A Tribute to BigBabyKenny.com from an Anonymous Bangkok Expat.

Contrary to the sensationalistic coverage in the mainstream press, BigBabyKenny.com was never a site about sex tourism, human trafficking, or child prostitution.

BigBabyKenny.com was about love, dating, marriage, and sex between consenting adults in The Thailand Girl Scene—getting banged better, cheaper and more efficiently in BigBabyKenny.com slang.

For those who never got to read, enjoy, or participate in the discussion and wide open no holds barred debate about finding what you are looking for in The Thailand Girl Scene, you really missed the best daily dynamic read about Expat life in Thailand, you missed a unique look into a world and lifestyle where politically correct western values are alien and generally rejected by the average everyday man and woman on the street, and you missed learning about a different world and culture that you might have enjoyed someday—if only you knew it existed, had accurate detailed information about where the landmines and IED’s are hidden and how to economically and efficiently achieve your mission objective.

BigBabyKenny.com rest in peace.

The world is a more homogeneous and monochromatic without it and many people will live duller less adventurous lives because of its passing.

An epithet of sorts was posted recently on one the more popular Bangkok Expat blogs.


In the comments, an anonymous Bangkok Expat posted these three comments which provides some insight into what BigBabyKenny.com was all about, what made the site so popular, why the site “got too good for its own good”, and, ultimately, what led to its spectacular demise.

Those three comments are reposted below.


You pretty much whitewash what the big mango crew did – threatened to beat him up, for one, and many other things – and give a misleading impression that most Kenny posts devolved into Mango bashing posts, which is patently untrue. Most Kenny posts had nothing to with the Mango crew, and what probably kept the fire going most was the hired goons of the Mango Crew constantly posting on Kenny’s site and stoking the flames.

Kenny may not have been an angel and you are right that he whitewashed the contents and purpose of his site to some extent, but he was certainly more sinned against than sinning, and that’s not the impression you give in your little write up.

Coincidentally, the owners of the Mango have been outed and received a high degree of publicity as well, which is far more damaging to any future job prospects those guys have in America or any Western country than the damage done to Kenny, who has tenure and whose job is fully secure.

I would speculate the Mango guys would now have a tough time getting hired in the States or in England, where a simple google search on their names will dig up so much unsavory material.

I wonder if they think it was worth escalating things to this point?

The whole revenge thing was retarded, and if anyone can be said to have gotten the worst end of the stick it is the Mango crew, which is just as they were the ones who continued the fuel the issue – Kenny obviously remains unaffected almost completely, but the real losers are the public avid for reliable, non-politicized info on Thailand, which is now pretty much impossible to come by. Stickman is steeped in classic ex-pat bitterness that colors everything he writes to the point where much of it is simply unreliable as a guide to conduct, and no other site really deals with the issues in the same depth.

Kenny will continue to use his knowledge and experience to have a good time in Thailand, the Mango crew no longer live in Thailand anyways and now will now have a tougher time getting hired by a Western company, but what will happen to anyone wanting to find info on how to navigate the intricate pathways of the Thai scene without coming to grief, and to have the best time? They will be left out in the lurch.

Oh well, that’s life in the end. The Thai blog scene has always been dominated by the bitter loser contingent who had a very dim grasp of how thing really operated in Thailand, and who wrote more to bring others into their fold of misery and failure in the Thai scene – misery loves company – than out of an optimistic desire to actually figure things out and succeed in Thailand.

For one brief moment something else came onto the scene, and now has sunk back into the oblivion from whence it came, and this leaves ex-pat life in Thailand exactly where it has always really been, and perhaps where it should always be; the rare few who are intelligent, optimistic, and resolute enough to figure out how to make a success of the Thai scene keep their wisdom close to their chests and remain out of site in the blogosphere to the point where most are barely aware that such people exist in Bangkok, and the Thailand blog scene continues as a venting ground for the bitter and the failures who cast their nets far and wide in their attempts to bring all fresh ex-pats into their miserable corner.



Nah, I sound like an objective observer. I don’t really have a dog in this fight and don’t want to get bogged down in a dispute over this nonsense, but I will make a few points.

The flamers that infested Kenny’s site and hijacked literally every thread were the ones that simply wouldn’t let the issue die. They were there every day, in larger numbers than regular posters, on every thread, trying to shut the discussion down and destroy the blog, when easily the vast majority of these threads had nothing to do with the Big Mango crew – probably about 90% of the threads made no reference to the Big Mango crew at all.

