The Death of Nana Plaza

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The beginning of the end.

The much rumored demise of the Bangkok nightlife institution, Nana Plaza, started this week with the demolition of the central courtyard bars.

For long time customers, the old Plaza, stripped of its’ ground floor open air bars, took on the  forlorn neglected look of a decommissioned World War 2 battleship with its big guns removed, the live ordinance disposed of, with rusty sewage streaming from the scuppers, and no one giving a damn that a proud old lady that was home for thousands,  who served well and faithfully for many years looks like crap before being put down.

For long time customers, the old Plaza took on the air of a  derelict hulk being towed to the wreckers to be broken up for scrap.

Personally, I took a piece of the rubble as a keepsake just like Germans snatched pieces of the Berlin Wall when it was finally torn down. I suggest others do the same before it is too late.

The inside skinny has long been that the when the master lease is up in the next couple of years, the land on which Nana Plaza stands will be sold, the plaza razed, and a hotel built on the site.

When Nana Plaza goes, rocket science is not required to predict the fate of the network of dirty, nasty, shit hole, no reason to exist pretentious Soi 4 bars desperately struggling to weather the recent decimation of the tourist industry and concomitant dearth of customers.

Or what will happen to the street long jumble of noodle carts, bug vendors, and greasy hamburger stands, the vendors of cheap plastic high heeled shoes, micro-mini skirts, and trashy dirt cheap slutty clothes, the scamming tuk tuk drivers, thieving post op transvestites, and cross dressing homosexuals, and the moronic wannabe big shots with their retirement money burning a hole in their pocket just waiting to be relieved of it by sharp operators.

When Nana Plaza goes, the whole nasty disgusting but somehow unique, satisfying, and engaging scene will get flushed too.

Is this the first step in the process?

If your old enough and fortunate enough to have lived through the punk rock era, it will bring back memories of the demise of the legendary New York punk rock bar CBGB where acts such as the Sex Pistols, Blondie, and The Talking Heads had their heyday.

Or if your old enough and fortunate enough to have experienced summer in 1967 San Francisco, the  “melting pot of music, psychoactive drugs, sexual freedom, creative expression, and politics“, now known as the Summer of Love the memories of Nana Plaza will be as bittersweet.

The End of an Era.

Say it isn’t true.


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  1. yeppe says:

    stupid commentary nonsense comparisions to your decommissioned mother and her battleship.

  2. BBK says:

    Pattaya Warrior/yeppe,

    See below:


  3. Big Black Gulliver says:

    What is the purpose of this site anymore?  Is this just an ego blog?  Who is the audience here? 

  4. Mike says:

    just because the beer bars have gone it does n’t mean the end is near ….they are a relatively recent addition to NEP anyway.

    For long time customers, the old Plaza, stripped of its’ ground floor open air bars, took on the  forlorn neglected look

    Long time customers remember when it was a parking area for motorbikes !!

    Even if the landowners had decided to sell the site, why would they have the beer bars demolished now and miss out on the rent from them for a few years ?

    Perhaps the bar owners (crown group ?) have got something else in mind for that area ?

  5. Hmmmmm says:

    It opens up the place, giving it a whole new look.
    Maybe you should go back and ask some bar girls what is happening.  Otherwise we will need to consult with Stick.   🙂

  6. John Brown says:

    I gotta stay at the Landmark soon…

  7. BBK says:


    A really old timer told me it was originally a parking lot for cars.

    I remember when you could park your motorbike inside and I haven’t been around Bangkok that long.

    With the ground floor beer bars gone you have a much better view of the upper floor balconies and they look pretty sad, neglected, and, in parts, abandoned.

    None of the bars has put any money into dressing up the outside of their establishments in a long time. Light bulbs have burned out and not been replaced and there is a general atmosphere of neglect.

    The stairwells and walkways are the filthiest and most squalid, I have ever seen them.

    There is rancid water pooled in the stairs, piles of trash and discarded half eaten food lying on the ground, nothing has been hosed off in forever, and there is a smell of over ripe spoiled food in the air.

    I can’t help but think that no one gives a shit anymore because they know the end is near.

    But what do I know?

    Dave the Rave is still upbeat on the Plaza and wrote recently,  “Nana Plaza is quiet but surviving and the same goes for Patpong.


  8. BBK says:


    Stickman says Secrets in Pattaya is the Eiffel Tower of Pattaya and is a must see.

    He also says Spanky’s is the best bar in Nana.

    Who am I to question the quality of the information on Stickman?



  9. Hmmmm says:

    Good point.

  10. Dr Love says:

    9.5 out of 10  for the naval similes and metaphors. English Lit seems to be your forte’

    4 out of 10 for the baseless statements about NEP

    2 out of 10 for the photos – can you pu-leeeeaze focus the camera!

  11. wentworth says:

    You’re only  speculating on a hypothesis.  You offer no new information.  Thank you for the photos notwithstanding the quality.

  12. Daywalker says:

    Wentworthless you ass whore. Come to Pats on Sunday and you can watch my big dick cornholing some Thai pussy. If your nice you can lick my cum and whore shit off my big hard dick when I finish. You fukin ass wipe.

