Academy Fantasia – Week 2 – Part 1

| July 10, 2010

Academy Fantasia is the #1 TV show on Thai television.

It is a talent contest modeled on the American show American Idol.

Contestants are chosen from throughout Thailand and they move to and live in a Bangkok house.

True Cable TV has  a 24 hour reality show that runs on Channel 8 or 9 that shows what the contestants are doing 24/7.

Fans can sit glued to their TV and watch their favorites all day and all night.

The contestants receive professional voice, acting, and dance training and each week there is a live concert taped at the Thunderdome Arena.

Each contestant performs and one is eliminated each week.

The winner receives a recording contract.


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  1. Dr Love says:

    Theres 22 photos of the same girl. Could you please do a bit of editing next time! These reality shows are *nasty*. Who wants to watch a group of juvenile show-offs 24/7 taking a piss or brushing their teeth in their ponchy house?

    the phrase *get  a  life* comes to mind

    as does *fat man who enter lift sideways going to Bangkok*

    the last ones dedicated to Daffy

  2. BBK says:

    Dr. Love,

    You either live in or spend a significant amount of time in Thailand.

    Have you ever thought of embracing Thai pop culture?

    You might find many positive aspects that are fun and enjoyable. I do.

    It’s impossible to hate everything Thai.

    Besides, no matter how old you are, it still exciting to see someone who is starting out with nothing but a little talent and maybe some luck and get a real shot at making a success out of his life. To actually be somebody instead of a nobody.

    One of the contestants is from Khon Kaen. His parents are poor rice farmers, a month ago he didn’t even have enough money in his pocket to get to Khon Kaen for the audition and now he finds himself on the big stage in Bangkok with a chance to actually be a legit recording artist.

    You gotta love it.


  3. Just Passing Buy says:

    not much pop culture in pak chong, i’m afraid.

  4. Raul Villegas says:

    Mr. Kenny,
    This looks live a wonderful show that I would like to see if I visited Thailand.  In my home country of Panama we have a show that is very much like this.  It is very popular here.  I like the picture of the girl that you show many times over.   She looks very much a girl that would be from Panama.  She has a very large culo, or ass as you would say.  In Panama many of the girls are like this.  Many times when foreign visitors visit my company they ask about this and we end up going down to the Zona Rosa in Colon where such girls are plentiful.   I tell you Mr. Kenny, th girls with such a ass can be so fun.  It makes me so much want to go to Thailand as the girl in the picture is so pretty and she probably does not have the SIDA like so many of the girls here.
    I want to thank you Mr. Kenny for the webpage.  Have you visited the Bigdummy page?  There is nothing there but two lonely and angry posters.  I can not even call them people as they do not seem to be human beings.  They are vile and despicable.  They make me want to vomit.  In my country there are some people who behave like this but they are shunned and avoided.  I hope that the posters on the big dummy page suffer that same fate.  How can they be so angry when Thailand is such a happy place?  Why do they have to be filled with such hate?  It is so strange that people that have such oppertunities to visit places all over the world are like this.  Why can they not just be happy?  In my country of Panama people may be poor but they do not seem as evil as these posters.  I think the saddest thing is that because nobody reads or goes to the big dummy page that these inhuman posters are forced to come here and defile this page.   How sad lonely and pathetic this Mr Duck must be.  In my country we cook ducks and eat them.  But this Mr Duck if he was cooked would taste horrible.  He is full of shit! HA ha ha!!!! he is a vile and disgusting poster full of shit and hate.  I do not use person as that would be giving him to much credit.
    So thank you Mr. Kenny for this fine entertainment.  Adios!!