A Thai Funeral – Part 2

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Continued from A Thai Funeral – Part 1. Click on the pics for full sized versions.


In The Next Phase , an episode from Season 5 of Star Trek The Next Generation, Geordi and Ensign Ro are time phased.

They are alive but cannot be seen by the Enterprise crew who assumes they are dead.

They can see and hear everything going on, but no one can see them.

Before they are re-phased to normality, they get to watch as their friends and comrades, with Data in charge, plan their funeral.

Instead of a western style christian dirge and wake where everyone sits around crying and moaning their loss, Data plans a celebration of lives lived well. Data throws a party, where everyone gets  drunk, gets happy, gets down and where everyone shares how Geordi and Ensign Ro enriched their lives.

What becomes clear is how many people their lives had touched in a positive way and how deeply and profoundly those around them loved them.

Data’s funeral is an acceptance that everyone dies and what is important is not that a person’s life has ended but what he accomplished while he was alive. Was he a man of honor and compassion? Was he a good and true friend, a loving husband and father, and a compassionate person to those less fortunate? Did he take the gifts bestowed upon him and run with them–enjoying and exploiting them to generate a full, rewarding, and interesting life. In the end, did he give back more than he took? Or in Kipling’s immortal words did he “fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run“.

If he was the less fortunate, did he deal with his handicaps, bad luck, and misfortune with grace, style, and determination—playing the cards he was dealt as skillfully as the rules of the game allowed—maximizing expectation from shitty starting values.

Or was he a shitheel, a user, and a hater in life. A person whose life work was taking advantage of the weak, the less fortunate, and the vulnerable. A person constantly on the lookout for the downtrodden,and desperate whom he could latch onto and live by sucking their blood.

Truth Stranger Than fiction— a better description of Thailand than The Land of Smiles.

The roadside celebration is part of a Thai funeral.

After stopping, my friend and I got out of the car and talked to some of the people. Like everywhere in rural Thailand, strangers are warmly welcomed and there was no sense that we were intruders or unwelcome.

Using our rudimentary Thai, we found out that the party was part of a funeral. I later confirmed that this is normal practice in Issan from a friend with a Thai girlfriend. When a guy dies, they have a party to celebrate his life.

The people in the picture are dirt poor — scrabbling out a basic existence on the fringe of Thai society. Look at the setup and you realize it must have cost money. That is a real stage, with real performers and a real sound system. There was homebrew liquor freely available to all. Whomever died, those close to him loved him enough to drop significant coin.

Personally, that speaks more emphatically and forthrightly than the eulogies delivered by the rent a priest, delivering 10 paragraphs of hackneyed generic material and 2 paragraphs of personal references at many western funerals.

These people might be poor and uneducated but maybe they understand some of the deeper and more profound truths about life than we do.


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  1. Werewolf says:

    <blockquote>Instead of a western style christian dirge and wake where everyone sits around crying and moaning</blockquote>
    You and I have been going to different wakes.
    My family’s Irish… whenever a family member dies it’s the biggest party of the year.

  2. Fake Werewolf says:

    Wow the girl on the right hand side has a nice ass!  I wish she worked at Connection or Angel Bar!  I could make her fall in love with me!

  3. Big Skippy says:

    “The people in the picture are dirt poor ”

    which picture?  each one has three girls dancing and they hardly look dirt poor.  or do you mean the one with the little kid in the background?

    those isan folks seem to have the same setup as they have for weddings – mor lam band, dancing, drinking.

  4. BBK says:

    Big Skippy,

    Stay tuned for Part 3.


  5. BBK says:

    Fake Werewolf,

    If you want a Connection Bar girl to fall in love with you tape a 1000 THB note to your forehead.



  6. Fake Werewolf says:

    Is that what the Real Werewolf does?  I want to learn from the Master!

  7. Werewolf says:

    Fake Werewolf,
    You seemed to be confused about the meaning of “falling in love”.
    Girls at Connection and Angel Bars fuck you, give you blow jobs or let you squeeze their tits… they don’t fall in love.

  8. Fake Werewolf says:

    But you make it sound like love!  I’m sad now!  You always look so happy with your ratty black t-shirt and fat belly stumbling up and down Soi 22!  Why, even the girls at the Corner Bar think your the greatest in the neighborhood! Tell me it ain’t so Werewolf!   “Squeeze their tits”  that sounds a bit crass doesn’t it?  The boys at New Cowboy and Aloha Bar think your the Cock with the walk around the hood!  Tell me it ain’t so Werewolf!  Tell me this whole endeavor is more than you scraping by and earning just enough Baht to sleep with hookers?  Tell me it ain’t so Werewolf!

  9. BBK says:

    Fake Werewolf,

    The Thailand Girl Scene is all about individual choice and tolerance. You get your rocks off every way you want and everybody else does the same.

    Doesn’t that sound like heaven on earth?

    When I see an 80 year old guy strolling down Sukhumvit with his 18 year old Issan TG in tow I am happy for him.

    When I meet a middle aged guy recently escaped from the clutches of his ball busting overweight unappreciative out of shape freeloading cheating ex-wife, I am happy for him.

    When I meet a barely 18 year old nerd who looks like Yoda from Star Wars and looks like he has never been laid slobbering over the Rainbow 4 lineup, I am happy for him.

    When I see a Japanese dude with a goofy idiotic smile on his face blowing $200 on ping pong balls at Erotica, I am happy for him.

    Even when I see a farang getting the expensive cellphone he just gifted to his Thai girlfriend tossed in his face by the Thai girlfriend he is now trying to shed, I am happy for him. At least he is getting some action while in The World he probably sits at home alone and lonely watching TV every night.

    When I meet anyone that is fortunate enough to be in Thailand with their health and some loose change in their pocket, I am happy for them.

    Don’t be a hater. There’s no money in it.



  10. Prufrock says:

    I kind of like the way coyote dancers, Upcountry Thai cheerleaders, G-Club girls and some of the better go-go gals have all developed more or less  about the same kind of dance moves.
    I reckon an old sailor or two over the course of the West’s various invasions of this neck of the woods may have caught himself  going on about this as well  . . . . . . . .  but maybe since time passes slowly on a night-watch these thoughts might be stretched onto on a much broader anthropological canvass.

