Bangkok’s Best Camera Store

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This is the best camera store in Thailand – Fotofile on the first floor of MBK.

What makes this store good is that they specialize in higher end equipment. They stock a full line of Nikon and Canon bodies and lenses and their prices are about the same you would pay if you bought mail order from legitimate retailers like

The carry all the weird accessories that are produced in China and sell for way less than brand name American stuff. If you want a filter, lens cap, charger, non-OEM battery etc., they Chinese copies, which many times are as good as the originals, are available at Chinese prices. In the U.S., you have to order these from Hong Kong sellers and have them mailed to the U.S. In Thailand, you can run down to Fotofile at MBK.

Fotofile also stocks more specialized items like the Micro 4/3rds bodies and the better point and shoots.

What also makes this store great is that the clerks are knowledgeable.

I’ve been in the store several times with questions and they were able to answer all technical questions, they have never sold me something that doesn’t work, and what they’ve advised about equipment always jibed with my own knowledge.

I’ve also gotten free minor service a couple of times– cleaning dust off the sensor on my Nikon D200.

A class operation all the way down the line.

As a side note, there is another camera store on the third floor of MBK that is also good but stocks studio lighting supplies that are had to find. If you need a light stand, reflector, modifier, modeling bulb, etc. You can find them on the third floor of MBK.


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  1. Raul Villegas says:

    Hi Kenny, this is Raul from Panama.  You know Mr. Kenny I really like your stories, but I think this story is not correct.  Before I started my business here in Colon, Panama, I was an able body seamen.  I traveled many times to China and many of my friends on the ship bought things while we were there.  And all of my friends find that the stuff that is made in China is not as good as the quality of the things that are made in Japan.  So when you are buying the things that are copies made in China they are not the same quality as the original manufacturer items.  Maybe you do not have a problem with the item, but if you looked at it real close it would not be as good.   In my business here in Colon, Panama, I have found this true also.  So this store might be the best in Bangkok, I don not know as I have never been there.  But I do think that you can get a better quality at a good price from your country, the United States, where there is a webpage called amazon, that has very good prices.
    And you know, that Daffy Duck guy, I was on the google, and I googled  “Howard K zink”  and his picture was on some of the links.  He is a very ugly person with a very bad sole.  And the way he writes on the posts on other forums and on face book, is just as vile as he was posting here and on his own webpage,  He looks like a dog that people would hit with a stick here in panama.  And hit hard with a stick until his teeth popped out!  I would say until his hair popped out but he has none!  ha ha ha ha ha.  Daffy Duck has no feathers and no hair!  yes in my country if he was a dog he would be hit with a stick!
    As I was writing about Daffy Duck I thought of un chiste, or how do you say in English, a joke.  maybe because you buy your Chinese camera things, that it causes your pictures to look out of focus!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  That is a joke Mr. Kenny! ha ha ha ha ha..  I like your pcitures and that is only a joke, but I thought about it as I was thinking about how horrible Daffy Duck is.

  2. Message for Raul/Bill Simmons says:

    It’s Harry Zink, not Howard.

  3. Raul Villegas says:

    Thank You unknown person!  You know in my home country of Panama we speak spanish.  I do speak English as I went to the University of Colon, but sometime I get names confused.  Howard Zink, Harry Zink, Harold Zink,  I get so confused.  But I think the important thing is that if this guy was a dog in my country of Panama and he was walking down the street, that people would hit him with a stick because he is a very bad dog!   Wack wack wack!!!  Hit the bad dog.  Ohhhhhhh, the doggy is sore now!
    This Mr. Daffy Duck was so happy to let every one know about Mr. kenny, but now the worm has turned, Oh Mr. Zink, be careful what you wish for as you might get it!  Also Mr. Zink, don’t wish you were a dog in panama!  ha ha ha ha ha

  4. ronru says:

    Howard, Harry or Harold Zink. It will be great if someone could provide a link to any info about the assberger boy. A small payback for autistic, homosexual, obese Daffy who was used by his friends for a day, the Mango brothers, to do their dirty on Kenny, Prufrock and Werewolf.

    Did anyone forget Daffy’s unequivocal support of deranged commenters who labeled the above mentioned as Nazis that should be killed ?

    Raul is kind by comparing him to a mad dog. Its more like a diseased one that should be put down.

