Nakaburi Resort – Udon Thani

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The Nakabhuri Resort is 15 km outside of Udon Thani on the main road toward the border crossing at Nong Khai.

It caters mostly to Hi So Thai’s on vacation, isn’t listed on any of the tourist websites (,, etc.), and has a minimal internet presence.

It is a complete resort with restaurant, spa, pool, and full services.

If you knew where all the Bangkok Thai G-Clubs where, knew how they worked, what motivated the girls, and how, to acquire one as a girlfriend without wasting time and a ton of money, the Nakabhuri Resort is a perfect out of town getaway for you and your girl.

Once you check in, as long as your honey is with you, there is no reason to leave and you are in the perfect place to enjoy her fully. Ooops. I meant enjoy her company fully. 555

Every day you can slip her into the cheap micro bikini you bought in Bangkok, oil her up with some coconut oil and spread her out on a towel by the pool. Periodically drag her by the hair back to your air conditioned room and have a private party all weekend.

For dinner the Nakaburi has a gourmet restaurant and a local band plays at night.

Every night, you can walk down to the club restaurant and have a nice dinner with your honey.  Ply her with potent and powerful tropical drinks where the alcohol is masked by fruit juices until she is happy and horny.  Drag her by the hair back to your air conditioned room and have a private party all night and every night.

I should write copy for the Thailand Tourist Authority. 555

This is the view out of one of the deluxe rooms.

The rooms have cable TV (no plasmas) with mostly channels in Thai. If you don’t speak Thai, the TV will mostly frustrate you.

There is WiFi in the lobby but not in the rooms.

Too bad it was mostly families with kids checked into the rooms.

With this view, I was hoping to see some rich Thai dudes with their premium G-Girl quality mistresses all oiled up, sunning themselves, lounging by the pool in their Brazilian cut bikinis, sipping fruit drinks, and occasionally getting dripping wet and doing some yoga.

All the expensive state of the art camera gear is wasted taking pictures of some palm trees and water.

Ca la vie.


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  1. Fake Werewolf says:

    I have two questions for you!  Why no pictures of the Hi-So Hookers hanging out by the pool and how much did you pay the whore you took with you to this quality resort?  Do you have pictures of her?  Post them you pussy!

  2. <blockquote>With this view, I was hoping to see some rich Thai dudes with their premium G-Girl quality mistresses all oiled up, sunning themselves, lounging by the pool in their Brazilian cut bikinis</blockquote>
    Premium G-Girl quality mistresses don’t get all oiled up — at least not to “sun” themselves by the pool.
    If they lounge by the pool at all, it will be no earlier than a half-hour before sunset.

  3. cruiserPimp says:

    Looks like a pleasant place to stage out of before hitting the Thai-style G-clubs in Udon.

  4. BBK says:

    Real Werewolf,

    They should do what you want them to do.

    That is the difference between Thailand and The World and between Hometown Heroes and those who “get banged better, cheaper, and more efficiently.”

    At least that is the theory. 5555


  5. Pat says:

    Looks like a nice place to chill…  shame their web site isnt up to much. What were the room rates? 

  6. BBK says:


    They are having a special promotion right now where their normal room is 750 THB per night and includes a free breakfast. If you call them and ask for it, they will give it up.

    During normal times, I think the rate is close to 1500 THB per night and more for the better rooms.


  7. Thai men who have Premium G-Girl quality mistresses aren’t known for wanting their women to blacken themselves in the sun.
    That’s more of a farang thing I believe.

  8. BBK says:

    Real Werewolf,

    You’re right.

    I guess the whole G-Girl lounging in string bikini by the pool will just have to remain a fantasy.




  9. BangkokMilkshakes says:

    BBK: baby im taking you on holiday

    PREMIUM G GIRL: (giggles excitedly) where are we going? krabi…….samui?

    BBK: no baby, we are going Hi-So!

    PREMIUM G GIRL: oh wow…Banyan tree Phuket?

    BBK:hahaha no baby, im taking you to Udonthani

    PGG: arai wa?

    BBK;dont worry sugar pie. theres a pool…

    PGG: why the HELL would i want a pool?

    BBK: so you can oil yourself up and get sunburnt of course…

    PGG: i spend my entire fucking life applying skin whitening cream and staying OUT OF THE SUN……..are you SURE THIS IS GONNA BE FUN?