    You know, just for the fuck of it.

    The Hawaiian hula, the  Indian temple dancing, the Khmer temple and the Erawan girls all have the same moves.

    They’re all part of the same type of temple offering.

    Pussy for the heavens.
    At various historical junctures in Hindu religious practice, there were actually temple  whores and temple maidens with whom one could actually have sexual congress.   Sex for the ancient Hindus was revered a gift from the gods. Sex had nothing to do with sin and depredation.

    It was seen as a blessing.

    Procreation was just the by-product.
    The ceremonies were highly stylized but it was there and it remains in the temple iconography and is prominent in religious writings.  In fact it can be said that at certain periods in the history of most religions it was acceptable and even admirable for a well-borne woman at some point in her life, to give herself to the temple for a period of
    What do we have now? Since 1300 AD “Roman” catholic priests have been forbidden to marry. (Something to do with inheritance of  “Mother Church’s” property it seems. . . . . . s-s-s-s-aweeet f-f-f-ffuck all to do with a “Christ-like” life (since if there even was a Jesus as there certainly was a Mary Magdalene  Jesus, in his role as
    cult leader and political revolutionary most likely booked a ton of serious pussy in his brief career.
    Sex has more often than not always been a critical part of religious  expression. (At least when religious expression was a valid and vibrant part of the society it served. Not the choir-boy buggering and acolyte seducing lechery of the floppy white bible crowd.
    So I guess I see go-go bars, G clubs, Erawan girls, temple dancers, coyote dancers as vestigial evidence of a much happier time. Certainly, religion had a better draw on society than it presently does. Fuck. The best the Catholics and the Bible bashers could come up with was raping handmaidens like Jessica Hahn  and in the case of this current pope and his gang of pedophilia hiding merry men, fucking alter boys and orphanage wards.
    I’d say in this neck of the woods history of sex in religion  has  far more holistic and organic origins.
    Just remember that next time you’re in Tilac watching that big black-haired bitch (the one who looks like she was raised by wolves) get up there after ten tequilas and dance her fine ass into the wee small hours.
    Your visit to one of these fine establishments indeed bears certain religious overtones. And watching Ms. Tikee shake her national treasure will only underscore the concept.

    So yeah, for me? I’d like coyote dancers at my funeral. real ones like some of the gals at Tilac, Beauty, and some of the better clubs  And after they’re finished and it’s time to close, play a Foodland tape. All those Pilipino covers of shit that was popular around the early seventies and that Foodland management figures worked for the GI’s back then so they’ll work now.

  11. Just Passing Buy says:

    @fake werewolf : envy’s a pretty ugly color you’re wearing. it’s pretty obvious you’re jealous of werewolf and the life he leads while you are sitting at home staring at the tv.

  12. Werewolf says:

    Fake Werewolf,
    It’s all about earning enough baht to sleep with hookers.
    Apparently you haven’t been taking notes.

  13. Werewolf says:

    Comments are closed on Part 3, but I wanted to offer a couple of notes:
    1.  nonplussedadjective taken aback, stunned, confused, embarrassed, puzzled, astonished, stumped, dismayed, baffled, bewildered, astounded, confounded, perplexed, disconcerted, mystified, fazed, dumbfounded, discomfited, flummoxed,
    2.  This is at least the second time you have written about Thailand having no “safety net” and talked in detail about Thais not having access to health care because of money.   In fact, Thailand has a very comprehensive medical system with health care that almost free for Thai citizens (generally they have to pay 30 baht for treatment at the local public hospital). 

  14. BBK says:


    If  you have a cut you can go to the hospital and get a couple of stitches for 30 baht.

    But what happens when the doctor tells you that you have leukemia and need a surgeon to extract some bone marrow, give  you a course of chemo therapy, put you in an isolation room 24/7 while your immune system is compromised, have your bone marrow cultured in a petri dish and have it reinjected a week later.  And if you have this done you will be fully cured 90% of the time.

    Or you have heart attack and need triple bypass surgery or a stent installed?

    Can you get a pacemaker in Thailand?

    Will the comprehensive Thai medical system do any of these for 30 THB?

    Also, if  you don’t want to work where is the Thai office where you fill out the forms and sign up for your $700 per month welfare payment for life (I am no expert but I think this is what you can get in Australia)?


    P.S. I fixed the no comments problem on Part 3.

  15. Werewolf says:

    Not sure why, but I still can’t leave a comment on part three, though I see others have.
    This information is from the same website that you quoted in your other (part 3) comment:
    Nowadays, there are several health insurance/welfare schemes in Thailand, for example, Voluntary Healthcare Card Scheme, Civil Servants Medical Benefit/Welfare Scheme (CSMBS), Social Security Scheme (SSS; compulsory scheme for formal sector) and Health Welfare for the low income group, the elderly, children under 12 and other underprivileged groups.
    on 26th February 2001, the government launched the 30 Baht health policy. 

    The insured are all of the people who were not in any health scheme.  These people receive the universal health card or the gold card.  This card must show consistency with the individual’s identification card every time they access the health services, which are the government health services or the private sector health services  registered with this project.  The accessing health service has to follow the referral system from the primary health center or the nearby hospital, which are registered under the project. 

    For emergencies and accidents, the insured can access any government health services. 

    To access needy health services, the insured must contribute a co-pay of 30 Baht per episode. Under this 30 Baht Universal Coverage Policy, the insured will receive the same quality health services as offered by other health schemes. 

    At present, the service package includes most health services except cosmetic care, obstetric delivery beyond two pregnancies, drug addiction treatment, hemodialysis, organ transplantation, infertility treatment, and other high cost interventions. However, with more resources and disease priorities, the inclusion can expand further over time.