  13. Wolfshitter says:

    I prefer to go to Mandarin and look at young girls, then stumble off to Country Road and drink endless amounts of beer and then scrape up all my chump change and barfine a sidewalk bargirl.  Then I brag about the number of times I fuck her.  My perceived sexual prowess is what drives my blog.  I need the free drinks from tourist newbies.

  14. Clair Voyant says:

    Actually, what drives wolfie’s blog is a kaleidoscope of limited hangout, outright lies, exaggeration and vanity and the idea that everyone’ll probably not feel too threatened (maybe even like?) a guy who’s willing to admit that just to keep it real he  sometimes bathes  himself in tropical sewage  for the long walk home .
    Or passes out in the street and gets his  fucking watch, money and phone stolen.
    Or just fucking loses the phone for the tenth time.  He has to be telling the truth right?

    How could a guy who’ll admit to shit like that be lying, right?
    Well, as it turns out?  Friggin’ real easy, mate.

    Remember that one post where he’s got himself sexing-off with the local women  five or six times in less than 20 hours?   (Fucking wolfie just posts that one weekend  cause he feels like it.)

    Wolfie’s  a 16-20% overweight, 51 -years old out of shape, wet-brain English teacher, right wolfshit.

    Now unless his lady-boy sodomizing pal and “trainer” Penfold has helped him quit beer and get all Joe Rogan on us, these  bony-assed free-bird   tarts of  his must dropping in between sessions with some of the seriously rough women he’s sometimes seen with in soi 22.

    I mean, California fucking Wow!

    Bullshit like that’s likely good for  free beers from those whose prospects in the years to come are even more dismal than wolfie’s life of teaching English to Thai kids he shouldn’t by rights even be allowed anywhere near, right?
    The fat guy who covers his bizarre taste for those skinny (worm-ridden?) street whores that shelter themselves in Connection Bar depends on the odds that most of us will never go there.

    Or anywhere near soi 22

    Catch the wolfman with one of his skanky bone-diggers and he’ll just scream and bawl at you that that’s his taste in women and he’s all for freedom of poor taste.
    Wolfie’s frequently touted  squirt-count makes his whoppers even less believable. But it doesn’t end there.

    To get even more truthiness into his bullshit, he blogs about doing his unsuspecting steady up the ass (with cooking oil as a lube)   Yep, wolfie brags about it on the internet  for all to see.
    Especially Penfold. Was that on purpose, wolfie? To brag to your fans about how desperate the poor woman is?

    Or how much he’s conned her?

    Or how sexually creative he can be?

    Or if how “trainer” Penny can be a bitch so can he?
    When I read the Liar, I just keep getting this cutting an old whisky dicked, lawn-bowls- pin-shaped Costco baloney (wolfie) in two at the fat part .  And doing that all  with a pair of cheap barber scissors (his 35 kg honey).
    And if we’re to believe him, he gets that done five or six  times after drinking Chang all day or all night.

    Or happy hour pints  anywhere or pitchers or the all-time-favorite 20 baht pints  at the Mango
    Drenched in all that Chang ?

    Who does he think he’s  fucking kidding?
    The Noobs, I guess.   By his own word he “don’t even like them, but they’re buying, so what the fuck”

    Fuck even he brags about that too.  But not online of course.  Racket might go all ten pin shaped.
    And then there’s his description of it and if we’re real lucky, photo of his spooge on her back.
    (or front but by this time even Miss. Si Saket Seventeen is so disgusted with herself she’s got her hands covering her face so he shoots her in the fucking back.
    What a stud.

  15. Wolfshitter says:

    Damn, you got again.

  16. cruiserPimp says:

    Nice pics.  Some accurate points BBK.  I’m scheduled for a pimp cruise thru the ruins of Soi 4 in 2 weeks with my new glass.  I just order a Panasonic GF1 20/1.7.

    Is this the camera that you use?  Do you use creative modes or manual settings?  Easy of carry and quality is why I ordered it-though I prefer to use my 5D mkii w/ 35/1.4L, 50/1.2L, and 85/1.2L–obviously too much to get inside a club or to whip out quickly.  And I hate riding the sky train with a heavy backpack.
    I tend to dislike point and shoot cameras, so I hope the reviews are correct on the Lumix.  What is your experience?

  17. BBK says:


    I use the GF1 and also bought it with the 20mm pancake lens.

    Its an excellent small easy to carry package and the 20mm wide field of view and light gathering ability make it excellent for indoor shooting.

    I spent the money ($900 USD) and bought the 7-14mm super wide zoom and this is my primary lens for this body. This lens is an incredible piece of glass but it is pretty expensive and the price makes it hard to justify if you are on a budget. If you have the money go for it. It’s a great lens to work with.

    I suggest you use leave the camera on the iA setting. The auto setting gives excellent pictures most of the time.

    When you get into special circumstances, e.g. low light and weird color temperatures from indoor lighting, switch to the A (aperture preferred) setting and:

    1) open the lens to the biggest f-stop.

    2) crank the ISO all the way up to 1600 or 3200.