  5. Sherlock says:

    Read the thread entitled “How to Deal with Harry Zink” on one of the tech forums.

    Does this harry zink sound like Daffy Duck?

  6. Jack Bauer says:

    Raul, Ronru and Sherlock (and all my new buddies at Bkk after . . .)
    We’ve been able to pretty well triangulate Harry Zink.

    Volunteers from all over the blogosphere using the most up-to-date data-mining techniques, web-crawlers and language filters  have been keeping track of Harry’s favourite forums, sites tweets, emails, and  heh, heh (well you know).

    We’ve also made contact with some of the people Harry used to work with as well as some of his “job-friends” from his salad days. (“Salad’s” got a wee bit wilted a bit these past few years, right Harry?)

    If you add these volunteered and unsolicited clues to the already sizeable posse of “iZink” or “iHarry” fans on other Bangkok sites a pattern of truly sordid  behaviour emerges.

    It’s a picture I’d expected to be more laughable but as it’s turned out, It’s just more sad than laughable.
    A profile if you wish ; both about Harry’s personal issues and more  generally the people like Harry who end up “in IT”.  I could go on about how as field for loners,  IT affords rather limited opportunity for work relationships.  I could expand on the inordinate  percentage of mildly to clinically autistic people (mostly men) for whom  IT has truly been somewhat of a  career refuge. I could talk about how there is a very dark side to Assbergers; a side which reveals itself in vicious gossip and intrigues against co-workers. I could go on about how Assbergers in its final tragic presentation plays out in pathetic attempts at real friendships.

    (Harry’s cunningly oleaginous  anal slither-slather of sweaty, thrushy, fecally  Mango arse for example 😉
    And most importantly I could go on to suggest that any hint of or their cruel rejection of Harry’s manvertures and roMANtic courtings might end in reprisal or even a surprisingly violent response from the socially awkward and repellant  Gospodin Zinkerstien.
    I’d also like to move to an issue where I’ve noticed that since IT has become a run-of-the-mill income stream for so many how low level work has fostered a truly bizarre  and narcissistic arrogance among its professional class.

    Low-end  “twits and tweets” of IT (such as Harry) seem to think that  if something can be modelled and this model is sufficiently dry-labbed and its “garbage in” factor tweaked enough, that people will suck up only on the  “demonstrated” garbage out. (This preferably expressed in cartoon form a computer animation) Sad, but these freaks grew up with cartoons and computer games so it shouldn’t be too  surprising that these goofs actually accept cartoons as evidence.
    That’s why they’re always doing the “champagne taste on a beer budget” thing here in Thailand.
    And that’s why they end up tweeting about bargirls in Pattaya for loads of others who can’t save enough flipping burgers or shovelling driveways to get back for another shot at “living the dream”.

    For a while, tweets from Patts will just have to do it.   (Was that your idea, Harry?)
    Till the money runs out or the prospect of spending their golden years teaching in an Upcountry holding pen for cheap labor becomes all too clear they’ll do the sweat shop IT thing here in Bangers and for as long as they can, look down on English teachers like Werewolf who makes  about the same money and interatcts, professionally at least with a better class of people.
    Computer guys being almost as detached from reality as Harry is seek like minded friends among the geeks to share their tragically limited worldview.
    You IT guys better believe it now.  Whether you like it or not.  *YOU* are Harry’s new “friends”.
    Think “Cable Guy”.
    That mildly autistic Jim Carrey character was as close as you can get to understanding the lengths an Assbergers autistic will go to if he concludes he’s being brushed off, not included or just plain rejected.

    “I gave you free cable and this is what you do?”

    Those guys better keep on tweeting Harry if they know what’s good for them.

    In the past, other “distancings” of Harry by those he’s “helped” have had nasty results.
    Remember boys,  Harry will be your devoted tool but just don’t ever dare to try putting this stubby little screwdriver back in his box.
    I’m looking forward to expanding on many of these ideas in future posts.

  7. ronru says:

    As always, great comment JB and looking forward for your future posts.
    It seems that the IT industry is indeed a career refuge for all type of scummy losers.
    Owner of a Bangkok money losing brothel getting a job in Singapore is just one example.

  8. Fake Graham Jones Engineer, Hmosexual says:

    The Pattaya in 12, was a wash. Sorry.  We (Penfold and myself) really are not exciting. I tried to be zany, but in reality I’m not.  I tried my, but it really fell apart.  Maybe another time.
    I am gay though. 

