Thailand – Nothing Ever Changes

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These pictures were taken in Thailand circa 1969 by a close family member traveling in Northern Thailand with a branch of the U.S. government.

They were taken with top of the line, for the period, Nikon equipment, Kodachrome film, processed by the U.S. government, and stored away in a safe place. Despite all this the slides have faded a bit over the years.

These were professionally scanned, restored, and color corrected by professionals.

Still the colors have faded a bit over the years.

If you’ve traveled around or lived in Thailand, what is striking is how little things have changed.

Besides the cars, these could be street scenes in rural Thailand today.

The picture below shows the “Orchid and Jade Factory”. How much would you wager that its a tourist ripoff joint selling fake gems to tourists at inflated prices?

The clothing the Thai people are wearing would not look out of place in modern day Bangkok or any Issan city.

And check out these Thai babes strolling down the street (Click on the picture for a full size version).

Hair done up at the latest salon.

Wearing high heels and the latest in fashionable dresses.

The one on the right even has what would be referred to today as a Japanese Specialist hairdoo.

Put these girls in Q-bar or the St. Moritz and they wouldn’t look out of place or do badly circa 2011.

Does anything ever change?


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  1. Just Saying says:

    Heres a Mr. Cheescake quiz:

    Which is greater?

    The number of times Daffy has announced he is not posting on BigBaby anymore or the number of times Mobi has announced he’s found the true love of his life who he is going to marry and live happily ever after with.


  2. FakeReal Daffy Duck says:

    I’m taking my marbles home with me.

    I don’t want to play anymore.


  3. SBDOTKU says:

    I agree Prufrock – I was wrong.
    You’re right when you call out Dafne and the Little White Cocksucker. They are like a pair of girls refused the 5bt sweet at the cornershop – they have turned into whinging little bitches.
    Ho-hum such is life.

  4. dumbass sockpuppet says:

    Hats off to Graham for finally putting his foot down but he should have done so long time ago.
    Daffy writes that 60 percent of his comments here are fake which mean he will keep posting and claim its not him.

    For now it’s good riddance to bad rubbish, a big FUCK YOU HARRY and rest assured that your boring/ rerepetitive shit is not going to be missed by anyone.

    P.S. who is Wheelchair Roland ?

  5. Enuffs Znuff says:

    Every one should take their toys and go home.
    What more can be said?  Graham’ fat? Kenny’s stupid? Prufrock is crazy? Ronru is psycho? Daffy’s an idiot? Ok?
    Stop it and start talking about getting laid.

  6. SBDOTKU says:

    Enuff Zeds.
    You forgot to add thats dafneys a goatfucking shill.
    Did you miss something 🙂
    Chok dee took khon ben Maang Daa Loy Percent

  7. Prufrock says:

    >>According to Prufrock, he called Graham who said he had nothing to do with it.<<
    After determining that  a threat had come from someone using daffy’s SIM card I emailed Graham.
    >>According to Prufrock, he called Big Black Gulliver and Daffy and told them to knock if off.<<
    My only “communication” with dafne is through this site.
    I haven’t called any of these guys to tell them anything.
    And just for the record I think that anyone who thinks 9/11 is “just so, so 2001” or noe a trivial matter should go to YouTube for a while and watch the events of that day.
    Watch theose people jumping from the smoke listen to that woman talking to the 911 switchboard as she gets burned to a crisp. Watch those three steel framed buildings collapse like 50’s Las Vegas Casinos into neat pile of rubble.
    Watch Larry Silverstein admit he collapsed Bldg 7
    America was NOT attacked by 19 useless Arab patsies who spent most of their pre-9/11 months drinking vodka, doing coke and whoring. They got handouts from the Pakistanii SIS through the gang who really pulled this off.
    Who was it????? We need a full investigation.
    My opinion? America was attacked by its own.
    Why? To trigger an endless series of “wars against terror”. . . . against countries who just happen to have the world’s most vital strategic resource. . . . . .OIL.
    Wars and the sale war materiel that they need for their day to day sustenance is the most profitable business ever devised.
    Banks love wars.
    Your money has lost a huge chunk of its value since 911. It will lose more.
    G’head, if you can’t handle the truth.   . . . imagine that Zionists and two-passport NEOCONs  and the PNAC think-tankers had no hand in 911 . . . . . . yeah, that’s right, yer mom and dad didn’t have sex . . . the fucking stork brought you.
    In one fashion or another you are all paying for that delusion.
    I think it’s time for more people to just do what they can to “WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN !”  😉