    BBK: hell yes I am…there is a band that play all the issan classics, and hotel california too…and if thats not enough, i can always drag you about by your hair and force you to fuck my tiny, unsatisfying penis!

    PGG: great Kenny, im really, really looking forward to this trip. thank you so much

  10. Fake Werewolf says:

    I’m so glad Kenny is back!  Milkshakes, well done!  His take on this may even be more incorrect than the famous Isarn Pickup Truck write-up.
    Keep em coming Kenny……..

  11. BBK says:


    You forgot all your BBK V1.o.

    BBD (Bigger Better Deal) means the girl does what you want.

    If you’re a Hometown Hero you do what the girl wants.

    So how about this (the BBK V1.o Way):

    BBK: Baby I want to go to a resort in Udon Thani this weekend. I want you to wear this bikini I bought for you and I want you to lie out in the sun, get drunk and horny and when I feel like it you come back to our room and we bang like dogs in heat.

    Premium G-Girl: OK. Whatever you say.


    Or the Bangkok Milkshakes/Hometown Hero way:

    Milkshakes: Baby I want to go to Udon Thani this weekend.

    Premium G-Girl: No. I want to go to Koh Samui.

    Milkeshakes: Cmon honey. Go to Udon Thani and I’ll buy you a nice gold necklace and up your monthly support by 5,000.

    Premum G-Girl: No. Koh Samui and if I’m not in a good mood don’t expect to get any. And I want to go shopping while I’m there so expect to give me 10,000 or no sex.

    Milkshakes: OK. Don’t be mad Teerak. You know I love you. Koh Samui is OK but can you wear a sexy bikini for me?

    Premium G-Girl: No. I don’t want to get dark. What kind of idiot are you for asking such a stupid thing. You put me in a bad mood now. If you don’t kiss my ass I’m not putting out tonight.

    Milkshakes: Cmon baby. Please don’t be mad. I didn’t mean anything. Please forgive me. Please. Please. Please. ………




  12. ronru says:

    BBK – 1 UP !
    BangkokShitShakes – A fat 0 (as always)

  13. BangkokMilkshakes says:

    youre delusional, i love it!  the trick is Kenny….deciding where YOU wanna go…(now that may well be a swimming pool in Udonthani, but personally I prefer places a lot less shit) and then calling a girl who would be happy to join you for free, because they like you.  try that one sometime!
    hello ronru, hows life in the institution?

  14. Just Passing Buy says:

    Looks to me like this BBK fellow never actually had a premium g-girl, as his fantasy scenario indicates.

    A more realistic scenario would have been:

    “BBK: Baby I want to go to a resort in Udon Thani this weekend. I want you to wear this bikini I bought for you and I want you to lie out in the sun, get drunk and horny and when I feel like it you come back to our room and we bang like dogs in heat.

    Premium G-Girl: (walks out, slams door, warns all her friends of the kee neeow guy)”
    Well, unless she’s a ‘premium’ girl from udonthani, in which case she’s not ‘premium’ at all.
    My money’s on BBK never actually having had anything close to said premium g-girl.
    Excellent and realistic satire by bangkokmilkshakes – I love the extra special touch of “arai wa”

  15. ronru says:

    As always BangkokShitshakes makes simultaneous noises from his mouth and backside.

    Big shot, you don’t live in Thailand, know very little and just an occasional sex tourist like most of us.

    When Kenny speaks you should jump to attention and salute !!

  16. BBK says:


    Do you really believe that the girls you meet on The Reservation just want to be with you solely because they like you, that your handsome, or that you rock their world in the bedroom?

    Do you really believe that money or the prospect of money plays no role in their behavior?

    I was talking to a girl I’ve known for several years and I asked her how many people in her family were working.  Her answer was 2. she worked and her brother worked in a restaurant in Khorat.

    I asked how many in her family and she said 6—mother, father, sister, brother, baby, and her.

    2 people supporting 6 in a country with no social safety net. If anyone gets sick and needs medical care or one of the two working members get injured and can’t work, the whole family is going to go down and it is going to be real ugly when they do.

    There is nothing unusual about this situation. It’s the nitty gritty details of life for a “woman  in a country and culture where not only do most women start off life poor but where most of the normal paths to upward economic and social mobility are blocked by age old laws, values, and government interference in the free market.”

