!

    High paying gigs are available and some teachers can earn 150,000+ baht a month.

    Are there any fringe benefits working as an English teacher?

    The majority of English teachers are men, the majority of English language students at universities and language schools are girls. 1+1 most definitely equals 2 here. Relationships do blossom between teachers and students and while as a teacher one must manage this very carefully, romantic liaisons do occur.

    Your Humble Correspondent.

  89. Fact Corrector says:

    This comment was posted on April 22nd by Round Up:

    Round up says April 22, 2013, 3:38 am

    I think you’ll find that Big G is indeed living in Hua Hin.
    Which means you are the failures in all this. 

    This comment was subsequently deleted by the owner/moderator of this blog, despite claiming “no censorship”.

    Why is that?

    Maybe, because of this:

    It really does mean that all the haters, detractors, and ignorant Kenny acolytes are the failures in all of this.

    Congratulations Big G, on the new digs! 🙂

  90. Fact Corrector says:

    This comment was posted on April 22nd by Round Up:

    Round up says April 22, 2013, 3:38 am

    I think you’ll find that Big G is indeed living in Hua Hin.
    Which means you are the failures in all this. 

    …. and then there’s this:

    It really does mean that all the haters, detractors, and ignorant Kenny acolytes are the failures in all of this.

    Congratulations Big G, on the new digs! 🙂

  91. Its Dead Jim says:

    The little troll has a new home.

    Honestly. Who gives a fuck? 

  92. Truth through Sarcasm says:

    I am not a crook
        Richard Nixon

    I did not have sex with that girl
        Bill Clinton 

    I did not kill my wife

         OJ Simpson 

    I am happy closing my bar and restautant and moving to Hua Hin.

         Graham Jones. 

  93. Fact Corrector says:

    Its Dead Jim on May 8, 2013 at 6:44 pm says:

    The little troll has a new home.
    Honestly. Who gives a fuck? 

    Apparently, you do – several times. 

  94. Truth through Sarcasm says:

    Graham posts a picture of himself in his backyard pool with a beer in hand to prove to the world how happy he is.  But there is no one else in the pool with him.

    From his narrative it didn’t sound like he had any friends to help him move his stuff out of the Mango to his rented house in Hua Hin. 

    Yeah. Sounds like a happy guy. 40 something, no friends back in England, moving to live alone in a rented house in Hua Hin with some Issan farmers daughter.

    Don’t we all want to be like Graham?

  95. Big G says:

    Hey. I am happy and successful. I posted the picture to prove it.  

    Hahahahaha. Hehehehehe! 

  96. The Zinkster says:

    Hi everybody, Fact Corrector here, but you may call me Harry Zink

    Its sad over on my dummy blog, REAL sad. Nobody visits except for my dog Vladi. So I’ve decided to start posting here again, even though you may recall I said I NEVER would again. Yes I am a liar & full of bullshit, as well as being a sleazy internet troll, but hey you already knew that

    May I congratulate Graham on the move, I’ll be lost in Bangkok now. My only friend (I paid alot of money to him & his bar  to become his friend) is now gone. Does anybody here want to become my friend?


  97. Just Truth says:

    He was never your friend.  

  98. Less frequent Mango customer says:

    Have yet to make it down to Bangkok this year, but is the Mango still open? 

  99. It's Dead Jim says:

    Does anyone really care?

  100. John Q Pubic says:

    Graham has a friend you idiot, his name is Harry Zink, and he is from Toluca Lake, CA.  He is an Internet troll of the highest order and a horrible human being.   

  101. John Galt says:

    No apples for today.  I’m not hungry.   Perhaps Kenny may want some.   KENNY — Whoa   KENNY  the Idiot Watcher is offering food today!.

  102. Fuck All CSU-N says:

    move/delete this comment quick Kenny.

    Dont want CSU-N showing up on the searches.

    How are those rural Thai pussy hunts going you stupid dickhead?

  103. Touring for Pussy says:

    School’s almost out Kenny

    “Valid driver’s license, new car, a full tank of gas, and a police and fine free highway in front of you. Let the pussy hunt begin!”

    Ready for your annual sex tour?

