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Not many fashion trends originate in Thailand. It’s not that kind of place. Valuing and rewarding individuality, innovation, creativity, and thinking outside the box are not the sine qua non of Thai culture.

The latest and coolest hair styles, shoe, handbags, and hair cuts are usually what was hot in the U.S, about a year ago. I don’t know any Thai stores or brands that feature indigenous Thai designers that have any presence outside Thailand or any pop crazes that originated in Thailand.

Most of the popular world trends do eventually filter down though.

The latest is Anime Eyes.

The trend was recently written up in a NY Times article.

These are special contacts that cover the white portion of the eye- making them look bigger. They aren’t for correcting poor vision. They are strictly cosmetic.

Besides making the eyes look bigger, they change eye color, and introduce weird effects, e.g. making the eye look like a lizard’s eyes etc. (click on the pics and look at the larger versions to check out the different effects).

For years, Asian girls have been getting eye surgery to make their eyes bigger. Think of Anime Eyes as a sort of cheaper less permanent solution.

Possible SAT question. Breast Enlargement Surgery is to padded bras as Eye Enlargement Surgery is to ?.

These pics were taken at booth in an outdoor night market on the Chao Phaya river about a month ago.

In the U.S. these lenses cost about $30 USD (1000 THB) but in Thailand they cost less than $10 USD (300 THB).

Next time your out on the town or sitting in a bar checking out the girls, and a girl’s eyes look unusual. Take a look closer look. Not just the big breasts are fake.

Next time you come up empty on an original gift idea for your teerak, think Anime Eyes!

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  1. Raul Villegas says:

    Mr. Kenny this is very funny!  Ha ha ha.  I have never seen something like this!  The eyes look so big.  In my country of Panama many of the women where what we call ‘ojo negros’ this is where there men make a black circle around their eyes with their fist, pow!  I love the woman very much but sometimes they just need to understand where they come from, and they come from my rib!  They are part of me I am not part of them.  POW!  Ojo negro!! ha ha ha.
    But of the picture I do not like the look.  It looks so much like the eyes are not real.  I hope that if I make it to Thailand some day that the womens are not all wearing these big eyes.  Oh, do you know the band Cheap Trick?  They are from your country.  But the Cheap Trick they have a song called……Big Eyes!  YES,  BIG EYES!  just like your stories.  That is very funny.

  2. BBK says:


    Funny as always.

    I never suspected you of being a fundamentalist Christian who belives in a literal interpretation of the bible.


  3. Uncle Bean says:

    You’re second paragraph speaks volumes. Now i understand why so many people think you’re so full of shit.

  4. BBK says:

    Uncle Bean,

    Your comment speaks volumes. It’s apparent why the term “Self Proclaimed Master of the Universe” has become so popular.


  5. Prufrock says:

    I love it when some peckerhead cheap-shot artist like this Uncle Bean guy gets on a site  (any site actually)
    In a craven, suck-ass move to toss the salad of what he perceives as a popular consensus,   he taps out his latest precious silly fucking brainfart.  And he does this in complete ignorance of what he imagines his cutting wit  is actually going to say about him.
    Blow-monkey crowd pleasers  like this, do little more than  demonstrate to the very people they seek to impress just what a pretentious know-nothing  arsewipe does when he’s not chiseling  his break-1000-or-“self-administer” style short times at the Connection Bar or some other soi 20 toilet.
    By simply deigning to comment here this self grabber, Uncle Bean would have us believe that his is the considered opinion of someone who he is intimately acquainted with the fashion world in general, Thai  fashion trends, the latest of both knows lots of Thai folks in the fashion trade and, well, once again, is actually just too goddamned hip for the fucking room.
    In terms of speaking volumes, this pretentious douche-bag preys on the socially lazy, the  culturally-impoverished and the foolish.
    Why do I say this? Well, a friend of mine,I actually came close to marrying her about 23 years ago . . .  a friend of mine came through here a few months ago and made the identical comment. But what the fuck would she know:

    She only owned a multi-million dollar production and distribution outfit (think H&M) also a “better ladies” line and two North American designers, merchandises her brands all over North America and in a word, knows the fashion business, inside out.

    She used the same reference frame to say that the whole scene here is highly derivative and imitative and that it

    NEVER has come out with anything other than distractions (in the form of fantastic pussy scores) for her buyers.
    But yeah, have your cheap shot, tool.

