Road Trip to Ubon Ratchathani, Part 11 – Pickup Party and A Simple Tiwist of Fate

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Roaming the Thai countryside makes one ponder.

A turn of the die, the fall of a single card, a belch in the cosmic fabric and any of our lives could have been so much different.

Roaming the Thai countryside, one can’t help think, ” But for the grace of God, go I”.

Before my grandmother died, I was fortunate enough to thank  her for fleeing the home country and somehow extricating the family from the Third World shithole where the ancestors had the bad fortune to have been born and lived for generations. I thanked her for hightailing it to America— Land of the Brave, Home of the Free, the greatest country on Earth.

Otherwise, I’d have spent my life knee deep in stagnant mosquito infested water, laced with buffalo shit acting as fertilizer, scraping out a subsistence existence and dying young slaving away under a tropical sun ,farming rice, struggling to keep sufficient food on the table for me and my family, and, eventually, succumbing early in life to a preventable or treatable disease.

And I’d have spent my life never able and always afraid to speak the truth about those oppressing me, afraid to call out those looking down on me because I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and limited from reaching my full potential and fully enjoying my life because the society I lived in was specifically designed to keep me down and keep the offspring of fat lazy bastards in clover.

But for the grace of god go I.

Check out these pics of Thai youths having a pickup party.

They happened to be traveling our way and we followed them for a spell.

It’s the middle of the afternoon, scorching hot, brutally humid, and the heavens are likely to open in a torrential downpour.

In the middle of the impoverished Thai countryside, entertainment is being with people their own age, sharing a bottle of cheap whiskey, and getting bombed while waiting for the inevitable drenching.

Maybe they’ll pull over into a deserted glade in the countryside, spread a blanket in the shade and enjoy the only available entertainment when you have zero disposable income–cigarettes, whiskey, and just for the fun of it sex.

This afternoon might be the high point of their lives.

And in a few short  years, youth will be gone and they’ll end like the couple on the right.

Cruising the Thai countryside. It makes you ponder.


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  1. TJ Hooker says:

    Do you ever stop to consider that your actions are very much like a stalker?

  2. Ratfaced Rentboy says:

    Now we have a guy lurking on this sit who actually chose the name “Hooker”.

    Hooker posts after a bad day in the Lower Sukhumvit sub-soi rat-hole bars, a day whose high point was six Happy Hour pints refuge for closet homosexuals  and guys like Penfold who’ll tell you that since he’s gone to the trouble of getting implants for you, it’s OK to give a Lady Boy head.
    By default “hooker”  implies that anyone who makes a report about something other than Penfold, former Golder’s Green rentboy  and his episodes of gay pederasty is a stalker.
    BTW it looks like Young Penfold losing his hair at an alarming rate.

    Male-pattern baldness  the reason for that Mohawky  “comb-it-into the center” tyle the little fella’s been using oo-o-rr did he comb hair that way to avoid the official  Dwarf Spec rating at his next weigh-in.
    In any case but likely because of his baldness issues  Penfold’s taken to wearing a hat these days.

    Actually day and night. Bald guys tried and failed to legitimize the nocturnal ball-cap trend.

    The slap heads failed miserably.
    What’s next? Black dye jobs and subsequent concealment  of the defoliated area with spray-on hair?

    A partial toupe? or a hair-yarmuke.

    Very Golders.
    The widely imitated “full Kojak” or “alopecia option”  where so as not to be mistaken for just another bald guy that nobody listens to, one just shaves it all off.
    Harry Zink and Penfold tweeting away in complete privacy.

    Coming soon, Harry, to a resume near you.

  3. Dumb Braggart Shitfaced on Cheap Beer says:


    I’m a dumb-assed fuck-up shit-faced on cheap beer.

    I want to tell you all about by life.

    It’s going to be quite a bore, though so I’ll have to liven it up with a lot of lies and a lot of bullshit.

    I’ll make the banalities and the bullshit easier for you to swallow by ;

    a) lying about who I am

    b) positioning myself as a really honest guy by telling you about how I have devolved into working as a guy who goes to an endless series of meetings where we never discuss anything I can tell you about. That way you’ll think I have something going.

    c) I’ll do the same thing about the people I hang out with. But I’ll do it in such a way that you will know I am better. more honest and certainly more well informed.

