Bangkok at War – Combat Photography – Part 5 – Central World Burns

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Continued from Part 1 – Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 1– Exclusively on, Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 2, Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 3, and Bangkok at War – Combat Photography – Part 4 – Inside the Wire

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When I got to Central World the day the Red Shirts were cleared out, it was on fire.

There were no fire trucks around and the fire was just burning out of control. I read in the news today that the mall was eventually totally destroyed with metal beams melted and collapsing into the wreckage.

These pictures were taken when the fire had been burning only a couple of hours. With no one fighting the flames, the fire must have eventually engulfed the whole building.

If there was high wind to fan the flames, the fire could have spread to neighboring buildings and half of Bangkok would have burned down.

It looked like a scene out of a post apocalypse movie with the flames shooting into the air and clothing, food carts, propane tanks, and trash littering the streets.







Up the street toward the Platinum Mall and Pantip, there was a huge fire burning on the bridge over the Klong.

Some of the nearby neighbors had found a fire hose somewhere, hooked it up, and were battling the flames themselves.

There are ton of  wooden houses lining the klong and if the fire spread to them, they could all go up in flames.




Here are some of the people living nearby trying to fight the fire themselves. They must have scavenged a fire house out of on the nearby buildings, hooked it up themselves, and turned the water on.

You can see from the picture that the water pressure was not that strong.

They have imposed a 4 day curfew so there is little point in hanging around Bangkok.

Maybe up country in “The Heart of Issan” normal life is still going on.










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  1. Sun of C Grad Student says:

    From an American perspective it’s always so hard to understand the human motivation to effect change in government through destruction of one’s own society.  I suppose in this case it’s an extreme case of the poor loser syndrom. 

    I’ve never been to Thailand and have absolutely no connection to it, but it saddens me to see these photos.  But I think it’s healthy they are shown… most Americans (including worldly ones like myself) may find it amazing that the city looks as modern as Los Angeles, but the details of poverty you see in the people and small details sharply juxtapose.  

    The point is this could very easily (and has) occurred in our own country.  All the more reason why those who wish to sanitize the view of the outside world do far more a dis-service, as it creates an ignorance in the populace to an inevitable reality.  Like it or not, our American hubris that it can’t happen here is probably greater than that within the Roman Emprie…

  2. BBK says:

    Sun of C Grad Student,

    The difference is that when people have a grievance in the US, they take it to the ballot box and when they win they become the government. That is what happened to get Obama elected and what will probably get him and the Democrats booted out this coming November.

    The Red Shirts have gone to the ballot box several times, won elections, and been denied their chance to run the government.

    The Yellow shirts have denied them using military coups, bogus court rulings, etc., and they have used their control of the government, the courts, and the police, and the bureaucracy to stack the deck against them in the marketplace which keeps them poor and denies them the opportunity to improve their lives through hard work, merit, and industry.

    That is the root cause of the anger.


  3. Proppa Pimp says:

    “From an American perspective it’s always so hard to understand the human motivation to effect change in government through destruction of one’s own society. ”
    huh??????? what about 9/11 you fool?????????????
    incidentally, for all you dumb fuckers out there who can’t see the wood for the trees, central world (obviously shoddier build quality than the fine World Trade Centre) takes 2 days of burning untill a partial collapse, yet both trade towers (Not to mention the magical imploding 3rd building) simply dissolve after fires on the very high floors.

  4. Sun of C Grad Student says:


    Unless you’re a hardcore conspiracy theorist who thinks 911 was a grassroots inside job, 911 has nothing to do with destroying one’s own society.  Apples to oranges man. 

    911 is a tired reference and has become the go-to argument for everything.  I’m not sure it’s so simple. 

    BBK thanks for the concise perspective on the situation. 