    3) overexpose by 1-3 f-stops.

    4) scroll through the different white balance settings while looking at the rear LCD and choose the one which gives the most natural color balance. When you get some experience you can usually just go to the one which is going to be correct without having to scroll through them all.

    5) if you are trying to sneak picture inside a club, turn on the motor drive so you can just hold down the button and reel off a string of shots.

    You can do all this using the button on the back. Once you get familiar with the controls, you can adjust all these settings in 10 or 15 seconds.

    The GF-1 gives a little away to the the Nikon D300 at high ISO because of the smaller sensor. You get a significant increase in noise at the higher ISO’s but otherwise it performs 90% as good as a top of the line DSLR.



  18. cruiserPimp says:

    Thanks BBK.  I watched numerous videos on You Tube and all seemed to praise iA as a great setting to start.  I’m fully engaged in the huge, heavy, and expensive  Canon ecosystem, but can’t wait to experiment with the GF-1 and its low profile.

  19. BBK says:


    Good luck with the GF-1.

    If you get any good pics, send them in.

    I’ll post them.

    Everyone is probably tired of seeing BigBabyKenny style shots here and would like to see someone else’s photos.


  20. BBG Jack Off says:

    Big Black Gulliver…..U  R an asshole of the first order. Who gives a fuck what you say behind ur bullshit fake screen name. You add nothing to the scene or commentary. Just fuck off\

  21. Ricky Teelac says:

    I haven’t been to Nana in 15 years, so I guess I’m one of the old-timers.
    That’s correct, the skinny little entrance had a guard’s booth on the left and Lucky Luke’s on the right.
    A couple of bars at the very end had outside bars but the rest of the whole ground floor inside was for parking cars.  Mostly taxis.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Werewolf  is
    2) Ugly
    3) Has No Money
    4) A lazy, fat assed, slob with an alcohol problem.

    (Werewolf  I apologize if you read this but this is the way you describe yourself on your blog. If we ever meet I will buy you beers all night)

    Despite being a fat, ugly, no money, lazy fat assed slob with an alcohol problem he manages to have a nice girlfriend who is not and has never been a hooker and his girlfriend lets him have sex constantly with hookers and prostitutes and brag about it on the internet.

    Granted his girlfriend is not very pretty and the the girls he is sexing are the lowest worst looking used up girls who inhabit the lower class GoGo bars like Country Road and Connection Bar but they are still women and under 40 years old and unlike Penfolds “grils” they were born with a pussy.

    Werewolf also bangs his girlfriend for free and he Cheap Charlies the hookers with cheesy tricks like carrying around less than 1000 baht in his pocket and telling girls that is all he has, jewing the desperate ones who never get bar fined into spreading their legs for less, and lurking around waiting for girls being supported by other men to get lonely and offer to sex him for free in exchange for an allusion that someone actually cares about them.

    A fat, ugly, no money, lazy fat assed slob with an alcohol problem is a decription that matches many of the guys who vacation in Thailand and the  fat, ugly, no money, lazy fat assed slob with an alcohol problem contigent are his fanbase.

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    When he exagerates his sexual prowess, describes the nasty shit he makes his girlfreind do like licking his asshole, and crows about fucking someone elses girlfriend behind their back, the fat ugly, no money, lazy fat assed, slobs just  love him all the more because if they just had the chutzpah and the opportunity they would do all those things.

    Werewolf is living their dream and that explains his wildely successful blog.

    Clair you are wrong.

    Lies, exageration, and vanity don’t explain Werewolfs popularity.

    Envy and Hero Worship do.

  23. Penfolds Ladyboys are hotter than the girls Werewold fucks.

    They give better blowjobs and rim jobs than the girls Werewold fucks too.

    Penfolds spooge taste better too.

    Penfold is the realSuperhero not werewolf.

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    I drank 12 beers for free.
    My girlfriend licked my ass this morning.
    Everybody loves me.

  25. Purple Super Werewolf says:

    Dig it.

  26. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information in the comments.

    You silly lil gookamonkey

  27. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Editor’s note: ….



  28. Raider says:

    you spelled footprintt wrong ya dill.

  29. Puzzled says:

    This is funny.  I thought the mangoloids, were no longer interested in slagging Kenny. I look forward to reader further comments.

  30. Puzzled says:

    Everyone should check out today’s Bangkok Post. There’s an article about the plaza.

  31. Big Black Gulliver says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information in the comments.

    Don’t be puzzled it just … being wrong again!  We should all be used to it by now.  Kenny has this terrible habit of writing first and thinking later unlike the gold standard of his peer group who is very deliberate with his writing and professional with his photography……The Stickman.
    “The much rumored demise of the Bangkok nightlife institution, Nana Plaza, started this week with the demolition of the central courtyard bars”
    The End of an Era.
    Say it isn’t true.
    BigBabyKenny – Our lovable fat, little idiot!

  32. BBK says:


    Thanks for the heads up. Here is the link to the Bangkok Post article.

    It’s a pretty poorly researched article.

    It was attributed to Maxmilian Wechsler, Freelance Writer and he didn’t put much effort into his piece.

