These are a list of books and articles which I’ve found to be interesting and enlightening about Thailand and The Thailand Girl Scene.

Instead of reading the Nightlife blogs with their Hidden Agendas, paid advertising masquerading as posts, or mindless vanity posts whose sole purpose is to glorify some egomaniac, why not hit the books and do some real reading and research and really really really start to wrap your head around life, love, economics, and politics in Thailand and The Thailand Girl Scene.


  1. Paul Handley, The King Never Smiles: A Biography of Thailand’s Bhumibol Adulyadej. This is the best history of the King in Thailand. The first half of the book is non-controversial and is an excellent biography going over the King’s unique upbringing, background, and how he restored the power and prestige of the Thai King after a long period of decline. The second half of the book covers the controversial events in Thailand after Bhumibol became King.  It is the second half that is controversial and is the only real uncensored account in print.  The book has been banned in Thailand so if you happen to live in Thailand you are out of luck reading a hard copy version.
  2. Joe Studwell, Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. This is required reading for anyone interested in doing business or understanding the system of crony capitalism practiced throughout Asia and specifically in Thailand. How does Thailand’s ruling class get and stay rich? What is the source of their power and how do they protect it? Generation after generation how do a handful of powerful families maintain their economic and political power from smarter, more industrious and more talented lower class Thais who would normally become rich and powerful in their own right in more traditional capitalist economies like the USA. How do a handful of powerful Thai families but protect themselves from better run, better capitalized, more efficient foreign competitors who would most likely drive them out of business if allowed to compete on a level playing field? Read this book and you’ll find out.
  3. James Clavell, Noble House. Forget about reading all the nightlife blogs with their hidden agendas that give out biased reviews promoting bars that pay them for the good review or which are owned by the blog’s friends and associates. Read this James Clavell novel about Hong Kong in the  1960’s and you get a better description and understanding of the economics, culture and inter-personal dynamics that drive The Thailand Girl Scene and love, dating, and marriage in most third world Asian countries including China, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. Although cartoon like, it’s an excellent primer into the mind and mentality of premium G-Girls who are viable and active in the mistress market.