    To sum up, right now Thailand is in the transitional stage of establishing universal healthcare coverage.
    (I didn’t copy the entire text, and I trimmed some of the detail out of it, but if you want to read all of it you can re-visit the site and use the scroll button.)
    So, while not perfect, a Thai citizen has access to a broad array of health care services at a price that is practically free and delivered under a variety of support programs.
    You asked some questions:
    But what happens when the doctor tells you that you have leukemia and need a surgeon to extract some bone marrow, give  you a course of chemo therapy, put you in an isolation room 24/7 while your immune system is compromised, have your bone marrow cultured in a petri dish and have it reinjected a week later.  And if you have this done you will be fully cured 90% of the time.
    Or you have heart attack and need triple bypass surgery or a stent installed?
    Can you get a pacemaker in Thailand?
    Will the comprehensive Thai medical system do any of these for 30 THB?
    I can’t answer with absolute certainty, but the answer seems to be “yes” to those issues.  The Thai health care system is generally high quality and Thai citizens receive the benefits of the system at a very low cost (because the bulk of the cost is carried by the government).
    It’s much different to what the US was like when I lived there, where a person who didn’t have insurance was basically shit out of luck if he needed treatment like you described above.  I don’t know if the US now offers all that treatment to its citizens for free (as happens in Australia and — I believe — in the UK) but I was under the impression that delivery of medical services in the US hadn’t changed much since I left 16 years ago, except for maybe getting more expensive.
    From the standpoint of health care, I would have suggested that Thailand offers much more of a “safety net” than the US does, but I’m not fully informed about either country so I could be mistaken.
    Australia has one of the best “safety nets” in the world; it is, indeed, the Lucky Country.

  16. BBK says:


    It would be interesting to find out what counts as “other high cost interventions.” Maybe because my experience is with Reservation Girls, but they always seem to claim that nothing is covered. 555

    I know that every middle class Thai I know, carries private health insurance.

    As far as the Australian safety net is concerned, it is the “best” if you are a slacker and don’t work or create any wealth.

    If  you do work and create something it sucks because the government has to suck the blood of the productive people to let the slackers live their slacker lifestyle.


  17. EvilElvis says:

    Hear hear on that last comment BBK, I bust my arse, pay a large amount of tax, pay a large amount of child support (which is ok, they are my kids), but can rest assured that my money is well spent on the next single mum in lines tummy tuck

  18. MBK says:

    Kenny – “I know that every middle class Thai I know” – I am interested to know, how many ‘middle class Thais’ you actually know, or how many ‘middle class Thais’ would socialise with a fat creep who visits Thailand 3-4 times a year. Genuinely interested

  19. Prufrock says:

    Hey’ MBK
    As if . . . . . . . .  !
    I mean, really Doosh. . . .  . ..  . . . . As  . . . .  fucking  . . . . . if. 😉

  20. BBK says:


    Thanks for the fan mail.

    You have been a BigBabyKenny.com reader and fan for a long time.

    Glad to see you are still enjoying the blog, enjoying your life, and are able to “fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run“




  21. Just Passing Buy says:

    ^ and can you actually answer his question, Kenny?
    ignore the ‘fat creep’ part – I’m curious as well how many ‘middle class thais’ do you know?

  22. BBK says:

    Just Passing By,

    A certain class of Expats never cease to amaze me.

    They are guests in a foreign country but they refuse to show any respect for the people whose country they are guests in, and then are amazed and astonished when the people they daily insult and disrespect don’t bow down and happily kiss their ass.

    And then they get shit eating mad when the same people they insult and disrespect, do something like make a change in the visa regulations that inconveniences them or they get involved in a dispute where the real cause of the dispute is that they are too lazy to learn the language in the country they have chosen to be guests in.

    Its the same amazement I feel when I read about the Yellow Shirts.

    They declare Thailand a democracy, the Reds win 3 legitimate elections and have their chance to play a real significant substantial role in ruling the country and enjoy the same spoils and riches the yellows have enjoyed for decades forcibly taken from them, and when there are riots in the streets, the yellow shirts act astonished and amazed and push the line that the Reds are irresponsible terrorists.

    And then they run over the Reds with armored cars, shoot them in the streets, call in the garbage trucks and wipe Bangkok clean of the reside, and pretend like nothing ever happened—- all the while censoring any disagreement and jailing everyone involved.

    And then think that in a couple of years all will be forgotten and forgiven and things will continue on as if nothing ever happened and no one got killed, hurt, or has been denied their inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    The Yellows will probably be just as astonished and amazed if the Reds finally triumph and the bill comes due.

    MBK is free to write what he wants. No one is going to censor him. But why take what he writes seriously?


  23. Just Passing Buy says:

    ^ like I said, i’m curious as well how many ‘middle class thais’ do you actually know?
    it’s a valid question, and i don’t understand why you seem unable to answer it, or why you seem to evading it?
    no one asked you to mull about red or yellow shirt issues, or who will get comeuppance – the question was “how many ‘middle class thais’ do you actually know?”
    can you answer it?

  24. BBK says:

    Just Passing By,

    You are an intelligent perceptive guy.

    I answered your question about not answering MBK’s question in my previous comment.

    The answer to your question is obtusely stated but I did answer.


    P.S. I am not disputing your contention that MBK has a valid question.

  25. MBK says:

    BBK – That is a really long-winded way to say ‘I dont know any middle class Thais’

  26. Fake Werewolf says:

    Agreed!  For Kenny to admit that he doesn’t know anyone in Thailand but…..Hookers, Prufrock and Werewolf means that he’s just the same as the Sukhumvit Tourists he constantly rails about!  His friends are those he buys food and drinks for and those he takes on trips flipping the bill like a first rate sucker.  His friends are paid for like his girls; all P4P of one type or another!  He’s just a sex tourist!  Plain and simple!
    To admit that no he doesn’t associate with fellow educators at Thai Universities or have any middle class Thai friends would be to admit that he is an outcast here just like he is in the States.  Pretty pathetic actually!

  27. BBK says:

    Fake Werewolf,

    Don’t be a hater. There is no money in it.

    Sage advice.



  28. BBK says:


    Read the comment again and this time think a little.

    Maybe you can figure out what I am saying.

    I’ll give you a hint. It doesn’t say I don’t know any middle or upper class Thai’s.

    If you still can’t figure it out, try asking someone to explain it to you.


  29. Fake Werewolf says:

    There’s no money in teaching bad economics either!  By the way did you ever figure out the cost of a house or Pickup Truck in Issan?  What do you think CSUN is more embarrassed about?  The fact that you fuck underage girls at Karaoke Clubs or that you don’t understand basic economics?   Inquiring minds want to know?