    You are a nobody.

    Just keep those turbo lips clamped onto the consensus ( any consensus) and sooner or latter some kind soul will blow his load.

  6. ymmurd says:

    fuck off poof rock.  you’re a wet turd.
    ur u still fucking your bar whore wife’s daughter?

  7. Prufrock says:

    Never have, but thanks for asking.
    BTW, ymmurd, you’d be a smallish dwarfish fellow, right?  Short arms?

    And if the truth be known, kind of, well, ugly?

    Losing his hair?

    Perhaps already into that chic, fashion forward  alopecia option you slap-heads turn to  after coming to terms with the hard realities of steroid use.

    Hair loss. Shrinking penis.
    Thailand  and life in general has been somewhat cruel to you, has it not  ;-?

  8. Fake Werewolf says:

    Kenny I hear you had a slight run “run in” last night, care to comment?  Inquiring minds want to know?

  9. Daywalker says:

    Fake Werewolf you fucking anal whore. Crawl back into your cave or I’ll bend you over and stick my fist so far up your rectum, my elbow will have shit on it when I pull it out.

  10. Fake Raul Villegas says:

    Ai ai ai ai, Kenny he was crying and shaking so bad last after we come home from Soi Cowboy. It was una experiencia muy traumática, as we say in my country of Panama.

    He was so afraid, he ran as fast as he could to the taxi stand, I barely could keep up. I did not think a fat man could run that fast. Ai Ai Ai Ai!

    El hombre horrible que le daba miedo. Pobre Kenny

  11. Fake Werewolf says:

    Editor’s note: Please no personal information.

    Thanks for the update Raul!  At least he didn’t drop the camera the world just wouldn’t be the same without all that shitty photography?
    While you guys were out did you have a chance to barfine ***?

  12. Daywalker says:

    Fake Werewolf you cunty tosser. I can’t wait to shove by big hard cock down your piehole and spew all over your ugly face.  You shit faced fanny.

  13. Fake Raul Villegas says:

    Ai ai ai who is this Daywalker hombre? He seems muy angry.
    Why are you so angry at señor fake chihuahua? Did he steal your woman? Stealing womens is a very bad criminal act in my country of Panama, and we send many mens who steal women to Venezuela for get punished.
    Sorry señor Chihuahua, we did not have chance to see señor poof’s wife or daughter. Maybe they had customer already? You know?

  14. Fake Raul Villegas says:

    Señor prufrock, why are you always so angry? In my country Panama we have a saying to calm you down, but I forget it right now.

  15. Daywalker says:

    Raul don’t fuck with me or my big hard dick is going down your throat. When I spew my cum is gona shoot out your arse. Hahaha. You effing bugger.

  16. Prufrock says:

    You you mean my impatience with the heart-stoppingly obtuse positions of people who think
    that the truth has to be newly decorated to sustain interest. That what was true a thousand years afo must somehow me re-designed ot re-configured to be “even truer” these days.
    When you’re faced with questions from this level of stoopidity admittedly the diction does tend towards the caustic
    But hey Raul. More to the point, why the fuck do you always sound so fucking stoopid.
    In my country we have a process designed to calm horse’s asses like yourself down,
    you know, so that they at least have a clue and don’t have to ask so many stoopid questions.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with witless ignorance.
    Just sayin’,   is all.
    But I do remember the name for this process, though.
    It’s called  graduating from Junior High School.

  17. Fake Werewolf says:

    More diarrhea of the mouth from “Proofie”  John you should write a book!  Your bullshit is posted on every ex-pat whore blog for the last 10 years!  Don’t you get tired of it?  That was a serious question!
    Funny stuff!  Here you are all the way back in 2006……….
    Same writing style, same arrogant attitude, same bullshit!

