Road Trip to Khao Sok

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Khao Sok is the largest man made lake in Thailand and my friends decided to take a road trip there.

Other recent road trips include Mae Pa/Mae Sariang along the Myanmar border, the Phasoet Hot Springs, and the Bamboo Nest along the northernmost Thai/Laos border.

I am not a fan of U.S. National Parks. There are too many visitors, too many rules and regulations, and too much feeling big brother is watching. Starting a camp fire, hiking down a steep hill where falling is a real possibility, driving your 4wheel drive off the road, driving in bad weather, carrying a gun for protection, and shooting the wildlife will likely result in a large fine and even jail in the U.S. Even something as minor as leaving the trail or taking a dump in the wrong place can violate the rules. Visit a National Park and you are never alone even in the wilderness. There is always somebody else around and your still subject to someone else’s politically correct rule book.

That’s why I am big fan of Thai parks. Most Thai parks are deserted wastelands devoid of park rangers, devoid of rules (that are enforced), and, most importantly of all, mostly devoid of other people. I’ve chronicled a couple trips on where we’ve driven an hour inside a Thai National Park and not encountered another vehicle, park ranger or person. Encounter a waterfall in the middle of the jungle with your girlfriend and you can strip down for a nice swim secure in the knowledge that you are unlikely to be disturbed or end up in jail. That’s not something you can say of any U.S. park.

Khao Sok fits the profile and my road trip with friends was nothing short of amazing.

It’s a 800+km road trip and means driving about 80% of the way from Bangkok to Phuket.

Near Khao Sok there is an area set aside for tourist resorts with multiple resorts following the same  general plan–a series of bungalows surrounding a central building with a restaurant.  Some have pools. The resorts are isolated, nestled in the jungle, and at night the access roads are dark and deserted– lit with only the soft glow from occupied buildings.

Besides the resort area there is not much quality accommodation in the area.  I don’t really like when the tourist are fenced into a designated area because it is frequently a competition reducing device and you end up like a cow at a milk farm but the Khao Sok area had none of these problems. The resort area had a homey warm vibe.

This is a picture of Mountain Home Resort where me and my friends stayed. The building in the right corner houses an outdoor restaurant that serves everyday Thai food and the front desk. The grey buildings house the rooms. There isn’t much civilization within an hour’s drive and you could eat the in-house fare everyday  and be perfectly happy. The rooms have concrete floors and one room shower/bathrooms but are clean, tidy, air conditioned and have wireless internet.

We took a package tour of the lake which involved a trip to the “bat cave.” In the morning, an old pickup truck picked us up, we piled in the bed, sat down Thai style on the hard metal floor, made the rounds of the other resorts picking up more people, and were hauled to the lake.

The lake is freaking huge and, besides the hugeness, it is mostly deserted. The lake is not used for electricity generation, only water management, and there is minimal commercial exploitation. Out on the lake you really are in the middle of an uninhabited wilderness surrounded by mostly nothing.

In the U.S., developers would have put in roads circling the lake, subdivide the shorefront into lots, the lake would be surrounded by housing, the waterfront would be dotted with piers, and the water would be crisscrossed with fisherman, water skiers, and para-sailers.

In the U.S., the nanny state would move in, marking off areas for swimmers only, restricting  water skiing to designated areas, neighbors would start lobbying for restrictions on the size and style of  housing allowed, noise ordinances would be enacted preventing late night parties, campfires would be outlawed, police would patrol the lake arresting drunk boat operators, etc. etc. etc.

We piled into a boat to be taken to the bat cave and for almost an hour we flew across the lake.  The shoreline and waters were devoid of man made anything. No fishing boats, no docks, no piers, and no habitation. Just the long boat ride across a mammoth deserted lake would have made the trip worthwhile.

I took this video of the boat ride so you can get a feel for being out on the water at Khao Sok.

Khao Sok – Boat Ride Across Lake, Khao Sok – Boat Ride Across the Lake HD


This is the small camp near the creek that leads to the cave. All the buildings were built on floating wood piers and not on the land.

The camp is lightly utilized and our group were the only visitors that day.

You can rent one of the small cabins on the left if you want to stay overnight.

The bathroom are outdoor shacks up the path leading up the hill and the open sheds are where cooking and eating is done.

You can swim in the lake and canoes are provided if you’re interested.

The water was cool and clear.

Lunch was provided and we ate fish from the lake.

The cave trip was the truly amazing part of the Khao Sok trip.

We rode the boats up a creek for about a mile, debarked, and started a 1.5km endurance hike through the jungle.

The creek was blocked by brush and at points the guide had to get out of the boat, wade, waist deep in the water and push the boat along.

