My Ladyboy Experiences by Alfie

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DSC_0026aI have been to Thailand many times, as well as most other countries in SE Asia.  When I first arrived in Bangkok, Ladyboys seemed amusing to me, funny, crazy, but as long as I didn’t have sex with them, I thought they would not hurt me.

Wrong Wrong Wrong.

Two times I have had my pocket picked while walking on the street, both times by LadyBoys.

The first time was about four years ago.  I wasn’t sure what to do as two ladyboys came up to me right in the middle of Ko San Road.  They started putting their hands on me and I knew they were going to steal something, I didn’t know what.  I had my wallet in my front pocket and I thought it was safe.  I tried to push them away and even called, to no avail, for other tourists to help me.  Then an old man came up and started threatening to kill me.  The three of them were working together.  They got my wallet before they ran away.

I did manage to take a photo of the ladyboy that I thought took my wallet and I took the digital file to the police.  The police quickly found her, put her in cuffs and arrested her.  But when they learned I was leaving Thailand and going home, they said they had to let her go as I had to be there for the trial or there would be no trial.  Great, now I know that a thief has free reign to steal from the Farang tourist.

I was in a jam then as I was scheduled to leave Bangkok in two days and I lost my credit cards.  What to do?  I had to get my credit card numbers from a travel agent that I used and wire myself some money.  Only then could I call the bank and tell them of the theft.  After I told the bank of the theft, they promptly closed all of my accounts.  They would have left me stranded if I had told them immediately.  Ok, sorry for the bank, the ladyboy and her friends took $2,000.00 from my credit cards before the bank closed the accounts, but according to bank rules, I had three days to notify them of the theft.

Once home, I was able to blow up the file I gave to the police and I discovered that my wallet was clearly visible in the photo.  The ladyboy was sitting on my wallet.  See the attached photo.

Ok, flash ahead two years.  In the fall of 2008, as banks were failing in the USA I went to Bangkok again.  I had $2,500.00 in my wallet so I was trying to be very careful.  This time I was on Sukumvit road near Soi 21.  A ladyboy came up to me and grabbed my by the balls.  She grabbed me so hard that it hurt and she asked me if she could go back to my room with me.  I extended my left hand and pushed her away as hard as I could.  In doing this, I could feel that my wallet was gone.  Great, she picked my pocket.  I stepped ahead once more and hit her under the chin as hard as I could with my right forearm.  She went flying with her hands and feet out like a cartoon character.  She hit a wall and my wallet flew out of her hand and I reached up into the air as high as I could reach and got my wallet.  That bitch slid down the wall and hit her ass on the sidewalk.

Ok, to me, ladyboys are not funny, not cute.  For some reason, many Thai girls seem to have ladyboy friends, but not me.


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  1. BBK says:


    Personally, I think Ladyboys/Transgenders/Transvestites get a lot of undeserved bad press in the farang blogs.

    The vast majority of the information and stories about Ladyboys, concerns the ones who make a living on the streets engaged in low level prostitution, scamming, and other criminal activity.

    It is sort of like building your views on Thai women by reading exclusively farang accounts of experiences with the Thai girls hanging out the street between Sukhumvit Soi 3 and Soi 5 or the Burmese and Lao, no passport, no work permit girls hanging around Nana parking lot.

    Or building your views about Thai Society by reading exclusively the bitter and hateful “All Thai’s Suck” and all Thai girls are hookers and prostitutes farang blogs.

    The vast majority of Thai Ladyboys/Transgenders/Transvestites are probably just normal nice Thai people just like the vast majority of non-Reservation Thai girls.


  2. Alfie says:


    I know, one should not judge others based on stereotypes. 

    But honestly, the stereotype is often deserved. 

    I travel alone, so I am a target. 

    I am professional at being robbed. 

    You say that I may have the stereotype of ladyboys being involved in low level prostitution and other criminal activity. 

    True, but in reality, they often resort to this type of behavior because even in Thailand, they are viewed as deviant and are discriminated against when it comes to better types of work. 

  3. BBK says:


    It’s an interesting question you raise about Ladyboys being viewed as deviant and discriminated against in Thai society.

    I wonder if that is true.

