Sexual Health – Birth Control for The Thailand Girl Scene

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Most men prefer sex without a condom.

The problem with unprotected sex in The Thailand Girl Scene is twofold – sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Certain classes of Thai women are notorious for having multiple secret partners and, practically speaking, there is no way of verifying Thai girls’ sexual histories. Both these problems need to be addressed and is here to tell you how to do it cheaper, faster, and more efficiently.

You can deal with the STD problem with testing but what about unwanted pregnancies?

One approach is to use the pill.

The good news is that birth control pills are available over the counter, no prescription or doctor’s visit required, and the pills are subsidized by the Thai government.

Here is a pic of the birth control pill selection at a local chain pharmacy (click on the pic to see a full size version where you can read the prices and brand names). There are generic brands that are available for as low as 25 baht (72 cents USD!) as well as the latest low dose pills branded by Western drug companies which cost up to 450 THB ($15 USD). Instead of an expensive and unneccesary doctor’s visit and an expensive prescription that would cost a couple of hundred dollars in the U.S., the pill can be had with the same expense and trouble as acquiring a bottle of aspirin in Thailand.

The bad news is that, just like in the USA, there is no way to confirm your girl will take the pill everyday. As the feminists say, she is in control of her body which means she can get pregnant when it suits her agenda not yours and “being in control of her body” means being in control of your wallet in the event of an unwanted pregnanacy.

Fortunately, there is an answer–Depoprovera.

Depo is an injectable birth control that has been approved in the U.S and has been in use without problems for years.

An injection is good for 3 months, can be given anytime during the woman’s cycle, and is effective immediately.

Depo is superior to the pill because you can verify the injection and there is nothing the girl can do for 3 months. You don’t have to trust or verify with Depo. You just have to be there when the injection is given.

If you choose not to get a second injection in 3 months, the effects fade and the woman becomes fertile again.

There are two ways to get your girl on Depo.

One way is to take her to a “Women’s Health” clinic at a Thai hospital. Piyavate Hospital charges 500 THB for the injection and the doctor’s time. You call, make an appointment, and you are in and out within an hour.

The second, more convenient, and cheaper way is to inject her yourself. Yes. Inject her yourself.

Pharmacies on The Reservation sell Depoprovera over the counter. You take it home and stick your girlfriend in the privacy of your home without having to see a doctor or nurse.

This is the Chareon Pharmacy on Sukhumivt. It’s located right down the street from Soi 4 just to the left of Bully’s Pub.

They stock Depoprovera (actually Depogestin – the Thai generic) and sell a single injection vial, a syringe with hypodermic needle, and an alcohol swab for 50 THB.

No that is not a typo, 50 THB or $1.67 USD!

No prescription or doctor’s appointment is required but you need to know how to do an intra- muscular injection.

Every American knows the U.S. health system is a mess. The layers of government regulation and subversion of market incentives has created a soviet style monstrosity that delivers a $2 birth control injection for $300+ USD and $2000 heart bypass operation for $250,000. Birth control in Thailand is what birth control in the U.S. would be without government interference in the market.


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  1. RollN says:

    The local pharms sell morning after pills too.
    Cheap and the only side effect is a little extra bleeding.
    Just thought I’d let you know.

  2. Daffy Duck says:

    I never have to worry about getting girls pregnant.

  3. Marc #2 says:

    Hey Daffysuckshit
    Maybe its because you never have sex with girls.
    Or if you do they haven’t passed puberty yet.
    You are next on our list.
    We are coming after you as soon as we finish with Keith Summers.

  4. Robert says:


    Got ya Mark #2

    Fucking retard = FUCKTARD

  5. Robert says:

    Why would Kenny want to go to The Big Mango Anniversary party?

    As far as I know he is heterosexual.

    Eat shit and die MANGOTARDS!

    Can’t wait to see your picture posted on Duffysuckshits website tomorrow.


  6. California State U Faggot says:

    Fuck off Robert you shit licker. This site is the perfect place for us fags to hang out and Kenny supports us all the way. Bet you didn’t know Kenny had a man crush on Milton Friedman did you Tinkerbell? So go back to your closet activities you little fem-boy.