    The Bangkok Post has recently come out with a series of great articles about the nightlife scene such as the rise of African drug dealer and pimps on the streets so it is all the more surprising the article was so light on new information.

    The author pretty much did what Stickman did. Just walk around the plaza asking people what they knew. What he got was the same unsubstantiated gossip that is making the Expat rounds and what Stickman published.

    What the author should have done, if he was a better journalist, is find the owner and ask him what he is going to do when the current leases run out, what happened to the bar owners whose venues were demolished, did they get financial compensation, what happened to all the girls working in the demolished bars, etc.

    He could also have gone up to Angelwitch and asked Dave the GoGo guru what he knows.  I am sure Dave knows the real skinny not only about the demolition of the beer bar but also what is going to happen to the Plaza in the next couple of years.

    Nobody in the know has come out and told the truth yet which means the news is most likely not good.

    If they planned to tear the place down and replace it with a bigger, better, more modern facility like building Pattaya sized versions of Anglewitch and Baccara on the site, those in the know would be trumpeting the good news.

    If the future is grim they would all stay mum which is exactly what is happening.


  33. Big Black Gulliver says:

    As far as good or bad reporting goes goes I think that Susan Abrams did a terrible job in the she had logs that proved you maintained this blog with your employers equipment from your workplace office.


  34. ronru says:

    @Big Black Gulliver,

    Found a new outlet for your bullshit ? I’m missing your diarrhea on the dying blog you bunch of cunts set up to sell the mutton and warm piss you call beer in your shyte Big Mango Bar.

  35. Wieky Azza Mahfresya says:

    My pal Big Black Gulliver. Naturally in black.


  36. SBODTWAT says:

    That’s a fucking ugly face !

  37. ronru says:

    A dog with leprosy.

  38. oops says:


  39. Daywanker says:

    @ Big Black Gobbler
    You may have hair and you get all the threesomes you can handle (well at least that’s what you told us for years) but
    you do not get to gargle YP’s love paste till it forms those little watery latex clots that I’ve found to be so useful around the
    He’s all mine now.

  40. ronru says:

    Yes Gulliver, what was the point of telling everyone about your sex exploits? Anybody with a bit of cash can score in Thailand, even ugly dogs like you…..Talk is cheap….
 is not that other dead blog, you’ve got no support here and your ass will get kicked… Hard !

  41. ronru says:

    Party Time
    September 4th: Details soon.
    (Click here for more details on parties at the Mango)

  42. Dave says:

    I fucked 2 of smitties girlfriends (one in the toilets of his own pub)

    and i didnt pay them a cent

    i guess they wanted his money, but he didn’t “do the job” properly.

    i guess he was always an IT geek and never a real playa.

  43. ronru says:

    Brand X is baaaaaack here on reading avidly and coming with their daily dose of hate and personal invective.

    The comment:  August 22, 2010 at 3:56 am is NOT mine.

  44. Fly on the Wall says:

    Yeah, well after a few episodes of seeing these Bangkok hospitality industry  geniuses treat their customers as little better than annoyances

    I decided to “put an eye on the place” as we used to say around the cop shop where I used to work.

    The Dieter Incident:

    Young mid-thirties vacationer drops  into the Duke of Wellington to say hello.
    Seems he’s been following the old FarangSpeaks2Much blog and wants to see if he can join in the fun that everyone seems to be having.
    I guess either nobody had warned him or he thought he’d get a decent reception.

    He was dressed casually as I remember; T-shirt, cargoes and some kind of safari hat and he was carrying a MacBook. The MacBook was likely in honour of the Graham Jones’, Michael Smith’s and Nicholas Dottama’s repeated expressed preference for the Apple way of doing things.

    As a German guy entering what was an unabashedly Anglo-American enclave this young fellow was polite and forthcoming as to his intentions. He introduced himself “Dieter” he said as he extended his hand to  Nick.

    Nick shook hands but it was sort of on his way to do something more important like change the channel for some cricket game and took little notice of this guy.  And as he walked away from the guy he muttered something about Dieter being an odd name and that it was always intersting to see what kind of person was attached to a name like that. In sum; Nick was patently rude and dismissive of this mildly displaced young German traveller who’d taken the time to check this scene out.

    The guy was slightly non-plussed with such a cold reception from the owner but he persisted in following Nick and posing a question or two about Apple stuff here in Bangkok. He got a “Look Dieter . . . can’t you see  . . . etc etc kind of dismissal and being a young man of some bearing decided very quickly that he should order a quick beer, finish it, and never come fuck back in the place.
    I,  khun Fly on the Wall, bought the German guy that beer.
    Let’s just say that I had a good chat with him and when he left, he had  a much clearer idea of what he’s blundered into.

    He thanked me and remarked that he’s been sent there by a couple of his friends from Phuket and that they’s wanted to spend more time in the place.  One of them was getting married and they’s been looking around for a place to hang for the week they were in Bangkok. They guy had money, he was a stranger in Bangkok and he was looking for a little relaxation and hospitality in their Duke Pub.

    That wouldn’t be happening now, he confided.

