Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 1

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This morning, the Thai Army attacked the main Red Shirt Encampment.

Using armored personal carriers and thousands of troops, they breached the barricades, stormed the Red Shirt lines, and cleared Central World and Lumpini Park—the center of Red Shirt resistance.

When the bullets start to fly, lesser bloggers cut and run, leaving the country with empty wallets and with their tails between their legs to hide out in various third world shit holes like India and Indonesia.

When the guns begin to fire, fat assed lesser bloggers smell the smoke, hear the guns, and scurry to the airport to drag their big fat soft asses back to the safety of The World.

But heads toward the sound of the guns —taking you into the heart of the action!

In the afternoon, I headed into the combat zone on my motorcycle and armed with my camera.

Starting at the intersection of Asoke and Sukhumvit (in front of Soi Cowboy), I headed straight down the miracle mile toward the main Red Shirt encampment at Central World.

Here is the view from the Asoke/Sukhumvit intersection north, south, and west down Sukhumvit toward the fighting.

Instead of the normal Wednesday afternoon traffic jam, Asoke is eerily deserted.

These are a couple of policemen stopping people from going down Sukhumvit but they seemed interested only in stopping Thai guys and let farang through.

Here is the first sign of the fighting–the remains of burned tires right before The Times Square Mall at Soi 12.

It’s pretty obvious noone bothered to put out the fire. They just let it burn until all the combustibles were combusted.

And here is the first real roadblock at Soi 8.

Notice that instead of pussy policeman with pistols, the roadblock is now manned by actual soldiers with M-16’s, EM-2’s and shotguns.

When you try to pass the roadblock, the soldiers wave you into the area on the right, question you, and search your bags and the luggage compartment of your bike.

Here is the view looking back, once you’ve passed the first roadblock.

And here is the view down Soi 4 toward Nana Plaza.

I wonder how much money the point holders in the bar waaaaay down Soi 4 are getting paid this month?

Or how much money and how long Soi 4  bars generally can go on losing money, depleting their owners bank accounts, month after month after month, until the owners just give up, close the doors, admit defeat, and sell the furnishings off as scraps and souvenirs.

Anybody for a beat up used plasma screen TV or barely used pool table really really really cheap?

Here is the view up Soi 3.

And another army roadblock at the Soi3/Soi 4/Sukhumvit intersection.

Wireless Road, scene of fighting just a couple of days ago is only about 100 meters ahead.

As always, if you want to see full size photos just click on the images.

In case you were wondering, this is what Cowboy looked like the night before the big offensive — nary a customer in sight.

Continued in Bangkok at War – Combat Photography From The Front Lines, Part 2


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  1. Ed says:

    Think your posts need to be a bit more timely and closer to the action if you are going to use the heading  ‘Combat photography from the  front lines’.  Not only are you way off the pace but you seem to be way off the front lines.  Ed

  2. BBK says:


    What part of Part 1 don’t you understand?



  3. Big Black Gulliver says:

    “There are a couple of policemen stopping people from going down Sukhumvit but they seem only interested in stopping Thai guys and let the farang through”
    This begs the question what did the cop say when you told him you were a Gookamonkey?

    Did he assume you were a Japanese Tourist with the camera strapped to your fat ass or just that you were a crazy sex tourist like we all know you to be?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  4. Sun of C Grad Student says:

    BBK, I’ve been a fan of your work, and am glad to see you’re back in Thailand covering the scene without westernized censorship. 

    Despite what went down in “the world”, you have supporters under the Junipers, within the lions den who have felt for you.  Rock on man!

  5. World of Darkest of Nights says:

    Here’s what serious photography looks like :

    A tad more dramatic than the stuff  in this article…..

  6. He Who Watches says:

    WoDoN : Wow, that’s a great photo thread you linked up there.
    What Kenny passes off as such … not so much.

  7. Bill Simmmons says:

    A couple of kids burning some tires and you call it a war!  God damn it boy, if you only knew what war was.  You ever kill a German with a knife and rip his guts from his body and then piss into the hole left over and cut his cock off and hang it around your neck?  Now thats war!  Ever rape a woman?  I don’t mean a nice young blond woman with huge tits, I mean a 75 year old bag who is scared fuckless as you just killed and cut off her husbands cock and hung it around your neck?  Thats war boy.  This stuff with the burning tires thats just fun and games.  BBK when the raping starts give me a call, I miss those days.
    Your pal,
    Bill Simmons

  8. BBK says:

    Sun of C Grad Student,

    Thanks for the support.

    Most professors are against censorship of any kind and there are many CSUN profs. who thought there was nothing wrong with the topics discussed on Version 1.0.