    It is certainly true in the USA but I always thought it was viewed as something normal and was accepted in Thai society or, at a minimum, that Thai society was the most tolerant in the world.

    I should ask a couple of Thai friends and find out.



  4. Raul Villegas says:

    Hello Mr. Alfie!  Have you thought about getting a knife?  In my country of Panama if this was to happen i would stab the lady/man (ha ha ha) with a knife.  I don’t know the name in English, but there is a spot on the neck where if you stab it with a nife the blood will not stop ever.  This is the spot that you have to cut.
    Also, my country is not so safe so we try to not walk around with a lot of money with us.  $2500 is very much money to carry on yourself.  As a seamen I was able to visit some countries in the world, mostly not nice ones.  And we learned before we went into the city how to transport money.  We did not have lots of money like you, just maby enough for a prostitute and dinner but we did not carry that in a wallet.  We did not even carry a wallet!  Maybe if you had a thought in your mind that you were walking around Monrovia, Liberia rather than Bangkok that you would find more safety for your money.
    After I was reading this webpage yesterday I was looking at other webpages and found this one:
    there is some interesting stories on this webpage about travel to foreign lands, even mine (ha ha ha).  So Mr. Alfie, you take care when you walk around.  And take a nife and aim for that place on the neck, the ladyboy will not bother you after that, they will be dead, ha ha ha.
    Adios, Raul

  5. BBK says:


    Thank you for being an enthusiastic fan of and not being a hater.

    It is reader’s like you that make it all worthwhile.



  6. This blog, once threatened by extinction as the result of the national negative press it received this past spring, has devolved into a brothel-backwater, a kind of virtual Saphan Khwai, where postings like this are palmed off as “interesting” reading.

    Anyone who allows themselves to be robbed by a ladyboy should simply bury the story in their own embarrassed and shameful memory, and consider avoiding Thailand for, like, ever.

  7. BBK says:


    I think you and MongerSEA are twins separated at birth.



  8. Professor,

    In photographs of you, it looks like that at your birth, judging by your adult physical appearance in later photographs as you shamefully appeared in the media, your mongoloid features should have easily been detected by the attending pediatrician. As in Trisomy 21. Google it, pal.


  9. BBK says:

    William Mahanakorn,

    Always nice to hear from the fan base.



  10. Big Black Gulliver says:

    BBK grow some stones and put this shit back up…..

  11. zzzzz says:

    where is dat banging cheaper and faster and more somethin?

    put dat shit back up u pussy


  12. crickets says:

    chiiiirrrrrppppp – chiiiiiirrrrrpp

  13. frosty says:

    Dear alfie
    I read your artickle with great interest and when i first went to patts for the first time i got rolled by a couple of ladyboys in walking street,but luck does have it i was only carrying about 900baht in my front pocket at the time,i had originally 3,000baht at the start of the everning which i had a good time by the way first before those two ladyboys started to turn my pockets over.
    When i told an ex-pat friend of mine he informed me that only take enough money for that everning never take out your wallet nor bling etc.He gave me a small leather pouch that can easily be strapped around your lower leg (long trousers are needed for this one)Bigger notes are rolled up and go into it,i took 5,000baht with me .And smaller notes in various pockets.
    I have been in patts 4 times now but unlike you i was luckey.
    The last time a group of ladyboys tried this on with me they were very angery that they came away with nothing and again its that lost of face thing again that frarang got the better of them. Its only while i hang with the old hands of pattaya that you pick up tricks of the trade here.
    I love playing them they hate it and you don’t get into a punch up or in a situation that could land you in deeper trouble.
    good luck

  14. Jerry says:

    Yes, yes, more stories about Thai Ladyboys.

  15. Beacon of Big Baby Kenny says:

    I think Kenny’s keeping his ladyboy experiences in the closet.

  16. Junky says:

    Just read a confession of a LadyBoy writing about her life experiences of dating a foreigner. Just thought I’d share. 

  17. Sweeper says:

    You like to take it up the clacker do you? I know a few blokes who’d like to have a go at you. Yea, you’d be on that a bit wouldn’t ya?

  18. Buttmunch says:

    I think the best think to say here is if you haven’t tried it then don’t knock it

  19. Youber says:

    I think this is a fine article about Thai culture.

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