  104. RealDaffyDuck says:

    Ha! You tell em BBG. I’m certainly ready for a sex vacation too. Why don’t we visit Graham in Hua Hin?

    We could all go swimming in the pool together, naked :). Then we could compare the size of our Tiny Tims before I *accidently* brush my cock on your buttocks. Then who knows where things might lead?

    Okay I won’t beat around the bush here BBG, either you or Graham can pump me up the ass any time you want, I need to be screwed by a dominant man!

    Just hope Miss Timms isn’t there, I don’t like her, she gets in the way

    Harry Zink

  105. Ronru says:

    Hey DUMBASS!

    Check the university website.

    Prof. Fucktard is scheduled to teach summer session in Los Angeles until 
    August 12th.

    It doesn’t look like he is going anywhere near any Thai whores this summer. 


  106. t says:

    How does a stranger in the bar have the manager’s mobile number?

  107. whisper says:

    looks like the new ratings are in from the ratee my proff website….but you cant talk about it here or kenny will censor it

  108. Its Dead Jim says:

    Face it.
    The Mango Boys lost.
    Kenny won.

  109. Letter about from the CSU-N Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies Departments. says:

    Read my ratings. I suck as a professor. But I grade on a curve so people pass

  110. Letter about from the CSU-N Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies Departments. says:

    Fuck i miss my sex tourism blog. I wanna fuck thai whores while Ronru watches

  111. Letter about from the Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies Departments. says:

    I wanna fuck thai whores.

  112. Letter about from the Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies Departments. says:

    I wanna fuck whores.

  113. Letter about from the Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies Departments. says:

    I wanna assrape thaiwhores.

  114. Letter about from the Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies Departments. says:

    I wanna ass

  115. Its Dead Jim says:

    Face it.
    The Mango Boys lost.
    Kenny won.

    Graham ran away to Hua Hin.

    BigBlackGulliver aka Michael Smith of deleted his email address.


  116. Letter about from the Cal State Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies Departments. says:

    I love to see kenny edit comments about where he works so he dont get SEO hits.

    Any good stories on the

  117. Its Dead Jim says:

    Face it.

    Michael Smith is BigBlackGulliver writing as Letter about from the Cal State Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies Departments.

    Too chickenshit to post under his own name or a known alias.

    The Mango Boys lost.
    Kenny won.

    Hehehehehe. Hohohohoho.

  118. Harrys got a crush says:

    Harry Zink the under-achieving internet troll has the hots for Sharkey, the tatooed body building Polynesian simpleton that lives in Pattaya

    Sharkey shows off his whores like they are beyond the reach of even the the cheapest whoremonger, which they are not. Harry is testament to this

  119. Its Dead Jim says:

    Zink’s site has been shut down.

    Weeks ago he deleted all the content and left fluff on there as a face saving measure.

    He doesn’t want the Fucktard dancing on his grave the way the Fucktard is dancing on the Mango boys grave. It’s humiliating.

    Graham is trying to put the best face on the Mango failure posting pictures of himself drinking a beer in a Hua Him pool but he reeks of desperation.

    Zink didn’t want to go through the same humiliation so he left the URL active. That’s all. But he deleted all the anti-Kenny content.

    BigBlackGulliver aka Michael Francis Smith also deleted his email account and has scurried off like a cockroach when the lights come on.

  120. hitty says:

    Big mango owner on his blog says he spent 40k baht in NanaPlaza in one night?
    is he for real.
    Only low life move to Thailand who steal money abroad………..Thailand or Spain or Brazil.then run bars

  121. English Professor says:

    “And your fucking not! ” should be “And you’re fucking not!”

    Contraction not possessive form.

  122. hitty says:

    Why does he call himself daywalker on his blog,
    Is he scammer from UK?

  123. hitty says:

    he is a great bar owner in Asia…..BEST IN THAILAND.. he has shown how to treat human in BKK……………fun and more fun

  124. Confucious says:

    You can take the bargirl to Hua Hin but you can’t take the bar out of the girl. 

  125. Real Confucious says:

    The Dumbass can move from Bangkok to Hua Hin but he’s still a dumbass.