    Art, music, and literature professors particularly think that professors and artists, in general, should be able to write and create without being censored by either the religious right or the equally fanatical, politically correct, ideologically ossified, phlegmatic loonie left.

    There are a lot of CSUN professors who were 1960’s radicals in their youths and lived through the McCarthy Era, Hollywood blacklisting, the 7 dirty words, the Pentagon Papers, Watergate, etc., and and have similar sentiments.

    And then there are the Howard Stern fans, who remember the FCC shit when he was on broadcast radio.



  9. Juan Don Wang says:

    Editor’s note: Nothing was deleted from this comment. It’s printed here in its’ entirety.
    (editors note)



  10. Taz Tom says:

    Kenny censored me when I said…………..

    Editor’s Note:


  11. frazzy says:

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  12. Alex Trabek says:

    Internet Bullies for 500…

    He is a regular commentator on Often rambling on about 9-11 conspiracies and fabricates interest through the creation of sock puppets.

  13. I.B.M. Watson says:

    Who is Prufrock.

  14. Alex Trabek says:


  15. Son Of Prufrock says:

    I’m just a little irrelevant.

  16. Why listen to Prufrock says:

    He’s just another nutjob and most certainly is irrelevant.

  17. Prufrock says:

    ” Many of us regard ourselves as mildly liberal or centrist politically, voice fairly pleasant sentiments about our poor children, contribute money to send poor kids to summer camp, feel benevolent. We’re not nazis; we’re nice people. We read sophisticated books. We go to church. We go to synagogue. Meanwhile, we put other people’s children into an economic and environmental death zone. We make it hard for them to get out. We strip the place bare of amenities. And we sit back and say to ourselves, “Well, I hope that they don’t kill each other off. But if they do, it’s not my fault.”– Jonathan Kozol, educator

  18. Wikipedia says:

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    Leader of the Alliance

  19. RealDaffyDuck says:

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    Penfolds talking about wanking of faggots on the big mango blog!!!
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  20. Prufrock says:

    Relevance abounds on some blogs does it not.
    Just dripping with relevance.
    Chaps? um, I’ll, uh,  just stick to my 9/11 stuff, ok?

  21. Prufrock says:

    Ok Alex I’ll take
    Slapheads who hung on to Apple too long for “235”.
    BTW, “why listen?” I just love it when some douchebag calls me a nutjob .
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    And then he ran in the house and told his mom.
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    Well worth it, though.
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    Why listen to Prufrock   😉   ?

  22. Nutcase Pizza says:

    I’ll order the Prufrock special.

    With that could you add

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    Thank you

    Oh, and a 2 litre bottle of diet coke to share with my buddy Kenny.

  23. Why listen to prufrock says:

    Prufrock says:
    March 13, 2011 at 6:52 am

    “When I was 18 I pounded the old slapper up the arse.”

    We should listen because of the enchanting childhood tales you tell with such fond and vivid recollection?

    Thailand… ladyboys….We get it already! Ya super duper nutjob

  24. Prufrock says:

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    And the  fond and the , um, vivid ?
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    sure doesn’t remember it that way.
    BTW  . . .  who’s  talking about ladyboys?
    Except to point out and illustrate that there are certainly more
    odious topics about which to post
    I certainly am not.
    BTW It’s disheartening to see that you remain incapable and bereft of original wit.
    Sadly, it’s all about the copy-paste,  copy-paste and, of course, the iPhone.

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  27. It's already well known says:

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  28. Chuck says:

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  29. neurotics says:

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  30. JJ McCray says:

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  31. Prufrock says:


    Some sweet bedtime thoughts for y’all.
    Look into the abyss of the US government’s 9/11 conspiracy to contract an entire generationand their children and their children’s children into the perpetual slavery or corporate energy wars,look into the bankster’s thimble-rig theft of all your money and all your constitutional freedoms.
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    Stand up and say something to somebody about  this. The stork did not bring you . . . . . . your parents definitely fucked and they definitely enjoyed it.
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    Well here’s another one and it’s no less shocking:. . . . . . . 9/11 was an inside job and your “bought and paid-for” governments are all playing along.
    Grow up 


  32. Prufrock says:

    We have to get to the bottom of this one before we can clean up anything else.
    Are you getting this yet?

  33. Prufrock says:

    We have to get to the bottom of this one before we can clean up anything else.

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  34. SBDOTKU says:

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    Stoopid dumbass.

  35. Alle says:

    I AGREE nailed it when he said SBDOTKU nails it when he said:

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    You’re irrelevant.

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