Letter about BigBabyKenny.com from the CSUN Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies Departments.

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Dear CSUN Administrators,

This letter serves as a statement calling for an institutional response to the external activities of our colleague, Kenneth Ng, Associate Professor of Economics.  During the week of April 18, 2010, numerous media sources reported of Ng’s involvement in the “Thailand girl scene,” particularly entrepreneurial activities promoting advice to American tourists interested in meeting young Thai women.

Although Ng argues that his personal website is a tool meant to provide travel insight for American tourists in Thailand, his project perpetuates the cultural prostitution of women in Thailand and beyond.  Hundreds of thousands of people in Thailand are subject to human rights violations through the sex tourism industry, which often promotes prostitution, human trafficking, and abuse, namely against young women and children.  According to the U.S. Department of Justice, nearly 1 million people are victims of trafficking and sex tourism.  Ng inaccurately characterizes Thai involvement in sex tourism as common cultural practice. Acknowledging the disparate social, political, and economic conditions that foster such an industry, he advocates for the exploitation of those disparities.

As CSUN faculty, we are dismayed that our students and colleagues are primarily learning of this issue through mainstream media sources that are condemning Ng’s off-campus endeavors. As a result of one professor’s lack of good judgment, there has been a public backlash against CSUN; characterizing our institution as one that condones problematic faculty involvement in cultural prostitution. As faculty who are charged with being representatives of CSUN, we are disheartened to learn that there has been no institutional statement made against Ng’s activities and we question why our administration has not taken a more proactive stand against his actions.

Although the administration has refused to professionally intervene in Ng’s endeavor, citing the auspices of free speech, we call on the administration to condemn Ng’s activities as those that violate the values and principles of the university. We believe that it is important that CSUN’s identity does not become defined by the sensational aspect of this one story. So many CSUN faculty and students are working hard to defend the rights of those who have been exploited. As a campus that prides itself on the ethnic and racial diversity of our students, faculty, and staff, it is unacceptable that we do not make a stronger statement against activities that marginalize many members of the CSUN community, including faculty, students, and staff of Thai descent; Asian Americans; and men and women in general.

CSUN Asian American Studies Department

CSUN Gender and Women’s Studies Department

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  1. Voice of Reason says:

    I bet those broads are ugly.

  2. WoW!

    Way to go, Kenny — further piss off your peers.

    You just can’t EVER admit to being wrong, even if you are?

    This will ultimately end badly, because your kind of self-righteous arrogance always does.

  3. dogofwar says:

    I think this is going to end with his job. I wasn’t aware he posted GPS coordinates to houses where underage girls are available.

    That’s messed up. He is loving this attention right now but when he is unemployed he won’t.

  4. The story BBG copied over here :


    originally had pictures, and concluded with an image of the GPS coordinates of the location. The GPS coordinates at the end of his articles was kinda a trademark of the site.

    Many commenters questioned the wisdom of such actions (posting the GPS coordinates of clear locations that provide underage girls).

    There’s also a well-known article he posted, titled:

    “Under-Aged Sex in Thailand” by ronru

    Classic content:

    “Many sex tourists want younger girls, and the bar owners want the business. Some also actually believe that they are helping these girls. Upstairs in the bar, the girls get a room, rather than having to rent an apartment and they pay the bar 100 baht per month for it. They share the room with several other girls, get their food, plus their salary. From the point of view of several of these girls, they have hit the jackpot. The bar owners are well aware that arrests are taking place, but that doesn’t happen often and if the farang want these girls, and if the farangs are willing to put themselves at risk to get what they want, then that’s not their problem. Ask a bar owner who employs under-aged girls if he believes he is being fair to farangs who come and are truly unaware that they are breaking a law by taking one of these girls. His answer most likely will be that if a farang comes to Thailand, then it is his responsibility to know the law and obey it, not his. This is the way these guys see it.”

