Groundbreaking Photography – Stage Show at a Bangkok Nightclub

| July 9, 2010 | 12 Comments | 16,395 views

These are pictures taken of the stage show inside one of the largest and most popular Thai nightclubs from the VIP members only seating area.


Larger versions of the pictures are available on the Photo Gallery Page.
















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  1. Dr Love says:

    Some hot ass there

    But not as hot as Daffys! Nah just kidding. Seeing him shaking his booty at Bed Supper clubs Think Pink nite reminded me how cruel nature can be. Sweaty lard ass’s are waaaaaay under rated in my book

  2. Bobby Annala says:

    I have actually been a massive fan of this website for a while. Just thought I would leave you a note to say keep up the nice work. The content of the site alone makes it okay but the layout also makes it handy to read and very enjoyable.

  3. John Brown says:

    Did you have the camera on a tripod?  Every picture is at exactly the same angle…

    And why so vague?… which nightclub is it?

  4. BBK says:

    John Brown,

    Yes.  I carted a full sized studio tripod into the club. The fucker weighed 20 lbs but the results were worth it.

    I also brought a backpack full of 12 lenses and a full studio flash setup.

    My assistant prepped the cameras with the proper lenses, passed them to me, and checked the pictures on her Apple laptop as I was taking them.


    Seriously, taking pictures inside these clubs is not something easily accomplished. Most clubs don’t allow it and others tolerate it only if you do it the Thai way.

    If a big strange sweaty farang barged into the club one night, whipped out a huge DSLR, and started running around taking pictures of everything, the club would stop him.

    You can’t take the pictures with the point and shoots most people carry because there isn’t enough light.

    You have to use a good late model DSLR with a decent lens to get any pictures and you have to take them in a way that doesn’t excite the management.


  5. Fake Werewolf says:

    So Kenny are you saying that your are not strange?  I would point out your attire, weird mannerisms, G-Girl Fetish and the erotic stories that you wrote about about one of your students leading to a lawsuit!That your not sweaty?  You certainly were the other night on Soi Cowboy!  You have to be sweaty, your a big lumbering Gook who’s ass is wider than his shoulders!And do you consider yourself Farang?  The Thais don’t!
    Why do Stickman’s photos look sooooo much better than yours?His coverage of the violence in Bangkok was far superior, the photos much better and we won’t even bother talking about the content of the material!The two of you both covered Khon Kaen!  But I learned how to get banged a lot better and cheaper from Stickman than you!  Plus the photography is so much better to look at!
    Kenny a piece of advice bring back the pussy posts and articles about trying to fuck underage girls!
    It was all wrong but it was the only ting you were good at! 

  6. Raul Villegas says:

    Mr. Kenny,
    This fake werewolf poster (I do not use the word person, as it is not human) sounds like one of the posters at the bigdummy page!!!  In my country of Panama we have a saying that goes something like ‘don’t say things if they are not happy’   why can not some of these posters just not be filled up with such hatred?  I don’t know it is just so sad that posters that have money to enjoy things are so sad and vile and angry.
    I likie your story and the girl in the picture.  She is very pretty and does not look like a girl that would be in Panama.   I look st these pictures and want very much to visit this special place and meet such beautiful girls.
    Thank you Kenny!!  You bring joy to my heart and you pictures even bring to me a bit of excitement.  Adios!!

  7. Mr Obvious says:

    You sure them girls is 18 cause it looks like they are a bit older but maybe because they got you in their radar you are being more careful these days but you are still stupid and shit so don’t change a thing.

    BTW them piks suck.

  8. cruiserPimp says:

    It’s impossible to take bad pictures of premium g-club Thai girls.  Thanks BBK–all pics rated A++.  Worth the effort to meet, worth the price whatever it is.

  9. Fake ronru says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

  10. Komando says:

    This is stupid. Why does there have to be a talltoy separate program for women and girls??? AIDS is AIDS, and AIDS doesn’t discriminate. But apparently these people do. For some reason they feel compelled to make fools believe that somehow AIDS affects females differently. Such bullshit. AIDS does the same terrible things to ANYONE .male or female, gay or straight.

  11. Merci de rappeler ces consignes de base à respecter pour les amoureux de la nature. Trop souvent, en effet, nous voyons des gens qui nourissent les animaux.Je n’avais jamais vu le canard chipeau que je trouve très beau!Merci!

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