Road Trip to Ubon Ratchathani, Part 1 – Bua Boutique Hotel

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These pics are from a recent road trip to Ubon Ratchathani.

Ubon is way up near the Thai/Laos border and is quite a drive from Bangkok.

There are two types of Thai cities—ones with a significant Expat community and those that are largely Expat free.

Udonthani is an example of a city with a significant Expat community–one that is large enough to support  farang-centric and farang only businesses. Udonthani has its own little farang nightlife street and there is a universe of farang owned and patronized bars and restaurants.

When a city’s expat contingent crosses this crucial threshold, it changes the whole feel and vibe of the place and not necessarily for the better.

Ubon Ratchathani is largely Expat free. There is no farang nightlife district and no major Expat hangouts. You see occasional white faces on the street but they are few and far between. Businesses service a Thai clientele with an occasional visit by Big Whitey but aren’t in anyway set up to service foreigners.

My personal preference is hanging out in the Expat free cities—more sanuk, the people and women you run into are more genuine, and you avoid most tourist oriented scamming.

The drive from Bangkok to Ubon is not that exciting and rather long—mostly straight 4 lane highway most of the way and then choking down to a 2-lane road with a lot of slow truck traffic that has to be passed to make decent time the last couple of hundred kilometers.

At one point there was a massive thunderstorm which is always cool to drive through. Its a cool feeling sitting cocooned inside your vehicle, the rain pounding on the windshield, the wipers working furiously and unsuccessfully, with visibility reduced to a handful of meters, with some good music rocking on the stereo, halfway around the world crawling along in the middle of nowhere heading to no place in particular. Zen baby!

These are pics out the front windshield right, on the outskirts of Udon, right before the deluge—looks like scene from a sci-fi movie where you are driving into the apocalypse.

We stayed at the Bua Boutique Hotel right near the town center.

The renovated rooms are 500 THB per night.

There is Wi-Fi only in the lobby.

The Bua is a standard Thai hotel with a nice bed, wood floors, all in one bathroom, and a staff that tries to satisfy.

Classier than the Tokyo and Khrung Villa.


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  1. MeMock says:

    Thanks for the pics, I have often wondered what the rooms look like since the upgrade. It used to be called the Montana hotel and it wasn’t all that flash.
    Here is a review I did on it last year.
    Still no excuse not to have wifi throughout the hotel.

  2. BBK says:


    I agree with you about the WiFi.

    Not all the rooms have been renovated and the old rooms are still available for 400 THB.

    They are pretty beat up and unless your are super income constrained there is no reason to stay in them.

    I have also stayed at the The Tokyo and it is definitley a step down from the renovated Bua.


  3. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Editor’s note: Please no personal information in comments.

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  4. Prufrock says:

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    Grow up 

  5. oregonrr says:

    Richard and Ting Ratsami Wrong Way Cafe
    Wrong Way Cafe
    49/4-5 Phadoeng Road
    Tambon Nai Muang
    Amphur Muang, , Ubon Ratchathani 34000
    Here is a major popular expat hangout and guest house.
    I don’t really like to go where there are a large number of expats.
    prices where we find expats are usually high, and quality is lower, and they treat you like a fruit to be peeled (farang).
    I sorta like Ubon. I am single (again) and so now I gotta think of where to go.
    been thinking ubon, not sure if it’s a good idea or bad idea.
    I am bored.

  6. oregonrr says:

    ps. internet in thailand is lousy.  wifi is a problem. any hotel that has free wifi has a server tracking you.

  7. Purple Raul says:

    Meester Kenny, in my home of Panama, we never have such boring stories and boring internet tales like you are telling. In my home of Panama, if there is an old dog, and he bores us, we take him outside, shoot him, and make soup with him.

    I think someone should make soup out of your blog. 

  8. Pervert Kenny says:

    I am a creep.

  9. Fuck Me? Fuck You! says:

    I miss all the sex oriented articles but thankfully there is the wayback machine and big dummy keenny to bring back your greatest hits! 🙂

  10. aindh says:

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  11. Hi There! says:

    Hi Prufie — everyone knows there was no conspiracy; everyone knows you’re a lunatic; everyone knows there will be no investigation; everyone knows you suffer from some serious mental disorders.

    Face it, Prufrock, you lost. You’re irrelevant!  

  12. A Word About BBK and Saphan Loy says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

    If anyone needs a refresher about how off base Kenny is about, well, EVERYTHING, just take a look at the latest post on Saphan Loy’s website. Here is an excerpt…

    Before we analyse the content of the article, a word or two about …. choice of title is in order. Reference is made to the Phra Tri Murti Shrine (sometimes spelled as Tri Murati) as well as the Erawan shrine located in Bangkok. The shrines referenced here are actually Hindu, so all subsequent references to Buddhism in this article are flatly wrong. The Hindu shrine Phra Trimurti represents the “trinity” (hence “tri”) of divinities in Hinduism, namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The Sanskrit term is त्रिमूर्तिः trimūrti.

    Hinduism, carried and practiced by Indian merchants, mendicants, or learned Brahmans in the early centuries of the Common Era (the exact factors that played into the transportation of Indian culture to Southeast Asia has never been concretely established), was a part of Southeast Asia’s historical contacts with the rituals of Hinduism, and later Buddhism. For this reason, many of the references to the lingam (phallus) and the yoni (vagina) found in Thailand are derived from these early influences. Buddhism and Thai society have tolerated the pre-Buddhist images and rituals from Hinduism, hence the multitude of lingam images in stone and wood carving found on display on the sidewalks of Sukhumvit, and the shrines that Kenny references within this blog post.

    Secondly, researching the Hindu significance of the Phra Tri Murti Shrine did not require an enormous amount of effort or energy on Saphan Loy’s (or Lek’s) part, certainly not the kind generally associated with an academic paper. That the professor failed to cross-check a very simple fact, which was facilitated by a major commercial internet search engine, indicates his impoverishment of prose composition skills and research abilities.

  13. Fake BBK Editor says:

    Editor’s note: You just wait until I’m done with you!

  14. Trey says:

    I see you have the GPS system for navigation up and running. Did it help you locate any really young girls any faster?

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