    Prufrock says:
    Come on, Common, this just has to be the end of this nonsense campaign of yours.
    Speaking for myself and perhaps others within eye-shot here, your grammar, as sloppy as it is, really isn’t the issue, now is it? And you seem to have mastered that spell- check at least but that only takes you so far, or are you not aware of that?
    It’s your reading skills. You’re ok with sound-bites but you just don’t have the stamina for the long passages. Maybe you’re tired. But at this stage it’s getting tiresome for everyone.
    With a little work on my part, (something like a smart Thai must feel as he listens to my f*cked up tones) I can pretty well figure out what you’re trying to say but then I have to turn around and insult myself on your behalf. There are bars here that cater to that sort of thing. I’m not into it. Never have been.
    Now I know you can sort of read but for some reason, for my posts, you chose not to. You’re more comfortable replying to stuff you just make up. Well, ever the courteous one, I have been trying to understand what you may have thought I meant and work through a step by step explanation. But now you’re just using this drunkenness thing as an excuse to be lazy.
    So now that I’ve done all this prep for you, you’re back to opining on the stated facts. That Frenchman could have been a Montrealer for all I knew at first. He was just French.
    But you? You make up something about these two countries being close together etc/ etc?. Now you’re on about countries being close together or something? Is the light better out their? Is that why your looking out they’re ???? ( ya got ME doing it now ya big lug . (. . . that your=you’re and they’re=there and their =there thing you throw in for excitement). I will no longer toil at clarifying stuff for you.
    And, Common-dude, there were no cops.
    Quite often here there just ARE NO COPS.
    Whether they like shaking people down for money is true but irrelevant.
    They were not there.
    And usually they don’t bother with fights especially fights involving farangs unless there’s a complaint.
    I’ve been here for a long time.
    Thai cops do very little of this “real police work” sort of thing.
    There’s just not that much in it for them.
    You can take this to the bank.
    Jing jing, son.
    Tonight they were stopping taxis on Suk soi 31 checking farang visas and looking for ya baa. 8! of the cunts, mean and hungry (the taxi driver was worried as well till I told him I had my papers in order.
    And no drama on the throat thing Okay? I was gonna use “stab” instead of jab but (and you’ll love this) I thought even though it was more accurate it might lead to misunderstandings among people who would then “find” a knife in there. There were no knives. The weapons sellers are normally closer to soi 5 but they pack up early. The Thermae Underground guy that started selling weapons a few years ago closes at around 7 pm.)
    That ‘Merkin stood alone son.
    No wing man.
    No team of like-minded lads to talk sense into his drunken face.
    Perhaps if he’d had some back-up there’d never even have been a confrontation.
    ‘Merkin just had his comfort worker to push a chicken-juice ice-pack onto his face to wake him up.
    Seemed to like it though.
    He yelled for more for the arm.
    * * * *
    You mentioned in reply to a post exonerating those who choose to keep their brothel-creeping confidential by using noms d’ecran instead of revealing to the planet their true identities that you concurred with this practice of screen names.
    Yeah, I have much to lose.
    And it’s nobody’s business.
    Not even Dean Barrett’s
    More importantly, it reassures me that you are not the famous Dean Barrett in full Grunt persona.
    Beneath you I would venture to say, for some reason.
    Honestly, I have not been able to understand clearly whether you are actually in Iraq or not. But you talk like you are so I will just say at this time that I sincerely wish you a safe Christmas and that you are able to put all these newly acquired Bangkok travel tips to good use during your upcoming visit to this place.
    Until then, Common, you must take care of yourself and those around you.
    Don’t think about this shit anymore.
    It was just a shitty fight.
    Relax. Drop it.
    And if it will enable you to keep your mind on staying alive I will freely admit to making the whole thing up. My Christmas gift to you.
    But if you are just another faux GI armchair wanker who’s never even been here or in Iraq. Well, still, have a good Christmas, son.
    Be well.

    December 18, 2006 2:02 AM


  18. Raul Villegas says:

    I noticed that there are many posts above that are under my name, but I did not make these postings!   I think because I have visited the BigDummyKenny webpage and over there is nothing but vile putrid hateful posters.  I use the word posters as they are not people.  In my country of Panama they would be considered lower than dogs.  And not your happy well fed dog.  They are the lost dog that has been hit by a car and need to be put out of both their misery and everyone elses misery.  I don’t want to read such hateful and angry things.  We are all here for the same reason I though, the love of a country and some of the women that make us all feel happy.  So please Mr. kenny, the first post in this message stream was mine but the rest are someones else, could you put a mark to indicate this in some way?  Gracias!

  19. Prufrock says:

    Your point?