    Maybe I’ll get into tweeting;

  4. Raul Villegas says:

    In my country of Panama you might be killed doing something kike that!  Be careful, maybe the people think that you are going to kidnap them!  This happens very often here in Panama.  You know, or that Daffy Duck guy, maybe people are worried that he will do something despicable to them.  You know he really is a horrible person who if he was a dog here in Panama would be in trouble.  But there he acts like he is a god!  Un Dios grande as we say here in Panama.  But really he is not more than a rabid, flee infested dog.  Kenny, it is funny but dog spelled backwards is god!! Ha ha ha.  But in my language of Spanish, Dios spelled backwords is only soid!!  What did he soid?  I don’t know because he was Daffy Duck talking with a verga en la boca!!!  That means a dick in his mouth!!!  Ha ha ha.
    I like your stories Mr Kenny!!  Adios, Raul!!

  5. Wolfshitter says:

    @ Dumb Braggart Shitfaced on Cheap Beer,


  6. Unreserved Hetrosexualist says:

    @ fake professor: So just to get this straight; you, a sworn (and torn) Penfold fondler are calling some of the
    other folks here “butt buddies,” right??
    Your pal Penfold, the former Golders Green rentboy?

    Penfold, a fully rationalized, self-documented anal sodomizer of a an endless series of young, body-mutilated Thai men?   That Penfold?
    After a particularly engaging BJ does “Penny” return the oral favour?

    Regardless of the young Thai man’s implants that makes young Penfold a dong swoggler wouldn’t it?

    (Blowmonkey, then? Turd burglar? Cadbury Cowboy?  Not much difference when you start having sex with men.)

    After all, a few weeks ago  Stickman’s excellent ladyboy article  suggested that the dirty secret about ladyboy-lovers was that they were at the  receiving end just as much as the pitching end, didn’t it,  fake.
    According to that article, it doesn’t take long at all for ladyboy lovers to get into chugging a little cock themselves, does it.

    (Why would the ladyboys Stick interviewed lie?)

    Stick’s ladyboy interviewees swore that the vast majority of their customers usually get ’round to taking it up the poop chute as well.

    That’s right, it seems that what starts as an  exploratory finger  soon takes on greater girth as the taste for ladyboys develops.

    And your butt buddy, Penfold’s taste for ladyboys is nothing if not fully developed.
    So just to get this straight; you’re tweeting around the bars of Pattaya with an active homosexual (a butt boy, if you’ll allow me to use your term.)

    And you’re wondering why no one’s tweeting back?

    You may have heard the psychoanalytical term “homosexual bridge”?  (That may be putting them off)
    Anyway, for now, I’ll just adopt your term “butt boy” and suggest that you’re embarrassing yourself by using it  on others.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Just sayin’
    Self-loathing Golders Greene boy, I’d also say you could use it there and retain a certain level of authenticity.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Just sayin’, there Buttboy. or Tweet-twat.
    Fuck man, take your pick.

  7. Yuri Federov says:

    Tweeting is gay.

  8. Daywalker says:

    Hetereosexualist you fucking cunt whore. Penfold fucks ladyboys in the ass and they suck his dick. They like it and he likes it. They are consenting adults so in my book no crime no foul. That doesn’t make him a fucking homo. If he took it up the ass then yeah you could call him a butt burglar. I am telling you he doesn’t take it up the ass. He only pitches. He never catches. So go crawl back into your hole and fuck yourself. Next time get your facts straight before  you spew your evil shit into the world. Ass whore.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well said. Daywalker.

    Pennie gets blowjobs and has sex with ladyboys but they are always post op.

    I have been out with him many times and I have never seen him get a BJ or fuck any Ladyboys except the post ops. Never.

    He is not a homosexaul!

    So FUCK YOU Heterosexualist.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oh Yeah,

    And the Ladyboys he fucks are always the best lookin ones.

    Better looking than the girls you fuck.

    So FUCK OFF again hertrosexualist.

  11. Unreserved Hetrosexualist says:


    Ladyboys have tackle.
    Katoeys have had the chop.
    Much to everyone’s disgust, Penfold’s brags endlessly about sex with both.
    Penfold is a guy who’s boasted about his anal sex with these  mutilated Thai boys  as being cool.
    Fortunately for us, Penfold doesn’t make the rules about what may or may not constitute gay sex.

    Penny’s been jabbering away on these monger sites for years trying to make sex with mutilated  Thai boys into a
    mainstream activity.

