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Editor’s note: Due to wide popular interest and numerous requests, here is the famous airplane wing photo and accompanying information from a competing site. I post it here so in the best tradition there can be an uncensored tracking cookie free debate on the controversy surrounding this now famous picture.

The second article is the original Keith Summers article about the “new” Suvarnabhumi Airport which started the whole debate.

It would be helpful if either side on this fight would write a short summary of exactly what is being debated because I’m certain most readers are scratching their heads wondering WTF?

And in the interests of fairness, I will protect the “Daffy Duck” screen name on this thread from sock puppetry so Harry Zink can present his side of the argument — if he wants to. 🙂


Realistically, that picture is really all I should need to post, as it’s all there – but that would make for a boring article.



Here it is, the picture that Keith Summers posted on his website as part of an articled named “Suvarnabhumi Airport”

It’s all there – the *clearly visible* aircraft registration ID on the dorsal (top) of the starboard (right) wing; position of sun, on the horizon as well as relative to the plane’s heading establish time of day as well as direction; position and angle of picture establishes a damn good approximation of the seat position on the plane (to within 1 row); last but not least, the EXIF information in the picture can help determine time of flight and date (note, though, that it’s dependent on the camera date/time being properly set – Summers’ seem offset by an hour):

Finally, a quick look on (the site who’s existence Prufrock marginalizes), identifies Summers’ plane as an Embraer ERJ-145LR jet, flown by PBAir (defunct since 2009, sadly), flying on the BKK – KOP route (KOP is the designator for Nakhon Panom).

PBAir flew two flights a day between BKK and KOP, 4 times a week, as we can see from their old flight schedule, via the always helpful Internet Archive site:

The Embraer ERJ-145 Jet is a small jet plane, with barely three rows of seats across. Here’s a picture of the interior of what Summers saw when he was boarding, as he was heading towards Row 16, Seat C.

At the time, back in 2006, it was not very difficult to obtain a passenger manifest for a specific flight (it still isn’t, as a matter of fact), particular a domestic flight from a small airline – and as luck would have it there was one farang in the middle section of the plane over the right wing”



You don’t have to be Stickman, P.I.,  to leverage Summers’ repeated mistakes, and identify him – and thus, this also takes care of Prufie’s claims of “experts” assuring him there are no ID numbers on the wings of planes, and that pictures can’t be used to ascertain time of time, or heading.

(note: to give credit where credit is due, the salient details were “discovered” with the

help of some very smart and well-connected friends.)


Oh, right, Prufie , feel free to drop off payment with your good friend Graham at Big Mango Bar – though I doubt very much he’d honor his own words.

The archive of the original article is here:



Editor’s note: This is the original Keith Summers Airport Article.

Suvarnabhumi Airport



I did a run down to Bangkok/Pattaya.  I spent about a week down there doing what I do.  I met with friends and had a little business to tend to.

I live up in the northern part of the country.   When I travel I always fly.   At this point in time, all air traffic is now entering the new Suvarnabhumi airport. This was my first pass through the airport and I wanted to snap a few photos and document what I could for the readers at large who want to know a little more.

Coming into the Domestic Side

The flight down there is relatively short trip but taxing in from the runways seemed to take forever.  I can’t ever remember taxing for this long of a distance from any airport runway that I landed in before.   Seemed like it took 5 to 10 minutes for the airplane to roll into its final position and from there we stepped off the jet just to step back onto a shuttle bus.   The smaller jets don’t have the option of loading directly from a normal terminal so, there were were again taking a second ride to the actual terminal.

The domestic shuttle busses unload at a normal terminal and you have to climb stairs up into what would be a normal gantry hallway (the kind that extends out to the larger jets).   From there you walk back into the boarding gate areas as if you had come off a full sized jet.

The picture to the left here is not from the domestic area of the airport.  This is looking out the main terminal.  Here you see the glass and steel construction.   I believe you looking across the yard to the shipping and/or administrative side of the air port.

The first thing you notice about the port is it’s highly steel and glass design.  It’s very modular.  I like the design.   The large glass walls are a beautiful design.

After entering the domestic boarding gate, you’ll make a turn and head down a long hallway back to main terminal and the baggage handling system.  The pathway is well marked and were are several moving sidewalk conveyer belts to help you get there without much walking.   You will have to take an up escalator or glass elevator to finally reach the large baggage handling room.

The picture to the right here is the large baggage handling room.  I believe this area was for domestic only because I only saw signs in that area for domestic destinations.   It is one very large area and there must have been 8 to 10 very large stainless steel conveyers.

I Made a Mistake

When you first come to the area, your instinct it walk right over the baggage handlers and look for the name of the town you originated from.  However, in my case, the signs at the actual hander area were not reading the correct names, OR there may have been more than one flight being off-loaded in a single hander.   See the name to the right here is Krabi.   In my case, by departure city’s name did not show.

The answer is simple.  When you first arrive at the baggage room, please go directly to the flight arrival electronic board.  This located right at the entrance.  It’s written in both English and Thai.  Just breeze right down the list until you see your flight and then look for the handler number on the right (in red).   From there you can confidently walk right to the correct conveyer area and get ready to speed through the pick up.  Security is a bit light in this area.  I would not be surprised if they began to have people loose bags to thieves here.  I hope that doesn’t happen.   Typically in the west, your baggage claim ticket is checked against the bag by light security at the baggage handling areas.   I didn’t see any checking going on when I passed through this point.

Exiting the baggage area is easy.  The flow is directly away from the entrance.  That part is intuitive.   Taxis are located on the ground floor and you’ll be directed that way as you exit in most cases.   You’ll need to find an escalator or elevator down.   It’s fairly easy to do.   One of the pathways that can take you between floor is a flat escalator.  This looks like a metal floor but I could not directly tell just what the linked foot pads were made from.  It leans down level to smoothly take you between floors.   It’s quite unique

I did use the taxi service supplied by the airport.   I made my way to the Sukhumvit area in Bangkok and my total fare was about 300 baht.   I paid highway fees to expedite the trip.  Those fees were 65 baht I believe.   I was told by some taxi drivers that going to the airport was no good because the traffic was controlled there by (in his words) mafia. I don’t know if this is true.  I didn’t notice anything unusual.   Although, I think I forget to pay my driver the extra 50 baht for the airport taxi queue service.   I tipped him but probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 or 40 baht (rounded up the fair to 300 from about 270 I believe).  I’m not sure why he didn’t remind me of the 50 baht fee (as was normal at the old airport).    Are they suppose to pull that fee out of their fares now?   I don’t think so.  Oops.  Mistake #2, Ahhhg.

Getting out of the airport was my prime concern on arrival.   There is not much reason to hang around on in-bound trips.   Overall, the airport was working as I would expect.   No complaints on domestic arrival services.

My Return Trip, Time on my Hands.

I knew that I would be back to the Suvarnabhumi airport on my return flight.  I had plans to photograph the entire port but regulations would not allow me into the International side of the departure areas.  You just can’t go there until you are headed out of the country, and clearly that is not my home front.  So, sorry we don’t have any really nice shots of the Thai figures and art and architecture is located on the International side of the airport.  Nothing like this is on the domestic side.

The customer departure drop off point is all in one location for both domestic and internationals flights.  The first two stations (which I believe are numbered 3 and 4) are for domestic ticketing and check in.  The following four or five stations are for international business.

The picture to the left if the drop off area for all flights and the tower on the right I believe this their largest control towers.  I believe I read somewhere this was currently the largest control tower in service in the world.

My first order of business is to check in and make sure my flight arrangements are in order.  You can not check-in before 2 hours prior to departure.   The ticket counters and check-in counted seem pretty clearly marked.  I didn’t notice any problem except for the check in girl was a trainee and I believe she kept my plane ticket.   I had the boarding pass and that was all I need to move forward.

Food Anyone?

I wanted to try out the food at what seems to be the primary restaurant in the main terminal.  You’ll see this establishment on the upper floor in side the large atrium.  The name of the this particular place is the Sky loft.  They have a nice variety if dishes and deserts up there.  What you do is stop in at the cashier and you pay for either a 500 or 1000 baht electronic card.   As you go around, vendors in each area who serve up the food (main dish, beverage, and desert), take money off that card electronically.  As you check out, the cashier will return to you the portion of money that is left over in the card.

I ordered phad-thai coon.  This a very basic dish that is very popular in Thailand.   The noodles were of the correct type and the shrimp were a very nice size.   I paid 120 baht for that.   The food was very good but they did make a small mistake.  They placed my food on a very heavy porcelain plate that was cold.   It wasn’t refrigerator cold is was A/C cold.   That heavy plate really drained the heat right out of my phad-thai.    The food was excellent in quality.  Price of phad-thai was 120 baht (about 3.25 USD).  The coke in a can, well, that set me back a whole 2.70 USD (100 baht).   That same coke up country costs only 35 cents (13 baht).   I also indulged myself in somewhat rare blueberry cheesecake at 160 baht (4.38 USD).   That was also a very good quality product.  I would buy that again.  The only weakness in the system that I noticed is that someone foolishly purchased receipt printers that are too damn slow for business.   They won’t be able to handle a rush of customers and they know it.    Each receipt at different counters takes about 8 seconds to print.   That would be a real bottleneck in delivery if there were customers standing around hustling through the restaurant.   I was the only guy at the desert counter at the time and it looked like the worker was stuck there waiting for the receipt to print out.  Over all, the food was very good.  The view is excellent.  It’s a great place to kick back and relax before your flight out.  Also, I don’t know if they had wireless connectivity up there or not, but if they did, all the better.


Short Walk About

I tried my best to get into the International side of the port, but those rough and tough security girls weren’t hav’n it.   They looked very serious with those communication devices in hand.   I think if Austin Powers were with me, together we could sufficiently distracted these lovely ladies to slip in there, but as luck would have it, I was alone.    So, I was limited to wondering around in the massive ticking and check-in area.

The entry ways to all the departure/arrival gates are on the opposite side of the arrival drop off points just as you would expect.  The flow of traffic would be correct.  You are nearly always moving in an a s

You still have to pay the 500 departure fee.  There are a number of booths just outside the international gate areas.   In my wandering around I noted a promotion of the Rolles Bentley cars.  There are about 5 or 6 of them on display.  Nice vehicles if you can handle the fairy-tail price tag.  I think they call this the Continental GT.   The price on the web is 160,000 USD.  I’m car buff so I like to take a peek when I can.

If you look around the mammoth ticket and check-in and look skyward, you’ll notice an interior roof line that must be 5 stories tall.   Noticeably missing on the common air ducts for air conditioning and heating.   These are cleverly concealed in floor channeling unit that you see in this picture to the right.  These look like stainless steel units.  I noticed a few workers parking themselves between the these metal “pillars” trying to cool off.  As you walk by these, you’re feel the unmistakable cold air rolling from them.  The air is not under much pressure.  It seems to ooze forward like a heavy cloud.   On this next picture of the ticking area, you can look over to the left and see some Thai architecture over in the International gate areas.  This is the most you’ll see on this side of the frosted white glass partitions.  Click on the picture for a closer look.

Departure Time Arrives

My time ran short and I have to make my way to the domestic side of the airport arrival/departure gates.  That walk is long and there are a couple of “people mover” conveyers to speed you on your way.  Both of these pictures below are on the domestic side of the arrival and departure gates.   The boarding of one of the smaller jets essentially the same procedure as the arrive but in reverse.   We walked out the normal loading gantries and down steps to the ground.    From there a shuttle bus took us to the awaiting jet.   Departure was uneventful.  No problems on departure.   Again a long taxi and a we had queue of about 4 jets waiting on the tarmac to use the runway that we had been assigned to.

Thanks for joining us.   I took a lot of pictures for this article.  I figure, that reduces my grammar and spell checking (which as you know I’m not keen on).  You can’t adequately describe in words the new Suvarnabhumi airport.  There is a lot to see and I’m sure so much more on the International side.

Maybe you’ll be coming over to take a look at this port first hand.  Don’t forget your camera.

John Galt






















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  1. Daffy Duck says:

    Editor’s note: The screen name “Daffy Duck” will be protected from sock puppetry on this thread. I’ve taken the liberty of changing the name on this comment from “RealDaffyDuck” to “Daffy Duck.”

    Thanks, Kenny, for helping out your buddy by posting the materials that he refuses to acknowledge to exist.
    Not rocket science – I originally told Prufie the story presented in my original post (the one you lifted from BigDummy’s site), to illustrate how (relatively) easy it was to determine Summers’ identity, just based on one picture that was blessed by fortune to contain a lot of relevant data.
    Prufie than went on to incredibly embellish and enhance the tale, every time he re-mentioned it – first changing the “picture posted by Summers on his website” to “a picture Summers sent Daffy”, and finally arriving at the current incarnation of “Summers, looking into the camera, and in the background we see a plane window and thru that window we see those numbers and the struts and the ailerons you described in your bullshit fairytale” – even going so far as to drum up “experts”, who of course derided the version he presented them, which is not what he was told.
    He particularly repeatedly denied that a plane’s registration ID would be visible in a picture taken from the window overlooking the wing.
    So, really, there’s two issues:
    – His claims that the photo of the plane’s wing doesn’t exist. It does.
    – His claims that a plane’s registration is not visible on a wing. It does.
    Case closed.
    Prufie can deposit the money he bet, and which he now owes me, with Daywalker, at the Big Mango Bar (which appears to still be doing gangbuster business).

  2. Daffy McFuck says:

    9/11 was an inside job.

  3. Jaques Cousteau says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    OK, so it’s not that hard to hate fucking child molesters. They are absolute inhuman, fucking scum. Any sick fuck who is so selfish that he or she would rob a child of his or her emotional heath for a few minutes of pleasure doesn’t deserve to live.
    I can barely imagine the psychological torture …… step-daughter must have gone through. I am firmly against the death penalty but I would not shed a tear if ….. the fucking asshole suffers a slow and horrible death in prison.