    I can’t help but wonder how many potential clients; Thai, German, French, Italian etc as well as many others who as Michael Smith pontificated during one of his egomaniacal reminiscences about business and commerce and marketing and making money and his dick . .  . just how many OTHERS Mike decided were “outies”and were made to feel that they  “just were not his customers” as he painstakingly explained in another one of his blogs

    Someone might have have told Dieter that the Mangonicles were running a closed shop kind of frat house thing.

    The shit they pulled on Kenny was in much the same vein if the truth be known.

    A former corporate lucky-streaker dotcoma cut and run artist  . . . some slap-headed, saggy-assed former cubicle convict gets his kicks spit-balling his own potential customers and his own high profile customers and I’ll wager, some of his potentially best customers.

    What did he care?  Wasn’t his fucking money, right?
    Indeed someone might have told investors (past present and future) that had been going on with these jokers.
    So, if the truth be known, that-there (and not the “creepy” shit that Kenny got painted with)  that-there  is the fucking bullshit  that killed that fucking place. And if all you gossip-mongering, screen-name trading,  behind the back dealing sniggering ass-wipes know that.

    It’s just more fun to follow your leader and be fuck-wit internet bully imbeciles even if it means the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars and the respect you had from other business owners.
    The Big Mango Bar or  as someone once said, the “Stephen Hawking” of Banger’s bars lives on
    as the Bangkok chapter of  the Grabba Noi’s Delta fraternity.

  45. ronru says:

    Fly on the wall I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Nice writing job, John.

  46. ronru says:

    Brand X is baaaaaack here on reading avidly and coming with their daily dose of hate and personal invective.

    The comment:  August 22, 2010 at 8:00 am

  47. ronru says:

    Brand X is baaaaaack here on reading avidly and coming with their daily dose of hate and personal invective.
    The comment:  August 22, 2010 at 8:00 am is NOT mine.

  48. Fake Ronry says:

    I have never been to Thailand or The Big Mango Bar.  I just want to be in on the fun everyone seems to be having.  I’m just a fat guy in Australia who sits at my monitor whacking of to pictures of ….  doesn’t know it but I always get naked when he and I chat on MSN together.  I’m not a sock puppet I’m a real person I promise you.

  49. Fake ronru says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

    I ……
    By for now Lil’ Ronru

  50. Fake ronru says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

  51. Fake Ronru says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

  52. Fake says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

  53. Fake says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

  54. Fake ronru says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

  55. BBK says:

    To both sides,

    Is there really any point to any of this?

    What is being accomplished here?


  56. Fake ronru says:

    I wish my friend could write and take pictures like this he might have some readers if he did.
    Nobody wants to read about fishing and empty hotels in Thailand.  Boring BBK

  57. Dave the Rave says:

    Ronru I agree, to talk about the scene you need to be a part of the scene and live in Thailand like my buddy stick.  This site never had any credibility and was nothing more than a site for hate and vile.  We don’t need that type of behavior it adds nothing to the discussion.

  58. Bollocks says:

    Paul is not part of the scene. If he were to disappear tomorrow, he wouldn’t be missed. Can’t say the same about you though.
    BTW, whats really going on at Nana Plaza?  New dance venue? Freelance hangout?

  59. ronru says:

    The above comment: August 22, 2010 at 9:24 pm  is NOT mine but I happen to agree with the last sentence.
    Why is it that when Werewolf pinpoints locations where to find under-aged girls no one cares a tinker damn about it ?
    Tons of examples !

  60. BBK says:

    Dave The Rave,

    People such as yourself have a much deeper and wider knowledge of the Bangkok bar, nightclub, and restaurant business. I have never argued otherwise.

    You have been around and been a success in the business for long time and mostly certainly know a ton.

    Everyone who is not an insider would greatly appreciate a little information that is not based on guessing and speculation.

    When does the master lease on Nana Plaza expire, i.e. when is the owner of the underlying land free to tear down Nana Plaza and build a hotel or convert the site to a higher valued use?

    What is really going to be done with the open area on the ground floor? Are the surviving bars going to remodel their outdoor areas?

    Will the courtyard be morphed into an area where there is a Cowboy like quasi-street scene that people like to sit outside and watch or are the going to rebuild the bars there but in a more fireman friendly manner?

    What are the long term prospects for the survival of Nana Plaza and if it does eventually close will the businesses just disappear or is there some other site within the Lumpini police district where these type of venues will be licensed or allowed to transfer their licenses?

    Any information for all the outsiders would be greatly appreciated.


  61. ronru says:

    Dave the Rave” is a friend of Stickman and a shill of the same order of magnitude. As such, the loyalty of these types, and the content of what they author for public consumption, is always available if the price is right.

    DTR manages Angelwitch, the most expensive bar in Nana Plaza and the bar with undoubtedly the most stuck up girls and occasionally comes up with phrases like “generosity retentive guys”. This is a total insult and it makes one wonder if the attitude in the bar starts with girls OR the management. Why doesn’t he just put a sign up outside saying “This is the most expensive bar in Nana so if you don’t want to throw your money away don’t come in here!”
    He lost it, his attitude mirrors the girls.

