Bangkok at War – Combat Photography – Part 4 – Inside the Wire

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Continued Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 1– Exclusively on, Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 2, and Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 3.

Click on the pictures for full sized high resolution versions.


Here is the barricade on Rama 1 just west of Wireless Road – two trucks that were set on fire.

The big assault took place in the morning. These pictures were taken that afternoon.—-On the Front Lines!

The soldiers didn’t breach the barrier here. The main assault took place on Rajadamri Road from the South.




Here are some pictures of the Red encampment.

This is where some of the protesters slept.

This picture was taken only a few hours after the army stormed the encampment. The protesters left in such a hurry they abandoned a lot of personal items and they haven’t been scavenged yet.

I’m sure all the abandoned shit will get scooped up and be put to good use by the poor residents in the next couple of hours.


Check this out. The Red Shirts left in such a hurry they actually left beer behind!

If this was an Ex-Pat encampment, you know no close to the line Expayts wouldn’t waste good beer.


Here are some Red Shirts who have been captured by the army.

Pretty sad looking bunch and I wonder where they will eventually end up and how long they will be incarcerated.

Thai jails are not exactly known for their humane treatment.




Here is the main Red Shirt stage in front of Central World.

The Red Shirts must be getting some PR help because the big red sign is in English not Thai so that western journalists taking pictures will transmit their message to The World.

This woman is a publicity hound who stood around letting herself be photographed by the western press photographers.

She’s probably not even a legitimate red shirt.

I’m sure her picture will show up somewhere in the mainstream western press.


This is the view north up toward the Big C.

What’s impressive is how much infrastructure the Red Shirts built.

The stage is a professional job with amplifiers and speakers just like a commercial rock concert.

The awnings the protesters slept under look like they could have been rented for an upscale wedding.

Even in front of the main stage, a huge awning had been erected to keep everyone cool and out of the direct sunlight.


And finally here are the toilet arrangements—-wedding quality combat photography exclusively on!


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  1. Axel Boldt says:

    Great photos! Would you consider releasing them under the CC-BY-SA license ( so that we can use them on Wikipedia? They would be quite useful to illustrate a number of articles.

  2. BBK says:

    Axel Boldt,

    You are free to republish the pictures as long as the logo stays and proper attribution is given.


  3. Dr Love says:

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  6. Axel Boldt says:

    “You are free to republish the pictures as long as the logo stays and proper attribution is given.”
    They will only accept material under CC-BY-SA. That license requires that proper attribution is given, but it allows for creating derived versions. These derived versions would still have to be published under CC-BY-SA and would still have to be attributed to you, but conceivably they could lack the logo. If you can live with that, you’d have to state the CC-BY-SA license somewhere on your blog where other people can verify it.

  7. Toothless Hamburgerface says:

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