  126. Hitty says:

    Everyone should let people who own Big mango club, get on with their life….so childish the blogs on here, grow up and move on with your life, you low life  people.
    Go and have a soft drink or go and see people you scammed in other countries, that is why you are in Thailand….fucking low life…………..cannot not make your life in the West so you lot go to your level 3rd world and still not happy….TRY and Support Barnet football Club…….see I still live in London…….not run away to the 3 world to get even with my life.
    Rest of the 3rd world peoplewant to move to the West to improve their life…….
    you low life should stay in that rat infected country with low life village girls

  127. The War is won says:

    One of the astonishing observations has been the speed at which these idiots – Graham, bigblackgulliver, Harry Zink et al –  have run for cover knowing they have lost the war. In fact I’ve felt downright enbarrased for these pitiful juvenile minded wackos relentlessly trying to intimidate the innocent through their bullet proof keyboards

    What says “I Surrender” more than shutting down the big mango blog? Nothing! The tough bullies from the big mango finally have to bend over and reveal their asses to a laughing public.

    The problem was they never really liked each other to begin with. Money was the only motivation behind the whole mango scam and when the bars started failing so did their false sense of loyalty. As the mango empire failed one-by-one the each rat started abandoning ship

    Graham, the last vermin standing, has now admitted defeat in a rant he thought would somehow give him the last laugh, instead his subjects have indirectly revealed the truth – he’s the fool everyone is laughing at. Such a sad & may I say simple expat, out of his depth

  128. New York Times Critic says:

    I am sure Kenny is sitting somewhere laughing his ass off. 

  129. It's Dead Jim. says:

    Michael Smith aka BigBlackGulliver got fired from Yahoo, knocked up a bar girl, and is living in 6K a month concrete sweatbox in Chon Buri. 

    If that isn’t victory I don’t know what is. 

  130. hitty says:

    I want a bar girl and live happy ever after, do I need Scam money to prove to this village girls dancing in go go bar that I am rich and can buy  her a COW…Baff-alo no good ,ill to many time.
    Long time cow good give many babies, and motorbike accident for my brother

  131. New York Times Critic says:

    They came to Bangkok. Self professed millionaires who were going to set up a sex empire that would rival Hugh Hefner and Playboy. They were going to be the ones in the silk pajamas, with the grotto full of naked hotties, with the A-list celebrities begging for invites to their parties. 

    Instead, one ends up broke, knocking up a prostitute and moving to rural Thailand, eating street food, living in a concrete sweatbox and pretending to be a Southeast Asian Tech Startup Guru. Another is grinding it out in India as a network tech. And the third  is writing blogs showing oneself in a pool, driving a cheap BMW, shacked up with a prostitute, and portraying it as a success story that others should want to emulate. 

    Hey. I buy it. I want to be like them. 

  132. Sarcasm Master says:

    Can you be a Tech Startup Guru when you have never successfully started anything?

  133. hitty says:

    NYTCS, they are doing ok , spending scam money they made for Issan girls, they are like bankers, IN JAIL

  134. Mr. Rhetorical says:

    How are those ratings about your job skills? Still shit? Yea, thought so.


  135. Mr. Rhetorical says:

    Ummmm, Kenny.

    How are those ratings about your job skills? Still shitty, right?

    Average score was a 42? Hahahahahaha

  136. Sarcasm Master says:

    Judging by the the online temper tantrum Graham has been throwing for the past few weeks loo, he is taking the failure real well. 

  137. Sarcasm Master says:

    When Michael Smith aka BigBlackGulliver came to Thailand his dream was to end up in Chon Buri with a baby whose mother is a prostitute. 
    He’s living his dream.
    Hey. I buy it. 

  138. More Sarcasm Master says:

    The beach in Chon Buri is so beautiful. The oil refinery and the smell of burning hydrocarbons is so wonderful. 