  8. Prufrock says:

    @ Big Black Gulliver who said:

    on February 11, 2011 at 7:39 am

    Audience?  Prufrock your (you’re) an idiot!  Really! (ooooh now THERE’S real confirmation.)
    If you have some thing to say, and I’ve told you this many times (what the fuck does your ‘many times” shit have to do with truth or relevancy” Your inability to formulate cogent argument and your subsequent need to resort to repetition contributes  NOTHING to the validity you so desparately CRAVE. You crave validity as much as daffy craves to be accepted by all as their own personal saviour why would you do it on Kenny’s now defunct (say what?????? you’re here posting all the fucking time and your prof buddy  . . . . well don’t let me get started) ) fucking Thai Hooker blog (Kenny rarely discusses prostitution except from within a framework of academic analysis.

    that has about 10 readers.  . . . hmmmm the dafinator says two but he’s full of shit and will say anything to smear all the people who ost here as using fake names. Without THAT investion, without THAT lie daffy has to resign himself to the notion that his Dummy blog is a bit of a struggle (on SO MANY levels, right BBG??)
    BBG have you sat down to examine the absurdity of what you just said. It’s tautological, self defining and self-defeating ALL in one hopeless brainfart.

    You are truly a product of the dumbing down of the American educational system and that “Oprah- fat-black-audience-chick” speak you use to express yourself would explain WHY you couldn’t pass a basic Economics course. Instead of actually facing up to the fact that YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKED OVER AND YOU CONTINUE TO BE FUCKED OVER WITH EVERY PASSING DAY you have decided to hold that econ 101 failure against the world.
    Plus your (for Christ’s sake it’s “you’re” . . . .  a contraction of you are not the posessive adjective your)  Canadian, basically a cold wasteland (not really) that rode free on American Defense Spending (The defense spending you mention is a 100 % bullshit operation to wring cash out of American taxpayers.  Canada entered WW@ before you “50/50 Nazis” decided to get into it.

    Before that, Americans who wanted to fight the Nazis had to come north to enlist for almost 2 years before you guys got into it and did your “Tom Hanks heroism number” for the last 60 + years.
    And “Canadian” wouldn’t be the cold wasteland you’re on about. Canada would, if there was no change of seasons. Cold weather has at least kept you out.
    Look at a fucking map bonehead.

    We OWN all of the drinking water on the continent. (You guys have a polluted Lake Michigan and Lake Tahoe)
    Plus we own loads of oil and minerals and just about any other resource you can name.

    Diamonds anyone??
    Our dollar is trading HERE at 31PLUS THB and rising. Our newly cobbled LSE/TMX Bourse will
    go a long way to helping us de-couple from you guys and trade with China and India 😉
    So, yeah, BBG (that video GOT to you didn’t it  . .well I suppose  there’s hope)   . . . .  we Canadians ARE actually “fucking off”  and we’ll be all the better for it.
    bub bye

  9. Prufrock says:

    I think it’s quite clear to everyong who sent those two messages.
    I’ll bet it’s clear to Graham now, anyway.

    Just two messages daffy. . . . . . . Nobody said “dozens”
    But that’s how you like to build up what you like to call “proof”
    One of them was a threat.
    The other was a taunt, right?
    Since you persist in asking for it, I’ll see what I can do
    about coming up with your “screen shot”
    But WTF, you know who sent them.
    You or someone using your SIM card or your phone.
    End of story.
    You are a disgusting lying coward of a faux-man.

