Stickman Retires – Part 2 – What is Worth?

| January 3, 2011 | 94 Comments | 40,925 views

Part 2 – What is Stickman Worth?, the most popular and successful nightlife site, is for sale.

So how much is it worth?

Any discussion of value has to start with the acknowledgment that site is unique.

No other site has the same uniform readership.

Anyone wanting to reach the Bangkok Expat/Sexpat community need only buy a Stickman ad or pay for one of Stickman’s vanity pieces, e.g. Visiting the Bank Manager and every paid for hit be from exactly the target audience you are trying to reach. has the identical power and appeal of Google Adwords. Buy the words “Bail Bonds Los Angeles” and, if you are an L.A. bail bondsman, every hit will be a live lead.

In the advertising world, it’s hard and usually nigh impossible to get that kind of relevancy from your advertising dollar and there is no other Thailand site with this unique and valuable characteristic.

So what’s that worth?

Here are some back of the envelope calculations that establish a reasonable price.

If you are too lazy to go through the calculations the bottom line is about $100,000 USD or 3,000,000 THB.


First, let’s look at the main source of revenue.–banner advertising.

There are currently 21 banner adds on Stickman’s home page and 12 ads scattered around the other parts of the site.

At 5000 THB (the full ad rate) per month those adds generate a monthly income of (33*5000) 165,000 THB per month or 1,980,000 THB ($66,000 USD) per year.

Some of these might be provided free to friends  and some may take advantage of the discount for signing up for multiple months (4000 THB per month for 3 months).

Reduce the 1,980,000 THB to 1,600,ooo THB to reflect these discounts.


Second, subtract expenses.

For a website like there are very few expenses.

The main expense is compensating a decent writer to generate content people want to read  but more on that later.

With the volume and type of content (text with a few images), the network and bandwidth expenses are minimal.

I doubt it costs more than $50 USD or 1500 THB per month to host Stickman.

So subtract 18,000 THB ($600 USD) for network costs.


Third, take a present value.

An annual income of 1,582,000 THB (1,600,000-18,000) for 10 years at an interest rate of 5% is worth 971,210.77 THB or $323, 373


This baseline figure then has to be adjusted for the intangibles.

1) As mention in Part 1, the main intangible is with no Stickman writing his weekly column will quickly have no readers.

Nightlife writers who can generate content that people are interested in reading are few and far between. They don’t grow on trees.

Look at the current crop of nightlife writers and you will see what I mean. Many are great reading, e.g. Mobi and BangkokBuddy, but they don’t generate the type of content that will generate Stickman like numbers.

So if Stickman is no longer writing, where can you get weekly content and what are you going to pay for it.

With the low start up and maintenance costs of a website, any author who becomes popular always has the option of starting his own website.

Pay someone to write for the site, let him get a following and fanbase and you will have to pay him most of the revenue generated by the site.

With a monthly income of 165,000 THB per month there isn’t that much revenue to pay the guy anyway.

Pay 65,000 THB per month and you’ve reduced the monthly income to 100,000 THB and the PV of the site to about $200,000.

2) The second intangible driving down the value of is the real possibility the Thai government will block access to the site in Thailand. Stickman himself has talked about this in his columns and longtime readers will remember when the URL for the Big Mango Blog was blocked by the Thai government. The Big Mango Blog had to be switched to an alternative URL and fingers had to be crossed that the government wouldn’t block the new URL too.  A capricious decision by one anonymous Thai bureaucrat ant will be worthless.

3) The third intangible is the general decline of the Bangkok bar business. Walk down Cowboy and you’ll see fewer white faces and fewer customers spending less money in the bars. Walk through Nana Plaza, look around, and its clear the place is on hold prior to being torn down. Without the bars and their customers, the value of advertising that reaches is diminished. This has to push down the value of the site.

It just my opinion, but these intangibles mean that a price for has to be discounted heavily.

If the Bangkok bar business does not decline in the next 10 years, the Thai authorities don’t censor the nightlife site in the next 10 years, and Stickman continued to churn out his weekly column (for free) with no drop off in business for the next 10 years, the site would be worth about $300,000 USD.

If you paid a writer 65,000 THB per month to generate new content, the site would be worth $200,000 USD.

Anyone actually buying the site and its content, has to discount the price to take into account all the downside risks.

IMHO, $100,000 USD or 3,000,000 THB would be a reasonable price which would give a new owner a decent chance of recouping his investment.

He will have to weather the storms which will surely batter the bar business in the next decade, hope to avoid censorship, and  be able to find a decent but not Stickman quality writer to produce new content at a reasonable price.

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  1. Big Black Gulliver says:

    This is from a guy who couldn’t figure out the price of a pickup truck in Thailand or how much to rent a house for.  Good grief!