  4. Chicago Joe says:

    Father of two here. No point in typing what I wish upon this douche nozzle …..

  5. Rooster Cogburn says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    I’ve got a daughter too, so I can’t really feel any sympathy for this scumbag …..

  6. The Sarge says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    Until you have a child of your own, you have no idea of the RAGE that burns inside of you when you hear something like this.
    ….. taking advantage of his daughter is the lowest of low.

  7. Prufrock says:

    Hi daffy
    I still do not go to your site . . . . .  Although you seem willing to encourage spewers of the worst kind of filth, the filth is on them. You know all that filth is just alumny. Just as you know 9/11 was an inside job. Sorry, I just can’t be bothered to read your site, it’s silly.
    While it has arrived at an inopportune time I will answer your post.
    And there’s going to be no money left for you at the Mango Bar any time soon. After reading this the reasons should be clear. I’d do a barfine for you or a diet Coke but there’ll be no forfeiture here.  Just the usual gesture. You’ll soon see why.
    You others? You people who need it all compressed into sound bites or thumb-saving smartphone blurts? Just give it a miss it’ll be too difficult for you.
    *******PART 1***********
    So . . . . . daphne:
    Loved this: >>Realistically, that picture is really all I should need to post, as it’s all there – but that would make for a boring article.<<

    N-a- a-a-a-a-w daffeee, (But, hey,  nice try.)

    The picture just can’t stand on it’s own and you know it. It doesn’t sell the message you want to sell and your “implication that we cannot see the forest for the trees” is a gross oversimplification.

    You need your usual sell-job “embroidery” to make it even

    appear to stick. Unless you’re talking to the closely-knit and well-censored crew who so lovingly and adoringly post over on your site, you’ll need to cover your tracks with the usual heaps of bullshit you use when confronted with reality.
    Moving on:  daffy has met the challenge I lay before him by rewriting this story to suit the information available.

    While there are similarities between what he posts on his site and what he actually recounted to me, the fundamental motives for his whopper (to impress rather than inform, and to embroider rather than clarify), were so pronounced that I was embarrassed for him

    Although the loops and holes of this latest version have been papered over by daffy’s claims of influential contacts and the work of others, his story remains just that.

    A story for the movies.
    Nice shot of the wing taken from Summers’ site but that was NOT the shot you said you analyzed, was it? You seriously pumped that one. But apparently that is the shot you wish to discuss.

    Where have we seen this tactic before ;-?
    For another thing, apparently we are now dealing with Keith Summers’s website (and among other shots) including a restaurant receipt (date? time of that praytell ??) the picture of a wing Summers posted on it. This is all new to me but it is critical to what I see as daffy’s motivation for the fantastic account he shared with me.
    Daffy’s original Landmark tale had Summers sitting in the plane with his face in the photo.  . . and that now famous starboard wing, complete with numbers was visible in the background. The wing info (and *shadow-data cast from vertical hardware “findings”* were a real BIG part of that shadow info) daffy also claimed during our meeting that he had been in contact with Summers and that Summers had sent the 3-point shot to him. i.e. Summers, the window and the wing.

    To be clear: According to daffy’s original account, one could see, over Summers’ shoulder or in the background, the plane’s window. Through this window, according to daffy, the plane’s wing complete with its Nok Air registration numbers  were clearly visible. Summers was stoopid, and daffy was going to catch him. (Not a bad idea but yur telling of  it was more than a little self-serving)
    So according to daffy, there were three key elements in the shot. There was (1) Summers, there was (2) the plane’s 11” by 16” window and there was 3) the full view of the wing with its registration numbers on the *Nok Air* flight.

    >>And my challenge to daffy repeated gawd knows how many times was for him to produce THAT SHOT.<<    Go back and read that if it has slipped your mind
    But daffy true to form blithely posts another shot. A similar shot but one from which he simply gleaned the EXIF data he shows to cover himself. EXIF: No mystery there, right?

    In fact we’d already had a chat that nite about EXIF as it related to the famous view from daffy’s “Pratunam digs” Remember daffy? Fuji-color etc? How did I know?
    Suffice it to say so much for daffy’s self-serving version of “just what was said.”
    daffy’s pompous declaration that “there are only two issues”, a) the plane wing numbers and b) my initial denial of them  . . . . (before I issued this challenge that these numbers existed) daffy seeks to restrict the discussion to his version of events and limit it only to the “evidence” he has been able to assemble.

    He has to.

    My whole reason for bringing this thing up was to demonstrate just how desperate this guy is to impress and seat himself above everyone else he comes in contact with.

    A trait which others may feel is too tedious to contest but which I have seen him exhibit on many other sites and a trait which I and many others find particularly odious, toxic to open discussion and generally unfriendly and  anti-social.


  8. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    All you …. supporters HA ! You supported a child molesting snitch.
    You should all be ashamed of yourselves, supporting such despicable person.

  9. Soobig Park says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    Hahaha……(shakes head) I’m just going over a comment in favor of ….. and it boggles the mind that someone excuses away his pedophilic activities. For example, I read that Elvis Presley was supposed to have committed statutory rape during his career and that no one came down on him for it. So in other words, if one person got away with a crime then its okay for someone else to get away with it as well. Hahahah unbelievable !

    Its the old “if any of you has never committed a sin then cast the first stone” defense. Crime is wrong no matter what perspective you put it in.

  10. Scooter says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    The internet has turned on you ……, get ready.

  11. Gomer Pyle says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    Was the girl ….. molested at least cute ? By that I mean, would guys her age even touch her ?

  12. SBDOTKU says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    Seriously, why is it we have issues with the people in the Middle East ? They make examples out of their criminals, not reward them with a place to live and food to eat.

    Murderers get just that, thieves get their hands cut off, MOLESTERS such as … get their JUNK cut off.
    In my opinion, problem fucking solved.

  13. Scratching My Head says:

    Who cares about the airplane and Summers.  His (Summers) identity is already known!
    Gulliver and crew (fake alias’s): Why do you bother?  Life must be pretty boring in Si Racha.

  14. Prufrock says:

    Hi Scooter
    I’d change my nik scooter.  Scooter . . . . that’s a dangerous name for a newby inmate to have.
    Na-a-a-aw Scoots, The  internet’s not turning on anyone. That’s a bit much don’t you think?

    This’s really just a couple of losers very much like yourself who have found this site or have been directed to it by some sick demented fool.
    There is no truth in what you post but you know that.

    It’s your belief that a negative cannot be proven  . . . what am I saying?

    To understand that last statement you’d have to have an education  😉
    Aside from what you’ve been told to post, you really have no idea, or what the situation is here where I live and you never will.  You’re Keith Summers. You’re daffy duck. You’re internet smegma. You may even be shills from an anti 9/11 investigation site having a squirt over here. In any case you know your nonsense is really  not too hard to sniff out.
    But who cares?

    Everyone (absolutely everyone) on this board knows you are barking up the wrong tree.
    But you really do get off on your filthy accusations. . . . . . that is a fact.

    As well, I note that lately  (after I mentioned that it was highly unlikely anyone here or in my home country would take you seriously) you took to lifting nik’s from the Big Mango’s site.
    I’m sure the owners and guests and the partners in the Big Mango are not happy when you  connect them to your pedophile smears of an innocent father of three successful adult children.

    If I were you I would think twice about boasting about your pro-active idea for a smear campaign to the boys. The bar is doing quite well these days and they don’t need to be associated with sick people like you.
    But you carry on as you see fit. This is a free speech site and your accusations mean nothing. I’m guessing you’re over here (all two or three of you) as Gulliver clones or like random pieces of dog shit. Why would a dog shit there? Does anybody know?
    Nobody really does. Well you do and Gully does and I’ll just hold off on some of the others for now.
    Just for the record, we don’t call them “restraining orders,” (The Crown calls them something else in my country but you’ll just have to work that out 🙂
    The next worse thing to child rape would be accusing someone that you know is innocent of child rape.

    You and your team are just that. Whatever that is called
    So you can look at it this way: you know I’m the farthest thing from what you say.

    You know.

    Unfortunately, simply through what is written here by you, everyone including acquaintances who scratch their heads about my political views, knows what you are.


    Even you.
    Think about that.

    By accusing me of being something I am not and by spreading posting these unbelievable accusations you demonstrate to everyone that you ARE without doubt or argument, the second worse thing to a child rapist.

    The proof is right here  in your twisted posts.
    And as far as I can determine, your sick, twisted mind is your own personal lake of burning shit.

    There’s only one oar on board, today.  . . . . .  “Row, Scooter.  Row.”

  15. Tom Curren says:

    My oh my, Prufrock sure does like to post a considerable amount of, well, garbage.

  16. Scooter says:

    Holy shit the Nazi is in full force today.

  17. Patrick O'brian says:

    I hope the STOOPID Cankee gets assed raped 3 times a hour for rest of life, what a scumbag.

  18. Willie Brown says:

    Predator fffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  19. Singapore Jimmy says:

    Two words – DOUCHE-BAG!!!!

  20. DB Cooper says:

    What a fucking loser!!!!!!! This Canuklehead should be shot.
    Game Over.

  21. Brian Piccolo says:

    The hoser child molester should really be keeping his mouth shut !

  22. Dirk Bonapare says:

    Lock Canuklehead up and throw away the key !

  23. SBDOTKU says:

    Nice Prufrock. Now go home.
    What did I say ?
    You know. Just go do it.
    Now I feel better.

  24. Prufrock says:

    Hi   New York Times Critic
    It’s pretty clear that the pedophile guys have no idea
    what they are talking about. What’s interesting is that they’ll get on here
    and post their nonsense and nothing else.
    Aside from a few repeat names there is little substance to their smears.
    They know this.
    They know what they are doing.
    They know that everyone who actually knows me (friend or not so friend)
    would laugh at the suggestions they make.
    Where do they get this stuff?
    Who writes their material?
    Why can’t they get some new material?
    Why are they in league with the recently gassed Keith Summers?
    That “Nazi” thingy is old  but catchy if you have no education but you want to comment on someone’s politics.

  25. Bob Llama says:

    Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho – you’re so funny.
    You lost Pru, live and learn…

  26. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Come down to the Mango dickwad Prufrock my fist is just the right size to strech your asshole so wide it will bleed for month when you shit.

  27. Soobig Park says:

    Prufrock, you are pathetic.
    You’ve always been pathetic.
    It’s the story of your life.

  28. Barnaby says:

    Proofie what would you do without these whore blogs ????????
    Go crazy ? Your a douche bag !

  29. วิลเลียม ณ มหานคร says:

    Prufrock – Do realize that you are seriously disturbed, do you ?

  30. Prufrock says:

    @ วิลเลียม ณ มหานคร  Get a life Billy. Shitting on other bloggers is so pathetic. (It just makes you look jealous).

    Plagiarizing Dorothy Parker’s style is just , well, so fucking gay but I reckon you’re down with that as these kids like to say.

    Hollowmen indeed.

    You fucking cheap-ass mimeographing copy-cat.

    Get another schtick before all you’re left with is a pack of pretentious humorless slapheads.

    BTW  Your upper class diction and your pretensions are just that.

    @Barnaby It’s “you’re a douchbag” not “your a douchebag” Hope this helps. (Seems they’ve tried everything else.)

    @ Gullisucker Hi Biggy  . . .  the pedophile brigade misses your input.

    @ Soobig Ask around you pissant fool. You should be so lucky.

    @ Bob Llama on the gurney waiting for the needle  . . . . you don’t even know that you don’t even know. That makes you kind of special in this crowd.

    @ SBDOTKU You’ll only feel better for as long as it takes to remember that 9/11 was an inside job, your banks have ass-fucked you better than any prison rape team could have done. Your dollar is backed by nothing except violence and gunplay and dropping bombs on innocent people. The part I like is that you’ll definitely be around long enough to remember what I said here.

    You are well and truly fuck-ed.

    @ ALL  9/11 was an inside job. The Oylbomya administration (life support system for giant blood-sucking squid Goldman Sacks) loves y’all.

    Wait’ll the next election . . . . . you’ll all be saved  . . . .  for the next election :- )

    Meanwhile your corporations will be figuring out ways to screw you even better.

    What’d ya expect from a Kissinger protege. . . . .change ;-?

    Nighty nite 🙂

  31. Numpty says:

    Look at that. Kenny posting a Real Daffy Duck article from the Big Dummy Kenny website.

    BigDummyKenny is a rockstar!

    Yea yea yea.

    Running short on material Kenny? Is that moron Prufrock driving away traffic and the Summers post running out of steam? Sucks to be you.

    How are the under-aged girls in Isarn?

  32. Handsome Man says:

    “Editor’s note: Due to wide popular interest and numerous requests, here is the famous airplane wing photo and accompanying information from a competing site. ”

    No competition BBK. The Big Dummy site gets things right that you consistently get wrong.

    Live and learn

  33. The squeegy kid says:

    Prufrock you’re a schmuck. Copying and pasting the same drivel over and over is not going to get people taking you seriously (have they ever?) 
    Do you really think they give a rats ass what you think of 9/11 ?

    Seriously, you are a fucking nut job.

  34. F7 says:

    Prufrock wrongly assumes that by writing page after page he can distract from the facts which he can not run away from. Looking at the facts is something he can not do, so he builds a fantasy world around him where he can justify his actions.

    He is wrong.

    People see his stoopid little game for what it is: a coward running from reality.

    Keep it up. Soon you’ll be running just like Summers. Sick perverts like you always get caught.

  35. The watcher says:

    This guy lives in thailand and the mother of his daughter is a whore ?
    Oh the humanity. No wonder Thailand has such a shit reputation with guys like this running loose on the streets.

  36. Nutcase Pizza says:

    Hello? Yes, we deliver, what will you have? One large thermite special. Ok.

    Name? P-r-u-f-r-o-c-k. Ok, got it.

    No, we don’t have any special discounts for child molesters or people with restraining orders.

    What a dick.