  5. Proppa Pimp says:

    Sun of C Grad Student says:
    May 21, 2010 at 9:23 am
    Unless you’re a hardcore conspiracy theorist who thinks 911 was a grassroots inside job, 911 has nothing to do with destroying one’s own society.  Apples to oranges man.
    911 is a tired reference and has become the go-to argument for everything.  I’m not sure it’s so simple.
    BBK thanks for the concise perspective on the situation.
    No “Hardcore Conspiracy” here mate. Better words here might be “Set-up” , “Scam”, “Common Theft”, “Mass murderers”.
    Just a few generations of greedy self serving families prepared to kill 100’s of thousands to keep their money rolling in

    “9/11 is a tired reference” –  wow you sheep really are quick to trivialise such momentous points in your history because you have no balls of your own or conviction and thus believe the nationalistic bullshit fox feeds you.
    What I love about Thailand and it’s people is that they never would have fallen for, or accepted the shit fed to you afterwards, by the murderous theives that are your government. They would have burnt down the fuckin white house.
    Wake up America – its time to sort out your shit. 

  6. BBK says:

    Sun of C and Proppa Pimp,

    One difference  between 9/11 and the current Thailand crisis is that 9/11 was by a couple of fanatics who weren’t American and the Thailand is a mass demonstration by a group who represent a majority of the Thais.

    Personally, I think the Red Shirts have a legitimate beef against the Yellow Shirts which they have tried to address through the electoral process without success.



  7. Prufrock says:

    People who believe that Osama bin Laden (who’s never been charged by the FBI, incidentally) did 9/11 would probably still believe that Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald and bought the Tonkin Gulf bullshit, don’t know about Gladio, Northwoods, Iran-Contra affair and think they still live in a democracy.
    Anybody who still believed that 19 Saudi boys tricked the US “$$trillion +++$$ per year” armed forces, the FAA, the NSA, the CIA, the Pentagon etc etc would have been ripe for believing that some string-vest shine sitting in front of a tumble-down shotgun shack was responsible for the  ongoing looting of the treasury.
    Obviously, they were.
    It’s clear that if you spin stuff long and hard enough you can get Americans to believe anything.
    Just make sure there is enough Brittiny (sp?), Brangelina, Oprah, televised sport and whatever else distracts people from independent thought and reflection and you have a reservoir of boneheads who will believe anything. And panic. Spread panic fear and hate to catalyze the mendacious brew.
    Hell, after seeing how easy it was to convince fear-addled morons of anything they repeated 100 times, the BANKS had a go, the large corporations had a go, Big Pharma with the help of the corporate media had no problems running their  H1N1 ooga-booga scam.
    People in general but Americans in particular are susceptible to the Edward Bernays PRS manipulation gamut.
    Problem (America is under attack) (Big banks will go under) (H1N1 is a pandemic that could kill billions)
    Reaction  . . . . (fear)    (Fear)   (FEAR)
    Solution (We need heavier security)  (The FED must print way more money) (Buy $billions$ of doses of Novartis’ “shit-soup” vaccine)
    Your not getting laid.  You’re lonely and you’ll die alone. Buy Axe deodorant or read about PUA assholes like Neil Strauss in “The Game”
    People still believe what their governments and whatever the predatory institutions that support their government tell them.
    9/11 WAS an inside job There needs to be a proper investigation.
    During this investigation evidence and testimony will be presented
    There will be indictments
    There will be trials
    Evidence and testimony will be accepted at trial as proof
    There will be justice.
    REAL JUSTICE for the NEOCON cabal that did this to Americans and the world.
    Evidence, solid evidence is routinely deflected but the the body physical evidence is now incontrovertible.
    Architects and Engineers for 9/11
    AE 9/11
    This was the big watershed  NEOCON move to kick off the energy wars.
    Control of Iraq, the Afghanistan pipelines, (and the opium flow into a re-emerging Russia) are (among MUCH else) the prize
    The incessant torture of Islamic marginal patsies into “confessing” vital bits of 9/11 folklore is ongoing
    The US government has spent more “magnitudes of 10”  money covering up this horrendous crime and keeping their citizens in the dark  than investigating this 9/11.
    Consider this:  half of Americans believe that there’s something their gov’t lied about re; 9/11 (Zogby)
    A third of those believe that the US had a hand in the slaughter of their own innocents.
    All that 9/11 researchers and investigators want is a proper investigation.
    There has never been one.
    9/11 was and IS an inside job.
    Architects and Engineers for 9/11


  8. BBK says:


    If the military industrial complex was behind 9/11 it is still different from the recent Red Shirt protest.

