Bangkok at War – Post Apocalypse, Part 2- The Morning After

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These are the soldiers stationed near the APC’s on Soi Thaniya.

Notice their weapons. Maybe because they are tankers they are issued handier personal weapons.




These are views of the intersection of Rajadamri and Rama 4 at the southwest corner of Lumpini Park.

These are the remains of the main barricade that was breached by the Thai army 48 hours after the main battle.

You can see the army broke through on the south side where the ground is open unlike Rama 1 or north of Central World.














Here are some workers hauling off a portable generator.

This is a pretty substantial and expensive piece of hardware and gives you an idea of the financial backing the Red Shirts had.




Here are the  bathroom facilities used by the Red Shirts.

Someone was paying for these. Hmmmmmmm.




Eventually, the soldiers prevented me from going all the way up Rajadamri to Central World and I had to go around to Soi Langsuan, up wireless road, and across on Petchaburi.

This is the view from Wireless down Rama 1 toward Central World.


Even though there were roadblocks, anyone with a motorcycle could worm and squirm their way down the alleys and back streets and find a way through to Central World.



Here is Central World still smouldering 2 days after it was set alight.



The Red Shirts also torched the Big C across the street.






Finally here is the view leaving the cord


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