  139. BIG MANGO says:

    Graham swimming pool is like paddling pool for my dog in UK, try and show of with a real pool,
    Sorry he has a dog from the NEP, and moved with her to a Mayfair apartment with a toilet and toilet roll.
    My hero GRAHAM the SCAMMER, I want him  back in ENGLAND, few WEST INDIANS want to shake his hand.
    Then We can put a tattoo on his bald head ….I LOVE BAR GIRLS IN MANGO bang my little cock.
    Niggers are waiting for him , Terminal 4 0r 3 at Heathrow

  140. Graham says:

    I rent a house with a swimming pool. 
    Envy me.

  141. How many Kenny references in Graham's goodbye message? says:

    Have a plan, stick to it and get out.
    This is a good philosophy. Taken from the movie ‘Layer Cake’ there is a lot of truth to it.
    I’ve been in the bar industry for 5 years. Five years. For those of you that have an insight into any managerial position in the work arena, you’ll know what a 5 year plan is.
    Well, my five year plan is almost complete. It has changed a little, but the end result is one I am more than happy with.
    I am not a Bar Manager. I am not a Barman. I am simply someone who likes hanging out with like minded people in the bar environment.
    I don’t see many young bar owners around. And when I say young, I mean under 40. To me, it seems the majority of the bar owners around are of a more mature age. They are there for the business. Well, not me. I had a plan, I stuck to it and now I am getting out.
    We all know the good points of being in the top chair at a bar, but there are many bad points too. Success has many enemies. People tend to follow what I am upto and then go to one of the lower quality websites and write crap about me. The funny thing is, they don’t realize they are showing their jealousy by following my every move. Each comment I see tells me that these people are thinking about me, and it’s eating them up. Very sad really. Jealousy is a cruel mistress. The fact that they write the shit, is evidence that they are here following what I do. It’s like my own little fan club!
    But anyway – getting back to my plan… those of you that know me, know that I am a ‘dumbass oilfield roustabout’. This pays ‘ok’ and gives me a lot of time off. So now, at the grand old age of 38, it’s time to ditch the Mango life and enter a new stage. I now have some other plans. Plans that take up time that I’d usually be spending on the Mango and on the Blog.
    Quitting whilst you are ahead, is not the same as quitting.
    I’ve had my fun, I had the experience, I carried out my plan. It’s almost 5 years to the day I moved into the Mango. Have a plan… stick to it and get out.
    So in the next month or so, I’ll be pulling the plug on the Mango Blog. I just don’t have the time. I don’t want to have to carry my laptop with me everywhere I go. I don’t want to have to constantly check the admin side to ‘trash’ all the comments that add no value. I could just leave the blog, but then it’d turn into a mess like ‘others’ websites – so I am going to call time on it.
    It’s time for someone else to take the lead. I’ve done my time. I’ve had my fun and now it’s time to move onto something else. I am walking away with a smile. I did what I wanted and no matter how hard people tried, I saw my plan out.
    And besides – The only people who stay in one place for so long, are the people that can’t do anything else. They need the tenure. No doubt the haters will still be hating in many years to come. That’s all they have. They have no other skills. These are the people who are a product of their environment. Where as my environment is a product of me.
    When you start out, you take shit.
    You then take more shit
    Then as you progress, you take less shit,
    Then you get to a level where you are so far away from it, you forget what shit smells like.
    Welcome to the Layer Cake.

  142. What did John Brown write? says:

    Graham from the Mango Blog.
    “I trashed John Browns comment. Why? Because he sounded like a twat.”

  143. New York Times Critic says:

    Fascinating that Graham goes out with an expletive laced anti-Kenny fecal explosion accompanied by multiple blogs “proving” he is happy and doesn’t mind closing the Big Mango Bar because it was commercially unsuccessful.

    I guess that proves once and for all the he didn’t care about Kenny, nothing Kenny said bothered him, nothing Kenny wrote contributed to the bar’s failure, and the bar was just an expensive hobby for a rich dilettante. 

  144. Alternative Universe says:

    Can you visualize what would have happened if they had just left Kenny alone?

    Maybe right now they would be standing in the throne room of a Bangkok Sex Empire, lounging in their silk pajamas, surround by a sea of pussy, with all the celebs begging to hang out with them.

    Wonder if they ever regret being such chumps?

