A Tribute to Keith Summers- Version 2.0 (Poetry Duel Included)

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Editor’s note: Amazing that this post has inspired a poetry duel but here are the entries so far. Anyone who wants to join the battling rhymers can post their entries into the comments and I’ll add them to the body of the post:

Another One Bites The Dust

By John Galt alias Keith Summers

The Galt walks warily down the soi,
With the brim pulled way down low
Ain’t no sound but the sound of his toy,
Computer ready to go

Are you ready, Are you ready for this
Are you hanging on the edge of your seat
From of the keyboard the pundit rips
To the sound of the beat
Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, I’m gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust

How do’you think Stick’s going t’get along,
Without you, when you’re gone
The wimp can’t stand up for himself,
he’s afraid to speak out on his own

Are you happy, are you satisfied
now that family has to earn their keep
Out of the keyboard the quips rip
To the sound of the beat …

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, I’m gonna get Stick too
Another one bites the dust

There are plenty of ways you can expose a man
And bring him back to ground
You can poke him
You can prod him
You can chastise him and expose him
When he’s down
But I’m ready, yes I’m ready for Stick
I’m standing on my own two feet
From the web the sarcasm rips
With cadence to the sound of the beat

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust . .. Heeeeeeyy Heeeeeyy


Untitled by Aussie Sam

There was a Yank from Nakhon Phanom,

Who wrote to a Kiwi in Bangkok .

But Stick thought the Yank was a prick,

So the Galt started a website called NotStick,

Now the feud’s got more mystery than Hichcock.

The Kiwi in Bangers got pissed off,

He yelled ‘help’ to his mate, Marc Holt.

They both started slandering The Galt,

Who fought back to give them both a jolt,

Now Stick and Holt hate Galt more and more.

The Galt left Thailand for China,

And Stick thought ‘you beauty, he’s finally gone’.

But NotStick returned to the Internet,

To put Stick and Holt in their place,

And the feud has now started all over again.

The Galt thinks Stick is a poofter,

Stick likes writing about katoy’s that is a fact.

But is he really a queer,

Or just bored with banging Thai beaver,

Only the Kiwi can answer us that one.

So how will this sorry saga end,

Will Galt triumph and rid Thailand of Stickman.

And will Holt cry like a baby,

When his welfare perks have been taken away from him,

And will Galt light up China with his custom LED boards.


And these (probably the funniest and most inciteful) by Salty:

There was an old man called Marc Holt

Who said nothing was ever his fault

Left his Pattaya hole

Fled to Oz on the dole

To spend his life panning “The Galt”

There was an ex-con called Russel Keith Summers

Who dreamed that he and Stickman could become bummers

When Stick didn’t risk it

Keith went ballistic

So Stick and his pals turned up in Hummers

There was a big baby called Kenny

The Mango Boys caused him problems many

But their whoremongering customers froze

At the realization that they too could be exposed

And nightly takings fell to one penny

A Bangkok commentator named Stick

Grew tired of the nightlife shtick

He turned up his nose

At the Thai girls in rows

And went down on a ladyboy’s dick

Tied up author Dean Barrett

Had a dominatrix abuse him with a carrot

When she admitted worshipping Allah

Dean took on a deathly pallor

And started squawking like a parrot


The blog called Werewolf’s Lair

Was once quite good to be fair

But we get no kicks

From Thai politics

And now it’s a waste of air


A blogger called Pattaya Ghost

Gave local businesses a bit of a roast

When the proprietors found out

They started to pout

And he fled when they shouted “you’re toast”


Original Version

The Keith Summers Saga has only reached its middle chapters. According to internet accounts, he has fled the country rather than face the expense and risk of facing a Thai court and the ultimate outcome hangs in the balance.

With no firsthand knowledge of what he is accused of, what he actually did, what is legal and illegal in Thailand, and the severity of the punishment he is facing, I’ll leave judgment on his flight from Thailand to others.

Given the reputation of the Thai courts, he may have felt a fair hearing and an honest judgment of the facts was not forthcoming.

My own opinion is that his flight puts him in a sort of gray area. If you were an American hiker that was arrested in current day Iran for inadvertently straying across the border and faced a life sentence, is it wrong to flee the country to avoid a trial? That is one extreme. If you went on a vacation to Mexico and killed your wife, is it wrong to flee to avoid Mexican criminal prosecution? That is the other extreme. My opinion is that the Keith Summers flight falls somewhere in the middle.

But before you come to some kind of judgment on Keith Summers, his actions and stalking of Paul Owens aka Stickman can be separated from his writings.

When Keith Summers started his blog, notstickman.com, what he wrote was fresh, unique, and hasn’t been replicated.

There were already dozens of Expats, including Stickman, from the mongering sector of the population. You could read Morally Diminished, Stickman, The Big Mango Blog, Sukhumvit Psycho, and various Pattaya forums for stories and insight into the guys who were in Thailand for the easy girls and sex. If the mongering lifestyle was what attracted you to Thailand, information and insight was plentiful and easy to find.