  10. Big Black Gulliver says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

    I’ve told you many times.  Look at your audience here.  10 people maximum on a Thailand whore blog.
    It is a whore blog…….except …. Fucktard  got his wings clipped and can’t talk about buying pussy anymore.  Wrong on count 1.
    “….. rarely discusses prostitution except from within a framework of academic analysis”
    I won’t even respond to this as you know it is bullshit.  Wrong on count 2.
    “you have decided to hold that econ 101 failure against the world”
    …., it was ….. …. has been teaching this ….. for 25 years you should know this being his butt buddy.  Wrong on count 3.
    “Cold weather has at least kept you out”  I lived in Toronto for many years and also lived in Calgary for one year.  Wrong on count 4
    “that video GOT to you didn’t it”  No not at all.  Wrong on count 5.
    “You crave validity as much as daffy” Not even close.  Wrong on count 6.
    If those Canadian resources are needed they will be taken with little resistance. Wrong on count 7
    You married a whore.  Wrong on count 8.
    You had a baby with a whore.  Wrong on count 9.
    …., I’m really glad your …. is dead, she was probably a good gal and it would have broken her heart to know where her son ended up, what he is doing now and who he got married to.
    bub bye
    p.s. Fuck that old man!  He got what he deserved.
    We can take this offline anytime.  email me at ………….

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  13. Free Pussy That Smells Like Roses says:

    The brutelizer, brutalizer – Accelerator,
    The type of Nigga who be pissing in ya elevator.

    Nas – Represent

    P.S Gulliver is a cocksucking nonce, and when anybody finds out who he is, post that shit and i’ll kill the cocksucker slowly – but surely


  14. Big Black Gulliver says:

    I am a cocksucking nonce.
    Please don’t hold that against me!

  15. Nas says:

    Somehow the rap game
    Reminds of the Craps games.

  16. RealDaffyDuck says:

    I’m a cocksucking degenerate fuckwad.
    Please show me the milk of human kindness,,,

  17. Nas says:

    Why should we show the milk of human kindness to a cocksucking shill like you?
    Nuff Said
    Nuff said.
    And P.S Stop quoting the originator….

  18. SDBOTKU says:

    I am a felcher –
    Nuff said.
    However, I have a lot of respect for dafney duck – she’s a legend!

  19. Ice T says:

    It ain’t about your change
    It”s about your game
    I slide up to her shoulder and I spill her my name..

  20. Big Black Gulliver says:

    “and when anybody finds out who he is, post that shit”
    I thought I was a Dive Shop owner from Patts???????????
    Watching you guys fumble on this worthless site is like watching two monkeys try to fuck a football.

  21. Just Another Ex-Mango Customer says:

    To Nick, Michael, Graham and the other Big Mango investors,

    Read the recent comments by Big Black Gulliver.

    This is the new Face of The Big Mango Bar — the home of thugs and the mentally ill.

    Big Black Gulliver and, of course, Daffy Duck are your front men.

    The Place to Go in Bangkok if you want to strike up a conversation with one of the customers and end up being threatened with a beating and having your personal information and activities published on one of your subsidiary websites–, wicked, and

    Are these the people that potential customers want to hang around with?

    Is associating yourselves with them good business.

    Is it any wonder that the bar sits empty most nights, that the number of items on the menu had to be reduced due to lack of volume, and that the bar is losing money every month.

    If I am not mistaken you have a 3 year lease with an option to renew.

    The lease runs out this year.

    Any reason for the bar to exist was gone a long time ago.

    We don’t need Master Maw Duu to predict what will happen when it does.

    Call your associates on the phone and tell them to holster their guns, apologize to your present and future customers, or just put the Big Mango out its misery. 

    With these two blazing away no one is getting hit but yourselves. Fratricide is what they call it in the military.