Had these flamers simply gone away, the whole issue would have quietly faded into background noise. Kenny, having been publicly and loudly defamed by the Mango crew, had every right to make a few negative posts about them, and his posts were generally far milder than theirs, and there the issue would have stayed if these flamers had not tried so very hard to destroy the blog.

Even then, the vast majority of the contents of Kenny’s site had nothing to do with the Mango crew at all.

I don’t know what you mean by proof, because the proof was there in the comments day in, day out, endlessly. As for the violence threats, they were reported by others, not Kenny, and were also in the comments section of the BDK blog for all to see as well.

Billy Bangkok – I at first was shocked that you could think the majority of the stuff on Kenny’s site had anything to do with the Mango boys, but when you explain that you even object to his tagline of no censoreship, etc as a dig at the Mango boys I can see how to your particular eyes indeed everything would appear as having to do with the Mango boys. I leave it to each person on his own to decide if if your peculiar way of looking at Kenny’s site is evidence of lack of prejudice against Kenny, as you claim is your attitude, or the presence of it, but now at least that you have given us some insight into your methodology one can see how you have arrived at your conclusions. Thank you.

The point is, the Mango boys started it, kept it going, and escalated it – why the burden was on Kenny to call out for a truce, rather than fight it out like a man is beyond me. I’m sure the Mango boys, after starting the fight and escalating it, would have wanted just that, for Kenny to cry out that he had had enough, but I fail to see why Kenny needed to comply with their wishes. Further, Kenny barely did anything – the vast majority of his posts had nothing to do with the Mango boys and those that did avoided strong language and were mild.

Trust me, large and reputable American companies are EXTREMELY throrough in researching prospective hirees, if the Mango boys owned a bar in Bangkok that was possible a brothel they will know of it. It’s out there, it will never go away. Legal liabilities in the States are simply too enormous to not do these kinds of checks, which from my POV at least is retarded, but that’s how it is in America at the moment. The Mango boys, through their own actions, are pretty much unhirable by large American companies, which may not even be a big deal for them, I don’t know.

As for Kenny, the guy’s got tenure – he is invulnurable. Academia in the States is chock full of oddballs and eccentrics, and Kenny has an eminently defensible position – his career has a teacher cannot be touched, and thank God academic work in the States is not (yet) screened according to the persons personal life or views on various subjects, and I seriously doubt his friends and family found anything surprising on the site.

Anyways, whatever. It’s pretty obvious where your sympathies lie, despite your disclaimers, and as for me, while the Mango boys were forgettable as bloggers, easily assimilable to the dominant Bangkok paradigm of cantankerous blogger with a chip on his shoulder, clueless about how to succeed in the Thai scene and resentful of anyone who seems better able to figure it out, and evidently they were a bullying and unsavory group of individuals as well, Kenny was something new, different, and rare on the Thai blog scene, but the Old Guard couldn’t stand him, and they got him, but they burned themselves worse. Maybe it was worth it for them.

The real sufferers are us. Trust me, Kenny will continue to have a great time in Thailand racking up more experience and figuring out better how to have a good time there. Just we won’t hear about it.


Well, like I said, I don’t have a dog in this fight, and there are probably a lot of background details I don’t know, and probably don’t care about. All I know is what I saw on Kenny’s site and the Mango site, and I don’t feel you’ve given a good description of the flavor and contents of Kenny’s site. At all.

I’m not interested in getting into an exhaustive, point by point battle over this issue, but it has always fascinated me that mild-mannered Kenny is so disliked by the Thailand ex-pat community, even on the days when he posted on the Mango site and didn’t have his own site, he was always disliked on a gut level, and I think that says something about the Thai ex-pat community, that pretty much everyone, including you, dislike him.

I would almost use Kenny as a litmus test for what sort of ex-pat you are dealing with – if you like Kenny, you are one kind of guy with probably one set of attitudes towards Thai people and Thailand, if you hate him, you are another. It’s almost like the way you can tell a huge amount about a person and his attitude towards success and achievement by wether he is anti-American or not.

I’ll tell you partially why I seem to be more emotionally involved in this than would appear normal for someone who had no involvement in the affair. I came to Thailand a bright eyed young man and had tons of good experiences. I begin reading the blogs on Thailand and became poisoned by their bitter mentality and became bitter myself – it didn’t matter that nothing they said really matched my experience, that my interactions with Thai people were so much more positive, at the end of the day I was a newbie, things were confusing and uncertain and could be explained all sorts of ways, and the Old Guard spoke with authority.

