Road Trip – Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son – Paved Roads

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Check out this screen from the GPS.

Any car or motorcycle enthusiast would go nuts if they saw this and you told them that the road has a good surface, no traffic, and most important of all, no police and no traffic enforcement — and even better if you do get caught breaking the ton when the speed limit is 40 mp you slip the policeman $10 USD and  you are free to go.

On the way from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son, the direct route has a long stretch of dirt roads and then a long stretch of 2 lane mountain roads.



There are roads similar to these in the US.

The roads in the Angeles Crest National Forest north of Los Angeles for instance.

The difference is that the Crest is covered with policeman and anyone who rides at super normal speeds will collect a pocketful of expensive tickets and so many points on their license they’ll eventually you’ll lose it.

Your driving record might even prevent you from getting a good job if the firm does a background check as a condition of employment.

Not in Northeast Thailand.

Check out these pictures.

This road went for 10’s of kilometers up and down the mountains with a decent road surface and curve after curve after curve.

Right handers, left handers, off cambers, uphills, downhills, chicanes, double and triple chicanes, 180’s and 270’s one after another after another.

A driver’s paradise.

In Los Angeles, I frequently see big expensive powerful sports cars – Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsche’s, etc.

The problem with owning these pure sports cars is that there is nowhere to really open them up and let them run.

Breaking the ton on the freeways in a sports car means getting a monster fine and having your license suspended.

Cutting curve after curve with your bike leaned way over means getting a monster ticket and losing your license.

Not so in Northern Thailand.

Can you imagine being let loose with a Porche Carrera or a Lotus Exige on these roads?

Unfortunately, we only had a Toyota pickup under our asses and, frankly, going up and down these roads with the rock hard  truck tires squealing away, the high center of gravity body leaning way over, and the real danger of tipping over if the truck’s suspension got disturbed by a pothole put a damper on the high speed fun.








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  1. SBODTWAT says:

    Great post Kenny.

    LOVE your work !

  2. crickets says:

    beep, beep, beep…. chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp!

  3. crickets says:

    Fatty on the motocy!
    chiiiiirp, chiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp!!
    chiiiiirp, chiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp!!
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  4. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple fatboy!

  5. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple road trip

  6. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple tuk tuk!

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