Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 3

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Continued from Part 1 – Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 1– Exclusively on and Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 2


This is what remains of the first Red Shirt barricade. It was made out of bamboo sticks and, obviously, was set on fire and is still smoldering.

The clean up crews are dismantling the barricade and carrying it away so they can reopen the streets and life can return to normal ASAP.


This is part of the Red Shirt encampment. They set up these awnings all the way down to Central World and took shelter and cooked food underneath.

Here is a squad of soldiers headed toward Central World.

These guys are farther down the military hierarchy.

Notice that the first soldier is carrying a Vietnam era M-16 (Notice the triangular shaped hand guard and the non-collapsible stock) and the second guy has a single shot shotgun instead of nice Remington 870 which can pump out 5 rounds without reloading.




Although the have outdated equipment these soldiers are armed up for riot control—the soldier on the left has a tear gas grenade and a smoke grenade on his vest.




Bringing up the back of the unit are the medics with stretchers and the first aid supplies.

Like I said in Part 2, these guys acted and were equipped as if they were headed in to real combat.


Here is the main Red Shirt barricade on Rama 1 Road – 2 big trucks that were parked across the road and set on fire when the assault began.

Even with an armoured personal carrier or tank it would be difficult to push these trucks out of the way — especially when they are on fire.

Coming up next — Inside the Wire– Combat Photography of the Inside of the Red Shirt Encampment—Exclusively on



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