  30. BBK says:

    Fake Werewolf,

    Is this really your life?

    Instead of coming with the hate, why don’t you try to have a little fun yourself?

    Why don’t you try to “fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run“ instead of sitting in front of your computer all twisted up inside because there is a party going on and somehow you got left off the invitation list?

    Sage advice.


  31. Fake Werewolf says:

    I live in Bangkok everyday Fat Boy so I’m not missing out on a thing!  I’ve been everywhere and I’ve done everything in your silly little blog and more!  For shits and giggles I stop by here to see what inaccurate information you are giving this week!  Your immigration information yet another BBK classic!  Your butt buddy Werewolf jumping in to help was also entertaining!
    Kenny how do you get your underage sex photos through US Immigration when you go home?  Inquiring Minds want to make a phone call to the border………when are you headed home?

  32. Prufrock says:

    I just have to say that this blurt from MBK  . . .  this  . . . . “I’ve been everywhere and I’ve done everything in your silly little blog and more! ” . . .   well, this just has to be one of the most pathetic monger brainfarts I’ve ever read, heard or seen in any medium’ for just about as long as I’ve been around here.

    I mean it really stands out. . .  ..  in fact, it stands out so fabulously, I think I’ll ask my l’il buddy Chuwit Komolwisit I can reserve a bench in his Sukhumvit soi 10 park.

    I’d like to mount a plaque with this immortal utterance from MBK on a park bench somewhere near the obelisk.
    Perhaps k. Chuwit would agree to my having “Cry of the wounded know-it-all expat dork.” as a suitable title for the piece.

    MBK?   Who the fuck really gives a shit what you may have done here. . . . Really.
    Ah . . . . .  no one?  Right.

    NO ONE.

    Kenny at least has a blog going, a medium you use to gas off about what a fool he is.

    You are not censored, you are not blocked.

    You are not proscribed for later attacks.

    You can actually say what you want in a forum where you are openly hostile to its owner.

    So what’s you’re contribution to the scheme of things again?

    I mean YOU. Not some dreamed up assessment of someone else’s shortcomings, their foibles, their misapprehensions or their take on things;

    What is YOUR very own assessment of the structure of this reality here in this jurisdiction.

    I’d like something constructive and interesting.

    Have it on my desk by the end of business today or you’re fucking fired.

    In fact get it onto my desk in an hour or you’ll have to sue me for your fucking severance.

    Now get your flat hieow bus-ass out of here before I have to come around this desk and beat your slap-headed scalp with my banker’s lamp.

    Hope this has helped    🙂

  33. BBK says:

    Fake Werewolf,

    Does the phrase “Self Proclaimed Master of the Universe” mean anything to you?

    Does the term “Hater” mean anything to you?

    You live your life the way you want to live it, do the things you like to do, with the people you want to do it with, and within your personal financial constraints.

    Werewolf and everyone else does the same.

    Where is the root of your problem and attitude?

    No one is taking anything from you or putting you down in any way.

    Unless you’re just mentally insane, the only reason for your attitude has to be simple envy that others have found a happiness you lack.

    Instead of coming with the hate, why don’t you try to have a little fun yourself?

    Why don’t you try to “fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run“ instead of sitting in front of your computer all twisted up inside because there is a party going on and somehow you got left off the invitation list?

    Sage advice.


  34. Fake Werewolf says:

    Hey Proofie thanks for the daily dose
    Now get back to working on your lesson plans and put your wife back to work in the bar so you can at least have some spending money in the big city.  Kenny Fucktard only comes to town a couple of times a year to buy your drinks for you!
    Proofie as if you could hold a job down in the real work environment!  Funny!  Again, get to work on those lesson plans for the 20,000 Baht and your housing allowance!
    BTW 9/11 was the work of 12 towel-heads and 12 towel-heads only so find something better to do with your time dickhead!

  35. Prufrock says:

    Hi Fake
    I’ve got it: Let’s just meet for a chat.
    There’d be so much to talk about. I mean we could start with the demonstrable fact that at this point in your silly self-regarding existence, you’re so desperate for engagement with educated, well-read people that you have to resort to trolling for adversaries on a website like this.

    I suppose that’s a product of the company you keep, fake.

    I suppose if you’re going to let barflies and slap-headed dopes engineer your social life for you, you’re gonna end up the way you’ve ended up.
    The fact that my post actually poked MBK wasn’t going to stop you from answering it was it?

    See? You are terminally bored. Bored with your life. Bored with your work. Bored with those of your friends who may be left here.

    Why? Because you were just craving engagement when you tickled out your drivel.  Story of your life  😉

    We could go on from there.

    We could talk about that.
    You’re priceless (well actually . . . . . . actually,  more to the point,  you are  valueless.

    A quick look at what you think is precious says a lot about you. We could deconstruct that, actually . . . if you had anything to contribute to the discussion except your guesses and your stoopid opinions 😉

    In other words if you had anything to contribute except your boundless ignorance.
    From the focus you put on “pays for drinks” and shit like that, you’re one of these nitwits whose entertainment compass is triggered by free balloons, free drinks, free TV 😉
    But  most importantly, (and this is the overburden of your troglodyte mindset) you live and breathe by what others think about you.
    There’re clearly no limit to your stupidity, including those limits imposed by reality.

    I mean clearly, in your post to me, you’re just whistling in the dark/ fishing every insult/talking through your hat.
    What was it again?  Someone has to buy me drinks, or something?

    Can’t you even find anything interesting to say?
    I rarely drink. Kenny doesn’t drink, blithering drunks ruined my evening on more than one occasion.

    And if the truth be known neither of us hangs out with people who’d  have to worry a whole lot about a few thousand baht on a local fucking bar-bill?

    I  guess bar-bills are the focus where you live. It’s a big deal.

    Who pays, what they drink, all that shit.

    Something about lesson plans??  A fantasy about what my income has to be ?   Poverty line would suit you so you just make up something like that.  When you don’t have a clue you just make stiff up, right? National culture shining through?
    Well even though you’re just too much of a rube to realize it,  you’ve broken just about all the rules here, fool.  My wife ? In a bar?
    Which wife?  I happen to have several.