  20. Prufrock says:

    Look, Fake werewolf, I know who you are. You have that indelible imbecilic trademark style that can
    only come from limited intellect, lack of anything interesting to say and most annoyingly, a mean streak
    that’s only been exacerbated by this retirement in Pattaya shagging the ugliest of bar turds for a fist full of
    crumpled reds and twenties at the end of the night.
    Finding me on that blog was a matter of following the directions I gave you.
    Well, good for you.
    If you remember, you were exposed as a moron there and myself and  about ten other posters of various
    persuasions we used to kick your fat ass all over the board until David got tired of you and gassed you.
    I’ll send you the email he sent me after he did that if you’d like.
    The really tragic fact here (aside from the demonstrable fact that you have never been able to tell the
    difference between fact and opinion) is that you are still so bereft of something to say, so lacking in verbal
    skills and , most tragically, so desperate for engagement with people who just may be able to impart some
    interesting facts into your thick fucking skull  . . .  .  .  you’re so desperate for that that you have to cut and
    paste a farrago of stuff that I ran ages ago.
    As for what you refer to as my style, well this coming from a proven simpleton such as yourself, a man who
    gets ’round to one silly half-baked idea per post, you should just shut the fuck up.  I’d tell you how I found your
    ID except that you’re too stoopid to appreciate the skills involved.
    My “style” and the style of anyone else who can handle an argument is a huge threat to imbeciles of your caliber.
    Tragedy in your life and the cross you must continuously bear  is that you’re just smart enough to feel the pain of
    inadequacy and the shameful lack of critical faculty but to stupid and lazy to respond properly.
    So you lash out with the dumbass junk you posted on that site. Vicious personal attacks on dying man, lies, myth, political stoopidities that would make Rush Limbaufg puke  in  a pathetic quest for like minded morons.
    There weren’t any really were there.
    No one saw things your way.
    You were like the guy who finally gets caught putting sewing needles into packs of foie gras and smoked salmon in the local deli.
    When you couldn’t get anyone to respond with anything other than a polite “Go fuck yourself”  you’d just make stuff up about them and reply to THAT.
    You are internet smegma.

    You probably think you’re being witty or funny but I’ll suggest you’re alone here.
    Maybe I’ll just tell you face to face and then you can make your sick comments about my wife and daughter
    and we’ll just take it from there, you cowardly shit-smear on that crusty fetid pair of skivvies known as Patts.
    So sure.
    See ’round, you stupid cunt.

  21. Fake Werewolf says:

    “We are all here for the same reason I though, the love of a country and some of the women that make us all feel happy”
    But Raul I thought you said you have never been to Thailand?????? 

  22. Fake Werewolf says:

    Editor’s note: Please no personal information.

    Proofie,  I’ll meet ya on Soi 6 to discuss when are you available?  ****  I’ve got a couple of extra reds ones in my pocket!
    Oh yea, about that dying man!  Fuck him!
    John, isn’t it time you went back to Iowa!

  23. Prufrock says:

    Right now, you slow, fat stoopid piece of shit.

  24. Prufrock says:

    And of course as anyone who was actually paying attention to that scrap will attest, the poster “Common Sense” was nowhere near Iraq. He was riding a desk in Okinawa and he’d been through here a couple of times on his way back to ‘Marka.
    So he WAS a bullshitter  . . . . . .  . as are you.
    As for actually meeting up with you?
    I’ve done this before. But the people had breeding, integrity and some decency about them.
    I am sure you’ll agree you simply do not fall into any of those categories.
    So aside from your obvious dishonesty and your egregious level of stupidity, you could never figure out a way to “vet” your ID.
    One thing is PLENTY sure, though.
    I know who you are,  you cretinous broad band bully.

  25. Fake Werewolf says:

    Editor’s note: Please no personal information.

    I prefer this Huffington Post article:
    or this one
    But back to us John,  I’ll be at the Corner Bar, Soi 6, Pattaya Today at 5pm!  As always, I’ll be wearing my Man U Jersey and drinking a Chang Beer with Ice!
    ****  I’ve seen them both, we could also ****
    See you then dickhead!
    Come on down we’ll “talk”

  26. Prufrock says:

    Soi 6 in Patts, yeah, what a surprise.

  27. Fake Werewolf says:

    We missed you at Happy Hour John.  A number of your best fans were there with some nigger knockers and your name on them!  You wife could have pocketed some extra reds for the week!
    Are you still fucking her daughter?

  28. Prufrock says:

    New depths of self-hatred, sexual depravity and cowardice brought to you by the imbecilic broadband bully,  “fake.”
    Everyone  getting this?