    Oh, he’ll claim it was an article AGAINST sex with minors. That it was warning against such activities.

    Really? With a title like “Under-Aged Sex in Thailand”? Really?

  5. cruiserPimp says:

    “Women’s Studies” departments and their supporters are exactly, precisely, and solely responsible for 99.99% of men, both married and single, to seek out the fuck girl scenes in Thailand, Philippines, China, Vietnam, etc…

    Hell many men just go to Canada and bang strippers and escorts without any legal hassles–just not as cheap. Take credit you ugly bitches–don’t worry that your father really wanted a son!

  6. Voice of Reason says:


    Quite profound.

  7. Ronnu says:

    Bring back the pussy posts! I didn’t get all those GPS directions!

  8. Big Black Gulliver says:

    The Best of Big Baby Kenny

    Into The Heart of Issan – The Rabbit Club in Ubon Ratchetani

    (viewed by 821 unique visitors)
    The Rabbit Club is a small karaoke outside Ubon Ratchetani.
    Here are the GPS coordinates. You can enter them into maps.google.com to find the place.
    I visited this club with a friend, we rented a private room, and spent a couple of hours drinking and singing with the girls who work there.
    The rooms cost about 100 THB per hour, the girls cost about 100 THB per hour, and a bottle of 100 Pipers whiskey is about 500 THB.
    This seems to be standard karaoke pricing in rural Issan.
    Here are some pictures of the girls my friend and I chose to karaoke with us.
    When you visit these off The Reservation venues which are patronized almost exclusively by Thai’s you encounter a couple of things worth discussing.
    One thing frequently encountered is underage girls.
    At a Karaoke underage girls, unlike at GoGo’s and beerbars on The Reservation, are in a moral grey area.
    They are not barfineable and going home with customers is not part of the requirements of the job. If a girl keeps getting chosen by customers, the customers keep coming back to the club to party with her, and she doesn’t go home with customers the club is perfectly happy. The club is getting paid and that is all they care about.
    If you think a girl is underage at a Karaoke, simply don’t choose her. No problem.
    When I was choosing the girl, the club only had three girls available. My friend choose first and I took what was left over. Frankly it was kind of dark in the main room where the girls were initially presented to us and I didn’t look that closely.
    When we got into the room and I got a closer look, my girl looked underage. I asked her directly how old she was and she claimed 18. I told her straight out that I didn’t believe her but she stuck to her story.
    The next time the waitress came into the room to check on the drink situation, I told her to bring any girls that got freed up to the room so I could take a look at them. After about 15 minutes, another girl was brought and I told the waitress to put her on the bill.
    That is how the red dress and black and white polka dot belt girl got into the picture. Her previous customer left and the waitress brought her by the room.
    At first, I was going to just switch girls but when the subject was broached the expression on the girl’s faces said it all. I was expressing myself in Thai so there was some initial confusion about whether I wanted to switch or pay for two girls but when the red skirt girl realized that it was possible she was going to be sent away her face dropped and she looked like her feelings were really hurt.
    The red dress girl looked very unhappy that she was going to inadvertently scoop the other girls money.
    These girls don’t make much money and don’t get paid if they don’t make quota.
    This is a small out of the way club and good customers are few and far between. Losing the vig on the night’s action to another girl was obviously going to cause a problem and might mean actual financial hardship on the red skirt girl.
    Because we were paying the bill, what I wanted would have happened but it wouldn’t have been a happy outcome.
    Since we are talking about $3 USD per hour the money was not significant to me so I let her stay.
    I enjoyed singing some songs with and for her. She got her money, got tipsy from the free liquor, had a nice evening partying with her friends, and everyone went home alone.
    P.S. A higher resolution and more complete pictures are available on the Photo Gallery page.

  9. usaflifer says:

    Y’mean I should have sent the 15 & 16 year old SYT’s back to Laos?

  10. Harry Zink says:

    I found my ducky.