Khao Sok Creek, Khao Sok Creek HD

The trail to the cave was an experience in itself with several creek crossings, climbing over fallen trees, and ducking past low hanging foliage. The trail didn’t have the look of being walked that often we didn’t encounter another group going or coming. The brush and dirt were mostly undisturbed and didn’t show trace of human footsteps. The fallen trees blocking the path still had all their small branches and the bark was un-scuffed by human soles. Several creeks had to be crossed which involved wading at times through waist deep water and getting soaked from the waist down. It was hot and hard going but I actually enjoyed the hike because of my interest in military history and the Vietnam war. Hiking this trail in the middle of the jungle provided great insight about what it was like for U.S. troops fighting in the Ia Drang Valley, the Fish hook, and the Riverene campaigns of the Mekong Delta plus British troops fighting the Japanese in Burma during World War 2.

This is the entrance to the cave. The guide produced a waterproof surf sack and all personal electronics including cameras were place in the bag to protect them from the water. Cheap battery operated headlamps were issued, the girls stripped down to their bikini tops and short shorts, and  we ducked down into the right hand opening.

What followed was a several hours hiking through the cave where we slowly worked our way up the mountain to the opening where the water entered.

The cave alternated between large open caverns with stalactites, large smooth rocks, and ankle deep water, narrow portions where the water was waist to neck deep, and really narrow sections where swimming was required. At 2 points water poured out of openings high up a rock wall and an ascent had to be made. A rope or wood stick with cross pieces tied to it aided climbing where an ascent was required.

Great care had to be taken where the stream bed was covered in large smooth rocks not visible because the footing was a foot or more underwater and the headlamps were weak. An ankle could easily get wedged or a foot could slip and you would go down with a broken leg or twisted ankle deep underground.

At the ascents, the water flow was choked down by the opening and poured out in a high speed torrent. Either you climbed a steep rock wall with the help of a rope, wedged yourself up by putting you back against one wall and braced your feet against the opposite wall, or climber a stick with cross pieces tied across that was propped against the rock. At the top you sort got a leg over the ledge and flopped over the top edge.

Transiting the cave was dangerous. Any slip on the narrow rocks or clambering up the walls would have resulted in a nasty fall that most likely would have led to a head injury or broken bone. Given how far we were from civilization, a 10km hike and a hour plus boat ride, I’m not sure how anyone injured and unable to walk would be recovered.

There was also the possibility that a thunderstorm would increase the water flow and the cave would go completely underwater and drown everyone inside. At parts there was only a foot or between your head and the cave roof and if a thunderstorm sent more water into the cave there would be no airspace at the top.

The cave branched several times and without the guide there would be no way to find the upper entrance or if you didn’t take care remembering each branch backtracking to the lower entrance.

Inside the cave was amazing. The air was cool, the water was refreshing and clean, and it felt like you had been transported to another world. The contrast with the hot steamy insect ridden jungle was striking. Plus the cave had a womblike aspect–being in small dark cavern, in the middle of the mountain, submerged in a stream of cool pure water, cut off from the outside world. I’m not a Freudian but maybe Freud was onto something.

In the U.S., the danger of falling, serious injury, and the lawyers would have been blocked off the cave long ago and the entrance would  have been covered with warning signs, a locked age, and noone would be allowed to enter and enjoy it.

In Thailand, it’s up to you whether the risk/reward calculus comes out right and you bear the onus if you miscalculate or get unlucky .

This is what makes spending time in Thailand the bomb–no big brother, no rules, no lawyers suing one person to pay for another’s stupidity.

The cave was cool, the water was fast flowing and pure, the rock formations were stunning, and the risk left an adrenaline rush similar to one from piloting a motorcycle around a racetrack at triple digit speeds. Awesome.




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  1. Max Power says:

    Being bummed out because you can’t SHOOT the animals at a national park is just about the biggest asshole move there is. And oh, no! You can’t carry your gun at a national park! How will you ever defend yourself from all of the muggers just hanging out at Yellowstone???

  2. The Sarge says:

    I have never understood you American’s fascination with your guns.  

  3. Prufuck says:

    I’m Irrelevant. 

  4. Pop Quiz says:

    All the tourist articles in the world won’t make up for the hooker blog.

  5. Big Nigger Kenny says:

    Nothing would be funnier than letting  you take a gun into the jungle and you accidentally put a bullet into your friends ass. 


  6. Bigger Nigger Graham says:

    It would be funnier if The Mango was raided by the police for selling marijuana and yabaa.


  7. Young Cunt Hunter says:

    Did you score any hot under age pussy there? I see the GPS, so talk about the pussy hunt.

  8. Ronru says:

    Great post Kenny. Will definitely put Khao Sok’s bat cave on my bucket list

  9. Moronru says:

    The U.S. won’t let me bring my RPG into Yellowstone. America sucks.