  29. Just Passing Buy says:

    yeah, we’re getting this.
    we’re getting clearly that you are being awfully defensive lately. a bit more wound up with self-hatred than usual, as well. what’s going on? i thought meds are cheap in bkk?

  30. Just Passing Buy says:

    noticing this site continues to be pretty dead — if not for the inane ramblings and vociferous pitbullying from prufrock, there’d be no traffic here at all.
    pretty mighty fall from grace, there.
    nice URL find:


  31. Prufrock says:

    Nice to see you too getting along so well.
    Compared to Pattaya and its star-studded “soi 6”,  the stinking garbage rot and the fetid swill that gets
    picked up at Suk 25 by that gas station  across from Little Italy has always seemed somewhat
    in sync with the psychotic ramblings of the the imbecile formerly known as BroadbandBully.
    In a Patts, surely a colony of spectacularly dysfunctional human wreckage on the planet, this  toad “fake”
    manages to stand out clearly as a sick, depraved coward he is proud to be.
    Nice to see you and broadbandbully getting along so well duck farts. I’m sure he’ll respond
    heartily to the attaboy for the Huffington link.  Of course if the truth be known, this creep is profoundly more
    disgusting than any of the feminist ooga booga stuff that’s been smeared around about this site. And your own particular self descriptions
    pretty well in line with “the Thailand girl scene”
    With your record for not suffering fools gladly so thoroughly intact  over on the Bkk Tonight
    board,  who woulda thought you’d hit it off so well.
    Just couldn’t resist that kick though could you.  Even though you had a bit of a backlash of your own.
    You and burblebubblebully  make a lovely couple.
    The imbecile formerly known as BroadbandBully and well, I guess we could say, the
    captain of the “I’ll take any approval I can get” crowd.
    You’d be monstrously sensitive to the “no traffic” thing wouldn’t you iDuck?
    But I see you’re busy sucking consensus ass big time on a couple of other boards, Daffy.
    Do you actually stand for anything, principles? ethics? something akin to joy?  (yeah we know you pretend to s certain form of sneaky-ass justice )   but, you know, . . . . . . . anything?  except for the enthusiastic tossing consensus salad?
    Anyway,   exposed the bully and the duck.
    You two fun-seekers have a ball.

  32. Fake Werewolf says:

    Proofie, the only ball I want to have is the one sitting on your wife’s chin!
    I don’t know this Daffy guy!
    The only place I post at is BBK cause it’s the greatest site for the Thailand Girl Scene
    I learned how to meet young underage girls from Professor Kenneth Ng,  CSUN’s finest and pay them very very little Baht for their young tender pussy!
    Thanks Kenny, your economics background taught me how to get banged better cheaper and faster!

  33. Just Passing Buy says:

    who is prufrock talking about?

  34. ymmurd says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information.

    prufrock is more ugly than me and …..  the fucker should have been in the WTC when them arabs knocked it down.  i bet *** if he died.