    He’s stipulated regularly that it’s not gay sex if their balls don’t touch his.
    He’s actually described that sensation.

    Penfold’s talked about reach-arounds, he’s talked about digital anal penetration, he’s talked about head.
    He has also with a global warmist’s flare for junk science, gone on  about how beautiful his ladyboys are because they take hormones, they have crafty implants and , well, they are of another sex.
    Penfold’s also  giddily submitted that these mutilated Thai boys are indistinguishable from women.
    This is simple desparation.
    You’re right about one thing though, he loves his trysts with these well-macquillaged guys.
    I don’t have the benefit of your eye-witness, first hand account there Anon but the high probability of  a
    gratefully reciprocal anal penetration is not too much of a reach.
    After all, what’s a besotted fruit like Penfold to do?
    Escalate and Reciprocate, of course.
    Back in the day, I return-rimmed my first smokin’ hot chick in much the same circumstances. She looked
    like the girl next door. She went round the block on me and I flipped her over, spit into her crack and had a
    go at licking her ass.  We’ve all had a session or two like that.
    I’m saying that if the sex is smokin’ hot, this kind of exchange is inevitable.

    Consequently it’s not a great leap of faith to conclude that  the Golders Green Sex Dwarf has
    enthusiastic reciprocal gay sex with mutilated men and that he loves it.

    For Penfold as long as the intensity and the extent of the delusion are intact, sex with men is OK.
    As for the reciprocal gobble/ rim/swoggle or semen-gargle a particularly stunning ladyboy “customer”
    occasionally  bestows upon his mutilated Thai rent-boy, well, unless you were
    there, your opinions are weak conjecture.
    That Stickman article featured a couple of paragraphs about customer reciprocity.
    I’ll go with Stick’s report rather than your weak-kneed defence of your butt-buddy.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    (Unless you’re trying to sell us on the idea that you’re not gay for watching).
    You fucking morons can’t even read.

  12. English Teacher says:

    Well said. It amazes me what people will ignore or define in order to protect their own sexual proclivities from being called out.
    The logic is such that if one were to hang out with a gay guy, then they themselves must be gay, therefore you have the spin.
    Being naked in (or on) a bed with another man is gay, plain and simple. And now the poofers here will say its ok (not gay) if the clothes don’t come off.
    I’ve been to the boring Big Mango Brothel parties and other venues (with the clique) and I can attest, Penfold is a faggot.  His defenders are closeted fags in the genesis of their homosexual lifestyle.
    Not that there is anything wrong with it.  Just call a spade a spade, or in this case a faggot a faggot.

  13. Penfold Defender says:

    Lighten up guys.  What business is it of anyone that Penfold is homosexual.  A persons sex life shouldn’t be what defines them.  I say leave him alone.  He doesn’t come on this site promoting his homosexual lifestyle so let him pursue his homosexual activities in private.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Penfold Defender. You are right on the money.

    Pennie is a stand up guy. I have lent him money several times and he always pays me back.

    Like Daywalker said, I have only seen him fucking and getting BJ’s from Ladyboys.

    I have never seen him get fucked or suck one of them off. he only goes with the post ops and only the pretty ones.

    So FUCK YOU hetoersxualist. If that what you call a ass burglar then everyone of the Mango cliche are homos.

  15. Somchai Gottalottaporn says:

    Last time I read this blog there was a lexicon of the more popular terms used by ex-pats and their meanings. I cannot now find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction
    Thank-you (#2)

  16. ronru says:

    I’ve found it for you.