    Best hang safely and tightly onto that “fake” thing.

    But you probably will, won’t you.

    Because clearly, in addition to this nonsense you spout, you are a coward.

    Yep, Fake; You are a yellow-bellied spineless coward.
    And as for 9/11? You really haven’t a clue there have you  😉
    The number that’s shopped by your now firmly fascist American regime is actually 19, towelheads.
    But no one. NO ONE with an ounce of critical faculty believes this any more,
    Oh yeah, and then there’s the guy in the cave in dialysis.
    Bankster cornholings, military industrial corruption, environmental catastrophe, electoral fraud, valueless society stumbling on to oblivion.
    Fake, you’re likely dumb enough to challenge how I know who you are    😉

  36. MBK says:

    Prufrock – “I’ve been everywhere and I’ve done everything in your silly little blog and more! “

    When have I ever said that? Your confusing my comments with Fake Werewolf.

    With regards to he line ‘have it on my desk or your fucking fired’, I am on the understanding that your a common English teacher. I doubt you even have a desk, and if you did, you would not have the authority tofire anyone.

  37. Prufrock says:

    “I am on the understanding that your (you are = you’re) a common English teacher.”

    What I do for my amusement and out of interest and, most importantly, as one of several means to meet and converse with middle and professional class Thais, has very little to do with you as you point out.

    But I’ve fired loads of guys like you and that other illiterate noodge khun “fake”.  I’ll just share that as the years progressed I learned two things; they always more or less suspected it was coming and I enjoyed the process more and more with every gassing of every useless waste of space asshole who was sucking up my profits.

    Sincere apologies for confusing you with “fake”. You, however, might want to look into the reasons why the two of youse seem so willing to dwell on the same tedious nonsense day after day after day,

    After fucking day.

    There doesn’t seem much to distinguish between youse two.

    My bad.

    (c’mon, take the fucking bait, pinhead   ; -)

  38. MBK says:

    So YOU ARE an English teacher, who DOES NOT have the authority to fire someone? I thought as much. Thanks for clearing it up for me
    I would love to stop and engage you further, but its time for me to masturbate furiously, while watching videos of planes crashing into tall buildings in NYC

  39. Prufrock says:

    Well if you can just get your nimble fingers off your pathetic crank for a few agonizing moments there I’ll SPELL OUT what you’ve just done to yourself. (YOUR RHETORIC THAT HAS ALL THE MARKINGS OF SCHULE -ish rpe-BarMitzvah REASONING BTW you might want to look into that.)
    See, at the moment, you are as you said masturbating with great enthusiasm to videos of  the worst crime ever committed by any government on its own people. You are beating off to images of the 911 slaughter.
    This would put you into the same league as the dancing Israeli spies, Netanyahu, Bill Kristol and the NEOCON cabal and a significant but a  far less populous cabal than the 48% of clear-thinking, clear-seeing Americans who have concluded that the government’s version of 9/11 is complete and utter bullshit.
    So that’s my first point; You are a 911 denier and sleep with the creeps who have sold out America.
    For my second point I will simply underscore your pitifully simplistic existentialist  notion that for you,  what you are doing right now is what you are.
    In your case, that would be  um,  masturbating.
    In my case, since its the weekend and I only really teach whoever and whenever I feel like it, I am checking my North American investments and their relevant financials and wondering how I’ll spend all the fucking money. 🙂
    I teach English for much the same reason I respond to your stoopid brainfarts;   for laughs.
    See MBK (may I call you “Five & Dime? I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. , , , , , , ,  Many of us here really do not have to work at all   😉
    Some guys open and close businesses, golf, scuba (short season BTW) trade, do eBay whatever just to fight off the boredom.
    You masturbate.
    In my own case, for years, any work I chose to do has been just that : something that I wanted to do.
    Whether it was designing and supervising the construction custom built country houses, hobby farming (apples, thanks for asking) designing and building fine dining establishments, teaching in a University, in the major businesses and institutions here,in France and in Mexico, it has always been always something I chose to do.
    And I correspond with my kids.
    I have one here and three back in the old country.
    I suspect my some may be a little older than you.  But not much.
    You can have a go at me for being (shudder) old.  Over sixty in fact. And if you ever live to be “over sixty” ,
    I hope you’re still getting the action that I am getting here between doing anything else that I damned well please.
    MBK?? I have the feeling that your life of quiet desperation here in Thailand is pushing you into this silly bitchy internet persona. You are probably not like this in real life but an existence of  boozing and goofing on third world soccer is taking its toll.
    And you?
    You masturbate.
    Well that’s ok I guess. Whatever floats your boat.
    Don’t get any on ya    ;-  ?

  40. Just Passing Buy says:

    from mbk who said this much about prufrock “Your confusing my comments with Fake Werewolf.”
    I believe the word “confusing” best describes this prufrock fellow, as I have read and re-read several of his messages and he doesn’t even theoretically begin to make sense. if anything he seems to be suffering from some serious social and emotional awkwardness.

  41. Prufrock says:

    “Just Passing By” once again,  just passes gas.

    Sadly, I suspect that Just Passing Gas is routinely “confused” by even the most pedestrian explanations. More likely though the Gas Passer actually understands what i’m talking about.  I mean it’s just not that complex.

    But like any lazy doofus without the energy or the gumption to foster any of his own legitimate skepticism or to develop an ongoing bent for the deconstruction of any and all received wisdom, Just Passing Gas dumps on anyone else who would make the effort.
    His weapon of choice? Supercilious pretentious claims to supernatural powers of understanding and superior education.

    In a word, Just Passing Gas is a jackass.
    It’s MUCH more convenient and much more rewarding on the short term for lightweight poseurs like Just Passing Gas to canvass  boards looking for other people who hate big words or compound sentences or who can use their exceptionally tuned verbal Aikido skills to thrash the troglodytes and other intellectually challenged hoi poloi.

    Just Passing Gas cultivates this kind of lurker.

    Look JPB, your supercilious pretence to understanding what in my posts makes sense and your implied keen sensitivity to what separates scientific theory from opinion  is just hot air.

