Condo Prices in Bangkok – Life is Good

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Many Expats build their daily existence around bitching and moaning. Pitch the idea that life in Bangkok is cheap and fun and you’ll get barraged with a hail of complaints ranging from all Thai’s are stupid, all Thai girls are prostitutes, all Thai’s don’t read enough, Thai culture stinks, customer service sucks, beer prices are too high, there’s too much traffic, air quality sucks, police ignore Thai on farang crime, getting a visa is a hassle, blah, blah, blah, blah. Push the idea that living in Bangkok, especially for those with modest incomes, is far superior to life back in the home country, whether that is the USA, England, Australia, Germany etc., and that those living here should switch from the daily bitch and moan to waking up everyday with a big smile and you’ll be given the same short shrift as birthers, truthers, Scientologists, and people who believe vaccinations don’t work. Many Expats poison their daily lives with the  incessant bitching and moaning. They just fail to face reality. Life in Bangkok is cheap and fun —doubly so when compared to the alternatives.

One overwhelmingly positive aspect of Bangkok life is the cost of real estate and I don’t mean prices out in the rice paddies of rural bumfuck. I mean prime residential real estate and, indirectly, rental prices, in the heart of the most desirable areas. Areas such as Thonglo, Ekkamai, Silom, Sathorn, Wireless, and Upper Sukhumvit. The table shows the cost per sq. meter of prime residential real estate in the most desirable cities in the world. Bangkok is 52nd out of 63 with a cost per sq meter of $6500 USD — about 200,000 THB per sq. meter. Only Cape Town, Brussles, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur, Umbria, Christchuch, Jakart, Bali, the Kenyan Coast and Nairobi are cheaper. Buying or renting in prime upscale Bangkok neighborhoods is waaaaay cheaper in Bangkok compared to the vast majority of desirable cities throughout the world.

This isn’t an article for a refereed journal so I’ll skip the descent into the nitty gritty of how “prime residential real estate” was defined by the table’s author but his definition overstates prices relevant to most expats. Most expats don’t buy penthouses in the most expensive Bangkok show buildings but buy in the ubiquitous, run of the mill, cookie cutter condos springing up everywhere. The real estate prices relevant to most middle income Expats are substantially lower than the table indicates.

How much lower? New condo construction in Upper Sukhumvit and similar farang areas costs about 100,000 THB per sq. meter — half the amount indicated in the table. In older condos, the cost is about 60,000 THB per sq. meter. The older condos are typically larger, more spacious, and, in the better managed ones, very well maintained. Bangkok association fees average around 40 THB per sq meter. That’s about half the prices quoted in the table.

In addition, living in Bangkok allows one the great pleasure of immersing oneself in Thai culture, where people are polite to each other and tolerate difference, and reveling in Thai culture where you are liberated from the cloying web of rules and regulations imposing someone else’s values on everyone.

Cheap digs are just a bonus.



Cost of Prime Residential Real Estate

Rank Location $ per sq m Q4 2011
1  Monaco 58,300
2  Cap Ferrat 51,800
9 London 48,900
4  Hong Kong* 47,500
5  Courchevel 1850 44,000
6  St Moritz 42,600
7 Gstaad 39,900
8  St Tropez 38,800
9 Geneva 31,900
10  Hong Kong** 28,300
11  Paris 27,200
12 Cannes 25,900
13  Singapore 25,600
14  Moscow 24,000
15  Sardinia 24,000
16  Zurich 23,900
17  New York (Manhattan) 23,300
19  Sydney 22,400
18 Val d’Isere 22,000
20  Meribel 21,400
22  St Petersburg 20,200
21 Shanghai 19,600
23  Mustique 19,400
24  Verbier 18,700
25  Rome 18,100
26 Beijing 17,400
28  Megeve 15,500
27 Vienna 14,200
29  Amsterdam 12,900
31  Mougins 12,900
30 Florence 12,300
32  Mallorca 11,900
33  Lake Como 11,700
34  Marbella 11,700
35  Venice 11,700
36  Mumbai 11,400
37 Milan 11,000
38  Cayman Islands 10,800
40 Aspen 10,500
39 Chamonix 10,400
41  Madrid 10,100
42  Barbados 9,700
43  Tuscany 8,700
44  Cyprus 8,700
16  British Virgin Islands 8,600
45 Telluride, Colorado 8,200
47 Auckland 7,900
48  Kiev 7,900
49  Provence 7,800
50  Revelstoke, Calgary 7,400
51 Western Algarve 6,500
52  Bangkok 6,500
53 Miami 6,300
55  Cape Town 6,000
54 Brussels 5,800
56  Barcelona 5,300
57  Kuala Lumpur 5,000
58  Umbria 4,400
59  Christchurch 3,400
60  Jakarta 2,900
61 Bali 2,600
62  Kenyan Coast 2,100
63  Nairobi 1,700

Source: The Wealth Report 2012, A Global Perspective on Prime Property and Wealth.