    No one has put forward the idea that the Red Shirt demonstrators are stooges in some giant conspiracy.

    The Red Shirts are just a group of poor people who believed that democracy in Thailand was actually democratic and are now angry when it is apparent they were sold a bill of goods.



  9. Prufrock says:

    Hi Kenny:
    Some clarifications:
    My 911 post was a simple response to your  “9/11 was by “a couple of fanatics who weren’t American” throwaway.
    This position has largely been demonstrated to be a woefully inadequate explanation for that horrific criminal act. (Please reread my post for what I believe to be a more salient line of investigation into this demoniacal act of “agent provocateering.”
    American citizens in their uphill struggle to regain their constitutional rights have my best regards and my best wishes for the future.  I DO NOT accept the notion that the US government in any way represents the will of its citizens. I have absolutely no issues with Americans.   The 911 false flag slaughter was by no means the only false flag operation to be committed by a state power clique in pursuit of an agenda.
    NEVER, at ANY TIME do I recall suggesting  Eisenhower’s military industrial complex was behind 9/11. Those are your words not mine. I took the time to represent the culprits here as a NEOCON cabal of American exceptionalists.

    I have always referred to a NEOCON agenda by a powerful faction within the US gov’t which unfailingly promotes American exceptionalism, unquestioningly supports Zionism, obeys the banks, and has openly advocated the US seize the day and effectively dominate the planet. Their words not mine. (See the Philip Zelikow written PNAC mission statement of that “think tank”)

    I would postulate that this planet can’t spare the resources it would take to allow anyone to dominate it. Any state attempting to do this is simply blinded by its own hubris.
    History does NOT repeat itself; it rhymes.
    Is the antecedant of your “it” here, 911?   Who’s saying THAT ??

    “IT” is still different from the recent Red Shirt protest.  How could anyone ever confuse the civil discord of a class conflict  with a NEOCON false flag trick to get Americans pumped for a war? WMD was a lie. Osama was a lie. It was ALL lies.

    No one has put forward the idea that the Red Shirt demonstrators are stooges in “some giant conspiracy” .  Least of all me. Why would you even suggest that I had said that?  Why would even suggest that I had done that? is  a gross misapprehension of my position. I have close ties with people on both sides of this thing and no I even tend to ignore the funding aspect (of both sides)  and focus on the grievances.

    These grievances, at least the valid ones, are universal in conflicts of this type.
    The Red Shirts are just a group of poor people who believed that democracy in Thailand was actually democratic (agreed) and are now angry when it is apparent they were sold a bill of goods. (by whom?)  By power? by Thaksin? This is unclear in your response.  But it is better left unstated. And therein lies a huge impediment to constructive negotiation.

    Taboo issues are NOT helpful. Ignoring the elephant in the room is NOT helpful.
    911 is America’s elephant in the room.

    A word on the denotative meaning of your word, “conspiracy”: Two or more people involved in a criminal procedure amounts to a conspiracy.

    Most crimes, financial, political, military are conspiratorial by nature.

    911 was a conspiracy.

    There is a government conspiracy theory regarding 19 Saudi conspirators and there is a 911 research conspiracy regarding the US government.

    Allowing NIST and the Phillip Zelikow 911 commission to investigate 911 is tantamount to allowing the suspect to investigate the allegations against him. Would anyone have accepted that Osama bin Laden be allowed to investigate 911 ???????

    Sorry but in spite of  government’s best efforts to demonize and put a Boogy-man mask on world events,  in geopolitics there is no such thing as a one-man-show.  Foreign policy is by nature conspiratorial in the denotative sense.

    The silly disingenuous connotative misapplication of the word conspiracy is an insult to the intelligence of anyone who has ever asked a question.

    The denigration of those who would question the government packaging of pivotal geopolitical events as the “acts of deranged lunatics acting alone” are desperate, arrogant and self-serving.  And they laughable.

    Most crime is gang-related. There has to have been conspiracy. Just because the crime was big, or unthinkable does NOT preclude conspiracy especially if the evidence and common sense point to the participation of more than one individual.