    Mark as Unread | Print  

    Lexicon of The Thailand Girl Scene
    Dictionary of The Thailand Girl Scene

    Balloon Chasing/Balloon Chasers: When a bar is offering discount drinks or free food they usually decorate the exterior of their business with balloons. Balloon Chasers are Close to the Line Expats who cannot afford to patronize GoGos and bars but descend in hordes on any bar or restaurant offering free food or drinks.
    Batting Average: The percentage of the time a Reservation girl finds a customer when she hangs out at one of the standard venues. A batting average of 1 means she finds a customer everyday she works. A batting average greater than 1 means she finds multiple customers per day. A batting average less than 1 means some days she doesn’t find a customer.
    BBD-Bigger Better Deal: A BBD is a boyfriend or lover who is superior in some respect to a Thai girl’s current. A common usage of the term is when a Thai girl’s current cheats on her, doesn’t take care of her, etc. but she doesn’t leave him because even though her current is the shits, the alternative is being alone.
    Big Whitey – slang for a farang who will enter into some type of longer term relationship with a Thai girl and rescue her and possibly her family from poverty.
    BJF –Blow Job First: BJF is when you get the sex before you give a girl money. Only Hometown Heroes give the money first and then get mad when they don’t get the sex afterwards.
    Burger Boys: slang for the owners of the Big Mango Bar-Nick and Michael who post using the screen names Pmmmp and SSB (Sideshow Bob).
    Chicom Chics: Girls from Communist China.
    Chip Ho: A good looking girl who likes to gamble but is not skillful enough to be a long term winner in the poker world’s version of a gold digger. Chip Ho’s stays in action by hooking up with successful or recently flush players who stake them in return for sexual favors and a GFE. Chip Ho’s are the poker world’s equivalent of Thailand longballers.
    Close to the Line: Farangs living Close to the Line have barely enough money to survive in Thailand. A farang below the line is one who has to engage in illegal or unethical behavior to get enough income to stay in Thailand. A farang above the line is one who either has enough income from The World or a good job in Thailand that allows them to live comfortably without scamming.
    Daily Dose or Daily Dose of Hate:  The constant and incessant daily stream of personal invective and abusive comments from those who wish didn’t exist. See Dedicated Detractors and The Haters
    Dedicated Detractors: Posters who post negative comments about anything posted on the site. See The Haters.
    Farang Kwai: Kwai means buffalo in Thai. Farang Kwai is a derogatory term used by Thai girls to describe big fat western women.
    Fresh Produce: Thai girls who have no experience with the P4P scene. Sometimes referred to as normal girls.
    Free Shot or Angle Shot: This is a poker term which refers to a move by a player which is technically legal and from which it is possible he will gain financially but is considered unethical by honest winning players. An example of a free/angle shot is falsely declaring your hand at the showdown in the hopes that your opponent will unknowingly throw away the winning hand, i.e. yelling out “I have a flush” when you really have Jack shit hoping that the other will player will assume you are telling the truth and throw away hands like two pair or three of a kind. Players who are habitual Angle Shooters are typically players who are long term losers, scrabbling for any advantage so as to prevent dropping out of action or having to drop down in limits. These guys typically live Below the Line.
    G-Clubs: Thai clubs that feature hostess girls who are paid by hour to drink and party with you.
    G-Girls: Thai girls who work at G-Clubs.
    G-Girling: The process of visiting and banging the girls who work at G-Clubs. Another usage is the process of shopping for and entering into sponsoring relationships with the girls who work at G-Clubs.
    Gik: The Thai word for lover. When used withing the context of The Thailand Girl Scene it means a girl whom you occasionally bang but from monogamy and exclusivity are not assumed. Money is usually involved but it is not provided on a per shot deal.
    Getting Shutdown: Getting a shut down is when a girl will do something to prevent a guy from completing or continuing. Most of the time a girl will position her body or move in a way that increases a guys satisfaction and hastens completion. Shortballing girls who for whatever reason doesn’t want to get used too vigorously or wants to avoid multiples use this tactic. Technically she has upheld her end of the bargain and merits payment. It is a sophisticated variation of starfishing and is frequently encountered when there is no possibility of repeat business.
    The Haters: Associates of the Burger Boys whose internet signature is slagging and bashing those who disagree with them or question their veracity.
    Hometown Hero: Farang who back in The World are not good looking enough, charming enough, or rich enough to attract the attention of the best looking smartest women and are frequently overwhelmed, outsmarted, and bent over by experienced P4P girls.
    Long Baller: Thai girls whose objective is to find medium to long term relationships with farang for cash.
    Mangophants: Guys who are willing to kiss ass to be part of the Mango crew. See The Haters.
    Mia Noi: The Thai equivalent to a mistress. The typical Mia Noi arrangement includes exclusivity and monogamy by the girl and providing an apartment and a monthly salary by the guy.
    Quality Fabrics: Term for wearing nice clothes, e.g. business casual or better.
    Sausage Festival: Party thrown by bars to increase drink sales but where the only people who show up at the party are the bar’s employees and a crew of dudes chowing down on the free food and cut rate drinks. Sometimes used to refer to the monthly promotional parties at The Big Mango Bar on Soi 4 because the parties are infamous for attracting a crew of male farang and no women.
    Self Proclaimed Master of the Universe: Farang who are failures in The World, who have moved to Thailand, and pretend they know everything about Thailand and Thai girls. Their favorite pastime, because it strokes their ego and feeds their misplaced sense of importance, is to corner some newbie and pontificate about any and every subject.
    Short Baller: Thai girls whose objective is to go home with guys on a one time basis for cash.
    Slagging and Bashing Festival: series of comments featuring insults and personal invective.
    Starfishing: When a girl bangs with zero enthusiasm or effort. Basically, she just lays there and lets  you make a deposit.
    SWSM (pronounced Swizum) is the Streetwalker Supermaket- a street near the intersection of Petchaburi and Rachada where girls looking to hook up can be found.
    Thailand Girl Scene: Refers to the many and myriad opportunities to meet, marry, befriend, girlfriend, date or just bang girls in Thailand.
    The World: Any place outside of Thailand and/or Asia, i.e. the United States, Canada, Western Europe, etc.
    The Reservation: Specifically refers to Sukhumvit between Soi 4 and Soi 33. Generally, it refers to the network of farang oriented businesses, clubs, and bars that cater specifically to farangs.
    Tom and Dee: Thai phrase for a lesbian couple. The Tom is is the girl/boy and the Dee is the girl/girl.