  22. Numpty Fucks Take Notice says:

    Wow. I mean WOW! If Kenny was in charge of the space program the shuttles would wind up in an orbit around Mars. That’s how incredibly inaccurate his posts are. Since he fucks with the links here is the BDK post in full

    Waaaaaaaayyyyyy out in Silom – Another visit to The Duke…

    Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 13, 2011

    I figured the “closure” of The Duke of Wellington warrants a personal investigation. I’m in town, it’s not too far from where I’m staying, so I figured “why not?” 😉 Heck, I’ll snap off a couple of pictures with my trusty iPhone.

    So after a quick ride in a taxi, I found myself facing … an entire building being renovated!

    Uh Oh…. could this mean that Kenny was making stuff up again… and is not “man enough” to admit it?

    Feel free to compare these photos to the ones BigDummy snapped for his earlier fly-by, and you can see that the building is now completely covered up, and that this is a serious renovation job OF THE ENTIRE BUILDING.

    BigDummy’s earlier article is right here : http:// bigdummykenny.wordpress. com/2011/02/05/going-out-of-business-i-dont-think-so/

    All boarded & tarp’d up. I wonder what’s happening underneath there.

    In fact, you can see the banner where The Duke is located, and which invites all customers to head across the street to “AFTER HOURS” (click the picture to see the banner)

    Looks serious. It seems like the entire inside of the building is being gutted.

    I have absolutely no doubt that Kenny is, right now, desperately trying to figure out how he could possibly spin this one, just so he would not have to admit having been MONUMENTALLY WRONG (again) in his speculations and fabrications – really, Kenny, it wouldn’t hurt you to just do a minimum of research to get your facts right, now would it?

    … but I guess in that regard, you and Prufrock have more in common than you care to admit (hint: neither of you know the first thing about researching facts, and both of you allow yourselves to be blinded by your emotional obsessions.

    Obviously, Kenny has chosen the “silent” strategy – as usually pretending that the facts don’t exist, as suddenly comments on the MangoCollapse thread, announcing the “death” of The Duke have gone awfully quiet. Hmmmm…. I wonder why that is?

    Simultaneously, insane comments on all the other threads have shot through the roof — nothing like trying to distract from “The Facts” with a lot of noise, is there, kids?

    This one might be hard for The Ref (Kenny) to spin as anything else but a clear victory for Team Mango (of course, I have no doubt that we’ll see The Ref/Kenny just make something up — or go silent…

    Next up, more damage to Kenny’s reputation – a restaurant review of AFTER HOURS! Who’s up for a lunch meeting at The Pub That Doesn’t Exist waaaaaaaaaaay out in Silom?

    Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho

    Nuff said

  23. New Big Mango Customer says:

    Only a fool would believe that it’s BigBlackGulliver and RealDaffyDuck still commenting here.

    Change the name of this site to

    Nuff Said

  24. Nuff Said says:

    Hahaha. From the apropos one liner:

    Watching you guys fumble on this worthless site is like watching two monkeys try to fuck a football.

    The sockpuppet “EX” makes the observation:

    “Read the recent comments by Big Black Gulliver.
    This is the new Face of The Big Mango Bar — the home of thugs and the mentally ill.”

    Actually, sounds like you’re talking about bigbabykenny. com

    What a numpty fuck.

    Nuff said.

  25. Smiling Jack says:

    I’m confused. If the Duke had been sold as Daffyduck previously posted (or was it someone else?), then why the defense and slagging of the Wellington now? Give the new owners a break. They have not harmed anyone. Focus on the Mango crew and their loyalists and Kenny’s crew.


  26. (Proppa) Nuff Said says:

    Yo –
    motherfuckers be stealin my name G.
    Me is the original REF, the original NUFF SAID, the original Churchill.
    Copy the shit you clones – but nobody beats the No.1 🙂

  27. Numpty Fuck says:

    Smiling Jack

    That is a very good question. I will tell you why these guys keep bashing the Duke of Wellington and their new owners.