  2. Yo says:

    There is no way a website would be valued at 10x yearly earnings.  Websites typically sell for 1x to 2x of yearly earnings due to the rapidly changing nature of the internet.
    Small business that are valued at around 5 to 10 million typically get 10x yearly earnings valuations.  They are not valued more because they are so small and therefore less stable.  Stickmans site due to all the factors you mentioned above is in an even more precarious state.  Once he leaves he readership will plummet, unless you can find the perfect replacement and the chances of that are slim to none.
    No one in there right mind should pay 100k, maybe more like a few k is all the site is worth.

  3. cruiserPimp says:

    The bottom line is that his site is doomed once Stick resigns.  His photography was consistently very good to excellent.  This will be as hard to replace as the writing.  Preaching the evils of the nightlife industry isn’t going to help the selling price–$10,000-15,000 max.

  4. BBK says:


    Stickman was a great writer and had the best contacts in the bar industry, but that doesn’t mean a new owner can’t find a replacement.

    Besides, the Stickman style of glorifying and pumping up all the old time Expats is playing into a dying demographic.

    Maybe new owners, could find a writer that writes and appeals to the newer younger crowd of Expats that is fast taking over the nightlife areas.

    The only problem is having to pay such a writer.


  5. jack dawson says:

    if goldman values facebook at $50 bil. (more than boeing !), stick’s cite’s gotta’ go for 45 large easy

  6. Stickman mentions this site on this weeks column because of this post.
    Kenny, a tenured professor of business from a major U.S. university,  telling everyone the his site is worth $100,000 USD gives credibility to any price Stickman is asking.
    Stickam can point people to this post and use it to bargain with.
    Sneaky, but Sticknan is trying to get as many of  his readers and potential buyers to read this.
    Ironic that Kenny accuses Stickman being paid to post good reviews and here he is pumping up the price of
    The shit is probably being paid by Stickman.

  7. Kenny the hipocrite.
    Doing the same shit he accuses Stickman of.

    Why doesn’t it surprise me?

    Tell us Kenny. How much did Stickman pay you to say his site is worth 100K.

    I don’t know why I am asking because you are too much the shiiiite to answer me anyway.

  8. Nuff Said says:

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  9. Lazarus says:

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  10. @Lazarus

    Nobody reads BangkokBuddy judging by the comments.

    2 Comments in the latst month. style “Slagging and Bashing Festivals” rule.

    The back and forth in the BigBabyKenny comments in one day are better reading than a week of  Buddy posts.

    In fact the comments are better than the posts.


  11. Purple Outer says:

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  12. Hymie Cohen says:

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  13. Kenny Dalglish says:

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  14. Bill Cooper says:

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  25. Ha Ha says:

    It seems Stickman has altered his retirement plans. His latest writings signal  he’s adjusting his column to meet market demands.

  26. monkey tracker says:

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    Does “big” BLACK gulliver” wipe down before or after
    Harry tosses his salad.
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  27. Bangkokbuddy says:

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  28. crickets says:

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  39. Asshole Conspiracy Theorist Detector says:


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  42. SBDOTKU says:


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  43. BigBlackGulliver says:

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  47. 911 Was an Inside Job says:

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  52. Conspiracy Nut says:

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  53. crickets says:


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  54. Fake BKK Moderator says:

    The hackers will not prevail. Be assured that our site continues to enjoy phenomenal growth and the hacking activity is the work of the Mango crowd. They are jealous that we have now become the premier source of commentary for the Bangkok scene.

    Stickman’s site is now officially worth less than BigBabyKenny because Kenny told me it is.

    UPDATE! We have identified the problem with the website should have the hacking issue fixed in a couple months.

  55. Sleepless in Samui says:

    websites are a dime a dozen…..can be started up in days with simlar names, big deal some pictures and written content about night life easy breezy…..if he left another could take they place easily without buying any of it,spend it on marketing and you have your readers….spend 10k on marketing and you’ll have more readers than stick…

  56. tumbleweed says:

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  62. crickets says:

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  64. Kenny's Wet Dream says:

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  66. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple stickman, still there!

  67. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple stickman!

  68. RGAL says:

    Never been a Stickman detractor. and are the two pre-eminent Expat sites. Along with the English language papers, they are a must read for any well informed Expat. 

    Never been a Keith Summers fan either. Summers site was nothing but a venting excercise for an expat who didn’t have the intellect or commercial instincts to produce content that was as relevant and interesting to Expats and Sexpats as Paul Owen does.  Without his “darkside” Summers would have just been another face among the Expat throng sitting at the entrance to Nana everynight, getting drunk, ranting  about everyone else’s faults, while never taking a good hard look in a mirror. 

    What’s interesting about Paul Owens “rap” the last few years is how he has attempted to remake himself and how he has snookered his readers. Many of his claims have turned out to be patently false and, in hindsight, the fact they are taken seriously is a bit of laugh itself.  

