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The Roast is a cafe/bistro located on Thonglo Soi 13–just south of J Avenue in the SeenSpace13 Lifestyle Mall. From Thonglo, you turn down Soi 13, drive about 50 meters and it is on the left. There is valet parking which costs 10 baht with a stamped receipt. The Roast is on the2nd floor.

There are a couple of things which make The Roast worth adding to your personal list of regularly visited restaurants.

First, is the actual space. The tables are widely spaced, the ceilings are high, and the music volume is at just the right level to allow easy conversation. The walls are glass, the air conditioning cools adequately and the ambiance is pleasant and inviting. The owner is clearly at the controls making sure the environment is just right for the type of place he envisions.

During the day, there is plenty of eye candy–if you consider gaggles of middle aged Japanese housewives nattering away attractive.

I do.

These are all wives of high or mid-level Japanese executives stationed in Thailand.  They are mostly refined, cultured, and antiseptically clean. Women  who have spent their lives watching their weight, staying out of the sun, taking care of their skin, and using their clock cycles figuring out how to dress modestly but elegantly.

It’s a welcome change from the Frankenstein freak show of over-enlarged breast enhancements, obvious nose jobs, and weekly botox shots that is common in Los Angeles these days.

To pass the time, you can sharpen your people reading skills by discerning which husbands rank higher in the corporate hierarchy by observing the interaction between their wives.



Second, is the coffee. Beans are ground and roasted on the premises and there is a wide selection of grinds. My personal taste is the lighter roasts that have a mellow smooth quality-where the taste comes from the oils and aromatics of the bean not the carbon from burning. The harsh over roasted burnt but ever popular Starbucks style coffee is not my cup of tea. Cream and sugar only mask the underlying bitterness. Count me more of an Au Bon Pan or Coffee Bean (do they have these in Thailand?) man.

The Americano I had at The Roast was superb. A very strong taste but not bitter and when lightened with some milk and a couple of equals, it was sweet smooth and packed a powerful caffeine kick–the best cuppa I’ve had in Thailand this summer.




Finally, there is the food.

The food is made with fresh ingredients and original recipes with strong and not subtle tastes. There is no complexity to the tastes. Just the bite of fresh ingredients.

This is the New England Clam Chowder. I rarely order this in Los Angeles because 99% of the time it is made from commercial mix reconstituted in a large pot with boiling water. The uniformly sized potatoes, dried vegetables, and the consistency and taste is always a giveaway to chowder from a bag.

The Roast’s chowder is made fresh. It has a strong heady broth where the taste of the clams overpowers the other ingredients and the broth is a bit fishy. My serving was likely made verbatim from a recipe by a cook not a chef who failed to adjusted the mix for the peculiarities of the day’s ingredients.

Not perfect but sill tasty.

Every visit to The Roast, I’d like to order this chowder and enjoy the uncertainty of what I get, knowing that one day the mix will be perfect, the tastes will be in perfect harmony, and the chowder divine.


Here are three pastas- the Truffle Fettuccine, Penne with sausage, and Spaghetti Bolognese.

These were sprinkled with fresh herbs which tended to overpower the other ingredients.

Besides this fault, everything else about this trio was excellent. The truffle sauce was creamy with delightful tiny mushrooms mixed in. The tomato sauce was made with flavorful tomatoes with just the right amount of sweetness. The pasta was cooked to perfection with just the right amount of hardness.

It was nice to be in Bangkok where service size was normal. I am so tired of ordering spaghetti for one and getting enough for a family which is common, especially in the big chains, in America.





Overall, The Roast is a wonderful place to hang out. Drop in just for coffee and a pastry, stroll by in the morning for coffee and  breakfast, or have dinner with friends in an atmosphere where the food is good and you can sit for hours catching up on everyone’s lives.


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  1. Captain Kirk says:

    Beam me up Scotty.

  2. Silent Majority says:

    Blah Blaah Blaaaaah Blaaaaaaaaah.
    Wake me up when it’s over.

  3. Temple Pedo says:

    How about a good story on going to temples and stalkin the ladies?

  4. WTF says:

    You Numpty Fuck – Who pollutes a good fresh ground coffee with 2 packets of Equal?

    Sitting idle for hours and hours. Story of your life?

  5. Just Askin says:

    What about dessert? Did you finish your meal with a loaf from

  6. DaffyDumbShit says:

    Drinking good coffee is a waste.
    Nothing better than a dark brew coffee enema though.
    Mmmmmmm. My favorite.  

  7. Truth Reporter says:

    I didn’t know the term “husband” applied to  women….. I guess Kenny will follow up with a 30 paragraph diatribe explaining how he didn’t make a mistake, and never ever does. 