    Ronru I hope you get Hep C licking Kenny’s ass.  

  10. Graham Smith, of the Bing Mango Bar in Bangkok, Was Repeated Abused by his Father Which Caused His Anus to Stretch O Much That Harry Zink Fisted Him With His Head, And That Is Why The Food At the Big Mago Bar In Bangkok Sucks says:

    Great ready Kenny.  Don’t let the haters get to you.  I mean I was at the Big Mango Bar in Bangkok, and was using their wifi and I ate some food there.  And it taste like shit.  And I see Graham the manager and I told him my displeasure with the food.  He said “Fuck off mate, I sucked my dad’s cock for my entire childhood and you don’t like the taste of the Big Mango Burger”  That is a true and complete quote.  

    I told him no I did not and as my back was turned he pushed me into the wall.  Graham is a fucking pussy however, and I’m not.  I pushed hard against the wall and was able to hit Graham pretty hard.  Its not hard to hit Graham pretty hard as he is rather effeminate (English you know).  I then proceeded to beat the shit out of him.  He was a bloody mess by the end. 

    Graham Smith of the Big Mango Bar in Bangkok is not a man in the sense that a man can stand up for himself.  Graham Smith is more like a little girl, a crying little girl but I guess being abused by your father for all those years causes things like that.  I did notice him talking smack on his blog.  Well Graham, if you want your ass kicked again, bring it on you low life English whinger. 

  11. Real Graham says:

    Any of you pussies have the balls to out from behind your keyboards, come down any night to The Big Mango.

    I’ll happily give you a beating.

    Fuck you. I’m rich and your not. 

  12. George the Analizer. says:

    First, the reason there are rules in National Parks in the US is not to deprive you of your fun, or to have a ‘nanny state’ but they are to protect the park and the visitors to the park. 
    Second, you did not walk 15km through jungle to get to the cave.  Lets think about this for a minute.  In the Jungle maybe you are able to walk at 2-3kph, which would mean you walked from 5-7 hours?  I’ve seen pics of you and you don’t appear capable of walking that far in a city let alone a jungle.  Then a few paragraphs later you say that it is only 10 km of walk through the jungle.  What is it?  Lets say it is 10 km, so you walked 25km through jungle.  Even at a speed of 4kph that would be a 6 hour hike.
    My final point of contention is where you speak of what the lake would be like if in the US, surrounded by roads and developments.  This seems very much at odds with your love of people being able to do whatever they wish without regards to anything.  You’re happy to bring a gun into a National Park and shoot wildlife, and thus depriving others from seeing that wildlife, but you are happy that developers are not allowed to maximize the potential of the land?  That’s very American of you.
    In conclusion, you should leave out your personal thoughts as they are rather fucked up.  Just tell us of your trip and leave all your stupidity at the door.

  13. Ronru says:

    You want personal thoughts left out of a personal blog?

    What fucking fucked up place are you from?

    You must be a community college graduate who failed running a whorehouse and then got fired from Yahoo.


    A fat walrus who went to UC Riverside for 8 years and couldn’t graduate.

    I guess those Philosophy courses were too hard for you.


  14. Not So Frequent Mango Customer says:

    @George the Anilizer

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect yours but rather enjoy the different styles of the nightlife writers.

    Young Penfold’s gonzo, Werewolf’s Everyman, Mike Smith’s Condescension, and Kenny’s Pseudo Intellectualism.

    Each has his point of view and personality and it is fun to see Thailand through different eyes.

    It’s sad that only Kenny is still writing and the rest have moved on.

    There is a void on the blogs that hasn’t been filled for more than a year.  

  15. Bisquick says:


    Thanks for more made up bullshit sprinkled with your disassociated perception of reality.

    This blog is a shadow of it’s former self. One thing is consistent though: Kenny writing under various names so he can attack the big mango.

  16. RealDaffyDuck says:

    I would just like to say there has been *no* posts to this pathetic BigBabyKenny blog for weeks now, It is just so obvious it’s dead

    I’d like to repeat this, *NO* posts whatsoever. Look for yourself, *NOTHING*. This is the first one for like 2 weeks

    I’m always right Kenny, of course. You & your dummy sockies are always wrong

    Harry Zink
    Highroad Entertainment

  17. Daffy Duck says:

    Previous comment not from me.  

  18. Bisquick says:

    Kenny’s post on the Big Dummy Kenny blog is better.

    Hahahas aplenty.

  19. Graham Jones - Cocksucker says:

    That boy with the tits in the front of the blue kayak really is my cup of Earl Grey. I’m sure thats a shemale

    Kenny dear boy, mind if you supply its details so I can attempt to hire the freak for my bar?