    Do to constant and consistent argumentation by those who must conceal their crimes, the CONNOTATIVE nuance surrounding  the term “conspiracy” has for some come to mean “unfounded, imaginary, etc.”

    This a false connotation and a dishonest smear of legitimate inquiry into geopolitical events that pretty well dominate our daily lives.

    Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. No one is entitled to his own facts. Elimination of FACTS during the information or evidence gathering phase of an investigation amounts to opinion and an investigative bias dictated by pre-ordaned conclusion.

    One starts with an hypothesis.

    One examines and categorizes all the data.

    One constructs a theory from that initial exercise.

    One tests that theory.
    My theory as you well know is that 911 was an inside job.

    As a post script to this let me just say that anyone who substitutes “I don’t care about geopolitical tectonics” and who substitutes mindless diversions and distractions to the zeitgeist is contributing to the problem.

    Especially, ah, number 36 at the Shark Bar.

  10. FINALLY someone who understand the importance of these geopolitical tremors and how they affect us globally, EVERY SINGLE DAY!
    This is important, people, PAY ATTENTION!!!!
    Do you believe Faisal Shahzad’s “attempted” bombing of Times Square was an inside government job orchestrated by the Obama administration?

    The facts:
    This so called attempted attack on Times Square occurred just days after an oil refinery explosion resulted in large amounts of oil being pumped into the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana. Of particular note – the attack happened just as the press and many others were beginning to call this disaster “Obama’s Katrina”. This is classic divert and distract tactics.

    Throughout his campaign Obama was called weak on terrorism and those criticisms have continued during his Presidency. What better way to boost his anti-terror credentials then to have a “home grown” (by his administration) terrorist captured in a made for TV series of events with a plain being called back to the terminal

    Answers to the naysayers.

    But how is it possible Obama orchestrated this attack in just a few days to have it happen right after the oil explosion?

    Remember, throughout his campaign for President, Obama made it very clear that he opposes oil drilling, especially in the coastal waters of the US. The oil refinery explosion was no accident – it was a pre-planned, deliberately set explosion meant to be an example of the huge risks of oil drilling. This allowed Obama, who had just previously come out in support of off shore drilling to placate his adversaries, to double back on any drilling promises and stick to his true opposition to any such drilling while looking like the “good guy”.

    So clearly this entire chain of events was orchestrated by the Obama administration months in advance, giving them plenty of time to identify and prepare a scapegoat.

    But unlike 9/11, we caught the suspect and he hasn’t said anything about Obama?

    There are many dyed in the wool Democrats that would gladly do a little prison time to aid and support Obama’s Presidency. No doubt Faisal Shahzad is such an Obama supporter and no doubt he will get government leniency (and free Healthcare) from the Obama administration’s supports in the court system. Watch this trial and you’ll see that Shahzad gets very little jail time.

    But it wasn’t even a working bomb, surely the government could make a bomb that would actually work?

    There are two key points here.
    1. Had the government provided a working bomb, it potentially would have been discovered as to advanced for someone like Faisal Shahzad to construct or use, thus raising unwanted questions about which government might have helped him.

    2. Obama understand that he doesn’t need to kill 100+ people to still gain credibility for catching the suspect. In fact, not having anyone die makes Obama twice the hero – he caught the bad guy and saved the women and children.

    Chain of Events:
    This is the timeline of events as they happened, it’s scary how perfectly timed and executed everything is.

    1. Sometime in the past few months
    Obama faces increasing heat over energy costs but opposes drilling off shore so he devises THE PLAN to appear to be the good guy in every way. The wheels are set in motion.

    2. March 31, 2010
    For the first time, Obama announces support for offshore oil drilling.

    3. April 20, 2010
    The pre-planted explosion destroys the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, dumping large quantities of oil into the Gulf of Mexico and in the process creating a reason for Obama to back out of his support for offshore drilling.

    4. April 30, 2010
    The pressure for more action by Obama increases as calls of “Obama’s Katrina” begin to surface.

    5. May 1, 2010
    The pre-planned terrorist bomber sets off a small smoke bomb in his “bomb” SUV and heads home instead of the airport. He then gives the government enough time to track him down before trying to board a plan out of the country.