  8. mac says:

    3 Bucks for a coffee…..Where do they import the beans from…….

  9. stick says:

    Someone needs to photoshop those food pictures. 

  10. Ronru says:

    Hey DUMBASS.

    Your community college education is showing.

    Kenny is saying look at the women to learn about their husbands.

    What a DUMBASS!

    You must me Michael Francis Smith community college dropout.  


  11. Error Corrector says:

    Ronru/Kenny… You stupid gookamonkey fuck.. Truth Reporter noted correctly that kenny mentions husband when he should have said wife

    These are all husbands of high or mid-level Japanese executives stationed in Thailand. They are mostly refined, cultured, and antiseptically clean. Women

  12. Ronru says:

    Fuckaduck. You are right. Kenny please correct this. 

  13. Bwahahaha says:

    Don’t hold your breath that he’ll correct that – it would require a certain competence that Kenny lacks.

    I mean, after all, the images on the home page are all still broken, when the fix would only require updating one small file. I believe instructions were posted, in great detail, on the Kenny Nemesis site – which, despite claiming he never visits it, he allegedly visits it daily. 

  14. Bwahahaha says:

    What’s up with all the broken images on the home page?

  15. Odds maker says:

    10 to 1 Kenny will not fix his broken image problem.

  16. Truth Reporter says:

    Nice double-entendre. 

    Nope he won’t, on so many different levels.  

  17. Harold Zink says:

    You spent 2224 Baht on spaghetti?  
    And are you ever going to do reports about girls again?  And why did you take down your old reports?  Isn’t that censorship?  Isn’t this the website that has no censorship?  Do you feel like a hypocrite for taking down your old reports?  Or, did keeping your job require it?  And if so do you not stand for anything?

  18. Ronru says:

    Hey DUMBASS Harry Zink.

    We all you know you don’t give a fuck about girls..

    We read your sapahloy website and see what sick shit gets  you off.

    If shit doesn’t come out of it or it doesn’t have a cock you aren’t interested in putting you dick into it. 

    Crawl back into your sewer and die!



  19. Well, Kenny says:

    Will you give proper credit to the other site that instructed whoa on how to fix your site?

  20. Well, Kenny says:

    Will you give credit for the fix for your site, or just plagiarize, like your thesis papers.?

  21. Bangers Bill says:

    You suckasses make me sick. Kenny fixes the thumbnails and you kenny ass lickers shoot your load all over the comments. Kenny’s a piece of work but you kenny stalkers need professional help. Why don’t you get a life?

  22. Rhetorical Question says:

    If Harry Zink aka Saphan Loy had a million dollars would give it to Kenny if Kenny fucked him in the ass?

    I think he would.  

  23. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple broken image!

  24. Keith Summers says:

    I was kind enough to cooperate with Harald but he stabbed me in the back.

  25. Bwahahaha says:

    June 12, 2012: pointing out Kenny mistaking “husbands” and “wives”

    June 15, 2012: “These are all husbands of high or mid-level Japanese executives stationed in Thailand.  They are mostly refined, cultured, and antiseptically clean.”

    A simple typo – still not fixed.

    Werewolf’s quote of “For an object lesson in what happens when a blog administrator abandons all responsibility for managing comments refer to the BigBabyKenny blog” could easily be adjusted to say “For an object lesson in what happens when a blog administrator abandons all responsibility for managing *content* refer to the BigBabyKenny blog.” 

    Once in a while, Werewolf’s got some good points. 


  26. BKK Spy says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    When do you plan to fix this site?


  27. green curry and rice says:

    Who is in charge of this website as I am thinking it is not very good managed.

  28. Curious says:

    Amazing – he fixed the husband/wives type (a week later), and now broke most of the image links again. Expert webmastering at work…. Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho!

  29. .... says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

    I wanna see the photos of the hookers Kenny. Put them back up. Oh, you’re having problems with the photos. Sorry I asked.

  30. Purple Avenger says:


  31. Repeat says:

    He’s not only broken the images, but he screwed up resizing the featured image of the first new article – so the page jumps up and down.

    Our Kenny, what a web master genius he’s turned out to be 😉 

  32. Update.... says:

    So, now he’s fixed some and broke others.

    Clearly, he hasn’t fixed the systemic issue, but has manually tried to fix each instance. Too funny, and futile. 

  33. Angry Crickets says:

    Kenny, hitting delete as fast as he can!
    chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp.
    Cricket was censored – on the “no censorship” blog! 

  34. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple cricket!

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