    Maybe I, Grahan Jones will finally admit I am gay and I own a brothel that deals in human trafficking.

    Yes human trafficking.  I am a pimp. Big Mango Bar, brothel and home of underage girls.

    Graham Jones, proprietor of underage  human trafficking.

    Graham Jones, proprietor of underage  human trafficking.

    Graham Jones, proprietor of underage  human trafficking.

    Graham Jones, proprietor of underage  human trafficking.

    Graham Jones, proprietor of underage  human trafficking.


  9. Poltergeist Guy says:

    We’re baaaaack.  And its going to be fun.

  10. yawn says:

    I gave up reading Daywalker’s drivel on the third paragraph. 

    The usual boring drivel from the new and *improved* Mango blog.

    Werewolf mentioned the other day that their posts are “drying up”.

  11. SBODTWAT says:

    Not sure about u/aged girls employed at the Mango whore house but the prostitutes employed are sure ugly and unfriendly.

    One can do MUCH better elsewhere.

    And yes, there is an upstairs room where the hookers service customers.

  12. been there done that says:

    I’ve been to the above mentioned brothel, had too many and engaged one of the ugly working girls.

    I can vouch that there is short time upstairs room (300 baht) no ifs or buts.

    The deceiving sign on the door innocently says “staff only”…

  13. Big Mango Brothel Customer says:

    Yep, the new and improved Big Mango Brothel aint all that.
    Michael F. Smith Jr. (Yahoo Evangelist) and Graham Jones are now supporting a vanity whore house. They offer mediocre girls of questionable age for sex that no one wants to fuck, (except for the Man U blokes).

  14. Daywalker says:

    You cuntwhores. The Big Mango is not a brothel. You can barfine our girls and fuck them but we only keep their barfine. The rest of the money they keep. There is no short time room  unless you go into the bathroom and get a blow job. I am richer than all you bastards so Kiss my ass and shove these cheap shots where the sun don’t shine.  Come to the Mango and I’ll give you a free assrape.

  15. Anonymous says:

    My definition of a brothel is a business that employs girl to have sex with their customers and makes or attempts to make a profit from the transaction.

    A brothel owner is a person that has a profit participation in the enterprise.

    Daywalker. I am interested to know what part of this definition doesn’t fit The Big Mango and its owners.

    The GoGo bars  like Rainbow 4, Tilac, and Shark bar are brothels.

    There is no difference between them and The Big Mango except how pretty the girls are and how much clothing they wear while working.

  16. ronru says:

    The broad definition of a brothel is “a building where prostitutes are available”.

    Accordingly all GoGo bars, beer bar, many massage shops and other establishments such as the money losing Big Mango Bar fall into this category. 
    Personally I’m inclined to go along with Wiki that defines a brothel as “an establishment providing the prostitutes a place to have sex with the clients”.
    This excludes virtually all the GoGo bars of Nana Plaza, most of Patpong and the large bars of Cowboy. 

    The dingy, dark, hard to find Big Mango whorehouse does provide its hookers with space to fuck customers therefore Wiki definition of a brothel clearly applies to it.
    Another point some might argue is if Daywalker, PMMP & SSB – the owners of the money losing Big Mango knock shop on Soi 4 come under the definition of pimps and the answer is unequivocal YES !
    a pimp – a person who acts as manager for prostitutes.
    a pimp – a man who procures sexual gratification for another.
    a pimp – a man who gets a share from the earnings of prostitutes. 
    The lowest forms of humanoid scum (and so is Daffy).

  17. SBODTWAT says:

    Agree !!!!!

  18. Google Search Engine Says... says:





  19. Fake Professor says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information in the comments.

    I can’t wait for the ….!

  20. Dr Love says:

    Some people call me Dr Arrogant but its like water off a ducks back when you see the amount of shit that gets thrown the way of my pal Daffy. He recently told me as a time-out from his busy life of dieting; social networking; cross-dressing; taking doggy for walkies; receiving abuse; and sucking up to anyone that will listen to him, he enrolled in a local community college course titled “Why does everybody hate me?”.