  37. SBDOTKU says:

    I’m happy to state the fucking obvious, Prufrock you are a fucking idiot. Keep spouting your 9/11 bullshit which means one day you’ll mouth off to the wrong person and get your head paneled in.
    The other scenario is you are correct and the biggest conspiracy of all time has been carried out in full view needing hundreds if not thousands of participants none who have yet come forward. 

    The thing about truly crazy people is they don’t know they are crazy, me if I started hearing voices I get to the doctor, Prufrock heads for his keyboard. Yes Pru I know you’ll write  a 1000 word reply to this post which is part of the plan to keep you off the case, off the streets and out of your ladyboys anus.

    Give us a break for fuck sake.

  38. Singapore Jimmy says:

    If anything this demonstrates that Prufrock is not a man of his words. I don’t know what business he’s in but I wouldn’t do business with this type of man. Will make up any excuse he can think of so he doesn’t need to honor his words.

    Then he’s been going on for more than a year with his slandering and obsession about Real Daffy Duck? Sounds like a carbon copy of Summers, but with these wild conspiracy ideas.

    I’ve read he’s a school teacher. Is that true? Do the thai authorities know his background? He may next to be doing a runner ala summers style.

  39. Soobig Park says:

    @ Prufrock (the ill-educated, bigoted fuckwit) Fuck you, you racist hate-monger.Just . . . .  FUCK YOU !

  40. the priest says:

    Prufrock. Please go to the chapel for help. You are not well. You have several mental issues. This is clear.

    Making up excuses for your sins instead of manning up to them does not reflect favorably on your character.

    Please seek help.

  41. Cong Weiner says:

    Sure, I showed my weenie to a number of young ladies, but they were all over 20 years old.

    Unlike Pru, I would never do the sick shit that disgusting, lying, coward does.

    The Big Weiner

  42. Arnaldo says:

    Prufrock is a piece of shit. Look at the sleazy scumbag and how he slithers around the subject of being wrong about the airplane. Just so he doesn’t need to pay off a $5.00 bet and so he doesn’t appear to be the douche bag regular readers here know him to be.

    Let’s not mention the pervert shit he’s done that can’t be mentioned in details. Only a sick fuck like him would do the things he’s done. Good on his ex-wife for getting the restraining order. You’re a lowlife Prufrock. Eat shit and die freak.

  43. Megan says:

    If I ever meet this prufrock dick head he’s going home with a limp. Shame on you!

  44. Yoda says:

    Turn to the Darkside Kenny has..

  45. Prufrock says:

    It comes as a surprise to no one that you are repeating yourselves at this stage.
    You are smearing me for crimes I would never commit.
    Looks like the minimum wage slave brigade has been summoned.
    You are attacking me for my political views.
    Mindless broke-ass mob with no shame.

  46. The Harry Zink crowd just doesn’t get it.

    They think they can wear Prufrock down but Prufrock loves this shit.

    When he’s in the nursing home on the ventilator he’ll be posting away when he flatlines.

    To the Harry Zink crowd, keep trying to wear out Prufrocks keyboard.

    You’ll have the same success Harry Zink has sending flowers to bar girls.


  47. Oh yeah.

    It never gets old watching SBDTKO, Big Black Gulliver, Daffy Duck, etc. proclaim that they are never posting on again (as if anyone cares) and then see them wasting hours of their time writing multipage comments, posting a dozen times under obviously fake screennames, and commenting in 7 different posts to fill up the recent comments column.

    Sort of like it never gets old and is always funny watching Lucy pull the football out from Charlie Brown over and over and over again.

    You can guess who is Lucy and who is Charlie Brown on

    I don’t know about rockstar but Kenny certainly deserves the title of master psychologist.

  48. Clint Eastwood says:

    P just can’t help it – it’s what he is. He’s a sick man and needs help. Unfortunately he won’t admit to the problem, which is the first step to recovery.

    Sick, sick man.

    Too bad the Kenny crowd doesn’t see that sticking up for sick men like Summers and Prufrock is itself a disturbing trend.

  49. darkskin says:

    Prufrock be one dumb ass lyin’ prick. Ya’ know? Of course he duzn’t wanna pay off some $5.00 bet. Man! He kin’t affo’d to. ‘S coo’, bro. De poo’ SOB be broke.

    Soone enough ya”ll seem him walkin’ de streets uh Bangkok pan handlin’. Nobody trust dis lyin’ scumbag enough t’cut a honest day’s wo’d uh wo’k. Ya’ know?

  50. Daffy Duck says:

    All Kenny is demonstrating is how much his site is unqualified to be any sort of venue for discussion and debate – as much as I would actually enjoy debating this with Prufrock (notwithstanding his inability to maintain a civil discourse), Kenny’s site makes it near impossible:
    – too much “noise” from abusive and sick sock-puppets that make it pointless to try to maintain a discourse.
    – Kenny’s continued selective censorship (while claiming to not censor any content), further contributing to a bad signal/noise ration.
    – his continued broken editor that makes it impossible to post a comment from any mobile device – iPad, iPhone, or even Android browser, not to mention failing to provide any reasonable editing tools (quoting function, amongst some).
    Basically, mundie said it better than I ever could have, regarding Kenny’s incompetence as a web”master”:

    “If you don’t understand the need for moderation of comments, visit for an object lesson in what results when an administrator abandons all responsibility for managing comments. “
    Finally, Prufrock – came as no surprise that he flounced off, under the cover of yet another fabrication. Doesn’t really matter – I enjoyed digging up all this old material and writing the article… and I enjoyed that deep down inside, in his own little box, Prufrock knows fully well that he’s screwed himself over with his continued taunts. He may try to deny it, but he’s not even fooling himself – despite being such a tool, and such a fool.
    Indeed, “Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho!”

  51. Daffy Duck says:

    Finally, Prufrock:
    P : “Nice shot of the wing taken from Summers’ site but that was NOT the shot you said you analyzed, was it?”

    Yes, it was the shot that I described to you, and you know it was.
    Only later did you invent the scenario of Summers not only having emailed me the picture (which I never said – it was always “a photo on his website”), but also of Summers posing in front of the window – that final piece a scenario that you have only recently (within the last 3 weeks) advanced, and which surprised me that you would try such an obvious falsification of conditions.

    It was at this point that you knew you got cold feet, and started to realize that I would produce the picture – which is why you started to created “false memories”, trying to pass them off as your reality. Sadly, what you told is never what I told you – what I wrote in the post on BDK is *EXACTLY* what I told you, back then, at the landmark.

    P : “Daffy’s original Landmark tale had Summers sitting in the plane with his face in the photo and that now famous starboard wing, complete with numbers was visible in the background. The wing info (and *shadow-data cast from vertical hardware “findings”* were a real BIG part of that shadow info) daffy also claimed during our meeting that he had been in contact with Summers and that Summers had sent the 3-point shot to him. i.e. Summers, the window and the wing.”

    You of course know full well that this scenario is patently wrong, and this is never what I even remotely told you.
    – I have been in contact with Summers (still have the emails), except he never sent me any airplane pictures, and I never told you he did.
    – Summers denied that I could know his identity, as he kept insisting that *only* Stickman (“only one man in the kingdom”) could know his identity. Whatever – I didn’t bother with him after two further emails. I knew he was Summers at this point, and shortly thereafter he was outed anyway.
    – I *did* tell you that the “wing picture” contained all essential data and elements, that, when correlated with additional real-world data, would help to identify Summers.
    …. and, as you know, the picture that I posted does provide all that information, including wing / dorsal registration ID, something you have repeatedly denied even existed on here (including rolling out “aviation experts” supporting that plane wings hold no registration ID – must be the same “experts” you use for your 9/11 “investigations”)

    “In fact we’d already had a chat that nite about EXIF as it related to the famous view from daffy’s “Pratunam digs” Remember daffy? Fuji-color etc? How did I know?”

    How could I forget – you not only couldn’t figure out my location, from a pretty damn obvious picture, but additionally couldn’t figure out what kind of digital picture it was — and here you are tossing out big words like “EXIF” as if you understood them.

    P : “daffy’s pompous declaration that “there are only two issues”, a) the plane wing numbers and b) my initial denial of them  . . . . (before I issued this challenge that these numbers existed) daffy seeks to restrict the discussion to his version of events and limit it only to the “evidence” he has been able to assemble.”

    There have always only been two issues :
    – your denial that plane wings have registration numbers, plainly visible (check that one off, much to your chagrin)
    – that date, time, and heading could not be gleaned from such a picture (check that one off as well, to even much more of your chagrin).

    That’s it. You’re done. Just admit that you’ve lost, again, and stop continuing to make a fool of yourself.

  52. Ronru says:

    Hey Daffy dill. I just posted this comment from my mobile phone. No problem whatsoever. What are you on about schmuck ?

  53. Soi lawyer says:

    Regardless of the terminology, it is illegal for an adult to touch any portion of a child’s body with a “lewd and lascivious” intent. Usually, consent is not a matter of consideration, and is not available as a defense to a charge of child molestation.
    Even in cases where it can be proven that the minor victim was a willing participant, a sex act or improper touching is still a crime because children cannot legally consent to anything.
    Criminal penalties are severe for those convicted of child molestation.

  54. Tripod says:

    Ok everybody, I don’t care what political persuasion you are but I want to know how you feel about this question:Why is the death penalty off the table for child molesters ? I think we can come together on this and I don’t think I am alone.

  55. วิลเลียม ณ มหานคร says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    This is not going to be a popular or kind comment…

    If we were to go back in time as a society and start using public punishment again, I could support it for a child molester such as the Cankee.

    He would be publicly hanged or burned at the stake.

    Before this would occur, a public announcement would be made over the radio and TV. That announcement would state that if you believe yourself to be mentally ill, or capable of doing something like this, you have one chance to get help. If you do not, you will be subject to the justice system and if convicted, you will be punished.

    I cannot see, in a free society that has so many places and people that are there to provide help, why people turn a blind eye. ……

    He need to be made an example to the rest of the world.

  56. Scooter says:

    No way in hell people like the Canuck to live another moment.

    When is the message going to be sent that if you pull anything REMOTELY like this, it’s LIGHTS OUT!!!

  57. The sarge says:

    There are just purly sick people out there.

  58. Chicago Joe says:

    Kill him. Bury him. Out of sight out of mind.

  59. Da shadow says:

    Why is he still breathing air ?

  60. Errol Flynn says:

    Hanging is to good for this piece of garbage.

    Life sentence should last about as long as it takes to put the needle in his arm….

  61. DB Cooper says:

    Man, there are some sick f*cks out there — I hope you’re all armed, because I am.

  62. 911 Was an Inside Job says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.
    but for sure y’all touch goats.
    you sick fucks.
    Daffy Duck and his batty boy ilk will get their commupence – of that you can be sure.

  63. Daffy,

    Maybe the reason you can’t post from your Iphone is:

    1) Apple gear sucks just like Kenny says.

    2) Your Iphone doesn’t received the frequencies used for 3G in Thailand because you have an American Iphone that uses different ones just like Kenny says.

  64. The Sarge says:

    @ 911 Was…. – Come on now. You can come up with a better nick than that Prufrock.

    The only “sick fuck” is you. Why do you think you was handed a restraining order? Let me tell you it wasn’t for being a boy scout or model neighbor.

  65. 911 Was an Inside Job says:

    @ The Sarge (foot Soldier as we know them)
    You goat fucking pussy hole shills can quack all you want.
    We know who you are. Keep posting the same sick comments in 20 different monnikers – doesn’t matter – the shot smell that comes off you is unmistakeable whatever guise you take.
    Prufrock – keep up the good work fella!
    9/11 was an inside job.

  66. Willie Brown says:

    Send him to Saudi Arabia……”death by stoning” is the only fitting punishment for the maple smoker.

  67. Kaito says:

    Waterboard him! That cunt needs torture.

  68. Dennis the menace says:

    Let the mother and her family beat him with baseball bats.

  69. The squeegy kid says:

    If someone knows where the fucker lives, I can have him beaten up TODAY.

  70. SBDOTKU says:

    Hey Prufie, The view from above blogger Saphan Loy refers to you as “imbecilic and criminal.

    I couldn’t put it better myself. 

  71. Ronru says:

    Yep, I saw it with my own eyes. Saphan Loy describing Prufrock as “imbecilic and criminal”.

    He should have added DERANGED.

  72. วิลเลียม ณ มหานคร says:


  73. The minor bloggers like Saphan Loy are like mosquitos trying to get a little blood (hits) from the monster. has to be the biggest most widely read Thailand blog these days.

    Where else can you go to find out where to get your teeth fixed at inflated prices, waste the most money on useless cellphones, and buy electronic gadgets that will  be obsolete and worthless in a year?

    It just affirms that Kenny has become a ROCKSTAR!


  74. Winston Churchill says:

    The sign of a true genius,
    is when the dunces amongst his contempories are all in confederacy against him.

  75. Fake The Ref says:

    So Prufrock and his little band of sycophants believe they are genius.

    Now that is truly MORONIC!

    Now I’ve seen the light. Prufrock as a pervert: 10000000000 Everyone Else: 0

    Live and Learn Prufrock.

    You lost. Unless you think being a pervert is something to be coveted. Then you won.

    Live and Learn.

  76. Not sure if Prufrock is a moron but Kenny is coming off as marketing genius.

    What Expat isn’t reading BBK everyday?

    Daffy vs. Prufrock in a cage match?

    What could be a better, as Kenny used to called it, a “dynamic daily read”?

  77. Prufrock says:

    * * * * * * PART 2   “it’s not rocket science”

    Perhaps not  . . . . but that’s not automatic permission to oversimplify your argument and try an end run.

    daffy’s falsely premised declaration of a “closed case”,  deteriorates and deconstructs into its inevitable collapse if one examines the totality of the evidence and daffy’s claims.

    Upon examination of all the facts we can easily see that “the case” is far from closed. The suggestion that”it’s not rocket science” is to imply that only an idiot would seek more information, would doubt daffy’s claims and would question daffy’s declarations.