    A Hometown Hero will call this girl, invite her to go to a resort for a week, and convince himself and tell all his friends that money or the prospect of money isn’t coming into play.

    The Hometown Hero will tell all his friends and brag on the internet that “his girl” is different and really loves him.

    A scumbag would hang out with this girl, have a wonderful time with her, give her nothing and tell his friends the girl is “in love” with him.

    If are Close to the Line then you and the girl are in similar situations but if you do have money only the truly heartless or clueless wouldn’t give her some.


  17. BangkokMilkshakes says:

    im sorry kenny you can spare me the economics lecture. I guess ultimately we are talking about different things. As i doubt i would take a girl from ‘the reservation’ on holiday anywhere. i would get bored after a couple of days. Of course if i WAS taking a whore on holiday, then paying her would obviously be part of the deal, and if that was the scenario then i wouldnt waste either my time or hers by taking her to Udonthani.

    if you live in this city for any amount of time, then its more than possible to have a phone full of normal, hot, independent and educated women who you can enjoy spending time with, who actually like you, and who would (work or school (;P) comittments permitting) gladly join you on a holiday. I wouldnt take them to Udonthani either.

  18. BangkokMilkshakes says:

    *phone full of numbers of…..

  19. BBK says:


    The original discussion was about G-Girls.

    I think the confusion is that I meant G-Girls you are paying to be your mistress. If your paying these girls they should go where you want to go.

    I agree with you about the the normal, hot, independent and educated women. That was the whole thrust of Getting Off The Reservation. To get away from Reservation Girls and  hang out with normal girls if  your not looking to just bang a ton of girls once.

    I also agree with you that it is not hard or difficult for the guys who aren’t trolls to find, meet, and date these women.

    Unfortunately, the interest today is pretty bereft of information about how and where to do this.


  20. Dr Love says:

    Daffy, our attempts at having scuttled seem to have come to nothing.  I suggest we should move onto Plan B, you acquiring position as Vice Chancellor and pulling rank over Mr BBK

    As your academic achievements are positively*underwhelming* I think your ‘5th Grade 25m backstroke’ certificate and ‘Mommys Boy Award 1988’ should *dazzle* the interview committee

    Good luck my friend 

    The Doctor

  21. BangkokMilkshakes says:

    kenny youre right. we are talking about two different things. but you are still totally wrong about taking a Premium G girl to udonthani to work on her tan, that aint never going to happen. Just out of interest, i thought you got shut down…what are the terms and conditions of your release?

  22. BBK says:


    We are talking about different things.

    Your right about a normal Bankgok Thai girl not wanting to go to Udon Thani.

    If you are talking about taking them to a resort like the Nakaburi where you just sit and lounge around all day and maybe never even go into town, they could be into it. It’s a pretty normal Thai family thing to do.

    If you are talking about going to Udon Thani and taking her out drinking and dancing, your right. I doubt she’d be into it.

    But if you are sponsoring her and you are into it, then she should be into it.

    To answer your other questions, you read the posts in:



  23. Prufrock says:


    I figure the “terms and conditions of release” for BBK have something to do with the academic freedom of tenured professors.

    This has nothing to do with liking what the “academic” in question has to say. Liking Kenny. Thinking Kenny is “the shits”.

    Google what it means to be tenured.  Kenny has tenure.

    Tenured professors under threat sometimes take a golden handshake (Stephen E Jones) but that was not the case here.

    I gotta tell ya, after years of posting on these boards, reading the tripe (opinion) that gets shovelled around here and having some familiarity with what passes for intellect on these boards and in these parts, I have to say that it comes as no surprise to learn that what actually goes on in a university setting as opposed to what actually goes on in some rubber-hammer joint or some JC is a complete mystery to most mongers.

    So yeah let’s have a barrage of cut and paste smears from those who’d hate someone who refused to be bullied into kissing ass, who refused to get “biffed” by a pack of wannabe frat-boys and who essentially had the where-with-all to fight back when somebody stepped on his blue suede shoes.

    Any antagonist who has  to suck up to a pack of gamy-pussy, thrush-infested, mustachioed, “women’s studies” (what the fuck IS that??)  HOSE BAGS  to get their tactics in play, lets face it; is strategically bereft and tactically bankrupt.