  145. BIG MANGO says:

    Life is short, Graham is a good guy, he spends his dough on Issan girls to prove a point that he rich,he is helping poor low life girls to come out of poverty.
    He is like Mother Teressa of the bar girls.
    He is great , he should get a grant from the British government so he can spend 50,000 bahts per night in Nana plaza.
    You can take a scammer out of UK, but he is still be a SCAMMER in Thailand, he is like a Say you can take a girl out of the bar, but the bar is still in the girls heart, they will scam you.
    But all the no gooders from the West are in Thailand, so do not knock Graham………….think before you type shit……..look at yourself and what crap you doing in Thailand….YOU LOT are not MONKS and ended up in Thailand for a reason to become a Monk

  146. BIG MANGO says:

    Graham you can only rent in Thailand, so no envy.. you are a poor scammer running away from UK.YOUR PADDLING pool looks great with the rubber ring on your head, or is the bald head of yours trying to save your brain cells, so they can make it and do not drown, so you can scam more money and spend 50,000 bahts on your bar girl from Issan per night, you are a Lemon Bar and not a Mango Bar, no wonder you lost money in the bar and renting a house with a bar girl with a blow up paddling pool,
    Normal scammers move to Spain with big pools, you move with a bar girl, so her family and buffalo can have a bath in your paddling pool. Well done , use a filter in your paddling pool, get rid of bar girl V D and AIDS, so your balls do not go bald like your head.

  147. BIG MANGO BAR was a bar fine place from Graham says:

    I made money, now I have moved away with my virgin Thai girlfriend to Hong Kong, she told me but it is only down the road to Hua Hin, but I have my Olympic size swimming pool , so I can swim with my Tim the best Bar Girl in the world, if you don’t belive me, ring her farangs she had, over 2345 in 2 years, her pussy his so good I put my head in it and lost my wig, Tim’s arse is better I lost my watch in there when I was clapping at the Grand Prix winner, Best Bar girl I ever had, my dad told me Tim is better then my mum, my mum went with Indians and Black men, Tim not do that , she like small dick like me only

  148. Infomation spreader says:

    Kenny says that the Mango boys have thrown in the towel and admitted defeat.

    Can anyone explain how leaving the BBK blog unmanned and filled with utter garbage anything different?

    Ive not seen any reports of Kenny being in Thailand for a while. Why is that?

    Looks to me that Kenny has been defeated a long time ago.

  149. Yabaa Dabaa says:

    Maybe because Kenny doesn’t give a crackers ass about Graham, Nicholas Dattoma, Michael Francis Smith or Harry Zink.

  150. Truth Seeker says:

    Look in the C-SUN catalog.

    Maybe Kenny is in Los Angeles teaching summer school.

  151. Fact Corrector says:

    “Maybe because Kenny doesn’t give a crackers ass about Graham, Nicholas Dattoma, Michael Francis Smith or Harry Zink.” – He sure has a funny way of showing not giving “a crackers ass”. Is making false legal representations, and sending out hilarious ‘threat’ emails part of the not giving “a crackers ass”?

    Hahahaha Hehehehe Hohohoho

  152. Stating the Obvious says:

    What’s obvious is Graham has a serious hard on for Kenny.

  153. yellow fever says:

    Who is Graham, I do not understand, is he a ladyboy after Kenny?
    Help me please

  154. New York Times Critic says:

    Graham’s Goodbye Post.

    Class act to the end. One last piss on the people who supported his bar but wouldn’t kiss his ass and refused to be his fanboys. A fitting last goodbye.

  155. Real Daffy Duck says:

    I never kissed Graham’s ass. Licked the rim and gobbled the brown dribble that leaked out. Yeah I did it. But I never kissed it.

  156. WW, YP, John Brown, Kenny et all says:

    What did you do to Graham to piss him off?

  157. Frequent Mango Customer says:

    The comments on the Mango Blog are completely locked down. Even regular commenters who were allowed to post are being held in the moderation queue.

    That’s real class your showing Graham. Shitting on people in your eulogy and taking your marbles and running home to mommy.

    Graham you are an asshole to the bitter end.

  158. Fact Corrector says:

    The more I read on this blog the more I realize it really is at the bottom of the trash bin. You think the owner would have had the good sense to shut it down long ago.