    I don’t hate you Daffy 🙂

    As far as business plans are concerned the *Big Mango Bar* based in California idea is on hold for now as he can’t secure any hookers to work for him – its that *looking like a serial killer* issue again. I suggested he rename the bar *The Fat Duck* but Daffy couldn’t see the funny side of that saying the name *Mein Kampf* would be most appropriate. I had to agree

  21. Daywalker says:

    Laugh now Ronru. Why don’t you come down to The Mango for a free hamburger. I will shove it up your ass myself you tosser. You fucker can’t even afford the plane ticket to Thailand and when you scrape together the money you stay in some shithole sewer on Soi 1 and you fuck street whores because your a fuckin broke bastard. I could buy your ass ten times over. I stay only in 5 star hotels and travel first class. Eat that and choke on it then next time your eating slop in steerage and your pencil dick is up some diseased african whore rotting vagina. Cuntwhore.

  22. ronru says:

    Haha hehe hoho Daywalker you stupid oil field roustabout loser. 


    It wasn’t me who got suckered into investing $300,000 of my life saving into a money losing dump in Soi 4 and who keep blaming others for the financial loses. Just man up and admit that your desperate financial situation is a consequence of your own dumb business decision and face up the tough choice of keeping your brothel open, losing money every month, and slowly pissing away your remaining money or close it down and suck up a big loss.

    You are a bald cunt dayfagger, ain’t no nice guy. Dumb ass, low down, no good, bald, fat cunt who pays for cuddles.

     HAHA…  HEHE… HOHO….

  23. SBODTWAT says:

    Haha hehe hoho indeed !!!

  24. Gay Snotgoblin says:

    I think it’s time now for everyone to have a look at the Big Mango Blog’s “Pattaya in 12” featurette.
    Graham’s gonzo narrative accompanies six candid shots of Penfold trying to sell his pussy in Patts.
    Sadly, Graham took the photos.
    Even sadder; in a last ditch grasp at straws to get people into that sad-assed  whore bar  he posted them.
    The financial bankruptcy (or the eventual admission that this joint will remain open as a
    private club for Young Penfold’s admirers) is just a matter of semantics.
    The only time I see customers  anywhere near the place is when they’re guzzling the profits.
    Vanity whorehouse project?
    Hey, why not just give in to Penfold’s secret wishes?
    Turn the fucking place into a gay bar and be done with it?
    The only answer to that would be that it’s already a brothel.
    Lazy grumpy burned out whores trying to compete with Penfold in drab minimalist surroundings.
    Hell on Earth.

  25. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Could be worse Penfold could be an overweight, lonely, sad, pathetic college professor with a hooker obsession!  I read the article, looked they had some fun!  Much more so than reviews of empty hotels and restaurants on this site!
    Your jealousy, hypocritical statements and policies had definitely gone over the edge!  Yes the little nutty professor has gone Keith Summers for all of us to see!  LOL

  26. Somchai Gottalottaporn says:

    I sense some negative feelings here, lol

    I had a burger at the aforementioned bar (Big Mango Bar) around 2 years ago. I went there to check out their new (& assuming still current) premises. I wanted to try a meal so ordered the burger and fries. While adequate for me it didn’t have the WOW factor other patrons had written about in blogs/forums

    The girls in the bar were having fun but didn’t hassle me. I didn’t encourage it either having come from a massage parlour I just wanted to refuel with a quiet meal and beer

     Now the first visit is important for assessing future return visits and everyone likes good service and a bit of friendly banter. As I was sitting at the bar having the meal the greatest influence in this department was the Farang barman. Unfortuately  I must have caught him at the wrong time of the day. He was surly, unfriendly, and had that “don’t bother me” attitude. Recognising an American accent I was mentally crossing off the USA as a possible country to visit if these were the sort of people I would encounter in this supossed “greatest country on earth” 

    His attitude seemed fine with the other 2 patrons sitted around the bar – regulars I’m guessing – so I was thinking business must be good if you can’t be fucked welcoming new customers to your establishment and at least putting on a pretense of friendliness

    So that was my first and LAST visit made to the big mango bar. After reading good reviews about it here and there, the reality was sadly different, spoilt by a man that should have known better. There’s just too many other bars in the area that know what good service is 

  27. Foreplay says:

    @Somchai Gottalottporn,

    Considering the general emptiness of the place, one less customer not walking into Big Mango won’t be much noticed.

    I find Hanrahan’s to be closer, faster, and better quality.