  35. Fake Werewolf says:

    This was written about or to Proofie from someone.  I think it still holds true!
    Prufrock AKA Poofucker AKA Dumbfucker AKA Shit For Brains
    You runny steaming slop of jizz vomit. So you’re sick of the comments other people make? How do you think we feel about your comments you fucking self-centered herpes covered pig faced rectum licking lice, blood, cum and shit covered pimpled peckered maggot. HMMMMMMMM? As if the nonsensical ramblings you provide qualify as “comment”.
    You think anyone here cares what you think you Nano Thermite dick sucking cum guzzling conspiracy jizz filled asshole. You apparently drool over the shit BBK pulls out of his ass as if it’s fucking Newton’s Law. It’s nothing more than his opinion. I’d like to see things from your point of view but I doubt my head would go that far up my ass, so go fuck off pecker polisher. You don’t like it go stick that thing you call a head in a sausage grinder. There are hundreds of places where a 1/4 chicken, rice and som tam meals can be had for less than 150 baht, or pork and pad pak, or fish and that’s fact. Understand you cum guzzling, shit smeared cockring licking boil infested dicksucker? Oh I forgot, you make yourself to be highly educated, though you won’t divulge to what extent, so I guess I should address you as Mr. Dicksucker for short. On one hand BBK suggests sex tourists should get out of the tourist areas and here proposes that if you come to Thailand the tourist areas in Bangkok are the places to go so his numbers make sense. A case of him pissing on himself.
    So Mr. Dicksucker, if you want to eat at nice 4 and 5 star restaurants why the fuck come to Thailand? The food from the small family restaurants and carts on small sois and subsois is hands down better value and taste if you know where to go (which is most anywhere, even near the tourist areas). You want your sanitized western meals then stay home and save the airfare you herpes licking ballsack sucking rotmouth ass pirate. With you knowing fuckall about the tourist areas it’s understandable all you know is Soi 4 bug carts and rat droppings of which you are so fond. Then again, for someone who finds a glass full of cum and menstrual blood a pleasant and preferred aperitif it’s understandable.. Of course you know plenty about eating bugs, I won’t challenge that as I’m sure you’ve had plenty of maggots and assorted bugs which fester in the crotch boils of the paid-for ladyboy’s who find you so appealing. Which goes to reinforce the maxim that flies really are attracted to shit.
    You fucking worthless piece of shit. I can see why you troll for ladyboy whores. No woman would put up with the fucking lame brained regurgitated ass fruit that comes out of that cock receptacle on the front of what has some resemblance of a face. Maybe you were married once, but my guess is your wife got tired of you dancing around the house in her tights, a tutu, fluffy bunny ears and a fucking gimp mask smeared in molasses and baked beans with a 20″ dildo hanging out of your ass as part of your foreplay auto-erotic asphyxiation ritual. No? Perhaps it was your incessant rambling to her about your manlove fantasy with your next door neighbor Spike, having your rectum stuffed with his manmeat like a stuffed holiday turkey. Every time you post the same worthless crap I wonder why your dad never considered that his greatest contribution to mankind would have been cumming on your mother’s face.
    I can understand your anger though. I’d be angry too if my mother had asked the doctor why he handed her the afterbirth in the delivery room instead of you. I guess being born looking like a malformed pig faced gargoyle with the dick the size of a sea monkey takes a toll on a person. But that’s not an excuse for stupidity Mr Dicksucker. I’m fucking amazed you aren’t relegated to sitting in a corner playing with your own shit and drinking your piss with the stupid things you say. Which has me wondering if you’re taking pills to make yourself so fucking stupid. See that doctor and have the dosage reduced. Whatever the hell it is it’s working and you should stop before overdosing. There is more to life than self-medication, self-fisting and being called “sugartits” by a 60 year old russian sex tourist. Now isn’t it time for you to get back to the bedroom where Totally Gay waits to cover you in shit, cum, blood, vomit, maple syrup and thermite?
    Keep the snappy comments coming you butt-fucking splint-dick jabba the hut look-a-like, someday you’re bound to say something intelligent.

  36. Prufrock says:

    We’re just scratching the surface of what passes for your intellect here aren’t we Broadband
    I’m sure you can do much better than this .
    Duck-farts ?  This is the company you keep? This?
    and that second  guy who can’t seem to get that they’ve just
    given on-line proof of their madness?
    These are your peeps, your homies, Daffy, you poor “man.”

  37. BBK says:

    Fake Werewolf,

    You probably have some money in the bank, you are most likely not in a wheel chair, and your dick, most likely, still gets hard.

    Why not take these as raw materials and, instead of wasting your time, money, and clock cycles incessantly trying to piss on those truly enjoying their lives and instead of burning up your time attempting to denigrate those who enjoy the real genuine love and company of people who love them why don’t you try to go out and have some fun yourself.

    Or better yet,  try to find someone you can love and who will love you right back.

    Give up the hate. There’s no money in it.

    Every comment you post here reveals where your hate has led you and what it has  made you into.

    Take my word for it when I tell you that what your hate has turned you into is not pretty.


    P.S. the ever changing screen names are not hiding your identity. Everyone knows who you are.

  38. Fake Werewolf says:

    This from a guy who who wastes a majority of his day maintaining an ego blog about hookers in Thailand instead of concentrating on his career as a college professor!  Kenny please!  CSUN and Hillebrand must be so proud of you!

  39. BBK says:

    Fake Werewolf,

    You probably have some money in the bank, you are most likely not in a wheel chair, and your dick, most likely, still gets hard.

    You live or are lucky enough to be able to visit Thailand.

    Use these as raw materials, leave your computer and your hate, and go out and construct yourself a fun time and an actual life.

    Read back at what you have written in the comments here.

    Is that really the person you want to be?