    Nuff said!

  28. The Clown says:

    I am a clown. But the biggest clown is the dumbass who wrote this line

    “The clothing the Thai people are wearing would not look out of place in modern day Bangkok or any Issan city.”

    This place really is home of the Numpty Fucks!

  29. The Ref says:

    Calling a winner this week is tough.

    The loser is obviously Daffy. Is there anything lamer than announcing that your never posting on BBK anymore and then within 10 minutes coming back under an obvious alias and posting like a maniac?

    If you thought that was the biggest lamest move you were mistaken.

    Daffy then proceeded to repost comments from into the comments. If anyone ever need proof or confirmation that no one is reading this is it.

    If you want people to read yor comments, why not just post them on

    Everyone who reads certainly reads too and many people read and never read Seems like a no brainer but nobody ever accused Daffy of being a genius.

    The second loser is Big Black Gulliver.

    More idle threats.

    Are they really neccessary and does anyone take them seriously?

    Big Black Gulliver go out and actually follow through on one of the millions of threats you’ve made. After you’ve beaten someone up then come back and maybe everyone will take you seriously.

    If Big Black Gulliver was a little more educated, a little more literate, and could turn a phrase he could defend himself with his words.

    I doubt if Big Black Gulliver is the Pattaya Ghost, but I have a vision in my head of Big Blagk Gulliver being a little short guy with a Napoleon complex.

    A vision of a 5ft. tall fat dude sitting behind his monitor having a temper tantrum whenever anyone says anything that gets under his skin and jacking off while typing his silly threats into the comments.

    Third loser is Prufrock. Sorry but more 9/11 crap just doesn’t cut the mustard on BBK, home of the Pro Slag and Bash.

    And the winner this weekend is Numpty Fuck.

    Great shit and good use of satire. Way to really stick it to all the BBK sycophants. 

    Personally,  I nominate Ronru as the biggest Numpty Fuck of the lot.

    I am the Numpty Fuck.

    I believe everything BBK has ever written.

    He is the master of the universe
    He knows where to go for the under age thai chicks. I know this from his old articles with gps coordinates.
    He knows where to go for freelance streetwalkers. I know this from his old articles.
    I bash and slander anyone who doesn’t agree with Kenny because I’m a suckup.
    I post under multiple screen names because I want to help give the illusion that this website is happening.
    I can’t come up with anything clever or witty so I just call other people names and that’s good enough for the masses here.
    I wish I was cool. But I’m not. So I’ll make fun of those who are.
    I am the Numpty Fuck

    P.S. honorable mention goes to Mr. Cheesecake for quoting Donald Rumsfeld and to Nick Dattoma, Director of Enginnering, BEA Systems.

    Nick Dattoma is most certainly squirming in his cubicle hoping none of the Numpty Fucks email Human Relations at BAE Systems or Oracle (which owns BAE) and points out the links identifying him as owner of a “brothel waaaaaaay down Soi 4” that is involved in Human Trafficking and prostitution.

    So heres a big BBK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA to everyone especially Nicholas Dattoma sweating his ass off in smelly India.

    Happy Valentines Day

  30. Big Black Gulliver says:

    Nothing beat the squirming Kenny  did on that fateful day.  You know the one where you were seen in tears on campus.
    hehehe hahaha hohoho

  31. Big Black Gulliver says:

    Purple outer “I found K”

  32. NIcholas Dattoma, Director of Engineering, BEa Systems says:

    India sucks.

    The girls are hairy. They smell. And they won’t screw me for $25 like Bangkok girls.

    The clubs are expensive and the girls won’t scew me for $25.

    My job sucks. I have to get up early every morning, hump my ass to 2nd floor of the Bandra-Kurla complex, and kiss ass all day to make $25 a day.

    And the girls at work won’t screw me for $25.

    Life was better managing the Mango. I slept till noon everday and the Mango girls screwed me for free.