    DO keep that stoopid fucking dummy site going.

    It’s just so witty.

    And its about as original as some of these schmo ‘s will ever get.
    But yeah, no one ever said that this was a poet’s city.

    Seems more like a gathering place for gossip mongering doofuses who if the truth be known would really be happier in a fucking quilting bee.

    From pretending to themselves and others that there is no cost to the sex they have with the local women, while some of them are effecively begging mom and dad for the rent.  . .  . spending the capital pile on “nightlife”,  stumbling around from one free balloon to another, lying through their fucking teeth and their silly blogs about anything that’s really ever happened to them is their  sad reality.

    Self-delusion, with or without alcohol abuse gets huge fall-back play around here.

    It’s a fucking gas to watch.
    Rock on Kenny and I know that in your heart of hearts you know that 9/11 WAS an inside job  😉

  24. BangkokMilkshakes says:

    Prufrock, have you ever seen a documentary called ‘The power of Nightmares?’ – google and download

  25. Prufrock says:

    Sure. That “Nightmares” documentary  is a chiller. . . . an absolute chiller.

    If you’re a fan of good doc’s you know there are many others out there.

    And, yes, there’s some crap as well. But we’re smart. We are not children. We know when someone is jamming mere opinion or opinion disguised as fact down our throats so we can certainly distinguish between propaganda and reportage. It’s very easy to screed out the crap in this medium; just apply the fact/opinion filter. Attributions need to come from solid unbiased or declared-bias “non-agenda” sources.

    In the end it’s easy to spot a bullshitter; they’re usually trying to make you do something or to get some of your stuff, right?

    P-R-S marketing was my bread and butter for a while. I’m all to0 familiar with the techniques.

    And , for better or worse, I’ve been following the play ever since Bay of Pigs and its subsequent fallout over the next five decades.

    Look at what’s been pulled on us (well, not me 😉 in the last five years alone. Just list the (I won’t bother, if you’ll forgive me. It’s relax time.

    Not a penchant for so-called conspiracy theory BTW, P-R-S identification and analysis is just a technique to avoid the group-think trap.

    What really should be taught in school and taught well is what actually constitutes “fact” and what constitutes “opinion” and then we might well be taught on how to discern the two no matter how skillfully they may be misrepresented. A little hads on examination of the scientific method (Alfred North Whitehead) is a good start. (Instead of this ooga- booga deodorant-ad science we get shoved at us.
    BTW there’s a new “juke-joint”:-)   “honky-tonk?” at the end of Thonglor on the west side   . . . .    ‘Shakes/
    Ok, ok, well maybe there’s no apostrophe. 

  26. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple zeroProof!

  27. Purple Raul says:

    Meester Kenny,

    in my home of Panama, sometimes the police takes you away when you done something to offend the government. in my home in panama, i believe you would long be taken away by the police.

  28. Purple Avenger says:

    Meester Kenny,

    in my home of Panama, there are many people writing blog. many people writing blog in panama lookat your blog every day. they do this so that they can learn how not to write a bad blog. meester werewolf taught us that.

  29. Fuck Me? Fuck You! says:

    Any photos of you banging under aged girls Meester Kenny?

  30. aindh says:

    You take girl here to fuck. What you know about Thai but sex lady. No old age man go young lady good.

  31. Serious Question says:

    I would like to know if the author has actually done this (I say he hasn’t).

    Every day you can slip her into the cheap micro bikini you bought in Bangkok, oil her up with some coconut oil and spread her out on a towel by the pool. Periodically drag her by the hair back to your air conditioned room and have a private party all weekend.

  32. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for Sex Tourists says:

    This is a good story. Nobody can say “stupid sex tourist” like Kenny when he talks about taking his Bangkok hooker to an upcountry resort.

  33. BBK Fanboy says:

    Leave Kenny alone. He needs love like everyone does.

    Good thing he’s got a pal like Ronru who’s motto is “never leave your friend’s behind.”

  34. Berkan says:

    I just noticed the “Favorites per view” siastttic on Insight. I think it must be broken, because the average for my videos is about 0.75. It’s hard for me to believe that 3 out of 4 people that view my videos favorite them. Even more suspicious is that on May 3rd, the number is about 1.2 — which would mean that people were favoriting more than once per view. Seems highly unlikely …

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