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  1. Sleepy says:

    (Yawning) Why do your blogs always contain expat put downs ? Are you having trouble making friends ? Time to un-bookmark your site.

  2. RealDaffyDuck says:

    “Many Expats poison their daily lives with incessant bitching and moaning”

    You forgot to add *stalking* to that mix Tard!

    My personal preference are university professors. But not just any professor, they have to ones I’m sexually attracted too

    Hang on, I’m not even an expat! Just a piece of Euro-trash that takes boys on vacation to Koh Chang

    Harald K Zink
    Highroad Entertainment

  3. Sleepy Too says:

    Usual shit from Kenny.


  4. lurkr says:

    You’re yawning because you’re one of the Expats Kenny is talking about AND you’re an English teacher so the universe where you have enough money to buy a Bangkok condo doesn’t exist. 

  5. Pacman Rootkit says:


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  6. Misleading Blogger Kenny says:

    More bullshit. Read how the numbers were gathered and definitions.

  7. Hater Michael Francis Smith of says:

    Your the one full of bullshit. 

  8. Fucktarded Kenny says:

    I am a fucktard.

  9. Mr. Wilshire says:

    We know, we know.

  10. Mr. Wilshire says:

    You know you’d have a much better website if you’d delete all the hate comments. Unless that’s your thing here.

  11. This Pathetic Website says:

    On the money Mr. Wilshire!

  12. Bangers Bill says:

    Your presentation is a distortion of reality of mid-market condo prices. The study you present is only about those people with multi-million incomes and the condo price comparison is about the single building with the most expensive condos sold in that city.

    I would explain why it’s a distortion when the comparison is made on moderate priced condos but it would most likely be lost on your audience and you (since it invalidates your post).

  13. John Rambo says:

    I disagree. The study is about prices of condos expats are likely to buy. You can’t include all the low level condos that anyone with some money would never consider. Kenny is not talking about the hovels that Bangkok Buddy, Young Penfold, Werewolf and other close to the line bar hounds inhabit. He is talking about places with a nice lobby, pool. security, protected parking, European style kitchens, and upscale interior design. For these type of condos, Kenny’s numbers are spot on. 

  14. Bangers Bill says:

    Ummmm, no Kenny (and why hide behind another made up name?). It’s not about prices of condos that most expats are likely to buy. Your number’s Kenny? They are from the Wealth Report and belong to Knight Frank and Citi Private Bank. It’s about the top 1% of properties. Had you taken the time to read the entire report you would understand this report is only about High Net Worth Individuals and what’s important to them and the location of the properties they purchase. They aren’t talking about you or the better off expats in Bangkok.

    They’re talking about a fraction of the top 1% of property buyers in each market in the report, which I’m sure is why you don’t want to discuss the definitions.

    HNWI: For the purpose of this report we use HNWI as an abbreviation for high-net-worth individual. Unless otherwise stated, we define this as someone having over $25m of investable assets.

    PRIME PROPERTY: A location’s most desirable, and usually most expensive, property. Commonly, prime markets have a significant international bias.

    I could go into details of why you can’t take a report about the top 1% of property in Bangkok and then make it apply to middle and upper middle tier condo markets to make your comparison, but that would be better suited for other sites where the readers have a more comprehensive and intimate understanding of property in Bangkok

  15. John Rambo says:

    Wow. An Expat who thinks he knows everything about Thailand. 

    What did Kenny call these ………… wait for it…………. Self Professed Master of the Universe!

    Bangers Bill you are so full of shit.  

    Just because you go down to nana on weekends and a hot young girl will suck your wrinkled old dick when you give her 100 dollars it doesn’t mean in the Real World you aren’t a scumbag loser.

    None of you, what did Kenny call it? …….. wait for it…….. Close to the line slime ….. can deal with the fact Kenny knows more about Thailand than you losers that live there full time.