I began to hate Thai people and Thailand based on the supposedly wise and canny revelations of the Old Guard on what’s supposedly really behind the Thai smile and similar nonsense, and my happiness in Thailand turned to bile, based almost entirely on what I read. I know, I know, it’s my fault that I allowed myself to be so easily led, and that’s true, it is, but what can I say I was young and was looking for wisdom from the people who had been in country for longer, and I trusted what I read online more than what I actually experienced and my own judgement. I also personally know several people, young guys, who became bitter and hateful and poisoned about Thai people based on reading the Thai blogs, when their own experiences never matched what they read online.

It took me a while to regain my independence of judgement and realize that something is seriously wrong with the Thailand ex-pat community, and that they poison the country for countless people. This all may sound very silly, but I think it is far more serious than it might seem, and a huge portion of the Thai ex-pat comm is quite literally ruined by immersion in the Thai blog scene.

Kenny was something completely different – a guy who was not bitter and who had a positive take on things and tried to figure them out. I suddenly felt that my own relative success and fun living in Thailand and interacting with Thais was not a fluke but might be the norm for a normal person. I felt more sane, no longer such a standout in my attitude towards Thailand.

But at the end of the day Kenny was jumping into a pond populated by a particular kind of fish, and I don’t think he ever got over his amazement at what kind of fish he suddenly found himself amongst, but the fish certainly didn’t want him disturbing their pond.

And that’s cool. It’s all over now at any rate. The Thai ex-pat community is what it is and will never be anything different, and I understand and accept that now, and why it has to be that way, why Thailand draws these kinds of people, and why no one should challenge the world which these people have built for themselves, however fictional.

The Kenny crowd and the Mango, Stickman, whatever crowd really should not be mixing, that is the truth at the end of the day – the one will simply be amazed and the other will be infuriated. They are two separate mentalities that should not come together.

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  1. Big Nigger Juice says:

    Yo beeetch. Yo be some kind of fucking jew? Be stopping dis bullshit ya yella bellied rice nigger. Give me da GPS where I can find fresh young girls for da BNJ’s stable. Me whores be getting so fucked out da chocolate quim be even too baggy for me old 40 oz dong.

  2. He Who Watches says:

    The (conveniently) anonymous Bangkok expat that BBK loves to quote and that says everything Kenny would like to say himself, says :

    “Kenny was something completely different – a guy who was not bitter and who had a positive take on things”

    Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho

    This is a very very very very entertaining statement.

  3. sad n glad says:

    bbk says this “BigBabyKenny.com was about love, dating, marriage, and sex between consenting adults in The Thailand Girl Scene—getting banged better, cheaper and more efficiently in BigBabyKenny.com slang.”

    i dunno about that but here’s apartial list of my favorite bbk articles that makes me wanna fly to thailand and check out the scene

    The Dummies Guide to Negotiating Price with TG Working Girls
    The Dummies Guide To The Balltesticle Massage
    The Death of Orchid Massage – The Darkside of the Internet
    The SWSM (Streetwalk Supermarket)
    Dummies Guide to the SWSM- Part 1
    Dummies Guide to the SWSM- Part 2
    Dummies Guide to the SWSM- Part 3
    What Do Reservation Girls Get Paid? – Part 1 – Freelancers
    What Do Reservation Girls Get Paid? – Part 2 – Freelancers
    The Dummies Guide to Banging G-Club Girls, Part 1
    The Dummies Guide to Banging G-Club Girls, Part 2
    The Dummies Guide to Banging G-Club Girls, Part 3
    Bangkok GoGo’s are Not Cheap.
    LIFESTYLE-Hotel Review-Hollywood Inn (Nana)
    From the Hotmail Account of a Soi-CowBoy Barwhore
    Evolution of a Mongerer Part 1
    G- Girl Mania – Part 1
    G- Girl Mania – Part 2
    G- Girl Mania – Part 3
    G- Girl Mania – Part 4
    G- Girl Mania – Part 5
    G- Girl Mania – Part 6
    G- Girl Mania – Part 7
    G- Girl Mania – Part 8
    G- Girl Mania – Part 9
    G- Girl Mania – Part 9 Version 2.0
    Midgets Have Needs Too!
    Half Naked G-Girls – Part 1 – Part 12
    Manee G-Club- Girl Inventory-Part 1
    G-Girls vs. GoGo Girls – Pictures are Worth a Thousand Word
    Yabaa Daba Do or Yabaa Daba Don’t: Y-ways, Tri-ways,
    Under-Aged Sex in Thailand
    Into the Heart of Issan – Scash Disco (Ubon Ratchathani) <- with GPS info 🙂
    Into The Heart of Issan – The Rabbit Club in Ubon Ratchetani – Part 2