  7. Robert says:

    Cal State U Faggot = BigBlackGulliver
    The constitutional right to free speech applies to homosexuals too.
    Good thing for BigBlackFaggot.

  8. RGAL says:

    Haven’t been to the Mango in over a year but a friend emailed me about the Keith Summers – Stickman fight going on here. Read the long thread and decided to stop in for the Mango Anniversary party.
    Rolled in the door about 10PM. Lots of balloons but only about 10 customers. No girls except a couple of girlfriends who are obviously bar girls. Who would bring a real Thai girl to Soi 4 anyway so no surprise?
    None of the old staff are there and the new girls are nothing to look at.
    Stayed about an hour nursing a beer. Saw Graham and Nick in the corner but neither came around to say hello. Not very friendly but no beef on them. They probably had better things to do.
    Look around for a Daffy Duck looking guy but no obvious candidate presented.
    Left around 11PM. Don’t think I’ll be back soon. Nothing of interest going on there.

  9. Graham, Big Mango Bar says:

    – Excellent turn out last night. Thanks to everyone who came out and showed support.

  10. Where's Daffy? says:

    Daffy Duck skipped the Mango party.
    All talk and no balls as usual.
    Afraid of being molested by the Bangkok Blue Shirts on the their anti-pedophile campaign.
    I guess he’s a chicken not a duck.

  11. BKK Milkshakes says:

    I stopped by the Mango Anniversary party last night.
    Honestly, it was pretty lame.
    I wish the boys all the luck in the world getting their bar back on its feet or finding a buyer but the bar was mostly empty for the party. Just a few small groups of people sitting around drinking. No girls whatsoever unless you count some middle aged service girls.
    Michael didn’t show up while I was there. Probably had better things to do.
    My advice is hire some good looking girls. Maybe you have to take a loss on their salaries for a few months until people start coming back but with no girls there will never be any customers.

  12. END OF STORY says:

    Maybe if coward Kenny showed up there would be a crowd at the party to watch Graham kick Kenny’s  ass.

  13. Nuff Said says:

    Maybe you should stop listening to the sock puppets promoting Kenny’s agenda.

    Nuff Said

  14. BKK Milkshakes says:

    What is Kenny’s agenda?
    Honestly, do you think he gives a fuck about Keith Summers and Marc Holt?

  15. END OF STORY says:

    His agenda is avoiding Graham so he doesn’t get his face smashed in.

  16. Robert says:

    Mango hasn’t posted any party pictures yet.
    Too embarrassing to show no one showed up at the party.

  17. TT says:

    Went to the Mango at midnight last night.
    There were NO customers there!
    They had 10 girls standing around but NO customers!
    Granted it was Monday night, but NO customers!
    Anyone want to buy a bar?

  18. NEWSFLASH says:

    Still no pictures from the “BIG” anniversary party.
    Hmmmmmm. What could be the reason?
    Maybe because it’s too embarrassing that no one was there.

  19. Graham, Big Mango Bar says:

    Our ace photographer was last seen leaving the Mango (with camera) on way to meet 3 girls that he met the day before.
    He took a bunch of pics and all persons photographed we asked if they were happy with having their pic taken. If you see yourself on there and change your mind and that you’d rather not be on them, drop us a line.
    Now, where is this bloody photographer

  20. Silverboi, Big Mango Bar says:

    So sorry for the delay fellas (and ladies). The photos are coming but…
    theres going to be a bit of a wait. Really, very sorry.

  21. Quiz of the day says:

    Which will happen first?

    1.The Grand Reopening of The Duke of Wellington.
    2. The sale of the Big Mango even though it it not for sale.
    3. The publication of the photoshopped Big Mango Anniversary Party pictures – the ones where they have inserted pictures of girls so the party looks like it wasn’t a big sausage festival.
    4. Hell freezes over.

  22. Daffy Duck says:

    Yeah, where’s those pix!!!???
    I won’t use them to accuse innocent people of being pedophiles and child molesters.
    Honest. You can trust me 100%. My word is gold.