Money matters in this crowd. The guys with the big bank accounts who can frequent the best clubs and outlets and indulge where physical desire and endurance instead of money is the limiting factor are the ones people admire and the guys who have to indulge on a budget or work a regular job for their play money are ridiculed and put down.

The internet writings of the mongering crowd centers around building yourself up and dragging others down. It’s mostly the allegedly more affluent members lording it over their less fortunate brethren or the less affluent sharing knowledge about how to stretch their limited entertainment money. Those that don’t buy into their value system and challenge the paradigm are not welcomed warmly into the fraternity.

What Keith Summers brought to the scene was a real window into a segment of the Expat community that had never appeared on the internet before—the Expat community that lives far away from the bright lights and girls of The Reservation.

Some are older guys living on modest pensions nursing small nest eggs who don’t have much footprint left in their home countries. Wives have died or been divorced, children have grown up and grown indifferent and it is not much fun living where you are on the bottom of the income distribution and invisible to the younger crowd.

Some are younger guys who fell off the fast track of college, career, job, and family and aren’t equipped to compete in the world’s rat race. They’ve fallen in love with the low key, low pressure, low ambition existence in rural Thailand.

Some have a physical defect which prevents them have having a normal life and a relationship with a woman back in modern society and have found that Thai women care more about a man being able to “take care” of a wife, kids, and family than physical fitness and attractiveness.

And there are some that just don’t fit into any neat little category.

There are more of these guys than the internet leads you to believe. You just don’t hear about them because they have, in many dimensions, withdrawn from the modern world.

Keith Summers wrote about what it was like to make a living and live on a modest income, as one of the only white men, in a small Thai town.

How he was regarded and treated by the locals, what his house looked like and how it was equipped, what is was like to live with only a motorcycle as transportation, how the locals lived, and how he was regarded by the eligible females were all topics of a series of interesting essays.

Personally, I learned from Keith Summers about a part of Thailand and an alternative lifestyle that I never knew existed.

Keith Summers had gone “Off the Reservation” to the  extreme and, frankly, there was a certain charm and attraction to his life as he described it.

How many of us who have spent our lives in the complicated, competitive, always striving for more material success, and frequently involved in relationships that last only as long as both sides gain an advantage from it lifestyle of the Western World haven’t yearned for psychic cleansing in a simpler more monastic existence?

Keith Summers let you know that there was another way. The costs and limitation of that way meant it might not be for you, but reading about it and knowing there were guys making it happen was tons of fun.

The Stickman/Clayton Wade crowd are currently pursuing and hammering Keith Summers mercilessly, and without firsthand knowledge of what actually transpired, I can’t say Keith Summers is not getting what he deserved.

But his actions and his writing can be separated and I would like to thank Keith Summers letting me have a look into a life and lifestyle I never would have seen without him.

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  1. Galt Triumphantus says:

    I don’t have any significance either. You can’t bluff unless you know something significant. You might want to try to make like you’re a female again at the dating web site and pump me for more information…. Fool.

  2. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, you sure sound angry, but then again why should that bother anyone. You don’t want to be human, you want to be a cartoon. My goodness Keith, we actually enjoy it when you get angry. A coward like you will just put your tail between your legs and run away like you always do. The list is so long I don’t want to even think of it. but please continue trying to convince yourself everything is just fine. We have no problem with that either. Did you take that HIV test yet?

    Ugh Keith, trying to mimic your babbling gives me a headache when trying to put together disorganized statements like you do.

  3. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, this is actually fun watching you meltdown and do your best to be relevant. A full-fledged coward like you who is afraid of a simple HIV test because you already know in your mind that the test will be positive. You are nothing Keith, and you despise your own name and now strive to be a cartoon.

    This will be a very interesting trip to the Philippines next month, I can see that now.

  4. Lord Galt of Trumpton says:

    Idiot,,,,shut it you slaggggggg…it’s just a stream of verbal diarrhoea vomiting out from you,,,
    Take some loperimide.

    ””””””””””””””””””'( 0 0 )”””””””””””””””””
    ”””””””””””””””””””’ — ”””””””””””””””””””
    ”””””””””””””””””””’”/ \”””””””””””””””””””
    ”””””””””””””””””””/ /. |””””””””””””””””””
    ””””””””””””””””””/ / | |”””””””””””””””””’
    ”””””””””””””””c(,,,)=” )”””””””””””””””””
    ””””””””””””’,”.”””””””| / ”””””””””””””””””
    ”””””””””””””””””””””’| |”””””””””””””””””’
    ””””””””””””””””””””” | |”””””””””””””””””’
    ””””””””””””””””””””””l l””””””””””””””””””
    LaterZ SuckerZ
    The Mighty Galt. Still living it large in the Phils
    Dec 2016

  5. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, you see so upset when the you think about that positive HIV test. just more of the real world. So what does Roger Rabbit have to say about that? Go ahead Keith, have a temper tantrum as is advances the virus.

  6. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, I am sure Mr. Holt will have a belly laugh when her hears just how fucked up you are. I know I will.

  7. Galternator says:

    idiot,,,ur trashhhhhhhhhh

  8. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, yes we know your trash. We also know you hate yourself not for what you have done, but for how fucked up your life is all at your own hand. Fugitive on the run, HIV, and how fast your aging.