  62. ronru says:

    And this is what PMMP had to say about “Dave The Rave” :
    “The guy who makes the announcements is a complete tool. He thinks he’s the Manager but isn’t responsible for managing anything in the bar. The girls don’t like him and he will hump your leg when you are trying to watch the shows and tell you all about how Angelwitch is having it’s best days ever. His name is Dave the Rave. If you haven’t met him, you should. You will never go back to Angelwitch again.”

  63. BBK says:


    Are you drinking too many Red Bulls?


    Dave the Rave has always been one of the good and ethical people around the Thailand bar and club scene.

    Angelwitch is one of the longest running most consistently successful bars in Thailand and Dave has been the manager for a long time.

    I am not an insider in the bar, nightclub, and restaurant business in Thailand and don’t know anything about the history and financial performance of various businesses but, surely, that is a record of success that other long time managers would be proud of.

    And besides “generosity retentive guys” is a nice turn of phrase. Sort of like “hometown hero” and “self proclaimed master of the universe.”


    On a related point, Dave can’t be said to be “shilling” when he is known as the Angelwitch Manager and promotes or makes positive statements about his establishment. That is his job.

    That is waaaaay different than pretending to be an independent blogger and giving positive reviews to bad venues because you are secretly getting paid to do it. That is shilling although some people would just says its normal marketing– a sort of celebrity endorsement .


  64. Dave the Rave says:

    Your fuckin idiot.  The girls really run the operation in BKK gogo bars and have for the last 5 years.  Lose the girls you lose you ass!  You have to be an American talking out you fucking arse like that.  Fuckin wanker

  65. ronru says:


    Yep, I got it. Your staff will quit if they can’t disrespect the customers.

  66. BBK says:

    Dave the Rave,

    If you don’t want to go “on the record” you can always post information here under a pseudonym or send in a post under said pseudonym.

    How about Deep Throat, Bangkok Buccaneer, or Big Daddy Bangkok as your alter ego?

    Everyone but me does it around here.




  67. Bargirl Trainer says:

    Most of you guys have no idea how to train a bargirl.
    They’re like people who think that Amerika’s congressmen senators
    and presidents actually run Amerika.They’re idiots.
    Sorry Werewolf but they’re not people until you’ve
    broken the mamasan spell.
    Fortunately,  like rats in a Skinner box bargirls can be conditioned.
    You just have to know how to pick your bargirl battles.
    But what the fuck, I could care less, without your romantic delusions about them and your
    dreadful bargirl dramas there’s be no Stickman and no Werewolf.
    Don’t believe me?
    OK take a bottle of Cuervo and a fistful of fifties into your favourite go-go.
    It’ll cost you about 1000 to 2000 to get it onto the table.
    Pour shots, wrap them in a fifty ( Okay,hundreds for you shooters)
    Watch the girls come for “free” shots. And free money.
    They’re so stupid they don’t even get that you’re poring real tequila.
    Watch the mamasan spot you and try to tell them to  stay away from you.
    Barfine the best one of the lot.
    Let the mamsan see you throwing twneties at the girls instead of those fucking golf balls.
    When the mamsan asks for  a tip tell her “Don’t eat yellow snow”
    (Make sure one of the girls understands what you’ve told the mamasan)
    I’ve had all and every manner of asshole Bangkok guru know-it-all motherfucker tell me that
    I was gonna get by face pushed in by the mamsan’s security.
    I watch these fucking tragic guru figures come and go like they were an oil spill.
    Fuck mamsans.
    Next to trichiamoniasis (trich?) and Bangkok gurus they’re the most useless form of life in a go-go.
    Sodomize a mamsan for Jesus.
    Start with the tequila trick.
    Just ignore the Bangkok gurus.
    Get Flagyl for the trich.
    Oh, I forgot, you’ll need some money and what  dorkwad PUA kids these days are calling “game.”
    We used to call this a hustle.
    If you can’t go into her cave with a fistful of fifties and  a bottle of tequila
    and hustle a bargirl (without waiting for her 40 minutes change-time and mamsan consultation and her stupid
    friends) you really should stay the fuck home.

  68. Prufrock says:

    Yikes, Trainer
    That was just so harsh.

  69. SBODTWAT says:

    This is brilliant Bargirl Trainer !!!

  70. Proppa Pimp says:

    The first bit of sense on this site for about a year.

  71. Jumping on the band wagon says:

    Yes, I’d say ‘Trainer has got the right idea. He’s the man now.

  72. ronru says:

    Stunning Miss Thailand was named Miss Photogenic and the recipient of the People’s Choice award during the Miss Universe pageant at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada August 23, 2010

    My vote for the Miss universe title would have gone to Miss Indonesia.

    All the contestants are here:

    A tip. If you want to save any pictures then do it NOW. Yahoo removes the pictures from their web site after couple of days. 

  73. Nana Plaza Patron says:

    I must inform the folks here that Nana Plaza isn’t dying. The removal of the dilapidated beer bars was only the beginning of the new Nana Plaza.  The Crown group is behind the new construction and it should be quite impressive upon completion.