    6. May 1 – current, 2010
    The media is distracted by the bomb, the suspect, the hunt, the capture. Almost all news on the oil disaster is pushed to the back burner and Obama has several more weeks to come up with a plan for the oil issue.

    If that chain of events doesn’t give you chills, you need to wake up and get your head out of the sand!

    Are YOU a May 1st Truther? Sign up now.

  11. Prufrock says:

    Ok . Wake Up America is dropping a classic example of disinformative well-poisoning into the mix

    A sloppy one at that.

    I hope he’s joking and I also hope he’s not getting paid to do this..

    The very notion that the Obama “ministry” or any other government could put this Times Square fiasco together so quickly, while being remotely conceivable  is patently absurd.

    But remote conceivability is just what WUA is after. It poisons the well of rational scientific enquiry and it smears the whole idea of questioning the US government with the WUA’s fake-assed toilet-brush of lunacy.

    WUA? You make a huge mistake when you underestimate the public’s need to get the truth. You make a huge mistake when you get on here with this obvious nonsense . This is some kind of joke, right?.

    I certainly hope your not getting paid for it as s-o-o-o many contrivers of this kind of disinformation are   ;-).

    That Faisal is a patsy is highly likely.  And he’s a stupid one at that. Unlike 911, the plotting and the indoctrination takes place in Pakistan and is thereby immune from objective investigative inquiry.  It  is also
    quite possible Faisal Shazahd is just another frustrated idiot co-opted by lazy police work crowd .

    I’m sure it’s not too difficult to get this sort of nonsense rolling.

    It’ll be interesting to know the success rate for this kind of propaganda work.

    But I digress.

    I’m just betting that this is most likely just a joke.


    But if it is not a joke, to suggest that the Times Square dud was a Wag-the-Dog propaganda gambit is indicative of another government tactic and a pretty stupid one at that. The disinformation industry is really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Both in attitude (they think folks will buy this BS)  in material evidence (not one idea has been supported by anything except wild conjecture.

    See how this “Wake Up America” guy first muckles on to my post as part of his post. Then he  insults his intended target with a wildly unsubstantiated QUASI THEORY that he hammered together, straw man style (only THIS one is filled with Bullshit and he plays to the straight here that I just might jump for joy at having gotten some support.

    I want y9u try another one. Another brand. G’head, it keeps my chops sharp and fast 😉

    Anyway, after WUA’s performed what he thinks is a successful graft and being quite pleased with himself I might add, he goes on to propose without evidence and without research and without testimony a wild and wooly explanation for the synchronicity of these events.

    He thinks that he just can’t lose here.

    He’s wrong
    People will accept his nonsense or they’ll reject his nonsense and with any luck he’ll get what he he’s after here; a tacit smearing of the good investigative science and the genuine goodwill that true American patriots and truth seekers demonstrate day after day.

    By doing this “Wake Up America” hopes to poison the well of rational enquiry and to cast as much doubt as he can onto those who question wht their government puts before them.
    No “Wake Up America” you can’t poison this well.

    And once again; I really hope this was a prank and that you are not getting paid for this.

    Even though the sea birds inevitably die from it, he money they pay you would be better spent washing a frigging bird or something wouldn’t it   ;-?

  12. Prufrock says:

    Do you think I’m making up the degree to which the US government is worried about investigations into its false flag ops, black ops and nasty work on your dime?

    Do you think it’s an exaggaration to suggest that the US government is spending BIG tax dollars trying desperately to cover their tracks and to prevent a consensus from building ?  An consensus for investigation and awareness?

    Do you think the US government isn’t afraid of AE
    Well then check out this fine example of your tax dollars at work:

    Conspiracy  Theories and Myths
    You’re Welcome

  13. Fake BBK says:


    Wake up America may be a joke, but its not me.


  14. voice from the past says:

    You lost Pru, live and learn…

  15. you got it spot on says:

    I like egg but not on my face

  16. SBDOTKU says:

    Daffy, postin as “voice from the past” and “you got it spot on”
    I’m on your team.. but boy you really are a pussy hole cunt.
    Could you try and up your game a little ? cos every public viewer has you down as a sellout cocksucking shill Dafne.