  9. Galt Triumphantus says:

    Ya, fucked up life, fugitive on the run – has HIV. All that. I’m not difficult to find. (deep George Carlin voice) Ass Hole.

  10. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, we know where you are, and thanks to you we have discovered a few more but they are still Tier 3 and a few more on Tier 4. Don’t worry Keith, we know you hate yourself and are too much of an idiot to stop. You look so old now, how can you cope?

  11. Galt Triumphantus says:

    I don’t cope. Lucky for me — your encouraging writing keeps me from falling off the deep end. If you’re in pursuit – then I must be doing something right. I have a purpose in life – I have meaning. I must endure and face another day just to piss off the my detractors. (PS. I’m not at Yellow Cab pizza today)

  12. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, tell me more.

  13. Galt Triumphantus says:

    You already know it all… what more would I be able to say to enrich you? I’m just here watching a pachinko game. You know it’s not profitable but you enjoy wasting some time on it. Back to you Don Pardo.

  14. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, there are many new things I want to talk to you about but my boss said no. FYI he decides what Tier you are on. But I thought you may want to share some information, but then again you are an idiot aiming for the worst possible outcome so you have no interest in distancing yourself from that bunch.

  15. Galt Triumphantus says:

    Not my problem that you have don’t have balls. If there is a “bunch” — they are following me. (much like you do on this blog posting). I wonder when the light bulb will come on and you’ll realize that you have become my little bitch. You’re just lap dog following me around from a distance as best you can.

  16. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, your back to babbling and making no sense again. I guess this is all about pretending you are not worried I will be there next month. In other words, we have seen this before.

  17. Galt Triumphantus says:

    Your last several visits caused me great damage — so I am worried about this next one.

  18. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, your change in behavior gives you away. We know you and telling the truth are incompatible so don’t even try because you are way too easy to read because your mind is that of a simple child who thinks he is a cartoon.

  19. Galt Triumphantus says:

    You’re so right. I am a change agent and I never tell the truth. And I only talk to grownups because clearly I am the child. Did I get that right?

  20. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, yes that is an accurate analysis us grownups have.

    That goes with you being a coward and afraid of seeing that positive HIV test. but don’t worry Keith, I know the Philippine government wants to draw some of your blood. It all depends on who gets to you first us or them as to what method will be used.

  21. Galter Mitty says:

    @idiot aka Walter Mitty> Still pretending to be some kind of international criminal investigator? Yawn.
    Two words for you. Walter and Mitty.
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    ””””””””””””””””””'( 0 0 )”””””””””””””””””
    ”””””””””””””””””””’ — ”””””””””””””””””””
    ”””””””””””””””””””’”/ \”””””””””””””””””””
    ”””””””””””””””””””/ /. |””””””””””””””””””
    ””””””””””””””””””/ / | |”””””””””””””””””’
    ”””””””””””””””c(,,,)=” )”””””””””””””””””
    ””””””””””””’,”.”””””””| / ”””””””””””””””””
    ”””””””””””””””””””””’| |”””””””””””””””””’
    ””””””””””””””””””””” | |”””””””””””””””””’
    ””””””””””””””””””””””l l””””””””””””””””””
    LaterZ SuckerZ
    The Mighty Galt. Still living it large in the Phils
    Dec 2016

  22. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, I think this is important for you to know. My boss told me that over the past few weeks he has talked to all of your victims. He has also talked to victims of other for people we a looing at in the Philippines. This is part of a new process for the Philippines only since Duterte came to power. That means everyone he talked to and the list is very long starting In Pattaya leading all the way to Angeles and every place in between.

    So I was surprised to hear this, but all of them don’t care if Duterte kills you or you go to jail likely for the rest of your life. That is thanks in part to this thread as they all look in from time to time. So now you know why I have not been pressing you with questions so much of late like asking for descriptions of your sexual encounters with children and so on.

    Now I know you won’t believe any of this because you are an idiot, and that is just fine with us as well. if you go past Tier 1 and straight to Tier 0, not a problem.

  23. Galt Triumphantus says:

    I thought you said that I was cloning Holt?

    Can I reach Tier -1 ?

  24. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, yes but you are too much of a coward to do it, just turn yourself in. That is the only way that I know of to avoid the men in black. But you will take the idiot choice as you always do thinking this is all just bullshit. As I said not a problem. In fact I encourage it.

  25. Galt Triumphantus says:

    Yes, I’m the biggest coward on the planet. Loads of idiot choices right in front of me…. lots of buffalo shit.

    You didn’t answer my question. In reference to all those people in your organization…. I thought I was the only one allowed to clone Holt…

    AND can I achieve further than Tier 1 or Tier 0? Is there a Tier -1? (this was not difficult to envision as I just followed the number line)

  26. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, what do you think?

  27. Idiot watcher says:

    Grandpa Keith, I though you said I was not one of the voices in your head.

  28. Galt Triumphantus says:

    You think? That is one of your skill sets? — let me translate that into Idiot speak “That is one of you’re skill sets?”

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