  17. Fake ronru says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

  18. ronru says:


  19. jizz vomit says:

    Thanks Ronru for resurrecting the “lexicon of the Thailand girl scene” from the now deleted Mark1 of this blog.
    I’m so curious to understand the meaning of “The Burger boys”, “Daily dose of hate”, “Dedicated Detractors”, The Haters”, Mangophants”,Sausage Festival”,Slagging and Bashing Festival” and so much more.

    P.S. Is it possible to re-post the insightful “How Much Are Restaurants and Bars Losing” ?

  20. Raider says:

    This is mainly a list of phrases invented by BigBabyKenny.  They aren’t what Somchai described as popular terms used by expats.  The reason BigBabyKenny had to make the list at all was because no one ever knew what he was talking about when he wrote blogs that used these terms so he created this list and pointed people to it.  With not many exceptions this is just Kenny-speak and useless outside of this blog.

  21. BBK says:


    The Reservation, Self Proclaimed Masters of the Universe, Big Whitey, Hometown Hero and Close to the Line are just a few of the phrases that have become common slang on the forums.

    Search for these phrases on the popular sites and  you see them used all the time.

    You are right that they were coined here but you are wrong that they haven’t seeped out into the wider world.

    Just recently, Bangkok Buddy used the phrase The Reservation and the term Big Whitey appeared on Werewolf’s blog.



  22. Raider says:

    When they’re used at all they are used as jokes along with other phrases like quality fabrics or by the two or three dedicated readers and commenters from here that like to mimic you, i guess because they can’t think of anything original on their own.    I read the term Big Whitey used by a commenter on the Werewolf blog and it sounded like Werewolf didn’t know what it meant.  The fact that you still notice when you see one of your phrases used on another website is evidence that the terms are not widely used because if they were you wouldn’t be still noticing it would just be commonplace.   I wrote this in a recent comment and it still applies:  “This is mainly a list of phrases invented by BigBabyKenny.  They aren’t what Somchai described as popular terms used by expats.  The reason BigBabyKenny had to make the list at all was because no one ever knew what he was talking about when he wrote blogs that used these terms so he created this list and pointed people to it.  With not many exceptions this is just Kenny-speak and useless outside of this blog.

  23. BBK says:


    Language is like nature. Survival of the fittest is the law of the jungle.

    Words and phrases that capture real concepts and ideas catch on and become part of the popular vernacular.

    Words and phrases that don’t find any reason to be end up fading into the archaic.

    Use the phrase “quality fabrics” on any of the Thailand blogs and all the regular posters will know exactly what you are talking about.

    The same goes for Big Whitey, Sausage Festival, Haters, Dedicated Detractors, Hometown Heroes, Semi-Fictional Self Promoting Self Proclaimed Masters of the Universe and The Reservation.

    Maybe it’s because these phrases do make you smile is part of the reason they have caught on.


