Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 2

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Continued from Part 1 – Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 1– Exclusively on

Here is the army roadblock at the railroad tracks right before the freeway entrance with Wireless Road (where the U.S. Embassy and The Pent G-Club are located) a couple of hundred meters down the road.

These are troops headed into tho main area of Red Shirt resistance.

You can tell the status of the troops by the type and modernity of the weapons they carry.

These soldiers must be from one of the more elite units because they are carrying modern versions of the M-16 with present day forearms and collapsible stocks which make the gun handier in urban close quarters combat.

Notice also that they have loaded magazines inserted into their weapons and are “locked and loaded” and ready to “Rock and Roll”!


Also, take a look at their facial expressions— they are not out for a nice relaxing training excercise.

These guys look like the are headed into combat where someone might actually get killed or seriously wounded.

They are also pretty well trained up – notice that no one has the finger inside the trigger guard so they don’t accidentally shoot each other.



This soldier is not carrying his standard issue rifle. Instead he is carrying a Remington 870 pump shotgun.

The shotgun is used to fire a less than lethal beanbag that can be fired into crowds and not actually kill people—-unless they get unlucky and take one in the eye.

Many of the troops I saw carried their regular rifle plus a shotgun. The Remington 870’s must have been in short supply because many of the troops had cheaper single shot single action shotguns where you have to break the weapon open and reload after each shot.




Here is the whole unit going past the first Red Shirt barricade.


Continued in Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 3




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  1. Mike says:

    What’s with the lime green scarves around their neck ?
    Certainly would make nice bright aiming marks !

  2. BBK says:


    It’s some type of color coding which I couldn’t decipher.

    If you scroll back through the pictures from the Bangkok at War series you’ll see different units have different colored scarves.

    One function, besides differentiating the the different units is to help identify Red Shirts masquerading as soldiers by donning military garb.


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  9. Cockler-R says:

    Who ever taught you this did well, but you should still strive to update your skills.

  10. BigBlackGulliver says:

    Just to make it clear, this post is another in the long line of misleading posts on BBK. There is no combat and since when are motorcycle taxi drivers on the front line?

  11. Old News says:

    No signs of war in Silom. Nothing to see here.

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