  40. Harry Zink, aka DaffyDuck says:

    There may be no money in hate, but hate is a hobby of some people,

  41. Fake Werewolf says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information in the comments.

    BigBabyKenny read back at the posts you deleted from your old guide to buying whores in Thailand!  This also included many references to underage girls!
    Is that really the person you want to be?
    That’s a serious question Professor BigBabyKenny!
    But knowing your track record on this blog you won’t answer it honestly!

  42. Fake Werewolf says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information in the comments.

    BigBabyKenny????? Dr. BigBabyKenny??????? Are you there?????
    Can we get an answer???????

  43. Fake Werewolf says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information in the comments.

    Wow Professor BigBabyKenny I’m impressed you rolled out your new site for students in a prime way!  While staying in Thailand fucking and taking pictures of hookers!
    Trying to erase all traces of and the fact that you wrote and supported your whore blog on CSUN equipment, on the CSUN campus and from your office at CSUN!

  44. BBK says:

    Fake Werewolf,

    Your latest 3-part rant has convinced me I made a mistake when I wrote:

    “You probably have some money in the bank, you are most likely not in a wheel chair, and your dick, most likely, still gets hard.”

    Actually, I’m now pretty certain I got 2 out of 3 wrong.




  45. Fake Werewolf says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information in the comments.

    Is that really the person you want to be?
    That’s a serious question Professor BigBabyKenny!
    But knowing your track record on this blog you won’t answer it honestly!
    As we all suspected!  You never answer the questions!

  46. BBK says:

    Fake Werewolf,

    Don’t take life too seriously.

    It’s meant to be enjoyed not pissed away on things that don’t matter.


  47. Harry Zink, aka DaffyDuck says:

    No one has ever mistaken me for Taylor Lautner.  He’s cut and has hair (for now).

  48. Fake Werewolf says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information in the comments.

    Two minutes a day to fuck with you isn’t pissing away anything, it’s kinda enjoyable!
    Fucking with Proofie is downright hysterical!
    I’m actually thinking of taking …. in the Fall with you!

  49. Dr Love says:

    Ah Daffy there you are.

    dont worry my portly and very geeky duck, Taylor Lautner will be as fat and bald and gay as you some day.

    I have a suggestion for Kenny. As economics seems a theoretical dicipline why not conduct all lectures on-line from Thailand. That way you could live here 12 months a year!

  50. BBK says:

    Fake Werewolf,

    It’s dubious your wrote this in 2 minutes.

    More like 2 hours.

    But then again, its’ your life. Piss it away anyway you like. Who am I to give you advice?


  51. Fake Werewolf says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t personal information.

    “Other Thailand Nightlife Blogs blow a lot of smoke and frequently play fast and loose with the truth to promote their hidden agendas. Here we try to blow away the smokescreens other sites are blowing to obfuscate the truth. All to serve the higher purpose of getting laid better, cheaper, and more efficiently” from the since deleted (link)

  52. ymmurd says:

    Prufrock, just admit it, you’re a nigger aren’t you?  A dirty fat old nigger with saggy nuts.  All this anger comes from the fact that you’re not white.  I know it must be hard, but fucking your teenage whore-daughter probably helps – keep up the good work oogy boogy jungle bunny.
    PS, I’m white.

  53. Dr Love says:

    Daffy I have pleasant news

    obfuscate doesn’t mean you are gay. It means you are a raving fucking homosexual

    just the way I like it

    my one true love

  54. yawn says:

    how’s that 9-1-1 truther crusade coming along there poofucker.?

  55. popo says:

    “The latest and coolest hair styles, shoe, handbags, and hair cuts are usually what was hot in the U.S, about a year ago. I don’t know any Thai stores or brands that feature indigenous Thai designers that have any presence outside Thailand or any pop crazes that originated in Thailand.”
    Kenny.  This is so completely clueless, it’s almost like you’ve never been in a mall in Thailand.
    As someone who works in the business of fashion,  I can safely say that the current trend-setter for “cool” is Japan.  (Not the US).  And Thailand usually picks it up more quickly than the US.
    BTW — fashion contact lenses are starting to appear all over New York (where I live).  And they’ve been cool in Thailand for a few years now.
    Of course, I could launch into a dozen other examples but I think there’s only one point that needs to be made here:  A fat, middle-aged, low-salaried college professor at a 2nd rate school is attempting to blog about trend-forecasting and trend vectors.  Fail.
    Kenny, you were more interesting when you blogged about cheap p*ssy.  Other than that you don’t have anything to say.