  24. Mr Hate says:

    Just what the fuck is a Sausage Festival?  Jesus fucking Christ it sounds like the same fucking shit that my boyhood buddies and I were making up on long boring summer days.  But really, what the fucking is Big Whitey?  or is that who the fuck is Big Whitey?  You know I read lots of sites and this is the only time and only place I hear this fucking nonsense stuff.  I just imagine the douche-bag that makes this shit up s for you sitting on a plane on the way back to their home country pulling out a lap top and thinking this shit up.  Oh yah, on the way back to the “world” .   Now, that quality fabric think has all the shit busted over the back of a Eden’s whore compared to The Reservation.  Fuck this shit.
    Under a different name I posted this shit:
    When they’re used at all they are used as jokes along with other phrases like quality fabrics or by the two or three dedicated readers and commenters from here that like to mimic you, i guess because they can’t think of anything original on their own.    I read the term Big Whitey used by a commenter on the Werewolf blog and it sounded like Werewolf didn’t know what it meant.  The fact that you still notice when you see one of your phrases used on another website is evidence that the terms are not widely used because if they were you wouldn’t be still noticing it would just be commonplace.   I wrote this in a recent comment and it still applies:  “This is mainly a list of phrases invented by BigBabyKenny.  They aren’t what Somchai described as popular terms used by expats.  The reason BigBabyKenny had to make the list at all was because no one ever knew what he was talking about when he wrote blogs that used these terms so he created this list and pointed people to it.  With not many exceptions this is just Kenny-speak and useless outside of this blog.

    And your fucking reply didn’t make no sense.
    Tell me what the fuck you call this shit:
    It looked like a hostage rescue in slow motion: Police creeping up on the bus with sledgehammers and smashing first one window, then another, then trying and failing to rip open the door.
    When they finally got inside, authorities said, they found nine bodies: eight Hong Kong tourists and the ex-policeman who had seized the bus to demand his job back.

    The bloody denouement to the 12-hour drama in the heart of the Philippine capital, witnessed live on TV, rattled a country already accustomed to kidnappings and violence blamed on Muslim rebels. It provoked demands from the Hong Kong government for an explanation, and an acknowledgment from Philippine President Benigno Aquino III that his police need more training and equipment.

    It was 10:15 a.m. Monday in Manila when Rolando Mendoza, 55 and married with three children, hitched a ride with the tourists as they visited historic sites in the city. He wore a camouflage uniform and carried an M16 rifle but didn’t seem unusual in the heavily policed capital.

    Then he announced that he was taking the travelers hostage to win back his job.
    According to newspaper reports, the former senior inspector was among five officers who had been charged with robbery, extortion and grave threats after a Manila hotel chef filed a complaint alleging they falsely accused him of using drugs to extort money. Mendoza was fired last year but claimed he was innocent.

    With the bus parked on a Manila park parade ground, Mendoza stuck leaflets on windows, handwritten in English, saying “big mistake to correct a big wrong decision,” demanding media attention and threatening “big deal will start after 3 p.m. today.”

    At first, matters proceeded peacefully. The hijacker freed nine hostages — three women, three children and two men — leaving 15 tourists on board. Police sealed the area and brought food for the hostages, along with fuel to keep the bus’ air conditioning running in the 32-degree-Celsius (90 F) heat.

    Then negotiations began to go awry. Mendoza demanded a signed promise that his case would be reviewed, but its delivery was delayed for hours, in part by Manila’s notorious traffic, and when it finally arrived he rejected it as insufficient.

    The hijacker’s brother Gregorio, a policeman, was flown in to talk to him through the driver’s window but grew so agitated in claiming Mendoza had been unfairly sacked that police hustled him away, fearing he would inflame the situation.

    That apparently angered Mendoza into firing a warning shot. Police made an initial attempt to board the bus, and the hijacker shot and wounded a police sharpshooter, said Nelson Yabut, head of the assault team. Single shots, then a burst of automatic fire, echoed through the night.
    The Filipino bus driver managed to escape and, according to police officer Roderick Mariano, reported that Mendoza had fired at the tourists.

    A freed hostage who gave only her surname, Ng, told Hong Kong reporters that she saw her husband killed by Mendoza after he tried to take him on.

    “He was very brave. He rushed forward from the back of the bus. He wanted to prevent the gunman from killing people. He sacrificed himself,” she said.

    Yabut, the assault commander, said that “when he started shooting the hostages, that’s the time I gave the signal to my sniper to shoot when there is a clear view.” He said Mendoza died of a single shot to the head.