    The biggest “lies” perpetrated by Paul Owen:

    1. I am leaving Thailand. Where is Paul Owens going to go? You need a college degree to teach in New Zealand and he doesn’t have one. What other marketable skills does he have? Unless he plans to return to New Zealand to start a fast food career, leaving Thailand is not an option for him. 

    2. Pitching himself as a relationship expert when in his own personal life, he married a Thai women and his marriage ended in divorce. While there are many reasons marriages end and assessing blame is always fraught with danger, has anyone ever asked Mr. Owen why anyone would take his advice about finding a “good Thai women” when his own history is one of failure? 

    3. Claiming he never does business with prostitutes. Does this really need any discussion? A guy spends his whole adult life and makes his profession knowing and writing about prostitutes but claims he never paid for sex with one. Refer to 2 above. What recently divorced guy doesn’t go a little crazy with women when his wife rejects and leaves him?

    4. English teachers can make 150,000 baht a month. Thailand has 50,000 teachers making 25K a month, 1,000 making 35K a month, 100 making 60K a month, and 1 making 150K a month. Stickman’s advice to newly arrived high school dropouts: Become an English teacher, make 150K a month, and live like a hedge fund manager back in Oz. Great advice.

    I don’t mean to be too negative about Paul Owen. He writes a great weekly column. The best column about the prostitution and nightlife business in Bangkok on the internet. I am actually a great Stickman fan.

  69. RGAL says:

    Enjoyed the Stickman photo essay on Spankys in Nana Plaza. 

    Paul Owen aka Stickman is a master marketer. Whatever he was paid by the owner was money well spent. Owen’s essay made me want to run down to Spanky’s and barfine one of the girls. 

    In the photo essay, the girls look great. The reason for this is the girls are heavily airbrushed. I don’t mean their faces but their bodies. The skin on the their backs, legs, feet, chests have had all the cuts, bruises, pimples, and cellulite removed. There are a lot of software tools available to do this and they are not expensive. This one, portrait professional, only costs $29.   Most of Owen’s girl photos are heavily airbrushed. It’s done very skillfully because most punters don’t realize you can take any street girl, remove the blemishes from head to toe, and make her look like a fashion model. 

    In reality, the Spanky girls are run of the mill. I’ve been to Spanky’s many times and there isn’t much talent there.


  70. Gaywalker says:

    Does the program have a tatoo removal subroutine? Getting rid of the gawdawful stomach and upper ass tatoos would improve a 4 to a 6. 

  71. Kenny Fucktard says:

    Does it have a boxjaw removal option or a micro penis enlargement routine?

  72. Asshole Conspiracy Theorist says:

    @RGAL. Your right. If you are a whoremonger and your social life is drinking cheap beer and sex with prostitutes, Stickman is your #1 source of information. 

  73. BigMichaelBlackSmithGulliver says:

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    Don’t mess with me . . . . I’ll slander your wife. I’ll slander your daughter. I’ll slander you. I’ll slander anyone connected with you. I can do this because I’m really good with computers and I like to slander people.

    When people who know us tell me I’ve over-stepped I’ll tell them “Hey, I was trash-talkin'”

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    Harry’s such a card. He doesn’t trashtalk at all. He’s got a crew of pinheads that do it for him. Harry’s real specialty is lying  . . .  and while he’s lying a blue streak he’ll defend himself by calling his enemy a liar.

    Harry is such a clever man. I want to be like Harry some day but I I’m not sure I want to get into this chemo-therapy haircut he loves so much.

    I won’t slander Steve Green though. He’s kind of cute and when I want a little strange, there’s always Steve. 
    Or at least there used to always be Steve. He’s a little less available these days than he used to be. 

    Yo, do a shot ?

    Do shots?

    I’m the original rated doodie . . . . . I’m the shit. 

  74. Bullshit Detector says:

    Like your info on Stickman retiring is wrong, claiming you don’t have a rootkit virus on your website is wrong.

  75. Factoid says:

    You have zero credibility Kenny.
    You’re wrong about so many things, like this article.

  76. Factoid says:

    You’ve told outright lies.
    You use other screennames to hide your identity.
    Then you delete comments you don’t like and change links to sites and articles you don’t like

  77. Point of Correction on Kenny's Former Negotiate Prices with Thai hooker, g girls and streetwalker blog says:

    Stickman didn’t retire and his website is infinitely more valuable than this one.

  78. Bangkok Benny says:

    Stickman’s website is diminishing in value by the week. He’s been spinning his simpleton  bullshit on THailand and all things THai for way too long.  He should have sold out when he’s site was still worth something. Like all simple folk he does not know when he’s ahead.

  79. New York Times Critic says:

    Stickman’s site is the only nightlife related site that is worth anything. 

    The Mango boys tried to start a site called but it never amounted to anything.

