Bolan Restaurant – Sukhumvit – Bangkok

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The Bolan is one of the hottest and trendiest restaurants in Bangkok.

It is owned and run by an Australian and Thai couple.

The Australian was a sous chef at the Nom (sp.?) Thai restaurant in England and his wife is the host of the most popular cooking show on Thai TV.

The restaurant, like The Long Table, is really not suitable for taking Reservation Girls. The place would make them feel uncomfortable and you would get looks from the Hiso Thai customers.

You can definitely take your Premium G-Girl/mistress to The Bolan. Mention The Bolan to her.  She probably knows about it and will be thrilled to tell her friends and competitors she ate there. Taking your Premium G-Girl/mistress, you would still get looks from the Hiso Thai customers but they would be the right kind of looks — if you care.

The Bolan is located on Soi 26 down a side street next to the 4 Wings Hotel.,100.569016&num=1&sll=13.723419,100.476232&sspn=0.694234,1.024475&ie=UTF8&ll=13.724169,100.569105&spn=0.027036,0.046756&z=16

The Bolan serves what is called the Balance Menu where the dishes have been programmed to harmonize with each other and be eaten in order.

You can order ala carte but the Balance Menu is the only way to get the full Bolan Experience.

You can substitute items from the rest of the menu plus the chef will modify the menu to meet individual dietary requirements and preferences, e.g. vegetarian, etc.

This is the first course which is supposed to wake up your taste buds.

There is a liquor flavored with Thai herbs, a fruite drink and a couple of pieces of fruit which you season with the dash of hot pepper on the plate.

This is the Amuse Bouche.

It meant to be eaten from left to right. Each item is a single bite and stimulates each of the many taste sensations of the tongue in order- sweet, sour, salty, etc.

These are the items on the main menu.


Red curry.

This particular dish is made out of the flowers from Thai tree and is very rare.

The desert courses are really impressive.

Everything is made in house.

These are lychees, coconut crisps, and you pour the warm cream into the glasses filled with ice and fruit.

This is a selection of sweets.

There is home made caramel inside the colored paper.

These are individual desert trays for each person.

The cup on the right is particularly yummy.

It is a warm blend of sweet cream and Thai fruits that are not overly sweet.

Here is the bill.

The Balance Menu costs 1500 THB per person. VAT and a 10% Service Charge are included.

Very reasonable by the standards of The World.


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  1. Over the last century tobacco, alcohol and lack of exercise have taken the place of tuberculosis, measles and whooping cough as major health threats.

  2. Filthy Foodie says:

    ^Hi Jamal (er cough)
    Thanks for your glowing review –
    (er cough)

  3. Random Quality Rap Lyric says:

    The girl was bad
    nobody was badder
    but she got more crabs than a seafood platter

  4. Winston Churchill says:

    2 people?
    Thats a months fucking wage dude.
    Rip Off.
    Nuff Said.

  5. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple overspending!

  6. Purple Raul says:

    Meester Kenny,

    why in my home of Panama, they do not let us go on the internet? now i had to go to a different country, and now I can look at anything.

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