    Shortly before 9 p.m., police lobbed tear gas into the bus and commandos approached the vehicle, crouching beside it and ready to storm it. They smashed windows and the back door with sledgehammers. Once aside, they found only the dead, one of them slumped on the bus steps.
    The Hong Kong government did not hide its displeasure at the handling of the incident. It issued a warning against travel to the Philippines, canceled planned tour groups to the islands and asked Hong Kong tourists still in the country to leave.

    The bloodbath happened in front of a grandstand where Aquino had been sworn in as president on June 30. After midnight he was back there, staring at the bloodstained, bullet-riddled bus.
    Fucking Jimmy Carter
    A senior U.S. official says former President Jimmy Carter plans to travel to North Korea to bring back an American citizen now detained in the communist nation.
    The official said late Monday that Carter is expected to depart on Tuesday on a “purely humanitarian mission” to free Aijalon Mahli Gomes (gohms), who was arrested and sentenced in April to eight years of hard labor for entering North Korea illegally and for an unspecified “hostile act.”
    The U.S. official said no American officials will travel with Carter.
    The official said North Korea had agreed to free Gomes if Carter came to bring him home.
    The official spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the situation.
    Foreign Policy magazine first reported the Carter trip Monday.
    I’d tap this shit:

  25. Raider says:

    Your right that the phrase quality fabrics has become a code word on thailand blogs but not because of why you seem to think.  People using a phrase as a joke and a phrase that makes people smile are not the same thing.  I wrote this in a recent comment and it still applies:  “This is mainly a list of phrases invented by BigBabyKenny.  They aren’t what Somchai described as popular terms used by expats.  The reason BigBabyKenny had to make the list at all was because no one ever knew what he was talking about when he wrote blogs that used these terms so he created this list and pointed people to it.  With not many exceptions this is just Kenny-speak and useless outside of this blog.

  26. BBK says:


    Many of the terms in the old lexicon were meant to have a humorous bent.

    The fact that people turned them in acronyms like MOTU is evidence of that.

    Run an experiment and make some comments on the various blog using words from the lexicon and see what response you get. My guess is no one will say anything because they will know what you are talking about.

    When you say quality fabrics, sausage festival, and longballer, your meaning will have been effectively communicated.

    Werewolf and I once had a heated discussion of whether there was a difference between a Tweener (a term he invented) and a longballer (a term I invented).

    Can’t remember what we decided but it was interesting that the words had evolved to have such distinct meanings that a good discussion could actually take place.


  27. Fake Dave the Rave says:

    Id like to ad IFPWAD to your Bangkok word list

  28. Raider says:

    I definitely won’t be writing comment that use those lame phrases from your *lexicon*.  Im not saying that people don’t recognize your goofy lexicon phrases because you had something like 30 blogs posted on the wildly successful thefarangspeaks2much blog and most of the people who read about LOS read your blogs there.  Your writing is basic and simple so everyone was able to read your footnotes and lexicon and understand your poker references and made-up words but just because people recognize those phrases when you ronru and two other guys use them on a website now doesn’t mean that they have become standard expat language anywhere.  The use of you phrases is a sign that it’s you or one of your small crew writing or if it is anyone else using it then it is used as a joke and saying it’s a joke doesn’t mean that it’s clever and makes people smile it means it makes people snigger.  I wrote this in a recent comment and it still applies:  “This is mainly a list of phrases invented by BigBabyKenny.  They aren’t what Somchai described as popular terms used by expats.  The reason BigBabyKenny had to make the list at all was because no one ever knew what he was talking about when he wrote blogs that used these terms so he created this list and pointed people to it.  With not many exceptions this is just Kenny-speak and useless outside of this blog.
    You and Werewolf arguing over who made up a stupid word first, it must have been a really slow day in Bangkok that day though I doubt Werewolf is creative enough to make up a new word.  He probably stole it from Bangkok Bad Boy.   BBB is one funny dude not like you and WW.

  29. jizz vomit says:

    BBB is the shortest, fattest, ugliest, slowest retard in bangkok.

  30. Somchai Gottalottaporn says:

    Thank-you Ronru

    This is the lexicon I was after. Some funny descriptions in there. I also see Kenny using words from it now-and-again but didn’t know what they meant, hence the request

    The term ‘reservation’ I’ve not heard from other posters, I thought he was talking about Indian reservations at first

  31. Erin says:

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