Bangkok at War

| May 17, 2010 | 11 Comments | 7,429 views

The fighting continued today-Monday.

Here are some pics from Monday night.

This is the west end of the area where the protesters are penned in. There is a roadblock on Rama 4 just west of Asok. You can climb up on top of the pedestrian bridge and get a good view into the area although the main encampments are about 2 km down the road.

This is a picture standing on the corner of Sukhumvit and Soi 3 looking west. Just past the end of the picture are the railroad track, the freeway overpass, and Wireless Road. There is a roadblock before Wireless Road. The fighting is taking place all the way from Wireless down to Central World.

Outside the blocked off areas life goes on albeit in modified form.

Sukhumvit is mostly deserted with only a few white faces to be seen and the bars and restaurants are mostly bereft of customers.

A friend said the neighborhood was more deserted than when the Yellow Shirts closed the airport.

Since the hostilities have been going on for over a month, The World has been able to fully adjust and everyone who had a trip to Thailand on the agenda canceled it long ago. The place where I leased a car for the summer said, that everyone who had put down a deposit to reserve a car had already canceled and forfeited their money.

Here are some pictures of Soi Cowboy. They pretty much speak for themselves.

It’s brutally hot and humid and the farang business climate is equally brutal.

40+ days of no customers. How long can people hold on? When does it make economic sense to just pack up an leave?


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  1. Harry Zink says:

    Did I tell you about my work on Star Trek?

  2. Kenny Fucktard says:

    Editor’s Note: Please no personal information in the comments. 🙂

    You just can’t stop can you? I thought this blog was shut down? But here you are — your reputation in tatters, your job in jeopardy (if not gone already) and pretty much everyone realizing what a scumbag you are — and you’ll still posting pictures for everyone at ****** to see that you’re still taking sex-tourist vacations on Soi Cowoby.

    Way to go *****!

  3. World of Darkest of Nights says:

    FFS,get a Canon 5d Mk2 like Stickman. These photos are beyond dire. Teakdoor have the best commentary about the unrest. If you can’t compete (you can’t) then don’t.
    Where’s the value in keeping this blog alive btw?

  4. Big Black Gulliver says:

    World of Darkest of Nights, don’t you know this is the era of the celebrity blogger Professor Kenny Ng! No doubt that Stickman’s photos are better! Kenny always looks shaky like a little gookamonkey doing something he shouldn’t! Stick, cool as a cucumber! Stick’s Rad Complex write-up also made Lil Kenny look foolish!

  5. Big Black Gulliver says:


  6. Big Black Gulliver says:

    hmmmmm what was moderated?

  7. He Who Watches says:

    WoDoN : agreed, TD has the best coverage of the unrest so far. Kenny’s commentary… not so much.

  8. Harry Zink says:

    Kenny is here to get under yours and my skin.


  9. Big Steve says:

    Well, as all you IT players are aware, we used to hire anyone for these Star Wars projects.

    The only criterion at first was that they knew their way around a computer.

    We’ve since learned to pay way way more attention to our recruitment process.

    Nobody could work with this guy.

    If the cleaning lady know Hairy was “dropping by” she’d take her break or her lunch in the women’s toilet.

    It was that bad.

  10. Dr Love says:

    I must declare *Kenny Fucktard* sounds alot like my friend Daffy Duck. I’m disappointed in you Daffy,,,you are usually the *first* when it comes to news breaks on the interweb but this time you are dead last, you big arsed dodo. This blogs been up for aaaaaages. You will be pleased to know however you are stil my friend Daffy

  11. Angelica says:

    I heard a lot of good things about Bangkok. I’m glad that you all like it there and coiednsr it your second home. It is important for someone to live in a foreign land and actually learn to love it, adapt the culture and etc.

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