    My opinion is that there are 2 reasons Paul Owens hasn’t sold Stickman.

    The first is the money he would get. It’s not much. You can argue with Kenny’s numbers (personally, I think they are high) but money is not enough to retire. Paul would have to get a job to support himself and Keith Summers has made him unemployable as an English teacher at a decent school (sort of reminds you of the Mango boys again). WHat other marketable skills does he have and, similar to the Mango Boys, with his ownership of a prostitution related business on his resume, he is radioactive to any large company outside of Thailand.

    The second is the site is the only thing that makes him relevant. Without and his weekly column, Paul becomes just another of the legion of close to the line (Yes this is a Kennyism) expats who spend their declining years wandering the Cowboy happy hours. Paul Owen is the Imus of the Bangkok bars. 

    Let me add that, in my opinion, Paul Owens site is wonderful. The best weekly nightlife read on the internet. Excuse me if I came off too negative in this comment.

  80. Bangkok Benny says:

    The problems  with Stickman’s site is accuracy and the truth.
    He publishes advice and information based on other peoples experiences.
    He publishes news and information on what he hears, not what he experiences.
    He is a self proclaimed expert on the Thailand sex scene but does not partake himself.
    It’s all someone else’s opinion or someone else’s experience.
    What happens when any story is re told several times? The truth, the original message, is distorted.
    If you market yourself as an expert in any field, to be a true expert in that field you have to immerse yourself in it ‘knee deep’.
    Stickman offers advice on bar girl relationships without ever having a bar girl relationship.
    Stickman talks about lady boy’s without ever experiencing sex with a lady boy.
    Stickman advises not to have Thai friends because no descent Thai will have anything to do with him.
    He tells us he is living the dream, then he tells us he is ready to leave Thailand at a moments notice.
    And yes, he is trapped in his delusional world of self importance

  81. Deja Vu says:

    Lack of Accuracy and Truth.

    Then this site and stickman’s have a hell of a lot in common.

  82. New York Times Critic says:

    There is media bias everywhere. 

    What’s the difference between Stickman and the New York Times. Both have their point of view that they push. Both are biased and twist the truth to their purposes. 

    Stickman’s audience are the sex tourists and the expats whose social life centers on Cowboy, Nana, and commercial sex. He tells his audience what they are doing is morally acceptable, mentally healthy, and glorifies their lifestyle by comparing sex with prostitutes favorably to the sexless existence the reader’s  real lives back in The World (sorry for the Kennyism). He gives them advice about how to negotiate for sex with the prostitutes and where they can found. 

    By doing this he has developed a loyal and large leadership. From a marketing standpoint the readership is commercially valuable because it allows sex businesses to target their customer base with ads. Stickman sells those ads and makes a living for himself.

    Capitalism at work. 

  83. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for Sex Tourists says:

    Fuck stickman. BBK version 1.0 told the whole shit about sex with hookers.

  84. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for Sex Tourists says:

    “Other Thailand Nightlife Blogs blow a lot of smoke and frequently play fast and loose with the truth to promote their hidden agendas.

    Here we try to blow away the smokescreens other sites are blowing to obfuscate the truth.

    All to serve the higher purpose of getting laid better, cheaper, and more efficiently.”

  85. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for Sex Tourists says:

    Cheap Sex with the SWSM girls. We need more about Kenny v1.0 negotiating and paying less for sex.

  86. I don’t think you’ve done the figures right, if so my site makes way more money, therefore would be bigger than stickman, maybe it is, still don’t think you’ve done the figures correctly.

  87. Lord Buttock -Parter says:


    Lets stop this bickering.   I am looking for a gallop and I believe I can get one at a reasonable price in Siam.

    Im looking for guidance here.


    Lord BP 

  88. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Just to make it clear, stickman did not retire.

  89. BigBlackNegro says:

    Just to make it clear, you’re stating the obvious.

  90. Karanveer says:

    Looks good, and a bargain price, LED ltighs are certainly the way to go these days. I have an LED keyfob on my keys, bright as anything, and the battery has lasted almost a year already.Is the blue and white one sold in Tesco the same model as the blue and yellow one in your photograph?Difficult to get more exciting than a bit of snake hunting Vern. CheersTom

  91. Graciela says:

    Looks good, and a bargain price, LED ltighs are certainly the way to go these days. I have an LED keyfob on my keys, bright as anything, and the battery has lasted almost a year already.Is the blue and white one sold in Tesco the same model as the blue and yellow one in your photograph?Difficult to get more exciting than a bit of snake hunting Vern. CheersTom

  92. Lakshman says:

    HA! Great story how long ago was that? Sounds like what Cambodia was years ago. One part of me likes that a lot that unpredictability and no rules type aterpshmoe. One could get a lot done in a place like that. One could also get done over quite a bit in a place like that. Mo bettah you stay isaan brah.

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