    You know there is more to Thailand than the whores of Cowboy, nana, and Patpong.

  16. John Allo says:

    If you have traveled around Asia, Kenny has it right. Property in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore is more expensive that Bangkok. You can get a first class one bedroom in a prime location with a view for 30,000 in Bangkok. The equivalent would cost you over 100,000 in any of the cities mentioned above. 

  17. Robert says:

    Between the beautiful hotels which are about 1/8th the price they would be in the USA with superior service, the excellent food,  the intellectual attractions, the shopping and the naughty stuff, Bangkok is the most fun city in the World.  I loved it when I stepped off a plane 8 years ago and I still love it today. 
    I don’t know how the Thais do it, but with the exception of traffic, Bangkok is also safer than most large American cities.  You don’t go out walking at night in Detroit or South Central LA. 

  18. smelly farang says:

    By the way, your 1/8th the price comment is a fabrication. I happened to stay at the Grand Hyatt last month, having shopped at least 6 hotels before my trip. Forget 1/8 the price, none are even close to being 1/2 price.

  19. Former President George W Bush says:

    Kemny posting as another sock puppet. Big surprise there!

  20. Pattaya G. says:

    Thai’s don’t have to rob you on the street.

    They rob you with their daughters vagina.

    Better and cheaper.  

  21. Robert says:

    @Smelly Farang   Try using Agoda.

  22. Duck and Cover says:

    Why the bullshit Kenny? Just tell the folks the hotel name.

  23. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for Sex Tourists says:

    Bangkok Ubon Udon Pattaya Sex Tourism Hookers Cheap Sex Kenny

  24. SWSM is Kenny Speak For Street Walker Super Market Whores Hookers Prostitutes for Sex Tourists says:

    “Other Thailand Nightlife Blogs blow a lot of smoke and frequently play fast and loose with the truth to promote their hidden agendas. Here we try to blow away the smokescreens other sites are blowing to obfuscate the truth. All to serve the higher purpose of getting laid better, cheaper, and more efficiently.”

  25. Its Dead Jim says:

    Thanks to this blog I’ve bought my condo in Nairobi, the cheapest place in the world

    You mangotards are just too quick to dismiss the quality information presented here

    Another piece of advice picked up here I must commend – walk straight past the mango bar

    Actually you might want to run

  26. We ARe Back says:

    Nairobi is where Nicholas Dattoma will be working after he finishes his current gig in India.


  27. DeSalle says:

    Whoever conducted the analysis for this article is an idiot.

    You’re full of shit Robert. Name the hotel.

  28. Subway Wanderer says:

    After 30 minutes of reading this site I can see it’s garbage. Instead of rebutting points made by people with a view different from the author, anyone with constructive criticism is attacked (as Banger’s Bill was).

    I would like to know why the author doesn’t defend himself by commenting under his own name. What you’re doing is a charade and folly. It’s fooling only yourself.

  29. DeSalle says:

    SW – Right on.

  30. Living The Dream says:

    Kenny will be able to chase whores full time once he’s laid off.

  31. Living The Dream says:

    Downside is he’ll need to do it much cheaper and more efficiently than while he was employed.

  32. Living The Dream says:

    Why isn’t bumfuck on the list…Kenny’s future residence.

  33. Living The Dream says:

    I’ll take Miami over Bangkok any day.

    Sorry about the multiple comments.

  34. Mitch says:

    The quality of expats in Shanghai is far higher in my opinion, but Bangkok expats enjoy life more. What’s quality? Well, sexpats and people there for the “naught stuff” as one commenter put it are the problem for me. Prostitutes EVERYWHERE make it hard to respect Thai women and I get so sick of the scammy people.

    Bangkok expats tend to be retired, whereas nobody retires in Shanghai (yikes.)

    Bangkok smells bad. Shanghai is pretty clean and pollution is moderate (not as bad as Beijing.) Shanghai is an amazing city to explore with a lot of history.

  35. Vincent says:

    Greetings from Carolina! I’m bored to death at work so I decided to browse your blog on my iphone during lunch
    break. I love the info you present here and can’t wait to
    take a look when I gget home. I’m amazed at how fast your blog loaded on my cell phone ..
    I’m nnot even using WIFI, jus 3G .. Anyhow, amazing blog!

  36. BaronBuckGulliver says:

    Can anyone be more wrong about what should be simple analysis?


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