  159. John Brown says:

    Why do you let Graham shit on you?

  160. Young Penfold says:

    Graham shit on you. Why do you let him do it?

  161. BIG MANGO says:

    He shit on them because he is rich and they are not. How many times does Graham have to brag about how rich he is before the circle jerk crew gets it. LOL.

  162. Sarcasm Master says:

    Is this what BBK,com has become. A daily session of kicking Graham when he is down? Bring back the hookers!

  163. Turd Muncher says:

    You’re all a bunch of cunts. Everyone of you sad twats commenting on this site. I, on the other hand, am fucking fantastic.

    Enjoy felching the ladyboys you bitches.

  164. John Brown says:

    This is funny.

    Anyone following this shit (including myself) is a borderline idiot. I’ll admit it but people that doctor posts in the name of John Brown are to be detested.

    That’s G himself.

    G, you’re blog will go nowhere and as a consequence of that your bar will go no where… Pull my finger love…

  165. Fact Corrector says:

    Are you really John Brown?

    G’s bar has already gone nowhere. It failed and was sold.

    Isn’t it great G. calls you an asshole, posts personal details about your life (most likely untrue) and then shuts you down on his blog?

  166. The Big G says:

    Admittedly the low number of posts on my new blog is looking like it will fade away into obscurity

    Notch up another failure I guess, boy I just can’t catch a break. Never mind I’ll just keep bragging about how wealthy I am, that seems to fool all of my devotees

    If you want to come swim in my pool drop me a line. Everyone except Kenny. Oh and Harry Zink. Even I am getting tired of that sad piece of Euro trash

  167. Its Dead Jim says:

    When did renting a house with a pool in Hua Hin become a sign of great wealth?

    Is having a dark skinned bar girl whose father is a rice farmer and whose brother is a taxi driver become the “must have” mistress of the super wealthy?

    Graham’s just another Expat telling stories about what a big man he was before he moved to Thailand.

    Just another Expat who thought it would be cool to own a bar so he could fuck the employees but didn’t have a clue about running a real business or making money.

    Just another Expat who lost his money in the bar business and was involved in some shady dealing with investors.

    Larry’s Dive, New Wave Bar, Sports Academy, and the Big Mango. Same Same.

  168. Raul Villegas says:

    Long time that I last visit here. I am happy to hear that Harry Zink and Graham have lost in this battle to the death. Now, I will just wait for the natural death of Harry Zink, as unlike a dog in Panama, my home country, he is allowed to live a life rather than be beaten with a stick. Harry Zink is probably the worst human being since Hitler.

    Now that Harry Zink cannot have a website as Graham told him not to, I have no place to troll. But the next game on the agenda is to join in with Graham and the Mango boys when they have their night outs. He lists them on his website. I will either join in the group or read where they will go and then follow them and take photos. Then I will place them on a blogspot page that I will make. These people may have lost but I am not yet finished.

  169. Why Harry Zink took down BigDummy says:


    (1) A person shall not stalk another person with intent to cause-
    (a) apprehension or fear of serious harm in the other person or a third person; or
    (b) serious harm to the other person or a third person.

    (a) where-
    (i) the offence involved a contravention of an injunction or other order made by a court; or
    (ii) the offender was in possession of an offensive weapon;
    imprisonment for 5 years; and
    (b) in any other case-imprisonment for 2 years.

    (2) For the purposes of subsection (1), a person shall be taken to stalk another person if, on at least 2 occasions, he or she-

    (a) follows or approaches the other person;
    (b) loiters near, watches, approaches or enters a place where the other person resides, works or visits;
    (c) keeps the other person under surveillance;
    (d) interferes with property in the possession of the other person;
    (e) gives or sends offensive material to the other person or leaves offensive material where it is likely to be found by, given to or brought to the attention of, the other person;
    (f) telephones or otherwise contacts the other person;
    (g) acts covertly in a manner that could reasonably be expected to arouse apprehension or fear in the other person; or
    (h) engages in conduct amounting to intimidation, harassment or molestation of the other person.

