Correcting Errors in The Daily News Stories and Press Coverage about

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The stories in the Daily News made several errors which I would like to correct.

First, was never a commercial enterprise making money or intending to make money off the sex tourist trade. was hosted on a private leased server which was paid for out of my own pocket. The server costs about $100 per month to lease and, although the site did have affiliate advertising, the site generated less than $100 in total revenue over it’s life.

Second and more importantly, was never a site that promoted the sex tourist trade. It was site about dating, marriage, and sex in Thailand—what the site referred to as The Thailand Girl Scene.

The most consistent advice I offered on the site was that men seeking long term relationships in Thailand should look outside the bar scene for suitable partners.

On this was called Going Off The Reservation where The Reservation was a slang term referring to the bars and clubs which cater almost exclusively to foreigners and which, are populated with girls who either hang out there on their own time or, like the girls employed by the Big Mango Bar, work in bars and try to make a living or supplement their incomes by either dating foreign men or by having sex with them.

Hometown Heroes was a slang term used to describe men who go to Thailand, get involved with Reservation Girls and end up getting scammed out of their money. My advice to these Hometown Heroes was to try for a relationship with normal girls who have nothing to do with the foreign patronized bars and I gave constructive step by step advice about the best places to meet such girls and how to overcome and navigate the cultural differences between Thailand and The World.

Third, was an open uncensored site where not only was discussion not restricted but where posts from any reader on any subject were published and debated.

Any and all aspects of The Thailand Girl Scene were discussed, documented, and debated. The topics covered the full spectrum from where best to meet normal Thai girls and women who have nothing to do with the bar scene, how to efficiently go about finding a mistress and how much support you should provide her, whether guys who prefer ladyboys over women are truly homosexual, all the way down to the type and motivations of office girls who stand out on the street after the discos close hoping to supplement their incomes.

Throughout the site, one consistent theme was looking at the lives of the girls involved in The Thailand Girl Scene. The economics, the culture, and the legal environment in Thailand were all put under the microscope and examined.

Anyone reading the site, got an eye opening education about what it means to be a woman in a country and culture where not only do most women start off life poor but where most of the normal paths to upward economic and social mobility are blocked by age old laws, values, and government interference in the free market. although not intending to be an educational site, provided anyone who read regularly read the site the most accurate and comprehensive real life look at the nitty gritty details of women’s lives in Thailand.

Anyone reading the site learned more about women’s issues in Asia than they get in a semester-long Women’s Studies courses at most universities.

Fourth, because did discuss prostitution in Thailand the site was mis-characterized as a site which promoted sex tourism and a site about how to find a prostitute in Thailand.

I was perfectly happy to leave online because I felt that anyone who actually visited the site, read the articles, and followed the discussions would quickly realize that was not a site promoting sex tourism and not just about finding a prostitute in Thailand.

I was perfectly happy to leave online and let the free uncensored marketplace for ideas seek out the truth about and correct the errors in the press coverage.

I have always believed the marketplace of ideas, once unleashed and allowed to do it’s job, is a powerful and relentless force that exposes, roots outs, discredits, and eliminates untruths and I was confident that it would work in this case.

Unfortunately, I am a professor at a public institution and the university came under outside pressure. I was asked to turn the site off and when the costs and benefits to the university were laid out, I reluctantly agreed.

Frankly, the world is a worse place without and other sites like it which provide an accurate detailed picture of a place in the world where the people are not as fortunate as the average American and an accurate detailed picture of a place that is inaccurately described in the  politically correct Western press.

If members of the media would like to talk to me about any aspect of and its ultimate demise, I stand ready, willing, and able to discuss it. Please email me at and I will get back to you ASAP.


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  1. Wise Man says:

    What about the statements you provided as facts which are not? Care to correct them?

    You just don’t know when to shut up do you?

  2. Purple Regular Reader says:

    Enjoyed it.

  3. BangkokMilkshakes says:

    your site could of been good if you hadn’t blogged incessantly about the big mango. don’t try and hide behind the premise of false debates about running businesses etc. you used every opportunity to denigrate and harass, and you didn’t know when to move on. your site, and its debates, could of carried on unnoticed, but lets not pretend it was about anything other than fucking whores. your restaurant reviews were laughable, your photography was tedious – (as was the debate around ISO settings), your trips off ‘reservation’ would of been of no use to anyone, other than paedophiles, who could of found bars where children were available thanks to you supplying GPS co-ordinates.

    The factual information on the site was almost entirely inaccurate, and very often illegal. Apart from that Kenny, you did well. I will miss your peculiar brand of bullshit. Hope you don’t get fired, see ya!

  4. Wise Man asks:
    “What about the statements you provided as facts which are not? Care to correct them?”

    Oh, this ought to be fun.

    “You just don’t know when to shut up do you?”

    Apparently, he doesn’t. It was quite obvious that, once he would not stop attacking the Big Mango and its owners, this was going to have an ugly ending for him.

    As he doesn’t apparently know when to stop. Putting up a placeholder for, with the explanations for the take down, and leaving it at that (regardless of his gross factual inaccuracies) would have been okay – as he is clearly continuing his vendetta (which no one gave a crap about in the first place), it will appear that he is determined to continue his self-destruction.


    Go ahead and search for ‘BigBabyKenny’ or ‘Kennth Ng’ on Twitter – it ain’t pretty (especially comments from students of his class).

    The smartest move would really be to let things cool down, and walk away from it – but Kenny’s not smart, he will continue to beat this dead horse ad nauseam.

  5. Big Black Gulliver says:

    Kenny, come on you wrote an article about traveling with your buddy to Issan in your rented pickup truck with GPS and how to identify houses where the family would let you screw their daughter in the house for a minimal amount of money. In addition little brother would run to the 7-11 to pickup an imported beer for you! Remember now?

  6. Mischaracterized, damnit, BBG!

  7. CSU Student says:

    I think it’s a shame that the school wants you to bring down this website. F_ CSU, and the CSU campus on 401 Golden Shore Dr, I could give a damm if this site or “Freedom of Speech & Press” given & allowed to you by the first adm, I think you are leading in example, and do not need to justify the site one bit. The title of the website states it all.

    Frankly, I’m a student at a CSU, and I would personally love, and extend an invitation to teach me a summer course on anything, at least your real, and being honest and being black & white, we need more professors like this. From the looks of it, your getting all the red-tape that comes with the california state school bullshit system.

    Are you surprised, I’m not. If I were you, I would set up another website, parading all the BS of what the CSU’s are, and how your not allowed to express your American given rights. Most of my teachers talk about explicit items that I don’t know how they get through the interview process, but these people are wackoes; and they are complaining about your honesty, F_THEM, and what they think. STUDENTS NEED TO BE SOCIALLY ACTIVE & ENGAGED, Shit, I’m supposed to be reading for a class, and i’m enraged that this is happening to you, if it were a top tier university, not only would they let you keep this site, but you would get a B.S award, and research grant for thai girls gone wild.

    Anywho, This sucks.

  8. crickets says:


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