  28. Sumgai Wannaseeyourporn says:

    I think the anti Mango sentiments are valid, but don’t you guys think it’s time to move on? Let the Big Mango Brothel Bar just die it’s slow miserable death.
    Too bad for the investors though. They really got cheated.  Must have been a great G Club sales pitch. Maybe with special services?

  29. ronru says:

    I can not recall ever reading a positive review about the Big Mango. Even Werewolf who is biased and considers himself as a friend of the owners once wrote a review giving it a bellow average 2 out of 5 stars.
    Here is a typical review from the now defunct WickedTraveler: 
    I hadn’t been to the new Big Mango since they were at Nana Plaza. The new location is a bit tricky to find as it’s away from Soi 4 on a dark side street that seems more like any alley. But once inside the Big Mango I saw the new decor and felt more relaxed. The new place is nice, but feels a bit cramped since the building looks like a narrow 2 story townhouse. It was 7pm (happy hour until 8pm) so I ordered a 65THB Heineken bottle. Two Mango girls immediately sat down on either side of me and started chatting. They seemed pleasant enough so I bought them each a drink. They didn’t want alcohol, so one ordered a Coke and the other orange juice. After two minutes they left to go to the other side of the bar and chat with their co-workers. I was surprised as that seemed like a cheap gogo bar tactic. I order a second beer and sat back and observed another guy buy a girl a drink. She asked if he wanted to play pool. After one game she left him. She sat at the front window starting out into space. Amazing. The guy walked back to the bar and sat down. I struck up a conversation with him and he said he is a regular that goes to Big Mango everyday. I asked him if it was normal for the girls to order a drink then leave the customer. He surprised me when he said yes, that often happens. I wondered why he is a regular but I couldn’t think of a polite way to ask. His phone rang and he had to leave. He asked for check-bin so I didn’t feel like staying as I had seen enough of the place. The bartender calculated his tab and wrote it on a slip of paper, then put it on a silver tray and literally threw it down on the counter towards him. The bartender just scowled at him and didn’t say a word. That was rude, but I figured maybe there was some history between the bartender and him. When I get my bill, I get the same treatment, it’s literally thrown towards. I asked him what was going on with this place as the old Mango was so much fun. He replied that when the manager is not in the bar, the girls ignore customers and basically do what they want. When I see my bill it says 380THB. That’s strange because for 2 Heinekens and 2 lady drinks I’m expecting 65+65+100+100=330THB, only the bill was 380THB. What the hell, are they charging VAT + service or something the new Mango? Are the non alcoholic lady drinks 125THB? The check-bins they put in my cup said 100THB each for lady drinks. At this point I didn’t want to deal with it, so I put 400THB on their silver tray and left. I was really let down because I enjoyed the old Mango. However based on my visit, I don’t see any reason to return the new Mango.
                                                     Rating: 1 out of 5

  30. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Kenny…..errrr Somchai I guess your the sort of idiot that judges a whole country by one person!  You don’t happen to teach Economics in California do you?

  31. Pattaya Warrior says:

    I guess the question I have is that if the Mango Bar is a Brothel then why couldn’t Kenny get laid in there?  Was it the camera that put them off?  Was it the body?  My Grandpa always told me not to trust a man who’s ass is wider than his shoulders! Or was it just the general creep factor of the Ol’ Professor!  You really need to question the motives of a 50 plus year old guy, never married, no kids who travels to Thailand hangs out with underage girls and writes erotic sex stories about them!  Kinda disturbing  don’t ya think?
    Any thoughts Ronru?

  32. Ivan says:

    “Even Werewolf who is biased and considers himself as a friend of the owners once wrote a review giving it a bellow average 2 out of 5 stars.”
    This statement is opposite itself.  If the commenter was biased because he knows the owners then he wouldn’t write bad review, writing a bellow average review show that it is unbiased.
    I personaly been to the Big Mango Bar a few times.  When I been there everything was okay, but it’s realy nothing but a small bar in Bangkok.  I don’t realy understand what all the fussing is about.  There is about a million small bars in Bangkok that is similer, they have a few girls and some music and a pool table and they serve cheap drinks and in most of them you can pay bar for the girls who work there if you want to.  It is normal I think.
    I like the article about exchange rate at superrich.  I will go there when i return to LOS.  But I don’t realy understand about cameras so this article is to difficult for me.  But I like to read it anyway. Thank you.