  33. Big Black Gulliver says:

    Well Daffy… looks dead.  I think I may have won the bet and got the last comment before it gets turned off.
    – BBG

  34. Green Eggs and Ham says:

    Did we ever get an explaination from kenny about why he said the photos was from one year and they was really from another?

  35. Paris Hilton says:

    I think that you are all queer.
    I shared that my pussy smelled like Channel.
    I got no offers.
    Your Homos

  36. Big Black Gulliver says:

    You mean decade.  And…..ahhhhhhhh no.  You never do with the Professor.  That’s why he grades on such a curve cause none of it makes sense.  3 pictures posted.  Wrong country, wrong decade and makes a statement that NOTHING has changed in Thailand in nearly 40+ years.
    I’d give that a grade of…………hmmmmmm F?

  37. Double Pepperoni says:

    You’ll never get the last word on this site Gulliver you cocksucking nonce

  38. Double Pepperoni says:

    However, your ma might have the last scream (proppa moaner that she is). But you’ll still be the last fuckwit here that should turn out the lights.

  39. Triple Pepperoni says:

    Only pussies eat double pepperoni.
    Go big or go home.

  40. Coon Hound says:

    Well Big Dumb Gulliver, you got something right.
    I think Burma may the location of one of the pics.  And knowing the year of an import pick up is not really something to thump your chest about.
    Kenny was (and is) successful in generating discussion and comments on his blog.
    Accuracies may not be his strong point, but you ( and another obsessed fan) do seem to have an affection towards him and his blog.
    I suggest you and the other guy start posting some articles here.  It’s clear that BBK is second only to Stickman now.
    Who knows.  Maybe in six months Kenny will be the leader.
    Coon Hound out.  Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  41. funny bone says:

    ” It’s clear that BBK is second only to Stickman now.”


  42. funny bone says:

    That is seriously funny shit dude.

  43. Numpty Fuck says:


  44. Prufrock says:

    From American culture critic Michael Ventura, these timeless words:

    “When the people clamor to be shielded from reality, when they praise their government for keeping things from them, when they choose to conduct their lives within the limits of whatever fantasy the government supplies, then they are no longer consenting to be governed, they are begging to be ruled.” Michael Ventura

    Do whatcha can to put a stop to that shit.

    meantime?  . . . . . eat drink and be merry (whaddya suppose they neant when they said “be merry”)  . . . . . for “these days” is surely not a dress rehearsal.

    And there’s nobody giving out gold stars for good behaviour,
    or good spelling or not getting laid when it was plainly on offer.

    Whether it’s a lifetime trick at the alter or a one-nighter out of a local student greenie rally or a cash-and-carry transaction with a shopaholic cutie in soi Cowboy:

    Close  . . . . . . .  Close and be gettin’  some.

  45. werecrickets says:


    chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp!!


  46. crickey says:

    chiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp!! chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp!!
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  47. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple CYA!

  48. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple inevitability!

  49. Laying Wood To Prufrock's Daughter says:

    Visit SoHo Bar on Soi 6

    You also can 100% lay wood to her.

  50. Kenny Fucktard Sex Tourist says:

    Fuck Sex Whores Big Baby Kenny. This is another stupid post. Thank you Prof Whoremonger

  51. Pathetic Website - Pathethic Webmaster says:

    Asian hookers and Bangkok whores. How many has kenny paid to fuck during his latest visit?

  52. Silent Majority says:

    This site is waaaaaaaaaay more entertaining than anything Sideshow Bob or Tricycle ever wrote about the girls he fucked.

    This site is waaaaaaay funnier than reading Stickman and his “I am going to leave Thailand ….. oooops…… changed my mind. No I am not,” and his lame protestations that he never has sex with the prostitutes from Nana and Soi Cowboy but quit his chosen career is to spend 100& of his life crawling from one gogo bar to another. 

    This site is waaaaay better than reading big fat werewolfs political analysis of Thailand. Which community college did werewolf drop out of?

