Congratulations Harry Zink aka Daffy Duck

| April 6, 2012 | 829 Comments | 64,725 views

Harry Zink aka Harald K. Zink, reputed owner of and, ubiquitous poster on many Thailand forums under the screen name Daffy Duck,  and well known insider at The Big Mango Bar in Bangkok, has joined the staff at Highroad Entertainment in Los Angeles.

“HREG is a full-service entertainment company that produces, distributes, markets, and supports entertainment content in all mediums world-wide.”

“HR is a boutique multi-media studio with a focus on developing, financing, producing, marketing and distributing media of all forms to a global audience.”

Highroad’s website was created by Harry’s consulting company Fizbin Consulting LLC.

The Highroad Entertainment site is still under construction as Harry Zink has not yet put up his bio, photograph, and contact information.

Congratulations Harry. 🙂



10 Universal City Plaza, 20TH FL

Universal City, CA 91608

818-753-2417 (office)

818-753-2411 (fax)


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  1. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Just to make it clear, isn’t it great that anyone can use anybody’s screen name on Bigbabykenny?

    Yours truly,
    Downtown John Brown

  2. Real BigBlackGulliver says:

    Post using my screen name again and I’ll find your ass and give you a beating you won’t forget.

  3. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Just to make it clear, you’re a fucking fake.

  4. RealDaffyDuck says:

    The new iPhone 5S & 5C have a problem – they randomly lock up for no reason. This is a hardware fault that cannot be fixed by any iOS update. Do not purchase a new iPhone

    Glad I got this info to you in a timely manner. I enjoy being this blogs resident Apple expert – Harry Zink

  5. RealDaffyDuck says:

    Windows 8.1 is now out. Got to admit its better than anything Apple has released the last 2 years. Going off to masturbate. Harry

  6. The Duke says:

    I found Harry Zink online searching for someone to do some work on my website. Googled his name and found this thread.

    Thanks for the information. I decided to hire someone else. Don’t want such a questionable character getting access to sensitive business information.

  7. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Just to make it clear. This is my last post here.

  8. BigBlackNegro says:

    Just to make it clear, I don’t believe it.

  9. RealDaffyDuck says:

    When I set up a website for a client I will contact his wife and falsely accuse him of screwing around on her. Then I will contact their childrens school & lie about their children selling drugs to other students

    As I have an antisocial personality disorder this is normal behavior for me. Now who wants to be my friend?


  10. The Duke says:

    Forget about friend. Who wants to do business with you?

  11. Ronru says:

    Hey DUMBASSES, nobody cares about you anymore. Not that anyone did to begin with so shut the fuck up.

  12. The Duke says:

    If you don’t think anyone cares put Harry Zink, Nicholas Dattoma, or Michael Francis Smith into google and see what comes up.

    Now imagine you are a potential employer doing sue diligence on a potential new hire.

    Are you going to give them work?

    I think not.

  13. zorro says:

    Same cam be said for Kenny

  14. Harry the goat says:

    I think its fair to say Kenny has made this blog into a world leader in its field of Thailand tourism thereby making it his main income stream & allowing him to travel the world giving lectures to blogging wannabes on how to tap into this lucrative field

  15. Goat Watcher says:

    So you’re saying that 50/month is enough. I don’t think so fucktard

  16. Tom C says:

    Kenny is at a career dead-end so I believe the $50/month is more than he currently earns because he’s unemployed.

  17. Tom C says:

    FYI, based upon the content and management of this blog I believe Kenny is one of those wannabe bloggers.

  18. Potential Employer says:

    Think of the liability issues if Nicholas Dattoma or Michael Francis Smith owned a brothel while employed by a big Silicon Valley tech firm like Yahoo.

    As a potential employer I’m not going anywhere near that.

  19. Bangkok Buddy says:

    Okay I’m bi curious but nothing more than that. We all have a little curiosity for the same sex, don’t we?

    I’ve shown all my report cards and now things are getting a little desperate. I’ll be moving on to pictures of me on the toilet very soon. Squeezing out a couple turds from the all you can eat buffets should bring in some much needed traffic

  20. Turismo says:

    Nothing wrong with that if its what you’re into,

  21. Turismo says:

    go for it,

  22. Turismo says:

    Take a walk on thecwild side.

  23. Steven "John Brown" Frank says:

    Let’s say you’re at a job and decide you need a wank. What would you do?

    I’m proud of my mouse sized testicles and have no issue showing them to everyone.

    Where is the next balloon chaser party?

  24. Cluster Fucker says:

    Not funny at all. Just stupid.

  25. Cluster Fucker says:

    Is Kenny unemployed or “retired”?

    For the sake of kids looking for a quality education I hope it is the latter.

  26. Cluster Fucker says:

    Right you are TOM C

  27. Street Walker's Super Market & Other Kenny Speak about Thailand Whores says:

    Hey Kenny you stupid fuck. What’s going on in the land of dead end, fat assed losers? How’s life in shitholeville?

    Kisses 😉

  28. Ronru and Friend says:

    Can I get two street walkers to go?

  29. Cluster Fucker says:

    What rock is Zink hiding under now?

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