  17. SBDOTKU says:

    SBOTKU – I’m Dafneys bitch N’est pas?
    911 was a horrendous set up/cover up

  18. Bkkspy says:

    I’m a 3rd world homo. I like to take it in the ass. Someone please assfuck me.

    Prefer underdeveloped Thai men.

    I like to keep my sphincter tight

  19. 911 was an event to give morons like prufrock says:

    something to do with their so called life.

    Nuff said.

  20. Nuff Said says:

    What do you want?

  21. Moderate This says:

    How’s that “special” project coming along boys?




  22. Prufrock's Penis says:

    …..would someone please wipe this shit off me?

  23. Numpty Fuck says:

    Whoaaaa – that’s alot of shit on your penis!

    Who da goat?

    Now what are you on about?

    You’re an undereducated troll.

    Bugger off.

  24. Wondering says:

    What is with all the references to goats, donkeys and other animals?

  25. SBDOTKU says:

    @ Wake Up America.
    Could you take that cock out of your mouth and say that again?
    Its pretty muffled.

  26. Nutcase Pizza says:

    I’d like to order your 911 conspiracy special. With that I’d like

    2 jet airplanes filled with fuel
    1 missle
    a few hundred detonators
    extra nano-thermite

    Thank you

  27. Bkksply says:

    I know where the upstairs rooms are at Nana Plaza to take underage girls.

    Thank you BBK. Your v1.0 advice wasn’t worth a shit. But at least the GPS coordinates let me know that I was going in the right direction!


  28. Donkey says:

    This is my most favorite blog on the entire internet. Everyone makes an ass of themselves and nobody notices. Just like being in highschool gym class!!

  29. Prufrock says:

    @ Nutcase Pizza who trivialized one of the most
    shameful events in the history of our species on
    February 12, 2011 at 9:59 pm
    <<I’d like to order your 911 conspiracy special. >>
    Yes sir: Would that be the Government Conspiracy Special that has 19 drunken
    unemployed, coke-addled, Vegas-whoring don-air kebab chefs
    or t
    our famous Investigate 9/11 Special
    that has pictures of nanothermite residue and partialily vaporized WHx40x2″ beams and diagonally  severed columns whose cross-section resembles a 6 foot by 12 foot bathtub whose walls are 4″ THICK
    With that I’d like
    2 jet airplanes filled with fuel  Ok but I’m afraid that that’s nothing more thasn kerosene, which burns at around 450-500 degrees  . . . .probably  . . . . .  much   lower in an oxygen-starved (black smoke?) contents fire of 40 to 120 minutes duration.
    1 missle (sure cruise? or drone? or hey, how a chef Dov Zackheim special. You will remember rabbi Dov the former Pentegon comptroller under whose watch over 2 TWO TRILLION dollars (according to Donald Rumsfelf) DISAPPEARED from the Pentagon books. Well dual passport holder Rabbi Dov Zakhiem is now the proud owner of a private enterprise that makes and distributes remote controlled aircraft. He can work miracles. Runs in the family. His daddy was an Irgun terrorist in Israel just after “Partition”
    a few hundred detonators Ok but we really only need them for the pre-collapse column support blast outs.  (after all we can set this gel-sol spray applied, nanothermite shit off with a kitchen match we’ll need those detonators for the other shapped cutting charges that we’ll use to diago-cut the elevator shaft support coluns.
    They’ll have to be huge wads of thermite composite especially formulated (see Lawrence Livermore Labs appendix) search under “military patents” This stuff is sort of like a mixture of pwdered aluminum, powdered iron, powdered copper and a coagulant that’s use dto make common sparklers we use on July 4 and that we use in fireworks.
    extra nano-thermite  Well we’re already done a few thousand tonnes. We mix this powder in a gel- sol suspension memdium and then ship it in 150 liter barrels (the blue plastic ones you see in dumsters and in disposal areas these days.
    We’ll have our nattily uniformed, nites and week-ends only crews spray it on just like rust inhibitive primer. Everybody knows we’re in there “updating the wiring” “stripping out asbestos” “powering down” whole floors in these three buildings.  Most of “our guys” can’t speak English but they stay out of town in a barracks situatttion where they get all the weird food and hookers they want.
    Towards the end of the project we’ll get ’em tp dig a huge latrine out back of the dorm.
    Then we’ll medicate their last meal and while they’re sleeping that off we’ll “vaccinate them” between the toes with a heartstopping kurare-based neuro-toxin. It’s not like anyone ever knew they were here.
    The Buford will, well. . . . . . well you know, just before we fill in the hole.
    . . . . . .  it’s ah, for, the um, for the greater good as we like to say. Fucking slobos
    We’ll spilt the “tasking” of these sensitive “need to know segments so that only guys like , well, Buford here, will actually know what became of those ex-freedom fighter spray painters we imported from Lower Slobovia.
    To bad about the guy with the Yankees tatoo.
    Sort of liked him.
    But what the fuck . . . . . this is a fight against, um, ah, for um, a what the fuck. I had my orders. Fuck off with your questions.
    I hope you’re enjoying your fucking pizza you fucking imbecile, I know we certainly do.. . . (enjoy your pizza just hold the stinky little fish. )
    9/11 was an inside job.
    How else could a nitwit like Buford afford to retire with all that money?
    Too bad about that amnesia attack he had. and that he ended up in a landfill after being tossed into a dumpster after that nasty run-in with blunt-force trauma.
    We’ll get that motor-mouth Stubbledyne next. If that old cunt can’t keep his mouth shut I guess we’ll  have to “aneurism” the bastard with our nifty “liquidate on a need to liquidate” basis medi-kit.
    I haven’t had this much fun since we did “nerd-Specs” Colby.
    Fuck, this is WAY more fun than the army.