  33. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Word from !  This could explain the obsession with Penfold and trying to compensate with the “Girl Scene” Blog!  I’m not saying but I’m saying!  This could also explain why Werewolf doesn’t hang out with him anymore?  I mean he can hang out with Penfold at THE GYM but not with …..!  Maybe Kenny came on to him and it freaked him out?

  34. BBK says:


    I agree with you.

    As much fun as the Mango haters are having bashing the Mango, its probably best to just let the bar and its blog die a natural death if that is where it is heading.



  35. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information in the comments.

    Kenny I’m trying to call …. on the phone maybe I’ll try back on Monday when he’s in the office, na?
    I’d like to get his thoughts on you as a co-worker?

  36. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information in the comments.


  37. Pattaya Warrior says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information in the comments.


  38. ronru says:

    Editor’s note: Please don’t post personal information in the comments.

    How would ……?

  39. Fake Pattaya Warrior says:

    Sorry Kenny upon review of my notes,I realised the I erred in my criticisms.
    No harm no foul.

  40. Somchai Gottalottaporn says:

    I guess I was just annoyed. After reading positive reviews about bars to visit around NEP on the internet I was disappointed with my visit to the big mango bar. Just jazzed up bullshit reviews probably by friends of the owners. In hindsight I should have  have stayed at Annies MP and had a beer there

    There are a certain type of people in the hospiltality business that do well because they enjoy it and respect their customers – Owners of this bar please take note!

    I never got this vibe at the bar. I find it rather alarming the people that get into these ventures for the suppossed easy money and don’t understand why it fails when the economy takes a turn for the worse. No sympathy here if if fails and looking at the posts above  it looks as though things aren’t exactly rosy

  41. Mario says:

    It’s hard to figure out why bother taking a motorcycle taxi all the way down Soi 4 to drink cheap beer, get sick eating the greasy burgers, and sit around all evening listening to boring semi-fictional self glorifying pontificating from nasty bitter haters who invested and lost their life savings bankrolling The Big Mango -The current version.

  42. ronru says:

    Editor: Sorry for the edit.


    Why did you censor my comment ? It did not contain any personal information.
    All it said was that I wonder what …….

  43. BBK says:


    I know you are just fooling around but there are haters on the blogosphere who will do exactly what you say and it’s just not right.

    I know you are not one of them. That you are not a hater.


  44. ronru says:

    Ok Kenny, I understand and accept the reason for your concern. Shame Daffy didn’t see fit to censor the comments on his pathetic blog that labeled you, Werewolf and Prufrock as Nazis who should be punished and killed (!!!!!!!!).
    I wrote at the time that all it needed was for just ONE lunatic to over react and Daffy would have ended with blood on his hands.   

  45. Observer says:

    Because the threats on his life Werewolf was forced to shut down his blog for a period of time.

  46. BBK says:


    Daffy is what he is.


  47. Dr Love says:

    Daffy is a product of the relaxed California mental health system. Back in Austria he was assessed as *unstable* and earmarked for incarceration – his behaviour had come to the attention of authorities numerous times.

    However he fled to California before local authorities could catch up wit him

    Lying to American immigration about any current mental problems he has thus far managed to keep *under the radar* by keeping to a strict routine of medications. The odd behaviour you see now and again – well *most of the time* – is a result of Harry purposely missing his daily medication in the misled belief he is in control of his illness

    I write this to demonstrate how easy it is to discriminate against people with mental illness as can be seen by the numerous posts here that paint Daffy in a bad lite. He wants to be a good person – his brain is just a little fucked up thats all

    Calling for compassion

    The Doctor

  48. Big Black Gulliver says:

    Dr. Love,
    Could you please explain to the class your obsession with Daffy?  You seem to be a one trick pony if you know what I mean?

  49. Mr Hate says:

    The obsession with Harold Zink is mostly based on the fact that Mr. Harold Zink is a successful businessman that is prospering whilst others on the site are wallowing in failure.  I noticed that Dr. Love and Raul Villegas are the same person.  They both seem to be on a vendetta of no purpose.  As Dr Love once told me “I am legion and we are many”.  I think this shows that he is possessed by demons of some sort and this is shown by his writings at this site.
    Mr. Hate

  50. Dr Love says:

    Errr *successful business* might be stretching the truth a little. Daffy runs a gay phone sex business taking calls while even at work. Now if it were truely successful wouldnt he have hired someone to help out during these times instead of mooching off his boss?