    In fact, what I’ll call the actual “Landmark Reality” (LR)  only barely resembles daffy’s factually reduced more conveniently marketable version: the one he has painstakingly redacted and shopped on his website.
    Firstly, rather than deal with the worrisome reality of the 3-point digital shot from which he triangulated Summers’ whereabouts, daffy falls back his old allies in debate: the smearing of his opponent and the disqualification of his credentials. It comes as no surprise to anyone on all the other websites where he is so proud of causing trouble, that he accuses his adversary in this contest of being a liar.

    Inmy initial encounters with daffy he sought to smear me as ill-educated (while physhing my Uni info 😉 and to disqualify me as impecunious . . . . a false metric of merit of there ever was one.  When “people” set him straight on the first two, daffy started calling me a liar. As an apparently firm believer in Goebbels propagandics he’s never let up. In fact, this smear has subsequently been picked up by two or three of the most imbecilic fools on the internet and parlayed into the most disgusting accusations one can ever make.
    daffy’s pre-emptive “Liar” smear:

    daffy’s preemptive defensive-attack stance (smearing me as a liar) telegraphs his acute awareness of the greatest weaknesses in his now infamous (sorry) “whopper.”
    For example, to smoke over his original *Nok Air* recollection, (the planes had always been Nok Air  . . see daffy’s prancing fool Nok Air registration # photos) daffy provides the convincing but utterly irrelevant footnote that an outfit called PBAir has gone out of business.
    In our Landmark Reality (“LR”) conversation daffy repeatedly identified Nok Air as the carrier, even to the point of suggesting he gone to the Nok Air website as part of his investigation after which he’d telephoned them and had some of his details confirmed by actual people.
    Some of you may remember that all of daffy’s photos of numerical plane-wing registration posts of last year were Nok Air craft. They even had Nok-names  😉  And, boy as he was getting himself set up for this did he prance aroundabout those Nok Air registrations or what ;-?
     His PB Air data while for many reasons more applicable to daffy’s most recent version of his yarn is, of course, currently unverifiable. (I can’t be bothered to check and see if Nok Air conducted flights to Nakhon Phanom OR of they’d ever agree to release passenger lists (IATTA definitely has something to say about that stuff if the airline flies internationally)
    Hey, wait a minute,  what am I thinking? . . . . daffy?

    Why of course.  You used your “highly placed connections” to sniff this out, dincha ;-?. . . . cause if ya didn’t, at the moment you would seem to have selected evidence that looks more than a tad self-serving. . . . . . (?cooked?) But then again, that’s the way you like your data : COOKED.

    So anyway, that’s the first “selective” change.

    There are more.
    Never one to miss golden opportunities to embroider a self-aggrandizing claim with “fact” (albeit *irrelevant* fact) daffy’s further seeks to shore up his credence and bona fides by appropriating the correct aviation terms “starboard”  and “dorsal”  in lieu of his original “right” and “top”  without suggesting he’d actually upgraded his aeronautical nomenclature by grace of his adversary when I responded to one of his many prancing-prat posts.

    Mere details to be sure . . . . these correct terms,  but since we are investigating the fanciful, fact-filled, painstakingly wrought tale of a bullshitter we must take this into account to some degree. (In all fairness, however, I’m sure daffy second-guessed these terms through one of his highly placed contacts in aviation circles.
    Moving on: During the original version of the story of our meeting on the Landmark Terrace, daffy broached the topic of EXIF determination when questioning me as to how I knew he’d taken that Royal Polo Club shot with his iPhone

    He “presented” as extremely keen to know just how much X-Box wizardry I knew.
    I openly said that it was more the iPhone’s Fuji-scale colorization (Knew a little about it from, ah, “film work”) than any intimate familiarity with the ins and outs of EXIF. Although he seemed relieved with this admission, he went on to embroider “his edge” with an interesting but irrelevant account of why Apple had “gone Fuji”. ( It was interesting for the tech aspect but I was also learning more about this person than about digi-tech.)

    That’s why I was there.
    Later on however, when the subject of internet stalkers and Summers came up, I got daffy’s now infamous airplane-wing story. daffy recounted how he’d received this shot from Summers (I expressed incredulity as to why he’d ever consider corresponding with a nutcase like Summers. He replied that he had had motives more forensic than idle curiosity.

    “Hmmm, Do tell” I must have indicated because rather than elaborate on some interesting ancillary application of EXIF data, daffy opted instead to impress me with his shadow-reading skills.

    To this end, daffy launched himself into a cogent but somewhat contrived sounding account of the wing-shadow protrusion information: shadow lengths, their angles relative to the sun, the sun’s intensity and so forth.  Interesting but “No, I thought. Surely he‘s not going there.
    Shadows cast by various projections, *vertical to the wing’s surface* (even tho’, unlike a sundial’s face ???it’s curved??? as well, and the plane could easily have been climbing or descending) were critical to these shadowy determinations as were the horizontal shadows on the ailerons that we see in Summers website shot.

    Ignoring EXIF entirely, daffy declared that it was his interpretation of this shadow data that had conclusively determined Summers flight path and ultimate destination. (Well, ok, maybe that works in the movies but hey, “if you say so”, I was beginning to think but I let him finish his story) I didn’t want to “call” a guy who felt this acute a need to “embroider” his myth. Anyway it was unnecessary.

    **BTW . . . I do remember daffy’s “warship skins” in the movies. As we all remember, they were breathtaking. For years to come his or facsimiles of his truly stunning visual work were to become synonymous with “Big-Mother-of-a space-craft-that-sleeps-239647-people-and-didn’t-need-to worry-about-“drag” , had loads of protrusions and resultant shadows. The feeling of awe with these “skins”were a major component  of the films in which they appeared and if they were the baby of daphne redux  . . . . . I sincerely hope he was fairly compensated.**
    But on a domestic puddle-jumper from a hop-skip-jump airline  . . . . . . well, meh, I had my doubts. (And at this time I had not yet party to daffy’s body of professional work.
    Anyway, I knew I was hearing a fascinating story but this was likely also the point where I started to suspend my belief that I was in any major way hearing a TRUE story. Maybe parts of one. . . .
    I have been asking for this 3-point in-focus shot for months now. This was indeed the shot daffy described during that meeting. He swears it wasn;t and supports his claim by (yu guessed it) calling me a liar ;- )   . . . . Gee, where have we seen this tactic before??

    At the time, I raised no objections or signaled no doubt to daffy’s claims. But, as you can see from this photograph there is NO picture of Summers, and scientifically speaking, there is really only the EXIF data to work with.
    ALL THE REST (the shadow angles and the fascinating highly placed information people  (pssst, IT’S BULLSHIT DAFFY AND YOU KNOW IT IS 😉
    I was somewhat flabbergasted as daffy innocently but somewhat insulted as once he thought he had his platform (or was more likely committed) he just boasted away. (After all, I felt that I had demonstrated an appropriate level of awe and respect . . . .  so yeah, I was genuinely taken aback.

    I felt he wanted more . . . he was after something more . . .  like awe, fealty, fear? respect to the nth magnitude?  . . .  as he sketched himself out to be a person of even more gravitas than was already apparent. Fuck it, it was interesting, you don’t often get conversational matrices of any depth or much merit here, I just let him finish his story.

    So yep, he’d done it all with the shadows which had incontrovertibly provided him with the sun’s exact position) and an accurate fix on the aircraft at that moment. And then he made his visits to about five websites and “Summers’ fate was sealed.” daffy’d unmasked Summers lair. Nobody’s be safe  . . . 😉

    ok, I reasoned. Summers is certainly a fabulous asshole and truly deserved unmasking but wasn’t that actually done by others? You want credit for it, daffy ? Well, ok, if you must, I guess. No skin off my nose.
    Am I marginalizing these flight path websites and these meteorological websites? No. What I marginalized and caricature-ized  was daffy’s whiz-bang clikity-clack shadow weather flight path sleuthing. His genial facility with these resources was highly in doubt.
    I called bullshit but as we often do  . . .  only on the inside 🙂
    As well, I do not (as he claims) doubt that these websites exist but some of the meteorological data, this exact time of day fix and his other claims were just too pat and too way over the top. It was the “pat”-ness of the yarn and the overage of convincing detail that pulled the trigger.
    Precise metrics, such as the ones daffy claimed he had at his disposal several years ago, are not readily available to the public (those shadowy friends again 🙂  nor outside of the movies and “M”‘s workshop are there any shadow metrics to measure to the last nanosecond (within an hour) available. And don’t forget the curved face and climbing aspects of this “sundial”
    But just in case someone had the temerity to raise that point daffy could always raise the specter of shadowy friends of friends in high places.

    They’re great aren’t they? Always there when you need them to cover a hole in your story. . . . . . Lucky daffy.

    Anyway, by that point I was just listening politely but I wasn’t buying it and a few days later neither were my PhD students at “the science center of that University”

    As well, many months later over drinks and dinner, my friends  . . .some actual X-Boxers weren’t buying it, non plus.

    And really neither should you.

    But what I do buy are these Klingon(?) warship skins.

    Truly awesome, they were. . . . . he can be proud enough of that, can’t he?
    Thank you for your attention. Part 3 will wrap up daffy’s presentation of information and my contestation of them.

  78. Gommer Pyle says:

    Personally I believe we should develop an eye for an eye system for crimes committed against other human beings.
    I’m sure it would be considered inhumane, blah blah blah, but I think if imbecilic criminals can subject their daughters to years of physical and psychological abuse, then they should be ready and willing to be placed in a similar situation.

  79. Deuce Bigalow says:

    I don’t believe in death penalty but I surely want to kick the imbecilic criminal private part.

    He is a pig.

  80. Howling Howie says:

    The imbecilic criminal should have his “nuts” put in a vice and slowly, oh so slowly tightened unit they BURST!!
    Then have his daughter finish the job!!
    The Cankee just does not deserve any mercy………..
    Somebody please, put him out of my misery!!

  81. Tom Curren says:

    We as a society need to do a better job of weeding out and eliminating psychopaths.
    Imbecilic criminals deserve a bullet in the head, although I’d feel sorry for the bullet having to come into contact with such filth.

  82. Barnaby says:

    And yet we exterminate cockroaches that do WAY less harm and destruction.

  83. The watcher says:

    Send the imbecilic criminal over to the front line as a decoy for our troops.
    At least he will serve a purpose.

  84. Soobig Park says:

    I favor the Native American punishment: tie a wet rawhide strip tightly around his throat, stake him out in the sun, and let the rawhide slowly choke him to death as it dries.

  85. Tripod says:

    Canuklehead should be skinned alive!

  86. RDD says:

    Can the Thai government please allow stoning?
    Please, Please, Please!!!

  87. BigBlackGulliver says:

    I got the cure for your sex problems Prufrock, cut your f***in’ d**k off…

  88. WOW says:


  89. Fake BBKenny says:

    Yea, that prufrock is one dumb ass sick piece of garbage. Utter garbage. I’m getting tired of him myself.

    Sure, I would go to Isarn to find under age snatch and display the GPS info, but I would take them for ice cream or sneak them into the clubs. I never fiddled with their junk. Really. You believe me, don’t you?

  90. Keith Murray says:

    Geez P…
    you dun got these redneck buttmonkeys hyper..
    ges you hittin nerves dude 🙂
    keep killin ’em fags man
    chok dee 🙂

  91. Timothy says:

    Being a father I tell you this, I could only pray that I’m with the sick little piece of @##% imbecilic criminal in a room with me for 5 minutes alone !
    Hell even 2 minutes enclosed with me I promise JUSTICE WOULD BE SERVED!!!!

  92. Niko says:

    Bring back hanging and firing squads.

  93. Ironman says:

    What the hell is wrong with these guys? I can’t wrap my mind around a man doing something as horrific to his daughter just to satisfy his own lust. I’m disgusted! 

    The imbecilic criminal probably not only watched child porn, but participated in video sharing.

    I hope someone slits his throat.

  94. New guy says:

    Oh my God. I want to vomit.

  95. The man says:

    I want to get a hold of the imbecilic criminal and kill him. If I had nothing to lose, and no children at home, it would be a pleasure.

    May he rot in hell.

  96. Shane says:

    If that was my daughter, I would be in jail and he would be in hell.

  97. Mr Gimme says:

    Give the man a popsicle
    Put the noose around his neck
    Smack that horse on the a$$
    This is a truly disgusting human being

  98. Keith Murray says:

    for real?
    what are you daffy adman faggot sbdkut?
    some kind of retarded vengeful spastic?
    guess so huh..

  99. Keith Murray says:

    Timothy?…. you’re shittin me..
    any fucker named timothy gotta be a fag – sure no kids.
    so what you chattin bout daffy (ehhem.. i mean timmy) 🙂

  100. RealDaffyDuck says:

    I’m a nasty losing ugly fat bald mug.
    Prufrock was so so much better then me.
    I chose to cry rather than accept.
    That is what you people read.
    All my mango buddys are retarded old balding monkeys.
    I wouldn’t mind the old balding bit cos a lot of old balding good guys out there, but the retarded bit is severely limiting.
    I’m sorry – I’m too dumb, narcissistic and irrelevant to do any better.

  101. Jax says:

    blow torch- check
    fishing hooks- check
    vice grip pliers- check
    diesel fuel- check
    rough sawn lumber in various lengths and dimensions- check
    hazmat suit, goggles and gloves- check
    candles and a bottle of booze to set the mood- check
    camera linked to live video stream for others to enjoy- check

  102. Tulse Hill Smack Head says:

    I’m gonna crack your skull daffy

  103. Tulse Hill Smack Head says:

    You a pussy hole super shopper
    Brick? – YES!
    In your head you pussy? YES! 🙂

  104. Tulse Hill Smack Head says:

    @ Jax
    I’ll gaffer tape you to a plastic chair and cut every one of your arturies up till ya neck – slowly.
    hows about that you pussy?

