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Some of you may be aware of an issue that recently has received some attention related to a website run by a university employee on his own personal time with no connection to Cal State Northridge. I am writing with an update about this issue.

Professor Kenneth Ng informed me Thursday night that he is reluctantly taking down his web site on Friday. He will replace it with a brief account of the business dispute that led to the current controversy.

Professor Ng said that he is taking down the site because of the deleterious effect it had on the university’s reputation, not because he considered the subject matter and content as unsuitable for public discourse, public discussion, or public debate.

I thank him for his reflection and removal of the site. I thank the University community for their comments.

I understand that some people will be disappointed that we did not force the site’s closure; others already object that university leadership was critical of a university employee’s speech.

We are trying to balance two principles that, in this case, clashed. Our commitment to gender equity compels us to see the site as offensive; our commitment to expression urges us to tolerate words and pictures we find intolerant. As university leaders, we believe open debate is critical to ordering our values and determining our acts. While belief in an absolute right to censor might initially comfort us; “our” and “us” has a way of quickly narrowing to “you” and “me.” Then the danger is that exclusion and exploitation, the acts that initially incited us to censor, become the rules of the day.

As with other incidents that have arisen on campus in the past, I encourage everyone to use the issues that have been raised in this matter as an opportunity to examine and talk about how we deal with values and perspectives that may conflict with our own while balancing the rights of others.

Harry Hellenbrand, Provost

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  1. Kenny is working on his site right now, Friday, at 2:00pm.

    This is normally regular business hours at CSUN, and let’s just hope that Kenny took Friday off, and that he’s not working from his office at CSUN, as he commonly does.

  2. Andy Hirun says:

    I was one of his Thai student at CSUN and really disappointed that he has to put up his disrespectfuly experience to thai women on the website so that the whole world will know about what he did.

  3. David says:

    Andy, how was it disrespectful?

    It’s an accurate, intelligent analysis of your country and how things are run. It is reality. If talking about the reality of your country is disrespectful, then you are living in a fantasy world.

    I love Thailand and Thai people by the way, so don’t get me wrong.

    Sad to see the site go away! Good thing I tried to read as much as I could before today. Kenny, send me the link for your new site!

  4. BkkSpy says:

    Yes it seems that the trouble of keeping the site open was not worth it. After all, it really came down to petty arguments about who knew Thailand best. The pissing match is over.

    Now what will Kenny’s enemies do with their time?

    Whom will daffyduck and the others focus on now?

    I would sure hate to be well known in Bangers, if I were involved in this fracas.

    If I see daffy in Bangers, I will surely give him a big Liverpool kiss.

    But in the end, the Mangoloids blame Kenny for ruining their business. So I guess this is the tit for tat.

    I sure Nick and Michael are extremely happy in their new jobs (yeah right).

    I leave here with one request.

    If anyone has a picture of daffy and his full name and workplace information (not the comic book store he works at on weekends), please send that information to me at I will publish it on a wordpress site for all to read. I know what he looks like, so phony pics will be discarded, (after a good laugh).

    In the words of John McLaughlin, “bye bye”.

  5. Voice of Reason says:

    Based on what the Provost said, Kenny should have published articles describing the gay pay for play scene (in the interest in gender equity).

    Steve Green (Penfold) should have been contributing here). Then all would have been kosher. A tactical error.

    Bye Kenny. See ya in Korat.

  6. Spermacide says:

    The ‘ole Provost is full of crap. The PC waffle-non stance that he tried to pass off as a ‘statement’ is further proof that academic honesty is dead in the California higher education system. Had this blog been about gay, or feminist issues relating to older white liberal cougars hunting younger ethnic men from developing nations it undoubably would have recieved a grant.

  7. Prurock says:

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    Those of you who continue to dream otherwise have by now had your basic constitutional rights stripped away, lost a fortune on a devaluated currency and your countries resources channeled into a perpetual war on terror.

    This is NOT a computer game.
    Wake the hell up.

    A&E for 9/11 Truth

  8. Prurock says:

    For the above space and for many other opportunities to speak freely
    on 9/11 . . . . . a sincere


    to you, Big Baby Kenny

    Good luck in the games.

  9. Prufrock says:

    What HE said 😉

  10. cruiserPimp says:

    “Universities” today are little more than PC indoctrination centers. The lure of SE is that there is no PC to be seen. OBAMA–One Big Ass Mistake America!

  11. RealDaffyDuck says:

    @ZeroPruf : ROTFLOL. (tool)

    @JB (tool);

  12. BkkAlien says:

    @Andy Hirun.

    Mate, get real!

    I live in Thailand and I don’t agree with child prostitution at all, of course and I even checked the site 2 days ago to try and see if allegations were true. I found little evidence (not that I read a lot).

    However, anyone who has much insight into prostitution in Thailand knows that about 90% or more is domestic, not for foreigners. In back streets everywhere, there are ‘massage’ or ‘karaoke’ places where distinguished (mostly married) Thai men go to get their sex fix!

    Unmitigated sexual activity is a first in Thai culture and would still exist if every foreigner were driven out of the place.

    This whole argument has gotten rather out of hand anyway. Check out the pics on this page and tell me if they are underage…?

    If Kenneth Ng has committed a crime, why hasn’t he been arrested??? It’s a load of CROCK!

  13. dogofwar says:

    Sounds like he is a horrible teacher because these poor ratings from students go back at least a year, I stopped on page 3 but he has like 29 pages of poor reviews. I just don’t see how he doesn’t think he should adjust his style. Because it ain’t working.

    I’m really surprised at how big this is getting. I think there is a pretty good chance this ends with his termination.

  14. rick0202 says:

    This is almost as depressing as the political situation. The best web site now gone, the only one that promoted dating regular Thai girls, now gone, but plenty of commentary from goofs. Allen thanks for posting this article, the author totally confuses different markets, similar to writing about prescription drug sales and Mexican drug cartels in the same article. These are moving stories and have nothing in common with a girl in a Go Go bar. Andy what exactly is disrespectful? How is the behavior of most Thai men any different? You are just a Racist hiding behind PC confusion. The Red Shirts are protesting people like you today, I do not agree with them, but people like you have to go.

  15. Martin Dufresne says:

    CSUN Provost writes: “our commitment to expression urges us to tolerate words and pictures we find intolerant.”
    I think the problem with this site goes/went beyond intolerance. To act as a go-between in the prostitution industry is criminal behavior, isn’t it? Isn’t Craigslits under fire for this very reason?

  16. Vagina full of Kenny's Semen says:

    Good job Kenny! I really hope that your parents are dead. Not because I am wondering what they are thing about the failures of their son, but I just hope they are dead.

  17. AWoman says:

    It’s sick and disgusting that a man has a need to tell the world about his sexual experiences. For those who love reading about them, you are equally sick and disgusting. Your ego is probabaly smaller than your brain. Get a life and try to do something more productive.

    @ rick0202 – I wonder – what do you know about red shirts people in Thailand? I couldn’t help but laugh at reading your comments. You’re probably a racist yourself. LOL

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