    Daffy has nothing to hide. He told me he’s at his peak taking the phone sex calls while dressed in womans underwear and leafing through his scapebook of high ranking Nazi officials

  51. Dr Love says:

    BBG, no obsession with Daffy, its a case us *well educated, multi-lingual, condescending, arrogant Euro’s* have to stick together.

    Its difficult for the likes of Daffy and I in Thailand. We spit hatred on numerous blogs and forums towards these uncouth Neandathal pussy hunting American, British, and Australian durnkards and for some reason people hate us when we show up on the streets of Bangkok. Not fair I say!

    I’m using my talents here as a concilliator to try and heal the rift between Daffy and Kenny. Daffy is a sad jealous fuck – I have to be honest here – but shows redeeming qualities if he sticks to his daily medication. He *really* just wants to be like Kenny – earn the same salary, actually have a degree you can use in the real world (as oppossed to falling into a junior IT support job), and have *real* friends, not ones that just use you to do their dirty work

  52. ronru says:

    I’m glad readers finally realize what Daffy, his newly found *friends* and BDK blog were all about – to out Kenny.
    The sad reality is that unfortunately, and to a large extent, they achieved their goal and this once ground breaking blog is currently a shadow of it’s former glory.

    There were other casualties along the way e.g Prufrock who had his pictures published along with his private details and Werewolf who had to shut his blog for a period because of threats on his life from insane commenters associated with Daffy’s blog.
    Daffy and Daywalker still have a lot to answer with regard to their roll in actively encouraging violence against Kenny, Werewolf and Prufrock.

    Werewolf’s blog survived and so is but IMHO it’s time for Kenny to hand over the blog to his twin brother who might not be constrained and hopefully return this blog to its former heydays.

    Can BBK.con rock again ?


  53. Pattaya Warrior says:

    No, not that it ever did……….

  54. ??????? says:

    It’s been like 2 weeks since Kenny last posted.

  55. Pattaya Warrior says:

    He’s busy getting ready for ……… so sad

  56. SBODTWAT says:

    Ronru, when you suggest Kenny to hand over the blog to his twin brother is it like DaffyDuck and RealDaffyDuck were 2 different writers ?

  57. ronru says:

    SBODY, You’ve got it… I don’t see any reason why this blog can’t rock’n roll Kokosphere again with a change of ownership.
    The name of the blog can stay the same.

  58. Pattaya Warrior GJ Guy says:

    No blog is going rock anything.  Blogs are vanity projects. Nothing more, nothing less.

  59. Snitch says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    Werewolf wont publish this…

  60. GJ says:

    Editor’s note: personal information redacted.

    Great advice from the Stickman.  ……
    Thailand is home to many Western characters, people who have chosen to live life their way.  I have always been attracted to such characters, in fact I often find they are almost like a magnet to me.  I want to find out more about them, have much interest in their story and enjoy hearing about how they came to arrive at the point they find themselves at today.  One of the great things about living in Thailand is the Western characters you meet.  With that said, while there are many genuine characters, there are also more than a few guys-with-problems.  Some who appear to be characters may in fact be guys with real issues.  It can take time to work out whether someone is a character or a guy-with-problems.  It really is best to take time to get to know people in Thailand before you let them get close to you.  Just because their skin is the same colour and they speak your language doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re both on the same page.  With all of this in mind, while I like meeting up with readers for a chat over a coffee or a bit to eat, please don’t be offended if I decline your invitation.  While I have met some great people and made many good friends over the years via this site, I have also had the misfortune to meet a few weirdoes!

  61. NYBB says:


    Werewolf makes no secret of the fact that he “manages” comments on his blog and is perfectly entitled to so. In this respect he is no different to the owners of a blog set up to promote a money losing bar waaaaay down soi 4 in a hard to find rat infested ally. 

    With the exception of his unquestioning obedient yes-men (Swampdump and the like), all comments on Werewolf Liar go into moderation and must be approved by the big man himself.

    With no exception Akismet directs each and every comment of mine into the spam bin and when I recently inquired for the reason WW response was that no comment is so important that it cant wait for several hours until approved. does not appear to use a moderation filter but comments which contain personal information are soon enough getting edited. For example, if I wrote that I happened to see the cuddler at the best of times I’d rate her as a 5 – this part of my comment is going to get “redacted”. 