    Keep up the good work. 

  53. BigMichaelBlackSmithGulliver says:

    Don’t be so hard on Werewolf.

    A fat ass and a loud mouth can get you through life, it seems providing no one looks behind the curtain.

    The yelling and stoopidity were just tricks he used to keep you from curtain-peeking.

    Being utterly and consistently wrong about everything he sees, touches and eats here
    and then t(y)elling us all about is still Werewolf’s stock-in-trade.

    That smaller footprint is a good thing.


  54. Retarded Whore Chasers Like Bullshit says:

    I like this post Kenny. You can lie and bullshit like nobody can 🙂

  55. Missing The Asian Whore Scene says:

    I miss the sex stories, like “Under-Aged Sex In Thailand” that Ronru wrote.


    They must have because nothing ever changes. Go back to class already.

  57. Mr. Wilshire says:

    Yes, there are some suspicious scripts that my anti-virus program is complaining about. I’m outta here.

  58. Thailand - Nothing Ever Changes says:

    Delete or move this comment before google picks it up. Whore lover.

  59. Not all the photos are of Thailand. says:

    That’s why Kenny deletes comments here. He don’t want people to see he was caught in a lie.

  60. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for Sex Tourists says:

    Nothing changes. Kenny’s stories about negotiating for sex rocks!

  61. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for Sex Tourists says:

    Site quote:
    “Other Thailand Nightlife Blogs blow a lot of smoke and frequently play fast and loose with the truth to promote their hidden agendas.

    Here we try to blow away the smokescreens other sites are blowing to obfuscate the truth.

    All to serve the higher purpose of getting laid better, cheaper, and more efficiently.”

  62. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for Sex Tourists says:

    BBK v1.0 Site quote:
    “All to serve the higher purpose of getting laid better, cheaper, and more efficiently.”

    We need more about Kenny v1.0 negotiating and paying less for sex.

  63. francesco says:

    not circa 1969
    datsun 180b, mitsubishi galant sigma…circa late 70s.
    girls’ clothes = late 70s disco fashion from usa.

  64. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for Sex Tourists says:

    There goes that Ronru and Kenny on their underage sex tours again.

  65. Soho says:

    Who are you trying to fool here buddy?

    not circa 1969
    datsun 180b, mitsubishi galant sigma…circa late 70s.
    girls’ clothes = late 70s disco fashion from usa.

  66. Mr Obvious says:

    A comment from December 25 2012 is considered a recent comment.

    Tells me all I need to know about this site and owner.

  67. Fucking Fuck Kenny what the FUCK? says:

    Mr Obvious says:
    August 18, 2013 at 7:33 am

    A comment from December 25 2012 is considered a recent comment.

    Tells me all I need to know about this site and owner.

    – Hehe.

  68. Fucking Fuck Kenny what the FUCK? says:

    Whole bunch of lies and bullshit in this post.

  69. Kenneth D' Fuckup says:

    They had notebook computers and cable TV and smart phones back then? Yep, this article is stupid.

  70. Binnacle says:

    Has anyone else seen the flyers around campus concerning Ken and this blog?

  71. Same as it ever was says:

    A fuckup is always a fuckup.

  72. butter says:

    Who authored this garbage?

  73. butter says:

    Who wrote this shyte!

  74. Crapola says:

    I couldn’t agree more “butter”.

  75. Joe says:

    Hiya girlfriend, wowswww you’re grandson looks absolutely stunning wowswww you made a wonderfull boys card with it. And you’re coloring is fabulous dear.Hugs Terry and have a very nice weekend.

  76. Estimado amigo:La cancha está a disposición de ustedes para jugar aunque sea un amistoso…Te consigo un equipo?Lo más probable es que Ceficap no aparezca más porque así no pagan diciembre…Salieron por la ventana, a pesar del esfuerzo de Cristian Honorato y de Claudio Hurtado…

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