    You would never admit to understanding any point that challenges the received wisdom on which you and our ilk survive. Received wisdom,  like the warm soft shit in a child’s diaper:  you cling to it for its warmth and texture.
    You and another asshole who called himself “Julian” blow air with a similar pretence to  clairvoyance but you’ve really only convinced themselves.
    Just Passing Gas??? C’mon Buckwheat, admit it  . . . .  you are  really just full of plains ole bullshit aren’cha.
    Barstool variety mind you . . .  .I mean do you even really know what a theory is? Alfred North Whitehead mean anything to you?
    Your meagre leavings on this site amount to opinion.
    You can’t even  demonstrate the logical fallacies you imply exist in my posts.

    You never offer anything except your own considered opinion.
    You, in a word, “GAS” 

  42. Fake Werewolf says:

    John…..I mean Prufrock! Take a pill, 9/11 was a dart thrown in a dark bar…..2 am!  LUCKY STRIKE NO CONSPIRACY!

  43. Just Passing Buy says:

    so his name’s john and he’s an english teacher? wow.

  44. Prufrock says:

    Just gotta that love sound-bite fan “fake werewolf”.

    When he tries to toss out a a witty brainfart  and gets it turned back at him (in first draft mind you) and has it jammed up his boney arse and is forced to see how stoopid and and how shaky his worldview actually is,  what does this “fake” do?

    Well he just ignores it, of course.
    One of the reasons that America is in such rough shape these days is that “men” like Fake Werewolf and their li’ll buddies like Just Passing Gas feel that their repetition of the latest COINTEL jive or PHSY-OPS soundbite is effective counter-play to the significant  body of scientific research into what is widely accepted (49%? of Americans not significant enough? ) as a Rumsfeld/Cheney junta, NEOCON -generated horror.
    ALL 9/11 Researchers  WANT IS AN INVESTIGATION

    AE9/11Truth.org                    (Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth)

    Their facile vapid remarks and their adoption of the most absurd explanations for what was clearly an attack by fascist Amerika on its own people to terrify them into a series of energy wars and a rampage of plunder fools and cowards like “fake werewolf” and  some of the other 9/11 Denier commentators are testament to the sad state of the country today.
    Taking pills is for cowards. I don’t do your pills.
    Perhaps you should re-think the pills that make you so blind, cowardly, and by default so much a party to the murderous fascist regime that is currently almost universally reviled on this planet
    AE9/11Truth.org (Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth)
    The “SOMA” of a Brave New World” may work for some of you. Ignorance and distractions work for others.

    But for most of the people who actually take a few hours to review the evidence , what really happened is quite clear.  Common sense, a modicum of education, and an appreciation for the scientific method and rules of logic will deliver the goods clearly enough.
    9/11 was and continues to be an inside job.
    Most people capable of understanding the scientific method are capable of reading the overwhelming evidence showing that the three WTC towers were brought down by sophisticated incendiaries and explosives in a controlled demolition. Buildg 7 which didn’t come down until after five o’clock that afternoon was a misfire that had to be reset.
    Analysis of the collapse of Building 7 is the key.

    After all why would the steel of a steel-frame structure vaporize. Contents fires just that were IMAGINED to have been their don’t burn nearly hot enough or long enough to affect the vaporization of steel.

    Taking pills? Naw.

    The incontrovertible truth about what was done to America on 9/11 is not that hard to accept.

    The reasons for this are clear and the scientific (and by that I mean that the Laws of Physics, the strict qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical residues as routinely executed in ANY crime scene are readily available.
    9/11 Deniers are likely so addicted to militaristic “security”and secrecy at this stage they can’t accepted that valid truths can be this plainly stated. They hide behind their own sound bite blurts and feel that their strained wit is actually a substitute for scientific reality.
    Instead of MAKING UP VOLUMES of new laws and concocting VOLUMES of new legislation and destroying the constitution the application of the truth is a far more faithful observance of the oft-touted Razor of Occam.
    It’s OK boys.  Cowards.

    Just go back to your  “foooouuughboawgh” or your useless waste-of-space pussy addled existence in a 12 by 12 cinder block prison.

    Damned right. Angry “john”.

    And PROUD of it.

    Just what these days are YOU PROUD OF  “fake”?
    (Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth)

  45. Prufrock says:

    I mean it.
    Just what do you stand for these days, (or for that matter, at any point in your slap-headed existence) . . .  . .”fake”?

  46. Prufrock says:

    There is oversimplification, ignorance and stupidity of “fake’s” statement is typical.

    Let’s deconstruct the statement”

    John…..I mean Prufrock! Take a pill, 9/11 was a dart thrown in a dark bar…..2 am!  LUCKY STRIKE NO CONSPIRACY!

    “John…..I mean Prufrock! ( this alone is the work of a disgusting coward  . . .  time for you to reveal yourself  . . .  .  ).

    “Take a pill”, . . .  .

    The implication here of course,  is that anyone who is the least bit perturbed or discontent and wishes others to see a false-flag crime that was committed here is in need of some kind of pharmaceutical  concoction.

    Anyone who doesn’t believe the shit being shovelled to them on a thrice daily basis by the mainstream media is deranged.

    The mindset here is that we should all believe everything that big government tells us. (Fuck no WONDER they took out the goddamned banks after 9/11. There was nothing in the godamned way.

    This mindset holds that anyone who disbelieves the official NEOCON nonsense conspiracy theory, put forth (“deranged lone gunman”) style by the US government , is crazy,

    This explanation was spouted within 24 hours of the 9/11 crime by perp-boy Rumsfeld himself.

    According to this belief, and it is nothing but belief, anyone who suspects that this crime might have been committed in a way OTHER than what the Rumsfeld/ Cheney junta and their lock-step brigade of fascist stooges who simply repeat the standard  Rumsefled Cheney mantra,  say , is crazy.

    That is to say; 49% of Americans “need a pill”.

    And then the fabulous “9/11 was a dart thrown in a dark bar…..2 am! 


    A “dart”  ???????    Lucky Strike ?????? “No conspiracy”?????

