Sabai Fishing Park – Udonthani

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The Sabai Fishing Park is located just north of Udon Thani.

It costs 120 THB to fish including bait and tackle. There is no  time limit.

There are huts around the lake to shield you from the sun and a waiter brings drinks and snacks out to you.

You can catch and release or you can take the fish with you.

There is a fish basket next to each platform for keeping the fish alive after you’ve caught them.

Any fish you want to keep are paid by the pound with the prices listed in the photo below.

At night it’s pretty romantic just sitting by the Lake, watching the sun set in the middle of nowhere, without a care in the world catching a few fish.

I’m bit sure if city girls would enjoy it but the local girls I’ve met seem to get into it.

Bring some mosquito repellent though.

There is a restaurant attached to the park where you can have you catch grilled and served.

Nothing like roughing it!


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  1. Zoso says:

    Great rundown on options in rural Thailand. I really like the fishing bungalow’s. Looks like it could be a great time in the AM or PM but I suspect the middle of the day would be oppressively hot for most non-thai.
    Thanks for the story….Zo

  2. Steve ... AKA Fake Young Penfold says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information of others.

    This is gay

  3. ymmurd says:

    You call that a fucking fish?  It’s bait.  If ya wanna fish in Thailand no need to leave the fair city of Bangkok.  Take a cab to Bungsamran Lake and hook yourself a big fuck off carp or giant mekong catfish.
    Check the picks:

  4. BBK says:


    I have read about the place you point out and have wanted to go there for more than a year.

    Unfortunately, I can’t convince any friends to go and I can’t imagine its much fun going alone.

    The place is also quite expensive—5000 THB per person with 2 people.

    I don’t mean its expensive  by the standards of The World, but when you try to convince people who live and make their money in Thailand to drop that much coin on a night of fishing it is a hard sell.

    Of course, the next day they are out drinking 12 beers at 7 different bars and dropping 3000 for 90 minutes ……

    Expat values.




  5. ymmurd says:

    Sorry for the late reply, I just got out of jail.
    I enclosed the link for phot0graphic value.  It’s a tour company.  Don’t use a tour company for anything other than research.  Ask a taxi driver and after a few attempts you’ll find one that knows it.  I cant remember exact prices but two fat white men spent less than 1,000 baht for an afternoon of fun including food, beer and rod rental.
    Jail was fun, but a little gay.

  6. Mofafazza says:

    Min sambo har hus i Ban Kaw som ligger ca 1 mil Väst om Udon Thani

    Jag hittade detta när jag surfade på fiske i Udon Thani.
    Vi ska till Ban Kaw i Januari 2011, vet någon om fiskekampen är öppen då?

    Detta ser lovande o intresant ut


  7. Poofer Stevie Green says:

    I love trouser trout.

  8. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Kenny Fucktard!  Please don’t allow personal information to be posted this is gay!  Or is it just that your jealous of those having fun at the party?
    You pathetic, fat, little boy!

  9. yeppe says:

    stupid gook-a-munkey

  10. BBK says:

    Pattaya Warrior/Yeppe,

    Thanks for the temper tantrum.




  11. Purple Raul says:

    Meester Kenny,

    in my home of Panama, we like to stay in the ouse, get drunk, and sometimes play the cards. sometimes we go on the internet, if someone has a computer that works. most of the time our computers don’t work, and then we get angry.

    we shout at the sky. shout, shout, shout, shout! Very angry.

    It’s like reading this blog you write. 

  12. Pervert Kenny says:

    Even when I’m fishing I’m looking for under age girls.

    I’m a creep.

  13. Mr. Gee says:

    Haha. So Kenny’s fishing expeditions is when he’s chasing after hookers and under age girls with his GPS?

    Learn something new about the Professor every day.

  14. The ...Meister says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

    He loves his GPS almost as much as he loves teenage girls.

  15. Factoid says:

    Ronru should have gone on this trip for the underage girl hook.

  16. Factoid says:

    P.S. That fish on the hook looks like Kenny in a gook-a-fish kind of way

  17. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for Sex Tourists says:

    The only reason you went there is you heard the family was sexing out their under age daughter on that hut.

  18. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for Sex Tourists says:

    Correction: That was Ronru’s suggestion on the under age girl.

  19. ...... on a long walk wayyyyyy down Soi 4 says:

    I like walking alone at 4:30 in the AM. Perfect for an inconspicuous public wank.

  20. DNOMMAH TNEK Doesn't matter if you spell it backwards, forwards or sideways says:

    youre a serious DUMBASS sex tourist.

  21. tom says:

    whats going on i come on this website to find easy directions for the udon tharni sabai sabai fishing park and all i can see if people on about underage girls and shit you sick freaks lmao!

  22. Sonny says:

    See, I’m already kind of leninag toward Vietnam. I don’t think it’s the greatest time to be in Thailand. I could go for Jakarta though. That’s Bourdain’s favorite. Are you going to be coming with me, do you think? If so, we should start working on this….

  23. 3 febbraio 2012jessicaGrazie! è difficile resistere agli effetti perchè in alcuni mi ritrovo molto, voglio evitare chiaramente di esagerare ma su alcune immagini danno un sapore che amo molto.  

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