  56. BBK says:


    Thanks for the fan mail.


    When you are not working your day job “in the fashion industry” what do you do at night?

    Moonlight as an astronaut or a rocket scientist?



  57. Prufrock says:

    Hi there, yawn.

    What was true nine years ago is still true, right?    (ya dumb fuck)

    American NEOCON scum planned, and executed 9/11.

    Truth doesn’t have to be re-tooled the way the desperately crafted falsehoods and  BS ridden national myth that passes for Amerikan history have to be .
    That concept itself is probably news to cowardly, self-referential cartoon and televised-sport-addicted dopes such as yourself.
    Oh, and I will just add here as well that both your message and your moniker present as living, breathing culture-specimens of cowardice and sloth in that agar of boredom gelled in that Petrie dish that passes for your craven useless existence.
    Thanks once again for demonstrating  that, you fucking pussy.
    I’d have answered your stupid question if I’d had even the slightest inkling that you actually gave a shit as to what was done to The United States of American on September 11, 2001.
    I suppose the icing on the NEOCON cake is that Michele and Laura will be holding a joint remembrance service in honor of the President who followed Dick Cheney’s orders and stayed on vacation for a month prior to the slaughter and Obama the current President who’s learned that you have to go along to get along.
    What a fucking travesty.

    So, like I said, much like the murder of JFK, the rape of your economy, the highjacking of your so-called democracy by corporate interests, the privatization of your army, the destruction of your constitution, etc,   . . . . . . . . nothing new.

    But, um, how ’bout then Yankees, eh?

  58. Fake Dave the Rave says:

    So, like I said, much like the murder of JFK, the rape of your economy, the highjacking of your so-called democracy by corporate interests, the privatization of your army, the destruction of your constitution, etc,   . . . . . . . . nothing new.
    Your Your Your
    Prufrock aren’t you an American?  or do I have the wrong guy?

  59. Prufrock says:

    Hi Dave
    >>Your Your Your
    Prufrock aren’t you an American?  or do I have the wrong guy?<<
    You, um, don’t “have” anybody.
    And BTW you don’t “do” a very good Dave the Rave. Dave the Rave has martial
    arts qualifications and is much less re-active. I could be wrong though, ten years in the bar business
    six of them with Eric can tweak a man’s game, somewhat.
    Anyway what’s my use of “your” got to do with anything? Surely you’re not suggesting that it casts
    doubt on anything I’ve said?

    pro-American, anti-Neocon, 9-11 Truther,  Bkk’s gentleman’s club patron.

  60. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

    I think everyone has doubts about what you say.  When the fuck are you……..  We’ve run through the girls on Soi 6 MANY, MANY times and need some farm fresh down here.  Not that ……are either, but they will do for now!
    Lets do it for the show

  61. Pattaya Warrior is G... says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    Just sayin’.

  62. ronru says:

    @Pattaya Warrior,

    We’ve all read numerous posts and comments by hometown heroes who consider shagging Pattaya Soi 6 hooker as a major achievement.
    What a toss and a loser !

  63. SBODTWAT says:

    Number 2 ?

  64. 300K says:

    Is Sycophant = Mangophant ? 

  65. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Editors note: Personal information redacted.

    Wow, ….. and his supporters wrong again there is real surprise. 555
    I am not Graham, never met the Michael or Nick, never met Daffy, never met .  BUT I have met the …… and I don’t mean Prufrock!

  66. Sniper says:

    Charlie 3 to Base.

    Please confirm target “Pattaya Warrior”

    Have in sights – awaiting Confirmation.

  67. ronru says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted. Ronru, I apologize for editing your comment.

    What do you do on …. Warrior ? Clean toilets, collecting the used tampons, serving tea to the staff, sweeping leafs or just washing the floor in … office. 
    Fat bald cunt stupid wanker.  

  68. Pattaya Warrior says:

    …….wont have…….

  69. Sniper says:

    Locked on – PLEASE CONFIRM

  70. Smitty says:

    Let’s stop this bullshit guys. Time to end all hostilities.

  71. Perfectly composed content , thanks for entropy.

  72. Spam Spotter says:

    This is too funny Kenny. So desperate to prove your website is a success you’re keeping spam comments.


  73. Duck Destroyer says:

    @ Spam Spotter

  74. Prufrock Spotter says:

    @ Duck Destroyer

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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