  11. You want to stay hard until morning with viagra so you’re able to arschfick sexual assault the dog? You like toddler porn files?

  12. FYI says:

    Short Fat Asian Man from So Cal = Harry Zink

  13. Mr. Rogers says:

    Short Fat Asian Man from So Cal = Harry Zink ??

    Oh good. I’ve been trying to get in touch with Harry.

    Harry? “Going postal” is when a person in a boring job (or as in your case NO job) gets into meds, buys weapons, returns to his workplace and indiscriminately kills one or more of his former colleagues.

    This is not the same as beating the living shit out of somebody for good solid reasons.

    Beating the living shit out of somebody is when one guy challenges another guy into the street and for reasons known to everyone in the neighborhood and then hammers the living shit out of him fair and square.

    You seem to have these terms confused.

    Hope this helps. 


  14. FYI says:

    Harry Zink aka Daffy has a job at Highroad Entertainment. 

  15. Cowardly Kenny says:

    “This is not the same as beating the living shit out of somebody for good solid reasons.

    Beating the living shit out of somebody is when one guy challenges another guy into the street and for reasons known to everyone in the neighborhood and then hammers the living shit out of him fair and square.”

    Now you know the reason I run in the other direction anytime I see Graham 🙁

  16. ZZZ says:

    Seems to me that I read a couple new comments here a few days ago and now they’ve disappeared. Are you deleting comments Kenny?

  17. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for Sex Tourists says:

    Site quote:
    “Here we try to blow away the smokescreens other sites are blowing
    All to serve the higher purpose of getting laid better, cheaper, and more efficiently.”

  18. Nice job of pissing off your peers says:

    You deserve to be fired.

  19. Postman says:

    Here’s a comment for the search engines. Enjoy Kenny.

    Now move it out of the “….Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies Departments” thread and quick!

  20. No Career Kenny says:

    Funny how comment keep getting moved from here to someplace else.

  21. Jason Lloyd says:

    The toughest part of making a comment on BigBabyKenny is deciding who’s screen name to hijack.

  22. BigBlackNegro says:

    Just to make it clear, its easier to just make one up. Ask Kenny.

  23. Carmen says:

    Nancy, thank you for responding to my post. I do beileve we all have identities. I also beileve we have more than one, some of which transcend borders. And like you implied, some matter, whereas some do not. I once read a book by Rudolfo Anaya, where he considered the Chicana/o identity to be a citizen of the world, and that we live in a homeland without boundaries. I got the impression that this is an identity you have adhered to, but I could be wrong. Either way, I am glad my post has given you something to think about.

  24. Hey, that’s a clever way of thinking about it.

  25. RateTheProf says:

    There are several who wish this boil on education would get out and quit tarnishing our image.

    Oh, and nice ratingss you have there Prof.Ken

  26. State of Emergency says:

    What is the benefit of a degree in Asian American studies?

  27. ciao Simone,no, nessun commento, o meglio, ho cercato la tua mail per scriverti due righe: ho appena finito di leggere “Adesso Basta”, non ti conoscevo ed ora sembra quasi di conoscerti da sempre. ho avviato la “procedura di downshift” da un annetto e non sapevo esistesse il guru del processo…comune denominatore la vela, i libri, la professione e tanto altro.mi hai sconvolto, o meglio il tuo libro è stato come la bustina di zucchero durante un calo glicemico.se ti va di contattarmi o di inviarmi la tua mail, ne sarei onorato.grazievincenzo(taranto)

  28. These turned out super! What a great transformation. Can you believe I just threw away a 1 gallon tin can this week. I really do need to start saving them for craft projects, my husband will think I've lost my mind though because I save so many other things for crafts.

  29. Next will be deciding who can have kids, because after all, the government is responsible to feed them.I don’t know why people like Obama think the way they do, I just wish they would go away. November 0’12 this particular horror will go away, but not before leaving a legacy of BS like this bill.

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