    P.S. Werewolf did publish your comment Snitch, and even sort of replied to it.

    September 1, 2010 at 1:27 am

  62. NYBB says:

    …rat infested sewerage filled alley not ally.

  63. Big Black Gulliver says:

    This is pathetic the owner of this blog is now attacking his former friend Werewolf.

  64. NYBB says:

    Editor’s note: Personal information redacted.

    Akismet in action on Werewolf Liar blog:

    Your comment is waiting for approval.
    September 2, 2010 at 11:25 pm
    What will you do WW when …… ?

  65. SBODTWAT says:

    Is it Liar or Lair ?

  66. john smith says:

    You’re all a bunch of fucking muppets.

    When you grow the balls to take what you want when you want and be the masters of your own destiny i’ll welcome you to the xpat bkk club. until then go suck on mammas nipples you yellow bellied bitches.

    chok dee

  67. john smith says:

    shmitty, pmmp, cole n all – did they make it?

    or did they jus lose their squirreled savings from overpaid nerd jobs and get done over by farmers daughters?

    proppa mangda – raise yer fukin hands.

    bkk – no place for wannabes or chumps. mango ownners tick both boxes = no chance of survival.

    do i feel sorry?

    its a doggy dog world.

    Charles Darwin
    “Survival of the FITTEST”

    never said anything about the richest.

  68. Big Black Gulliver says:

    I have a financial interest in all things Mango.  When we pimp out one of our “waitresses” I get a cut of the action.  It’s great.  Even greater when we video the action in our “office”.

  69. ronru says:

    Editor’s note: Information about certain topics has been redacted.

    Big Black Gulliver,

    Listen hot shot, this is not the BDK’s idiotic blog and you don’t have many friends here, if any at all, to cheer your drivel. I wrote before and I repeat it again – your crap on this blog doesn’t go down very well and is not going to win you much support. 

    You were one of the pricks falsely accusing BBK of disclosing locations of ….. but can you please explain to the class why not once you and/or the other haters targeted Werewolf who regularly points to the EXACT locations where…..


    ‘nough said… but there’s plenty more.

  70. SBODTWAT says:

    WOW,  Werewolf caught with his pants down !

  71. Big Black Gulliver says:

    Not only did I accuse your butt buddy on BBK and BDK but I wrote to numerous organizations about your buddies little site here. Including MANY news outlets.  I contacted his employer via phone, email and Certified Letter.  I fucked BBK good and he didn’t like it one bit.     I can’t claim all the credit but I can safely say that I’m one of the top five that took down BBK.
    In no particular order
    1.  BBG
    2. RDD
    3. Monger SEA
    4. Werewolf
    5. Daywalker
    So fuck you ronru and the owner of this site!

  72. haha hehe hoho says:


  73. Snitch says:

    Hey Big Black Gulliver,  BBK is still here so please explain how you took him down.  Albeit no lame sex advice is here anymore, but that’s about it.
    Maybe send it in a registered letter. Ok Harry (Zink)?

  74. Mr Cheesecake says:

    I wish to open a bar around Nana Pussy Complex. Can anyone offer some good advice how to make this a big money earner?

    The usual fare: beer, top shelf, average looking hookers, peanuts, menu with overpriced burger as the star attraction, patrons that weigh no less than Norm, happy hours with not so happy prices, hard to find location, staff with bad attitude, did I mention hookers?

    Advice needed before the big opening

  75. ronru says:

    Mr Cheesecake,

    Don’t forget a short time room !!
    Preferably located on the second floor and the door sign should read “staff only”.

  76. Bangers Bill says:

    The best, good or great? Which one is it? Been to this little store a few time. It’s a good store but not the best. Get off the reservation and look on Rachada and you’ll find the best.

    Being back in SoCal I know that will need to wait until your next Thailand holiday trip.

    No, I’m not going to tell you 🙂

  77. crickets says:


    chiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp!!


  78. crickets says:

    click, click, click, click…
    chiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp!

  79. crickets says:

    click, shutter, shudder, blurrycam!
    chiiiiirp, chiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp!!
    chiiiiirp, chiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp!!
    chiiiiirp, chiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp!!  

  80. crickets says:

    It’s over PRUFROCKyou’re unexposably irrelevant!

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