  105. Tulse Hill Smack Head says:

    nuff respect to my man Winters for that torture tip 🙂

  106. Tulse Hill Smack Head says:

    @ JAX
    Goggles and Gloves?
    🙂 LMFAO

  107. Limb by Limb says:

    We a go cut dem down
    Send fe de axe sah.. take out dem tongue

  108. Tulse Hill Faggot Smasher says:

    If you even think about touching boys the way Prufrock touches girls I’ll be the last thing you ever see in this lifetime you little weenie wanker.

  109. Tulse Hill Faggot Smasher says:

    Tulse Hill Smack Head gonna get smacked in the head awright.

    Where’s that P fag at? He’s gonna be next.

  110. Tulse Hill Faggot Smasher says:

    Hey Prufie. How ya doin? Tonight when you make your way over to Soi Cowboy, pay no attention to the guy following you into Shark Bar or the other venues you like to frequent. Oh, should I have not told people this? My bad.

    See you tonight scumbag.

  111. Canuckle Head Smasher says:

    Mind if I join you for grins THFS? I’ve got a nice D500 and unlike Kenny, I can take good photos with mine.

  112. Limb by Limb says:

    @Tulse Hill Faggot
    Seen you bitches round a lot.
    Smack you up proppa everytime.

  113. Daffy Duck says:

    Kenny claims : “The screen name “Daffy Duck” will be protected from sock puppetry on this thread.”
    Apparently, that doesn’t hold true, like so many of Kenny’s claims and promises.

  114. Daffy Duck says:

    As for Prufrock – let’s take this one point at a time.
    – did you, or did you not, deny that airplane registration IDs are located on the dorsal side of the right wing?
    Stick with answering this one single point. Once you manage to do that, we’ll move on to the next.

  115. Daffy Duck says:

    Also, as an addendum – while I think it’s flattering that you attribute all manner of special visual effects creation to me, you got it wrong, once again.
    I don’t create visual effects; I don’t create spaceships, or Klingon battle cruisers; I don’t do any such things.
    My clients do; I do not.
    …but it’s just one more example of you taking information you were presented with, mashing it up, and regurgitating it in an almost 100% incorrect manner.
    That’s how a story of taking a picture from a website, became a tale of Summers posing for me, and sending me said picture via email – which is a preposterous notion, on so many levels.
    With you not being able to retain a simple story, without getting nearly every detail wrong, and regurgitating a fairy tale fabrication, how should anyone take your tales of 9/11 “evidence” seriously?
    There is a sweet spot in all of this, though – thanks to your fabrications about me building spaceship visual effects, it’s now quite easy to figure out a plethora of your own socks – namely all the one’s spouting the same “tell” when talking about me. A search for “Klingon” and “spaceship” was very informative – hoisted by your own petard, if not incompetence.

  116. Canucklehead Smasher Too says:

    Aint gonna happen as that perv Prufrock cant stay on point cause if he does its gonna make him look like the canuckleheaded jackass we know he is. expect his next comment to dance around the topic if he comments about it at all – which we know the canucklehead cant

    ‘As for Prufrock – let’s take this one point at a time’

    Gommer Pyle says:
    June 9, 2011 at 4:38 am

    Personally I believe we should develop an eye for an eye system for crimes committed against other human beings.
    I’m sure it would be considered inhumane, blah blah blah, but I think if imbecilic criminals can subject their daughters to years of physical and psychological abuse, then they should be ready and willing to be placed in a similar situation.
    Deuce Bigalow says:
    June 9, 2011 at 4:44 am

    I don’t believe in death penalty but I surely want to kick the imbecilic criminal private part.

    He is a pig.
    Howling Howie says:
    June 9, 2011 at 4:50 am

    The imbecilic criminal should have his “nuts” put in a vice and slowly, oh so slowly tightened unit they BURST!!
    Then have his daughter finish the job!!
    The Cankee just does not deserve any mercy………..
    Somebody please, put him out of my misery!!
    Tom Curren says:
    June 9, 2011 at 4:54 am

    We as a society need to do a better job of weeding out and eliminating psychopaths.
    Imbecilic criminals deserve a bullet in the head, although I’d feel sorry for the bullet having to come into contact with such filth.
    Barnaby says:
    June 9, 2011 at 4:57 am

    And yet we exterminate cockroaches that do WAY less harm and destruction.
    The watcher says:
    June 9, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Send the imbecilic criminal over to the front line as a decoy for our troops.
    At least he will serve a purpose.
    Soobig Park says:
    June 9, 2011 at 5:04 am

    I favor the Native American punishment: tie a wet rawhide strip tightly around his throat, stake him out in the sun, and let the rawhide slowly choke him to death as it dries.
    Tripod says:
    June 9, 2011 at 5:10 am

    Canuklehead should be skinned alive!
    RDD says:
    June 9, 2011 at 5:13 am

    Can the Thai government please allow stoning?
    Please, Please, Please!!!
    BigBlackGulliver says:
    June 9, 2011 at 5:16 am

    I got the cure for your sex problems Prufrock, cut your f***in’ d**k off…
    WOW says:
    June 9, 2011 at 5:58 am

    BBK says:
    June 9, 2011 at 6:11 am

    Yea, that prufrock is one dumb ass sick piece of garbage. Utter garbage. I’m getting tired of him myself.

    Sure, I would go to Isarn to find under age snatch and display the GPS info, but I would take them for ice cream or sneak them into the clubs. I never fiddled with their junk. Really. You believe me, don’t you?
    Timothy says:
    June 9, 2011 at 8:19 am

    Being a father I tell you this, I could only pray that I’m with the sick little piece of @##% imbecilic criminal in a room with me for 5 minutes alone !
    Hell even 2 minutes enclosed with me I promise JUSTICE WOULD BE SERVED!!!!
    Niko says:
    June 9, 2011 at 8:23 am

    Bring back hanging and firing squads.
    Ironman says:
    June 9, 2011 at 8:29 am

    What the hell is wrong with these guys? I can’t wrap my mind around a man doing something as horrific to his daughter just to satisfy his own lust. I’m disgusted!

    The imbecilic criminal probably not only watched child porn, but participated in video sharing.

    I hope someone slits his throat.
    New guy says:
    June 9, 2011 at 8:30 am

    Oh my God. I want to vomit.
    The man says:
    June 9, 2011 at 8:33 am

    I want to get a hold of the imbecilic criminal and kill him. If I had nothing to lose, and no children at home, it would be a pleasure.

    May he rot in hell.
    Shane says:
    June 9, 2011 at 8:37 am

    If that was my daughter, I would be in jail and he would be in hell.
    Mr Gimme says:
    June 9, 2011 at 8:39 am

    Give the man a popsicle
    Put the noose around his neck
    Smack that horse on the a$$
    This is a truly disgusting human being

  117. WAF says:

    Has anyone ever thought of the psychological health of the imbecilic criminal’s daughter…?? 
    She will never be “normal” because she was abused for too long…. physically and psychologically and that, hurts forever…!!
    No matter how much help she gets from the experts, doctors, psychiatrists or whatever, she will never be “normal”.
    Even Freud couldn’t fix it!

  118. Ping says:

    The cheeser deserves ZERO MERCY!! He should be strapped naked to a table. . butts in the air. . and then ten overly horny donkeys should be put in the room!
    Next the Cankee’s balls should be tazered over and over again! Then he should have his tiny little wang placed in a vice. . and have it turned tighter one revolution per hour until his little 2 inch girly wang is totally crushed!
    Next he should be covered in honey and placed on a hill of fire ants for 6 hours! Then. . he should have needles stuck in one eye.
    Next. . . Fling him into a spike encrusted wall via a medieval catapult. Then . . he can sit on that wall and die. . of slide down into the alligator and piranha stocked moat below!!! 

    He is a horrible piece of crap and should die a long, painful, torturous death! 
    Hitler is holding a spot at his table in hell for him!

  119. วิลเลียม ณ มหานคร says:


    The view from above

  120. Oh yea says:

    Gay fuck teen sex kenny thai jail

  121. toils says:

    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

    prufrock prufrock prufrock

    Gay gay gay gay gay

  122. Scooter says:

    Burn him.

  123. Pattaya Goat says:

    ?? 🙂

  124. Daffy Duck says:

    Kenny originally promised :”And in the interests of fairness, I will protect the “Daffy Duck” screen name on this thread from sock puppetry
    Just another lie, isn’t it, Kenny?
    The continued existence of the post signed by a *fake* RealDaffyDuck on June 9, 2011 at 8:53 am here:

    Just goes to prove just another Kenny lie. Sad, sad little man you are, and wholeheartedly inept at managing a website – as pointed out in painful truth by your friend Werewolf:

    For an object lesson in what happens when a blog administrator abandons all responsibility for managing comments refer to the BigBabyKenny blog.

    Such a good quote, isn’t it?

  125. Pattaya Goat says:

    What about Pattaya Goat?
    Do you have the trademark on that one too?

  126. Pattaya Goat says:

    or is that someone else?

  127. Kenny The Lying Dumbass says:

    I can do whatever I want. I have no class just like my good friends, SUMMERS and PRUFROCK.

    SUMMERS and I will be starting a new website about finding underage girls in rural isarn using the latest GPS technology. Stay tuned here for the official announcement.

  128. Pattaya Goat says:

    Hit a nerve have we you fuckwit?

  129. Pattaya Sockpuppet says:

    How does anything said equate to hitting a nerve? Sounds like you’re the one who’s bothered by the comments.

    Hehehehe Hohoho

  130. Underage Esarn Bar Girl says:

    Kuhn Prufrock, why you no bar fine me. Why you no boom boom me? You no like me more? Last time you bomm boom me you say you chawb mak. You say you come last nigh boom boom me upstairs room good. Why you no come? I think you go boom boom daughter sure. Ma me sick and go hospital. I need money but you no come. I think you no lub me. 🙁


  131. 911 Was an Inside Job says:

    And Kennedy was shot in the face by the driver

  132. Prufrock says:

    daffy’s Noklock to shadow land when really I would have been more than impressed with EXIF
    OR . . . . . . . . so, um, why the bullshit story daphne ???

    * * * PART 3  * * *
    Even now even in his present version of events we see clear examples of the gratuitous  and unassailable credence daffy seeks  as his right any time he finds himself in a conversational corner.

    First?   . . .  a wee thematic digression
    playing with fire daffy and William Mahanakhorn to adopt Keith Summers‘ tactics?
    (not  to say that daffy hasn’t already)
    daffy’s history of slash/paste skullduggery on nearly ALL the Bangkok blogs have earned his several bannings, several “mutually agreed departures”, and a whole lot of “what the fuck are we gonna do with this asshole? he posts all the time with direct questions and proposals  . . . . . do we need him tattooed to this blog? do we need his blog tattooed to ours? (Apparently daffy is welcome on Saphan Loy’s blog where their burgeoning relationship based on snapping photos and subsequent outs of expat bar patrons is being rewarded by cash payments of as much as 20.000 THB.
    Bangkok Buddy the first to be approached, turned down this disgusting offer. Now daffy’s new friend William Mahanakhorn is trying his best to weasel-word his way out of having proposed this evil crap but daffy’s generous offer to finance this shit has kept it in play.
    One does begin to wonder which bars these guys will consider fair game for taking these candid shots? One also begins to wonder in just what venues one’s personal data and one’s recreational activities will become daffy’s web content.
    These two motherfuckers would be just “soooooo (;-) ‘there’”  (to use daffy’s favorite trademark ‘yeah, bro’  -ism) on  a daffy-cruise wouldn’t they?  share a stateroom, perhaps?,  in the um, “front” of the “boat”  ;- )
    Notwithstanding daffy’s daring use of strong language (“damn?”) this first non-starter claim fall flat as in:

    daffy’s claim that the “position and angle of picture establishes a damn good approximation of the seat position on the plane (to within 1 row);”  is just so much unscientific window dressing (not to mention it is just another of daffy’s opinions. Garden variety bullshitters lace their yarns with these kind of faux declaratives to lead their listeners into”the sad corner”) .  (“Read my lips  . . . ?)
    Isn’t this just daffy standing on his warm pile of BS whistling in the dark  . . .   to see who whistles back? This opinion dressed up as fact likely comes from daffy’s top secret “ready-Eddy” battalion of influential friends in high places.
    But hell, really; when a bullshitter’s story gets this desperate we are definitely in an  (“Oh Yeah????  My dad says so  . . . and he knows everything” state of mind)  so what is there left to say?
    To be clear, daffy’s “closed case” yarn as to how he gleaned all this precise positional data from shadows and secret friends doesn’t stand up under even a sparrow fart of a modicum of scrutiny. Neither does daffy’s “closed case”in any way shape or form emerge as valid scientific conclusion from any of the empirical data he claims to have presented.
    My own not so secret friends and associates swore (with wry smiles and in some cases the dreaded collective eye-roll)  that this type of “shadow-box to light-source” GPS determination is “possible” only in the movies. Or as one woman suggested, in the imagination of someone craving gravitas and seeking to impress or convince.  . . . . but maybe a bit too lazy to have researched the veracity of such a claim.

    (“Hmmm, . . . . You mean a Google-faced  X-box commando”, I queried?)
    I declare that daffy’s specious “shadow claims” are pieces of a puzzle easily derived from the EXIF data alone. Several of my PhD trainees asked me why I had even bothered spending time with such a person. I responded then as I do now, that it was an interesting conversational episode and at the time I thought it rather benign.
    A far more probable explanation, they offered, was that the flight time was simply gathered from the EXIF data and perhaps schedules currently available in brochures, the booking sites etc. Where is the provenance that it was gathered by this guy at all? To be sure, “shadows and sun positioning would have had no part in this determination”. In real life anyway.

    Again, daffy overlays his self-serving *appearance* of facts notwithstanding their questionable provenance and their irrelevance to the shot.

    As an aside, just look at the SUMMERS, KEITH MR  (just to be clear, daffy “fonted” and formatted this  . . . it wasn’t copy/pasted from any passenger list.  . . .but the when strategically fitted into other “sourced” data such as the plane’s seat plan it looks official.