  74. Dr Hate says:

    Editor’s note: Information about certain topics redacted.

    Let me understand this, Dave the Rave paints with a broad brush and insults all Americans?  And then we’re supposed to go to his establishment like he is some sort of god?  Fuck that motherfucker.
    1.  Dave the Rave is an idiot.  This is easily shown by the first word in his post, ‘your’, its ‘you’re’ you stupid fucking wanker.
    2.  I went to Dave the Raves bar and bar fined a chik there.  It ……  I did not fuck her but she did say that when new girls get hired at the bar, Dave the Rave takes them for a ride.  What does that make Dave the Rave.
    3.  “Stickman is my friend”  What a low life motherfucker Dave the Rave is.  To make such an ass to mouth wipe statement.  Stick is a good guy and before he settled down I partied a shit load with him, but its not something that I though out as some sort of proof that I am not an American hating ….
    4.  Fuck him and anyone that engages in homosexual sex with him.  He is nothing but a low life degenerate that pimps underage girls.

  75. Mr Cheesecake says:

    ^ how many guys come on here and post either because they are drunk or failed junior high spelling?

    I’m not a lot into reading either but I didn’t stop at Dr Suess

  76. Mr Cheesecake says:

    who deleted that ????????


  77. how about your death numpty fucker says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    nobodys gonna die except you, you and YOU…fucking gookadick. how ab out i tell that other dude i’m gonna have his dick cut off and shoved down his throat? yea, he’ll like that when he’s gaggin

    i’m all for the old ….. content../….so put that shit back up kenny! quit being a numpty pussy p.c. cunt. more country thai girl pickup stories ya gimp.

    fire up that truck and head out to the cunt-ry side with prufrock. he can tell all his 9/11 conspricy shit to the parents of the thai teens your tryijng to fuck cocklebur

    dont forget 9/11 was an inside blow-job.

  78. Nicholas Van Hoogstraten says:

    you cocksucking goatny
    nuff said beeatch 🙂

  79. The MAN says:

    Bangkok is what it is, and for me it is now second or third best from what it once was. But it’s everything that many of you search for and can’t find where ever your from. For those of you that are, to me, newcomers, you deem this action to be the best you have ever been able to experience in your lives, you can do things here that would put you behind bars or sitting before a shrink, back in good old where ever. But when I say that I remember when thing were better, to me and for me, I now find a it to be a sorry excuse for what it once was. I consider the NEP to be trash, garbage, feeding off those that find it very hard, anywhere else in the world to get over at a minimal cost. Come on after all it’s the cost that keeps most coming back here, it’s the abundant amount of P4P that is available 24/7, it for damn sure isn’t the flora and fauna or the temples that brings them back, it’s pussy, dope, 24/7 booze and no one at home to see you. All I’m saying is that it once wasn’t that way. Remember one mans meat is another mans poison. I liked a softer easier time. There is no way on this earth that I would ever return to castrated America and all of it’s politicaly correct bullshit, that I may add, some of you allowed to happen.

  80. Daffy Duck says:

    You know, THE MAN, I think you just fondly remember the past, and selectively ignore what was worse back then, or what is better now. I think cdsphx has done a pretty good job contrasting both past and present, and all things considered, I would think the present is pretty good, if not far better than the distant past.
    Let’s not forget, dreaming of $11 or $5 all-nighters only matters if you get paid in today’s dollars and then traveled back to 1968 with a time machine to spend it. Consider that $500 in 1968 money comes out to be around $3000+ in today’s money, so $5 back then comes out to roughly $30 in today’s money, which comes out to about 1000 baht, and last I checked you can still get 1000 baht LT upcountry (heck, you can even get them in bkk under the right circumstances) , and the 2000 baht LT is also the same as you pay nowadays ($11 in 1968 money).
    The difference, as cdsphx points out, is the many improvements – better hotels, more variety, BTS skytrain, variety of foods, many more amenities, etc…
    The one thing that many people, I think, don’t understand, is that THEY change, yet want the world around them not to do so.

  81. The MAN says:

    Excuse me DD your as full of shit as a Christmas goose. Do what you think is great and wonderful as you will ever find again in your life. Your just in my opinion another dumb shit. In other words go fuck yourself. I don’t have the time for your shit!

  82. Wombat says:

    @ THE MAN
    Shouldn’t your moniker be THE GRUMPY OLD MAN. That would at least show a sense of humour. At the moment you are coming across as yet another OBH bitching about how good it was in the old days.

  83. Daffy Duck says:

    Agreeing with Wombat there – THE GRUMPY OLD MAN seems most apt, after his polite flounce. Seriously, there’s nothing wrong about musing about those things that were better in the past – obviously, there are – but I just critique the selective rose-colored glassed, and simultaneously claiming everything new and in the present is pure crap.
    That’s just someone *STUCK* in the past and unable to move into the present, which is obviously what THE (GRUMPY OLD) MAN’s problem is.
    … and that’s the last I’ll say about this.