    (3) In a prosecution for an offence under subsection (1), it is not necessary to prove that the person stalked or a third person, as the case may be, apprehended or feared serious harm.

    (4) In this section-

    “harm” means physical harm, harm to mental health, or disease, whether permanent or temporary;

    “harm to mental health” includes psychological harm;

    “physical harm” includes unconsciousness, pain, disfigurement and any physical contact that might reasonably be objected to in the circumstances, whether or not there was an awareness of that contact at the time.

  170. Why Harry Zink took down BigDummy says:

    Harry Zink was in clear violation of Section 2(e) and 2(h) of Australia’s anti stalking law.

    “e) gives or sends offensive material to the other person or leaves offensive material where it is likely to be found by, given to or brought to the attention of, the other person”

    I think any police investigating Harry Zink’s website would have to conclude that he violated 2(e).

    Zink clearly posted offensive material about another person on his website and he actively tried to bring it to the attention of that other person as well as others.

    2 years in an Australian prison is clearly a just punishment.

  171. News Reporter- Michael Smith says:

    We are learning that global mobile video streaming at scale is hard but doable. Customer service is important and gives us a competitive edge. There is serious growth to be had in mobile markets and we think this demand is insatiable, but that the web and TV are also a big driver of consumption so we have lots of plans on growing our consumptive devices and evolving our website

  172. Official Biography of Michael Smith Owner of Thailand Brothel. says:

    Michael is responsible for driving the product and technology that will bring premium online video content to Spuul customers across the globe. Michael has worked in the consumer internet space with Yahoo!, the enterprise software space with Weblogic/BEA and has been actively involved in the Asian startup community for over 10 years.

    Prior to Spuul, Michael worked with the Yahoo Developer Network in Asia Pacific. This entailed working with startups across Southeast Asia to build or partner with Yahoo. Michael also led the acquisition of Koprol which formed the foundation for Yahoo’s Indonesian engineering site.

    Michael has been living in Thailand and Singapore, working with technology startups across Southeast Asia and consulting with various companies across the region on their social media strategies. Before moving to Thailand, Michael worked for BEA Systems, Inc. in Hong Kong while managing their developer marketing strategies for Asia Pacific.

    Michael also previously served as a Junior CTO at BEA Systems in the Americas and worked at WebLogic – a company that was acquired by BEA Systems.

  173. Fucking Fuck Kenny what the FUCK? says:

    Ronru says:
    May 15, 2013 at 11:10 pm

    Hey DUMBASS!

    Check the university website.

    Prof. Fucktard is scheduled to teach summer session in Los Angeles until
    August 12th.

    Does that mean his career is officially over now?

  174. Fucking Fuck Kenny what the FUCK? says:

    Infomation spreader says:
    July 2, 2013 at 1:34 am

    Kenny says that the Mango boys have thrown in the towel and admitted defeat.

    Can anyone explain how leaving the BBK blog unmanned and filled with utter garbage anything different?

    Ive not seen any reports of Kenny being in Thailand for a while. Why is that?

    Looks to me that Kenny has been defeated a long time ago.

    – Think it’s because Kenny is tryng to save his job.

  175. Fucking Fuck Kenny what the FUCK? says:

    Mr. Rhetorical says:
    June 23, 2013 at 1:48 am

    Ummmm, Kenny.

    How are those ratings about your job skills? Still shitty, right?

    Average score was a 42? Hahahahahaha

    – He taught summer skool to get his ratings back up – bhwhhaahaha

  176. Fucking Fuck Kenny what the FUCK? says:

    Doo Doo says:
    March 23, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    Then there’s Kenny (the whore monger) and the moral outcry of his followers against the Big Mango.

    Now I see why people laugh at so many of his comments. Certainly worthy of a Haha Hehe Hoho

    – So true.

  177. Fucking Fuck Kenny what the FUCK? says:

    Death Throes of Kenny’s Career says:
    April 6, 2013 at 1:40 am

    All you do is bitch and moan about those guys using made up names because your career is shit Kenny.

    Own up to your own actions instead of blaming others.

    How’s the job hunt?