    Just like downtown

    Why do guys like daffy do this ?

    In his somewhat indelicate, and at times boorish drive for gravitas the insecure (bullshitter) easily confuses congeniality and politesse for acquiescence.

    Channel, if you will, that pushy car salesman, that (“trust me”) realtor. Next, he’ll plunge right in to hijack status and “overbearing”   any way he can.   . . . . .  Then the bullshitter will stretch the truth and lay as much “convincing detail” onto an obvious cock-and-bull story as he can. He’ll escalate  outright lies, attachment of argument and “provenance” to family members (and there challenging his listener to risk conversational civility if he were to directly question “sources”.)
    And last but not least, when and if he’s convinced himself that he’s got a believer or (forum) room full of believers, he’ll launch “the big lie” or as many of them as he can. Really, just look at all the prancing and the taunts and the nonsense and the lies and the smears and the filth he’s posted in preemptive defense of this minor porkie.

    And then he’ll try to close.

    I was talking about salesmen. A little product knowledge here, some anecdote there, some familarisms, some emotional leverage, (you aren’t gonna call me a liar are you?   I’ll just leave   😉
    Look at daffy’s propagandic gambits in play. 

    First he’ll try for dismissal on the grounds that of his opponent’s worth: education, personal assets, diction, (potty-mouth, word usage, manners, decorum, shoe-size?) spelling and grammar) (who edits?) If he’s confronted with solid flattening argument daffy will copy/paste an example out of the rebut of some extraneous inconsequential detail, focus on that, call you a liar and ignore the main thrust of the argument.
    When all else falls flat, daffy will set to work smearing his adversary and /or anyone who doesn’t see things daffy’s way or who concedes that the counter-argument is definitely worth examining . . . . he’ll smear them as  uninformed (“it’s not rocket science”)  dishonest endless and repeated scurrilous attacks on the morals (early on, I remember an attack from daffy because I had a partner but still went to bars 😉  no shit.

    For ages he went on about my visits to his site. I do not go there.  Maybe now he accepts that but he doesn’t comment.
    And while we’re on the subject of “early on” there daffy’s embarrassing admission of US government 9/11 complicity, by omission of commission.

    (I know you’re tired of this but wouldja like to see it?)
    Arrogance is daffy’s stock in trade. He tries to beat you down with it.
    daffy’s dismissive tone and his desperate vanity play well to the little coven captive fools over on his thinly visited “daffyville” website but the vast numbers of readers here on this site and in the Greater Kokosphere soon weary of the type of boring witless stream one-liner posts these tapped out by these nitwits.
    If you can answer critically daffy monitors yu and censors you. I am not referring to a blanket BLOCK of idiots who would post unsubstantiated photo shopped filth or blocking stoopid URL’s, the setting of tracking cookies, trojans and malwear.
    I am talking about fair comment.  Evidenced, annotated, substantiated fair comment.This is blocked and censored on daffy’s little site. That’s why he’s NEVER come here to debate me on 9/11.

    daffy needs control of the environment . He must filter ALL input or it doesn’t get posted. That’s what you get on the daffyville site.
    If you can’t answer the questions below, you’re perfect for daffyville
    A train of thought? what’s that? Reasoned argument? huh? Respect for scientific methodology? What’s that mean? and what’s respect as long as I can sneer at somebody? What’s methodology as long as I can always scurry back and smear someone as a liar and a fool and get away with it on my own (albeit, embarrassingly thinly read ) blog? Principles? what are they?

    “Wow, you’re perfect. . . .gushes daffy. All the while thinking “Just the kind of imbecile i’m looking for”.
    daffy’s claims that a) he’d been in correspondence with Summers and b) that Summers had sent him the shot was the basis for daffy’s original version (Landmark Reality)  of this incident. . . . the claim that he’s triangulated Summers on this shadow data bullshit.

    daffy’s original version had Summers flying Nok Air (you can see this claim repeated ad nauseam  as he pranced around crowing about his registration numbers and the “front” of the plane and the “back” of the plane and the “top” of the wing  and the “right side”and presented us all  (what was it? last year?) with those lovely shots of the Nok planes complete with their registration numbers.

    And the implied claim that if he was “right” about this so that from then on everything he says had to be taken at his word.

    a blowhard  internet bully
    If this is not the gross braying of an an internet bully that he feels confident that he’s baffled brains with bullshit and, more importantly, that he feels secure in the miasma of imbecility and ignorance I can’t imagine what it is.
    Sorry daffy,your Noklock looks good on you.
    Incidentally that Noklock moment is precisely when khun daffy got himself hooked into “owning” this elaborate shadow data lie of his. . . . . . Like all really masterful liars and fantasists, daffy had included just enough believability to encourage credulity. I never bought that. But, for sure, he blows it out his ass on the faux *Nok Air* detail.

    And he locks in.
    daffy’s next claim (to have determined the time of day and the plane’s flight path from shadows on the wings cast from vertically projected loops, handling rigging) was the core of his fantastic tale. I was to accept that daffy’s “three-banked” this data from shadows and from his shadowy frinds in high places.

    He stressed the shadow-lore every bit as offhandedly as in his present short preamble to yet another “it’s not rocket science” bray-fest  he’d have people believe he has loads of influential friends who happen to be experts in any field under discussion. More shadowy references I assume?
    And hey, WTF,  . . . . . need and airline pilot? (forget any of those real military and commercial pilots for 9/11 truth. Anyway daffy knows several.
    Need engineers? (forget any engineers for 9/11 truth)  daffy has intimate contact with just the engineer in just the field under current discussion.

    Need serious scholarship on 9/11? (Forget about all the physicists, chemists, pilots, engineers, building professionals as well as the painstakingly recorded testimony, and VIDEO  . .  . . daffy know people who know better.
    In brief, we are to accept all his claims and we are to dismiss all others. And as a source for the tedious details of a fictitious provenance daffy is really the go-to guy.
    If you don’t go along with daffy as Oracle he’ll censor you.

    If you contest what he says he’ll smear you.
    Who needs to expose themselves to this kind of nonsense? Who needs their personal data put at risk?

    That’s right. When you allow this guy your data you are looking at hard core stalking and besetting by a seasoned internet pest.

  133. Prufrock says:

    Ok We’ll change the : “I was there. I know how it is”
    To Mary Tyler Moore’s “I was nearby, and I heard a lot of talk,okay.”
    I expect that even working on these space ship skins with people known to be my inferiors would later lead me to believe I could have actually done what daffy claimed. But why on earth did he feel he had to do it?
    A sickness?
    Incontinence ?
    But my my my, daffy your filthy friend Broad Band Bully is busy, busy, busy cruising the Kokosphere for names (Buddy’s blog is well represented, but you might tell him that with sole proprietorship, comes a price. He and (well, YOU) own this shit as well.
    Seems when it comes to creativity and/or intellect to make up his own he’s he’s bone dry   🙂
    Except when you feel the need to lie to impress and self-aggrandize OR to lie and smear filthy nonsense about innocent people.
    You falsely accuse me of enacting the filthy ideas in your sick mind . No one here accepts your nonsense  . . well there’s always you under another AKA willing to pile on the shit  . . . but no one believes it.
    But what we all can believe is that you are right here showing everyone what you are.
    You are showing people just how sick you all are.
    What YOU are doing is REAL.
    When it comes to dreaming up perverse accusations it seems he has no shortage of creativity.
    Local boy, daffy?
    Did you find him or did he find you ;-?
    He’s a walking talking “tell” all on his own. But when he runs out of inspiration he knows that all he has to do is get back to you for a refuel or for a technical tip, or for , well anything to keep your sad, campaign against the truth in play. Looks like Summers and :LUHOIB SSIH is in on this shit too.
    You guys are a real pack of winners.
    Bet you guys would be real fun to drink with.
    Gonna open a bar together or do you already have a place to play ??    ;-?

  134. Soobig Park says:


    Blogger Saphan Loy reckons you are an imbecilic criminal and you certainly come across as one.

  135. Barnaby says:

    Agree !

  136. Willie Brown says:


  137. The sarge says:

    Who TF is Summers friend :LUHOIB SSIH???

  138. The squeegy kid says:

    There seems to be trend today. People who we know are sociopaths and psychopaths are allowed to continue their behavior without the proper supervision.
    Anyone with a functioning brain knows that Prufrock a wretched soul.

  139. Ironman says:

    Death, no restraining order.

  140. Mr Gimme says:

    The girl’s mother should be allowed to serve justice.

  141. DB Cooper says:

    Hang him by the nuts!

  142. Da shadow says:

    fry him………………………

  143. Kaito says:

    I could pull the switch myself on this creep……

  144. Bangkok Insider says:

    Who really gives a shit about all this?
    It should be obvious to all that Prufrock is being stalked by a couple of real assholes.
    End of story.
    We’ve got Keith Summers, Daffy’s friend and body-servant  BigBlack Gulliver posting all these threats to Prufrock under
    various names they’ve picked at random from Bangkok blogs.
    Could anything be more ridiculous to those of who actually know Prufrock?
    As for the accusations, they would be laughable if they were not so disgusting.
    What is laughable, however, is the transparency of post time stamp groupings.
    Whether they agree with his outspokenness people who actually know Prufrock
    know him as a man blessed with good fortune who is the loving father and protector of two families of grown children.
    As for Daffy Duck and his little crew?    (some of these guys appear to post regularly on Daffy Duck’s blog)
    Sorry, but to the rest of us, these jerk-offs just look bat-shit ca-razy.

  145. Dr Amos says:

    You can’t pick a child abuser out of a crowd. There are no social or economic barriers. An abuser can be the president of a company, your brother, friend, father, grandfather, uncle, neighbor, teacher, babysitter, delivery person, straight, gay, married, single, male or female, adolescent to elderly, rich or poor, can be in a position of power or some nameless homeless person in your community.
    Child abusers may:

    Have been abused as children themselves
    Be Sexually attracted to children (most can’t or won’t resist these urges)
    Find positions where children are available (leader of children’s clubs, ministries, etc., coaches, camp counselors & chaperones, daycare centers, school positions, offers to babysit for friends & family, etc.)
    Seem to love children, children seem drawn to person
    Seek out women with children (or friends with children)
    Spend a lot of time with a child (not their own)
    Seem rigid, moral, a pillar of the community (too often accusations of abuse have not been believed because the person seemed to be too good, too outstanding to do such a thing
    Groom a child–create a special bond (this may involve giving child gifts, money, or even alcohol, or other ‘forbidden’ things that make it appear he is a special friend and creates atmosphere for secret keeping. Could also include playfully touching, tickling, etc., but moves toward inappropriate touch)
    Be an authoritarian or timid and unassertive
    Frequent places like video arcades
    Be addicted to child pornography
    Be uncomfortable in adult relationships (i.e., doesn’t relate well, insecure)
    Have symptoms and after-effects of a survivor
    Deny or rationalize their behavior
    Be Manipulative
    Befriend single mothers in order to get to the children. They prey on the desperation of the woman who has no support system. They often sleep with the mother
    “Roughhouse” with children–tickling, slapping buttocks, etc.–and use this playful guise when they are in fact touching inappropriately
    Calling young teenage girls “sexy” or making other sexually suggestive comments.

  146. วิลเลียม ณ มหานคร says:

    That girl will never be someone who will live well or have a normal and happy relationship. She will have nightmares for the rest of her life. Her children will not fare much better, but do have a chance to recover…I hope they do.
    The imbecile criminal is not human, he is feces.

    The View From Above

  147. Daffy "Fat Stylin' Monger" Duck says:

    Personally, I prefer younger, (19-20 yrs) and slimmer girls (35 to 40 kg.) who haven’t yet had children and who don’t have no stretch marks and no tummy. I find pubic hair and the telltale signs of she’s had a kid a real turn-off. I also tell them I shave them or it’s no deal and nobody ever complained.

    Pick up artists, (PUA’s) call the girls “spinners”. This helps to depersonalize our victims if we can joke about impaling them on our drug-fuelled dongs and “spinning them like little toys. But they like me and they always smile.

    I treat them well and give them a little more if they agree to anal.
    Speaking of anal, some asshole nearly killed me earlier this year just for interacting with a soi Nana flower girl. And last year some nutcase on soi Cowboy said to me that if he saw me interacting with flower sellers again that he’d personally drop me ass first into a trash can, hang a pedophile sign around  my neck and and then invite guys who wanted to piss into it.

    With all these young small-bodied girls available I can’t understand why anybody would want to live with an old 40 year old woman.
    If I get lucky on Lavalife, I can do that at home.

    But to the soi Cowboy nutcase and the soi Nana violence prone vigilante, hey Dude, we’re not pedophiles . . . . . we just like ’em young.

    Nobody should have to interact with a 40 year old woman unless she has a 20 year old daughter she wants you to barfine from her bar.  And what’s wrong with that.

    Like the man says, show me a scratch and dent free 20 year old and I’m sooooo there.
    (I like talking like a valley girl.)

  148. The Ref says:

    For sure this daffy duck and big black gulliver are a pair of goats. GOATS GODDAMMIT FUCKING GOATS.

  149. Nuff Said says:

    amen brother

  150. Serving up kicks in the nuts says:

    That little prick Pru needs to have his nuts kicked and his head cracked.

    End of fuckin story.

  151. Serving up kicks in the nuts says:

    Bangkok Insider = Prufrock


  152. Nuff Said says:

    @Serving up kicks in the nuts
    I reckon the only “serving up” you do comes along with the phrase “y’all want fries with that”
    you fucking muppet

  153. Daffy Duck says:

    Seeing as how you’re unable to answer a simple, single question, even after spending good time on two comments and 98 paragraphs of incorrect non-sense, here it is 


    – did you, or did you not, deny that airplane registration IDs are located on the dorsal side of the right wing?
    Stick with answering this one single point. Once you manage to do that, we’ll move on to the next.


