Bangkok is Burning.

| May 16, 2010 | 9 Comments | 10,492 views

Ever wonder what it was like being with Nero watching him fiddle while Rome burned?

I arrived in Bangkok today and got to see a city on fire.

This is not the first time I’ve been in this situation. In 1992, I lived in Los Angeles when there was rioting following the acquital the officers alleged to have beaten Rodney King. During that bout of civil unrest there was rioting, looting, and general mayhem just like Bangkok today.

The airport look pretty normal. No soldiers around and business as usual.

But as soon I got near the city and the business district things changed.

This is a view down Rama 4 from Asok toward Silom where you can see the fires burning at the barricades the Red Shirts have thrown up a few hundred meters down Rama 4.

There is a police roadblock 100 meters down the street and there are signs declaring anything past the roadblock as a  free fire zone.

Warnings are posted that police and soldiers will use live ammunition in the free fire zone.When the demonstrators fire at the soldiers and police they may fire back with live rounds. The news is reporting several people killed in the free fire zone.

There was also talk of a curfew,  but, about 5PM, a general came on TV and announced no curfew.

Here is a view of the same fires from a high rise near Soi Cowboy. They are on the left side of the picture.

This is a picture from the same building facing northwest toward Din Daeng.

Obviously there is fighting going on there too.

My sympathies are with the Red Shirts. They won two elections but haven’t been allowed to run the country by the Yellow shirts.

If you are going to claim a democracy, you have to let the guys who get the most votes exercise power.

Anything else, doesn’t seem fair.


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  1. Broken Nana escalator repairman says:

    glad u got here all well BBK

  2. Big Black Gulliver says:

    Nero watching him fiddle????

    Kenny, we want to hear about your Kiddie Fiddling not about Nero. I’m sure your students do too!

    Pointless low quality pictures as always!

  3. John Brown says:

    “Rioting following the acquittal of Rodney King”

    Get your story straight !

  4. Dr Love says:

    Daffy and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your return to Bangkok. Daffy is not here in person as the barge bringing him across the Pacific was stopped by a Green Peace vessel on the suspicion a whale was on board

  5. Harry Zink says:

    I know where Daffy is.

  6. Proppa Pimp says:

    “My sympathies are with the Red Shirts. They won two elections but haven’t been allowed to run the country by the Yellow shirts.”


    kenny – stick to mongering bro cos your comment is dangerously wrong. i’m livin in the heart of it fella – dont beleive all u see on fox/cnn/bbc.

    anyway – welcome back to the blogosphere!

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