    Failing that I’ll attempt to groom the young thing for my own  deviant means. I like sucking cock you know 

  20. Ronru says:

    I enjoyed your post Kenny. The mongers and sex tourists don’t realize their is a lot to see and do in Thailand besides have sex with prostitutes that work at places like The Big Mango. 

    There are also lots of people visiting Thailand that are nice and normal. Not all foreigners are sex tourists and sexual deviants like the people that patronize The Big Mango. 

  21. Pop Quiz says:

    Ronru, aren’t you the idiot who wrote the underage article?

  22. Weekly Reader says:

    I agree with Not So Frequent Mango Customer.  

    Too bad all that bad blood has brought the blog world to what it is today.  How long ago did that feud begin?  I’m seein’ a Hatfield and McCoy type situation, I reckon.

  23. Ronru says:

    I agree with weekly reader. Everyday the Big Mango sockpuppets post their hate in the comments. Their business  is a disaster, most of the owners have left Bangkok due to money problems, but they still come with the Kenny hate everyday. They need to accept what happened to them and move on with their lives.

  24. Pop Quiz says:

    Ronru let me ask you a question, have you ever been to the Mango Bar?

  25. Ronru says:

    Yes but not for more than a year.

  26. Factoid says:

    Only hateful comments here are from Kenny and his sockies

    Ronru included.

  27. Harry Zink says:

    I love sucking Graham’s cock. 

    How’s that for a loving comment?


  28. The Real Graham Smith says:

    I think these comments need a bit of moderating, as I am tired of seeing my name here.  You post under my name I am going to kick your arse.  Once I kick it Harry Zink of Tuluca Lake, Ca will lick it and then give you a blow job.  Harry Zink of Tuluca Lake, Ca has given me a great number of blow jobs and the best part is that he swallows.  Harry Zink of Tuluca Lake,  Ca swallows cum, at least my cum.

  29. Information Corrector says:

    There is no Khao Sok lake in Khao Sok park you idiot. Get your facts straight.

    The artificial lake that is in the Khao Sok park is not the largest in Thailand.

    I will give you extra credit for being consistent. Consistently wrong.


  30. Information Corrector says:

    There is no Khao Sok lake in Khao Sok park you idiot.

    Get your facts straight.

    The artificial lake that is in the Khao Sok park is not the largest in Thailand.

    I will give you extra credit for being consistent. Consistently wrong.


  31. Mr MoRonru to you says:

    Hey DIPSHIT!

    What do you call the huge lake in the pictures?


  32. Hahaha+Hehehe+Hohoho says:

    This is too funny. A moron defending another moron. Yes, what is the name of the lake? Do a search on the net and get back to us.

    Took me all of 1 minute to confirm that Kenny just can’t manage to get his facts straight.

  33. Real Daffy Duck Update says:

    I just imagined I was Kenny in back of that pickup fucking his girl friends. 

    Spewed all over my monitor.


  34. Kenny is the guy who that joke is about concerning the guy who couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse says:

    Kenny fucking his girl friends? Never happened. Kenny like ladyboys.

  35. Hahaha+Hehehe+Hohoh says:

    The joke was about a guy who didn’t *WANT* to get laid in a whorehouse and …………………. wait for it …………………… the punchline was *HARRY ZINK*.


  36. Real Daffy Duck Update says:

    I just wiped my spew off my monitor, closed my eyes, and sucked the cum off my fingers. 

    I imagined sucking Kenny’s big hard cock and the cum in my mouth was Kenny’s.

    Made me spew again.


  37. .... on a long walk at dusk says:

    Any of you hot 30 somethings want to discuss the philosophic possibilities to stimulate my sensitives?

  38. ..... on a long walk at dusk says:

    I know what you mean Real Daffy. I have the same fantasy every night. I thought I was going to get lucky with Kenny on this trip, only to discover he invited some hags along.

  39. Camp counselor says:

    Can’t you guys just stop the childish attacks?  Let’s get these blogs back to what they once were. 

  40. Misinformation Corrector says:

    Obviously he discovered the mistake since he’s shut up. Funny that.

  41. Geezer says:

    Did you boys find out the proper name of the lake?

    Get on it you lazy asses. This is what’s wrong with people today, always take the easy way.

  42. Robert says:

    Your description of American parks actually describes the entire Country these days.  Yes, the best thing about Thailand is that it’s year behind the USA in becoming a nanny police state, but sadly it’s heading in the wrong direction too.

  43. Robert says:

    PS:  My mother told me that when I was about 5, I got pissed off watching television one day and asked her “Mom, why doesn’t Yogi Bear just kill Mr. Ranger,”    I went to Yosemite and there was no fun, especially with stupid signs everywhere.

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