    The trillion dollar a year military industrial aviation structure of the world’s only super power was take out by  a Lucky Strike” by 19 “towel0heads”???

    Are you out of your fucking mind?

    Two darts, three buildings down. One building was neither hit nor did it sustain fire of enough intensity to melt steel let alone vaporize steel.

    Admittedly there “fake” there is a certain “cartoon show” appeal to the brain-dead in “A lucky strike ???????        a dart in a dark bar????????”

    I’d ask who actually writes this stuff but I think we have a pretty good idea already.

    “fake?”   . .  .lemme put it another way”

    You are a slobbering brain-dead waste-of fucking space, intellectual poverty-level idiot of the first order, And by “fucking space I refer to your elegant cinder block fuck pad.

    Only problem here for you is that you still have a huge problem getting laid in a cave full of whores with your fist FULL of fifties  🙂      🙂       😉

  47. Just Passing Buy says:

    fake – looks like you unwittingly hit a major nerve with pruf. he’s spewing three in a row, with no end in sight? nicely done.

  48. Fake Werewolf says:

    Proofie err I mean John you still haven’t taken your pill!  What would you like me to respond to?  You have basically taken a big healthy shit all over poor little Kenneth Ng’s website! Don’t make me call Kenny’s mom Bertha Boxhead again to ask her to sit you down for a little talk!  I can be bothered to filter through all this to find some point I need to respond to!
    You don’t know shit about 9/11!  You have written the same paragraph over and over for a year now.  Shut the fuck up!  This is a whore blog with no whores anymore!
    Kenny, grow some balls and post some shit about how to find hot girls in Thailand BETTER AND CHEAPER!
    Proofie you just need to go here, you click on the links that are on the left side of the page and they will answer all your issues one by one!
    Have a good day Ol Timer

  49. BBK says:

    Fake Werewolf,

    Thanks for the look into the mind and mindset of the Close to the Line, Self Proclaimed Master of the Universe Expat who has “done everything and been everywhere” in The Thailand Girl Scene.

    It’s sounds like a great life you’ve made for yourself, you seem like a warm hearted, well rounded, caring individual who is loved dearly by those you care about, and it’s certain you are living a life other’s can only be envious of.

    Give all the BigBabyKenny.com readers some advice.

    How can they be more like you?



  50. Prufrock says:

    Hi fake,   hi Just Passing Gas
    Neither of you can read, write or reason.
    So let’s meet for a chat.

  51. Prufrock says:

    Aside from all the facts you simply ignore I would like to remind you that your “debunking site” has been blown to smithereens for years by the facts.

     A&E9/11.org has over a thousand building professionals. There is also Intelligence Agents for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth , and well one would hope that you’d get the picture.

    But you won’t. You’re too fucked up.

    The point I wanted you to address MBK and you might as well address it as well Passing Gas, is: while it is clear that I stand for a new investigation into the causes behind 9/11, an investigation that will follow the evidence wherever it leads, the question for YOU is:

    What do you stand for?

    Clear enough?

  52. Just Passing Buy says:

    i think your name is a misnomer. you do not seek ‘pruf’ (proof). you just like to see yourself type, and fakew is right, you keep repeating the nearly exact same paragraph over and over and over. then, when someone hits your nerve, you follow-up with a number of machine gun postings in rapid succession, essentially doing nothing else but stringing a bunch of insults together against the person that triggered what i would assume is some kind of tourette’s.
    you have an unhealthy obsession with this 911 dead horse, and you have unhealthy verbal anger management issue. let me guess: you’re also divorced?

  53. Fake Werewolf says:

    Proofie, if you have a cause and you stand for something, in this case I assume pushing someone in US Government to call for an investigation into this further?  If this is the case and your cause, why are you hiding in Thailand? Pack up your shit at Rangsit, show some leadership, move back to the States and take some real steps!  Hanging out in Thailand and spewing forth , on a whore blog isn’t exactly the best path to credibility!
    In fact its the opposite of that being that the Nutty Professor Kenneth Ng has no credibility!  He doesn’t stand for much!  He says free speech but then takes his buying whore articles down with a little pressure from CSUN!
    You two dickheads are like two peas in a pod!  Keyboard warriors with no fucking balls whatsoever!

  54. Prufrock says:

    Just Passing By = Duck Farts

    As for your pseudo-analysis Daffy, whatever you’ve garnered during what has had to be sessions with your own analyst
    may serve you in encounters with people around you.

    But serve as what?

    Be well.


  55. Prufrock says:

    And “fake”?

    I am certainly not (as you say) “hiding in Thailand. I am well represented in my home country and unlike many of the good folks on these boards I can pretty well do as I please.  I come and go regularly.

    Interesting that instead of answering my question, you’d chose to smear Prof. Ng (who incidentally, no matter how you may chose to smear him, walks the walk.)  Kenny and I disagree on practically all aspects of political discussion. Although he’s never so much as brought it up, I doubt that he shares my views on 911.

    What we do share is a disdain for internet bullies. That and a reverence for freedom of speech and I might ad basic good manners and decent face to face decorum and civility are also in the hopper. I respect Prof. Ng and his right to speak.

    He respects mine. And although he is under no compulsion to allow my views to be aired here, Kenny, like I said, walks the walk.

    I stand for much more than my position on the 911 slaughter incidentally.

    I believe you know that anyway but that didn’t stop you from once more evading my question to you as to what you actually stood for and belittling  my interest and my approach to life.

    You needn’t worry about me, XXXXXXXXX .  (I used to make up a different name for you every post on another site, remember ;-?)
    Now back to you.

    I believe that you at one point had the distinction of being the only person ever to have been booted from the Mangosauce blog.

    After enduring months of stupidity and ignorance from you, I believe that something you posted, ridiculing a man on his death bed was the final straw over there.

    I will leave you to figure out how I know who you are.
    Are you having trouble answering my question “fake”?   . . .  the one where I ask “What do you stand for?”

    Actually, I thought that’d stump you.


  56. Fake Werewolf says:

    John, its your lie tell it anyway you want to!

  57. BBK says:

    Fake Werewolf,

    That’s it?

    You’re giving up?

