The Best Lunch Buffet in Bangkok?

| December 28, 2011 | 39 Comments | 14,541 views

There are two types of all you can eat buffets. The Sizzler variety that features mass quantities of low quality friend carbohydrates and zoo quality breaded meat and the  more upscale variety that feature high quality proteins and gourmet quality preperations.

The best current deal in Bangkok among the high quality gourmet quality banquets is at the Nai Lert hotel on Wireless Road opposite The Pent G-Club.

It cost 350++ THB, requires a reservation and features 5-star atmosphere and gourmet food.



The clientele is upscale and the Nai Lert is not friendly ground for bargirls and their dodgy roustabout boyfriends.

Here are pictures of the available food.














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  1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Hurrah!!!! BBK is back in town doing lame restaurant reviews again.


    We now return our regular programming to the deranged individuals participating in the Summer’s thread.

  2. Factoid says:

    Saphan Loy says you be one stupid blogger Kenny. Who am I to disagree. A restaurant review of an all you can eat buffet. LOLz. Moronic.

    You got plans for a TEFL position in Asia? Maybe one of those regional on-line schools will work for ya.

    Happy New Year Buffoon.

  3. Franklin Spanos says:

    My first visit back here for a long time, and luckily I made back to read the Sizzler review.
    I’ve noticed that many of your posts that were from a year or two ago, its hard to remember, are gone.  Isn’t that censorship Kenny?  it was when the Big Mango temporarily had some posts down.  I think it was with something that Sickman had going on.
    Does anyone really read this stuff?  Is your counter accurate?

  4. Cricket says:

    chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirp, chiiiiiirp, chiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp!

  5. Raul Villegas says:

    Mr. Kenny,
    Hi, this is Raul from Panama.  I have not seen your webpage for a long time as I was in jail.  In my country it is easy to end up in jail, for something small like calling Benicio Del Torre a bad actor and mean person.  But Mr. Kenny, I just wanted to say that after not seeing your webpage for a long time I am very sad to what it is now.  Why Mr. Kenny, is it so bad now?  Do you not care anymore Mr. Kenny?  This webpage reminds me of my pet dog in Panama that was very bad so I hit it with a stick, and I kept hitting the dog because he was very bad, and then the dog died.  Mr. Kenny your webpage has died!  Now it is nothing.  Also Mr. Kenny where are the good old stories?  I remember reading those and touching myself until I was satisfied.  I can no longer do that while looking at your page Mr. Kenny.
    Mr. Kenny, in my country of Panama we would call you “Un hombre que le gusta chingar tu madre”  And I feel bead that this is true of you Mr. Kenny as before you seemed to be different?
    Mr. Kenny, you should delete this horrible horrible webpage.  You are horrible and contemptible, I want to spit on the grave of your mother but I do not know where it is.  Mr. Kenny, where is the grave of your mother?
    Your Pal,
    Raul Villegas

  6. Cricket says:

    chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirp, chiiiiiirp, chiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp!

  7. Robert says:

    @Factoid :  What’s wrong with a buffet review?  If there is any buffoon on this site, it’s you.

  8. games says:

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  9. crickets says:

    chiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp!!


  10. bitch and moan says:

    I’ve seen much better. But since youre someone who has an unhealthy attraction to a site that displays shit on a plate it kindof makes sense.

  11. bitch and moan says:

    Find out what Kenny is full of by clicking this link.

    It’s his favorite website in the whole kookoosphere.

  12. Fontana says:

    It’s average quality.

  13. Chortle says:

    A bit runny….

  14. yuck yuck says:

    …and too much corn

  15. uhhhh-huh says:

    disgusting kenny

  16. BBK 101 says:

    A runny steaming plate of crap.

    Most people call that disgusting.

    Kenny calls it delicious.

  17. William B says:

    You’re a sick man Kenny.

  18. Yuckles says:

    That’s sick and definately ain’t funny.

  19. Rate My Doodie says:

    Thank you for your ratings, interest and the traffic.

  20. Crap Website Locator says:

    Crap attracts crap.

  21. Kenny of Cali says:

    So fitting a fat man writes all these articles about food. and what comes out the other end.

  22. Bwahahaha says:

    Too busy eating to fix the broken images on his website?

  23. Angry Crickets says:

    Isn’t that the truth?

    chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp. 

  24. Ohm says:

    When will the webmaster write a post about losing 50 pounds on the Slimfast diet?

  25. Ohm says:

    Another thing, what’s with all the links pointing to

  26. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple endless food!

  27. Rocket Scientist says:

    My guess would be he’ll write an article about Slimfast as soon as he figures out how to fix his website images.

  28. Curious says:

    Still too busy eating to fix the broken images on his website?

  29. Update.... says:

    Images are still broken.

    Just like the owner of this site. 

  30. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple doodie!

  31. Ilya from Russia says:

    Hello BBK. Thank you for pointing out this place. The place cost 500b for my friend recently
    Please keep posting. I like to observe butt-hurt of some people. Thank you

  32. Fuckards Review says:

    Saphan Loy says you be one stupid blogger Kenny. Who am I to disagree. Best buffet and few customers. yeaaa sure right

  33. New York Times Critic says:

    Your comment says it all.

    Harry Zink trying to get someone to read his Saphan Loy site but he can’t spell fucktard correctly.

    What adjective is appropriate. Pitiful. Hilarious. Dumbfuck? 

  34. Soila says:

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  35. Buffet Buddy says:

    diary note

    went to the all you can eat buffet. farted. it felt good.

    went home and did the 3s because was too lazy in the morning. farted again. it felt better. vegged out watching movies all night.

  36. Niggers 4 President says:

    We will win again.

  37. Drunk Monkeys says:

    Can someone explain the purpose of this blog? Looks like a digital graffiti wall for morons.

  38. Elver says:

    It’s wouderfnl to have you on our side, haha!

  39. hiding from the man says:

    Enrich your life by eating as the elites do while in Bangkok.

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