  30. Mr Cheesecake says:

    We know there are Known Known’s – that is to say we all know Daffy is an idiot

    Then there are Known Unknowns – that is to say we know Daffy will make a fool of himself again but we aren’t quite sure when. Usually it’s sooner rather than later and much more frequently than intelligence has ever estimated

    Then there are the Unknown Unknowns – that is to say we don’t know how many *Daffys* are out there but we pray a merciful God will populate this world with only 1. Intelligence has picked up chatter numerous times we thought were more than 1 but it turned out to be 2 ladyboys squealing excitedly over the phone about a new pair of high-heels

  31. Numpty Fucks Take Notice says:

    Wow. I mean WOW! If Kenny was in charge of the space program the shuttles would wind up in an orbit around Mars. That’s how incredibly inaccurate his posts are. Since he fucks with the links here is the BDK post in full

    Waaaaaaaayyyyyy out in Silom – Another visit to The Duke…

    Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 13, 2011

    I figured the “closure” of The Duke of Wellington warrants a personal investigation. I’m in town, it’s not too far from where I’m staying, so I figured “why not?” 😉 Heck, I’ll snap off a couple of pictures with my trusty iPhone.

    So after a quick ride in a taxi, I found myself facing … an entire building being renovated!

    Uh Oh…. could this mean that Kenny was making stuff up again… and is not “man enough” to admit it?

    Feel free to compare these photos to the ones BigDummy snapped for his earlier fly-by, and you can see that the building is now completely covered up, and that this is a serious renovation job OF THE ENTIRE BUILDING.

    BigDummy’s earlier article is right here : bigdummy kenny.wordpress. com/2011/02/05/going-out-of-business-i-dont -think-so/

    All boarded & tarp’d up. I wonder what’s happening underneath there.

    In fact, you can see the banner where The Duke is located, and which invites all customers to head across the street to “AFTER HOURS” (click the picture to see the banner)

    Looks serious. It seems like the entire inside of the building is being gutted.

    I have absolutely no doubt that Kenny is, right now, desperately trying to figure out how he could possibly spin this one, just so he would not have to admit having been MONUMENTALLY WRONG (again) in his speculations and fabrications – really, Kenny, it wouldn’t hurt you to just do a minimum of research to get your facts right, now would it?

    … but I guess in that regard, you and Prufrock have more in common than you care to admit (hint: neither of you know the first thing about researching facts, and both of you allow yourselves to be blinded by your emotional obsessions.