    – That’s a funny comment –

  178. Fucking Fuck Kenny what the FUCK? says:

    Dr Phil says:
    March 31, 2013 at 11:14 am

    Ok ok. Kenny is considered to be an idiot that couldn’t get his facts straight yet now he is considered to be factual? Damn. I can’t keep score if y’all gonna keep moving the goal posts.

    – don’t worry if you get it wrong. Kenny grades on a curve 🙂 –

  179. Just an Observation says:

    Ironic that Graham and Michael Smith ended up with prostitutes as girlfriends.

    Not sure that is a “Hugh Hefner” move.


  180. NSA says:

    Of course you have proof of this?

  181. NSA says:

    Nice one Dr Phil

  182. NSA says:

    Does Kenny still have his job? I think he took the summer class so he could keep his job because attendance has not been good.

  183. Harry Zink is a God Damn Piece of Shit says:

    You know I am glad that Graham lost and ran his business into the ground but I think I will be happier when both of his parents are dead.

    But on another subject, what ever happened to Kenny? I don’t know if I am willing to give him a win in this situation as I think that Graham and his horrible personality ran that bar into the ground on its own. But I would like to see some new content here.

  184. Downtown John Brown says:

    Nobody cares about Kenny’s career. Not even Kenny cares about it. He knows it’s flatlined.

  185. Steven Frank says:

    Kenny please correct the post below. It wasn’t me.

    Thanks in advance, John Brown

  186. New York Times Critic says:

    The Mango Boys dumped on John Brown. Publishing his name and details about his personal life and situation.

    The Mango Boys made John Brown into an criminal hustler who is a liar and steals peoples money.

    Now they are on this site continuing their smear campaign.

    Seems like a scumbag convention to me.

  187. Downtown John Brown says:

    Werewolf, I’ll get even with you for outing me you fat fuck.

  188. Downtown John Brown says:

    Bangkok Buddy, can we still hang out and oogle? All my other friends have turned on me. Some say it’s karma, but I’m not such a bad guy am I?

  189. John Brown says:

    Can someone post BigBlackGullivers real name and nationality?

    I heard he lives in Chon Buri. Is this true?

  190. Phunny Phucker says:

    You can find him occasionally at the Hillary Bar. He plays with a group of musicians called Jason Lloyd and The Legal Lemmings.

    After you serve him then you can get served 😉

  191. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Just to make it really clear to you fuck ups.

    Anyone who posts my name or any personal information is going to get a beating from yours truly.

    So think carefully before you type.

  192. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Just to make it clear, isn’t it great that anyone can use anybody’s screen name on Bigbabykenny???

  193. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Just to make it clear. I deleted my email account because I don’t like email. It has nothing to do with legal issues.

  194. Real BigBlackGulliver says:

    Just to make it clear. I wear Depends brand adult diapers because whenever anyone yanks my chain I poop in my pants.


  195. Binnacle says:

    Just to make it clear, this blog sucks ladyboy cock.

  196. Reality Check says:

    The only way people will believe that your story is true is if you have credibility. Problem alert. You have none.

  197. Just an Observatin says:

    So the Mango Boys were full of shite the whole time about how their bar was transforming into something new. It looks like it transformed into a bigger piece of shite than it ever was. Next time I’m in town, I’m gonna make a point to walk down the alley and piss on the front step. 🙂

  198. Its Dead Jim says:

    Graham Jones announced on his website he is leaving Thailand permanently and returning to England.

    He is taking Miss Tim his girlfriend with him.

    Miss Tim is one of the “service” girls whom Graham employed at the Big Mango.

    The bluster and balderol can finally end. All the BS about the Big Mango making money, the grand plans to turn it into a high end serviced apartment for businessmen, the Duke of Wellington Pub not being a financial sinkhole, the Big Mango not being involved in prostitution and human trafficking, etc. can finally end.

    If Graham wanted to man up he could come clean about everything he’s been involved in but it probably won’t happen.

  199. Penfolds Penis says:

    In reality Graham got fucked over by the Mangotards along with all the other suckers. Fortunately it didn’t affect his bottom line. It was just a hobby (according to Graham).

    He took it like a man. A ladyboy man.

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