  84. Soi Sauce says:

    There is a much-loved myth amongst Bangkok’s bitterer ex-pats which states that “all white women are fat and ugly”. This is, I hope we can all agree, not true. When these chaps say that “all white women are fat and ugly”, they actually mean “the only white women who are willing to talk to me are fat and ugly”

  85. WTF says:

    Hey Kenny

    Instead of spending so much time cutting and pasting discussions from blog maybe you could come up with some new content of your own to generate real discussions?

    Just a suggestion.

  86. BigBabyFucktard says:

    I have no time to write new posts.
    Posting 27 times under fake names pretending to be Marc Holt everyday to keep the Keith Summers hate thread going is a full time job.

  87. WTF says:

    BigBabyFucktard AKA BBK

    Fair enough and thanks for being honest about it. I would be throwing in a few more new names into the mix on that thread though. Just a suggestion 😉

    Hahahahahaha indeed!


  88. BigBabyFucktard says:

    Kenny’s a FUCKTARD.
    Kenny’s a FUCKTARD.
    Kenny’s a FUCKTARD.


  89. Dogflye says:

    That’s funny I have often thought there needs to be a rehab place to get out of the fog of booze and women and just spinning that Wheel of Thailand, you know a special ward at Bum’s, man I have wanted to check myself in so many times to recover from the craziness (but it would back fire with all the cute nurses and individual attention).
    Luckily drugs never did it for me (no value for money that matched hol) so I was able to maintain when dabbling in my younger days, and the last time I trashed a hotel room was in San Diego across from the arena after the Iron Maiden World Slavery Tour when Twisted Sister opened. Ever since then I had to use a darn credit card and never made enough extra to want to have to pay for trumped up damages that would amount to a serious medical bill!
    If I had super rock star funds, I probably would F up a few more hotel rooms, just for GP and to keep it real!

  90. Daffy Duck says:

    Well said, dogflye!

  91. Daffy Duck says:

    Oh Yeah.
    Dogflye will you be my friend?

  92. I would like to state for the record that the person using ‘Dave the Rave’ (with a small ‘t’ above) is NOT the real Dave from Angelwitch, or the author of my website. Anyone who knows me is aware that I never use foul language on the Internet. Also, notice that I always use a capital T as in Dave The Rave unlike the impostor above. Another thing is that it is just not my writing style (note the grammatical errors!). I think most people who know me can verify that.

  93. Furthermore, while we are on this subject, if you wish to email me at you will indeed contact the real Dave The Rave. I do not appreciate my name being used in this way, it is certainly NOT my style.
    Incidentally, I continue to visit the Big Mango Bar at the new location down Soi Nana and I know Jonas and Daywalker personally. I can honestly state there is no feud between us – you only have to ask Jonas, or Daywalker.
    Can the owner of this website ensure that this does not happen again?!

  94. BIG BALLS AND ALL says:








  95. Cricket says:

    chiiirp, chiiiiiiiiiiiiirp, chirp!

  96. Cricket says:

    chiiiirp, chiiiiiiiiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirp, chiiiirp!

  97. san antonio plumbing says:

    I have to say that for the past few of hours i have been hooked by the amazing articles on this blog. Keep up the great work.

  98. SHIT DETECTOR says:



  99. frog says:


  100. crickets says:

    chiiiirp, chiiiiiiiiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirp, chiiiirp!

  101. tick says:


  102. Just Call Him Stoopid says:

    Who was the idiot who wrote this story? Let’s just call him Stoopid.

    Does Stoopid have a clue about what’s going on in Thailand? Reading this blog it’s evident he’s trying hard.

    Fact is he doesn’t have a clue.

    When Stoopid moves to Thailand you can chalk another one up for the jealous of other’s success Cheap Charlie expat crowd.

  103. NEWSFLASH says:

    Nana is dead?

    That’s news to me.

    When did it close?

    It didn’t you say? It was only the author’s prediction of what he thought would happen you say?

    Sounds like the guy is real Stoopid.

  104. Ton says:

    Nana plaza not closed. Why you say that stupid thing?

  105. NSA says:

    Calling him stupid is an insult to stupid people.

  106. Phunny Phucker says:

    BBK loves his Asian phantasies.

  107. Phunny Phucker says:

    Hi John

    We’re coming for you.


  108. Inside Info on .... says:

    Editors Note: Comment deleted..

  109. The POSSE Too says:

    Go order a sandwich or something Ken.

  110. Beyond Thunderdome says:

    Dead meat John Brown.

    Dead meat

  111. Chuck E says:

    This post is bunk. I was at Nana Plaza last night and it was doing good trade.

  112. Stopped Too says:

    Just look here. Just look. Kenny is a stud of huge proportions. Look at the size of his waistline and you’ll know it is true.

  113. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Just to make it clear, I have no need for whores or Kenny.

  114. Prufrack says:

    Just to make it clear, Nana was rocking last night.

  115. LipShitz says:

    Sounds like the usual mango fags posting here.

  116. fagz says:

    Then, after using the free trial you decide this is not the site for you.
    and you might be not having disagreements about issues. Multiply that price with the letters he’s already sent
    and you’ll see how many millions Reese has

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