  154. Serving up kicks in the nuts says:

    Anyone using “I recon” in a sentence not only gets a kick in da nuts but a couple in the head too. So quit fucking around and get that order of fries ready.


    You an Pru close buddies. Makes sense..

    DID YOU KNOW? You can’t pick a child abuser out of a crowd. There are no social or economic barriers. An abuser can be the president of a company, your brother, friend, father, grandfather, uncle, neighbor, teacher, babysitter, delivery person, straight, gay, married, single, male or female, adolescent to elderly, rich or poor, can be in a position of power or some nameless homeless person in your community.
    Child abusers may:

    Have been abused as children themselves
    Be Sexually attracted to children (most can’t or won’t resist these urges)
    Find positions where children are available (leader of children’s clubs, ministries, etc., coaches, camp counselors & chaperones, daycare centers, school positions, offers to babysit for friends & family, etc.)
    Seem to love children, children seem drawn to person
    Seek out women with children (or friends with children)
    Spend a lot of time with a child (not their own)
    Seem rigid, moral, a pillar of the community (too often accusations of abuse have not been believed because the person seemed to be too good, too outstanding to do such a thing
    Groom a child–create a special bond (this may involve giving child gifts, money, or even alcohol, or other ‘forbidden’ things that make it appear he is a special friend and creates atmosphere for secret keeping. Could also include playfully touching, tickling, etc., but moves toward inappropriate touch)
    Be an authoritarian or timid and unassertive
    Frequent places like video arcades
    Be addicted to child pornography
    Be uncomfortable in adult relationships (i.e., doesn’t relate well, insecure)
    Have symptoms and after-effects of a survivor
    Deny or rationalize their behavior
    Be Manipulative
    Befriend single mothers in order to get to the children. They prey on the desperation of the woman who has no support system. They often sleep with the mother
    “Roughhouse” with children–tickling, slapping buttocks, etc.–and use this playful guise when they are in fact touching inappropriately
    Calling young teenage girls “sexy” or making other sexually suggestive comments.

  155. I Recon says:

    I deserve a kick in da nuts.

    I’ll stand in line.

    Right here.

    Behind Prufrock and Keith.

    Freaking pervs.

  156. Willy Wonka says:

    Sounds about right.

  157. 911 Was an Inside Job says:

    9/11 was an inside job.
    daffys a pussy hole snitch.
    servin up kicks is a beeeeeaaaaaaaatttttcccchhhhh:)
    fuck bush, fuck cheyney, and fuck all you muppets that never knew what hit ya.

  158. Nuff Said says:


  159. End of Story says:

    You hit it spot on Serving up kicks in the nuts, let the coward sock puppets carry on. They know the score which is why they’re bitchin so much. 😉


  160. Street Boy says:

    Yo End of Story you Butt Nugget..
    here’s a tune for you to aspire to – you fucking “GOAT”

  161. Serving up kicks in the nuts says:

    Oye little “Back”Street Boy wanna be. I’d give you two kicks, but with you being a nutless wonder i know it’s not possible. Go back to your boy band faggot clubhouse.

  162. Serving up kicks in the nuts says:

    Where daffy and gully are waiting for you

  163. Daffy Duck says:

    So, I guess it’s time to step back again and let this thread flounder.
    At least we know that Kenny, as usual, is dishonest, as usual – promising to protect the integrity of contributor accounts (even if just in *this* thread – thereby admitting that he condones and participates in impersonations on other comment threads).
    No surprise.
    We also know that Prufrock is a liar and a cheat, not even willing to admit when he’s wrong, and paying off a measly $10 bet – in addition to either having a really bad memory (I’m being polite) or fabricating situations and conditions so he can claim victory tearing them down (that’s called a “strawman”).
    Last but not least, we know for sure that Kenny has managed to illustrate how not to manage and administer a weblog – it all keeps coming back to Werewolf’s insightful description of :
    “For an object lesson in what happens when a blog administrator abandons all responsibility for managing comments refer to the BigBabyKenny blog.

  164. Serving up kicks in the nuts says:

    fuck off daffers

  165. Ronru says:

    Kenny is still a Rockstar and you are still and piece of shit.

    Kenny has many paparazzi like Bangkok Buddy, William Mahanakorn, and Jimmy Smithers are blogging just about the excitement of seeing Kenny or texting each other every time Kenny posts something on this site.

    More people read BigBabyKenny than your site because Kenny knows how to sucker idiots like you into providing him free content.

    Do you know how many people are reading BigBabyKenny everyday just to watch Prufrock rip you a new asshole?

    Hint: more people reading BigBabyKenny in one day than visit your tracking cookie infested site in whole month.

    Here is a BigBabyKenny Hahahahahahahahahaha for you.

    You moron.

    You are the one living in a fantasy world not Prufrock.

  166. Serving up kicks in the nuts says:

    Well said Ronru

  167. Izzy says:

    Who cares. This site is infested with moron.

  168. Ronru says:


    You runny steaming slop of jizz vomit. So you’re sick of the comments other people make? How do you think we feel about your comments you fucking self-centered herpes covered pig faced rectum licking lice, blood, cum and shit covered pimpled peckered maggot. HMMMMMMMM? As if the nonsensical ramblings you provide qualify as “comments”.
    You think anyone here cares what you think you Nano Thermite dick sucking cum guzzling conspiracy jizz filled asshole. You apparently drool over the shit BBK pulls out of his ass as if its fucking Newton’s Law. It’s nothing more than his opinion. I’d like to see things from your point of view but I doubt my head would go that far up my ass, so go fuck off pecker polisher. You don’t like it go stick that thing you call a head in a sausage grinder. There are hundreds of places where a 1/4 chicken, rice and som tam meals can be had for less than 150 baht, or pork and pad pak, or fish and that’s fact. Understand you cum guzzling, shit smeared cockring licking boil infested dicksucker? Oh I forgot, you make yourself to be highly educated, though you won’t divulge to what extent, so I guess I should address you as Mr. Dicksucker for short. On one hand BBK suggests sex tourists should get out of the tourist areas and here proposes that if you come to Thailand the tourist areas in Bangkok are the places to go so his numbers make sense. A case of him pissing on himself.
    So Mr. Dicksucker, if you want to eat at nice 4 and 5 star restaurants why the fuck come to Thailand? The food from the small family restaurants and carts on small sois and subsois is hands down better value and taste if you know where to go (which is most anywhere, even near the tourist areas). You want your sanitized western meals then stay home and save the airfare you herpes licking ballsack sucking rotmouth ass pirate. With you knowing fuckall about the tourist areas its understandable all you know is Soi 4 bug carts and rat droppings of which you are so fond. Then again, for someone who finds a glass full of cum and menstrual blood a pleasant and preferred aperitif its understandable.. Of course you know plenty about eating bugs, I won’t challenge that as I’m sure you’ve had plenty of maggots and assorted bugs which fester in the crotch boils of the paid-for ladyboys who find you so appealing. Which goes to reinforce the maxim that flies really are attracted to shit.
    You fucking worthless piece of shit. I can see why you troll for ladyboy whores. No woman would put up with the fucking lame brained regurgitated ass fruit that comes out of that cock receptacle on the front of what has some resemblance of a face. Maybe you were married once, but my guess is your wife got tired of you dancing around the house in her tights, a tutu, fluffy bunny ears and a fucking gimp mask smeared in molasses and baked beans with a 20 cent dildo hanging out of your ass as part of your foreplay auto-erotic asphyxiation ritual. No? Perhaps it was your incessant rambling to her about your manlove fantasy with your next door neighbor Spike, having your rectum stuffed with his manmeat like a stuffed holiday turkey. Every time you post the same worthless crap I wonder why your dad never considered that his greatest contribution to mankind would have been cumming on your mother’s face.
    I can understand your anger though. I’d be angry too if my mother had asked the doctor why he handed her the afterbirth in the delivery room instead of you. I guess being born looking like a malformed pig faced gargoyle with the dick the size of a sea monkey takes a toll on a person. But thats not an excuse for stupidity Mr Dicksucker. I’m fucking amazed you aren’t relegated to sitting in a corner playing with your own shit and drinking your piss with the stupid things you say. Which has me wondering if you’re taking pills to make yourself so fucking stupid. See that doctor and have the dosage reduced. Whatever the hell it is orking and you should stop before overdosing. There is more to life than self-medication, self-fisting and being called “sugartits” by a 60 year old russian sex tourist. Now isn’t it time for you to get back to the bedroom where Totally Gay waits to cover you in shit, cum, blood, vomit, maple syrup and thermite?
    Keep the snappy comments coming you butt-fucking splint-dick jabba the hut look-a-like, someday you’re bound to say something intelligent.

  169. Serving up kicks in the nuts says:

    owned, battered and knocked the fuck into reality.
    ronru my friend – you have a canny way with words.

  170. Dr Amos says:

    Ronru – your foresight and intuition are razor sharp – how the fuck did you learn all that? – incredible…

  171. Serving up kicks in the nuts says:

    Ronru, too damn stupid to come up with anything creative so you steal a comment for Prufrock. A limp wristed faggot like you deserves a kick in da nuts over and over and over again.

  172. Prufrock says:

    Part 4
    Why I even bothered with this goof  . . . . .

    This has been only a partial rebuttal of only some of the tedious smearings of virulent internet pest “daffy duck” . . . . . . . .  a person whose incessant penchant for smearing and bullying and pestering and hassling and ridiculing and libeling and lying about anyone he pleased, long ago  had breached the limits of civility and more importantly, my tolerance.
    I have shown daffy duck to be just a common barstool bullshitter whose  desperate pretensions to credence, gravitas and innate credulity (in this one of many episodes) have strained the limits of civil discourse far beyond those which anyone can legitimately be entitled.
    Some of us as “foreign citizen” pre-internet expats can remember enduring earlier incarnations of daffy’s type . . . . . the, ah, faux Viet Vet, or CIA man,  the “retired millionaire” who leaves you with the check, and to a lessor extent to the “person of influence” who’d have you believe he could always for your betterment or your detriment (wink) “speak to someone he knew”. . . . . to name a few.
    Our meeting and the parts of our conversation in which daffy dropped his customary tight-wrapped pretenses definitely had its enjoyable and entertaining moments. Perhaps with a course of therapy and some of the more up-to-date SSRI medications, daffy might actually overcome his insecurities to a point where he’d be able to understand the need for decorum and two-way tolerance when in conversation.
    Sadly, however, as one can readily determine after enduring a few moments with this fellow, daffy’s journey to conversational civility and politesse will be a long and painful one. Contact with daffy demands superhuman forbearance.
    The poor man’s drive to blackmail, threaten and “embroider the record”, misstate what has actually been communicated, his incessant ad hominen slights, smears and personal attacks.
    daffy’s copy/paste one-liners have destroyed the atmosphere of light-hearted exchange, the otherwise helpful brotherly environment and the general conversational; milieu on at least three local blogs.
    You should ask yourself why he is shunned on every other local blog but his own.
    In fact after he had created a blog for the sole purpose of attacking those who didn’t please him and for smearing all those with whom he disagrees he is by his own hand effectively restricted to commenting on his own blog. Even the causticly and bizarrely disdainful and derivative Millie Handlemanhorn handles daffy and his “joint-venture” pal-isms with latex gloves. And Bangkok Buddy has (accurately so) rejected their toxic, extortionate, libelous Keith Summers-like offer to pay candid shots of us all as evil.  Buddy is right . . . . . . these guys are definitely sick.
    Ultimately, after our couple-or-so hours of conversation I came away thinking that, more important than anything else, daffy had sought to be perceived as an uber-ingenious person, a man of gravitas whose attention to any project (including quietly living one’s own life) would be of tremendous value and assistance. If one rejected that concept, then daffy was one to be feared and respected for his ability to wring facts and information out of common events and everyday phenomena everyday and the commonplace. A modern Merlin.
    While not particularly worrying, I found this personality neurosis of daffy’s somewhat disquieting. This type of mythoman  . . . . .  the compulsive  bullshitter, Walter Mitty-esque figure  . . . . is everywhere. Especially in Bangkok and more relevant to this blog, on the internet.
    I left our Landmark Terrace meeting scratching my head and simply wondering  “???why on earth???” would an otherwise competent and credible conversationalist of some background and no small talent feel the need to impress me with such obvious embroidery and re-fabrication of something he’d found on Summers’ pathetic website? At the same time why would he refuse even one iota or scintilla of credence to the vast and growing body of evidence that demonstrates that the US government was to a greater or lesser degree in some way complicit in 9/11 and the imaginary war on terror.  What appears as something of an aside becomes relevant when we understand that both penchants have their basis in fear.
    If attainment of faux prestige had indeed been daffy’s intent in goading me into this meeting with taunts of cowardice and frailty, the outcome of our meeting had the opposite effect . . . . . .  due in part to this one unfortunate self-serving shadow-fabrication but cumulatively to a host of nearly hysterical reactions to almost any other conversational tangents.
    At this point in a long account I see no purpose served by going into them except to say that “science” to daffy is only applicable on his terms and in support his positions. . . . . and so is any other method of inquiry. The extent to which he’ll stop a conversational exchange to rudely reject factual input betrays his desperate need to “prevail” rather than communicate.
    All evidence must be examined  . . .  not just the stuff that props up one’s scientific prejudices . . . not ridiculed, not ignored, not smeared, not “ad hominem-ed, not welded to labels, not welded to myth and proven nonsense tales and not rejected in a craven cowardly embrace of what’s politically correct.
    Moving on
    In his grossly adjusted and over-simplified account of what he actually  said, daffy wished and still wishes to redact the incident down to two defensible issues:

    – He now claims that the photo of the plane’s wing that I specified never existed and that I invested the parameters I claim he described. (This is a lie, I have claimed all along that while the photo daffy described to me at the Landmark does not exist.  . . . that this is the photo that daffy took great pains to lead me to believe did exist.
    This  was going to be the photo with Summers’ and the plane wing’s registration numbers clearly visible behind Summers’ through the photo’s background window. . . . all in focus  . . . .  and from which daffy had sleuthed Summers’ location.
    This was the bullshit claim I politely (but with some embarrassment for anyone trying dross like this on)  ignored.
    Sure, Summers website legacy exists but the NokAir photo that daffy so painstakingly described in detail at our meeting the Landmark . . . .  the photo  I have specified and I repeatedly demanded existed  only as a prop for his sad bullshit claim.