    Into The Heart of Issan Part 4.1 – More Full Moon Club
    BBK (Feb-18: 10:14 am) : If I could only fuck one, I would choose the third one from the right in the second picture from the top. I like the fact the she is giving the audience the finger

    "Visit any Issan city, Buriram, Korat, Ubon Ratchathani, Khon Kaen, and you will find “the industry” thrives and survives in everyone of them. Read the Into the Heart of Issan Series on BigBabyKenny.com. Everyone one of these Issan cities has a vibrant, varied, well patronized, profitable P4P industry servicing Thai men. There are no white men patronizing these venues."

    Here are just some of the examples documented on BigBabyKenny.com.

    1. The Rock Disco
    2. Ubon Ratchathani GoGo Bar
    3. Coyote Country
    4. The View
    5. The Rabbit Club
    6. Buriram

    "Learn how to get banged better, cheaper, and more efficiently in the Thailand Girl Scene." that weren't slang – it weren't in your lexicon – is was you braggin

    now put the shit back up now.

  4. He Who Watches says:

    Thanks, sad’n’glad.

    Sure looks to me like it was all about love, and dating …. hookers!

  5. Boon says:

    It’s not an orgy. It’s a toga party

  6. Harry Zink says:

    Has anyone seen my rubber ducky?

  7. oh gawd says:

    Contrary to the sensationalistic coverage in the mainstream press, BigBabyKenny.com was never a site about sex tourism, human trafficking, or child prostitution.

    BigBabyKenny.com was about love, dating, marriage, and sex between consenting adults in The Thailand Girl Scene—getting banged better, cheaper and more efficiently in BigBabyKenny.com slang.

    wtf lol

    “never a site about sex tourism”

    “BigBabyKenny.com was about… sex between consenting adults in the Thailand Girl-Scene- getting banged better, cheaper” blah blah..

    If this isn’t the most self-contradicting, illiterate Professor I have EVER heard about, I don’t know the definition of SEKS rofl.

    What an idiot.



  8. Harry Zink says:

    Oh, never mind. I found my ducky.

  9. watch nba playoffs online says:


  10. Another Tribute to Kenny says:

    It’s not about sex! LOLOL


    911 was a sideways job

  11. Another Loser says:

    Dumber than dumb.