  23. Changing the channel says:

    The funniest thing about this post is that Kenny misses Daffy, Graham and company so much he trolls their sites for information to cross post here under their names.

    Worthy of a hehehe hohoho

  24. Ronru says:

    NO. The funniest thing is I did it to tweak you worthless shits and it worked.
    You Mango douchebags are still here posting away under your silly fake names and reading every comment, eating it up like a kneeling nana parking lot whore swallowing the cum from her 500 baht blow job.
    The second funniest thing is The Big Mango Bar sitting empty every night and Graham claiming it’s not for sale.
    The third funniest is The Duke of Wellington sitting abandoned and Graham sticking to his story that it will reopen soon after “renovations”.
    The fourth funniest is Daffysuckshit claiming he likes girls.

  25. Daffy Duck says:

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    The rules were intentionally very complex. Each player gets six cards, except for the player on the dealer’s right, who gets seven.

    The second card is turned up, except on Tuesdays. Kirk dealt the henchman two jacks, which are a “half-fizzbin.” When the henchman said he needs another jack, Kirk warned that a third jack is a “shralk” and is grounds for disqualification. With two jacks, one wants a king and a deuce, except at night, when one wants a queen and a four.

    At this point, Kirk dealt a third jack, but to keep the ruse going, he ignored the disqualification rule he had just made up. He explained that, had a king been dealt instead of a jack, the player would get another card, except when it’s dark, in which case he’d have to give it back. The top hand is a “royal fizzbin,” but the odds of getting one are “astronomical”: when Kirk asked Spock what the odds are, Spock truthfully replied that he had never computed them.

    Kirk called the last card a “kronk” and then purposely dealt a card such that it fell on the floor. As the henchman being taught reached down, Spock nerve-pinched him while Kirk and McCoy attacked the other guards, allowing the three to escape.

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    In the iCarly movie iParty with Victorious, Sam Puckett threatens to give Carly‘s boyfriend a “royal fizzbin” (presumably something like a “Texas wedgie.”)

  26. NEWSFLASH says:

    NO. The Big Mango 30th Anniversvary Party Pictures haven’t been posted.
    Graham never lies so the pictures are sure to be posted soon.

  27. NEWSFLASH from Graham, Big Mango Bar says:

    The Big Mango 3rd Anniversary Party Pictures will  be posted as soon as Silverboi finds his camera.
    It’s been a week now and he’s still looking.
    If you don’t want your pictures posted on the internet call the bar or email me right away and leave a message.

  28. NEWSFLASH from Graham, Big Mango Bar says:

    A dog ate Silverboi’s camera.
    Sorry no 3rd Aniversary party pictures will be posted.
    It wasn’t a sausage festival and the number of attendees was in double digits.
    Take my word for it.  I never lie.

  29. Hair Club for Men says:

    When Steve Green finally wanders back to Thailand he’ll be bald.

    Yeah, Steve’s losing his hair.

    Big shiny bald spot.

    So when “Penny” as he is known to his intimes returns, will he shave it all
    off or will he do that tricky tonsure thing with elastic bands and non-toxic adhesives.

    He’ll be just another short bald loutish idiot wandering around the bars insulting his betters in hopes of getting some attention

    Just another bald wannabe chav cunt spending Mom’s money.

    In the New England Steve is firing squad bait.

  30. crickets says:

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  32. crickets says:

    It’s over PRUFROCKyou’re irrelevant!

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  34. PRUFROCK'S DAD says:

    It’s over PRUFROCKyou’re irrelevant!HAHAHA HEHEHE HOHOHO! 

  35. Re Pete says:

    Prufrock = Kenny’s whipping boy

  36. crickey says:

    Kenny = the world’s whipping boy
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  37. Capt. Charles says:

    “BKK Milkshakes says:
    July 31, 2011 at 8:48 pm


    What is Kenny’s agenda?

    Honestly, do you think he gives a fuck about Keith Summers and Marc Holt?”

    Obviously he does since there’s a thread dedicated to them.

  38. Clue says:

    That thread gives the *perception* of traffic and activity to this blog. Without the same 2 people posting under a dozen different alias, talking to themselves, this blog would be home to tumbleweeds…

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