    Look daffy, I think that this is as good a time as any to get over the idea that you are the smartest guy in the room.
    You are not.
    In my long and varied work-lives, I have had to deal with all kinds liars, cheats, obfuscaters, prevaricators, tin men, four-flushers, con-artists, story-tellers and compulsive self-agrindizers  . . . . .  off and on in work and in play . . . .  So my major concern was that you would deny the incident in its entirely and I couldn’t have that.
    So it was “Game on  ;-)”
    I guess it never occurred to you just why I didn’t just challenge your whole story  right out of the box back in the day. Did you think as you so often sang and danced about it that I had been out smarted by your Nokpost???
    The only issue for ME back then was just to get you to confirm in text that you had really popped that bullshit plane-wing tale.  Yeah you . . . . . .  you  who are constantly demanding screen shots and who are incessantly demanding links to this and that and, oh yes  fatuously and gratuitously demanding in a two-bit blog  that you be supplied “proof” a criminally contrived conspiratorial  event that has shaped the history of the last decade . . . . . . you had to be “handled”
    Sorry if you (and others 😉 didn’t get that you had to be handled but you were being handled and effectievle locked up.
    Loved the way you pranced around though, you simpering ninny.
    It wasn’t really that hard, but I had to bate the trap with your favorite morsel . . . . . the chance to ridicule.
    To get you into the box, I first needed you to commit to your unfortunate Nok Air play. Thanks for doing that.  The question for me was NOT whether the numbers appeared on that wing.
    So got it??  This was the only way I could guarantee you’d cop to this precipitously unbelievable tale to begin with. And yes I and others can still recall that I held my fire as you pranced around the blogosphere like a dancing disco fool when you posted those Nok Air photos back.
    Summers PBAir shot ???  Like who were they man? You mentioned nothing whatsoever about PB Air in your story and your follow up provenance. It was all Nok Air this and Nok Air that . . . .  and you’d called Nok Air scheduling and you’d verified this and that with your high placed friends.
    You have been hoisted on your own petard.
    hohohohohohohohhohoheeheeheeheeheheheheheheh . . . bwahahahahahahah hoohooohooohoo (sigh) snicker bwahahahahahahahahaha . . . . Um, sorry if this wee “guffaw” in which I finally partake  appears a “smidge”  long or as they say LONGEST but  well, you know the story.
    You who make a fucking career of smearing the credibility and the intelligence, the lives, the education, the language, indeed the background  and the life-style decisions of everyone else on the web as liars and as fools and as incompetents. . . . .

    daffy? This looks real good on you.

    Case closed?  . . . . . . .  hardly,  you have demonstrated to me and the two or three hundred people who actually care about all this that you are at best an exceptionally talented, but nonetheless commonplace barstool bullshitter  😉
    Nobody’s perfect, daffy.
    All that you have smeared is now on you, daffy.
    I finally just took a few moments to explain to you and your fans just how clearly you deserve a good dollop of this ridicule you have so sadistically  smeared on others for years.  Many of these folks had done nothing to you, many were defenseless against the savagery and the vicious nature of your attacks and countless others must have decided that you were one to avoid at all costs.
    Oh yes and please do revive your sarcastic and puerile bowdlerization of Childe Rolande . . . . you steaming discharge-dripping trichomoniasis infected cunt of a human being.

  173. Prufrock says:

    @ Ronru: You are a master wordsmith.
    Indeed, I  have not encountered such rapier invective for nigh-on 40 years.
    When I, out of the goodness of my heart, phoned a Cairo money-changer from the Cairo International Airport to save him the trouble of taking his newly scammed $12569.00 dollars in Canadian Tire money down to the bank for deposit on Monday.
    (ˆIt seems that notwithstanding the  multi-coloured bills’ lovingly etched portraits of Old Scottie, Canadian Tire and Canadian Lire read in a remarkably similar fashion to the squinty-eyed bastard who’d beaten me down to eighty cents on the dollar 🙂 not four hours earlier.

    Fortunately, Ethiopian Airways took off from CIA on time 🙂

    @ Serving up kicks in the nuts ( or “Sukin” to his homes )
    Hey “Sukin”  Give credit where it’s due.
    That’s all Ronru  . . . and as you know Ronru and I  “sort of” don’t agree on my main “raison du blog-er” you can appreciate that this comes straight from his black puss-infested heart.

  174. Serving up kicks in the nuts says:

    Your right Prufrock – I am a buttsucking turd (gully to my family)

  175. Prufrock says:

    @ daffy duck
    Give it up will ya??????   Back to smearing me as dishonourable  . .  .or anyone else as somehow tainted if they do not agree with your perverse delusions.
    You have been exposed as a liar and a bullshitter.
    Who the fuck could EVER tolerate more than the time it took to expose that fact about you.
    Still more of your weak-assed repetition of your whole cloth-made-up  lies and your bullshit ???
    Listen Goofy duck, all the tape-looping in the world won’t get you out from under all that faggy prancing and
    all the chicken-dancing you did when you posted your victorious NokAir
    “lay-down”. . . .
    YOU ARE BUSTED, YOU BULLSHITTER . . . don’t you get iot.
    You just called game over a year too soon.
    I won.
    You KNOW that at the Landmark, you gassed on for over fifteen minutes about how you  had called Nok Air,
    and about how you found out about Nok Air flights, and the actual aircraft involved
    (I seem to remember that Nok flew different aircraft to what you ascribe to PB Air. Care to get your well-placed friends clarify????
    Fuck man YOU have just  SO been BUSTED . . . . I reckon you better pull yet another of your haughty bitchy stage exits and then crawl, swollen-nutted, back to your pathetic personal club house and your arese-licking gang of filth-spewing acolytes.
    And that was “BUSTED” well before you thought you could fool everyone
    with your “master embroiderer”  SUMMERS, MR. KEITH “detail” you cut and pasted into your “proof”
    What the fuck was THAT supposed to be ??? ? The passenger’s name is taken off the passport , liar.
    To be really convincing you’d need Keith R Summers, wouldn’t you.  (no initial??)
    Thought you’s dress it up a little more,  did you???    Fuck man you just do NOT know when to quit.
    When you are THIS far into the hole daphne  . . Just stop, the fuck, digging.
    You are a PROOVEN fucking liar and a bullshitter daffy and all the “post game”  BULLSHIT you can possibly dream up will convince NO ONE that you are anything other than a COMMON barstool bullshit artist  . . . . with some computer skills, if we are to accept your account of your being, a self-quote here, “a smart guy” .
    We all knew you were a huge bully before but NOW when we see you get what you’ve had coming to you for years it is no surprise
    to see you crapping of your gracious host Kenny, ignoring the FACT that you got busted in mid fucking NoK AIR and now as you roll around on the canvass we get your flaccid, limp-wristed “call” to have us acknowledge you for “revving this thread.
    You’re DONE,  you dumb cunt.
    Now fuck off from this thread back to your loving one-liner arse-lickers over there on your private blog that NO BODY ever goes to.
    😉   🙂  heheheheheheheheheheheheheehhohohohohohohohohohohhohoohoohoohoohoohoohhahahahahahahaha bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha . . . .
    daffy (the common BARSTOOL BULLSHITTER) duck

  176. Prufrock says:

    address that pesky Nok Air issue 🙂  and  do is SQUARELY (what am I saying  . .  do you even know what that fucking means ???)
    and while you’re doing THAT you jumped up fat=ass, just remember that you POSTED you pictures of Nok Air.
    And here I thought that I was being over-viginlant in trapping you like that.
    You;re fucked, duck.
    A busted barstool BULLSHITTER.
    Dija fly Nok Air
    or didja not fly Nok Air
    that is the question  and of course all tha checking
    fortunately for this of us WISE to the ways of barstool liar, truth-twisre=ter and BULLSHITTER daffy duck
    well daffy will just say that this is “just so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o not important that there are really only two things to consider.
    heeheeheeheeheeheeheehohohohohohoh hahahahahahahahaha hoohoohoohoohoohhoo    🙂       🙂       🙂

  177. RealDaffyDuck says:

    I “AM” GOAT

  178. END OF STORY says:

    Prufrock. You got kicked in the nuts, so to speak.

    You rebutted nothing. Making things up. Typical Prufrock.

    Live and Learn. You are irrelevant.


  179. RealDaffyDuck says:


  180. Always Something There To Remind You says:

    Prufrock, You’re about as stupid as Ronru. How many times have you been caught in lies? 20? 40? Not that it’s going to change your behavior.

    SERVING UP KICKS IN THE NUTS is correct. The comment he posted as his own is just another typical example of the Prufrock/Ronru/Sockpuppet cut-n-paste job.

    Thailand Girl Tech – Anime Eyes
    Fake Werewolf says:
    July 13, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    This was written about or to Proofie from someone. I think it still holds true!
    Prufrock AKA Poofucker AKA Dumbfucker AKA Shit For Brains
    You runny steaming slop of jizz vomit…..

    Then there was another comment on the post: Thailand – Nothing Ever Changes
    Sophochka says:
    February 7, 2011 at 1:02 am
    Prufrock AKA Poofucker AKA Dumbfucker AKA Shit For Brains
    You runny steaming slop of jizz vomit…..

    Then you have the imbecile Ronru using the same comment. Just here to remind you that you continue to be not only IRRELEVANT, but a LIAR as well. Yes, you lost. You owe daffyduck a drink. Man up, COWARD.

    Kenny. GREAT website you have here. Hahaha-hehehe-hohoho

  181. Robert. says:

    I am Ronru, but you can call me Cluey. I am a loser. I only have 2 friends. Keith and Angry John “Prufrock”. I think Kenny likes me but he doesn’t return my e-mails, so I can’t count him.

    Would anyone else out there be my friend? Please?

    I am desperate. Not a Kenny type of desperate or a Keith I like 15 year old girls desperate. No, more of a Prufrock I need attention so badly I’ll say any lie I can to make my point type of desperate.

    I miss my mommy.

  182. Prufrock says:

    Your name was protected daffy.
    Your upset about having been exposed as a BARSTOOL BULLSHITTER, daffy.
    PBAir or Nok Air,  daffy . . . . . . . . . .  which one (if any)  do ya want us to believe you called ?
    You have a choice asshole: admit to lying back then or admit to lying now or as
    most everyone knows by now  . . . . admit to being a completely barking mad sicko.
    But we’ll agree to whatever lie you finally settle on because, well, you probably need some sleep.
    I know you porker out, you know you proceed out and now anyone who can read knows you porker out.
    And as for your filth-spewing buddies?
    I don’t care what they believe.
    Gotta say though  . . . . . .  This huge fucking porkie of yours really looks good on you   😉
    (Um, right, bullshitter 😉
    @ Ronru: Did you mean all that colourful invective (the big long one back there, cowboy, remember?) did you mean that to
    be laid on Prufrock as opposed to daffy?  If it was meant for me it is wasted as any and all of those charming pedophile comments
    and all of the other made-up shit that these fools spew.
    I am mildly pleased to be the forum vocabulary coach and I am delighted to see as well that my use of words like “imbecile” has come into use (albeit by fools who couldn’t find their own asses with both hands and a flashlight).
    What the hell.
    You guys (morons and liars and drunk-posting scum like Ronru) effectively self-filter, in any case.
    Without months of painstakingly formulated and placing of militarily patented explosives those WTC towers 1,2 & 7 didn’t stand a chance of collapsing.
    Creeps like daffy duck have proved nothing except that he and you guys are just too shit-scared to take a real look at the evidence.
    Either that or you’re too fucking stoopid to read scientific research papers and you never had any basic physics tuition.

    Ask “Lucky Larry” Silverstein
    9/11 was an inside job.

  183. Nuff Said says:

  184. Ronru says:

    Prufrock – Do realize that you are seriously disturbed, do you?

  185. F7 says:

    Tattoo “Child Molester” on the canucklehead’s forehead.

  186. uncle sam says:

    Prufrock may be irrelevant online. But if he makes it inside the big house he’ll be toast of the cell block.

  187. Dominator says:


    You’re full of shit. Anyone can google “PB Air Photo” or PB Air Image” and see a number of photos where the registration number of the airplane is visible on the top of the right wing.

    How does it feel when you look in the mirror each day knowing you are the poster child for imbeciles around the world?

  188. John Vernachin says:

    Daffy duck abused me when I was young.
    He is worse than the Popes brethren.
    Filthy, homosexual child abuser.
    I won’t ever get over it and i hope he burns in hell

  189. John Vernachin says:

    I can’t believe he is running free in cyberspace
    He is a child abusing nonce.
    Disgusting fat slap head pedophile.

  190. Random Quality Rap Lyric says:

    Sorry to hear that John.
    We here have known about his sickness for a long time.
    Try to put it behind you – there is no other option.
    Interpol now know about this filthy child molester “Daffy Duck”, and are now trying to piece together all the evidence so they can pursue a case against him.

  191. Washington Square says:

    Disgusting child abusing faggot nonce that Daffy Duck.
    When we see him – he’ll get whats coming to him – the filthy pedo

  192. A fairly frequent customer says:

    filthy cunt that daffy duck
    child molesting faggot.

  193. A fairly frequent customer says:

    I tried to post this on daffys blog, but he’s only accepting input from his chums. he’s also turned off the thumbs up thums down widget as everybody was giving him too many thumbs down (obviously as he is a dutty nonce.

  194. all together now says:


  195. Kingston Smoke says:

    If your past comments are any indication of what you were going to say, it’s a wise decision.

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