  12. BigBlackGulliver- HAHA! says:

    User guide to Suthisan by Big Black Gulliver
    uthisan is a small group of GoGo bars on Suthisan Rd. near the Saphan Khwai BTS stopi.
    I had my handheld GPS with me during my last visit and recorded the latitude and longitude. You can cut and paste the coordinates into the search box at maps.google.com and the exact location will come up on the map.
    N13 47.327 E100 33.022
    I was told that it used to be an area that catered to U.S. servicemen during the Vietnam war but today it has a 99% Thai clientele.
    The good news about the Suthisan GoGo’s is that because there are almost no farang customers, most of the short term scamming endemic in Soi Cowboy, Nana, and Patpong is absent. In several trips, I have never encountered any bill padding, etc. With a Thai clientele, the bars can’t get away with the everyday shit that management pulls on newbies in the farang GoGo’sii.
    The second good thing about the Suthisan GoGo’s is the girls. There are no TG’s over 30 and probably none over 25. There are no TG’s with cottage cheese stomach’s and I would guess that way fewer girls have had kids than at the average farang GoGo.
    In fact, it might be prudent to check the ID’s of a good number of the girls to make sure they are 18 before banging them. On my most recent Suthisan trip there were quite a few TG’s who looked and acted like they were very young. If you are into banging slim hot teenage girls or at least girls that look and act like teenagers Suthisan is the place to go.
    I didn’t see any fake boobs during my last Suthisan visit which isn’t surprising given the pricing. The small Suthisan ST Fees are probably not sufficient to pay off a boob job with the extra business plastic boobs might generate.
    Taste’s and opinions vary but IMHO, the girls at the two main GoGo’s are a cut above the average girls in Soi Cowboy and Nanaiii. About half the Suthisan girls would be stunners at Rainbow 4.
    I went to Baccara the night after going to Suthisan, and I would say as a group the girls at the two main Suthisan GoGo’s are better looking than the Baccara girls—-if you are into the teenage look. The girls also appear to have a lot less mileage on them than a significant portion of the farang GoGo girls and are not as heavily made up as the downstair Baccara TG’s.
    “Fresh” might be the right adjective to use here.
    The really good thing about the Suthisan GoGo’s is the pricing. If you are a Cheap Charlie Suthisan is your place.
    Heinekens are 140 THB for the large bottles which are equivalent to 2 regular bottles. You can order one bottle and share it between friends to further reduce the cost.
    If you want a girl to sit with you it costs 80THB per half hour. This is comparable to Soi Cowboy where typical ladydrinks are around 150THB and it is uncommon for a Soi Cowboy girl to be happy sitting with you for an hour if you only buy her one ladydrink.
    Unlike the farang GoGo’s once you pay the fee, the girl is not free to leave. You buy the drink and she sits with you for the allotted time—the same system used at G-Clubsiv.
    Best of all, the girls go for 1500THB short time with no negotiating. You pay the bar 1500 THB and that includes the barfine and the girl’s fee. The girl keeps 750 THB as her fee. It is up to you whether you want to add a tip on top. Given the distance between Suthisan and Sukhumvit, this is one time where giving the girl 100THB for a taxi is warranted.
    There are 5 or 6 GoGo’s on the short stretch of Suthisan but only two are worth visiting. They are the For You and the Sic VDO clubv.
    Neither of these places have luxurious interiors. In fact, both are pretty run down and dirty—but what do you want when you are slumming?
    If you feel a cockroach crawling up your leg at one of these GoGo’s you probably are not imagining it. Most likely an actual cockroach is crawling up your leg and it is most likely a big one.
    There are only squat toilets at both these venues so unless yoga is your favorite pastime, it is best to take care of business before you head out to Suthisan.
    I didn’t think to check but toilet paper is probably not provided. If you are a boy scout pack some Charmin for your Suthisan expedition or be prepared to go Arab for the night, i.e. only eat and shake hands with the right and be meticulous to use the left for wiping you ass sans toilet paper.
    There are two downsides to Suthisan.
    The first is the girl selection. The two main GoGo’ probably have about 80 girls working. This is not a large number and if you don’t find a girl among this limited universe you are stuck a long way from farangland.
    The second is personal safety. The inside of the clubs appeared and felt safe during my last visit and Suthisan Rd. is pretty busy with taxis constantly driving by, but you are a long way from Kansas. Those with experience would probably feel comfortable going to Suthisan alone but it would probably be prudent for a newbie not to get too drunk if he is on a solo Suthisan run.
    If you are feeling jaded or bored with farang GoGo’s or the banging budget is nearly depleted a Suthisan run might be in order.

  13. John Nankervis says:

    Re: Saphan Kwai

    I was there one time with a friend of mine. First we went to the biggest one I think the name was T DED 99. The place was ok, they played a mix of Thai and English pop songs. Very nice girls but i think we were the only farang customers at this time, all others were Thai or other Asians. Beer and Whiskey is far cheeper in these bars than in Soi Cowboy, Nana or Patpong. But the staff was quite pushy, they realy want that you have a girl sitting next to you for what you have to pay for in the end.

    The reason we kept it with one visit is that after some other places that had very quite business we ended in a bar that as soon as we entered got some naked girls on stage and we soon found girls we liked and get them next to us. We ordered a Bottle of Whiskey and started drinking with the girls. We liked the girls, mine could speak some english and wasn’t very shy so we made out in the bar. The girl from my friend was more shy and didn’t speak much English at all. In the end we agreed to take the girls back home. The next thing different to S.C or Nana is that they want the money upfront for barfine and girl. They have an ST and LT price, i’m not sure how much it was but it was cheaper then the usual rates in other areas. We agrred with the Mamasan that we pay 500baht each for the girls now and give the rest to the girls in our room because thats how we were used to it and actualy we didn’t had enough cash at this point of the evening to pay the full price upfront.