    Obviously, Kenny has chosen the “silent” strategy – as usually pretending that the facts don’t exist, as suddenly comments on the MangoCollapse thread, announcing the “death” of The Duke have gone awfully quiet. Hmmmm…. I wonder why that is?

    Simultaneously, insane comments on all the other threads have shot through the roof — nothing like trying to distract from “The Facts” with a lot of noise, is there, kids?

    This one might be hard for The Ref (Kenny) to spin as anything else but a clear victory for Team Mango (of course, I have no doubt that we’ll see The Ref/Kenny just make something up — or go silent…

    Next up, more damage to Kenny’s reputation – a restaurant review of AFTER HOURS! Who’s up for a lunch meeting at The Pub That Doesn’t Exist waaaaaaaaaaay out in Silom?


    Nuff said

  32. Nutcase Pizza says:

    From where i sit the only thing trivial is the size of your brain and the content it produces every single time you comment.


    Big big BIG guy. Get a grip, you know, on SOMETHING, like, oh, I don’t know….REALITY maybe? Hmmmm?

  33. Tumble Weed says:

    Just doing my thing

  34. Double Pepperoni says:

    Bring it on you cunt.
    I don’t give a fuck  about anything you cunt face
    Fuck with me and ur a dead fucker
    Do you understand dafney?

  35. Double Pepperoni says:

    I see you as a joke cunt. but since fuckers be hacking my internet and fuckin wiv me emails – i’m ready to slash ya. Bidin my time – dont want loss of face and problems but be sure i’m a raw fucker.

  36. Double Pepperoni says:

    Come an’ ‘ave a pop,
    IF ya think ya hard enough.

  37. Green Eggs and Ham says:

    Someone’s been drinking too much with their pizza.

  38. Double Pepperoni says:

    Yo dr Zeuess
    Never too much beer with pizza.
    Learn the laws of the planet man.

  39. Prufrock says:

    @Nutcase Pizza
    People in this medium tend to respond to moronic tropes like the one you came here with.
    By your response, anyone can see you are unaccustomed to being hoisted on your own petard.
    (That’s a French expression for having your gun taken from you and then pushed into your face.)
    See? I You really ARE an imbecile.
    There’s “learning by doing”
    You are  a concrete example of learning by being.
    Whyancha stop being such a wimp-assed pussy and click the links to the FACTS I supply with
    nearly EVERY reply I make to morons who can do little in their existance but illustrate that they
    have a VERY strong case for suing  the douchebags who educated” them.
    Your “Sheeesz” . . . . . . . . now there was cogent uttereance if I’ve ever heard one.

  40. crickets says:

    chiiiiirp, chiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp!!

    Prufrock – snore, snore, snore, snore…

  41. crickets says:

    chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, !! 

  42. crickets says:

    chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiirp, chiiiirp, chiirp, chiiiirp, chiirp, chiiiirp!!

  43. crickets says:


  44. tumbleweed says:


  45. tumbleweed says:

    Woooosh, waaaaaaay down Soi wooooooosh

  46. crickets says:

    flush, flush, flush – down the drain … chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp!

  47. crickets says:

    Bang, Bang, Bang …chiiiiirp, chiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp!!
    chiiiiirp, chiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp!!
    chiiiiirp, chiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiiiiirp, chiiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp!! 

  48. PRUFROCK'S DAD says:

    It’s over PRUFROCKyou’re irrelevant!
    Bang, Bang, Bang  

  49. PRUFROCK'S DAD says:

    PRUFROCK’s irrelevant!HAHAHA HEHEHE HOHOHO! Bang, Bang, Bang  

  50. crickey says:

    chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp!! chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp, chiiiirp!!
    irrelevant Prufrock 

  51. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple war!

  52. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple twat!

  53. fishsticks says:

    Military Juntas suck. Chan-Ocha is the big dick in charge.

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  55. Berleykim says:

    It has been an interesting two weeks, to say the least. I have to admit, it feels rllaey good to finally have family on my side of the coin. For 33 years I’ve only been an inlaw (or outlaw depending on whom you ask lol) in my husband’s family. Looking forward to the day we can meet face to face. I won’t bite promise.

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