    Can you do me a favor and post a link to the next site you grace with your presence and the next person you try to put down with your Close to The Line, Self Proclaimed Master of The Universes, I’ve been everywhere and done everything in The Thailand Girl Scene attitude?

    I want to be able to follow your wonderful life and escapades.

    Assuming you can even find a site that will let you post (I don’t think Stickman will) or where the moderators believe in free speech and don’t censor you. e.g. not The Big Mango Blog.

    I should change the byline of BigBabyKenny.com from “No Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, No Bullshit” to “The Only Site Where Expats Are Free To Be Expats!”



  58. Baccara upstairs girl says:

    I love dancing upstairs

    guys downstairs can see my honey pot

    guys upstairs can see my wibbly wooblies

    but only Nippon man can sample the nectar

    cause 5000 Baht for 5 minute work easy  peasy

    especially when he got 3 inch hot rod

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  61. Moron Detector says:

    Stupid idea.

  62. Ronru says:

    Shut up Dumbass.

    It’s all about options. Apparently you don’t you get it.

  63. zorro says:


  64. Flat Tyre says:

    oh yea, that looked like fun. not

  65. Roberta says:

    not want :- Mai Al is poor pronounciation. You are trniyg to say something closer to Mai-OW which literally means not want . ow means to have, take, or want, depending on context. A confident mai-ow krap, karp khun krap *will* almost always send a unwanted street vendor scurrying away. Better to pronounce it correctly for good effect.Tuk-Tuk’s:- had to laugh out loud at that one If you’re spending 100 baht on a tuk-tuk, you should have taken a taxi. Also, if you are trniyg to avoid scams (the point of this article) then staying away from tuk-tuk drivers will keep you away from about 80% of the Bangkok scams.Gold:- gold is not a scam, but here’s the deal. There are several large, established, well-known gold dealers in Thailand. Discover one of them and use only them. Also keep in mind that Thai Gold looks abit different from western gold due to it’s higher gold content. It willlook a bit oranger guess I’d say.. 23 karat is the Thai standard,which is softer and more delicate than many people are used to. Also some people prefer the less flashy western-style gold (western-style 18 karat has a dull look, as compared to Thai gold, which catches light much more). An item from a good’ gold shop will be stamped with 2 markings. One is the manufacturers stamp, and the other is the gold dealers stamp. You should see them hammer the stamp onto your piece when you buy it. By the way, gold in Thai is pronounced tong . No reason to avoid buying gold, just educate yourself on the process first, and if you don’t find exactly what you want, you can get custom work done. Also pearls (from the waters off Phuket) are very nice. Black pearls are very popular and can be found in Thailand.Tailors:- there are good custom tailors in Bangkok, but this is not something that a tourist should try since tourists will not be in town long enough to find the good places. Tourists will generally end up with a crappy suit; people who live here figure out where to go. Some ofnicer malls such as MBK will have good designer clothing that a tourist would actually like. Locals can have anything make of course.Bar Girls:-Main thing I can say, especially for a first-time Bangkok visitor is to be very VERY careful about taking anyone off from either Nana Plaza or Patpong. Both of those areas are huge tourist rip-offs. Especially stay away from what’s left of the upstairs’ bars at Patpong (I never go there, so things may have gotten even worse by now). Also educate yourself on ladyboys before you get an unwanted education in the room (heh). I have a few ladyboy friends but thisis something that a visitor would not be expecting. Patpong sucks. Go somewhere else. Nana is a mess. Avoid.Passport:-Thai law says everyone must be carrying an ID at all times. For visitors, it’s a really bad idea to carry your original passport. So firstthing when you hit Bangers, go to a copy store and get a reduced sized copy (very reduced, like 25%) made. Make sure you get both the photo page with passport number, as well as the page with your visa stamp. Then have them trim the paper down and laminate it. The laminated copy of your passport will survive the Bangkok heat and wear with no problems, will your original is safely stored in the safe.BTS Skytrain:-the Skytrain is great. Check it out. You can get a day pass for very reasonable price.Driver:-I really would not do this in Bangkok, maybe if you are making day trips outside of town it would be an ok idea. Taxi and skytrain is much better and cost-effective.Silk:- if you buy Thai silk from a vendor or cloth store, make sure it’s really silk.Airport Taxi:- at the new airport, the cabstand is downstairs from arrivals (go down the ramp after exiting the terminal). And avoid the hucksters at all costs. You can also go up to the second floor to get a cab (departures) but this is frowned upon by the police. Have not tried that yet but probably will.Frequent travellers:-keep a short list of emergency hotels to stay at in case you end up arriving w/o a reservation. My key factors in selecting hotels for this purpose is: 1) very popular so any cab driver will know the location 2) cheap, only use these hotels for one night..late arrivals 3) near the skytrain 4) food nearby, 24 hours 5) internet serviceGene

  66. Ramesh says:

    Hi Gene Some valid points there. However, I think a guide like this is a) to much to take it in for the first time visotir and b) takes out the adventure in traveling which is the most important factor when I travel. It’s okay if things go wrong from time to time, they seem to make the best stories when you get home! I was simply outlining some golden tips from my first time experience to Bangkok (It was a while ago now)You can pronunce Mai Al and Mai-Ow roughly the same although when I’m explaining this to friends, It’s easier for me to say think of May as in the month and al as short for Alan it seems to work perfectly good enough.I strongly disagree about the Driver This is one tip I give to most new visotirs, it saves so much bother but yes, it is more exspensive. On the other hand, depending on the driver, you may get to see some of Bangkok that you wouldn’t get to see reading a guide book. For instance, the driver may introduce you to his family or may invite you to eat some fried rice on the side of the street those sould small and silly, but can sometimes be great memories.Anyway, I really appreciate the detailed reply . food for though for any new visotir to Bangers!

  67. Moreonz says:

    Whos the dumbass who is cutting and pasting from other websites to this one?

    Probably the website owner. hahahaha

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    Suggestions :. Let me revert BACK to a simple layout.. Get rid of "Featured" "trending" "popular" and "spotlight" videos. . Fire the greedy SOBs working for you because it's obvious you're milking us, no integrity. Sincerely, someone who pays your bills. Not only with ads but by my corrupt government subsidizing google WITH MY MONEY.

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