    So we got in a Taxi and got home, my friend stays about 5 minutes walk from my place, as soon as his girl realized that we are not staying in the same place she became frightend and wanted to go. Her friend ask me if we can’t go all 4 in my room and i explained her that I have only one bed and there’s not enough space for 4 people and also we didn’t want to fuck them together. The girl then stoped a passing taxi and wanted to make a run but was stoped by her friend, after a long discussion she finaly agreed to go home with my friend. 5 minutes later he called me and told me that he didn’t made it to his room with the girl because she stoped the next taxi as soon they were back on the street and took of. I told my girl what happened she then called her friend and the bar, next long discussion. After that i finally wanted to come to business with her but then she started to ask for money. I had already paid 500 baht in the bar and i think she should got 1000 baht more but instead she asked for the full price. So the next discussion broke out and she didn’t want or couldn’t understand that i already paid some money to her bar and that she didn’t had to collect the full price. She called her bar but even that didn’t help, so in the end i kicked her out. My friend and i were both pissed and wanted to go back to the bar the next evening to get our money back but we let it go because we were sure they wouldn’t “understand” enough englisch when we were asking them for our money.

    So if others go there regulary do you take girls back home and did you ever had problems? For any other farangs that want to go there, it’s a nice break from S.C or Nana and the drinks are cheaper but if you don’t speak Thai it can be hard to communicate with the girls and also they are not realy used to farangs thats why some of the girls are quite scared of us. In one bar one girl we liked didn’t even wanted to come to our table – ohh and me and my friend are handsome as hell so no, we don’t look that scary.

  14. Sockpuppet #69 says:

    The problem in Suthisan arises when you look like Harry Zink.

    A big fat slob with no manners, no Thai, and who bathes infrequently.

    Put yourself in the mindset of a Thai girl. Can you imagine having to endure a long taxi ride back to Sukhumvit and having the blob on top of you all night?

    Thai girls ain’t stupid.

    Wouldn’t  you run too?

  15. cricket says:

    chirrrppppp – chirrrrrpppppppp

  16. Barnaby says:

    So I went to a couple of the gogos last night in Saphan Kwai, alone. I am a 24 year old white guy btw, my Thai is decent enough though. I have been in Thailand for a while. Well I have never been to these places before so I went to the first one and just sat there drinking my pepsi (I’m not big on beer or anything sorry guys haha). They were fine with that though, as long as I brought something. I didn’t know how the getting the girl to come to you worked out until I finally asked the mamasan when it was too late and they said all the girls were taken to sit down with guys. This place had some stunners! I didn’t catch the ST or LT fees there though. It is Rainbow Club. I went across the street to some other places, one said I couldn’t come in unless I drank alcohol so I skipped it. I went to the one next door and then it got interesting. I sat down after talking to the guy outside for awhile and he sat with me. While we were outside he said I could choose a girl for long time for 2,000 baht. Keep that in mind as you read this. We were watching some girls dance on stage. (this was almost 2 am btw) Well I asked for one of the girls and she immediately yelled out “Mai Aw Farang!” What an impression… so they brought another girl over to me. She was so shy even though I was only speaking Thai to her. finally she asked if I wanted to go home together and I asked about the prices and all that. (It was kind of strange she went from just sitting there I guess listening to me talk to all of sudden asking to go home together, she seemed so shy and uninterested in anything like that) She told him she didn’t want to stay for more than 2 hours. Then the man said ok sure no problem.. she can come to my place for 2 hours for 2,500 baht. WHAT?? I don’t know if they were trying to trick a newbie/farang or what but that wasn’t going to fly especially when he said earlier that long time was 2,000 baht. Am I missing something? I do know it was already 2 am so it was late but still.. asking me to pay 2,500 and she would go back home at 4 am.. no thanks! I have read many places about saphan kwai that the gogos here are 1,500 st and 2,000 long time. She finally stood up and yelled something like “you don’t want fine!” after I kept arguing with them about trying to rip me off. I just went home after that, alone haha So what do you think happened here? An attempted ripoff or something I did wrong? The papasan actually wasn’t angry or anything after the ordeal and wanted to walk me around to other gogos that were closing to find me a girl but that didn’t work out.

  17. HIV Pill says:

    When you say rapid do you mean a pcr? Because the oralrapid test still only tests for antibodies and they have to build up first (much later then 72hrs) and the PCR I belive can only be preformed after 7days (no sure)

  18. crickets says:


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  19. crickets says:

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  20. crickey says:

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  21. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple ronru!

  22. Purple Avenger says:

    Purple ron!

  23. hiding from the man says:

    Is this guy as dumb as he sounds?

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